The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Storm-178 (And Alpha)
Location: Gunsmoke | Team heading to Rock Ridge
Time: 10am?.

A pair of loud metallic boots slammed into the ground besides Rugal.
Storm had not ran off, he was just on top of a nearby clifftop to see if his radar would work or gather some information.
"I have no problem with that plan. Though a gang of bandits shouldn't be that scared of a single lawman ... but if we some how made an illusion of a raiding gang of lawmen, I think they would be scared out of their pants and attack on sight." Storm said but everyone just looked at him.

"What? I was checking to see if anything came up on my radar up there ... though I don't have any long-distance gear equipped." He could still feel the distrust, though he forbids the thought that they would even think he would go and betray them to the people he hates out of all.
"We should really think about getting a long-distance set of gear. Fitted with a long-distance radar, sniper rifle and other essential stealth operation gear." Alpha said inside the helmet.
"Good idea, contact the Blackhawke to put in a form. Use authorization code Alpha178." Storm said as he turned around.

Team Blackwater

"Now...This is nice, Clean town, decent people, no mass murderers...I could live here...I could live here well..." West said to himself as Jenny retorted "Eh, New York is nicer...."
"...Well...This town doesn't get blown up every few months.

Caim and Angelus looked around the town, Caim nodding in interest to see the various beings mill around as they did. Seeing the well dressed humanoids, Angelus couldn't help but chuckle, as she was reminded of a wedding the duo had attended some time ago. Caim in a suit, although a rare sight, was not an entirely unpleasant one. When the warrior realized what the dragon had in mind he gave her a playful shove, and 'sent',

"I take it you liked what you saw?"

The dragon rolled her eyes, and scoffed, "I will not dignify that with a response. Now, shouldn't you be focused upon our mission?"

This only served to elicit a smug grin from the mute as the group began to mill about in the town.

Team Rock Ridge

Sadei responded to Teri in that faint voice again. Okay, Teri... I just didn't want to distract you. Still, I'll try to talk to you more. I'm sorry about making you worry about me...

Teri sighed, noticing that Sadei sounded a lot like she had some time ago; "Hey, don't you talk like that! You're just as important as the rest of us! You taught me that same lesson when we dealt with my Shadow, and I don't want you feeling the same way!"

After a moment, her mental voice softened, "Besides, I worry about everything, you included; so there! You keep loud and clear, alright?"


As Teri talked with Sadei, Ton Ton raised a small hand, "I agree. Living Chocobos are much better than dead ones..."

Cadolbolg however, did kind of like the notion to try out just one... Did they really taste like chicken?

Team Blackwater

Melethia took in the sights, checking the main area as she could to get a feel for how one could move around discreetly. Due to her age and plain appearance, it was fairly easy to pass off as a child's curiosity of the big city. "Wow! This is the biggest city I've ever seen before! Auntie, could we get some new clothes here? Please?" She tugged on Jenny's arm, also subtly reminding her to get in character.

Of course, Stormreach had been a good deal larger, but for her act, she had to make it clear that she was a naive kid. After all, who would pay attention to a little girl?

Team Rock Ridge

Sadei had a bit stronger voice now, but she was still a bit gloomy. Really? I'm just some weapon, and one that was shoved into that stuffy bag for what seemed like forever! The first time I'd ever seen anything was when that Vampire was thrown in the bag... How can you say I'm important when you're the only person that knows about me?


Slindis kept an eye on Storm mainly because he'd be the most likely out of all of them to draw unwanted attention. "Well, let's let him work with this." She motioned for the group to hang back as Devon began with the Illusion.

Devon casts Major Image! This spell functions like silent image, except that sound, smell, and thermal illusions are included in the spell effect. While concentrating, you can move the image within the range.

The image disappears when struck by an opponent unless you cause the illusion to react appropriately.

DC18 to see through the illusion if they interact with it.

30 seconds before the next level 3 spell.

