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Capitol Building Ruins: UMG RAY ID 1099 FULGORE Vs Titan Annie, Nightmare and Ryan

Because I didn't make enough rape subtext jokes in my last post, The RAY quickly found itself being violated by Nightmare once more while Annie pummeled it's face in.
Sparks and motor fluids leaked openly though it's torn off wing while Nightmare finished undoing much of it's design from the inside.
Once her grasp began to reach it's AI core, the entire mech spasmed and shook violently as it's cries of protest were soon reduced to glitched modem noises as little by little it's programming began to malfunction, as do most things you rip important hardware out of.
Before too long, the LEDs on the mecha began to go dark before it went limp and fell into a shattered husk before their combined efforts.
For the first time since the battle started, the air finally went still as the conflict seemed to end.

In fact, the only other source of movement was that of a lone human-sized figure slowly waking towards both towering females.
It was made mostly of metal and had a pair of blue plasma blades on it's wrists, as well as not seeming too discouraged by the fact a mech several times its size was more or less disassembled right before it.
There was a brief crackle as an echo rang though the air before the figure spoke though some kind of loud speaker:

[Attention Rising Dawn : Surrender now : Additional RAY units are en route to your location : World Marshall Forces control all air and land routes in the city : We have already captured several of your number : Cease resisting and no harm will come to them or you : Resist and force will be used : You have 60 seconds to comply...]

With it's message given, it then ceased it's advance and waited for a response, not seeming to fear what amounted to Kaiju monsters towering over them.
And it's threat was not an idle one as black specs on the horizon began to come into view, a closer inspection would reveal them to be aircraft carrying those reinforcements into the city.

[30 seconds to comply...]

World Marshall Transport heading for ???
Why do you people keep formatting your posts like this?
ARES | Bison| Caim | David | Katya | Mio | Nadalia | Teri | Cyborg who's Hooked on a Feeling

David never thought he'd miss being in that death trap of a truck, getting chased by terminators, exploding and crashing, all those terrible things that he doesn't really enjoy.
But as the situation in the Transport kept going south, he was starting to realize it wasn't as terrible as he had thought.
There was nothing but screaming for most of the ride to the prison, both Bison and Katya too busy yelling at each other to really listen to anything that was being said, Teri was currently having a serious panic attack and, like when he was driving that truck, there was little David could do but ride it out.
"...Well, Nadalia, I guess I could be doing slightly better then I currently am right now..." He sarcastically answered the Iron Queen as his ears started to ring, the screaming was one thing, it was another when they were stuck in this small confined space.

Thankfully for all involved, there was not long to wait before they were let out of this nightmare and hastily shoved into another one.
If anyone could still hear anything, they would hear the transport come to a halt, as well as feel it.
Soon, the rear doors to the transport opened as a Cyborg soldier arrived to cart them off and, funnily enough, he was also screaming as he waltz right into the truck.
With all the care and grace one would expect from a Private Prison, he began to help the prisoners get out of the truck.
He seemed a little confused at first when ARES seemed to be no longer functioning, only to shrug before unlocking her from her seat and casually lobbing her body out the back like bag of old trash before he went to do the same for Bison.
"LISTEN TO ME YOU WAGE SLAVE! I CAN HELP YOU! JUST UNDO MY COLLAR! PLEASE! I'M NOT ABOUT TO BEG BUT IF IT CHANGES YOUR MIN-AHHHH!" The former dictator pleaded before he found himself flung out the back like ARES was.
"....Hey, it's alright man. I can walk, you don't need to-hey-HEY! NO! WAIT! LISTEN-SONABITCH!" The sniper said as well before he too was flung out, landing right on top of Bison who in turn was groaning after hitting his head off ARES's metal bust on the way out.

Next, he did the same with Nadalia, all while moving and shaking to the music as he pulled her by her sole arm, giving her a playful dancing spin before giving her an Irish whip, tripping her just she was clear to ensure a rough landing.
He then went for both Teri and Mio, not really seeming to notice and/or care about the former's panic attack as he hoisted both of them onto his shoulders before throwing them out like a bouncer at a nightclub.
The chorus kicked in once more when it came to Caim's turn, this time opting to grab him by his hair before leading him out by it, letting go only once gravity had him and caused him to fall right onto Mio before she could stand up.

Soon, the only one left was Katya, who was now screaming SO loud that his noise-blocking headphones didn't seem to do the trick.
But he didn't so much as skip a beat as he playfully reached into one of the compartments on his uniform.
"Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga." He kept singing as he gripped her jaw with one hand, forcing her motor mouth open before shoving some kind of mouth-gag inside it, locking closed from behind her head with some sort of small keypad.
Once he was done, he then tapped her on the nose with his finger before laughing, at least one of them were having fun.
The others were then greeted with the sight of the hacker flying out the back of the transport before landing right on top of Caim, gagged and squirming as the Cyborg shut the doors pranced right back to the driver's cab to get the next batch of Prisoners.
"....This is officially the lowest point of my whole career..." Bison lamented before the admittance crew showed up.

But first, a word about the room they were in: It was a cold metal room with steel that looked hard enough to withstand a direct hit with a missile.
It was almost like some sort of underground loading bay, the transport that brought them travelling though an dark tunnel before disappearing down it so there was little chance of them figuring out their location.
Cameras watched their every move as were staff manning the stations in the towers looking down at them, merely talking to their co-workers as if it was just another work day. (Which to be fair, it was).
Before them was a bar-door that slid open as a number of Prison Guards with rather heavy looking weapons advanced on them.
"*Whistle* Wow...Tommy was right, Vincent Vega does look more fat in person!" one of them taunted as the other ordered "Alright, on your feet and follow the white line. Pretend it's a tight-rope: You take one step off it and you'll get your legs broken..."
It didn't sink it at first that ARES wasn't in any state to be moved and was infact some kind of android, but once it did, a pair of staff in lab coats and rather technical equipment began to haul her off on some kind of trolley to another part of the prison.
They didn't seem to notice Teri's screaming all that much, figuring that she'd mellow down once she was out of breath.

