The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Nice map editing. :D

Shawn the Messiah.
Location: Los Santos, Rich area.
Time: Hell.

After listening to the message Shawn nodded to himself. "He said that he was watching me from before and now he is saying that he can both hear and see me. Looks like that he is only watching or tracking me then ... that's a relief." Shawn hummed to himself, he could see Big Poppa's body moving a bit. "Hey, don't move for five minutes, he might still be watching." Shawn warned Big Poppa before he picked up his bike from before.

Not paying attention to his former prey, he sat on the bike checking if it worked.
Shortly a hum came out, Shawn smiled inside his helmet. "That'll do for now. After a couple of minutes you should get out of here, it seems the city has gone to hell. Use that money to get out and get a good life, so none of this happens ever again. Have a good life!" Shawn yelled to the hopefully now good Samaritan as he drove off towards his objective.

"(I should be able to meet this next person, get more information and tell her to leave ... and then hopefully meet this Deadshot, whom seems to think I am a lesser threat. We'll see about that, hopefully he will fall into hands.)" Shawn's eyes focused on the Hell ridden horizon and the future events.

"He will regret doing this. By my hands he will."
Shawn would only take a few minutes to reach the destination.

Destination: Shack.

Upon reaching his destination Shawn could see the shack a couple hundred meters away. Pulling out only one of his pistols, he wanted to feel not hostile, though his clothing may not prove that. "Hello ... anyone here. I need information!" Shawn yelled, he had decided to reveal his presence ... hoping that a bullet wont hit his helmet.

Rugal, SLindis, Kantori, Caim

Slindis gave an affirmative nod. "If you were to somehow find your way in one of these bags, you wouldn't live for an hour without running out of air. How else do you think I kept the jerky nice and dry?"

She saw the lightning from Caim's blade and took that as some kind of signal to get a move on. "Tori, let's get this sealed up. Lucieon, are you holding up well?" For some odd reason, Lucieon hadn't been affected by the Turning. It wasn't sonething the Paladin really noticed, but at least the merchant was safe from a friendly fire situation.

Glen Park

Melethia gave her thanks to Tommy and Teri as she looked through the tunnel to the rest of the park. "If I'd a bit more time, I could have covered that without needing to ask you. Still, it's what happened, and I'm really glad you two were here. Now if ya know how to gut zombies, follow me. We're gonna make a safe area somewhere in this hellhole."


He looked the others over, not too sure on what to say. "Hm, if Teri was here, she might be able to find a way to heal them. Only problem is she isn't, so I'll have to think something up unless I want to do a long-range diagnosis... If they're tough enough, there is the chance that they might be able to shake it off since it wasn't from the gas."

Devon whistled for three of the imps that weren't working with Jake to shore up the area. "Make a temp shack. We need to get a priority system here. If there's any that can help treat, get them here."

As Jake checked the area, he was met by Ella as she wiped off her chained kama. "Oh, aren't you the Aussie? I know this wasn't the way I expected a night out on the town to turn out... I swear, it's like something's conspiring to stop me from having a good dinner with him."

Went a lot better than I thought it would, that's for sure :P

Shawn the One Free Man.
Location: Fern Ridge, Red County
Time: Yes

Shawn looked around the front of the shack, finding no trace of his target outside of her stolen Buffalo muscle car and her last 3 partners.
"Here it is, Carbon!" He heard someone way before he grabbed from behind with a gun to his head.
"Joo (You) think you can kill me, Joo Motherfucker!? I seen ants with bigger balls then Joo!" Shouted a Mexican Woman with the world's shortest fuse and a temper to match.
"He sent you, Didn't he?! Big Strong Man too chickenshit to deal with a REAL Woman, uses a big gun because his own is so small. TELL ME WHERE HE IS OR I CUT JOOR FUCKING BALLS OFF!" the woman known as Catalina threatened the Lone Wanderer.

The only bad thing with the photo, is that it left a link to your photobucket. Then I went to library ... I have to admit that it's nice seeing an ice-cream truck. (We don't get them here much)

Shawn the One Free Man.
Location: Fern Ridge, Red County

As the gun was placed to his head Shawn was surprised. "(I really should of checked first.)" Annoyed that he was caught. "Well I disagree with first point ... but I shall say, I don't want to kill you, I just want information on Deadshot since I want to kill him instead. By this point I think he intended me being killed." He realized his situation and he didn't want another bullet in his skull, the first killed him enough.

Then he remembered the innuendo. "Ey, I finally get it. *Ahem*" He coughed to signal that he was going to become serious. "I know where he is, you want to know where he is, and we both want to kill him. We could both easily put both our guns down and we can both go after him ... I'll let you kill him." Shawn said but purposely left out the money, he didn't want this woman to get to cocky and run off with the money.


Helping Tori empty out her bag of holding before shoving the Suitcase Bomb inside, Rugal then laid down the bag a good few dozen feet away from the others before jogging quickly out of it's blast radius.
"Everyone get ready!" He warned as the timer ticked down.
It worked, not so much as a puff of the virus managed to get out of the Hammerspace bag, causing Rugal to let out a sigh of relief.
"Right after you teach me how to frighten off the Undead, you need to tell me where the hell you get those bags..." He remarked to the former dwellers of ‎Eberron, still getting surprised by their capabilities.
"I'm going to find Melethia, then we'll start looking for the bastard that did this." He said as he made he way towards Glen Park, effortlessly killing anything that got in his way.


The Imps worked with Jenny and the local hoodlums to try and sort out their stricken comrades, each one in some stage of mutation, ranging from slight rashes to near full on zombie.
"Gah! I'm a Doctor, but not that kind!" She remarked as she racked her mind to come up with something to help them before they all turned and had to be put down.

