The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Location - Canteen: S'zami, Jenny, Alpha, Devon

He gave Dimitri and S'zami a brief but grateful nod. "I appreciate it, but that change that Alpha just warned about might change the strategy slightly. Not a lot, but they will have to harass the both of them with rounds of their own, not to mention that Slindis is still waiting at the end to finish the ploy.

Location - Brig: Spartan, Rugal, Slindis Stranger, Caim, Deadshot, Angelus, Teri, Melethia, Cutie Bruisers

After the explosion, Melethia traveled through the vents to try and head the two off with the help of a few imps carrying Hand Crossbows. "Just get me as close as ya can, an' I'll help light 'em up" With that, they were able to rather quickly move through and got the girl near the door where she could get more than a few good shots in. She knew that those two wouldn't quite be in the clear even after opening that door, but they would be rather close to where her mom was.

And speaking of Slindis, she kept her focus up and got ready to fight back. With her steady maintaining of the invisibility, she was ready to completely catch the two off guard and unleash a flurry of attacks on the two. Yes, she was going to show the two what would happen if her small alone time was interrupted by someone attacking her home.

When the Stranger got through the door, they were immediately caught off guard by what had to be some of the hardest attacks they'd probably felt. Deadshot was first in line to view this barrage, and it was safe to say seeing the Drow fade in like the Predator was alarming to say the least.

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Jenny, Alpha, Devon

"Well, where I come from, there are many different creatures called "Pokemon" that cover the entire land, sea, sky, you name it. I'm a kind of Pokemon that is known for psychic powers." Jenny boasted slightly, showing off as she floated over a bottle of water into her hand.
"I'm sorry that this is your first experience of life with the Rising Dawn. I promise, It's not always like this." She flat out lied to the Resident of Skyrim.

Location - Brig: Melethia, Stranger, Deadshot, Caim, Spartan, Cutie Bruisers, Teri, Rugal, Angelus

"HEY! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING YOU IDIOT!?" Deadshot shouted after the Stranger as he/she ran back into the hallway instead of out the hole he just blew in the brig's wall, leading outside.
I mean, why would he want to blast though a wall leading TOWARDS the people that wanted to kill him?
All concern for his new friend's well-being went out the window when Rugal came in in time for the Stranger to zoom past him, only to get beaten up by some thing that looked like a smaller version of the Predator.
The flying arrows helped him make up his mind on his next move.

"...Oh shit....ummm...Uh, See you around, Asswipes! HAHAHAHAHAHAH-" He mocked crew before he jumped out of the airship.
Then realized on the way down the downside of jumping out of the airship that big.
"-WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-*CRACK!*....ow..." The assassin groaned as he fell a good height and ended up breaking something on the tarmac of the Airstrip.

With Deadshot more or less taken care of, Rugal then turned his attention to the Stranger as Slindis lay blow after blow on him/her.
Once she was done, he said "Good work. Now then...Shall we talk now or do you wish to go another round?", getting into a "Good Cop/Bad Cop" routine.

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Jenny, Alpha, Devon

Devon was contacted by the others about the plan working as well as Deadshot's attempt at fleeing. "It took us way too long to get him in the first place. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be right back." After that statement, he popped out of the room...

Location - Airstrip: Devon, Deadshot

And onto the tarmac of the airstrip to see the badly injured Deadshot. "Well, it seems like you just want to keep trying to kill yourself. Count yourself lucky that we were able to pick you up before a plane touched down, Deadshot. There's more than a few others that would have simply left you here, considering what you did in Los Santos." With that, he dragged the man over to the side of the airstrip while he waited for his energies to head back to him for the return teleport.

Location - Airstrip: Devon, Deadshot X_X

"...awww....PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" The assassin shouted though his teeth as Devon began to drag him across the airport, his broken leg leaving him mostly helpless.
"...Okay, Listen! Just let me on a Plane, Anyone, Even if the wings are broken, and I will rat out the guy who paid me. He told me everything, Where to get the bombs, the weapons, everything!" He pleaded with the bard, a rare moment of honesty in his life.
"I swear man, I'm out. I'll never merc again. Please! I WILL SUCK YO DICK MAN!"
The worst part was, he was right, he would.

Location - Airstrip: Devon, Deadshot X_X

"SO you plan to leave after telling me about who hired you, but what do you look at doing after this? I think it's easy to guess that you'll have a hard time going legit." The Bard went and propped the man up as he began walking towards one of the hangars for the smaller planes, and Deadshot was able to ignore the illusion enough to find out that this man was wearing some kind of plate armor.

"Don't take this as a lecture but as someone telling you the truth: I've seen Hell. I've been there. And it's far worse than what the stories state. You keep going down this path, that's where you'll end up going. I don't expect you to become a saint, so try and find something that you can take from all of this and use it for something good. It doesn't mean you always have to listen to the law to do it, but you're an adaptable pilot with a good eye." Devon took the time that Deadshot had to think it over to prepare another healing spell so he could make sure Deadshot's first step to making his own life wasn't overwhelmed by medical bills.

Location - Airstrip: Devon, Deadshot X_X

"...Wait...You ARE letting me go?" Deadshot asked, seeming rather confused that this was happening.
"...Ummm...Okay, The guy went under the Alias of V.V., We met back in Santos. He gave me the location of a Weapon's Treasure Trove in the Docklands, that's were I got the both the Bombs and the Advanced Weapon systems. He said if I stirred the shit around here, he'd pay me roughly 50 million and by god he could back it up. I think the idea was I was going to lower the value of some of the cities so his people could buy them up. Like those Slums in Santos and that Chinatown in Ferrio. With Las Venturas, He wanted me to just wreck the place so they could buy out the scumbags who already owned the place. With a Contract from the State, they could EASILY make the difference. Now, he has a Safehouse back in Santos, it's in Market, hidden in an old lockup not far from the Unity Station. I know this because he gave me the key, it's with my belongings and guns. He gave me a means to contact him there. You can use that to track him. That's all I know..." He explained as he entered one of the planes.

"...Are you even allowed to do this?...I mean, David West seemed rather clear about sending me to UNIT."

Location - Airstrip: Devon, Deadshot X_X

He jumped up to check the interior and placed a hand on the man to mostly heal the broken leg the best that he could, but unfortunately the Cessna wasn't wanting to start. "You're right that David might want you in UNIT's hands, but the last time I checked he didn't command me. The fact that you are so willing to help this does mean a lot to everyone involved, and I'm sure they'd agree. How about I take you somewhere safer while the heat cools down so UNIT won't be on your ass?" Shortly after that, he finished his second spell - a Dimension door...

