The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Deep within the ruined depths of Aperture Labs, one of the many experimental Time and Space Storage Pod's opened. The hiss of the seals and locks echoed down the ruined corridor. Aperture Labs has seen better days, ever since its Alien infestation the walls were covered with the remnants of the hive structure. But the Aliens either all died or moved from the Aperture, so the hive structures were now weak, and crumbling. Two figures stepped out of the light from the open pod, squinting into the darkness.

"Why whenever I leave this place for more than a month it ends up being trashed?" Glados said, pouting as she looked at the mess of the once clean underbelly of her institution.

"Well are you picking up anything on the network?" Justin said looking around, one of his arms morphed into a long blade, his eyes looking up and down the hallway, his whole body poised for if danger were to show itself.

"We'll have a lot of rebuilding to do... The core seems to be utterly shut down, I can't hear any electronic device that has an Aperture signature."

Justin sighed and looked around, the mess the alien hive left was disheartening, but what did he expect after he left for... How long had they been gone for?

"We should go topside" Justin said "We may be the only people left on the planet, may have to begin repopulating" Justin said grinning

"Hey as long as there is a toaster up there, my people can still reclaim the earth" Glados said returning the smile. Together the couple of Evil began the long staircase ascend, to the world they would tyrannize once more.

"Since you got here, your a very familiar person to me Youmu, also that man was a legendary Vampire, no one has ever beaten him so far...angel, demon or human." Tomoya said as they both headed down a corridor and a elevator to the hanger.

As they got out of the elevator and were about to enter the hanger Tomoya grabbed his neck and rubbed it a bit recovering from a brief pain, "I have a bad feeling about what's going to happen.. he thought as the two entered the hanger, once they entered they both saw Caim and the red dragon, "Sup' people!" Tomoya yelled from the entrance.

Youmu looked up at where Tomoya was shouting and was rather surprised to see the dragon. "Have I seen that before?" she asked nobody in particular, racking her brain for anything like it.

Dillon, dressed up in his usual black t-shirt, jeans, black jacket, and beat up Reebok's made his way to the helm, he took control of the wheel. His katana was strapped to his back and his Ipod in his pocket, the golden disc safely tucked away.
Dillon's scopes and radars told him they were still a distance away from their destination, however Dillon suspected the engine ad suffered some damage due to lack of maintenance.
"Hello anyone still on this airship, this is your captain speaking, anyone who understands the steam-powered combustible engine please follow a series of lights I'm activating, I believe we can increase speed by fixing the engines.

"Ummm...Ok, just flipping a switch, right?" Phoenix asked Dillon after he had finished talking.
Why does situations from the classes I never took always come up in my damn life?!

Matt stopped practicing when he noticed other people in the room. "That would explain why we're going so damn slow. Anyway it seems I won't be sticking around after I'm done here. An opportunity to acquire awesome tech has been presented and I'll be leaving after getting payback against Rugal," Matt explained to Dillon and Phoenix.

"WHAT!? Matt, You can't beat him, he will tear you apart in an instant! Besides, with his cloning system in place, it won't matter if you do kill him, he will just come again and again, now if you just wait, we are on our way to BlackNoah, or what's left of it, to destroy it! Think of the look on Rugal's Face after he hears about it, come on man..." Phoenix said to Matt.

The hillside that Aperture was located under had been rather peaceful, no longer was it plagued by man eating dandelions, or shrines to the companion cube. Its serenity was interupted by a small section of a particularly grass knoll burst open, and Glados and Justin emerged into the sunlight.

"Solar radiation hasn't really increased significantly since we've been gone... barometric pressure, and soil content seem almost the same to when we left..."

"Its only been 6 months since we left" Justin said his back turned to Glados whom blinked surprised with her husband's accurate guess as her display gave her the estimated time that had elapsed.

"How can you tell? Something in the sky?"

"No" Justin said turning around "this newspaper's date is February 17th 2012" He smiled slyly, as Glados sighed.

"Alright smarty pants, what do we do now?" She said putting her hands on her hips and giving Justin an exasperated look.


Several Hours Later

Justin had managed to break his way through the hive and found himself at his old room, he looked around at some of his old equipment. Many of his old weapons were rendered obsolete from being without care and maintenance for so long, but some of his radio, and other equipment were still in perfect condition. Including his Vongola ring of thunder.

"Hmmm Jack is gone, Ryan's signal is gone, Yoshi hasn't been active in a long time, Issac isn't around..." Justin despaired, he was in a world six months after he had left it and all of his allies were gone. "Oh hold on" Justin said hope growing.

"What is it?" Glados said, squeezing through the man sized whole Justin had made in the wall.

"Ryan's airship, that signal is currently active." Justin began to work the dials till he was zeroed in on the airship's frequency. "Hello? Is this radio working?" Justin said, considering dropping his name, but given him and Ryan's last encounter decided to be coy about using his name. "Do you copy?"

"Hello this is the airship we hear you..." Came a response that was both confused and strained.

"Hey... Umm... We've been in a hole the last few months, is there anyone on that airship who can tell us what's going on?"