Unlike what Rugal and Storm had suggested, the group saw that Devon had conjured up the Illusion of a small caravan of supplies. If they didn't know any better, they'd be fooled by the creaking of the wheels and the neighing of the horses, and the Illusuionary people in the caravan shifted around nervously to indicate that Devon had made them a bit high-strung. As the 'caravan' got near enough, the forwardmost man called out in to the besieged town in a somewhat calm voice.

"People of Rock Ridge, we heard about what's been happening to you. The citizens of Humphrey's Peak haven't forgotten our brothers, and we've come to provide you with some much-needed supplies!" His large rifle sat at the ready, a sign that he'd come across the bandits more than once on the way here.

Team Blackwater

David followed behind, looking at the so-called city. He felt it was familiar, but he couldn't quite recall where he's seen it before. He just shrugged, put on a sulky expression, and put his hands in his pockets.

"Wow! This is the biggest city I've ever seen before! Auntie, could we get some new clothes here? Please?" She tugged on Jenny's arm, also subtly reminding her to get in character.

David moved beside them and scoffed, acting out the part of a farmboy. "Feh. This is nothin' special! I'd rather be sittin' in the barn countin' Bessie's cow patties!" He placed a hand on the head of Melethia, rubbing her hair aggressively. "And what would ya want with clothes, Mel? Yer just gonna get 'em dirty like all the others!

Team Blackwater

Melethia groaned inside her mind at the horrible acting that David was botching. With how he talked, he'd be make himself way too noticed, and was he was using the actual names here? Melethia jumped up and pulled his ear down with a sharp YANK, and the force behind it was staggering.

"Bookworm, act natural. You do know how to do that, don't you? Don't use real names, stop with that joke you call acting, and try to let it flow? Got it??" She shot one last glare at Ashworth before seamlessly getting back in character.

"Oh yeah, like all those books you try to read are any better? Just let me have this one thing, Bookworm!" She gave off the tone of an annoyed younger girl excellently while making notes to check on the Blacksmith here.

Team Blackwater

David gave Melethia his own quick glare, and gave her a light, painless flick to the side of the head. An eye for an eye, and all that stuff, though he suspected that she would do something much painful to him back, sooner or later.

"Yeesh, what was that for? I was just screwing around, quoting one of my novels!" He acted differently on the train, so he had no idea why Melethia was so pissed. But then again, David isn't really that big of a people person, and doesn't go out all that much, and doesn't have very many friends as a result. As far as he knew, he was just alienating Melethia even more. He crossed his arms and huffed, looking to the side. "Still, I'm probably right when I say that you are probably going to make a mess of them, shorty. At least I try take care of my books."

Team Blackwater

Melethia shook her head and gave a dirty little grin that told people the young girl had a nasty idea. "Well, Bookworm, if those stains on your sheets are correct, they're the only thing you try keeping clean. You wonder why Auntie only has me watching over the babies and earning a little bit of cash on the side while you have to do a whole bunch of boring stuff in a library?" Even with the quip there, Melethia knew that she'd have to be on Ashworth like a sailor on rum to ensure this withdrawn nitwit didn't get them all killed.

Team Blackwater

David looked at the elf with wide eyes and clutched his chest in mock grief. "B-boring stuff?! I'll have you know that this "boring stuff" will give us more than "a little cash on the side" once I get a degree, while you will be stuck being a nanny!" He amusingly didn't address the stained sheets part of her jab, and pulled out an old-looking math textbook, pointing it at Melethia. "I don't just read random stories at the library. I actually study things that are essential!" Funnily enough, even though he won't admit it, David absolutely despises math. He isn't very good at it either.

Team Blackwater

She flicked him on the nose before quipping back. "Yeah, yeah, I know what's in yout books. After all, I have to wade through them to wash your sheets. I don't know why ya act like they're so hard, though: The stuff in them's really easy to pick up on. 'Sides, it's better to know more tan just the books, you know. I mean, don't you remember Auntie's book collection?" At this point she was firmly trying to establish a family-like relationship so she'd have good reason to keep Ashworth on a tight leash.

