The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Cortex realised that the Mines would cause heavy damage to his Mech, so he piloted it though a Row of Buildings parallel to the road.
After driving though a Animal Control Centre, The Mech Seemed to lose control as Yet another Skunk found it's way to Cortex's Head.
"AHAHAHA WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING!?" He shouted as the Mech Lost it's footing and lands on the DMV.

Axel sped up to close in on WC and deployed its shockwave. "This is why I went with this car!!" As WC was propelled into a wall.

The crash into the wall wasn't a pretty one. The roof was already dented by Axel's weight of his vehicle so when the roof was impacted with the wall- it caved in. Kagome's left shoulder got the worst of it, impaled and blood ran down like a waterfall. "AAAAAUHHG!!" She cried out, and even after the car landed back on it's feet... the roof was more harm then good to Kagome now.

"Ahhh- AhhG! My shoulder- Need to dispose of.. the roof!" With the circular green aura on her forehead appearing, the roof was highlighted in green thus torn off. She panted, but the wound was worse then she thought. It was as if someone dug a sword into her should and delocated it, and now she couldn't even feel her left arm anymore. Using her magic still, her entire left sleeve was torn off and then wrapped around her wounded shoulder, Kagome using her teeth to hold the knot.

She was sweating, and unsure if she could really drive at this rate but she had an idea. "I'm the Queen... my power is more then capable of lasting. I don't need my hands." The wheel was highlighted in green and as if a ghost was driving the car, Wedding Crash was being driven through her magic, while Kagome held onto the bandage she made for herself. The left arm really wasn't able to move on it's own, as it seemed.

Cortex Managed to fight off the Furry Attacker, he was getting good at that.
He forced the Mech back on it's feet and wiped most of the gunk off his face before driving it onwards after the Juggernaut.
"Ack...Why does that keep happening?..."
He then saw Wedding Crasher without a Drive and was puzzled, losing attention for a moment.

Warthog and Axel fell back to protect the juggernaut.

Regaining composure, Cortex found his target and gave chase.
He fired off several missiles in and around where Juggernaut was, Carpet bombing the place almost as he played catch up.

*Kurumu spotted Mecha Bandicoot on the radar as she stealthily piloted the small craft. Beyond Mecha Bandicoot was one of the Custom Juggernauts beating a hasty retreat.*

"Lets see how smart they are."*Kurumu muttered and cast another spell.*

*Over the Custom Juggernaut, the Spectre Mk. 2 seemed to appear. Firing with everything it had, the Spectre Mk.2 began flying around, drawing the fire of the tri-gun turret mounted on the Custom Juggernaut's back.*

*Meanwhile, the real Spectre Mk.2 lined up for a shot on the Custom Juggernaut's turret.*

*Opening up with the Quad Cannons and it's plasma launcher, Spectre Mk.2 targeted the turret while its engine roared at full blast, causing the jet to pass the gigantic truck.*

*As they passed over the Custom Juggernaut, Puce deployed a cluster of Buzz Bot Bombs, the little robots deployed and latched themselves onto the Custom Juggernaut's chassis and began trying to cut through the armor.*

As the buzz bots attempted to work on the Juggernaut's armour, the volley of missles took out a thrid of them. Kamikaze closed in and deployed its emp, frying the rest of the bots. Warthog turned and charged at Cortex, hoping to close in enough for a good crush.

The turret continued its barrage at spectre.

Cortex Merely Sidestepped out of Warthog's Way and carried on his attack on Juggernaut.
He saw a Motorcycle (Reaper) Come up on his left holding something that looked like a RP-
"Oh...Son of a-"
Reaper Fired a RPG at the Mecha Bandicoot and knocked into some power lines which shorted out the Machine.
"What?! Dammit! move!" Cortex shouted as he tried to get it back online.

*Puce's stomach lurched as Kurumu sent Spectre Mk.2 into a twisting roll as she attempted to avoid the turret's fire. Banking sharply to the left, she flew down a cross street using the buildings as cover.