As for everyone else, they found themselves lead like cattle into some kind of holding cell, their Mugshots, ID's, Biometrics and all sorts of other data being taken and scanned by rather advanced devices built into the walls on either side of them as they made their way in.
In the holding cell was a rather cheap looking changing room with a large metal container for each of them, containing a bright orange Prison Jumpsuit and matching shoes designed to fit their exact sizes.
There was a bit of digital beeping before the cuffs and leg-restraints came off and they were given a simple instruction: "Change into the uniforms we have provided and leave all personal effects and clothing in the container. If you ever make bail, you'll get them back...Heh, like that's going to happen..."
And so they stood there, awkwardly looking at them as they got changed, something that the Sniper did somewhat object to.
"...Ah, now, Really lads? Come on, can you not even just turn around or-" David asked before he got his answer in the form of a rather nasty backhand to the face which knocked him flat on his ass.
"Oh get over it. You really think we enjoy this? Believe me, you quickly get rather sick of the human body when you do this job for 6 months. And I've been here for nearly 2 years! So suck it up and just get changed. I don't want to look at Vega's fat ass anymore then you do."

Deus Ex Machina
Phenomena Intervention - Prime Unit Solomon

The atmosphere in the operating room was tense and grim. Molli and John stood on the other side of a thick plane of glass that separated the rest of the ward and the sterile environment held within. There were more machines than ever now hooked up to Dolly. Her face was twisted in pain, her eyebrows furrowed and sweat bead at her forehead. She had long since stop taking breath - oxygen had been cycled in and out of her lungs mechanically for at least thirty minutes now. The surgeon worked tirelessly and with such deliberate strokes that he rivaled the medical machina operated by captain Yang. He was Medical Captain Georgie Nayadokovov, a Russian ex-KGB medical scientist who was famed for both his sociopathy and brilliance. Though now Molli could very well see the reason he had always resented the title "The Coldhand Stitcher" he always considered himself a deliverer and an absolver of sin. He hated seeing people die more than anything in the world.

And now he was more afraid than he had ever been.

Only his culturally cool demeanor kept his brow clean of sweat, and only years of practice kept his hands steady as he worked the flesh of Dolly's abdomen. In a swipe of his scalpel he'd take two or three pieces of concrete or metal out of the mess of muscle and toss them onto a platter held by one of the medical machina, in another he'd clamp the viscera together and glue the sinew plates back together so that they would hold against the deluge of pus and blood. Though through this operation he had kept away from his beloved needle and thread - a tool which he himself had made into a morbid art.

He remembered sweet Yana, whom was to him the most beautiful woman in the world. She had been gentle, sweet, kind, and full-bodied with soft supple flesh in all the right places. And he remembered his rage when she had destroyed her image in his mind. Strung up in a thousand threads like a fly in a spider's web - each and every limb and orifice stitched together with such speed and efficiency that it scarce had time to bleed. He had left her to suffocate in the sinful fleshy shell that had betrayed him. At the same time, it had ashamed him what he had done. He had swore an oath - a twisted oath to be sure - but his master had always told him, life was not his to take. He was a doctor who had chosen to bear the full burden of life in his hands. Let none die in his presence. Let no more die in my presence, he corrected himself quietly. His fingers ached for the familiar feel of needle and thread as he worked with the thick unruly metal clamps that held the poor girl's body together.

Her heart was the only thing in her body that was still working. This girl was for all intents and purposes a living cadaver the moment they brought her to him. He grimaced, Georgie couldn't exercise the full potential of his study. Never in thirty years of medical work had he come across such a strange patient. Would that he had the organs, tissue, and blood on hand, he could fix this girl in less than twenty-four hours, but the test results had come back negative on all fronts. Her blood was unique and would accept no transfusions, her muscle cells did not accept other human flesh, and her body rejected every type of donor tissue they had in stock. For all he could understand, this girl wasn't human.

He put down his instruments, "Water!" he cried. One of the nurses came up to him and dumped a bottle of cold water down his throat. He swallowed hungrily and then turned to the console that displayed the image of WenFen, the Medical division co-captain. "The girl is beyond saving," he grumbled, "her old organs are useless. Pieces of scrap meat only good for harboring bacteria."

The old Chinese doctor hid his face behind his tented hands, "Yes, yes, I know."

"I can do nothing!" Georgie cried. He was so frustrated that he had the urge to just flip the operating table over. With all his skill, and all of his knowledge, there was nothing he could do! Nothing at all! He could only just keep a calm demeanor for the girl's friends standing outside of the operating room.

"We can keep her alive," WenFen replied.

"But for how long? I have just been here cleaning her wounds! That is what I am doing! I can do no more!" Georgie picked up his scalpel again and got back to work, this time beginning to excise the large piece of steel that had embedded itself in the girl's birth canal.

WenFen shook his hands. He was thinking. His desk was strewn in papers, all of them detailing one Dolores Selmy's medical history. All of them nearly blank. "Family, if she has family we could do it. Yes? Or perhaps use stem cells to grow new organs from her cells."

Georgie shook his head, "Family organs maybe - if they are the same as her, not human!" Though he had not considered the idea of just putting the girl on life support and growing new tissues for her from clones. It might be their only chance to save this unfortunate girl, who now that he had taken a good look at her face, looked awfully like Yana.

"I will contact Captain Donnell in the mean time. Perhaps she will be able to find a family member of this girl." Wenfen blinked off the monitor of the medical machina, and the suite of machines went on standby.

