The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Yu Narukami, Devon and Cadolbolg.
Location: Halls | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Calming holding his hand up he nodded his head, a soft smile appeared. "No problem, my lips are sealed. Hopefully they will like those gifts, reminds me of my own family and friends." He remembered with good intentions, his friends, the source of his determination to find the truth. "I'm just on my way to grab a coffee from the vending machines. I can't go to sleep and I can't do any training, we all need the energy for tomorrow. Do you guys want anything?" He asked and motioned to the near vending machines.

Storm, Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei and Annie.
Location: Medical Bay/Lab | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Listening about the whole commotion, Storm had no idea what was going on. So he had travelled back to the medical bay to care for his fallen 'brother'. When the group had entered he was in the middle of his continuous cleaning up of the somewhat suicide of the Wanderer. Wielding a bloody mop with brain-matter leading to the room that the Wanderer occupied, he simply tried to get on with it.

As much as he would like to say something, it looked like something confusing and complicated. "Just keep working, just keep working ... it doesn't involve you ... " He said to himself as he carried the bloody water bucket.

Alpha and David West
Location: Rising Dawn canteen | Personaverse.

Alpha shook her head at the question. "No, in a technical sense you can say this is my home since I live in this body. As for a physical property ... no, haven't ever had one. It must feel nice though, having a place where you can go when you are just done with all of this, to just live normally. I would like to do that, but it feels like the world or a greater power has a tug on all of us." Her voice sounded hallow, as if she had never lived before, as David dealt with the other girl in the canteen, the physical AI had grabbed a bottle of water and returned to the water.

After a gulp of water she gave David an awkward yet embarrassed smile. "But ... when our time is up on this crew, I feel like making a home with my hubby. Make a life for ourselves, since we never actually had one before."

The Lone Wanderer & Jack the Reaper.
Location: Snowy Graveyard | Purgatory.

Seeing the Reaper, the Wanderer gave a sigh. The air coming forth from his mouth was made visible by the unknown cold. "I really need to keep my mouth shut sometimes." he commented to himself as he faced the Reaper. It was Jack the Reaper, someone who the Wanderer hardly knew, but his Author Shaun told him much about Jake and him. Having no idea why the soul guide is here, the Wanderer cut to the point.

"I'm guessing that this is either about two things Reaper. Me about my ability to not die, or my reason for why I am here." The Wanderer said with a crude tone, he did not fear death, but this Death was directly in front of him and it made his judgement waver.

"These souls though ... a second chance ... why, why do I not believe that? As for the thing I search for, I believe it can do more good and harm. Now, how much do you know about me!?" The Wanderer's hand lowered as if he was about to unleash some kind of weapon, yet nothing was there. Preparation, you can never be too careful in a place beyond the mortal realm.

Airship Rising Dawn: Medical Bay Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

"... I'm sorry, for everything I've done to people. All I want at this point, is just to be a good human being..."

"...You and me both..." Was Rugal's final answer as he glanced down at his hands, wondering if it was even possible after all that had happened.
"...Well...I guess that's it then. I guess all we can do is...get some rest." He absently said afterwards as he stood up from the bed, feeling finally getting back into his repaired limbs.
"Just thank you all again, I knew it mustn't have been easy, I just...didn't want to admit there was still a side of me that was still like...I used to be. I know I failed you all...yet again...But..." He began to say but seemed to be unable to finish, not really knowing what to say in his defense.

Alpha and David West
Location: Rising Dawn canteen | Personaverse.

"Heh...Let me guess, you two were raised for war from the get go as well?..." David joked, knowing the answer at this point.
"Seems to be a recurring theme around here alright...Eh, at least we're using the combined powers of our personal dysfunction for a good cause, right?" He then said before taking a swig of of his Soda.
"Besides, if it wasn't us, it'd either be someone else or no one at all...I understand that now..."

Yu Narukami, Devon and Cadolbolg.
Location: Halls | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Devon nodded at Yu's statement. "Well, I think a small tea would work. I'm getting ready to head to sleep myself, anyways. Besides, Cadolbolg needs to let Caim and Angie get some time to themselves as well. Perhaps we could work together tomorrow?" The three walked to a small vending machine and got the drinks, and Devon was doing her best to get Cadolbolg to cheer up and head to sleep.

"Cadolbolg, we'd better head back in the room or else Ella won't get these in time. See you tomorrow, Narukami." She scritched the underside of Cadolbolg's head as they neared the room, noting that Ella had already fallen asleep when they looked in the open door.