*Windows shattered as the turret's bullets ripped into the building.*

"That was close, where in the hell is everyone else?"*Kurumu yelled, as Spectre Mk.2 screamed down the street, shattering more windows in its wake, before pulling up into the sky.*

*Banking around, Kurumu spotted Reaper who had stopped to fire its RPG at Mecha Bandicoot.*

*Taking careful aim at the stopped motorcycle, Kurumu depressed the firing trigger.*

*All 4 of Spectre Mk.2's 20mm cannons spoke at once, launching a supersonic wave of hot death at the man on the motorcycle.*

Warthog and Axel fell back to protect the juggernaut.

Multitasking with magic would be difficult. Not only would she have to focus on moving the wheel with her horn (not visible due to disguise nor touchable, but existent nether the less), but she also would have to channel magic directly from her head and fire a laser by popping her head outside which sadly wouldn't be as strong as say using the cannon.

Kagome wasn't a quitter though, she would die trying.. for prideful and personal reasons alone. Moving on up to Axel, the Wedding Crasher rammed him again which ticked off the guy assuming he had gotten rid of the b****. "Why won't you die god d*** it!" He turned around again, and this time ran up over Kagome's car and because she had no roof- he was running over her seats and Kagome had to roll over to dodge him.

Luckily, she was still driving the car. He laughed as he was sitting in her car, and then gunned the back seat down with his machine guns. "Oh hahoaaa!! This is just so much fun!!" Kagome however walked in front of the man, who spotted her and aimed those machine guns at her face. "Bad move whore! HA!" He started firing, only to realize the machine guns were jammed thanks to Kagome not letting any bullets through with her magic.

"I won't kill you, but..." Kagome had the magnum in her hand and shot his trigger off that enables the shockwaves thus disabling him from ever doing it again. She then kicked him in the crotch making his head bend over in agony- only for him to slowly off off her car. "There wasn't much to kick anyways." (OH SNAP!!)

Reaper was torn apart, taking the driver with it.


Axel turned and retreated to find the Heath Semi.

Cortex struggled with the Mech until he finally managed to get it back up and running again.
He fired off a Plasma Bolt which started to track Axel, who avoided it in his search for a Repair Truck.
As Spectre Mk.2 went for another fly-by, The Rear of the damaged Juggernaut opened and another Reaper drove straight out, it's driver firing a shotgun at the flying car.

*Pulling up, Kurumu pulled off a few barrel rolls in celebration before she looked for another car to victimize.*

*She spotted Kagome's car and the retreating Axel*

"A present for me?"*Kurumu laughed to herself, preparing a strafing attack on the wounded Axel.*

*Lining up once again, Kurumu's finger did its thing.*

*Down on the ground, Kagome watched the retreating Axel when a series of 20mm slugs ripped into the asphalt right next to her and began chasing the ball clutching driver of Axel.*

*The driver of Axel was good as he bobbed and weaved through the cannon salvo, avoiding getting hit.*

*Spectre Mk.2 screamed over head causing the driver to hold his ears but he did hear a distinct voice coming from the plane's loudspeaker*

"Hey you! Catch."*Puce yelled.*

*From underneath the plane, a metal sphere dropped and fell into the driver's hands. Staring at it for a second, The Buzz Bot unfurled itself from it's cocoon. Staring at the driver, its cattle prod armature sprung forth and tazed Axel's driver in the balls.*

"WAIIIIII!!*The driver screamed, clutching his testicles.*

*Kurumu and Puce were laughing when the shotgun shell ripped a hole in the cockpit canopy.*

"Shit!"*She cursed, her merriment broken*

Axel spun out of control and into a Supermarket.
The Driver got out and picked up a Cup and some Ice packs before returning to the battle.
Kamikaze Meanwhile rammed into the side of Kagome's car before pinning it to a wall and ramming it over and over again.
Angelus Chased the damaged Juggernaut below when she saw Reaper on top of a building with a glowing Chainsaw.

Cortex struggled with the controls of the Mech and was forced to transform back into Truck mode before resuming his chase.