Unity Station

"That damn train here yet?!" Deadshot shouted as him and his partners in Crime Law Enforcement waited panicky for their escape to arrive.
"No. You what to know how I know? Because I ain't on it yet!" Tenpenny shouted as him as he checked his watch.
"I guess there is something about setting off a Terrorist attack on a major urban center that might mess up the timetable..." Pulaski pointed out before being told "Hey, if they ran during the Riots of 1992, they'll run now. That was like 10 times worse than this...somehow..."
The In-Fighting was soon broken up by a-"...What the fuck? that a flying fox and a dragon?" From Pulaski.
"Okay, I know about the Dragon, but a Fox?" Deadshot commented before looking to the skies to see Akane.
"...Holy Crap, A Kitsune!"
"A What?"
"Short Version: Basically the Japanese equivalent of a Leprechaun, only a furry." He "Explained" as he picked up his Duffel bag and walked off.
"The Hell are you going?"
"Hunting. The tails of those things are legendary, gonna get myself a bitching Coonskin hat. You just worry about the Train. I got this." He said before making his way to the roof of the station for some pot shotting.

Fern Ridge

Catalina was...puzzled by this reaction as she walked in front of Shawn, keeping the gun trained on his skull.
".....I think I'm in love..." She said, That was the thing about Catalina, one minute she'd be feeding a man his own roasted gentials, the other making out with the same man.
"...Alright, BUT FIRST!...Joo are going to help me. That limp dick bastard didn't pay me so we are going to take this whole fucking country for every stinking cent to make up for it!" She said, living up to her reputation as an infamous serial robber.
"Help me knock over the local bank in Palomino Creek and I'll tell you want he's planning."
So, he went for information and is now being offered to keep rob a small town bank, what the hell was wrong with people here?

The Killer of Caesar, Shawn.
Location: Fern Ridge.
Time: F*ck ... not in that way.

Confused about what she had just said, Shawn just knew about who he was dealing with.
"(A complete fucking psycho ... she would make a good antagonist some day ... to kill that is, well unless I kill her today.)" Shawn thought to himself before returning himself to the conversation. A laugh emerged from Shawn, "A bank? Seriously?" He laughed even harder after confirming by the look on her face.

"Hah, and you call me the one with the small balls. Only cowards go for banks, now a fuckin' casino owned by ... I don't know, mafia. Now that IS THE SHIT!" Shawn said in her kind of language, so he might tempt her to go rob something that belongs to bad people, rather then belonging to the government and it's people. "(Okay, killing her might be the better option here.)"

1. Roll with the plan, rob a casino if she agrees.
> 2. Kill her. Better her then others. When she agrees I'll put her down.
3. Rob all the places!
4. BANG, BANG! *Shoots*

In his own mind and own moral code, killing her would save many other lives.
And of course.
She looked like an utter psycho fuck who would kill anyone ... and possibly do some chain and leather stuff too.
Shawn shuddered in his mind as he gripped his pistol.
"What do you say. Kill some fuckers and get some cash in the process?"

In the Skies Angelus | Akane

Angelus silently gave the kitsune her thanks for the patch of air, the dragon took in a deep breath and rained pain upon the zombies below. The fighting with the SAPD, although painful for the dragon, had provided a deep reservoir of stored magic for the moment; and made clearing out the zombie hoard below that much easier.

East Los Santos Caim | Slindis | Rugal | Lucieon | Tori | Jake

Caim gave a friendly wave at Jake, and then turned to Rugal with an exasperated expression as he ran off, "So, should we just let him go about his way, or try to convince him to use the helicopter?"

As he laughed (as best a mute could laugh any how) at his own comment, the remaining members of the party could see something was wrong with the way Caim was trying to stand. His expression was strained, and his eyes seemed to squint a bit more than necessary. However, there was no visible signs of harm.... Was something wrong with Angelus?

Glenn Park Melethia | Tommy | Teri | Mercy Clarke | Ton Ton | Garm

Teri gave a nod to Melethia's sentiments, and burned a turn attempt to turn her Positive Energy Aura on for the day, "It may not be much, but at least it's a start, right?"

Teri expends a use of turn undead to create a Positive Energy Aura effect on herself, which envelops the caster in an aura of healing, positive energy. Allies within the aura are healed 1 hit point per 3 caster levels as long as they remain within it. Undead enemies are damaged for the same amount. As Teri is a level 8 Cleric, this means it heals/harms for 2 points of damage every 6 seconds. This aura can affect 1 target per Cleric level, which in Teri's case, is a total of 8 allies and/or undead.

Turn attempts remaining: 6 5 undead/4 water

After that, she had Dimitri pull up a map of San Andreas and skimmed over the area as she reached into her satchel and pulled out several sticks of incense and... A magic 8 ball? Teri looked very confused as she looked at the item and saw a sticky note saying "Cleric-3". Examining the item carefully, (and a quick cast of Detect magic after the cool down went away), Teri found that two auras appeared over it, one in Divination and the other... Words in Comic Sans floated in her mind, intoning the phrase "Magically Delicious", leaving Teri with her jaw slack and a look of confusion on her face as the horribly typeset words transferred from her mind and appeared on the tablet's screen alongside Jake's recent announcements.

As the Cleric did all this, Ton Ton tilted his head and asked, "Uh... I know Magic 8 balls are cool and everything, but what are you going to do with that?"

Teri remained unresponsive for a moment, and then looked to the Tonberry with a smile, "Just roll with me here, it's part of a spell."

Scribbling on the Tablet for an incense burner to appear, Teri lit the incense inside of the burner appropriatly, and then focused her energy as she began to prepare her spell with a specific question in mind, "Will going to Ganton via East Los Santos bring us weal or woe?"

Ganton Cadolbolg | Devon | Jenny | Ella

After helping the imps in taking down the zombies, Cadolbolg fluttered over to Devon's side and asked, "Is there anything I can do to help Friend Devon? I'm not very good at playing doctor, but I can make fires. That helps, right? Or do Friend Jenny or Friend Ella need my help?"

East Los Santos Caim | Slindis | Rugal | Lucieon | Tori | Jake

Slindis kept her guard up as she moved through the streets. "Jake, stick with us if you're moving through the streets. It's the best option, since I doubt you've had too much firsthand experience with infectious undead with your job if you and Teri come from the same place."

There was a straggling Zombie which was rather quickly dispatched from a small burst of gunfire from Jake as Slindis conversed with Rugal. "I'm not sure they can be really made here, but then again I never quite knew how they were made in the first place. Kantori may know some more, but I can't tell you with certainty how to make one."