[1] Twisted Metal Arc, while he was working on his Truck

Avatar Adventure
Location: ???
Time: Christmas Eve

Red Mage

The Mage in Red placed a candy into his mouth and sucked on it gently, rolling the piece of hard peppermint over with his tongue. It was cold and sweet he found. The winter snows drifted down around him lightly, and the entire town was blanketed by its soft embrace. Buildings line after line hid sleepily behind their white comforters, shining sleepily with flickering lights. The town was quiet, sleepy, muted. Hidden away in the Christmas snowfall. Up above the dark blue sky held a thousand stars shining in streams and rivers, flowing from horizon to horizon. it caught Red Mage's breath, a plume of soft white mist that billowed all at once out of his mouth. Those twinkling stars shone ten times brighter this night, Red Mage thought. He closed his eyes and let the soft air brush by him, ruffling his scarf against his robes.

When he opened his eyes, he was standing alone in a street. The snows had completely covered the asphalt and concrete. Beside him houses were lined up, flickering with warm light. He could smell the waftings of Christmas feasts between friends and family, preparations for the next day, and the murmur of prayers. He moved forward, hands in his pockets. His coast was made of warm fleece, dyed a dull crimson red. His scarf wrapped tightly about his neck and chin, shielding him from the snowy cold. His boots crunched against the new fallen snow. With every step he carried himself further into frigid isolation, and into the darkness. Yet every time the darkness would consume him, he stepped into the light of another streetlamp. They stood dutifully on Christmas Eve, tall sentinels that never balked from their duty. Red Mage admired them... he supposed. But even still, they looked alone but were surrounded by thousands of their brothers and sisters. All standing tall and firm together. Strong, unyielding, and wearing the snow as downy hats.

He thumbed his hat and kept walking, the snow swirling around him. He drew breath and let the cold air wrap around his tongue and the peppermint, chilling both to a comfortable coolness. There was another shadow walking in the distance. A faint outline in the drifting snow.

They crossed paths. Her hair was white, brilliant and beautiful. Her coat was the same color of blood a his, and her skin was warm to the touch. Their hands brushed against each other as they passed. She held on gently, delicately, almost as if she herself was going to vanish into the snowy winds. Red Mage held on with the same lightness, before letting go and vanishing into the snows himself. He slipped his glove back on and continued, drawing another soft sweet breath from the cold Christmas air. The ends of his lips curved up into a satisfied smile. His heart was filled with warmth as he walked. He closed his eyes and kept walking, the sound of the crunching snow never changing.

Red Mage opened his eyes. He was alone again, and the dark surrounded him. Tears rolled down his face.. uncontrollable, unwanted. His heart filled with a great surging warmth, and he knew not why. The stars above him shone his path. A million thousand sparkling gems in a pitch sky. Filled with love hope, warmth and love. Things he did not know. He cried, weeping. He stood, alone. In a dark that was all consuming, yet was absent. He saw the world before him, and nothing else. Like shimmering light in water. A dark glass reflection of the place he lived. He smiled, and those warm bitter salt tears caught the nook of his smile and ran down the tip of his chin into his scarf. Staining the cloth like blood.

The other side was beautiful. He paused and stared. Locked out of his own dream. Smiling, laughing, surrounded by warmth and friends he cried. Everyone was around him, and none had perished. they laughed, drank, and loved. He held his hand to his mouth to stop himself from crying out. That shimmering reflection, coated in brilliant warmth. Wrought against the bitter cold of December. He laughed. He cried. His heart swelled with emotion so great he thought he might burst. And he could hold it no longer he was bawling. He closed his eyes and let the tears roll from his eyes and down his cheeks. He cried and he cried until he lost himself in the darkness. Where there was no dark, and the stars above illuminated the world below with their gracious beauty.

Then he opened his eyes again and felt her soft warm hands against his cheeks. She was standing before him, white hair draped down over her face, framing her warm smile in a sheen of snowy white. She held him close as he cried, his heart overwhelmed with feelings. And the two stood and sat in the dark that wasn't there, crying and waiting. Under the starlit road in the heavens.

And simple words were spoken. Not be him, and not by her. But by a love that couldn't be described, something beautiful, overwhelming, and encompassing. And it said to them who cried in the shadows, "You are forgiven."

Red Mage couldn't be happier.

Alpha and David West
Location: Rising Dawn canteen | Personaverse.

"Except in our situations I was forced to another world and Sea- ... Storm had his family killed then placed in military service. If you get down to the basics though you are correct." Alpha shot back in a half-serious tone. "But you are right, better to use these powers for good. Otherwise someone else would be placed within this 'occupation' ... and who knows what could happen. They could go good, bad or in-between in the gray areas ... She said as more water was poured into her mouth once more.

Placing the bottle down she looked out of the window. "But tell me this ... what will they do when we are all gone from this world? At one point this ship will either be sunken or forgotten, the crew will go back to their homes or die ... but what will the lifeforms on this Earth do to protect themselves, they can't rely on us all the time can they?" She asked the question, thinking obviously of the worst thing possible.