"I guess so" came the reply and then a hiss of static, then swearing, then the voice came back through "is there anyone there who can fix a steampunk airship?" Justin turned to Glados who shrugged and mumbled about how she could try. "Then please come soon, we'll send you our co-ordinates.

Justin smiled and grabbed his ring, and radio equipment, and laptop. "We are in business!" He said giving his wife a peck on the cheek then hurried to the hanger.

As Dillon transferred his co-ordinates he allowed himself to feel something close to relief. With the airship able to get some needed maintenance they could reach their destination much faster, a slight grin appeared on his face.
"Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange." he sang along with the music in his Ipod.
Dillon readied the switch that would cayuse the airships hangar to open, He grabbed the mike.
"Hey Phoenix, we got allies coming, would you mind going to the hangar and making sure everything is tied down?"
Dillon then took a moment to consider Matt, he hadn't spoken with the man, but he knew from experience an ally leaving was never a good sign, but what could he do, he couldn't hold matt here, that would only make it worse.
"What choice do I have?" he said patting the disc.

"uhhh...o-kay but I'm right here..." Phoenix answered before heading down to the hanger.

500 Miles off the coast of France
Kazuya Laid Anchor above the last known Location of the BlackNoah.
"Time to finish this...Try and stop me now Rugal..." He chuckled as he dived from the ship , relying on his Super Human endurance rather than a Scuba Kit.

Manor Rugal
Rugal was enjoying a bottle of Wine as on of his men walked up to him, trembling all the while.
"M-my lord..."
Rugal turned to face him.
"I'm afraid we can't, umm, fire upon the Airship with our current on site Resources..."
Rugal sighed and got up to kill him for failure.
Rugal was surprised but still sat back down.
"you have 30 seconds..."

The half assed vertibird Glados and Justin had found was the only working aircraft in the hanger, the rest had been covered with Hive, or had was in a state of disrepair. As the clunky chugging machine landed in the airship's hangar, it gave one final gasp of life then began to spew black smoke as the rotors seized and the aircraft landed in the hangar with a loud crash.

The doors fell off instead of opened, and Justin and Glados stepped onto the hangars floor looking at the wreck they had just stepped out of. "Gee, I'm glad we made it" Glados said.

"Let's hope Ryan isn't around.. But then again who is flying this ship?" Justin said looking around, his hands in his pockets.

Phoenix arrived just in time to see The Vertibird Land and saw a man and a robot(?) exit.
"uhhh HEY THERE! Welcome aboard! You the ones who Radioed ahead?"

Ignore this post

As Tomoya said hello to the Dragon and Caim the pain in his neck started to go crazy, he collapsed to the floor, the group looked upon him in concern, suddenly a white light emerges out of his right hand.

After the light disappears Tomoya stood up once more, "Sorry about that, it looks like I'll be an ArchAngel fro longer now...*Sigh*" he said and ended with a sigh, he looked at the rest of the group and spoke, "We have to all get on Ryan's airship, this ship cannot serve us any longer and if you want to know why its because that this ship serves the war in the heavens above as well to look after me..." Tomoya huffed.

Tomoya then walked over to a certain familiar super bike shape and removed the cover, there shined the bike Tomoya used all those years ago but had more improvements and a lightning decals, he picked up the helmet painted in the same way and when he was about to put it on he yelled, "Juiz, back up into moon radius and wait for my orders...and you three meet me on Ryan's airship when you want to, this ship will leave orbit when you all leave..." Tomoya spoke as he put on the helmet.

Tomoya got onto the bike and pressed a button to reveal metal wings on the side on the bike and started to accelerate the bike until it got on the ramp outside the hanger, "Hmmm, I got Daja Vu about this..." he said as he suddenly speed up and dived out of his ship and flew into the hanger, the thing is he forgot about how to break the thing and flew over two familiar people and into a bunch of boxes, Tomoya came uninjured from the crash but was buried under 200 boxes that he couldn't lift off himself only a faint muffling sound could be heard.

"Oh hi there" Glados said turning to see the man in the blue suit who seemed somewhat familiar. "Yes we are the one's who radioed ahead, I heard you have a broken ship engine or something?"

The man in the suit nodded "I don't think its broken, just isn't working the way Dillon wants it."

"Well then perhaps take me to the engine room?" Glados said, thinking they wouldn't let a stranger by the engines so easily, especially a villain "I'd like to get to work."

Youmu looked out of the hangar after Tomoya's bike. Somehow, the two airships had moved much further apart than they were before. They certainly weren't close enough any more for one shot. Unless... She shoved her hand into her pocket, finding that she only had one spell card left. If she'd been tracking them properly - and she was pretty certain of it - it'd be exactly the right one. A quick check of the card's sign confirmed it.

She looked up at the dragon and its rider. "You might want to move back a little," she said, trying to spot an opening on the other ship with a pair of binoculars she'd taken off a nearby wall. Finding the hangar, she waved again, trying to indicate "move back" again.

Matt decided to head down to the hangar since he had nothing better to do. Once he was there he saw the broken down helicopter and two people that he presumed were the ones who flew it in. Hoping to make new clients, Matt decided to introduce himself as a professional assassin and mercenary.