Glenn Park Melethia | Tommy | Teri | Mercy Clarke | Ton Ton | Garm

Melethia was unconcerned by her sister's spell as she grabbed a pair of blades from her pack, scouting out the area for zombies as she did so. "Ton-Ton, take out the limbs first if you can't remove the jaw. And remember, slice. Don't stab. It's hard to find openings on them, and the normal vital areas aren't there."

Although it was quiet for now, it wouldn't stay that way for long. It never does when any kind of undead are involved.

Ganton Cadolbolg | Devon | Jenny | Ella

Ella checked with Jenny as the Gardevoir made her rounds in the small ghetto. "I would be with Devon right now, but that whole dinner thing falling out put me in the mood to give a little payback in my own way to the jerks that caused it - these zombies. Unless it's a thing on that ship to have romantic dates fall out, but whatever. What are we looking for here to help? I could get you a better view of the area if you needed it."

Meanwhile, Devon finished watching the imps cordon off the Grove Street Family members by their health and responded to Cadolbolg. "I don't know, some of these guys here have seen better days... Maybe you could be on my shoulder to help me?" He didn't really say it, but he had a Shout spell readied to blast the possible zombies should things get rough.

Magic 8 Ball

The ball gave the result "Weal" to Teri's question.
Good things would happen to her if she went in that direction.


"Noted. I'll bring it up after we catch the bastard that did this." Rugal said as him and Slindis neared the Park, spotting their children in the distance.
"Teri! Melethia! Over here!" He shouted as he made his way over to them, glad that they were alright.
"I swear, this is the last time I'm stopping to shop in this city! You 2 okay?"


Jenny and the Imps had finished moving the gangsters into position for treatment.
4 were in the final stages of the Mutation
8 were staring to show signs of turning.
17 had bites and scraps.
"Alright. We got them divided...Now what?..." The pokemon asked, clearly concerned for their well-being.
"Yo. If you don't want to..." The leader Sweet said as him and 3 others kept his handguns out for the worst...

Nearby sirens could be heard beside the apartment blocks not far from their position.


All the while, Deadshot was enjoying his quick hunting spree.
*Humming and whistling* "Right...Let's see what wins: Japanese myth or my aim?" He said to himself as he lined up his shot with his Mosin Nagant at the flying Fox and pulled the trigger.

Akane was letting her tears fall from her position in the sky when something small hit her.
She reached around her back and pulled something out of it: A Dart with a red Tip on it?
As she examined it, another hit her arm, something was shooting at her.
The Darts didn't seem to have any effect, It'd take nearly 30 to put her out for any meaningful length of time.

About to kill a woman he barely knows, Shawn.
Location: Fern Ridge.
Time: Peanut Butter and Jelly

Catalina looked like she was about to melt.
"...Las Venturas?...Yeah....To hell with Deadshot, Joo and Me, rubbing elbows with the fat cats before shoving an hand grenade up their asses! Teach them French motherfuckas who's in charge!" She shouted with her own blend of anger and excitement, whatever turned her into this must have been rough.
"Alright, Lover!~ We'll take my car. You drive, Ladies don't drive themselves, that's what men are for." She lustfully said before making her way to her car, her back turned for Shawn to stab.

Glenn Park Melethia | Tommy | Teri | Mercy Clarke | Ton Ton | Garm | Rugal | Slindis | Caim | Jake | Tori | Lucien

As Rugal and Slindis checked on their children, Caim looked into the condition of Ton Ton, who was going over what Melethia told him and tried to make a chopping motion with his knife, and found it strangely foreign. Even if his knife was capable of such things, stabbing was the way he knew how to deal damage. After all, his main tools of defense were causing pain to paralyze an oponent. How was he supposed to fight something that did not feel pain? Still, hopping on Caim's shoulder and being ferried around, as opposed to sitting on Garm's shoulder, sounded a bit more appealing. Ton Ton was far more familiar with the motions a person made while walking. The mute warrior made a small smile in response to Ton Ton's attempt to properly do a chop motion, and silently motioned what the Tonberry was looking to emulate properly a few times, to which Ton Ton tried to emulate, and asked Melethia, "Is this right, Ms. Melethia?"

In the meantime, Caim looked over to their resident undead merchant and asked, "You still holding up over there, Merchant?"

Looking up with a relieved smile from the 8 ball, Teri's expression shifted to confusion when Rugal's voice called out to them; clearly not expecting the King of Fighters to happen upon them. After that, Slindis, Caim, and the rest of their ensemble wandered in to join them, the Cleric gathered up her supplies and put out the incense used for the Augury spell. With a slight frown, she noticed that her newly poofed incense burner and magic 8 ball caused a bulge in her satchel, clearly stretching the typical limits of the bag. Shaking her head and thinking to herself, "It can't be helped...", she wandered over to their extended party and gave a small wave as she approached, the aura being a welcome feeling for the concerned parents (and to Caim's begrudging admittance, it did help alleviate some of the pain he was feeling),

"Everything's okay, Dad. We just worked together to put out one of the bombs. Well, Mel and the man over there with the Hawaiian shirt did most of the work. Now, I just checked with a spell, but if we go to Ganton via East Los Santos, things look good and.... Hmn, I wonder if it was referring to you guys showing up? No matter, Ganton wouldn't be a bad idea, I think!"

Rambling in a train of thought. Yup, Teri was just fine.

After another moment, she looked around and noticed that a familiar Australian was among their ranks, and Teri's eyes lit up with familiarity, "Jake?! What are you doing here? When did you get here? I thought you had disappeared..."

That was when her ever present AI spoke up (after clearing away the unsightly Comic Sans writing from earlier), "You had not noticed when he gave his announcement via the ring. I did leave a notice on my physical apparatus' display... You were busy with casting at the time, so I am not surprised you did not see at the time..."

The Cleric shook her head at the news, but smiled at Jake none the less, "None the less, it's good to see a familiar face, you know?"

And it was about at this point that Garm had showed up and began to sniff Jake; curious about the wayward packmate that had joined the party again (even if Garm had not seen too much of Jake before). The wolf in question had lopped off after Ton Ton vacated his perch. Who was this boy that followed his pack around? He smelled familiar...

This caused Teri to smile again and patted her oversized wolf friend on the back, "It's okay, buddy. He's a friend."