Yu Narukami, Devon and Cadolbolg.
Location: Halls | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Choosing a coffee, Yu Narukami paid for his friend's drinks. "Yeah, we will be placed into multiple groups tomorrow, so I hope to see you guys there. It seems like we have much to cover ... " His face seemed to be actually calm, even if he is in deep with all of this. The workload of being the leader was on someone else's shoulder, someone who had easily more influence and funds then himself.

After getting the drinks for the two, they had walked back, separating at their rooms. "See you two tomorrow, get some good sleep. I got a feeling we will need it." A calm smile appeared on his face as he waved goodbye and split up to go to his own room. The smile stuck until his head his the pillow and his mind drifted to sleep, Yu felt much more calmer after talking to those two.

This had given him new hope to make friends with these lot.
Surely each and every one of them have something unique and interesting.
Little did he know, that this went way further then that.

Alpha and David West
Location: Rising Dawn canteen | Personaverse.

David let out a small laugh at Alpha's query.
"Oh...That's easy. Then the next bunch of people with a collective death wish will step up. Besides, with the likes of UNIT around, it shows that Humanity is taking steps to ensure that they aren't going to get stomped on. We'll be juuuuuuuust fine..." He answered, feeling sure that Humanity's love of making weapons and having huge corporations profit off those weapons would be the key to saving the world in the future.
"I wouldn't worry about, lets just get on with our shift on this madhouse until the next crowd shows up."

Alpha and David West
Location: Rising Dawn canteen | Personaverse.

Shrugging, the robotic girl pondered the slightest chance of nobody continuing the Rising Dawn crew. Will humanity create another group of heroes and special people to battle the horde of infinite villains that ever plague life itself. "You do have a point David, you do have a point. But when you talked about UNIT, will their also be other groups like that but maybe focusing more on themselves like mercenaries ... or even worse, villain" She poured the next question out as her mouth took another sip.

Of course she would like to continue to probe David of questions, yet she was afraid it would turn quickly grim. "After that question, it would be good to move off the more grim and detailed questions. Let us talk more about each other. Apart from your life as a protector of the public, who else are you?"

Reposting this to be all in one place/post up a new spell list.

Shadow Operatives Building: Lab: Fuuka, Ryan and Mitsuru

Taking the sketch, the girls gave a nod, and after looking over the sketch, Misturu spoke up, "This looks doable. All we have to do is modify the shape. You'll get it in the morning.

As for Philemon, I think all he'd ask of you would be to help with the threat Nyarlatothep has created. That's about all he's asked of us."

"That sounds about right. What he told me essentially was that the Rising Dawn were to be called to help, and nothing more. He never said anything about tests or the like. Anyways, you should probably go to bed, Ryan. We're going to have a lot to talk to you and your friends about in the morning. The investigations have brought up a lot of new things we need to discuss. And, if you do see Philemon, you probably don't need to worry about much. He's a bit distant; but otherwise helpful. Have a pleasant evening!"

My apologies for the arc dragging it's feet, it's time to get this show going!

Airship Rising Dawn

A dream.

To each and every member of the Rising Dawn, they were greeted with a strange dream at some point in their rest, to some, the man in this dream was already one well established as the giver of Personae. To others, his was a fresh face, but not one to fear.

However, as quickly as he and his message appeared, Philemon's entrance and exit from their mind was followed by a swarm of gold and blue butterflies; and the members of the Dawn were left to rise in their own ways; an announcement ringing from the intercom that their helpful aids, Mitsuru and Fuuka; were requesting their presence.

Teri, Garm
Rising from her Med-bay bed with a groan, rubbing her eyes (as well as swapping contacts) before looking around, wondering aloud, "What the..? When did I get in here?"
Patting herself down, the Cleric also realized that her staff wasn't on her person, which would have caused a panic were it not for the wolf at the side of her bed, "You passed out after the battle with Alpha Rugal's Shadow, due to exhaustion; as Alpha Slindis inferred. The staff shaped little one is here; as is Alpha Slindis. Alpha Rugal left some time in the night, and Alpha Slindis kept a watch on you."

At this point, Dimitri's voice buzzed overhead, "He is correct. User: Mr. Bernstein is in his quarters as we speak. Furthermore, the Established Allies: Mitsuru and Fuuka, are currently awaiting each member of the Dawn to make an appearance. From what I was able to gather from the local news, something is afoot in the city again. There are zones being quarantined and shut off from public use..."

Giving a small nod, the Cleric looked to her Mother and Teacher, "Right. So, Mission accomplished, huh Mum? I'm gonna go to a training room and get my spells ready for the day. If what Dimitri says is true, I might need to be prepared for a zone myself. Thanks for looking after me for the night, and... Sorry if I made you worry. Admittedly, before having to put our plan into action, the day out I had with Devon and Ella was kinda nice. We even picked up Mr. Waterford, Kalastryn and Ryan along the way. You remember Kalastryn, but I dunno if you met Ryan-but he's the dragon looking one. You'll know him when you seem him. Anyways, spells need to be readied and that takes a while..."