Some onlookers took a look at the two, and they commented on how the older brother really ought to take his sister clothes shopping since that tunic made her look like a farmboy. Still, their cover was holding for now.

Team Blackwater

The student rubbed his nose, scowling indignantly at Melethia, though it looked much softer compared to earlier. It looked as if he was recalling a distant memory. "...Yeah, yeah. I remember her collection. Huge, and barely touched. I was the only one who bothered to actually read any of them. Why?"

Team Blackwater

"Auntie" Jenny felt the need to calm things between Melethia and David before things got out of hand.
"Calm down you two. Yes sweetie, We can go to the shops, but remember, we are on a budget." She said before taking her hand and walking down to the market, letting David follow as they passed by several street traders.

West meanwhile knew where he was going: Blackwater Hotel, to the bar.
As he did so, he checked his own funds: 32.23 Euro and he could only use the loose change: 2.23 Euro
....Mmmmm...Wonder if this place has poker?... He thought as he walked off.
Hey, J. If you can, keep tabs on us all in case we see Solitaire...
That can be arranged. If any of you see our target, don't talk, "Think" it... she sent to West and the others as she monitored the thoughts of everyone in their group, though she had a hard time reaching Pandora due to her Dark Typing.

Team Rock Ridge

Rugal did his best to figure out what Devon had put up, finding out when he heard the Trader cry out.
"Traders?...That's...actually better. Just what happens when the non-bandit people find out it's not real?..." He asked as he awaited their reaction.

The townspeople one by one left the safety of their homes as the caravan wheeled in, each being careful in case this was a cruel trap.
The local shopkeeper was the first to reach out to the traders, though he was hoping it'd be free as he had been robbed several times over the last week.

So due a an unforseen change in plans, Ninjamedic is unable to GM and, Thus, a new arc will be formed.
That being said, I have arranged for a replacement Arc that will still use the Western Theme so we are still getting our money's worth.
We at AA apologize for any inconvenience caused and hopefully my post will fix all that.


Rising Dawn Ruins: Several weeks later

After completing the Mission for the Lightbringers and clearing Rock Ridge of the bandits that plagued it (Off-screen), The Heroes (And odd Villain) of the Rising Dawn returned to the ship, ready and raring to go back home...
Only to find that the ship was in the exact same state as when they left! No repairs were done at all! By the AI's, the Imps or by the Termi-Dillon's Nanomachines.
As the group wondered why this was, one of the Ship's AI's, Dimitri, appeared before then on a damaged Hologram projector, his Butler avatar now covered in grease and his clothes filthy, flanked by several of Devon's Imps that were holding wenches and spanners.
"Good Evening, Welcome Back!...Errr...We have a problem..." he nervously stated as he attempted to clean himself up a bit.
This channel was completely open for Justin and Glados to patch into.

"Put Simply...We CAN fix the ship...just...we lack the means to do so. Thanks to the Crash and the Warp, major damage was done and I'm not just talking about broken windows or computers, though...those too are broken...*Ahem* First, The Hull..."

The AI brought up a copy of the ship's blueprints, several parts of which were marked red for damage or missing completely.
"First, We do not have enough Metal to repair these breaches in the ship's armor, let alone replace the sections lost on re-entry. In order for the ship to take off and travel through another Warp, it's hull must be stable. As you can see, this is not the case. So we need Iron for that...Lots of in several tons..."

He then brought up another blueprint, this time of the Ship's warp drive.
"We also a new Power Source for our Warp Drive, which was naturally wreaked in the crash. Without it, we will not leave this realm anytime in the present....we just won't...Now, This mightn't be too much of an issue, I've scanned a few possible subjects that might do the trick, so hopefully we can get this one sorted."