Before Kamikaze rammed Kagome over and over

Wedding Crasher caught up to the Spectre Mk. 2 and pulled to the side of it checking to see why Kurumu was screaming and cussing for. Turns out a pretty big hole hit their cockpit canopy. She wasn't going to gloat nor tell them anything sarcastic about the event- instead she wanted to take advantage of Axel for dropping his guard.. because he was busy patching up his crotch with an ice pack.

While the buzz bot had tazzed him in the funny spot where the sun don't shine was highly bothering the guy, Kagome charged up a beam which was overhanging on her forehead thus called out, "Hey Skull Freak-" The guy grunting looked toward Kagome's direction, her eyes sharp and focused. "Reason I didn't kill you with my magnum was because I don't kill but seeing that you will never be able to have kids now... I will spare you from a long sexless life."

With that, she shot the beam and hit the man in the face- blowing his head off thus the body leaned forward with the vehicle which ended up trailing off the road and over a cliff... falling downward until an explosion had to occur, one big wheel flying off into the distance.


"Kurumu, you and Puce alright?" Kagome called out, wanting them to be secured.

The dragon gritted her teeth at the sight of the newcomer, especially as he was on a roof. The last time someone was in that position; Angelus had regretted it. Turning her attentions to the Reaper, Angelus opened fire once more; her crimson flames blowing hard into the building.

Reaper Rode off, seemingly retreating from the the incoming flames, but in fact, he was just building up speed.
The Driver Turned and drove though the flames and onto a ramp he had set up earlier.
Reaper went airborne as his driver pulled out the Fully Charged Chainsaw for a slash on the Dragon.

Fun Fact!: Mr. Grimm, the Leader of the Skulls, is the son of a Master Stuntman who died in a failed attempt to jump over several buses and he drives Reaper.

*Puce and Kurumu nodded at Kagome just in time to see Kamikaze plow into the side of Wedding Crasher and ramming the stricken vehicle into the side of a building.*

*Kurumu gasped despite her dislike of the driver as the impact seemed too savage for anyone to survive.*

*As Kamikaze rammed Wedding Crasher over and over, Kurumu pulled an immelman, a 180 loop, and flew back towards the savage attack, guns blazing.*

*The Plasma Cannon at the bottom of Spectre Mk.2 hummed to life as it tracked Kamikaze and unleashed an iridescent beam of light.*


*In the skies, Cadolbolg noticed Reaper at the same time as Angelus. He also noticed the chain saw in the driver's hand.*

"No one hurts Mommy!"*As he charged the motorcycle.*

As soon as Caim and Angelus saw the motorcycle jump towards them, Caim immediately took action and readied himself for Reaper. From the look of the trajectory; Reaper was going to...
He did. Reaper had landed on the dragon's back.
Sword in hand, and anger burning on his face, Caim readied himself for a strike.
That was when one of the most interesting and stressful battles of Caim's life began.

Image of Bike and Chainsaw:

Angelus tried to shake Reaper off and managed to throw the bike off.


The Driver, A Black man in Black Riding Gear and a Backpack with Cornrows and Skull Make-up remained though with the Chainsaw.
"Come on Petty Boy!" He taunted as the Two Men Clashed Weapons, Old Vs. New, Magic Vs. Machine.
Kamikaze was blown away by the beam and was turned over.
As it's drivers began to turn it back over, Warthog laid down covering fire on all nearby cars.
Cortex found the Rival Juggernaut and began to work his way though the minefield of a road behind it.

*Cadolbolg stopped mid-flight when he saw that Reaper's driver had actually landed on Mommy's back.*

*He approached more carefully observing the battle to see if Caim would need his assistance if he happened to fall off Mommy.*

"Kick him in the balls!*Cadolbolg found himself croaking, a phrase that he had never used in his lifes.*


*Kurumu quickly pulled up and away from Kamikaze lest he still be alive and ready to use his EMP.*

*Kurumu spotted one of the Custom Juggernaut's in the distance, and banked towards it, cloaked.

*As Kurumu lined up for a shot on the vehicle, the radio flared to life again. The music surprising Puce and Kurumu.


After being rammed so much, and despite the team coming to help Kagome- her head was on the wheel with blood dripping off it. She was barely conscious, her body aching badly while her left arm was still loose and unable to move on it's own. Even the bandage that held her wound was all soaked up with blood and couldn't contain the wound for long.