After a moment to get out of the bed and grab Sadei, the Cleric left the room to get herself ready for the day, leaving a wolf and his Alpha. So much for your daughter taking a break, eh Slin? Not to mention she still didn't know about the death of her fellow Author...

Caim, Angelus

After attending Jake's brief but poignant wake and will reading, Caim and Angelus had more or less spent the night away from the rest of the crew. Staying in their shared room, the two had taken their time to express the happiness of living one more day (as well as getting by some more of their personal hangups about being around one another); and the resolution to live as better parents, lovers and partners was born again.

The night only lasted so long, but when dawn broke and Dimitri's announcement that they were called to the line of duty again; the pair awoke in a familiar and comfortable embrace; but this time, there was more to it than before. Without a question of what duty was taken for that day; Caim signaled over the rings for the positions of their children, and the two took their time to prepare for the day; finally stepping out of their room and going to the Shadow Operatives building with a bit of toast in tow.

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Ella

Snuggled in with the rest of the residents of the party room, the Cuties rose with the sound of a concerned Caim in their ears, asking if they were within reach of the rest. With a confirmation that they were well, and with Devon and Ella; the voice abated, and the group was greeted by Mitsuru at the door.

After giving a rap on the door to awaken those there, the red-head spoke, "We'll be gathering in the conference room again this morning. Please hurry on and grab some breakfast before reporting in. We will wait for each of you to show up."

After this, she left the group to their devices.

((Feel free to post about your characters' awakening/morning stuffs before making your way to the Shadow Operatives room/tie off your loose ends before the next day begins. I'll wait for everyone before proceeding.))

Shadow Operatives Building: Conference Room Mitsuru, Fuuka

Seated in a chair with a cup of tea, the Leader of the Shadow Operatives quietly waited for her aids to appear, a newspaper and several files placed in front of her, "Anything new, aside from these reports?"

Fuuka, on the other hand, busied herself on her laptop as usual, and spoke to her friend, "Well, there's the car, but no Deadshot in sight... Looks like the car is near Club Escapade. Given that we know him to partake in alcohol, given the bar-fight, that would probably be the place to look..."

Teri, Garm, Slindis

Slindis nodded as she stretched for her day out in the field. "I'm glad that you enjoyed your day outside, Teri. I'll have to find Kalastryn when I can, but this Ryan... he sounds a lot like a half-dragon. If you hadn't taken a day for yourself sooner, though, I would have forced you to. Honestly, fighting without a break just isn't healthy. We both know Melethia could use some more breaks, even if making things seems to be her form of unwinding...

I understand all about needing to prepare your spells, Teri, just make sure to spend more time for yourself in the future. I know we did work you hard, but those small breaks really do keep your mind refreshed. It only has to be an hour or two a night at the least, but you do need that bit just for you. Why do you think I read and write all the time? Finding something like that that you happen to like will help so much." After that, she got ready to head to the meeting. On her way, though, she had the nagging feeling that Philemon felt familiar somehow. She couldn't place it where she'd seen him before, but she'd seen him (or someone like him) far before heading to this realm.

When Teri got in the room for her meditation, Sadei made the sound of clearing her throat before talking to the cleric. "Teri, I'm glad you didn't wear yourself out too much. To be honest, I'm more surprised at how well Slin did in the fight. From what I've seen of her before this, I kinda thought she needed a lot of her paladin stuff for fighting.

Also, could you say hi to Garm for me? He didn't bite down too hard while taking me here, and it was interesting seeing out of his eyes."

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Ella, Caim, Angelus

The blond beamed as she looked at the large squid again. "Devon, Cadolbolg, I can't believe I forgot to say thank you for those gifts last night. For a second, I almost thought that you'd run off to that club last night. Cadolbolg, Ton-Ton, could you let us get dressed? Or at the very least, cover your eyes. I mean, Angelus likely asks the same thing for you two." It was clear that she didn't mean to be rude, but she did want some privacy for her and Devon. It did take some time to get ready, but the two Bruisers hid behind the large (and oh-so-soft) squid so Ella and her bard could change in a semblance of privacy.

Since the pair was now ready, Ella picked up Cadolbolg and Devon picked up Ton-Ton as the small family unit made their way out.

"Ella, want to see Caim and Angelus? Me and Cadolbolg did pick out something for them, after all. Devon patted her messenger bag holding the chocolates

"I don't see why not. Also, if we get the chance, could we change up your bag's look? I had an idea for how it could look since it is kind of plain right now."

"If we get the chance and only if you talk with Cadolbolg or Ton-TOn first."

The talking would have went on longer, but the group ran into Caim and ANgelus. Since it had been Cadolbolg's idea, Devn whispered to Cadol as she pulled out the box of chocolates. "Go on, hand it to them. I'm sire they'll enjoy it."