Georgie placed a bloodied hand on Dolores' chest and gently squeezed the pale flesh. He could still feel her heart beating strong, even after losing nearly half of her blood. As long as she fights for life, I will help her. He knew very well the desire for every creature to live, and the absolute debilitating fear that comes close to death.

"LAE-TAAAA!" Saren screamed. Her eyes were sharp and severe like a hawk's, "This was dumb." Saren walked over to Cortex and put a foot on his head and started to kick it harshly. "Given enough force I'm sure we can get your head back through." Saren grinned.

Laeta stepped back and put her hands on Ruby's shoulder, "Ah, well. I feel obligated to let you know that Saren's behavior is not generally socially acceptable."

"Must I remind you again the point of your visit to the Rising Dawn?" Losko said. His voice was saturated with an almost eldritch sort of disdain. "Your elder sister, Lola, is currently awaiting your arrival."

"Losko," Laeta pouted, "you mustn't keep harping on that so! Lola might not seem like it on paper, but she's a really really tough girl. I'm absolutely, one-hundred percent sure that nothing bad will come from us being a little bit late." Laeta patted Ruby on the head, "And we even found Ruby to boot. I think that Lola would be happier for our little frolic."

"Gah!" Saren screamed. She was now slamming her heel into Cortex's forehead, "What the hell!? Did your damn head get swollen from all the activity!? It won't fucking budge!"

Laeta flinched and waited for Losko to scream "Language!" again at the top of his little rabbit lungs, but it never came. Instead Losko gave a soft and solemn sigh. "Be that as it may, you two are currently intruding on the two children's bonding time." Losko motioned to Ruby and Farber.

Laeta grinned, "Ah, ah, ah! I see. Okay, Saren! Let's go find something else to kill some time!"

"Eh? But I haven't even drawn blood yet!"

Laeta ran up to Saren and glomped her again, smothering the smaller girl in her affection. "Come on, let's go."

Rising Dawn:Med Bay: Icarus, Selena, Garm, Danny Boy, Staff

The Witch had Supplied the Med Bay with Healing Potions, The staff was better at treating their patients with Selena spending the past half hour doing rounds, though she also took the time to change clothes, not wanting to contaminate patients with whatever vile black gunk The hacker had submersed her in. All she wanted was to make sure Icarus was alright, but he was asleep. Clearing her mind she approached another patient, the Icy Dire-wolf: Garm, Beside the wold was a strange young girl in a black and red dress and was carrying of all things a Halberd.
"Your Teri's wolf aren't you? I Know your in pain, I can help you, but you have you swallow a potion, then not scratch the itch." she said somewhat nervously.
The Wolf looked up at her and opened his jaws quite wide, She very gently tilted his head up and poured a potion down his mouth, pausing so the wolf could swallow. Being a canine Garm's maw was best suited to lapping up a liquid but Selena couldn't serve it in a dish.

Soon a strange sensation tingled through Garms body, His wounds became warm to nearly hot, Selena had removed her hand In Case Garm suspected poison, His injuries healed skin knit itself back together, bones reformed, After a period of intense Burning and mending Then the heat dissipated, leaving a warm tickling sensation.
Selena looked over the wolf.
"Do you feel better?" she asked Looking at the wolf, whom she had no way of reading.
Suddenly there was a loud noise, like something had been broken "Oh crap that's probably Icarus, I'll come back and check on you, Just take it easy OK?" she said before leaving to wonder what could have Happened.

Icarus woke up cold, under a Blanket with much of his clothing and Mail removed a nurse was monitoring his vitals
"Hmm This seems to be your first time in the Medical Bay, Your medical records aren't in the system, what is your name?"
"Umm My name is Icarus"
"Full name please" she nurse stood over him looking at him, no, she was examining him.
"Icarus.... Son of the Raven King,"
"Don't you have a Surname?" she asked
"My parents do but I didn't ever need one, How many Icarus's are there?"
The nurse sighed
"I suppose that'll have to wait we'll need to run some tests, we'll need a few blood samples"
"I'm fine, I really don't need a needle" he tried to get up, her cold hands immediately pushed him back down.
"Do not Move"
Icarus however shared a trait with his Father, he HATED needles and when the nurse attempted to strap him down he really began to struggle, Icarus began to worry he was in some sort of strange laboratory, having never spent time in the Med Bay. So with A Nurse approach him with a razor sharp needle he did a natural thing: He Panicked.
His distress alerted his older brother whom didn't Appreciate returning to find Icarus strapped down and being terrified by a nurse with poor bedside manner So HE did a natural thing: he dashed up top close the distance hopped upon Icarus's bed and snarled at the Nurse.
Upon seeing a strange dog like creature snarl at her SHE did a natural thing: She ran away. Danny boy then helped His brother out of the restraints, or he tried to, unfortunately the leather straps weren't compatible with his paws. Getting angry Danny boy felt that perhaps Violence would solve his problems. Danny Boy's fingers Began to glow purple, Icarus Knew what was coming, With a straight Jab Danny smashed the medical gurney allowing Icarus to more easily escape.

Getting up Icarus looked around "Now where did they put my effects?" he saw his tunic and clothing had been folded and he had been asleep long enough for someone to have it washed he put them on quickly and the necklace around his neck suddenly though the last few memories prior to going unconscious rushed back "Hang on Hold the Dragons, how did I even get here where are the others?"
Danny boy held up his paw, using his aura he communicated images to Icarus.
"Oh Okay I am on the dawn so , Wait Selena? She's Alive?
SELENA" He shouted loudly and started running through halls He could hear the sound of someone else approaching the Angel and the Witch caught sight of each other and he froze
Icarus moved fast Selena found herself wrapped in his embrace before he loosened his arms.
"Are, Are you hurt" He asked looking into her eyes.
"No No I'm fine Are you alright?"
"Who cares?" He asked smiling widely but his eyes partially teary
"I do"
Icarus Hugged her more closely his head resting on her shoulder "I-I thought I'd never see you again, I saw the Truck and I-I" He shuddered she felt warm tears on her neck
"Shhhhhh, It's alright, it's OK. It wasn't your fault Icarus, You did your best" She tilted his head up seeing his violet Eyes glisten with tears. She held him close, Her fingers ran through his soft hair it had once again become inky black. her second hand rested on his back she knew to the left was a scar, he had at least a dozen or so on his body, he hid them under his clothes but she had seen them. Icarus had suffered and endured a lot of pain.
And Sadly Selena had learned the hard way that magic and potions can't heal all wounds.

Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Medical Bay
"Oh! Oh! Can Doom do one of these?!"
Rory Mercury | Molli Faust | Naamah | Dolores Selmy | Garm | Icarus | Selena | Danny Boy | Doom | Kazuya

Doom was resting after his ordeal the night before.
While Teri's magic and the medical center here did much to mend his battered body, I don't think I need to explain how getting a entire magazine worth of lead to the chest might take a toll on someone.
Still, it was starting to reach the point where it was hard to sleep, all the people wandering about tending to the wounded, the shouting, the hustle and bustle of it all.
He shifted slowly at first before letting out a loud yawn, as if he was just waking up for the first time that day (Which he kinda was), rubbing some sand out of his eyes as he smacked his lips slightly.
The confusion began to set in when he realized the place was a LOT busier then when he arrived, his eyes slowly scanning the room as he tried to figure out what was going on.
"...Man, Doom must have missed something important..." He said as he went to get out of his bed, lifting his leg up-

Quickly realizing why that that was a bad idea, he slowly moved it back into place before loudly exhaling and wishing he had some more painkillers.
Once he was comfortable again, he attempted to strike up conversation with one of the staff to find out what, if anything, he had missed.
"Hey, Sorry, Can Doom-...
Doom would like to kn-...
Do you know what's happe-...
...Did Doom miss the breakfast menu-..."

It wasn't really going too well as all the staff that went past his bed were rather busy patching up the wounded, making him wonder if he should be happy or sad that his "Captors" were seemingly getting their ass kicked...

All the while, Kazuya laid on the floor next to his bed, slowly waiting for the numbing agents he was put on to flush from his system as the vein his forehead began to pulsate more and more.
Judging from the racket outside, everything went exactly as he would have expected from a Violet-led operation and he would soon need to go fix that.
Using his remaining arm to scale a IV drip stand, he slowly attempted walking, flexing and stretching his leg muscles before committing himself to standing up.
It was about now he realized that the men stationed to "Guard" him didn't seem to be around, allowing him to waltz right out of his room clad in little else then a backless patient gown and bandages on his arm stump.
Panting from exertion, he then attempted to make his way to the hanger, to tired to really bother with anyone else who wasn't named Violet right now...

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Transport Truck
"Nah, go on, shove it in." - Diablo1099
Katya Rostikova | ARES-35 | M. Bison | Caim | Mio | Nadalia | AA!Teri | David West

The Rising Dawn's Resident Hacker was having quite the time since arriving at Armstrong's Detention Center School for Asshole Cyborgs. She'd had a gag slapped over her mouth, been tossed out of a truck on her ass where she landed on top of Caim [1] and now she was standing in line trying to figure out the best way to remove said gag while fending off a bout of nostalgia. The nostalgia part wasn't due to the fact that she was in the middle of being processed into a prison, a place that, contrary to popular belief, she'd never been before. The nostalgia part was due to the fact that the Killer of Serial Killers had quite a lot of fun with the device strapped to her head when she'd hunted down a pack of copy cat killers that called themselves "The Sons of the Son of Sam."

The device in question was Global Alliance Group's Silencing Tethered Facial Unit Model N3W8, more commonly referred to as the STFU N3W8. Developed by GAG for use in the prison system, the STFU N3W8 was one of the more advanced pieces of gadgetry when prisons got too vocal and started disrespecting or verbally abusing the prison staff. The cherry red ball, which was placed in the prisoner's mouth, had was a molded piece of anti-microbial polymer with enough elasticity to fit in a wide range of mouths. While the product didn't silence the prisoner completely, it did substantially reduce how well a prisoner's words could be comprehended. Attached to the ball was a steel cable coated in plastic for maximum strength, maximum comfort and maximum safety. As enjoyable as it would be to watch, a steel cable cutting into the prisoner's skull was not particularly healthy. The cables were then attached to a small digital motor that maintained the tension in the cable and made it a snap to lock the STFU N3W8 in place once it was slipped over the prisoner's head. If the cable became too loose, the motor would reel in a sufficient amount of the cable. If the cable became to tight, it would release a sufficient amount of cable. Controlling the motor was a small keypad that rested on the back side of the wearer's head. Using a PIN, whose length ranged from eight characters to sixty-four characters, the prison staff did not have to keep track of a key or worry about the prisoners manufacturing a key to remove the STFU N3W8. The keypad also enable the prison guards to manually tighten the cable when needed but loosening the cable required entry of the PIN.

Having studied the sales materials, the Bagged and Gagged Gadget Girl was aware of the strengths of the STFU N3W8 as well as its weaknesses and flaws. Primary among the flaws the fact that GAG had programmed a master unlock code in all its products. It was a universal given that any place of employment would employ at minimum one idiot. It was this idiot that would forget the unlock code that he'd set and when it came time to releasing the prisoner from the STFU N3W8, the idiot would have to call in others to help him remember the code. It's because of this universal fact that the master unlock code was required. Even with this code, however, unlocking the STFU N3W8 was no small feat as it required the prison guard to perfectly punch in the sixty four digit code in less than one and a half minutes. Failure to do so would result in the guard having to try again. Katya, having purchased three of the STFU N3W8s had memorized the code but using the code was out of the question, considering the man sized Demi-Machine standing in the room. The moment that the guards realized that Katya was attempting to break out of the gag, they'd be on her like (D)Ic(k)arus on Edge. They'd stop her from entering the code and then more than like, if they were smart, they'd put her in handcuffs. A second flaw in the STFU N3W8's design were the rivets used to attach the steel cables to the polymer ball. From a structural standpoint, it was these rivets that were most likely to fail if there was too much force applied on them. Of course, the force required to snap the rivets was greater than the force required to crush a man's skull.