Location - Brig: Melethia, Stranger, Deadshot, Caim, Spartan, Cutie Bruisers, Teri, Rugal, Angelus

That left them right in front of Rugal and David. "Unfortunately for you, I still remember all the men that I had to restore from the T Virus to just let it off so kindly." With that, he motioned over to Rugal and the others present.

"My apologies for not doing more during the combat. Does this make up for it?"

Location - Brig: Melethia, Stranger, Deadshot, Caim, Spartan, Cutie Bruisers, Teri, Rugal, Angelus

Seeing as Deadshot was brought back by Devon and not looking screwed up in the least, Teri rushed over to Devon's side and slapped a hand on the criminal's shoulder, releasing the held magic onto Deadshot:

Teri initiates Shivering Touch: causing 11 points of Dexterity damage to Deadshot; rendering him next to paralyzed. The most the man can do at the moment is breathe. This effect lasts rounds (6 seconds) per level, or in Teri's case, 48 seconds.

30 seconds till the next level 3 spell can be cast.

With the bitter cold course through the criminal, Teri looked over Devon and Deadshot, worry knotting on her brow, "You okay? I don't know what's going on, but I worried he grabbed you while you were D-Dooring or something... Oh shit, his leg's broken... I'll have to look that after we restrain him properly. Who knows what he'd do after the spell wears off."

As for Caim, Angelus and the Cuties, the action ended all to quickly before either had a chance to do anything going along with the plan. None the less, Caim gave a small nod of approval to Devon's quick apprehension of Deadshot. It would not have bode well for the criminal to walk away so easily. However, not wanting to approach the main party too greatly, he instead went to the holes in the walls and wondered aloud, "Don't suppose we have extra metal for this? I know we picked up a little bit in the Western..."

Angelus rolled her eyes at Caim's avoidant tendencies, and decided to bring herself to the gathered parties, "Nicely done, Devon. I take it you worked it out with the AIs on where to apprehend him? Speaking of.... Dimitri, Vermilion? I do not believe we need to have the lockdown going anymore."

"Request denied. Until the two suspects are properly detained, I would ill advise undoing the protocols quite yet."

"Agreed. Until the proper searching is done, we don't know what the intruder could be carrying aside from the stolen object, as well as any possible hidden weapons..."

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, on the other hand, continued a little patrol overhead, in case either tried anything funny. You could never tell with cornered and desperate people...

Location - Brig: Melethia, Stranger, Deadshot, Caim, Spartan, Cutie Bruisers, Teri, Rugal, Angelus

"Nah, it's cool, I've got my own set u-ohhhhhhhhh you son of a bitch..." Deadshot not-chantly cursed as he was teleported back into the airship and right in front of the people he had just tried to escape from.
"...Why does this always happen when I perform Fellatio to someone?" He said in a quote for the ages and forever tainting the sexuality of Devon, a fitting revenge.

"Ahhhh...The Infamous Deadshot...Good work Devon, thought I'll admit, I thought the fall finished him off." Rugal said as the assassin watched Teri's Aura fix up his leg.
"Yeah, you would have loved that, you big blonde cunt." He sighed as he looked at the rest of the crew.
"...What the fuck you all looking at?!...Oh god, I don't have some on my face, do I?-NHEAAEA!" He managed to say before Teri used Shivering Touch on him, causing him to fall flat on the floor.

Getting back to the matters at hand, Rugal said "There should be some more in the hold. Failing that, There is providers I can contact. Get that man back into a Cell, Devon, call your Imp Friends, that is going to need some done."

Alpha, Dimitri and Vermilion.
Location: AI Mainframe.

As the trouble finally started to die down as the two were captured, Alpha had a sigh of relief.
"Okay, good job guys. Placing Turrets on standby, scanning for more information, awaiting confirmation of item retrieval. Other then that I think we need to put in place a code system for the brig otherwise those big, metal doors won't do anything." Alpha made a suggestion to the others as she continued her report of the situation.

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Jenny, Alpha.

The left eye of Alpha was still lit up as she interacted with the AI mainframe, it almost looked as she was lifeless or in another place. Although she could hear anything around her.

Storm, Slindis and Rugal.
Location: Outside of the Brig.

After the whole event unfolded, Storm placed his energy knife in his pocket. If he were carrying his actual energy sword or other weapons, the ship would look more messy. Giggling for a while at Deadshot before he came to the two and the stranger, Storm came upon the three. "Objective accomplished, we have officially captured the two. Good job, now I'm guessing we have got the item back and are now planning to place them in captivity and ... interrogate our new 'friend'. Also we are not getting out of lockdown until we lock them up, but it would be good if we placed extra security on the brig and check these guys ... especially Deadshot, how the hell did he blow the wall!?" Storm said in confusion as he suggested the ideas of more security.

Location - Outside the Brig: Slindis, Teri, Rugal, Deadshot, Stranger, Angelus, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Spartan, Melethia

Rugal watched in Awe as the Strange more or less turned into a 43 foot Monster right in front of them.
"Oh You've got to be Kidding me!" He exclaimed as the beast began to sprint off out of the airport and into the city.
"What?!" He spat in an annoyed tone to the Assassin.
"...Did...Did she turn into a 50 foot naked skinless She-Godzilla?" Deadshot asked, while he was a Merc by trade, he wasn't on the forefront of most of the weirder crap that happened on the Rising Dawn
"...Yes....Yes she did..." He sighed as he wondered if what she stole was REALLY worth getting back.
"...Man, I don't know if we can get her now, least not without using the Dawn to blow up half the state...Ideas?...Anyone?"

Storm and everyone else.
Location: Outside of the Brig.

Becoming shocked at both her escape and transformation, Storm was looking at that ass run away from him.
Grunting, his stubbornness kicked in just like that Titan's legs. "I have an idea, but I think we need to get every fast person on her ..." Storm said as he adjusted his objectives in his mind. The aim was to capture her alive and hopefully in speak-able conditions. Scanning over her body, he tried to locate the point at where she would be, he was too confused during the transformation to locate her.

"Suspect able locations: Chest, head and low possibility of back neck. Retrieving gear for operation." He said in a dark tone as he suddenly ran past everyone and into the hanger where both his armor and weapons were waiting for him. The sight of these things made him smile from cheek to cheek, yet this was not that great of a thing due to the memory of the fallen he has slain with these equipment.


Pulling his body into the armor loader he soon had his familiar armor equipped. The weapon set he had equipped was the dual sword set which both contained his energy sword and family katana, as well as a few grenades and his flying armor mod. "Okay, activation progress at fifty percent, manual control selected and-" Storm was muttering to himself but suddenly the progress was stopped all of a sudden.