Shadow Operatives Building: Conference Room Mitsuru, Fuuka, Slindis, Mel, Garm

Slindis and Garm were some of the first ones to arrive in the room with Melethia arriving shortly after. "So, more investigation? I would have went out yesterday, but I'm not too likely to be unnoticed with how I look. I still remember the last time I tried that, after all, and it wasn't too pleasant." Seems Slin still remembered how Kazuya'd covered her when she ran into that creepy otaku a bit more than year ago...

Captain's Quarters: Rugal

Rugal began to stir after his dream, waking up at his desk as the events of last night began to sink in.
Needless to say, there was a ton of pent up self loathing in the Captain after he failed to both hide his murderous side and to contain it.
Thus when he woke up, his found his room in dis-array, nearly twice as bad as it was when he lost it after torturing Annie, picture frames smashed, glass on the floor, cuts on his fists from punching them.
He reared his head up and began glancing around at the mess he made.
"...uhhhhhh...Swell..." He sighed as he picked himself up and went for a shower, going a quick bandage job on his fists before hiding them under his gloves.
"...Don't tell Her Lad-"
"Don't tell her Ladyship, Lock the door, I'll clean up when we get back." He bluntly ordered on his way out, The last thing he wanted was everyone thinking he was insane, even more so then he most likely was.

Shadow Operatives Building: Conference Room: Rugal

His mood was mostly somber, though he did lighten up a little when he saw Slindis, Teri and Melethia in the Conference Room, Specially the young Elf, seeing how she seemed unaware of the the fact the nearly murdered the other two, made the whole meeting seem a little less awkward.
So he took his seat and merely waited for the meeting the start.

Shadow Operatives Building: Conference Room: David West

Notice: Will Edit if Shaun asks

After spending a lot of the night talking to Alpha, About his life, his goals and teaching her a new dozen new swear words and...uh, "Positions" to use on Storm, David went back to his room and flopped down on the bed.
When he awoke from that strange Dream, he wiped his eyes and groaned "Uhhhh...Why does he have to pry into the one place in my life where shit isn't weird?...".
David liked his dreams as a means of Escapist so these reminders cutting into them a tad bit annoying.
Still, he got dressed, drank his breakfast Prairie oyster and was in the door not long after the others.
"-but I'm not too likely to be unnoticed with how I look. I still remember the last time I tried that, after all, and it wasn't too pleasant."
"Hey, Deadshot went out dressed like a Right Wing Militia, Ammo Belts and All and that's not even getting started on the New Guy (Ryan). Anyone gives you a second glance, just smile, nod and say you are a cosplayer." He quipped to Slin as he took his seat and waited for today's reports.

Shadow Operatives Building: Call Room: Jenny

After her Dream with Jake ended and Philemon gave his message, Jenny began to stir with a David West sized Hangover, clearly starting to feel the effects of her session last night.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh...I blame you for this..." Her Shadow groaned, the very act of existing seemed like a horrible terminal illness at this moment in time for the poor Pokemon.
She elected to stay in for the most part, at least until she was able to make any movements that didn't feel like 100 bones breaking.

Kala woke up in the training room. She was so fascinated, it seemed, with her new "persona" that she must have been practicing with it so long that she, A) figured out that "Demi" had recieved all her magical abilities, and B) She was up so late that she'd become so tired she fell asleep right there on the floor. Who was that person from her dream though, and for what purpose did he appear? I mean he did rather look the part of a gentleman, and she didn't figure him her enemy in any way... but he could have at least said his name. Hearing an announcement to meet in the conference room, she would have decided to replace her disguise from the day before. She did remember however, her agreement to Ryan in keeping her appearance for now. As far as keeping her word on that agreement, she wasn't sure. She decided to at least see the reactions to her in this meeting before deciding if she'd try it in public.

And so she made here way the the shadow operatives building conference room. Looking as inconspicuous as a tiefling could, which is to say acting like she belonged despite sticking out like a sore thumb stuck in a beehive, she walked in and had a seat, smiling when she saw Slindis and Melethia, but not quite saying anything yet. The pleasantries could wait for but a moment more while she waited to see the reactions of those she was going to be working for, provided they are actually here. (she'd decided to put those big feathery wings away as they are physically retractable and they aren't much help inside a building or walking on the ground. She's definitely not going to pass as human... but at least she looks slightly less intimidating.)

Alpha and Storm.
Location: Room 179 | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

After a long talk with David, the two began to talk about some really casual topics. From favorite drinks (in David's case) or favorite programs (in Alpha's case) to really raunchy sex stuff and weird swear words, fully covered in Irish. The two talked for the time until they decided to turn in so that the may get he energy for tomorrows activities, the AI and Spartan couple were not involved in this rather large event, so they still planned to look after the ship.