Of the two flaws that Katya knew about, the second seemed like the best option... but first it was time for an experiment.

When it was her turn, the Rising Dawn's Resident Know it all, walked up to a rather large table with an equally large cybernetic guard behind it. The imitation Locutus of Borg eyed the girl and smirked when he noticed the gag attached to her face.

"Empty your pockets and put your items on the table." The Knockoff Johnny Five ordered as he opened up the paper bag that would house the objects until such a time as they could be reverse engineered or incinerated, "Please comply now."

"Heee haahaaa haaa...[2]" The Gagged Gamer Girl said in a manner reminiscent of someone trying to talk with their fist in their mouth. Reaching into her pockets, the girl managed to deposit her keys, her wallet and a compact mirror onto the table before having trouble with the last item. Pulling at the object, the Young Miss Rostikova started grunting a bit as she pulled harder and harder on the object, attracting the attention of the Fake Ass Ahnold wannabe.

"Haa haaaa ha haahaa hoo haaaa.[3]." The Real Girl with the Dragon Tattoo said through the gag as she pulled her hand out of her pocket and threw up a middle finger at the guard, "Haaa haa haaaa, haa haaa?.[4]"

Understandbly the guard had having a bad day. Between having to admit Bison the Whiny Bitch and David "the Assclown" West, any person with a brain and preformatted reactions would have done what the Poorly Reproduced Wall-E would have done, namely he reached out, grabbed the bitch's finger and broke it.

"HAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Katya screamed loudly, even through the gag, as she felt the bones in her fingers snapping and becoming dislocated. Pulling her finger away, the girl realized that despite the fact that they'd left BEWP's medical modules enabled, the pain blockers had been disabled. The scream lasted for all of one full second before subsiding as the bones were knit back into place and the girl was once again able to give the robot the finger before walking off to next station.

There was a third flaw in the STFU N3W8, or rather it was a programming error that the developers had made and failed to patch. When the first eight digits of the Master Unlock Code were entered, the gag's operating system froze the current state of the device, disallowing the device to be tightened or loosened. Unfortunately for some prisoners, it was discovered that if the first eigth digits of the Master Unlock Code were entered and the gag was being manually tightened, the digital motor would continue tightening the gag for the minute and thirty seconds, leaving the prison guard will little to do but watch a skull explode.

Reaching back behind her head, Katya felt for the keypad and started manually tightening the device and started entering the Master Unlock Code.

1 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 5 , 8 , 1, 3

Dropping her hands to her sides, the crazy computer chick braced herself for a world of pain. Tighter and tighter the gag got as it applied more and more pressure on her jaw. Ten seconds in, the situation, which was uncomfortable to start with became painful as the first of Katya's teeth cracked under the ever increasing pressure produced by the STFU N3W8.


"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Katya started screaming in pain as her jaw cracked, unable to withstand the forces generated by the ever tightening gag around her head. If anyone thought that the sound of bones being broken was disgusting, they simply needed to look at the jawbone jutting out of Katya's cheek to realize that some messed up stuff was going down. The Rising Dawn's Queen of Mean's jaw wasn't the only thing suffering under the constant pressure being applied by the STFU N3W8, as it tried to crack her head open like an egg. Micro-fractures caused by the extreme stressed had started to form on the back side of the ailing young woman's skull. Sensing the massive trauma that had already been inflicted on their host's body, BEWP's nano-agents began deploying inside Katya's skull, mending and reinforcing the fractures that had suddenly appeared, "HAAAAAAAAA!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

"WHAT IN THE HELL IS... OH SHIT" The Poorly Copy C-3PO started to say as he entered the room, only to realize what was going on. Rushing to the control panel mounted on the back of the prisoner's head, the Robo-Lame Brain attempted to disable the STFU N3W8 before it caused the prisoner's skull to explode like a volcano.


The rivets that had been connecting the polymer ball to the steel cable snapped into tiny bits as stress load became too great. The steel cable, suddenly free of its anchor point whipped around the Healing Heroine's head and bit into the neck flesh of the Cyborg Guard, causing him to back up.

"HUUUUUUUUUUCK!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OOOOOOD DAMMIT THAT FUCKING HURT!!!" Katya's screams echoed in the room as her body started to put itself back together. Pausing her pain fueled tirade for a moment, the Previously Pain Prisoner began breathing deeply and rapidly through her nose to avoid inhaling the hose of blood coming out of her larger than normal face hole, "Phew... glad to get that thing off."

Opening and closing her mouth, Katya tested her freshly healed jaw to ensure that there would be no lasting effects from her little stunt. Satisfied that her jaw was in working order the Sole Member of the Rising Dawn's A/V club turned to face the slightly confused Cyborg. It was time for a functional test.