Ganton Jenny | Devon | Ella | Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg's tail waved happily at the thought of being able to help Devon out; and fluttered to the Bard's shoulder, keeping his sharp tail out of harm's reach as it waved.

"So what do I need to do from here? Is there anything else you need me to do?"

Ah, Cadolbolg's youth showed very well here, clearly not realizing how grave things were becoming as the Ganton boys were slowly and painfully morphing into the shambling undead....

Glen Park Melethia | Tommy | Teri | Mercy Clarke | Ton Ton | Garm | Rugal | Slindis | Caim | Jake | Tori | Lucien

Melethia nodded to Rugal. "I've managed so far, so I'm fine. It woulda been nice to know how long the gas lasted before, I coulda contained it a lot easier. Still, I know now, and we can go from there. You guys look like ya went through a lot of 'em."

Slin responded to Melethia, ensuring there was no errant marks on her from the assault. "That was a good job back there. The situation may be bad, but I know stopping that bomb saved the lives of more than a few people today. Now if I can check up on your new friend??"

Slin's walk over gave Melethia the time to check on Ton-Ton's slashes and grab his arm to guide his motions. "You need to follow through on the slashes, Ton-Ton. The way you're goin' you'll just lose a weapon. They still need to be able to move, and they can't without their limbs. Jaws are best if ya can get them off. Just watch how I fight, and you'll see what I mean."

She also noticed her sister getting near to her and wondered if it was time to hand over the spare-ish pouch.

Ganton Jenny | Devon | Ella | Cadolbolg

Devon was desperately wishing for a way to get these men cured when he felt the all too familiar draining from summoning something, although this time the item stayed in the sidepack. The room seemed to spin for a bit , and Devon nearly caused Cadolbolg to lose his roosting spot.

"...I don't see how I can do my work with you guys in here... Just gimme a sec, and I'll get these guys cured." Even with the wavering voice, he managed to sound convincing enough to make them leave as he searched the bag.

It took a bit of fishing around, but Devon got the wand he'd somehow created. I need to get a better hold on that.

"Cadolbolg, keep it warm enough to keep the worst ones down. I want to try this wand on them..." He was skeptical himself, but after a bit of strain, he managed to activate the spell on the wand - Remove Disease.

And surprisingly, it seemed to work! It would take a bit for them to recover, but he had something to work with for now.

Remove Disease Wand uses left - 46/50. Devon is slightly dazed from the creation of the wand, though, and would benefit from assistance.

Never trust a guy who has killed over half a million things, Shawn.
Location: Fern Ridge.
Time: GG bitch.

Sighing after the crazy bitch left to enter the car, Shawn decided to finish this but wanted to do it with ... style.
Yeah, Shawn wasn't the 'purest' of them all. He would get he hands dirty when it's for the better. Even just by talking to this woman he could already tell she is not good news, to anything or one. Then found the perfect weapon, even though it was one of the newest weapons inside his Vault-Tec vault.

"Perfect" He smiled in a bad way before pulling it out.
It was rather a large tube shaped weapon, it glowed orange and it had wires and many science parts on it.
By the time Catalina got inside the vehicle she could already see Shawn kneeling on one knee pointing said orange weapon at her.

On Shawn's side he couldn't see the woman, but he decided to leave a message.
"Sorry that this couldn't work out, but to be honest it was you ... not me. Just like I said, I don't like bad people ... especially bad girls. Also if you see him, say Caesar I said 'hi'." Shawn joked as he pulled the trigger. A beam of orange shot out of the canon and shot straight through the car, exploding it in the process.

Afterwards Shawn smiled as he saw the flames. "Another job well done!" He gave a thumbs up to his God. IT was indeed true that he was a little fucked up, I mean if you would see the things he went through ...
Seeing the falling pieces of metal from the explosion reminded Shawn of the trees he has once seen in Oasis, beautiful.
Placing the giant laser canon back since it needed to recharge (And ate a lot of ammo), Shawn gathered the pieces and decided to help himself to some new armor.

After several minutes of using his repair skill, Shawn finally somehow made the armor he was looking for.
It looked nice in his own mind, and it was separate from the NCR's own Riot Armor.
Shawn liked to stick out of the crowd.

Admiring both his new clothes and fiery car wreck, Shawn hoped on his bike once more.
Though he decided to look at the city which has now gone to Hell. He could spot something in the air which looked like a dragon. Trying to rub his eyes, Shawn found that he still wore his helmet. " ... I didn't take any 'medical' items today. So ... what the hell is that!?" Shawn asked himself but his brain (Whom he has talked to before ... literally.) said ...


Agreeing to that great idea, Shawn accelerated the bike before trying to find his way to San Fierro.
Hoping to find some leads from someone NOT crazy.

Glenn Park Melethia | Tommy | Teri | Mercy Clarke | Ton Ton | Garm | Rugal | Slindis | Caim | Jake | Tori | Lucien

Rugal let out a sigh of relief as things seemed alright with his daughters.
"Right, Ganton...Damn, that's back though Ground Zero..." He realized, not exactly keen on having to wade though the undead again.
"Okay, We'll take Jake's helicopter then. We'll regroup and then we'll start tracking down the mastermind behind this attack." He said as he sat in the Black Hawk Helicopter.
All the while he was trying to figure out what his rival's next move would be.
Alright asswipe, you got my attention, what do you plan to do with it?...

Ganton Jenny | Devon | Ella | Cadolbolg

Thanks to Remove Disease, even the most critical cases were easily cured, quickly reverting back from their near zombified state.
"...Holy...." Sweet was speechless, not everyday that something like this happened.
Not without use of extreme hallucinogenics at least.
"Man...What the hell man...." He said as Jenny moved to prop up Devon who looked like he was about to pass out.
"Are you alright? Will I be able to cast...whatever it was you just did?" She asked, glad that they figured something out but worried about the strain it would have on Devon.

Wanted: Dead or Alive, Shawn.
Location: Fern Ridge.
Time: Cop Time!


