The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Youmu sighed, about to explain that she'd apologised first so it wasn't necessary, but stopped herself. "Sorry I was like that," she finally said. "It wasn't all your fault. I'm Youmu." And there's a voice in my head that tells me what to do and often doesn't make any sense. She stopped herself from saying the last part, not wanting to seem insane. She looked back at the swords, then to Kagome.

Right on cue, the voice in her head told her what to say about them. "She thinks you're a schoolgirl, and you probably shouldn't tell her the truth. Say you're...I dunno, obsessed with that period. And you're your school's kendo captain. Something like that." She didn't say anything at all about them, in the end.

Youmu cocked her head at Kagome's last statement, wondering about what she meant. She started to say something, but Falcon cut her off. "Just ignore it if you don't understand," Falcon advised. "Smile, nod and try not to let on that you're not actually human." She smiled and nodded, then acted distracted by looking around a bit.

Meanwhile, Falcon was spinning his view around, trying to keep track of the air traffic. So far the sky hadn't gotten any more crowded than the dragon and the bird.

"I don't know where this place is, but there's nobody to arrest me for having these," Youmu said before Falcon could stop her. "Besides, I know what I'm doing with these. ...I've studied the samurai a lot. Apparently, katana and wakizashi wasn't that uncommon."

"And here I thought you were ignoring me," Falcon said. "But you went with my plan after all..."

I don't think you're an honour student, Youmu thought, not letting the thought out to avoid making Kagome cry even more. If you knew anything at all about samurai, you'd know that Bushido means I can't just kill you... Out loud, she kept herself to, "I'm really not that young, you know."

Falcon stopped her explaining any more. "I don't think it's a good idea to let anyone know you're not entirely human," he said. "And it'd just make this one even more scared of you...You want her to stop whining, right?" Youmu nodded, staring off into space to avoid looking at Kagome.

As the two were talking. A blue star was crossing the star. In fact the star was getting closer and closer until the two looked upon it. It then started to fly across the atmosphere above their heads and landed near by. It caused an explosion big enough to make a crater. Instantly Youmu felt a familiar presence of it.

The person in the crater was dressed in a Summer Japanese School uniform. He was crawled up into a ball and electricity ran over him. Of course it was Tomoya. It seemed he was sleeping.

As Kagome looked up Tomoya. She pretended to care that he was going to die. As she was "Worrying" a loud yawn came from Tomoya as he flipped over and made a cute sleeping sound, "Zzzzuzzusnu". The electricity that surrounded him was actually healing or repairing his body from the crash. "Zzz. Bodie...Zz-at...100%...Zzz" He muttered in his sleep. As he said that the electricity danced in the air with joy it got absorbed again into his body.

As Kagome tried to wake Tomoya up by slapping him. "Hmm I'll get....up...Nagisa...ugh...OW!" Tomoya said before getting slapped hard and got straight up yelling. "Ahhhh who disturbed my sleep!" Tomoya yelled as he looked around and saw Kagome. "And who are you for doing that!?" He yelled at the girl but noticed himself. "Sorry about that..." He said meekly.

Youmu looked at Tomoya, then waved at Kagome. "This is Kagome," she said. "She's...easily driven to emotions..." If there was a more diplomatic way to put it, neither Youmu nor Falcon could think of it.

Youmu looked at Tomoya, then at Kagome. "We already know each other," she said. "From a pretty long way back..." Since I came into this world, actually.