Finally, he brought up a picture of a strange plant.
"Finally, we need a special air-tight adhesive to reseal more delicate parts of the ship, such as the windows. Now, this mightn't seem like a major issue, but..."
He didn't finish, opting for a little animation of the windows falling out and causing dozens of stickmen to be sucked out to their doom, like an Airlock breaking in a Space Station, to explain what the big deal was.

"...So...Any Questions?..."

"...So...Any Questions?..."

Caim and Angelus took in this news quietly, but the dragoness was the first to speak, "Well, we have an objective in mind. That's a start. But do you know anything else about these items, aside from them existing?"

Dimitri perked up, finally having something viable aside from bad news to bring, and disappeared from the display for a moment, a map now taking his place. However, his voice remained,

"well, I was able to garner the location of the Crystal! It's right here, on this spot on the map. As for the other two items; I'm afraid I've general locations to give you."

On the map, a blinking red dot appeared far to the north, and two purplish areas appeared to the East and West, with a cave icon and flower icon respectively.

Teri, noticing her AI looking dejected, spoke up, "Hey, at least we know where one of the items is! We can start there... Right?"

It was Caim's turn to speak, the new information mulling in his mind, "Alright, so we know where one item is. That's fine, but should we all go at once, leave some to guard the ship or split up in the three directions? I know myself and Angelus could cover a long stretch of ground on our own."

Cadolbolg, perched on his father's head, Ton Ton taking his familiar spot on Devon's shoulder, yawned, and spoke up as well, "But we've only a hunch for the other two, father. Who knows how long it would take to find them if you and mother went on your own."

Thus, with all the opinions thrown about, Ton Ton decided to cast his lot in as well, "Sorry to play devil's advocate, Cadolbolg, but perhaps your parents have a point. Perhaps not going entirely on their own, but they could still scout ahead for anything new or interesting. I know Ms. Angelus can fly very fast..."

As they all spoke, Teri looked to her staff and asked quietly, "Your two cents on the matter, friend?"


Rugal was the first to cringe at the idea of staying another moment longer on this rock.
While the work at Rock Ridge wasn't that hard, it was however unpleasant as he recalled having to unblock the Prison Toilet and other nasty things.
Blood and Gore? Sure.
Bloodily Waste? Hell no.
"...Well...That is unfortunate...A Plant and a Crystal sound easy enough, I'm more worried about the Metal. Several Tons? That could take years to find or purchase and don't even get me started on transporting it..." He said as he wiped his glasses.
He overheard Caim and Co. talk about heading out, he added "Well, if you want the Crystal, go ahead. I guess that leaves the Flower and the Metal..."
Turning to Slindis, he asked "So...Hiking or Mining?..."


West meanwhile was ran ragged from all the time in the heat and was just thankful to be back.
"Well...If no one objects, I could stay and watch the ship..." He mused, praying that the AC and Mini-Bar was repaired.


Jenny was in a bit of a sad mood after giving Cid away to a farm and this didn't really help matters.
Oh no...Blade would be worried sick... she thought as she looked around the group.
"Well...If we head to a settlement, I guess I could "Ask" around and get a more precise location..."

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis thought about it for a moment then responded to Rugal. "I say we head to the field." She nodded at West's request and gave him a quick handshake,

Sadei, Teri

Well, we can communicate with everyone here, can't we? Splitting up would allow us to cover a lot more ground. The time in rock Ridge had done a good deal to cheer Sadei up.

Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Devon looked to Ton-Ton and smiled. "I'm thinking the mines would work for where we go, but I'll be sticking with you, Little Buddy." He was glad that the Tonberry wasn't sitting on any of the areas attacked in the training, but he knew that he was in for more.

Melethia, Jenny

The young girl looked around and thought for a bit. "Miss Jenny, what about heading to those mines?"