And just like that, Shawn managed to prove Catalina's intense Misandry was not just because of her self father as he blew the crazy woman away, her car completely wrecked and her burnt body being blasted into the river nearby.
However, the smoke and fire made from the explosion managed to catch the attention of a nearby rural Police vehicle
Once Shawn made his way back on the road, the chase was on as the Police Jeep was hot on his tail.

2 Star Wanted Level: Local Law Enforcement

Right before I go to sleep too. :P

Not usually on this side, Shawn.
Location: Fern Ridge roads.
Time: Police use confusion, it is super effective.

Hearing the loud sirens behind him, Shawn turned around to see a car titles "County Police".
Where Shawn is from, they rarely have land vehicles and even more so with a police force. Only somewhere such as New Vegas has a police, and even then it's the NCR's military police. So in this situation Shawn simply used his mind to find out what will happen.

"Shit ... police? What the hell, what do I do?" He said to himself in confusion as he sped along the country roads of Fern Ridge, the police car was getting closer. "Okay, if I pull over they will obviously ask about the wreckage and possibly the giant laser beam ... and of course me escaping. So I would be guilty in any situation. I may as try to get away from this." He said once more but held onto his gun.

"Or I can fight the power! ... possibly corrupt." Deciding what to do, Shawn pointed his pistol backwards and shot the revolver until the barrel was empty, hoping to either hit something or make them go slower so that either way he may be able to speed up to get away.

Glenn Park Melethia | Tommy | Teri | Mercy Clarke | Ton Ton | Garm | Rugal | Slindis | Caim | Jake | Tori | Lucien

The beginning of the flight revealed the smoke- choked blocks where the bomb had gone off, making Slindis and Melethia both extremely glad that the bombs that they had dealt with hadn't gone off.

"Wheathair, those bombs were made for a mass-scale distribution. I didn't see any of the small quirks that showed that it was one man that made them, so I doubt it's the last one." All the while, she kept showing the Tonberry sitting on Caim's lap how to do the needed slashing motions that would best harm those infected with the T-Virus.

"Caim, I need to apologize for assuming that you did not know how to fight undead. After all, I know as much of where you lived as you do where I lived, and I'm not going to assume automatically that you know how to fight something that takes extraordinary measures." Slindis made a mental note of how Teri seemed to be avoiding sitting near Caim.

Ganton Jenny | Devon | Ella | Cadolbolg

Devon leaned on Jenny's shoulder as he looked to take a seat. "I don't know if you'll be able to, but from what I saw, it's best spread through blood. I just need a bit to rest, because channeling so much through that wand took a lot out of me." Jenny could tell that the latter part of what Devon said was a lie through the way he subtly tensed up on her, but it was more to keep Sweet in the dark about his status as an Author.

It was also around that time that Ella walked in as Devon was guided to a seat. "Cadolbolg, maybe you can give Devon a break? It probably took a lot out of him to get these guys cured, after all."

Remove Disease wand charges left: 21/50. Devon is also Bluffing that he needs the wand to cast magic to conceal the use of his Author Abilities to bring the wand in.

Glenn Park Melethia | Tommy | Teri | Mercy Clarke | Ton Ton | Garm | Rugal | Slindis | Caim | Jake | Tori | Lucien

Satisfied that the landing Zone was now secure Jake returned to the black hawk with the party. "g'day Teri! Ain't seen ya in a while yeah? Oh and hello garm, you should remember me mate. Right, back to Ganton then. Are we all in the chopper? Jake said jovially as he gave garm a scratch behind the ears before getting in the chopper and starting it.

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Glenn Park Melethia | Tommy | Teri | Mercy Clarke | Ton Ton | Garm | Rugal | Slindis | Caim | Jake | Tori | Lucien

Having passed Garm's test, the wolf only gave a calm pant to Jake as he joined his Pup and the pack on the helicopter to Ganton. However, upon doing so, he also noticed Katori, and gave the strange new member of the pack a smell over, to which Teri gave a sheepish laugh and said, "Nothing personal, ma'am. He's always like this to strangers. And I take it Mum know's you? You look like somebody straight out of Eberron."

As said by the Cleric wearing the Silver Flame Robes. Who was this girl? And where the hell did she get a pet direwolf? Regardless, the Cleric sitting across the monk seemed nice enough; as the positive aura that emanated from her (quite literally) was soothing to those around her, Katori being no exemption.

Ton Ton on the other hand, was trying his best to follow through with Melethia's instructions, and was practicing miniature slashes and swipes with his blade; a practice that brought a mild smile to Caim's face. As he was addressed by Slinids, Caim turned to Slindis and snorted, "I've mentioned it before, paladin; but I have slaughtered beings that claimed the mantle of God. Even if I hadn't faced weakling undead like those below us, I have realized that my usual methods seem to work the same for all things in my path: I stab, slash or club it until it doesn't get back up. And if that doesn't end my opponent, I blast it with some kind of magic till nothing remains... Ah, nice swipe there, Ton Ton. A little more angled next time."

The warrior's eyes were cold as he 'said' his piece regarding killing, and it gave Slindis some narrow amount of insight as to where Caim came from. Wherever it was, it certainly was a lot worse than what chaos was spreading before them below.

Ganton Jenny | Devon | Ella | Cadolbolg (and in the following passage below, everyone from the post above)

Cadolbolg lifted off of Devon's shoulder and landed gently on Ella's with a sheepish sigh, "He said I'd be able to help if I stayed on his shoulder... I guess I didn't help very much, did I? I'm sorry, Friend Ella. Perhaps there is something else I could do to help? Perhaps roast some more zombies if they come are way? They don't seem to like fire, last I checked..."

As he went over ideas about what to do, the helicopter landed, and deposited all of it's passengers into Ganton territory.

Everyone save for Angelus, Akane, Deadshot and Shawn are now in Ganton. Woo, party togetherness?


Once the wounded where tended to, Jake managed to land the helicopter without any hassle in the center of Grove Street, the crew of the Rising Dawn more or less back together.