Bruiser Awoke in an Intensive Care Ward in Osaka.
All around his body, nothing but pure burning remained all around his being.
First thing that came to his mind was to do a self check: All parts accounted for
He turned over to a TV set in the corner of the room featuring a News report on Post Bison Asia and the Reset.
A file Image of Caim and Angelus came up.
"...You really shoulda killed me Toots...You really shoulda..." he chuckled as a Nurse came over with his meds.
Back in the US, Max was watching a Breaking News report on a Massive Fire in a Osaka Hospital while talking to a friend of his.
"...Yeah, Man I know...He like had all of the region one day and now it's as if he was never there...What?...A Massive Reality Reboot?...By a bunch of Teens on the Internet?...Now, you sound like Doom...Yeah, I don't know either, Seemed have fallen of the face of the earth about si-"
"Right on Cue...I'll gonna have to call you back..." Max groaned as the band of his existence returned.
After liberating the kitchen of his drug, He sat down next to Max.
"Sooooo did you see the new room-mate?..."
"Doom...What the hell are you on about?..."
The Roomate soon sat down also.
"....What?...." Clone Wesker asked.
"...Reports are unclear of how the nation of Japan recovered but it can be confirmed that the US have arrested the former Asian warlord, much to the joy of the former slaves. They celebrated freedom by defacing several of the Dicators former lcons..."
The News cut to this image of a former Bison Propaganda Poster.
"...The Us Army and President Burt Reynolds had no comment on rumours that a group of Superheroes was hired to over-throw M. Bison..."

"...Come on people...You really believe this mad explanations for what happened here? The good people of Asia are some of the hardest working in the world, can build a skyscraper in week, They pooled their strength for the betterment of their countries...

"Witnesses still claim that several of these "Heroes" did exist, but if that is the case, then where are they now? Frank West, Channel 6 news..."
Frank enjoyed a beer with Sev after seeing his handiwork.

"I can see that hehe...also ditto with that. Youmu and I knew each other since we both came here..." Tomoya said as he looked at Kagome. "Well actually she is my wife but in a whole other world. No need to worry though" He said as he got up. He then looked at Youmu again. "So this is Kagome? Why is she here?" Tomoya asked.

"I can see that hehe...also ditto with that. Youmu and I knew each other since we both came here..." Tomoya said as he looked at Kagome. "Well actually she is my wife but in a whole other world. No need to worry though" He said as he got up. He then looked at Falcon and Youmu again. "Who is this and may I ask where everyone else is?" Tomoya asked.

"The effect of world travel and marrying young. Never mind that...why are you here?" Tomoya said as he asked Kogame. As he got up and walked out of the crater and it seems the two followed him. He looked everywhere to find someone else.

"SEVERIN YOU HAVE NO FRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEENDS!!!" Discord yelled, plummeting to Earth after being forcefully ejected from The Maelstrom. After half a moment in free-fall, reason returned to Discord, and he snapped his fingers.

A sudden flash later, and he teleported next to Tomoya, of whom he examined.

"I have an idea!" Discord declared. He put some toast in a toaster and ran his talon along Tomoya's arm, funneling some electricity. The Chaos King went along the length of is arm and quickly swiped his talons past Tomoya's hand and to the toaster.

A large bolt of pure electricity shot into the machine, which fired two perfectly-toasted pieces of toast right at Tomoya's face. Discord began to chortle heartily.

"And... and... the best part is?" Discord tried to eek out through his laughing, "You'll get no butter!"

At this point the draconequus fell backwards into the air and had totally lost control through his giggles. Tomoya was left with egg, er... toast, on his face.

The Doctor lamented his latest defeat.
"Defeated again! This is not Fair! Maybe I should retire to a nice warm beach...with a nice cold drink...and a woman with great big bo-bags of ice for my head..."
A portal opened above his head.
"Wha- Wait! The Time Twister! No! Curse you, Crash Bandicoot!" Cortex yelled as he was sent into a new world.
Youmu looked up and saw what appeared to be a small screaming man with a massive head falling from the sky.

As Tomoya had toast on his face. He pulled it off and started to eat it as he both saw Discord and the new girl. "I need some more smarter friends" He face palmed as he began to wonder what would happen if he had smarter people around him. He sighed at the thought. Little did he know that above him opened at portal. Tomoya looked at Youmu which stared at the portal. Then he looked up and saw the massive head man falling directly at him.

Tomoya side stepped as he man hit head first into the ground.