A sudden face came out onto the HUD of the suit, it was of course the Spartan's partner, Alpha.
"Where do you think you are going!? She yelled with concern for her partner.
"I'm guessing you wouldn't believe that I'm going for a walk-" He spoke but was interrupted himself this time. "Hell no, you are going to fight that thing ... and you are not taking me." She said with a tone changing from angry to sad and concerned.

Smiling at the truth, Storm decided to comfort her. "Fine, you can stay in the canteen with them but I'll allow you access to the suit, but I am still going ... we need her, just like how I need you." He made a cocky smile which made the AI blush but smile slightly. "We ... well you better take care, idiot." She said and dispersed from the screen with a embarrassed look. "Yes ma'am." He joked as the suit reached 100 percent.

Being released from the loader, Storm pressed the button to open the hanger doors. Walking out on the ramp he saw his Prey running away, immediately running into a sprint he chased after her.

Location - Outside the Brig: Slindis, Teri, Rugal, Deadshot, Stranger, Angelus, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Spartan, Melethia

"...Man, I don't know if we can get her now, least not without using the Dawn to blow up half the state...Ideas?...Anyone?"

Angelus didn't say a word, only tapping Caim's shoulder to get her hands on the mask, and lept out of the hole Deadshot had used a moment before; shifting into her dragon form. Caim and the Cutie Bruisers followed suit, with the Warrior landing on his faithful dragon companion, and the Cuties taking position in the air.

After doing so, her voice could be heard reverberating over the rings, "It's simple. We drive that thing away from the city! Slindis, Melethia... Both of you are archers, correct? Are either of you willing to come along? I can bear an extra rider for this excursion."

As for Teri, with all the chaos going around, she took a bit of tape from her satchel from her bag and began to set Deadshot's leg. If they were going for aerial combat, she'd be next to useless in a fight. Medical duties, however, could always be put to use. As she began work on Deadshot, she said, "Don't you think about doing anything funny while I'm working, or the wolf here will undo what I've begun to fix. I still don't think what you've done with the zombies is right, but I won't allow you to suffer from this leg."

She motioned to Garm, who began to give the mercenary the stink eye.

Location - Brig: Melethia, Stranger, Deadshot, Caim, Spartan, Cutie Bruisers, Teri, Rugal, Angelus

Devon was about to respond when the Stranger dashed out of the ship and transformed... "Well shit. Deadshot, what you said out on the airstrip wasn't blowing smoke out of your ass, was it? If you want to get something to help you out here, it's time to put up or shut up." Even as he waited for a response, he called to the imps to check if S'zami could help with the endeavor.

Slindis shook her head. "We all know you're not referring to setting him free." THe statement was more of a thread than a statement with the withering glare she shot at Deadshot.

"We need all hands on deck, and last I checked, he was good with a gun. It's better than unloading or trying to climb up the thing, because last I checked, we can't fly!" He shouted back in a tired exasperation, trying to get a handle on this situation. Having ella here would certainly be nice, but she es currently with Cz somewhere in the city so that wouldn't help.

Melethia, though, went straight to Angelus. "You can change into a dragon, right? Get me close to the neck and I think I'll just slit the throat. Nothing like that can live without breathing, and that's how we can hurt it."

Storm and everyone else Vs Female Titan.
Location: Las Venturas.

When the first car was crushed, the Green Armored Spartan was right behind the Female Titan. Glazing at the crushed body car for a millisecond, Storm knew that this person or thing is not caring for the innocents of this city. The anger began to rise as the Spartan jumped and skimmed across the side of the building, the windows broke but the momentum allowed the Spartan to jump ahead of the Female Titan.

Looking backwards he could see her running fast, "Not faster then me though." He snarled as he pulled out a mysterious device and soon a blue blade of plasma was unleashed. Not done yet, the Spartan also pulled out a blade from a saya (Japanese scabbard), it was a katana but yet it was covered in the same shade of blue just as the mystery blade. Slowing down to her level, the Spartan was about to pounce but first tried to analyse her first.

Location - Outside Brig: S'zami, Jenny, Alpha, Teri, Rugal, Slindis, Devon

With a final healing spell cast on Deadshot's leg (after the procedure required to properly re-set it), Teri breathed a soft sigh, and inspected the limb once more, the effects of the spell not allowing Deadshot too much, and finally backed away, giving Devon a worried look as she tapped the ring for a private channel, "I'm all for redeeming villains too, Devon, but I dunno bout this guy. The group might be too bent on making sure he's brought to justice before he's let free... That and I don't feel like he's earned our trust quite yet."

After that message was sent, Teri gave a small wave to Jenny and S'zami, "Hi there, you two. Everything alright? The intruder pulled a nasty one on the rest of us and turned into well... You can see her outside, actually. Oh shit-"

It was at this point Teri noticed the wounds on S'zami's face, and took action immediately. As she wandered closer to the new arrivals, S'zami and Jenny could feel the healing aura wash over them as Teri began inspecting the two for their ails; as well as hear the beginning strains of the chants preceding healing spells...

Location - Las Venturas: Female Titan, Spartan, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Cutie Bruisers

Angelus took Melethia's weight with stride, and Caim took a moment to adjust for the much smaller elf child, moving her to the "front" of Angelus' neck before the group of dragons and their riders took off after the female Titan,

"It'll be easier for you to shoot from here, seeing as I'm going to be doing a majority of jumping and leaping... Angelus, try to bank near that things' shoulders. I can probably get a good whack on it with Hymir's Finger!"
After saying this, there was the briefest sound of a wheel turning that filled Melethia's ear, and a new blade was in the place of the familial one.

"Not before I soften it first!"

At that bit of verbal sparring, the Dragon opened her great maw, and began shooting out homing fireballs at the Titan in order to gauge how well the beast took to dragon fire.[1]

Following suit, Cadolbolg opened his beaky mouth and began to shoot lightning at the Titan as well, Ton Ton readying himself as Caim was beginning to for a leap onto the beast's back. This would have to be timed right, or both would be sent plummeting to the ground....

[1] Keep in mind that on full strength, Angie's fire can melt flesh, bone and iron in a matter of seconds.

Location - Outside Brig: S'zami, Jenny, Alpha, Teri, Rugal, Slindis, Devon

Devon made motions to the imps to begin readying the ship for a very possible combat as he briefly responded to Teri. "It's not a matter of trust here, it's a matter of using what we have available in order to ensure that Las Venturas doesn't burn, Teri. Go ahead and hate me for it, but I've already seen one city burn today." Of course, the fact that Las Venturas was only a few steps removed from Devon's old hometown had a bit of influence in his argument, but he hoped that Teri wasn't focusing too much on that aspect.