Rugal, Slindis, West

"Fair enough. Just a spot of gardening, can't be that hard." Rugal answered back as he re-equipped his glasses.
"Right...Well...if you need me, just use the ring thingys. I'll see if there is anything I can do on this end." West said to Slindis.
Now for what he REALLY said
Right...Finally get a vacation now... He thought, not happy he lost all his money in Blackwater.
Thus he made his way to the bridge and reclined on the captain's chair, just about ready to take a nap.
Besides, odds where some shit was going to happen that'd make such a mundane task extremely difficult.
"Okay...who's going where?..." Rugal then asked, silently hoping for some alone time with the Drow.

Melethia, Jenny

As West when AWOL, Jenny answered Melethia.
"Well...Just, obviously a Mine would be rather well know, especially in this part of the world. Just if we get back to Gunsmoke or one of the other settlements, I could use my-" Skills in deductive reasoning "-to pin point the location of the mine." She explained, sneaking in a bit of telepathy in that statement.
"Still, not sure how much help I'll be once we find it. I mean..." She stopped, motioning to her stick like frame.
"...I guess I could use Telekinesis with a pickaxe..."

"One option for the iron is steal a locomotive. Those things are usually made of the stuff. Another is probably steal raw iron from some mining operation. Those are probably easiest options for acquiring the iron we need," Matt chimed in.

"-'m satisfied with that, I think. Shame abut the old man, though."

"Yeah, but it was his time. He was alive for almost 1400 years."

Boss shrugged. "The tree's still alive. That's what matters. I think. Not a hundred percent sure, but...yeah, that was odd."

Edge shrugged too, and stopped. "Well I'll be damned."

Boss looked forward. He and Edge were holding a dozen six-packs of beer. "Oh. Hey guys." Boss said. "Anyone want some Beer?"

Kate peered over Boss' shoulder.
"Sure, if there's any going."


He nodded at Matt's suggestion.
"Yes, However, would we be able to steal one without getting some unwanted legal attention is the question..." He said as Boss, Edge and Kate showed up.
As Boss offered some beer, he said "No thanks, we have other issues to attend to for the time being..."


Slindis spoke up. "I've already stated it before, but something about the field's calling me. I can handle it well enough with Rugal." She whistled to Lupito, and the wolf's fur brushed Rugal's elbow as he got near.

Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Devon thought about it again and realized that with the current split that Caim and Angelus wouldn't have any kind of healing. Sure, they could most likely handle themselves, but it would be a lot better if they had a backup if things went south.

"Caim, I don't mean to be rude, but would you like some backup? I know you can handle yourselves just fine, but it'd probably be a lot easier if you had someone to back you up. As he awaited their response with Ton-Ton perched on his shoulder, he thought about the way he'd negotiated with the people in the AIM base and stopped a good deal of bloodshed before Bruiser happened.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri

Melethia cheerfully looked at Teri holding the staff and noted that it was exceptionally made. "Sis, where'd ya get that staff? It's really well made, and it feels familiar for some reason..."

Sadei, Teri

Teri, that girl... I don't know why, but I think I know her. Sadei tsked as she tried to figure out if there was anything to that thought.

Slindis, Rugal, Luptio

"Right then, shall we be off then? our target is to the west if I recall." Rugal asked, somewhat glad that no one else decided to go flower picking, aside from her mount but they seemed to be on good terms these days.
Still, you'd think that they'd have a jar or two of this "Glue" on them if it was that important... He couldn't help but think as he glanced over to the others.
"Keep your rings on you in case any of you need help. It might be a while if we are all splitting up, but it'd be better than nothing at all."

For the record, the group is splitting up again like when one group went to Rock Ridge and the other went to Blackwater City, there are 3 groups, one looking for a Power Crystal, one looking for a source of Metal and one looking for the Plant to make the airtight sealing agent. Pick whichever you want, all of them have their own special encounters.


Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Caim, Angelus

"Caim, I don't mean to be rude, but would you like some backup? I know you can handle yourselves just fine, but it'd probably be a lot easier if you had someone to back you up.