Once the helicopter had landed, Rugal did a quick check of their numbers, everyone aside from the Duo in the sky (Angelus and Akane) and that stranger shooting from the roof of the airship (Shawn) were accounted for.
"Well, well, well. If it ain't Mr. Big himself?" Said a voice that caused a cringe.
"Hello, Sean Johnson. Still running amok I see?" He answered Sweet, addressing him with his real name, they had dealings before.
"Still giving straps (Guns) to anyone with a pulse?" The Gang leader answered back as the duo seemed to be going towards a confrontation.
"I got out of that game some time ago, You clearly didn't get the memo."
"Memo!? Motherfucker I should kill you right here! Where else could someone get that sort of shit!? Man, I have to bury half of the 'Hood because of you!" Sweet shouted as he drew his gun and pointed it at Rugal's head, the Crimelord not so much as flinching.

Besides, he had a point...


After they were cured, Jenny helped the former infected on their way as the Helicopter landed again, this time with the rest of the group.
"Teri! Melethia! Where did you run off to!? You could have been killed by that bomb!" She asked, a mix of relief that they were okay and anger at ditching her to follow that old guy (Tommy)
"Ah, nevermind. Boy, things just never seem to end around us. I was told you took care of the other bomb. Any idea who did this?"

Now them Duke Boys... Shawn.
Location: Red County roads.
Time: Why are we even tracking this?

All but one of the shots from the revolver missed, the one that hit managed to punch a hole in the cowboy hat that the passenger was wearing, causing him to nearly shit himself as the bullet grazed his hair.
"Holy Chicken Balls! This is one of them, what-ch-ma-call-its? "Mobsters"! Don't lose him Cletus!" He shouted to his driving partner in one of those standard stereotypical Redneck voices.
Cletus managed to stick with Shawn as they raced through the countryside and the nice clean air.

Then Shawn looked over his shoulder and saw the now-hatless officer leaning out the window, Aiming a Pump Action Shotgun at his bike and firing.


The imps continued to try what they could to make the low-income neighborhood a bit safer from further attacks, although they couldn't see all that much if there were more zombies on the way.

Rugal, Devon, Sweet.

Overhearing that statement, Devon walked out using a broken PVC pipe as a makeshift cane to address Sweet. "If you need a reason, I think I can give you one. That reason is because for all of the underhanded stuff that happened due to that man, if any of us want to live through the week, we're going to have to band together. No airport's going to have any open planes or fuel for them to leave right now, even if the area wasn't under some kind of lockdown. You start infighting, those zombies will attack all of us, and there won't be a Grove Street any more.

You want to hate him when this is done? Go ahead. But I know you're smarter than throwing away someone that's able to throw down for this neighborhood when it needs the help most. And if what I've heard is true, this man can certainly earn his place here through fighting."

Slindis, Ton-Ton, Caim

Slindis waited for the response while thinking out her own statement if he wasn't amenable while showing Ton-Ton some more slices herself. "If you put your faith in these slashes much like you were fighting the Daemons, you might be able to do more damage. It might take a bit from you, but it's worth trying."

While she observed the slices some more, she addressed Caim. "I can see the efficiency in your plan, but why expend more effort than needed when you don't know how long the fight will go? That's the way I look at fighting undead, and sometimes there's crucial things that can make all the difference when fighting ones that may be able to spread what's happened. Don't forget, these undead spread via disease. One bite and you'll become as they are. As such, you should be more careful out there. "

Jenny, Melethia

Mel went over to Jenny with a bit of a grin. "We just went to the park, enjoyed the sun, dismantled a mass-produced bomb. You know, a normal day." Although she said it nonchalantly, the smirk hinted off that Mel found this more amusing than anything, although she clearly knew that it was out of the ordinary for the city.

"Still, I couldn't get much of anything that identified the bomb. Whoever did it made it for a wide scale and didn't want it to be traced back to them."

Ella, Cadolbolg

Ella looked over at the small Turtle-Dragon and held his hand. "I'm sure he appreciated you being there. He just got really tired from all he did there, though. Although, I have seen better living conditions... I mean, they could try to at least keep the area up, am I right?

You could use that fire breath, but don't tire yourself out. I'm pretty sure we can cover if you need a break."

Los Santos Skies Akane | Angelus | Deadshot

The tiny red dart in her hand was enough to snap her out of her grief... for now.

"Angelus! Sniper, firing poison darts! I know they won't hurt you, and I think you should be close enough to make it without my flames now. Go and stay safe! Seems I am prey to a hunt, and I just hate things that think they can hunt me..."

Without waiting for a reply, the Kitsune simply stopped flying, letting Gravity take hold and send her plummeting towards the ground. She looked left, watching for the telltale flash that all the weapons of this world seemed to emit. She missed it, distracted by a train approaching the station not far from her. The eyes are attracted to movement after all, and a train is a big moving object.

Deadshot of course, missed his next shot.

Just seconds short of becoming roadkill, Akane brought flame back to her tails and leveled out, blasting along the tarmac for a short while before popping back into the skies, scanning towards the station. "Come on, take your shot..." she muttered.

Unity Station Akane | Angelus | Deadshot David West?!

Standing around like a bloody idiot...
Not more than a second after she said that, 2 more darts managed to hit their mark on Akane's shoulder.
"Thanks for standing still! And here was me thinking this was going to be hard!" Deadshot taunted as he waved from one of the nearby rooftops, revealing his position. (Visual Reminder)
"Kinda outta place, don't cha think? Didn't think you could find Foxes in California. So you going to be a good little girl and just lay down and take it? Or shall I show you why they call me..."
He paused as he took off his scope, revealing his face.
"...David West?!" she exclaimed as her attacker protested "Oi! That was my line! I rehearsed it and all! Oh fuck it, DRAW!"
Thus the assassin pulled out a TMP loaded with darts and began to open fire as he ran along the rooftop.

Unity Station Akane | Angelus | Deadshot David West?!

Akane was a little shocked at David West being the sniper. Then again, hadn't he gone mad a few times in the past? As Akane closed she flung fireballs at the man, who seemed to just be able to dodge each one in time. His return fire with the darts wasn't as effective as he would have liked, seeing as Akane brought up a shield of flame around herself. As David ran out of darts and dropped the TMP, he pulled out another and continued firing.

Akane didn't care. She was closing. He couldn't escape. Her hand flew to her sword, the steel glinting in the sun as she drew it out. Blue foxfire ran down it's edge as she made her pass on the sniper. An expert roll kept his head upon his shoulders. It also gave Akane the time to jackknife around and send a fireball his way, forcing David to jump away just as he got to his feet.