After leaving her to brew on the statement, he called to one of the free imps and had it try to get ELla back to the ship. Luckily it wasn't too difficult, because his next part of the plan would be a bit out there in terms of risks. "Ella, we need to get close to that thing. I know this is crazy, but I need to talk to that, you know."

"Are you insane? That thing's charging the city! Do you really want to die that easily?" The demi-succubus tapped her foot on the ground, clearly not too happy with the plan.

"It's better than dismissing it outright and ignoring something that could have a chance!" He seemed rather determined to do something here, almost out of a small desperation.

Slindis limbered up and turned to Rugal. "I'm going to try getting down there. Someone needs to try getting through to the people down there that they need to flee in the right areas. If we could get them in the dried-up flood channels that look like they cover a large part of the city, we could stop a good number of casualties. It would be nice if we could face it down alone, but not while there's so many at risk. We need to make a better option here."

Location - Las Venturas: Female Titan, Spartan, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Cutie Bruisers

Melethia seemed frustrated as she tried firing a few arrows only for them to have an almost unnoticeable effect from where she was. Although there was the chance that firing for a longer time could do something there, she wasn't too keen on hoping for something to happen. No, she was an elf of action, and she wanted to jump out to get at the neck. It was frustrating how it was out of reach, though...

"Damnit, why can't I just Jump out and reach it from here?! I know the bracers will slow my fall, so it shouldn't be this hard!" It didn't take Jenny to tell how antsy the girl was getting here, but the risk from her possible choice of action would be a bit too much for most people.


As the group began to go towards their battle stations, Rugal was thinking about his next move as Slindis called for evacuating the Civilians.
"Alright...I'm going to try and get on one of the rooftops and start throwing Ki Projectiles. At the very least, it'll keep that..."Thing" busy and divide it's attention away from the population and others while Angelus can get some attacks in."
When Devon came up with the idea of freeing Deadshot, he was the first to protest.
"Are you mad?! Hell, had he not blown open the brig, she wouldn't have gotten away in the first place!" He pointed out as the assassin rubbed his newly healed leg.
"Hey, Listen. If that Freak of Nature Bitch up-stages me and wrecks the city, then the prick who hired me won't pay me! Just get me my Wrist Guns. They have Grapple hooks and a Taser that was able to take down your Scalie friend. (Angelus). Believe me, nothing makes killing shit harder then a few million volts." Deadshot ordered as he got up on his feet, testing his leg before walking down to the armory to arm himself.
"...Well...I guess if you all allow Me on this ship..." Rugal sighed as he began making his way off the ship and towards the action


Jenny followed S'Zami towards the brig as Deadshot seemed to be "Getting Away".
"Hey! Stop right there."
"Oh shut your Cunt, we got bigger problems! Look outside!" The Assassin shouted as he pointed to the Titan attacking the city though one of the windows.
"....Ahhh...Right...I'm...Just going to organize the Evacuation..." She murmured, not expecting a giant monster attack out of the blue like this.
Still, her powers of Telepathy proved to be extremely helpful in organizing large groups of people to get the hell away from danger.
"Alright, so who's helping me?"

David West

Back with the would be Casino Robbers, David, Shawn and Eric, The Irish Sniper was looking out the window while his team-mates went over the footage Eric got.
"Nice one, We got those robbing son of bitches now!"
"What is it David?" Eric asked an annoyed tone.
"...Skinless Naked She-Godzilla." He pointed out as the Titan raged on the city outside their hotel room window.
"...Why does this always when I'm on vacation?..." He asked before calming walking out the room, breaking into a sprint once he was out.
He headed to the Roof of the building he was in, hoping to line up a shot on the creature.
Okay, don't panic. It's naked so it won't be able to take bullets well...oh, who the fuck am I kidding. BULLETS NEVER WORK! He thought to himself as he ran up the stairs, recalling how most Godzilla movies ended.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn | Las Venturas

Cz | BlackHarte

"Aren't you suppose to protect the people and keep the peace!?" Shannon was furious, his eyes sallow and sunken. The sword he carried around... no the Dragoon he carried around was wearing down his mind. It was a terrible terrible sight.

Cz paused and looked at him coldly, she did not speak. The Peacemakers were here to create peace, and the Scrapped Princess was an obstacle to that peace. But, with a hundred dead and seventeen miles of coastline destroyed, where was that peace?

At this rate... there was definitely going to be a purge. Cz didn't care, Cz shouldn't care, and yet the prospect filled her with dread.

Remember who you are. You serve the collective, not the people. We know what is right, and they do what is wrong.

Cz woke up with a jolt, her small body suddenly feeling very out of place. Those long phantom limbs still stretched out before her. Powerful and light.

"Milady should remember what she is," BlackHarte said. He was most nearly giggling after watching the female Titan make off with part of the true cross. "Are you a Peacemaker or aren't you?"

Cz paused and cocked her head to the side. The sleep was still clouding her senses. The people. She thought. I serve the people. The Collective no longer exists. Everyone died along with Mauser. Slowly but surely the little girl propped herself up and made her way to the airship hangar.

From there Cz's breath caught in her throat. A giant was rampaging through the city. Short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes the only discernable traits in a body made entirely out of bone and muscle. She had no skin. "Protect the people," Cz muttered, her hands on her heart. All those people were dying needlessly beneath the Titan.

Cz held out her hands in front of her. "Enforcement! Divine Form Class II! Artillery!"

Her small body disappeared in a flash of prismatic light and reformed above the Rising Dawn. Nearly thirty meters in axis with radial wings that spread out against the sky and caught the dying rays of the sun. It took a small warm up, collecting the strength of the vestigial light, but it only took about two seconds for twin lasers to arc from the spaceship and cut the air between Annie and Angelus. The twin strikes struck, saturating the earth far beyond the Titan and dragon, causing it to explode into a plume of dust.

"Cease." Cz said flatly, unable express emotions while in her true form as a war machine. "Flashy aren't we milady?" BlackHarte teased from within Cz's metal chassis.

Airship Rising Dawn: Jenny, Teri

After finishing her healing work on S'zami, Teri turned to Jenny and extended a hand, "I'm with you. Now, if you aren't levitating, I suggest we get on Garm and book it. Hopefully the healing thing might help to dissuade some people as well."

Unfortunately, not long after the two (and any other who followed along *HINT HINT*), Cz did her Mech Angel/Guardian thing, and a single "What the fuck?" escaped the Cleric's lips as her and Jenny continued along their way.