The duo looked to each other, and then a silent conversation went between the lot of them and they nodded, "Very well. Since it's just you and the children, passenger arrangements shouldn't prove difficult..."

Caim clapped a hand on an unoccupied shoulder of Devon's with a smile, "Besides, in the lull that Angelus needs rest, we can resume our training... Ton Ton, you've been a harsh master, haven't you?"

The Tonberry raised an enthusiastic knife, "I sure have, sir! Just like you asked me to be!"

Cadolbolg grimaced and nodding, knowing full well the list of exercises Ton Ton had put him and Devon through whilst working in Rock Ridge.

"Drat that knife!"

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

"Keep your rings on you in case any of you need help. It might be a while if we are all splitting up, but it'd be better than nothing at all."

That was when Rugal heard a familiar voice in his PDA, "And I will be able to help all of you sir. Your signals are very familiar to the Rising Dawn. As we speak, I am uploading the map location to your various electronic devices..."

As her AI did his work, Teri gave a wave to Rugal with a smile, "Of course, Dad. We'll be alright. Now, you two do the same, okay?"

Turning her attentions back to Sadei and Melethia, she was both surprised and amused that both had the same thing to say. With a chuckle, she said, "Well, she was chilling out in Mum's sack of stuff before I got ahold of her. Mum thought I needed a weapon, so here we are. I'm not very good though... She can talk, you know. Now, lemme ask if she'd be alright with that...

You heard her, Sadei. She's thinking the same things you are. Maybe a conversation between you two would bear some fruit? It'd certainly pass time between here and the mines..."

Boss scoffed. "Suit yourselves, then." Boss appeared to drop the beer he was carrying, but it remained suspended in mid-air.

Edge shuffled his armfuls of beer. "Yeah, I've got this. Don't bother relieving me of my burden."

"So what are we up to now?" Boss asked. "Anything interesting?"

"I just-" The Hologram said. "I literally just-how did you miss it?"

"Late to the party." Boss said. "At least I'm not super-late this time."

The Hologram sighed "Fine. TO SUM UP! The Blacknoah is broken and needs to be repaired, but we don't have the materials to fix it. We need several tons of iron, a power source for the ship, and the materials to make an airtight adhesive which is to say-" The Hologram showed Boss the strange plant. "This thing. Did you get all that?"

"Loud and clear." Boss said. "Where do we start looking?"


Matt was searching the hangar of the Rising Dawn for something to help him steal a locomotive. After searching for awhile he found something that just might help him. A large exosuit that looked like it was designed for lifting heavy loads. The question would be if it could several tons worth of iron. Matt got in and started powering it up. The screen in front of him came to life and started giving out readings about the exosuit.

As far as Matt could tell everything seemed to be in the green and began to experiment with the controls. He found them very responsive and started walking the thing outside. Feeling the ground shake, a few looked around to see what was causing it. They saw Matt in a 20 foot tall exosuit coming towards them. "Anybody want to help me steal a locomotive?" Matt asked with a large grin on his face.

Top of the Ship
"Well, let's go." Soul said with a Witch in dark purple with paler skin than a standing right beside him. There was a tap of her staff and a flash of dark light as they were surrounded in a black orb and took off.

As Matt walked towards the ship, he noticed a woman sitting on the shoulder of his mech. Ofcourse, he would be the only one to see the girl out of anyone in existence. She simply sat there, looking off into the distance; extremely gothic in appearance.

Matt saw the woman sitting on the shoulder of his mech and was a little surprised. "Hey, you mind telling me why you're up there?" he asked her sounding a little annoyed by the situation.

Glados raised an eyebrow and lowered her gun, as the Quantum AI in front of her bowed, showing respects to her. "He's an interesting bot that's for sure."

Justin grabbed Termi-Dillon by his collar "Listen, I don't recall Dillon ever writing a villain when I was around, is he still a hero? Are you a hero?" feeling relieved he wouldn't have to commit fratricide if this look alike gave them any trouble, he decided to play a little bit of bad cop. "Answer bot" he said giving the Termi-Dillon a small shove, Glados glaring disapprovingly.