She landed and took an aggressive stance, feet wide and ready to launch at the Sniper. A smirk found it's way to the Kitsune's face. "Well, we are both drawn, hmm? Ten paces, turn and shoot, as the British are wont to do? Or can I just end your life now?" she said in a deadpan voice, emotion seemingly lost to her. As David made eye contact, he could see nothing in those dull blue eyes. Nothing but emptiness.

Unity Station Akane | Angelus | David West?

"...Or, you know, I could just do this." "David West" remarked as he pointed his Wrist Gun to the ground between the two and fired a smoke bomb before blind firing into the smoke as he leapt from the building.
"Grapple!" He shouted as he fell, using Voice Commands to change the firing mode to a Grappling Hook, swinging over to another rooftop.
With Distance between them, he was able to pull his rifle from his back and get back to his forte: Sniping.
He wasn't aiming to kill, just keep her busy while the darts did their thing.

Karma is a bitch, Shawn.
Location: Red County roads.
Time: "Just a good old boys, never meaning no harm. Yeehaw~!!!" (I love Dukes of Hazzard.)

As the Bike and Police Cruiser zoomed across the road, Shawn had barely enough time to look back and see a shotgun being pointed at him. "Oh shit!" He said suddenly pulling left, making a sudden turn onto a dirt road. Having a surprised face unerneath his mask he could only ask ... "What kind of fucking shells are those. Whammy shells?!" He looked back to not only see the Rednecks follow him ... but he could also see his behind wheel popped.

"You got to be kidding me!" Shawn said whilst giving them the middle finger. Little did they know, the two parties were distracted enough to not see the most important side this side of the County, well for them anyway.

Ahead was a construction side for a future bridge and unfortunately for the three of them, it wasn't built yet.
Going around a curve made of trees, Shawn could see a clear view of a dirt ramp and the giant hole in the road beyond it.
"Umm, okay then ... so I can either jump it and possibly die, or surrender and probably die." He said to himself. Yet once more, he chose the option that would probably lead to victory, and possibly a few broken bones.

Shawn simply accelerated all he can and prepared.
"If there was a theme song it really should kick in right about now."
He said but was reminded of his objective. "I still really want to kill that guy ... or at least beat his life an inch till he sees the reaper."

Unity Station Akane | Angelus | David West?

The smoke cloud was mirrored by a wall of flame, but Akane was tiring. Somehow, the 4 darts were having an effect on her. She also used the moment to extend and evade. She leapt over the rooftop and fell to the ground, landing lightly and out of sight. Whilst David was a sniper, he simply couldn't deal with a Kitsune. Even one who had the majority of her powers locked out due to her emotional state, well she still had a trick or two up her sleeves.

Namely, being able to transform into a giant fox. Her fur golden, the tips of her ears and tails a deep red, she moved quickly and silently, much faster than she would have been able to in her human form.

'Let us see you track this, David West...' she thought as she dashed around to the back of the building she last saw the sniper on.

Unity Station Akane | Angelus | David West?

"David" let out a frustrated grunt, she should have been out of it by now! Furthermore, she was no longer on the other building.
"Bitch gots moves. Give her that..." He sighed as he put back on his trademark scope, Akane had looked at his "Face" and that was good enough for him.
Flipping though the settings, Night Vision, X-ray, Energy Readings, He settled on Thermal, his target WAS a flaming fox.
He then holstered his rifle and pulled out an MK 22. Dart Pistol, on top of his custom Wrist Mounted 9mm as he went to scan the area.
"Starting to feel it now, ain't cha!? The Darts, I mean! You can thank Rugal for that, Turned out that shop of his I knocked over had a special on industrial strength Tranquilisers!" He gloated, trying to lure her out.

Unity Station Akane | Angelus | David West?

Akane heard the taunt. She heard it, and ignored it. The words, but not the sound. The sound gave her the position of the sniper. He was still up on the rooftop of the station, the next one over. She moved silently and quickly, gathering speed as she approached an alleyway. A jump, then another off the wall and she was back up to his height, behind the sniper. He was scanning where she had jumped off, not where she moved to. It seems this sniper wasn't so used to wild game, for lack of a better term.

Humans were so predictable. She took the moment to transform back to her regular form, standing relatively at ease at the other side of the roof to David.

?David felt, rather than heard the voice in his head. 'So nice of you to tell me what you are using. It makes finding an antidote much easier.' she said as she took a swig of a small vial, a horrible looking purple liquid inside.

She followed up with a fireball at the sniper.

Ganton: Rugal, Devon, Sweet.

Neither Sweet nor Rugal moved as Devon spoke his piece.
".....If I ever see you in my 'Hood again after this, I'll blow your brains out myself!" Sweet finally conceded before walking off, Rugal's expression not changing.
"....This wasn't supposed to happen..." the former crime-lord sighed, his simple shopping trip going to hell really fast.
"Thanks Devon, Enough people died today because me." He said to the Author as he glanced over to the burning district, lit up with Dragon Fire.

Jenny, Melethia

Jenny was a little concerned at the idea of these viral bombs being made en mass.
"Oh god...Who on earth would make such things-....oh..." She paused as she remembered hearing something about Rugal's contact being robbed.
"...Still, as long as no one was hurt I guess..." she then said, worried she might have offended someone.

Unity Station: "David West"

Clever bitch...Okay, I'll admit, that was stupid of me...
On instinct, "David" rolled out of the way of the fireball before taking aim with his Wrist gun.
"Freeze!" He shouted, causing an Icy projectile to hit the Kitsune before freezing her solid for a few seconds (Think the Freeze Projectile from Mortal Kombat).
He then began to unload the entire clip into Akane before she thawed out, hoping to counteract her antidote by upping the doseage.

Gravity is a Bitch, Shawn.
Location: Red County roads.

Shawn had made a ballsy move, attempting a jump on a bike that would be hard to land at the best of times, never mind with a burst tire.
But when he tried to jump the bridge into Blueberry, another shotgun blast nicked his shoulder, causing him to spin out over the ramp and fall into the Flint Water River below, the current quickly picking him up.
The two hapless cops looked over the edge after they got out of their car.
"....Think this counts towards my kill count?"
"...I'd say so. Come on, lets get some donuts."