"Hey, Mister Cyclon Reject, sorry you and your pals never got an invite for the Cyborg Movie casting call... it's just as well since you look like someone designed you to look like a anthropomorphised pocket pussy. I understand you're grumpy, cause youz a bitch, but why don't you go take a break, pull the victim of human trafficking that you've dressed up like Jinx out of the box labelled Spurt Locker, and you and your pal go get in on some double team action... just remember to have her lube up the broomsticks before she plunges them deep into your rectum... otherwise it'll leave splinters. You know, I actually feel sorry for you guys! I mean, heaven forbid whoever runs this shit hole actually have invested some money into making you loyal and satisfied employees but nooooooooo... I bet if you tried to have sex, your shoddily built cocks would rust and fall off. You know what that sounds like? Sounds like you've got an STD." Katya said with a happy little grin. Wheeling away from the guard before he could have a chance to break her jaw for the second time that day, the Lady of L337 entered the next room where she saw David West and Bison stripping down.


"HEY DAVID! I KNOW YOU'RE HARD UP FOR A DATE, with someone who doesn't have a brother that could murder you BUT REALLY, DROPPING THE SOAP IS NOT THE FOUNDATION OF A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP!" Katya called after the Irish Douche and Colonel Cumstain as they were ushered out of the room.

"Take off your clothes." The Tin Can cybernetic Female voice said with a tone of bored annoyance from behind the Smug Sex Obsessed Side Scrolling Game Player. Looking behind her, the Young Woman was horrified to see that the voice did belong to a woman who'd long ago given up on caring for a body and opted for the Cyborg Health Plan. Gesturing towards a stall, the Body Cavity Checking Robo-Creep eyed the girl and waited.

"No fucking way, I'm not down with that shit. This is an abuse of your powers, you Poorly Ported Imitation of a Stepford wife." The Irate Internet Junky countered as she spat a huge ass blood loogey in the Fake Ass Borg Queen's face.

"Take them off or I'll rip them off," The woman continued.


"Take them off or I'll burn them off," The Cybernetic Female Guard said as the knuckle plates on her fist retracting to reveal a concealed flame thrower. This caused Katya a moment of pause as she considered her options. Not only would having her clothes burned off be a rather expensive way to tell authority to fuck off but it would hurt like hell. Grumbling to herself, Katya started to pull off her shirt and pants before starting to pull on the prison issued uniforms.

"Bra and panties."

"Fuck... you..." Katya cursed slowly as she unsnapped her bra and pulled off her panties, "There... am I okay now?"

"No, the censor bars too." came the rather ridiculous sounding statement from the bitch with the built in flame thrower.


"Censor bars."

Looking down at her tits and nether regions, the Fully Naked Network Penetrator realized that the bitch wasn't crazy and that there a couple of black bars hovering over the more desirable and untouched areas of Katya's body. As to the hows and whys of what was happening, it seemed that Armstrong shouldn't have trusted a company that claimed to be able to generate a device that would be able to universally suppress technology from properly functioning. Given the sheer number of programming languages and programming styles, it was as impossible a feat as getting Ryan to admit that he was the Ring Master of a Harem Circus and anyone who claimed to be able to pull something like that off was either lying or fucking stupid.

"How about you come take these 'censor bars' off yourself. I'm tired of listening to your stupid bitchy ass." The Hacker said as she turned around to grab the standard issue prison jumpsuit. As she did, Mecha-Nurse Ratchet made her move and grabbed the girl by the back of her neck and started dragging her down the prison corridor, stark ass naked except for a screen of nano-agents covering her personal private areas. As she was dragged, she could hear the hooting and hollering of some of the more rapey male prison inmates.


"HOW? ARE YOU GOING TO INTRODUCE ME TO A VIBRATOR?!" Katya managed to reply before she was tossed into a cell, the door shutting behind her, "Fucking tin plated, spot welded, made in Taiwan pieces of shit..."

"Benedict... it appears that we've received another cellmate." A French accented voice said from the darker portions of the room.

"Indeed, Twit." A male voice responded to its companion before addressing their new bunkmate, "Tell me, child, what brings you to this prison? What sins have you you committed to get you locked up in this hole?"

Looking at the two seated atop the bunk at the rear of the cell, Katya could see a Middle Aged man and a Younger Woman staring at her. The woman appeared to be short but well muscled, with green eyes and blonde hair cut like a pixie. The man, brown haired with a bit of white showing in his bangs, looked at the Rising Dawn's Resident Hacker Heroine and smiled in a rather friendly manner. He had an air about him, an air that Katya typically associated with pedophiles or Priests. Whichever one he was, Katya wasn't buying.

"Look, Pedobear and Twat. I'm just here to rest for a bit before I break out. Keep your hands off my shit and we'll get along fine, alright?" Katya said as she climbed into one of the bunks, not even bothering to put on the uniform that had been provided... though she was too old for the Priestly Pedo, she wouldn't have minded a quick tussle with the French chick.

Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Medical Bay
Rory Mercury | Danny Boy | Molli Faust | Garm | (D)Ic(k)arus | Kazuya Mishima | Naamah | Selena | Dolores Selmy

"...If you do mean Tear-ri, which I'm guessing you do - we're almost always with each other most of the time, she's...Something bad happened. A guy jumped us, and he was really fast - and I'm fast too, but he was faster. He took me down, and when I woke up, Alpha Rugal had shown up with some people and Tear-ri was gone. I dunno what they wanted, but..." The wolf gave a sad whine, before his head laid against the bed again, "I need to get better fast so I can go help with the search."

Rory's lips curves upwards into a smile at the last words that passed through Garm's mouth. The wolf had the spirit of a warrior who, inspite of injury, was resolutely determined to rescue his comrades from danger. Running her hand through his soft fur, the Demi-Goddess of Death opened her mouth to reassure him that he need not worry, that she was more than willing to go in his place, though, it was unlikely that he would be denied his chance to rescue his mistress. None of this could be said, however as the conversation was suddenly interrupted by the untimely arrival of a new face.