"... Mm ... ahmm.." mumbled Kagome, her forehead have blood run down even across one of her eye's which had to be closed. She was hurting, but that wasn't the worst part. When she tried to get her car running... it wouldn't run. It was to damaged, and steam was fuming off it. She softly tapped the wheel with her fist and sighed.

".. What to. .do..."

Cortex was unable to follow the Juggernaut due to the mines and the Tri-Gunner.
He broke off from the chase to regroup when he saw Wedding Crasher all battered up.
"Aw Shit! Kagome!" He exclaimed as he turned the massive Semi around and pulled up next to her, using the truck for cover from Warthog.
"Kagome! Come on, We need to get you out of there." He asked as he opened the drivers side door.

Caim found that his opponent was rather like himself; he traded in strength for speed. However, Caim noted that his weapon was probably heavier than his own, and took advantage of that; ducking and weaving around the chainsaw's fire covered blade. Caim couldn't help but laugh at the thought that just earlier he was doing the same to someone else.
He was able to get in a few minute cuts here and there, and went in for a downward swing... That's when he felt the chainsaw started grinding against his armor from the side. Caim must have miscalculated; and gritted his teeth in pain as the chainsaw simultaneously cut and heated his armor. To make matters worse, the larger man was holding his arms with one beefy hand.
That's when Caim remembered what Cadolbolg said.

"Kick him in the balls!

With that, Caim flashed a grin, and a leg flew upward; and the chainsaw wielder decided that he'd rather keep his manhood than cut into Caim. Pulling his sword out from Caim's side, the man jumped back before Caim could hit anything of value. Caim wobbled, as the pain from the vibration/cutting/heating of his armor; as it was rather overloading to his senses.
In the back of his adrenaline pumped mind, Caim could hear the dragon screeching his name. True to his nature, Caim was mum to the dragon; focusing more on the man before him. That was when two voices that Caim hadn't heard in ages surfaced;

"Master! Don't give up now! You have to protect Angelus!"
"Don't forget we await your commands, and can carry them out at any time! Use us!"

Caim gripped his sword once again; and mentally called out an old and familiar magic's name: "COMETDANCE!"
Three great balls of fire shot at the enemy plaguing Caim.

Cortex was unable to follow the Juggernaut due to the mines and the Tri-Gunner.
He broke off from the chase to regroup when he saw Wedding Crasher all battered up.
"Aw Shit! Kagome!" He exclaimed as he turned the massive Semi around and pulled up next to her, using the truck for cover from Warthog.
"Kagome! Come on, We need to get you out of there." He asked as he opened the drivers side door.

She heard a voice and shook her head trying to stay awake. "mmh, Cortex?" She looked to see him. Honestly she would of been pleased, but she was pretty out of it. Kagome then looked in front of her where the wall lied and sat there for a second viewing how everything's messed up. And that's when she realized it.

Kagome has become soft, weak even... to see herself in this condition. She's been holding back, and now her powers was low, she hasn't consumed enough or better yet she probably wasn't consuming... she may of let loose to befriend these guys. Now she was useless, in this difficult position bleeding out and had to rely on others. It was a disgrace.

Her breaths were a bit heavier, anger rising. This isn't how a Queen's fate should be like. She was much better then this. And with that, she gave Cortex a look that surprised him- flat out craziness. "I don't need help for now- stop the Skulls Cortex. I'll be fine, just leave me be for now." She pounded her fingers into the wheel and her eyes glowed green, fueling her car with power thus it began to slowly start.

*Nurse Peach had a long walk home from the hospital. It had been a long shift, first she gets her head sliced in half then she has to watch a bunch of weirdos come visit their even weirder friend.*

"What kind of grown man plays with dolls."*She mutters.*

*Walking up the street a little further, she sees that someone had been in a horrible car wreck.*

"Oh my! What happened here?"*She exclaimed as she ran up to the scene where Dr. Cortex was busy extricating Kagome from the car.*

"Oh my miss! You've been in a horrible car wreck, are you feeling any pain?"*She asked, going through her ER script.*

Kagome could only grumble something about obvious things being obvious*

"Why little missy. You don't have to be testy with me! Do we have a Doctor in the house?*Asking Doctor Cortex rather directly.