Wanted Level removed

The cops were off his trail, but there was still the issue of being in a river in Medium-Heavy armor with a shotgun wound in his shoulder.

Swam with power armor on , Shawn.
Location: Flint Water River.
Time: As the great Gavin Free says "FIIIIIIISH!!!"

The only thing Shawn could think as he was falling was.
Then the fall towards the river felt like it took forever in Shawn's eyes. If there was one thing he didn't like, it was falling ... not counts being killed or eaten by a Deathclaw, those things made him run faster then the Road Runner.

Finally slamming directly into the surface, the armor of Shawn got instantly wet, making him even heavier.
The blood from his shoulder was flowing, decreasing his health. First thing was first, trying to navigate his Pip-Boy was incredibly hard but Shawn removed his Elite Riot Helmet for a Rebreather which he earned in New Vegas thanks to a smart boy. Managing to breath, the injured Wanderer allowed the current to take him as he injected himself with a Stimpak.

To Shawn, the Stimpak was irreplaceable. It served to heal most things. Gunshot, Stimpak, broken bones, Stimpak, bleeding, Stimpak, being clawed to death by a Deathclaw, Stimpak. The Stimpak was something that could heal Shawn instantly, and he made sure he kept a high supply of the stuff for anything ... but he did have to pause to take it.

"I'm not bothered anymore." He said whilst stretching out his body and allowing the current to take him away as he healed. From his view, he could see a fish ... which was something he has never seen before up until his later adventures, he found the things fascinating.

Swam with power armor on , Shawn.
Location: Flint Water River.
Time: As the great Gavin Free says "FIIIIIIISH!!!"

Shawn soon drifted from the river into the "Fallen Tree" area, ending up on a small beach where a bunch of rural residents were fishing.
Once he washed up, they instantly started to panic, thinking he was come kinda alien or worse, a Commie, in that strange Riot Gear.
"Bessie! Get mah gun. This is a'Merica, you ain't welcome here!" He shouted at Shawn as the Stimpak did it's thing.

From his Map, He could see that he was in a new region: Flint County.
As a man walked up to him with a hunting rifle in hand, he suddenly got the impression that it was much like Red County in terms of hospitality.

Sometimes glad that "a'Merica" was nuked , Shawn.
Location: Fallen Tree Beach.
Time: Adventure!

Looking upwards towards the sky, Shawn drifted onto the beach remembering the time he saw an actual plane.
The thing bombed the shit out of his enemy whilst defending Hoover Dam, and it also belonged to a friend whom he retrieved the plane from the bottom of a lake. Remembering his victory, the Courier was dragged back into reality as he heard a redneck sound once more.

"This reminds me of those Point Lookout mutants." He muttered quietly to himself before getting up and being introduced to a man with a hunting rifle, quickly Shawn saluted and improvised. "Sir, I am Corporal Kimball belonging to the 501st Special Experiment Squad. I ... no, we had an accident whilst testing this new armor against a highly dangerous threat in Los Santos." Shawn said with his legit American accent (DC Accent, if that exists) whilst keeping a strong salute.

From his time in the NCR, Shawn had enough experience with the NCR army to not only lead them, but also become one of their best 'free' troops.

Jake sat in the chopper as it powered down, avoiding the words being traded. He wasn't really in a diplomatic mood, he was just happy to no longer exist in a black space, reliving bad dreams over and over again. Silently, he cursed his higher Author.

Unity Station: "David West"

Akane froze. Literally. Elemental differences are one of those things that simply can't be overcome. Taking a full clip of tranquilizers didn't so much hurt the Kitsune as damn near knock her out. As she unfroze and began to fall, a soft laughter escaped her lips. Her final defense kicked in, and her body became sheathed in blue flames, magic keeping them going even as the Kitsune passed out, smirk still on her face.

Ganton: Rugal, Devon, Sweet.

Devon spoke up after Sweet walked away, still a bit unsteady even with the PVC pipe as support. "That was a big favor I just pulled there, so make it count. Now if you'll excuse me, there's still some injuries I need to patch up in there." He passed by Teri as he walked back to the makeshift clinic, hoping to find a way to stretch his one healing spell far enough to fix the gangsters up. Devon could have asked for some help, but he had the feeling that it would help to save Teri's energy for later.

Jenny, Melethia

Melethia patted Jenny on the arm. "Well, I had to take it slow since I didn't really know how it reacts. I mean, the pouch was an option, but I'm not about to have my materials tainted, you know. Still, if ya need help here, I think I can do a few things, Miss Jenny."

Ella, Cadolbolg

Ella climbed onto one of the roofs to have a good view of the area and scritched the small dragon's head. "You know, if it wasn't for all th sounds, this would be a really nice scene. Shame we had to come here like this, though."

Glen Park

"If I'd a bit more time, I could have covered that without needing to ask you. Still, it's what happened, and I'm really glad you two were here. Now if ya know how to gut zombies, follow me. We're gonna make a safe area somewhere in this hellhole."

"You do that. I'm going to find the suicidal prick that just tried to turn this park into the Land of The Dead with myself in it. Look after yourselves, we may need to watch out for each other for the time being." He then took off, only really acknowledging Teri and Melethia. He maintained a steady stride, casually walking over to a police car, throwing the officer out, and speeding off. I could go for another coffee night now.. He switched on the radio, obviously tuned into the police frequency.

Calling all units near Unity Station, Sniper reported in the area. Appears to shooting a cosp- "Works for me."

Unity Station: "David West"

As the firefight died down, Tommy arrived on the scene. Stopping the car just outside of the building and slowly walking in, Spaz-12 in hand. He spotted the frozen Akane, Not your average hitman, whoever doing this, he's got one hell of a following. He entered Deadshots view slowly, keeping the shotgun pointed in his general direction. "Lovely day we're having aren't we? Mass Bombings, Zombie outbreaks, ......whatever she is supposed to be, I don't suppose you were stupid enough to cause any of this? I'm trying to have a day off here, and I'm now looking for a constructive outlet for my pent up anger. Your face could work."

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