What You Believe and Why You Believe It

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White, Male, Straight, Catholic, Hungarian. Born this way, Born this way, Born this way, Born this way, Born this way.

err... maybe some political alignment? Right wing liberal-nationalist would be the closest definition I can describe myself as. I know that reading this might explode your brains, but this is my best attempt so far.

i like epistemology, i think thats what its called.

the nature of knowledge, its extent and the implications of its extent.

knowledge seems to be the only reason for living, wether im gathering, utiliseing or questioning it.

I only very recently accepted that I'm an atheist. However, I couldn't even begin to get the guts to tell that to anybody. Going to a Christian school and being raised in a strictly fundamentalist household tends to discourage discussion such as that.

As for my political beliefs, I'm still developing them. I really haven't done much research into most political issues of the day, so I couldn't be comfortable sharing my opinions on much of anything.

I'm just going to say "left-leaning Atheist" and leave at that.


But if I was to worship it would Odin for Valhalla: that is my kinda heaven.

Or Cthulhu for the wild abandon and maddening psychedelics.



I believe that life has no inherent meaning, but that it is necessary for us to create meaning. However, unlike the standard existentialist (ala Sartre), I believe that we need to create it together and share it, not merely individually make it up for ourselves. To this end, I think it's important for humanity to come together and set common goals (what those should be is to be worked out). I believe this in part because of life experience running into the problems caused by everyone trying to wildly grope about on their own (myself included), and partly because of my exposure to philosophy.

I think it is best (whether you are a 'believer' or not) to not even attempt to make any assertions about divinity, as it would not be meaningful to do so, but I can say that I would not identify myself as a 'believer'. Again, this is partly due to life experience and partly due to philosophy (as a general rule, philosophers should not seek to rely on God as support their ideas).

I make it my business not to worship idols, whether they be deities, the scientific enterprise or the impersonal cosmos it reveals, the earth itself, the state, any political ideology, etc. Though I am influenced by various philosophers, I try not to blindly follow them either. I don't identify myself by any social categories (like ethnicity, class, profession, etc.). I am just hoping to be a person.

Ethically speaking, I think that a certain conscientiousness is key, that we must take responsibility for the other (and their responsibility in the first place). In other words, part of being conscientious is encouraging others directly and indirectly, to also be conscientious. However, any ethical system should be inseparable from a whole way of life and worldview, even if it means that part of our responsibility is creating that worldview together. I'm just trying to do whatever is necessary to be a good person (but that means seeking personal growth), and hopefully create a community of such persons. You can guess what I'll say the source of these ideas are. Much of my past is experience of people being indifferent or causing harm by trying to do good but not having a solid grasp on what exactly they are doing in the grand scheme. This sort of behavior propagates loneliness/solitude, and I'd like to make a world where I feel I belong/can be at home in.

I am an Atheist. I have been since I realized that if somebody tried to introduce the concept of religion to society as advanced as it is now the concept would seem laughable. Accordingly, the perceived normality of belief in fantastic claims with no backing comes entirely from tradition. I don't believe in traditiolism and that is really all that backs the existence of any higher power.

I am a Marxist Leninist. Why I support such a system is simple, I believe the world should be unified under the laborers of all nations. Why I think it's possible is far too long and complex for me to type over a phone while drunk, as is the case.


Religion: Christian, more specifically Roman Catholic, but Im a jack of trades religious type. I stopped going ot church cause I always fell asleep/got headaches while there/dont like the idea of religion as an organized group thing and think it should be a more indivualistic type of thing. Since then I went around and sampled different religions and different sects and the unifying message I gathered from all of it was "hey dont be a dick, work hard, let people be people as long as they're not hurting anyone/themselves and dont force it on them if they are and you'll be rewarded" so tahts how I go about life. ANd also cause if I didnt honestly believe there was something worth while after life I wouldnt find a reason to live really, cause honestly if youre sitting in the ground whats the fucking point. But Im not oneo f those uber christain types with the whole gays are bad, women shouldnt have opinions, lets get back to slavery stuff of the bible. I believe in evolution and all that stuff, just think god started it all at some point.

Politic Views: I dont really have a dog in the US political fight. Im not actually registered to vote (Something ive been meaning to do), but I guess you can say Im democrat since thats what my family generally is and my thoughts on the greatest president was FDR and I admire what he did and some of his ideas and policies, as well as Kennedy for his advancement on desegregation. I dont know if Im liberal or conservative since I dont really look at everything as a yes or no and rather a case by case thing. I do think there are certain things that should always be yes (people hould be fed and not laying on the streets cold and dying, people should have access to basic medicine they can afford, if you need help you should get some but yo ushould sitll pay in and not abse the system). But I guess on those issues Im liberal, or at least i've been told I am.

the basics of life: Slightly confused on this one, but I'll take it as a general. I think there's life in the universe besides here and the frozen bacteria stuff in icecaps on mars. I dont know if its all carbon based and like we are, but I think its out there. the odds that WE are it is just, its astronomically impossible to me that WE are the only ones with suitable conditions fr any type of advanced life to start up.

and I guess thats it really. you could probably watch a Mister Roger's Neighborhood episode or the whole series and thats around what I think. Just do to your neighbor as you would like them to do to you.


I chose this standpoint because I'm not the sort of person that says something's difficult to understand and then goes with an easy option to appease my feeble mind.

I believe religion is a man-made thing that originated from The Book of the Dead in Ancient Egypt. It was a book written by scribes in essence that was buried with the wealthy to ensure safe passage to the afterlife. It became a 'must have'.

While I understand that religion offers comfort and meaning to some people, I think that it is, by and large, a despicable institution. It interferes where it has no place...