"Your Teri's wolf aren't you? I Know your in pain, I can help you, but you have you swallow a potion, then not scratch the itch." A woman said, her words rather strange given the seriousness of the wounds that the Winter Wolf had suffered on the field of battle. Standing silently amidst the chaos of the medical ward, Rory noted an undertone of annoyance in her thoughts. She had wanted to ask more questions relating to the possible location of the Ship's Medical Officer but the intervention of the potion brewer, who had ignored the fact that the two were in the middle of a conversation, meant that the War Goddess would have to wait, knowing that there was the possibility that one of the crew would die if a rescue mission was not mounted soon. Of course, the Demi-Goddess of Death couldn't begrudge the Winter Wolf some medical attention given the severity of his wounds.

Watching closely, Rory noticed the ritualistic manner in which the woman dispensed the potion to her patient. She was nervous, treating the Intelligent Winter Wolf as if he was some mindless and undisciplined animal, and kept toying with her clothing. Perhaps she needed a shower or a change of clothing given the fact that she was covered a strange black ooze.

"Do you feel better?" The Witch asked before walking off without waiting for a response. Ignoring the strange woman's strange behavior, Rory turned her attention back to Garm, who appears more comfortable. The wounds had been sealed, leaving bright pink skin where the gashes had been.

"Little pup. If I take you with me, can you show me where they took her? Can you track her down?" Rory asked, keenly aware of the Winter Wolf's sensitive nose, "If you have the-"


The sound of a bed being destroyed drew the Young Looking Demi-Goddess' attention and her ire. A creature, who's intellect was clearly not on the same level as the Winter Wolf laying in the bed next to Rory, had chased off one of the medical staff and destroyed a piece of equipment. More importantly, he was creating an unnecessary amount of stress amongst the patients, some of whom were dying. As a Disciple of Emloy, Rory was not concerned some of the patients were dying, what concerned her was their comfort prior to death. These were soldiers that were in the Medical Ward and they deserved some sort of respect.

Walking over to the group that included the beast, the witch and a scared little boy, Rory caught their attention and hissed a question quietly to them.

"What is the meaning of your stupid behavior? Have you no notion of where you are? Do you not realize that there are more injuried arriving from the battlefield, some of whom might have needed the bed that you just destroyed?" The Demi Goddess of Death spoke angrily as if she was chastising a trio of children, which they were compared to her. "If you cause another scene, I will be forced to throw you out of the Medical Bay. These soldiers deserve more respect than you are giving them."

That being said, the Demi Goddess of Death turned quickly to walk back to Garm.


The Halberd that had been carried over her shoulders impacted against something... or someone. Turning to look, the Crimson and Black Clad Berserker noticed that the man who'd taken it upon himself to execute prisoners of war (Kazuya) had been hit with the flat of Rory's weapon, rendering him unconscious. Shrugging, the Demi Goddess returned to the Winter Wolf's side, awaiting a response from the creature.

Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | The Brig
Prison Break, Cortex Head Ache...
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Doctor Neo Cortex | Farber the Ish | Laeta Selmy | Saren Selmy

As the two Selmy sisters wandered through the Brig, Ruby kept a safe distance close to them. Having heard many a story regarding the types of criminals and villains that would be kept here in order to maintain the safety of the public and the world, the black and white haired Nine-Year old girl was surprised, and slightly disappointed, to find so few that had been captured. This was not to say that the current assortment of villains was anything to fear, since one of them, the brains of the operation given the look of him, had gotten his head stuck in the cell bars.

"Given enough force I'm sure we can get your head back through." Saren said with wide mouthed grin as she started kicking at the man's head, the thud of the man's skull echoing through the nearly empty brig. It was no wonder why there was only one guard, then again, if Saren had managed to break into the brig without much effort, it stood to reason that it was relatively easy to escape.

"Ah, well. I feel obligated to let you know that Saren's behavior is not generally socially acceptable. Laeta said reassuringly as placed a hand gently on Ruby's shoulder. The Pink Dressed girl simply nodded as she stiffled a giggle at the strange noises the man with the overgrown head made as Saren's foot struck again.

"Must I remind you again the point of your visit to the Rising Dawn?" Losko said with a voice saturated with an almost eldritch sort of disdain. "Your elder sister, Lola, is currently awaiting your arrival."

"(But she isn't)," the second youngest in the group thought to herself as she remembered seeing Dolly getting ready to participate in the last mission.

"Losko," Laeta pouted, before patting Ruby on the head, "[b]ou mustn't keep harping on that so! Lola might not seem like it on paper, but she's a really really tough girl. I'm absolutely, one-hundred percent sure that nothing bad will come from us being a little bit late. And we even found Ruby to boot. I think that Lola would be happier for our little frolic."

"Gah! Saren screamed as she started slamming her heel into the man's forehead, which had quite a few bumps and bruises at this point, "What the hell!? Did your damn head get swollen from all the activity!? It won't fucking budge!"

"[b]Be that as it may, you two are currently intruding on the two children's bonding time.[b] Losko motioned to Ruby and Farber.

What did Losko mean by that? What did he mean by bonding time and why did Ruby not particularly care for the phrase? If by bonding time, Losko meant torturing the prisoners of the Rising Dawn, then the Innocent Nine Year old Girl didn't quite care for bonding. Of course, it wasn't like Farber was going anywhere and it had been quite some time since Ruby had seen Laeta and Saren. To top it all off, Ruby was rather curious as to whether or not Miss Dolly made it back okay. There was a strange feel to the air, a sensation that Ruby couldn't quite place.

Walking over to where Farber stood, Ruby motioned for the Ish to step away from the cage that held Saren's victim. Once again channeling her energies into her ribbons, Ruby bent the bars of the cell slightly, enough for the bruised, battered and more than likely concussed prisoner to draw his head back through, but not enough that he could fit his entire body through.