Location - Las Venturas: Female Titan, David, Spartan, Angelus, Melethia, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Cz

Angelus was about to dive when Annie's elbow started coming their way, but then Cz arrived and blocked the blow, leaving all stunned for the briefest moments as dirt flew into the air. This was when Angelus' voice reverberated in the air, and snapped the dragon's riders back to reality,

"Go now, while that beast is stunned!"

Caim took that chance to leap off of Angelus' back and brought the hunk of iron that was considered a 'blade' hard on the Titan's arm, Ton Ton following suit by having Cadolbolg bank close to the Titan and land on her head, burying himself in the Titan's hair as he began to stab at the Titan's skull with his ever sharp Knife. It was only through the combination of the Lantern and the Pact Bond that Cadolbolg was able to home in on his partner's location as he kept trying to shoot lightning at the Titan.

In the midst of all of this, Angelus moved to get the hell away from Annie's arm, as well as ready herself to receive Caim's weight again. This was but the beginning of Caim's jump and run.

Captcha bonus: Heads up

"You can say that again!"


Ella was about to argue some more, but Devon finished his argument up with "Look, there's already been way too many people killed here today! If there's a chance to lessen that, however slim it is, I'm going to take it!" At the very least, he'd made it clear to Ella that it was a lost cause to dissuade him, so she shot him a hard glare before she took him into the rather frantic airspace so he could shout to the Titan.

"I don't know what you are, but there's already one city burning today! Don't we have to look at ourselves and make a stand and say this is enough? All those people you're crushing, they have hopes and dreams as well. Is it right to get them all killed like this? Come on, I can do what it takes to try and call these people off, but you have to trust me a bit first!" He didn't really know if this was even going to work, but he was going to give it a try!


Jenny's proposal was followed up by Slindis walking over to her. "If we're going to do this, now's the time. Deadshot, you should be glad I don't throw your sorry hide back in that cell right now!" To acknowledge the aid she was willing and ready to give, she whistled to Call Lupito for aid in the endeavor.

Mel, Angie

Mel's seeing the majority of the wounds seal up as quickly as they did and the fact that the giant actively covered one spot told her one thing - that was the weak spot. However, there'd be no way she could even come close to it with all that was going on in the air right now with Cz blasting away...

"Redscale, get me closer! I'm gonna jump right on it!" Unbeknownst to her, she inadvertently cast s rather strong Jump Spell to get a good deal higher than her normal jumps - It was somewhere below Caim's at this point, but the added boost from Angie's momentum was enough to get her on the upper arm.

"Can't believe that worked... Now then, let'a start climbing!" She used her Kukri and Handaxe as makeshift climbing hooks as she struggled to get higher up.

Storm and everyone else Vs Female Titan.
Location: Las Venturas.

Spotting the hand on the neck, the Spartan finally knew the weakness. Although he did not confirm that if she is the big body hulk of muscle with a neck weakness or if she is controlling the body of muscle from the neck. The bloody bodies left behind left Storm thinking a single military command. "Casualties rising, Termination authorized." He spoke to himself in a cold calculated voice, first he needed to relay information back to the group. Getting on the suit's communicator, "Everyone, I have confirmed the weakness. Target is covering the neck, although I don't know if she will simply fall down or die if we attack the spot. Suggestion, target elimination should be authorized due to civilian hazard rising." He spoke to the group, hoping that they would see that they should do anything to stop this thing.

The thing was that the Spartan was not the type to wait for orders, in this type of situation he did the best thing he could do. "Alpha, rise speed. I'm going to cut this thing's leg off." He ordered, a rise in power came from the Spartan as he slowed down to position himself behind the Titan. "Initiating." He simply said as he began to run faster then anything before. The Spartan charged at the running Titan and jumped into a dual sword attack spin, aimed directly at either one leg or both. "Covering faults." Alpha said over the speakers of the suit, she was ready to adjust any movements to avoid direct attack from the target.

The three guys that can't do anything. Wanderer, David and Eric.
Location: Casino rooftop.

Running up to David as he witnessed the monster running away, Shawn could spot the Spartan in the distance ready to attack. "I think it is too far for us to do anything. If it is anything, we should take this to our advantage, those mobsters won't expect us now!" He huffed and smirked at their new found advantage. "Or it could be a burden ..." He began to think what the mobsters might do due to this.

"I think we have two choices. We fight that thing from here ... which would be hard. Or we can make this our advantage and storm the casino." He said to David with honesty.

Las Venturas Rooftops: Rugal

After sprinting though the screaming crowds of fleeing Gamblers, Rugal managed to make good on his goal and got to a higher vantage point.
He watched as the Titan sparred with the Dragon and...Whatever the hell Cz just turned into.
"...I'm reasonably certain that wasn't there a few hours ago..." He said to himself as he refocused on the Titan.
"Right...Get it's attention..." He said as he cracked his knuckles and began to channel his Ki.
Once he felt he had enough built up, he said "I have no idea what the hell you wanted, But you sure as shit ain't leaving with it."
And with that, he began firing large "KAISER WAVE!"'s towards the Titan's back, each fireball around the size of a car and packing a lot more punch then the bog standard Cannon Ball would.

Las Venturas Rooftop: David West, Shawn

David merely stared at Shawn when he suggested robbing the place anyway with that Titan around.
"...The Sheer. Fucking. Audacity..." He said speechlessly to the Wanderer as that massive Bitch kept stomping around the city.
"Keep an eye on her, I'll be right back." He ordered with a hint of disgust in his voice.
"What? We were going to rob them anyway?" He said before David returned with one of the Wanderer's Anti-Material Rifles.
"I know, just fucking priorities man, you know what I mean? Hand me some .50 MG rounds." He the requested as he set up on the building and trained his sights.
"You got RPG's, right? Get one and start shooting. No Mini-Nukes. We got too many people out there for us to just start carpet bombing with Nuclear Weapons, even if they are small ones."

Once he got his ammo, He smirked as he aimed right for her eye.
"Now you see me-"
"-Now you don't." He taunted as he hammered an Anti-Tank round into Annie's eyeball.
Regeneration or not, that had to hurt.

Laz Venturas Streets: Jenny, Teri, Deadshot, Slindis, Devon, Ella, Anyone else I might have missed

Jenny was in awe odd what Cz had wroth, a silent prayer going out to whomever was watching this realm that she'd remain on the side of good, not really wanting to fight against something that big.
As the battle raged one, she Mentally sent directions to the hoards of fleeing Civilians on what parts of the city were safe and what weren't.