Cortex landed face first into the ground, leaving a perfect indent of his face in the soil once he pulled himself back up.
He spat out earthworms and dirt and fell on his back before groaning "You there...What Dimension is this?" as he pointed at Tomoya.

"You there...What Dimension is this?" Asked the big head man as he point directly at Tomoya. "Umm. Which...dimension? ...I have no idea big head man" He said. The strange question was why he has never asked this before. He heard people say the AA dimension so he went with that. "Oh that's right...this is the AA dimension as I heard can you answer who you are?" Tomoya asked the big headed man as he answered his question.

Cortex pulled himself up and dusted himself off before clearing his throat.
"IT IS I! DR. NEO CORTEX! MASTER OF SCIENCE AND FUTURE RULER OF THE WORLD! MUHAHAHAHAHAH!" He monologed with Discord providing a shock lightening effect as Tomoya realised that standing, Cortex was only as high as his waist.
"Sooo...uhhhh, if you could show your new overlord to a Portal, I'll be on my way..." He then nervously said, he wasn't used to not having minions or Uka-Uka to back him up.

"No can do. I'm afraid that no one here has that kind of power" Tomoya announced to Cortex and he saw the corny effect but quickly absorbed it quickly. "So...whats with the huge head and small body" He said Cortex awkwardly. "Someone get me out of here!.

"Hey! I have a IQ of 400+! I need the extra room!and I wasn't good at sports... No matter! I shall build my own Portal! You Live this day but *I* SHALL RETURN!" Cortex said before storming off with more sound effects added by Discord.
Right, just need some Power Crystals, 7 Gems and a Lot of metal, Should be easy for a Hulking Beast of a Man such as m-
He walked into a wild Skunk which then proceeded to try and tear his face off while spraying him.

As Tomoya heard Cortex storm off and get owned by a skunk, Tomoya sighed at his disbelief. He almost thought this was stupider then Sunohara. As Tomoya approached the two he glowed his eyes and the skunk immediately jumped off a ran off somewhere. Tomoya then helped him up.

Cortex got up and shook his fist at the fleeing skunk.
"YEAH! THAT'S RIGHT! RUN! I'LL MAKE YOU ALL EXTINCT! EXTINCT I TELL YOU! Phew...good thing I fought it off, Eh?...right...I'm usually good with animals...usually..."
He reeked with the stench of the skunk.

Yet another sigh came from Tomoya as he looked at Cortex's come back. "He really should of thanked me" Tomoya thought and resisted the thought to punt him in the ass to Heaven itself but he looked at him and then smelt him. "Geez. You smell like a clogged Taco Bell toilet" Tomoya remarked about Cortex's smell.

Captcha: Go berserk. "not yet!" Tomoya still said as he lowed his raised fist.

Caim and Angelus were enjoying a leisurely flight, a comfort that was uncommon for their existences, when they saw the lightning that was Tomoya's fall, followed by Discord and the Portal with Cortex.
With a sigh, the dragon spoke, "It never ends for us, does it?"
Caim shook his head and patted the dragon's neck, "Nope, it never does. Let's go dragon..."
The dragon banked downwards, following the scent of ozone and burnt grass. Eventually, the two were greeted by the sight of Yomou, Tomoya, an unknown girl, Discord and a man with a rather large head.
Caim hopped off of Angelus and gave a little wave to his known comrades (Tomoya and Youmu) and pointed at the newcomers.
Angelus took over from their, and began to speak, "Greetings, angel and ghost. The fool inquires, who are the newcomers?"

captcha: fool's paradise... Ammirite?

Cortex saw the incoming dragon and started to panic madly.
However, once he saw it wasn't Purple and didn't have a Dragon Fly, he relaxed.
"I an Dr. Neo Cortex, Master of Ruler, Etc. You wouldn't know where there is a river or something would you?..." He asked as the stench reached Caim and Angelus.