The conversation duo parted, when the cybotic girl entered her own room she could clearly see her 'hubby' already sleeping on the bed in his boxer shorts, white bangs still a tad wet from having a shower. Frowning for second, Alpha wanted to try out those 'tips' of David, but silently throwing her clothes off until she was in her underwear, the AI sneaked into bed and snuggled up to her beloved with a smile.

The next morning.

Waking up the next morning, the Spartan gave a big yawn. The sun shined in and his hair was a mess. "Another day in this lovely ship." He said sarcastically as he moved his white bangs into a better position. Looking by his side, he could easily see Alpha sleeping calmly, having a temptation to prank her over him, he simply shrugged before laying next to her and started to hug her with a smile. "Eh, a lay in ain't so bad." He quietly said before burying his face into the pillow again.

Yu Narukami.
Location: Yu's room | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

The night for Narukami was better then the last few, his head was into gear and he actually wanted to get things done today. His motivation to socialize with the group grew more as well, but remembering Mitsuru's orders and her strict personality, the boy began to get ready immediately. Going to the bathroom quickly and then getting into his clothing, Yu did a slow job to the conference room, he would get breakfast after this.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room.

Getting to the conference room, the gray-haired boy slowed into a walk as he entered, nearing Fuuka and Mitsuru he gave a small bow. "Good morning Fuuka-san, Mitsuru-san." He had said politely as he sat down next to them, taking his position as masterful natural user. Yu looked forward to this new day of solving and getting to know his comrades.

Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn


Cz's eyes fluttered open and she hugged her knees tighter. She breathed. The words were soft on her lips and carried an air of tired annoyance, not particularly aggrieved, bur rather accepting. "I really hope weird dreams aren't going to become a reoccurring thing for me." She opened her eyes and stared out at the empty Canteen, "It'd be a real drag I think."

She stood up, her robes dragging against each other, creating a pleasant scritch-scratch of cloth. She placed both bare feet on the cold ground and stepped forward, rubbing the back of her head with her hand. "Sleep sure does come thickly in this world." Her eyes sharpened and her stride increased. Finally, finally, after such a long time in stasis could she stretch her muscles. All of them. Cz licked her lips and tossed her hair over her shoulder and made her way toward the Conference Room in the Operatives Building.

Location: Conference Room | Shadow Operatives Building

The Crew | Mitsuru | Fuuka

In contrast to Yu's muted correspondence of polite Japanese tradition, Cz kicked open the door to the room, and let down her leg slowly. She shifted her weight to her right and placed a hand on her hip. She opened her eyes and took a good look at each of the people in the room before striding in and sitting down in an unoccupied chair. She crossed her legs and placed a hand on the table, tapping slowly with her index finger as she glowered at Misturu and Fuuka.

After a short period of time, and making sure that her entrance was dynamic enough to distance herself from the pathetic little girl she had been stuck s for the past few days she spoke out, her voice strict and no-nonsense, "What's going on. We need to finish up and move along as fast as possible. I am afraid that the mental stability of the crew has been slowly deteriorating ever since we have arrived in this broken world." Cz looked away contemptuously, "Although that could be just a matter of the people here in general. But," she turned back and leaned forward so she was almost standing up, "I'm not very comfortable with this whole 'being human' nonsense! The faster we finish and I can get reintegrated with my other processes, the happier and more well adjusted I'll be THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

Shadow Operatives Building: Conference Room: Rugal

Rugal was made a little uneasy by Cz's statement ("I am afraid that the mental stability of the crew has been slowly deteriorating ever since we have arrived in this broken world."), especially in light of recent events involving himself.
...I wonder who else knows... He thought, back into the somewhat paranoid mentality he was in after what happened with Annie, of not knowing what people knew about his Shadow's hostile takeover.
Still, he shuffled a little in his chair but said nothing otherwise.

Shadow Operatives Building: Conference Room: David West

"...Welcome to my world Cz, Call the 1-800 number and we'll get you a key-chain." David remarked, not really liking Cz's reference to "Being Human" as nonsense.
After that display of annoyance, he gave Yu a welcoming nod, before jaking "Well Yu, How was the homework last night?"
Having a bit of a laugh at his own sense of humor, he then glanced around the meeting table and noticed 2 faces were missing.
"Hey, I know Deadshot most likely went on another bender last night, but where's J? (Jenny)"

Shadow Operatives Building: Call Room: Jenny

"oohhhhhhhh...." The pokemon in question groaned as she tried to make her way towards the meeting she was already running late to, trying to figure out her way though the massive hangover she had built up.
So she wandered though the halls trying to find the meeting.