Meanwhile, fresh from taking at Shopping Trolley to the Airship's armory, Deadshot was now sporting a much more Armored look as he re-equipped his Wrist Guns.
"Alright, Time to get to work. I'm going to try and get some shots in from the ground, but if you can get me to a vantage point, I'll be able to do a lot better and, if we're lucky, we close enough for my Tazers to hit. If can work on a Dragon, then it'll at least stun Bride-Zilla. And if anyone sees the Wanderer, Tell him I expect my paycheck back after this over!"
He then walked over to the nearest parked car and smashed the window before hot-wiring it and driving onto the scene.

Storm and everyone else Vs Female Titan.
Location: Las Venturas.

After being punted like a American Football, the Spartan went far into the air. "AHHHH BLUUR is what he screamed.
The worst part for Storm was that he lost the air in his lungs, his lunch and the possibility of a few ribs.
The HUD was covered in a rather large mess, where the Spartan could not see anything but could feel the momentum of a fall. "Ahhh aaahhhh" Was the yell he emit as he started to fall, he came back to his normal, non-military voice.

Yet he was still able to remain in-charge. "Alpha ... activate boosters, to ... help me avoid this fall, hehe." He spoke with pain, a concerned voice spoke to him but the pain did not allow him to her his partner. The jet boosters activate but only in stutters. Whilst falling, this did not help him but did manage to slow him dark as he hit the ground ... hard. Seeing how the suit could stand a fall from the atmosphere, but not high temperatures, the fall did not damage Storm any further, but the suit started to crack more.

Yet Storm's endurance and stamina were at a end, and he did not have any emotion to carry on.
When the Gate came down and the Titan tried to escape, the chunks killed many people.
The Spartan could see this as he knelt up and removed his helmet.
He did not know how to feel about this.
Anger, terrified, defeat ... many other emotions overcame him.

The three guys who can actually do something. Wanderer, David and Eric.
Location: Casino rooftop.

After the Titan bought down the gates, the three on top of the Casino looked in amazement.
"Well ... that didn't do much." The Wanderer remarked as he looked at the many bodies further ahead of them. "Okay ... I think she escaped, but I'm gonna try anyway, I don't like when the escape." Shawn said as he pulled out a rather big gun.

"Since the Spartan got block by dat crystal stuff, I'm just gonna aim for the best spot. The head ..." He said and aimed towards the running Titan which was blocked by a big cloud of dust, possibly blood rain. Although thanks to the RobCo Pipboy-3000's VATS mode, he could see an outline. Adjusting his fire according to wind, cannon power and possible civilian casualty, the Wanderer flicked the trigger and then a rather large orange beam exploded out of the cannon and aimed towards the Titan's head.

Moving a couple of inches back, the Wanderer hoped that the best ammo for that gun could do something.
"Other then that, I think we should go back to the ship right now ... or grab the money quickly and then leave. We can't do anything about that thing now." Shawn muttered coldly as he took the gun from David.

The slumber that had peacefully overtaken Constance Sorrowfeld was shattered quite abruptly by a massive rocking of the ship caused by what felt like a large explosive blast, which was soon followed up by the not so massive rocking of the Sorrowfeld Vampire's bed as Teddy struggled to wake the sleeping young woman.

"Miss Sorrowfeld! It's time to wake up! There is something amiss on this ship!" Teddy's raised voice pierced through sleep's view causing Constance to wake, albeit still quite groggily from her rest.

Stretching and yawning, the Young Vampire whose head devoid of the cat ears that usually graced it blinked a few times attempting to ascertain just what was occurring on the ship.

"Wha-what's going on Teddy? I was having the strangest dream-" Constance started to say as the door to her quarters abruptly opened, revealing her traveling companion and former captor, Som.

"Some fool detonated an explosive aboard the ship." Som said as he strode in uninvited, his weapons in hand and armor showing that he had already outfitted himself for battle, there was just one thing that he needed returned to him.

"I need my amulet, there is no telling what has caused the explosion nor what we will be facing." Som continued, holding out his hand, ready to retrieve the amulet whether Constance did so voluntarily or involuntarily. It did not take a genius to know that Som was correct, therefore Constance judged it to be in everyone's best interest that the Hunter's amulet be returned to the rightful owner.

"Finish preparing yourself, even if you are a non-hu - inexperienced in battle, it appears that everyone will be needed."

Nodding at Som and amazed that he had insinuated her inferiority through her inexperience rather than the fact that she was not a human, Constance grabbed her equipment and got dressed. Looking at the viewing screen located inside the room, Constance watched as the battle outside the Airship unfolded.

"How in the world are we going to destroy that thing?" The Young Vampire asked as she watched the seemingly invincible Titan run through a crowd of humans, crushing them underfoot as she fled the scene.

"Same way the Hunter's Authority would: Discover its weakness and using it to our advantage." The Hunter said as he prepared a variety of compounds that would aid them in stopping the beast outside before handing the vials to the Vampire.

"What're these?" Constance asked as she picked up a vial filled with a black mass that appeared to be inert.

"That is dehydrated black ooze. The others are the explosive compound that you have used previously as well as a glue compound that is able to stop one of the reputed unstoppable Midian Juggernauts dead in its tracks." The Hunter said as he and the Vampire walked towards the nearest exit.

Exiting the ship and heading for the Tarmac, Constance drew a fair amount of energy from the blood that she consumed and she was off after the titan wish vials in hand.

Las Venturas Rooftops: Rugal, Deadshot, Slindis

Rugal could only watch as the Titan lashed out in all directions before the Tesla Cannon to the head managed to at least subdue her and cause her to crash into the ground.
Keen to make the most of this, he dropped from the side of the building he was on, digging his hand into the side of the building as he fell to manage his decent.
Once back on the ground, He began to sprint towards ground zero to finish it off before it could get back up.

As he did, A horn honked behind him as Deadshot pulled up in a car as Slindis rode nearby on Lupito.
"Get in. I'm not waiting around for your slow German ass!" The assassin said, slowing down only to let him in before burning rubber though the ruined streets like only the best stunt drivers could.
Hell, even the Dire Wolf had a hard time pulling off the corners and turns he did!

Casino Rooftop: David, Shawn, Eric

After reeling from the massive tackle, David realized that the building he was standing on was about to fall as Shawn managed to blow the Titan's face off.
"WANDERER! FORGET THE MONEY! THIS WHOLE FUCKING BUILDING IS GOING DOWN!" He shouted as the roof they were on began to fracture under their feet.
"Crap, Crap, Crap, CRAP-CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!" He screamed as he lost his balance and began falling from the building.

In a act of desperation, he grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on, a Water spout barely hanging onto the building and did what every hot blooded Action Hero type would do if stuck in a Gozilla movie hanging on for dear life on a building about to collapse: Get mad as hell.
FUCK YOU!" He shouted as he unloaded his M500 into the ribs of the downed Titan as he dangled off the side of the now ruined casino resort.