*As she paused, waiting for an answer, Warthog drove past, machine guns blazing.*

*Nurse Peach's body seemed like she was being shocked by an electrical cattle prod as Warthog bullets shredded her body. The passenger took the opportunity to hit Nurse Peach in the head with a baseball bat, the impact caving in her skull and sending blood and teeth flying all over Cortex and Kagome.*

*Moments passed as an ambulance drove up to the scene, the EMTs jumping out of the vehicle.*

"HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT"*They chanted as they loaded Nurse Peach's body onto a stretcher and loaded her in the ambulance and drove off.*

Warthog finally came up with the master plan of driving Around Cortex's Truck.
The Second he did, Cortex dived back to the driver's seat and went in Full Throttle, Ramming Warthog out of the way.
The Skull Driver leapt and grabbed onto Angelus's Wing to avoid the Cometdance.
He was going to attack again but after the crazy ass Voodoo shit Caim just did (At least that's how he saw it) He got a better Idea.
Taking the Chainsaw, He Cut into the Wing in a massive red spray.
The Dragon Lost Control and the Driver lost his grip and fell towards the streets below.
But he had planned for this and pulled the Rip Cord on his Parachute and began to glide towards the Juggernaut...

Angelus was screaming/roaring in pain from the cut to her wing, blood oozing from it. Caim on the other hand, was having a tough time of it holding on. With a very dirty swear in mind, Caim shot Cometdance at the man again; puncturing holes in his parachute (if not setting it on fire). As the man fell, Caim was trying his best to calm the dragon, he urged her to land discreetly somewhere, where he could try to patch her up. Angelus was having none of that, and was flailing in the sky. A berserk dragon was not something that anyone wanted to deal with. Caim held on for dear life, and was still trying his best to reach the dragon's mind.

*Cadolbolg saw and heard Mommy's roar of pain as he stood there. He was instantly concerned that she was to something bad, watching as she went absolutely berserk and destroyed a nearby storefront.*

*Summoning his courage, he flew towards her and latched onto the top of her head and started whispering in her 'ear'

"Mommy! You need to calm down. Stop this mommy stop! Stop or you'll hurt Caim!"*Cadolbolg cooed and croaked as he too held on for dear life*


*Puce watched as Angelus lost control over herself, hoping that Caim could calm her down, he watched with baited breath hoping he didn't have to intervene.*

*Kurumu closed in on Custom Juggernaut #1 and opened up on the turret again. While the bullets didn't strike the turret itself, the Skull manning the turret was torn in half by the barrage, blood spattering Spectre Mk.2's cockpit canopy.*

"Eww, gross!"*Kurumu remarked as she engaged the windshield wipers.*


*The back of Custom Juggernaut #1's trailer opened up and revealed a new Axel. waiting to launch.*

*Seeing the rampaging dragon, he gunned his engine and surged down the ramp. The barrels on his twin mounted Gatling Guns began to spin and spit bullets at Angelus and her "passengers."

maybe not a double post.... Damn escapist.

Angelus shrieked at the bullets shot at her; and rained fire down upon the new car that dared to attack her. Caim and the spirits encouraged this new development instead of her of attacking the buildings. Caim tried to encourage Cadolbolg's efforts as well, but was fearful of what may come from her rage. The dragon poured her fury unto Axel and heat was pouring into the car. The smell of burning metal and blood filled the air; and Caim was still holding on for dear life as the dragon continued her assault.
"Angelus, you're much better when you're sane! Come on! What happened to the great and wise dragon I know? ANGELUS!"

*Cadolbolg held on for dear life as he continued to try to get through to Mommy. He got angry at that Axel had the audacity to attack Mommy when she obviously in her right mind. He considered leaving Mommy's side to attack the man strapped between the two giant wheels.*

*He stopped himself however, thinking that calming Mommy down would be a better use of this life.*

"Good job Mommy, but don't you think that the man between the wheels is dead enough Mommy?"

