Can you explain why the USA is in debt to China?

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oh and PS as i think Kissinger pointed out to Nixon even if you did go all MAD on each other there still be more Chinese left alive at the end than Americans alive at the beginning...

I've read that that wasn't true, that although they may not have been able to directly kill most people in China, they could at least with knock-on effects.

This would be of very limited comfort to the people living in what used to be the much more populous United States of America, of course, which is why it didn't happen.


No need, we'll have to agree to disagree. I don't need the last word, and truthfully I'm almost entirely convinced at this point your a troll.

Why? Because I'm angry at you? Because I disagree with you? Because I act like I know more than you?

Assuming your serious we're so opposed on such a fundamental level that there would be no point to an IM discourse.

Not at all. There is always value in understanding, even if you disagree. And there is actually a point we can develop because we partially agree.

This only implies, to anyone reading, that you have no inclination to have your beliefs challenged. Looking through your post history this is unsurprising- you consistently paint yourself out as an embattled truth-sayer, differing opinion be damned.

Even though none of those books I mentioned seemed to make you even pause to consider that I might actually have a good argument, Sleekit seems to be backing me up. Are you going to call him a troll, too?

The best way to say is they're investing money in us to get better they want it to be stronger and do more bsuiness with them. China needss the us to succeed.more than the us needs china in all honesty. And if the economy gets too good they don't need china at all and wll go back to american production (so they'll need china less). China actually has a really poor domestic economy so they need trade to sustain themselves and if they rise to a super economic power like the us is judged to be (and still is by those sam people) it will be short. The amount of people going to hit pension age will crush the economy and send them spiralling down.

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