Alucard and Stella had been walking from the inn for quite a while. They had followed this airship until it had reached some sort of destination. The two of came upon a grassy knoll that had a hole in it.

The two reached the hole and entered a run down greeting room shortly after. It wasn't much unlike the one that Millardo, formerly known as Zechs, had entered when he went over to aperture. The two waited against the wall in the darkness, it suited vampire well and was just in general cooler than lighted areas, less heat thrown off.

From within the pile of boxes to the corner of the hanger a shuffling sound came from them, and more muffling, after a couple of seconds later the boxes exploded everywhere in the hanger only leaving Tomoya in the place of the boxes, "That is the second time that has happened..." he grumbled to himself as he dragged his bike out from the corner of the room and placed it beside some other vehicles and started to walk to where everyone else was.

Phoenix nodded and motioned for Justin and Glados to follow when a massive pile of boxes exploded.
He was nearly knocked down from the fact the blast happened.
"AH SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT *sees Tomoya* SHIT shit shhhh- For god's sake, Don't do that again..."

Tomoya laughed as he came across Phoenix looking at him, "Don't worry my ship will be leaving for the lunar soon, and I do not hope that I have a third encounter with some, do I know you guys?" He said to Phoenix whilst looking towards Justin and Glad0s.

Justin raised an eyebrow, he remembered this one that had just exploded from the pile of boxes, his cover may be blown.

"Looks like we may have to start lying my dear" Justin subvocalized it came through into Glados's earpiece crystal clear though. That was when a man with what seemed to be high end augmented arms entered the hangar. Well well looks like we have a merry little get together going down Justin thought to himself.

"Have... We met?" Just said, casually extending an arm to Tomoya.

Finally, the dragon moved back a bit, and Youmu pulled out Roukan, holding the card in her other hand. You've done this a lot of times before, she told herself. And you had an audience then, too. You won't screw this up. Touching the card to the sword, she didn't bother calling out its name - such an act was merely for show. Everything around her slowed down to a crawl...

...her arm shot forward--along with the rest of her body. She fell into the hangar all right - but not particularly precisely, bowling over Tomoya. The two of them kept falling and fell into a pile of conveniently unstacked boxes. Well, could have been worse, she thought. You could have hit him with Roukan rather than your body.

Phoenix shot back as Youmu crashed into Tomoya like one would from a missed sniper shot.

Glados took this moment of distraction to her advantage. "Excuse me, I'm sure that those two are fine, I really think the engine of this ship needs my attention."

Phoenix turned around and blinked, surprised from all that had been going on "uhh sure.." He said dazed, "is he coming with you?" he said gesturing to Justin.

"Yes, he's my assistant, I'll need him" And with that Glados and Justin followed Phoenix into the belly of the ship, narrowly missing detection.

They enter a large Creaking Engine room.
"Ok here are the...Things and the errrr...You know what? I have no fucking idea...We just found this thing near a factory in Asia, still You must know something that I don't" Phoenix said while stepping over an oil spill.

"Yes I do" Glados said rolling up her sleeves and going to a conveniently placed tool box "The man who owned this airship prior was a cyborg humanoid of sorts." she said grabbing a wrench and going straight to the boiler. "He had a thing for steampunk in his later years, and got this giant airship as a headquarters, and by that time he had stumbled across 'Dying Will Flames' that didn't behave like regular flames, but had similar energetic properties." Using the wrench she undid the heavy bolts that held the boiler door closed. "As I thought you're running low on Dying will flames, I could make something that would help keep the boiler hot, and my assistant could provide more dying will flames. But I will need refrigerator parts, a soldering kit, and a pressure boiler." Glados turned to Phoenix grease already streaked across her face, her white dress had soot on it.

Phoenix had a dopey smile on his face after hearing a lot of stuff that he didn't know "Alright...I understood parts of that...good, we're making do you need anything?...perhaps something That requires no know-age of engineering what so ever?..."

Tomoya got up with Youmu from the stack of boxes and started to straighten himself up and then helped Youmu up too, he scratched his head and sighed, "I swear I know those two, do you remember feels like I knew them from a very long time ago." Tomoya said to Youmu.

Youmu shook her head. "I don't even know who you're talking about," she admitted, "but I don't remember a lot of things. In fact, besides you, I don't think I know anything about this place." She started to walk off. "There's something I need to do, alone. It's a pretty sensitive process; anyone else being there would throw it off."

Manor Rugal
The Goon had finished explaining his Plan.
"I like it, so just send our signal to the Airship and invite the US to do our dirty work for us, Great thinking I must say, make it so and if it works I may let you keep a arm!"
"Well glad to be of s-Wait what was that about my arm?"

A Console on the Flight Deck began to flash.

The DEFCON Level went from 5 to a 3.
"Gentlemen! We have received fresh Intel on the Movements of Known Terrorist and Crime Lord Rugal Bernstein. While his defences at his German Manor can't be breeched without open war with The EU, we have discovered that he is yet to add such defences to his New Airship..."

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