Location - Shadow Operation's Building - Hallway: Ryan, Jenny, and Annie

"Ug'lo A KALDOVEIL!! Pum-Pum caxannet foriovo zo clod whaxas eno en zoil skip!! AAHHHHHHHHH!!
Annio, wherupp claxap!! Z-zis dis quich wixonemonaxar te soo pit loaxar, rivo, Kaxaldoviel WhERUPP CLAP!!!! Hon Pum praxayow Dekomen X, Pum usow eno te pe ARR eb vupp faxattros pi sko'd ewn zo rivick daxayridds uk eb zo rittro stumps zaxat daxalow staxarrocko whol. Ehhhhh- .... eh.
Caxan ug spoaxak axat axarr? Pum-Pum waxank te gned dib ug'lo caxapaxafro eb spoaxakick. Eh vupp kew zis dis ceer!! Se-sellupp bel baxan kaxasmick axarr evol wholo, quich... wed, Pum- Pum revo Kaxaldoveils. Zis dis sing te gned zo clod whaxas eno pi dib ug'lo jet din pit Dekofaxarr- ug'lo plefaxafrupp loi ox smaxalt.

Luckily(?) for Ryan, his major Fan-Gasm was mostly unprocessed by Jenny's booze wrecked mind as thus could only be made out as the Gibberish above this line.
She did however notice the hug (I mean, how couldn't she?) and quickly attempted to give an answer to whatever the hell Ryan was saying.
"oyyyyy...Can you not talk so loud? I feel like my brain is slush...." She said, not exactly what Ryan was expecting for his first meeting with a real Gardevoir huh?
Granted, she was able to make out Annie despite everything and asked "...Annie?...Wh-what's going on?...Who's talking?...uhhh, I think I'm going to be sick..."
Yep, Poor Jenny was clearly warped out her mind by the devil drink...

Location - Shadow Operation's Building - Hallway: Ryan, Jenny, and Annie

Jenny was still rather lethargic looking as she watched Annie basically wrestle with Ryan, Why was a mystery to her.
"Conferance?....oohhhhh, Arcues, I haven't missed it have I?" She groaned as she held her head, knowing how much she was going to regret this later.
Still, she was able to throw a single answer to Ryan's queries, "My Name is Jenny, Just...Leave me be for a while, I'm not really in any state to say anything else..." She answered as she walked along the hallway, too hazed by her drinking the night before to notice the duo basically fighting right beside her.
Apart from that, She was a Gardevoir alright, though and though, apart from her ragged appearance and a nasty looking burn on her arm.

Yu Narukami and co.
Location: Conference room | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

With people coming in, even Yu could sense the bad feelings in the air. It had seemed this investigation was getting to everyone, probably either due to their Shadows or own personal problems. Yu himself was next to Fuuka and Mitsuru, sippng a can of hot coffee he had gained from a vending machine earlier.

When David came in, Yu gave a nod back too. When David let out that joke, a calm smile on Yu's face appeared. "My homework was great, having a sexual education teacher is the best." He joked but his voice was so smooth and calm that it sounded like the truth. "As for the missing people ... Deadshot we know about as for Jenny-san, I wouldn't know. Mitsuru-san, would you know where Jenny is?" Yu asked the leading lady beside him.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Slindis

Giving another wave to her mother, Teri didn't take long before settling into on of the training rooms. Conjuring Toyotama into existence, the Cleric Authored a pillow to rest on before answering Sadei, pulling out her Bible and Authoring two more bottles of water into existence, "I'm fine Sadei. Sure my limbs are kinda sore, but at the very least, Dad's back to normal.

As for Mum, regardless of Paladin or Monk stuff, I never really doubted her fighting ability. She's not somebody'd I'd mess with anyways... But she did bring up a bit of a good point. I guess I didn't realize I was pulling the same thing Devon was earlier and it was taking it's toll. Either way, I'll talk to you some more and say hi to Garm for you in an hour, I've some spells and holy water to prepare...."

And with that, the Cleric opened her bible to a marked passage and began to pray....

Shadow Operatives Building: Party Room: Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Ella, Caim, Angelus

"Go on, hand it to them. I'm sire they'll enjoy it."

Grabbing the candies in question, Cadolbolg flew to Caim and Angelus, who were walking down the hall in a comfortable silence until-

"Father, Mother! Have these!"

The duo blinked with suprise, but the warrior was the first to break the silence, holding his son with a faint smile while asking, "Cadolbolg? Oh right, you've been with Devon all day yesterday... Now what's this you got?"
"Greetings little one, now, where's your brother and sister? I believe you were with them..."

Cadolbolg looked back in Devon's direction for a moment, still feeling a bit nervous about the gift giving before handing both of his parents the candies, and giving a small explanation about what they were for. Caim gave a soundless chuckle, his chest shaking as he handed the candy to Angelus, "I see what you had planned... You needn't worry, Cadolbolg. Your mother and I aren't on bad terms because we don't give each other gifts. Whatever gave you that idea?"