Laz Venturas Streets: Jenny, Teri, Deadshot, Slindis, Devon, Ella, Anyone else I might have missed

Teri did what she could to help any wounded refugees out; her aura being deployed at full blast while herself and Garm ran after the other party members. Of course, that was before she saw Angelus (seeing that Caim was a speck at this point) being thrown off towards the Rising Dawn,

"God Almighty...."

However, this wasn't going to help get the refugees any safer, the Cleric was forced to tear her eyes away and continue herding work, as well as praying that the others fighting the Titan were alright...

Location - Las Venturas: Female Titan, David, Spartan, Angelus, Melethia, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Cz

Angelus was sailing through the air with how hard the Female Titan threw her after Caim was systematically vivisected by the Titan's teeth and dropped in another direction. In any moment, the Rising Dawn was going to going to get well acquainted with her already bruised and broken self. However, the sting of Caim's pain forced the dragon to open her wings and tilt them, bringing her flight path away from the airship.

Caim was dying. She could feel it in her bones as her human counterpart hit the concrete; the pain lacing itself through her every wing beat. She had to hurry, or else he'd be gone for good, and by extension, herself.

With an extremely pained wingover, Angelus did what she could to home in on her fading pact partner, silently hoping against hope that she'd reach the mute in time.

"...Hold on.... Caim... I'm coming.. for you...."

Meanwhile, in the skies right above the Titan, Cadolbolg gaped in horror as his parents had, what appeared to be, systematically slaughtered by the Titan,

"Mother, Father! No...."

That was right when Ton Ton landed on the turtle-dragon baby's back, and jerked Cadolbolg's head in Angelus' direction, "Cadolbolg! You gotta hold it together! Look, you're Mom's still alive, if kinda shaky. She'll get help, don't you worry! For now we need to take care of that beast before she hurts anyone else. I need you to keep out of her range, and when I say so, bring me by her neck. According to the Spartan, that's her weak spot! Come on, we can do this!"

After that bit of encouragement, Cadolbolg noticed his Pact Partner's Lantern began to gather a familiar looking blackish energy, the energy in question flowing to his Knife. Ah, that plan again. With a small nod, the turtle-dragon baby forced himself to look away from the wreckage that was his mother and kept levitating above the Female Titan's reach, 'sending' to his pact partner,

"Give me the word when you're ready, Ton Ton!"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Las Venturas Airspace
Time: Twilight

Cz | BlackHarte

High in the sky above the scene Cz drifted by idly, her massive frame blocking out what was left of the orange sunlight. "Milady is tempestuous," BlackHarte observed. Cz replied quickly and calmly, the full power of her internal processes unleashed in her metal body. "Silence."

Light gathered in the focal gems on Cz's chassis and then leapt out toward the downed Titan again, tearing into the Titan's hard flesh. Yet, in a slight oversight the beam weapon refracted from the crystallized skin on Annie's neck, lancing back and striking her fleshy body. The blasts caught the muscles on her shoulders and tore them into the air, and the more forceful primary blast crushed her Titan bones to dust. After a few seconds, the earth around the Titan ionized and exploded a second time, throwing clouds of dust and burnt dirt into the air around the Titan.

Cz drifted closer, only five hundred feet or so from the distraught earth. She said calmly and bluntly, "Cease. You are outmatched."


She did not wait for the dust to settle or the rest of the crew to gather their wits. Another pair of beam artillery struck the Titan's body, pinning it down and preventing it from regenerating in the dust.

"Yet, they are truly remarkable aren't they? These people."

"Inhuman." Cz answered matter-of-factly, "They do not need any protection."

Las Venturas Streets: Jenny, Teri, Deadshot, Slindis, Devon, Ella, Anyone else I might have missed

During her herding of the people away from the various people away from the Titan as it fell, Slindis saw Caim and Angelus falling from the sky - from here, she could see that Caim was badly injured and in desperate need of aid. With that, she went and lifted Teri by the collar as Lupito darted around the Debris. "Teri, focus! I've seen that kind of bite before: it's going to need a lot of aid to seal up." A quick message was sent to Angelus for the two to meet up north of the Titan so they could heal Caim, and almost too quickly SLindis was placing blazing white hands on Caim to get as much healing as she could through him.

Slindis is out of Lay on Hands uses due to the massive wave of healing sent through Caim's system to keep him alive.

"Teri, I need you to work with me to keep the healing going until Caim wakes up so we can be sure that he's living." The Paladin was horribly frustrated that her supply of backup healing wands had been destroyed so long ago, because a spare one or two would come in handy right about now...

THe barrage from Cz helped to pin the Titan doen, but Devon thought he could see something gleaming on the Behemoth's neeck. Was that some kind of crystal on its neck? "Ella, I'm heading in to get this done while it's down. COuld yoou please get Melethia? I swear I'll make this up to you!" THe demi-succubus grumbled, but stretched her wings and dive-bombed to catch the young elf while Devonsprinted over to the neck, breathed in, and let loose one booming Shout


It was a good thing that the man's furious voice was solely directed at the Titan, since the one word seemed to reverberate through the chaotic scene.

Location - Las Venturas: Female Titan, David, Spartan, Angelus, Melethia, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Cz

Now, one would think that being thrown from a behemoth that was forty feet tall would be dangerous to almost anyone. Even for a member of the Rising Dawn, it usually would be something avoided. One thing one wouldn't expect is to see the green-haired elven girl gently floating down like she was tubing down a lazy river with a frown on her face. I got so close too...

It didn't help that she was picked out of the air by Ella to get her out of the way of one of the stray shots of Cz's Barrage, leaving the young girl cradled like the bride after a wedding.

Laz Venturas: Angelus, Caim, Jenny, Teri, Deadshot, Slindis, Devon, Ella, Anyone else I might have missed

Teri gave a choke at the sudden jerk upward, and then gasped at the sight of her (former) childhood hero; covered in gore and breathing shallowly, "Oh my god....Okay, I'm getting right too it... Hold on, Caim!"

Holding her hands over the wounded warrior, Teri closed her eyes in concentration as a blue light began surround the Cleric's hands, and she began to pump Caim full of as much Positive Energy as her power would allow- Aura, Spells, the works.

Teri, using a Good aligned Cleric's affinity for Positive Energy, has converted the slot for Divine Power into Cure Critical Wounds. She also expends her uses of all of her spell slots in order to cast Mending, Cure Light, Moderate, and Serious wounds. Furthermore, Teri expends her daily usage of the Feat Healing Devotion, which gives Caim Fast Healing +1 (think like Regen) for a minute. If Teri wishes to use this feat again, she will need to start burning turn attempts.