I will likely never support it. It has had fundamental elements debunked, and yet people still flock to it and believe it. I've never reached a level of desperation in my life where I will abandon every ounce of objectivity and rationality I have to believe something that lacks foundation and credibility.

Lets see, I was raised as a quaker for about 12 years and then stopped going to meeting. Now I'm an agnostic because I think no matter what you claim about "miracles" or lack of scientific evidence, the truth is that we just don't know whether or not a god exists. Lots of my friends are atheists and have stated that due to a lack of empirical evidence, we should deduce that god does not exist, but I find that sort of misleading because I believe that a lack of evidence does not equal evidence. I'm a democrat because both my parents are democrats and I have been around enough crazy conservative/republican people to know that I dont want to be in that camp, but I realize that I'm probably too young to actually determine what my political view is. What I do believe in is that everyone should have equal treatment, marriage, workplace opportunities, etc.

Australian, raised non-religious, gay, is actually religious. I came to believe after giving it some thought. Granted, I can't argue semantics or use them purdy English words like the rest of these debaters, but I'm fairly comfortable with my own beliefs.

I am an atheist, simply because I believe that there is no proof of god, and even if I did, I wouldn't worship any god who is said to somehow both love everyone and hate specific groups of people. I believe that no racial origin, belief, gender, or sexuality makes any person a lesser being than others, I can't believe that people can genuinely hate anyone for such trivial reasons.

I'm an Atheist Agnostic, I don't know if there is a god or not but if there is I refuse to believe in it or follow it, I do not believe that humanity has fought all this way and advanced this far to bow down to gods or even contemplate that they exist, humanity shale rule its own fate, it shall not be ruled by gods.

For politics and ethics I believe in Liberal socialist democracies though with a government becoming unleashed when the people want it to be and constrained and replaced when the people don't like the direction its going in.

Overall I'm a humanist that stresses above all else human advancement in technology, society, rights and power. I believe that the growth and advancement of humanity cannot be found in the free market and instead human advances must be directed by governments (preferably a united human nation) to achieve the fullest extent of our capabilities, with limitations of course as the people see fit.

Non-denominational Christian who enjoys connecting the dots of science and my beliefs and long walks on the beach. I grew up a southern baptist but never understood why the denominations bickered and segregated themselves, so I just did away with part entirely.

I'm a libertarian. Grew up conservative but had a hard time agreeing fully with either wing so I looked elsewhere and discovered libertarianism. Love it.

Captcha: have an inkling (that I may need a flame shield?)

I believe in kindness and life on other planets

I had a vision where golden light fell from the sky and i believe it was the power of kindness, goodness or love, hippy shit like that.
On the alien thing, just my hunch.

Agnostic, non-specific deity worshiper, humanist, moderate liberal. As far as R&P goes that as far as I can stretch the labels. I don't particularly care for labels but for the sake of categorizing there ya go. I don't put any stock in religious establishments or their histories other than as a thing other people need to be able to sleep at night. A safety net if you will rather than THIS IS FACT RAWR! I don't know anything about the metaphysical realm and I don't believe anyone else alive today does either so I really don't care. I do seem to be hardwired to seek help/approval/thank some sort of metaphysical being so that happens sometimes but not sure how much it helps. It's a comfort thing. Holidays are essentially just family appreciation days to me.

What I do care about is the physical realm. My environment and the people and critters in it. It's what I can see and what I can affect that matters to me. I feel my job as a human is to help others as much as I can and take care of my planet if for no other reason that we rely upon it for food, air, water, etc. We are probably the most influential single species (with the exception of maybe some microbes) and have the responsibility to not let it collapse around our ears. I don't particularly care about progressing rights for animals and plants but I do care about some individuals and want to see our food and oxygen sources protected.

For politics I'm mostly independent middle of road (on average). I cherry pick certain policies that I feel are helpful regardless of who came up with them though I do find myself agreeing a fair number of "socialist" (sorry if I offended anyone, it's a dirty word in the U.S.A.) policies as I like cooperation and sharing. Not forced like communism but rather incentivized for everyone's common benefit. As the world gets smaller we have to learn to get along better. If not for moral reasons then for practical ones.

Summary of my world view...
*snip edit cut thing*

Just found out this thread is for something other than what I thought world view was.

Religion: I haven't met any gods yet.

I currently doubt everyone who claims to know the gods natures or intentions, because such people don't seem to have come to a decent consensus on the matter.

I currently get the feeling that the gods are numerous, varied in opinion, and unstable in hierarchy.

It looks to me that a person/soul/spirit/self is a program run by that wonderful bio-computer we call a cerebrum.

That's not to say that there's no afterlife, but it is to say that for an afterlife to occur the program has to be continued by something else.

For such continuation to occur it would have to copied onto a spiritual medium, perhaps by some sort of soul scribe death god, or perhaps by the movement of the soul leaving an impression on the substance of a spiritual plane parallel to our physical one.

Political Stance: Not really sure about this one, so I took a quiz:
My results say I'm a centre-left social moderate.

I'm pro-choice, and keen on freedom of expression (even freedom to express stupid, strange, or radical opinions).

I reckon that their should be people of a variety of levels of wealth, so that people can look up and strive to earn more, but wealth sometimes has to be shifted round a bit so that there are plenty of people between the rich and the poor.

Kind of Agnostic. I don't know if there is a God, but if there is, I'd like to thin that he would want me to behave. I basically just try not to be a douche and I try to be helpful.

I'd say that I'm a more of a social democrat and more of a fiscal conservative(moderate).

Well after I read the Bible and the history of it. As well as a few physiology papers on biases and sorts. Atheist. As much as I would want to believe there is a god, I can't. There is no reason to believe it and there is every reason to doubt it.

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