As the tiny turtle dragon gave his explanation further, Angelus took a nibble of one of the chocolates and walked in the direction of the bard and her entorage, giving Devon and the rest the smallest nod before speaking softly (most likely so Cadolbolg couldn't hear), "Greetings. Devon, Ella, I really need to thank the two of you for looking after Cadolbolg for a while. That and for humoring his idea. These are quite good. Want one? And has Ton Ton seemed in good condition as well? I'm sorry that we unceremoniously dropped you off little one, but Caim and I had some matters we needed to speak on."

Ton Ton, who had gotten the basics over the rings with Cadolbolg about the plan, whispered in Ella and Devon's ears, "Looks like that went well!"
However at being addressed, he answered with a small shake of his head, "It's fine, Ms. Angelus. I understand that you and Mister Caim need to talk over things once in a while. All parents do, at least, that's what I've seen with the Mistress' parents as well... Now, seeing that we're being called to the conference, perhaps we talk on the way? I'd hate to keep all of our allies waiting..."

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room Mitsuru, Fuuka, The Crew

Teri filed in early after Slindis and Melethia, Garm happily returning to his Pup's side (and Teri gave the wanted greeting for Sadei). Sitting down quietly, the Cleric watched as the rest of the party filed in, including Cz's loud exclamation against her recent humanity. However, as questions started coming their way, Mitsuru cleared her throat and stood up, knowing it was now her time to speak up,

"Greetings, all of you. I am aware that some of the crew is not present at the moment, so I'll just be handling some of your questions and comments till they arrive. Following that, myself and Fuuka will give a full briefing on your findings from yesterday. Furthermore, I give my condolences to each of you, for the loss of your crewmember, Jake. I'll leave the funerary proceedings up to you for that matter."

Teri froze in her seat upon hearing this, and spoke up quietly to Slindis, looking at her mentor/mother with confusion as she tapped the rings "What? What is she talking about? What happened to Jake?"

Fuuka picked up after Mitsuru, and remained seated as she answered, particularly to Cz, "Erm, perhaps you could be a bit more specific? Last I recall, you've been to the meetings explaining the turn of events. However, I have to ask that you be patient with us. Panicking over our situation won't make it any easier, and you know as well as we do that the sooner the situation is taken care of, the sooner Philemon will send you all home. I know, it's hard dealing with all of the recent things such as Personas and Shadows, but with some of the things your group has brought in, we think we finally have a lead in the case, instead of just random tidbits of information. As for the being human, and your terminology, I can guess that you might have been an inorganic being once; rather like an android? In our experience with those, attempting to repress your emotions will lead you down a more painful path than accepting them. At least, that's how it was for Aigis, an android we have as one of our allies."

Mitsuru took up the line of thought after this, answering both Slindis and Narukami in turn, "As my associate, Yamagishi-san has explained, we think that we have a lead in the case. Today, we'll be asking you to investigate three specific locations. Again, once everyone's arrived, we'll give a full briefing on all of our findings.

And as for Jenny, Narukami-san, I believe she was sighted last night in a room on these grounds where several Rising Dawn members were attempting to let off some steam from the stress of the day. My guess is that the alcohol involved has made her sleep in. Deadshot, however, is another story..."

She seemed to make a face of distaste after this, and it was very much aware that she knew something was up...

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room: Rugal

Rugal took was taken aback from the word of Jake's Demise, he wasn't exactly well up on what happened during his Shadow's takeover.
"...Jake is-...I see..." He merely said, Shaken and starting to curse himself even more at the sound of that news.
"...*Ahem* Well...These locations you mentioned, Where are they?..." He then asked, unease still in his mind as to wether or not the Shadow Operatives knew about his Shadow's takeover.

Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room: David West

"Ahhhh, I see what you did there..." David quipped in response to Yu's joke, though he was seriously questioning if he was even old enough for such a comment to work.
"So both Jenny and Deadshot went on the piss? Alright, did you check the local police stations? That's normally where I'd end up after a night out like that." He then added to Mitsuru, though her facial expressions did little to ease his concerns.
"...You already checked those, haven't you?..."

Upon hearing that Mitsuru was taking questions, Kala was actually a bit surprised more attention hadn't been called to herself... maybe Ryan was right about people being rather numb to things like this? Anyhow, Kala did have a few questions.

"Questions? Ah yes... now I have a few, if it's not too much to ask. You've done a fine job in introducing a few of your associates... but what are you called by, and who is this "Philemon" character that could "send us home?" At the thought of someone seemingly inter-dimensionally capable, and the thought of home... "and what of us who have no home to return to? We don't all come from the same place... each of us among the Rising Dawn crew for sure... but there may be a few of us who want to, though cannot, return elsewhere." She stated... even though her world was indeed cruel, it was home. A chance to work with someone on at least a minor matter of it's reconstruction would never be turned down, as fruitless as she assumed it could be, she has personally met wizards before with the arcane or divine skill for genesis on such a scale.

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