The Termi-Dillon Focused his scanners on Justin, It was like he deliberately trying to start a confrontation. he began to think and let out a laugh, it was a strange noise it had a metallic synthesized sound, to some extent it was a real laugh as opposed to just playing something that more closely resembled one.
"Your trying to play on my emotions, I'm an AI I simulate emotions based on the situation."
He was actually bluffing, he may not be as emotionally charged as a human or someone supernatural like Dillon who's speed and strength may have amplified at the cost of increase of pain and emotion. However there was no need for Justin to know this, the TXD however could guess that Glados could see through this bluff however the key to winning this gambit was to act like you had the upper hand no matter what.
"I'll trade information for information, What do you have to offer."
He kept his eyes cold luckily as a machine not showing facial expression was much easier.

"Matt! Buddy! What's up?"

Boss was hanging onto Matt's cockpit, holding a beer. "Thirsty?"

"Hey, do you know who this girl is that's sitting on the shoulder of the mech?" Matt asked Boss as he took the beer without looking and started drinking it.

Boss's smile faded. "I say that as someone who can see the true nature of things, including ghosts and spirits. There. Is. No. One. There. No one. Nothing. Not a ghost, not a spirit, nothing that can be touched or seen or sensed. There is nothing there that I can perceive in any way. I even asked Edge, to be doubly sure." Boss teleported another beer into his hand, and offered it to Matt. "Are you OK? Did something happen to you? When did you first see this girl?"

Matt quickly ran his hands through his hair to make sure nothing happened to his head. He sighed a little in relief when he didn't feel any pain and his hands didn't have blood on them. "Well I don't have any head trauma so that's good. Other than that I don't what caused it. I got in the mech, powered it up, walked it out here then she just suddenly shows up," Matt explains before quickly chugging down the beer. "I haven't snapped have I? The last time that happened I tried to crash my ship into a mountain for no reason. Crew had me restrained for a week after that," Matt said to Boss.

Boss stroked his short beard thoughtfully. "I don't know. You seem fi-"

"My two cents?" Edge said, now standing on top of the mech. "It's useless to worry about it if you have. Just stay calm, focus on the job, and try and remember if it talks to you; what it says and how it says it. If you feel like your perception is being warped, stop whatever you're doing and ask for confirmation of whatever it is that's bothering you. And stay calm. Above all else, stay calm. Panic won't help anyone."

Boss nodded. "I think that sounds good. And I'll stay with you to make sure any freak-outs are contained."

Matt nodded. "Sounds good. And thanks."

Boss jumped off the mech. "SO! Matt, Edge and I-"

"Fuck you, I'm gonna get plastered." Edge said, grabbing a six pack and walking into the ship. "I think I've earned it."

Boss sighed. "Fine. Matt and I are gonna go look for some iron. We need a lot of it, and between the three of us, we should be able to get all we need. How are we gonna divvy up the other jobs?"

Slindis, Rugal, Luptio

While the since blinded Rugal was unable to see the mech that Matt had taken, he could sure as hell hear it
"....Very well...Just if you get the Police or even the Army on you, try to avoid leading them back to the ship if you can help it. That Railway near Gunsmoke should have one passing on it as some point. Good luck." He said before using his PDA to get a Westard bearing.
"Right...Onward..." He said to Slindis and Luptio before marching off to pick the flower.
Knowing our luck, it'll have some special curse or something on it...

Teri, Melethia, Jenny

Jenny laughed somewhat nervously as Matt got his Mech out.
"Ummmm...I don't know if it'd be that easy..." She cringed at the idea of stealing, though Rugal seemed rather okay with it.
"...Well...We best set off too, hopefully before he steals a train..." she said to her "Team" before heading East towards the Area Waypoint Dimitri had set up.

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