*Cadolbolg was correct as Angelus had rendered Axel into a smoldering pile of ash.


*The Skull strapped between Axel's two gigantic wheels pressed his attack when he saw the dragon shriek in agony. He smiled as he unloaded more lead into the enraged beast.*

*His smile was short lived as Angelus turned her attention towards the Skull.*

*He began to burn as soon as the Dragon's fire hit him. The .04 seconds that it took to consume him were the most painful for any man in the planet as his body was consumed by the purifying heat.*

"RAAAAAHHHH!!!!"*The Skull screamed as his body was consumed.*

Axel Incinerated!!!!!


*In Spectre Mk.2, Kurumu watched as Angelus reduced Axel to ash. A frown marred her young face as she remembered the pain Tsukune endured when his body was consumed by a Fox Demon's fire.*

"Kurumu, pull up next to Angelus! We need to calm her down!"*Puce told Kurumu.*

*Kurumu thought to argue but instead increased power to the engine and headed towards Angelus.*

*Warthog seeing Angelus reduce his fellow skull into a pile of ash, pulled his hand break and pulled a 180 degree spin, gunning his engine to make good on his escape.*

*Warthog passed Kamikaze whose crew had finished righting the car. Seeing the berserk beast, they tried to gun their engines but found that the engine had flooded, it would take a couple minutes for them to be able to start their engines again.*

*They pulled out rifles and took cover behind Kamikaze, preparing if the dragon should attack.*


*Custom Juggernaut #2's rear trailer door opened with an audible thud. Reaper pulled down the ramp, warming up his Chainsaw and making sure that his shotgun and RPG were loaded, he drove off towards the battle zone.*


Before the present

After quite some time, Kagome has been meditating- well actually consuming love. Not in desperation but rather volumes of love which was pushing her limits since she can't take so much at once or otherwise it's like drowning yourself in water. However, she was managing and very motivated to prove herself that she can do this.

"Skulls.. I must give you my gratitude, for showing me how weak i've become. Well no more..." Kagome once again dug her fingers into the wheel, and channeled her magic into the car which helped start it. Every engine, generator, even the wheels were all going to be controlled by her and moved, it'd be her toughest task yet due to multitasking 32 things at once with her power.

The car backed up, and started to hit the road. Kagome groaned a bit on the way, sweating from using such large chunks of magic to get this car rolling and yet- she was also excited about it. She could consume love and not run out so much- maybe she was on the verge of passing out so her body was giving it all she's got or perhaps it was her will power making the magic flow strongly enough. Was all so complicated but she was managing.

The present

After awhile, she was able to see her team mates in range from Red the dragon to Kurumu and Puce. They were facing quite a lot of enemies and there was no way Kagome was going to miss out on this action. "Hey!!" Kagome ordered, Kurumu and Puce looking behind. The Wedding Crasher shot past them, which shouldn't be able to and Kagome was lunging herself at the enemies giving it her all.


*A monitor beeped rhythmically in time with the patient's heart beat. The only light came from a solitary tank of fluid positioned in the middle of the hospital room.*

*On a wall nearby, a TV was playing a rerun of "Whose Line is it Anyways," when the program was interrupted by a news flash.*

*After the announcer finished the introduction, the screen flashed to a replay of highlights from Event 3 of the Twisted Metal competition.*

*Inside the tank of fluid, Nurse Peach became enraged seeing the Rising Dawn group.*

Caramel Frappe:

*Reaper was the first one to see Kagome in the Wedding Crasher is it rocketed down the road.*

"HUR HUR HUR! This should be an easy one!"*The rider said as he pulled out his shotgun.*

*When Wedding Crasher came into range, he pulled both triggers, sending the 12 gauge solid lead slugs towards the incredibly beat up car*


*Kurumu noticed Wedding Crasher first as the car increased its forward velocity at an astounding rate, the very tires of the Wedding Crasher seemed to emit a blue flame that trailed behind the car on the asphalt.*

*Banking left, Angelus temporarily forgotten, Spectre Mk.2 maneuvered to get a better view of the action.*

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