Times till next spells can be cast:

4th: 12 seconds
3rd: 36 seconds
2nd: 18 seconds
1st: 24 seconds
0: 24 seconds

Teri fell backwards on her rump after dumping that much healing magic into someone, breathing hard as the efforts from all the spells and feat use tired her out. However, it certainly had the desired effect, as Caim sat up from his dance with Death, looking confused (to say the least) until his eyes hit Slindis and Teri. Even, to his surprise, his armor looked as if it had been fixed to a degree. Flexing his hands, he asked, "What happened? I thought for sure I was a goner... Angelus! Where is she?!"

Speaking of, the dragon in question could feel a weight lift from her shoulders when she felt Caim return to consciousness, and tried her best to drift down towards where Slindis, Caim and Teri had converged without falling out of the sky. But with her wounds, that certainly wasn't easy.

Las Venturas: Female Titan, David, Spartan, Melethia, Cutie Bruisers, Cz

Cadolbolg's head jerked up when he realized he felt his Father's presence return to the realm of the concious, and shouted to Ton Ton: "Father's alive! You were right!"

Ton Ton gave a small grunt in reply, still focusing upon charging the knife, until Cadolbolg heard his Pact Partner's voice in his mind, "Bring me down. I'm ready.!"

"One second... Some crazy robot thing is shooting at it.... And- NOW!"

Cadobolg tucked his wings in and dropped into a dive, Ton Ton holding onto dear life before the two reached the neck, to which the Tonberry lept and brought the now bespelled blade downwards, shouting,
"This is for all the people you've hurt!


as his trusty Daemon Hunting Blade found itself in the flesh of the Titan's neck; a resounding "DOINK" filling the air upon contact.

Location: Las Venturas.

Everything unfolded around the Spartan, yet he was able to get up on his tired legs.
His helmet was crack all over, even some of the glass had fell out. His leg and arm plating was cracked and missing, yet the body armor was the worst of all, it was cracked just like a window pane. Internal damage was the topic in his mind at the moment, as he was sure he had many ribs crack and internal bleeding running through.

Yet even if he could not hear, he still approached the giant. Not with his energy sword, that was had run out of power just like the helmet HUD. The family katana Sutomu or Storm in English. Approaching the giant, he could see one known as TonTon attack it, yet he still approached with silence yet with a dark aura.

In his eyes he could see no one except the Titan.

Abandon Ship! Wanderer, David and Eric.
Location: A now ruined and falling Casino rooftop.

Seeing the laser hit, Wander fist pumped. "Fuck yeah! Take that ya bitch!" He yelled at the Titan as the building started to fall. "You kidding me?" Shawn remarked as he fell off the roof and was heading towards certain doom. Luckily enough he prepared for this and equipped his jetpack which immediately turned on and saved the mutant from a pancake like death.

Flying around for a while, Shawn flew up to David and decided to help him. "Need a hand?" He smiled as his clothing turned to his Elite Riot Armor. In his other hand was the Tesla cannon as well, holding a machine of that caliber in a single hand would tell wonders about his experience with weapon or strength.

After saving David, he planned to check up on his Spartan brother and then try to take that thing down.
Then a booming shout was heard. "We should end this thing ... too bad we couldn't get any money. Least they will have to spend the money on rebuilding this place." The Wanderer laughed.

Location: Las Venturas.

Coming to the girl who had finally fallen, the anger remained inside the Spartan. First inspecting the zone, the body of the giant before had disappeared leaving the girl behind. Yet a shield protected her, the Spartan's focus remained on the girl and her tears. Knowing that he can not harm her, the Spartan grunted. "I will not harm you, but you will be subjected to our justice. Judgement will be upon you ... but I only wonder why you did this, why did you want the object?" Storm said in not a angry tone, but a mix of annoyance and coldness.

Trying to figure how to pick her up, Storm decided to carry the protective field surrounding her. A red flash is all that Storm saw as he started to carry her back to the ship, with an expressionless tone and a all too damaged body and armor. "The thing you have to learn is accept the consequences of your actions that you have committed today. You have killed too many to be let off." He said to her quietly as he walked past his comrades and to the ship.

"Storm-178 reporting in, target has been captured. Returning to the Dawn." Is all he said, he was some how still deaf in the ear and his internal bleeding still harmed him. Yet even if all the pain was there, it would not stop him from walking back. One thing lingered back in his mind, is to apologize to his lover and partner for letting her worry much. Yet he still continued.

A couple of minutes he stepped onto the ramp of the ship's hanger. Simply he placed her on the ramp before passing out right next to her, blood started to drip out of the cracks of the harmed armored suit. There was not a crack in the armor, but the flesh of his body and stomach had been ripped open by the kick of the Titan. It seemed that blood was trying to escape out of every opening of his body.

Too late. Constance and Som were too late to assist in the capture of the Monolithic Creature that had appeared in their midst, though in truth it suited the Cat-Eared Vampire just fine. In truth, the capture of the Titan was reminiscent of the great purges that the Hunter's Authority had orchestrated for many years after the Mirian Defeat at the end of the Great Hydrowar.

"Pah. Magic." Som said before spitting on the ground in reaction to the decay of the monster and the revelation of the human that was underneath.

Watching as the mechanically suited Spartan brought the captive up the ramp into the Airship's hanger, Constance smelled a familiar if not odd smell.

"Blood?" The Cat-Eared Vampirette muttered as her keen eyes noted the blood that seeped out of the cracks of the Spartan's armor. It was blood but yet there was something artificial smelling about the crimson blood.

"Hey, you, mechanical man! Are you okay?" Constance asked as she hurried towards the wounded armored hulk.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Titan Crater
Time: Twilight

Wanderer | David | Devon | Annie | Cutie Bruisers | Angelus | Melethia | Teri | Rugal | Spartan | Cz

"Reform!" Cz muttered within her "pilot" cabin. Instantly the Peacemaker unit evaporated into a cloud of prismatic light, drifting high into the sky as a thousand twinkling stars in the twilight air. Cz dropped down and landed with the rest of the group. Her loose fitting tunic had grown form fitting, and BlackHarte made his home around her bare waist. The robes were beige white and very light, swaying with great force in even the slightest of breezes.

Her hair swayed softly in the same wind. Deep raven and thick. Her eyes were thing razors, a deep cynical gaze that stared into the soul of a person. She shifted her weight to her right and began to walk toward the others, her arms crossed beneath an ample bosom.

"So what was this entire ruckus about anyhow," Cz asked to no one in particular, not exactly expecting an answer after the excitement. She glared at the being inside the wreckage. A human. Cz smirked. Ironic.

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