The dragon flared her nostrils in disgust to the incoming smell; "Gods above, did you attempt to mate with a skunk? It certainly smells like it... As to your question, I do not know where a river lays. All I have seen is green; which I admit is much more pleasant than most of the most of the things I have encountered..."
Caim merely turned away from the stench, and again, tried to greet his former allies.

"That is a Image that will stay with me for the rest of my days..." Cortex Said as he cut though the woods to try and find a river.
Mmmmm...Man-Skunks...I could make that Work...I could make that work well... He thought as he found a river by falling to it.
"God, This is worse then that Skiing experience..."

As Cortex walked away, the dragon cocked a ridge on her brow, "What a strange person... No matter."
Caim could only look at the dragon and silently laugh. "You're one to talk, dragon."

Cortex at that moment had a flashback to his highschool days where the bullies made him the man he is today.
Nerd! Wittle Cortex gonna cry? You gonna cry? Awww he's crying! SWIRLIE! Look what I did, i wrote "N" NERD!
He stared back at Kagome and said "I will attach your head to the body of Sea Cumber while you sleep..."
Cortex felt better after saying that and was already thinking of ways to weaponise this mutant Sea Cumber.

Cortex was totally suprised by the Kiss and froze for a second and then blushed.
"Uhhh, Heh, yeah...a Little...Sorry, just ummm...It was a tough school..." he admitted before asking "Say, you don't have any Power Crystals do you? Glowing, Pink, About Arm length?"

The arched eyebrow still raised, the dragon turned to Kagome,
"I would appreciate it if you stopped speaking of me as if I were a common housepet."
Caim looked at Angelus with confusion, "Eragon books? What the..?"
"Think nothing of it, Caim. As for you, girl, if you must refer to me, Red is my preferable monkier."
Caim turned around and gave a small nod to Kagome. "I take it she's with us now? On the 'Heroes' side?"
"Perhaps, we will have to see. So, girl. What do you call yourself? My companion there, whom his silence probably caused you to gloss over, is Caim."

Cortex found himself staring a Kagome's...
Focus Neo, You are a Man of Science But Daaaaaammmnnnnnnnn, that is easy on the eyes...
He shook his massive head a few times and forced the both of them out of his brain.
"Right Then...So..."Red"...You don't know anyone by the name of Spyro do you?..." He fished, last time he went up against that damn dragon, he was bathing in Burn ointment for the next month.

The dragon's face grew to a scowl, and she shook her head. "Humans... You, with the large head, no I have not heard of 'Spyro'. It is a ridiculous name for a dragon... Now you, girl. I will only say this once. Do not trifle with me. I am greater than many mortals combined. My life has glossed over 200[1] of your human lives, and I still have room to live; my strength alone could crush you, if I had not burned you first. Furthermore, if I chose a monkier for myself, would I not have considered whether or not it offends me? I am no pet, and I expect to be treated as equal, if not moreso, to you humans. Do I make myself clear?"

Caim rolled his eyes as the dragon ranted, and lightly facepalmed. "You do realize this is a child, right?"
"I care not! She needs a lesson in humility. See, this is one thing I miss from our realm. Humans had some respect for greater beings then."
"Oh yeah, the Empire had a lot of respect for you..."
"The Empire payed dearly for their lacking. Remember, who helped you dismantle it?"
"...You did. But you still needed my help!"

The internal squabbling continued after "Red" had finished her rant to Kagome, and she could see cross looks on both the man's and dragon's faces as they fought in their minds. If one could hear them, they might have remarked that they sounded like an old married couple.

[1] According to the Drakengard game booklet, the dragon is said to have lived about 10,000 years. Calculating that Medieval Britain citizens lived to be about 40, I got 250 lifespans. It's just a guess though, so I could be off...

Cortex was relived at Red's Statement, but the rest of it intimated him.
" have made your position clear."
I have it! A Dragon-Shark! That'll surely stop that Bandicoot! I have to write that down!
He pulled out a Note book and wrote that in under "Man-Skunk".

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