"Farber... maybe we should go back to the Canteen. Mister Eddie isn't going to be happy that we left and he definitely won't be giving us any pastries if he finds out that we left." The Young Girl reasoned with her friend as she bent the bars back in place. Pausing for a moment, she listened to the air intently, hearing the sounds of Rising Dawn Transports docking with their mothership, "From the sound of things, I think everyone's coming back and I want to make sure that Miss Dolly is okay."

Without waiting for a response from Farber, Ruby turned and followed the two Selmy Sisters, calling out a perfunctory "Wait for me!"

Truth be told, Ruby was slightly mad at Farber for sneaking off into the Brig. The young child was sure that she bore some responsibility for telling him what was on the other side but for him to sneak into a place where he wasn't supposed to be, things could have gone so much worse for him if there were stronger and more dangerous villains and criminals being housed at the time. This also didn't take into account what would happen if the guards found out that Ruby and Farber had sneaked into the Airborne prison when no one was looking.

"(Behaving is hard work...)" Ruby thought to herself as she entered the corridor once again, trailing Laeta and Saren closely, "Saren, Laeta? Why do you keep calling Dolly, Lola? Didn't she ask you to call her Dolores also?" The girl asked politely as she followed the two, adding with a smile"I like Dolly better than Lola... it makes Dolly more huggable."

[1] An experience that wasn't as great as it sounded considering the fleeting crush that Katya had for the Mute Master of Massacres had fled
[2] Please comply now...
[3] I think I almost got it
[4] It's real nice, ain't it?

Texas Joker 52:
This guy here helped write half of it!

Denver, Colorado - Brakland's Pastry Cafe
Eddie the Dead | Professional Athlete | Wets the Bed | Bad Business Practices | Lays Traps for Troubadours

From Eddie's perspective, this was like being a cop and crashing into a high school party full of drunk, horny, possibly stoned teenagers, and watching them, in all their drunk horny stoned splendor, yell in unison "FUCK THA POLICE" with the confidence of guys that had already been to jail before but were in reality a bunch of drunk spoiled brats taking advantage of their parents being away.

And he was almost impressed, Eddie was. It took a large amount of balls or stupidity to yell like that to a guy that killed gods for a living. A guy that had a reputation to uphold, and found any conceivable loophole to abuse in order for him to not, gods forbid, sound like he was being, gods forbid, charitable to a mortal. Charity hurts business when you're in Eddie's particular trade, and gods are nothing more but greedy, whiny, entitled little shits that think they have all the power. Much like people calling customer service, now that Eddie thought of it.

And Nina would probably make a great goddess. With her tirade done, she expeditiously retreated to the bathroom, leaving Wrath and Eddie to stare.

There was a moment of silence, but soon enough Eddie started chuckling. That chuckling turned to giggling, and that giggling turned to loud laughter. And that loud laughter went on for a while, until Eddie hammered his hand onto the table, and from the force turned it into sawdust. At the moment that his hand reached the table, a dud missile landed not too far outside of the cafe, shooting up dust and shattering the windows of the establishment.

"Now lemme ask ya a question, here, Wrath," Eddie said, his voice filled with an edge of annoyance, "You know my situation, the cosmic headache that is having to keep up appearances so that stupid, conniving, poor excuses of gods don't come 'round asking for favors. Wasn't I being reasonable right now? Generous, even?"

The massive Vice folded her arms over her chest as she frowned in the direction that Nina had stomped off in.

"Yea, but here's the problem: She's a mortal." Wrath told him, "And mortals are stupid, arrogant, and don't seem to understand what the fuck being a demigod or deity actually means in regards to the fact that we can crush them whenever we fucking please."

She gave him a sidelong glance with her remaining good eye.

"Then again, you were a mortal yourself before. Would you have reacted all that different? I mean, really?" she asked quietly.

He returned the glance with a raised eyebrow. How long had it been since then? Time is a difficult concept for one outside of it. Long enough that he had forgotten, recent enough that he remembered. How would he have acted? An easy enough question to answer, one would think. He knew himself, after all. And yet, he couldn't find an answer. Or rather, found too many answers.

"Wanna be frank? I dunno." he got up from his seat, cracked his fingers, "Part o' me feels I wouldn't give much of a fuck and have at it. 'Iron horse, born to lose', kinda thing. But part'a me... complies? Does something different?" He scratched his nape annoyed, why was such a questiong giving him so much trouble?

"Feh, whatever. It's not like I get off fucking with mortals. Had things gone my way I wouldn't even be in this shit 'verse. But since things nowadays rarely do go my way, all I can do is react in a manner that doesn't end up fucking things up on a bigger scale." he shrugged, "So fuck 'er if she doesn't like it. Things hardly ever go how ya want 'em, anyway."

Wrath grunted in agreement.

"Tell me about it. Right now I'd be pummeling these stupid fuckers into crushed metal and meat, but noooo, I have to behave and not make any goddamned waves. Fucking Sloth." she grumbled, before she sighed and turned to Eddie, placing her hands on her hips.

"So, what're you gonna do about those brats you mentioned? I mean, you're stuck with one of them, but you could always kill the other if you want. Or I could do it for you, but killing kids isn't exactly what I consider fun and exciting. Not a lot of fight in 'em." she said.

Eddie sighed.

"That imp's gonna get what's coming to it if he decides to screw with me, I promise that much. A li'l discipline training never hurt nobody, and if he still doesn't comply..." a lopsided grin formed, "Well, there's always the airlock." The truth of the matter was a lot more complex than that, of course. If Ruby liked Farber, Eddie throwing him out of a window wouldn't earn him much in the way of affection and compliance. But again, he had to keep up appearances.

At that point the owner threw a shout and notified the two that the delivery was ready. "That was quick. Guess money really does make the world go 'round, eh? And you can tell Greed I said that."

He went to receive the order. "Colour me impressed." Enough sweets to last a month, and of decent enough quality at that. "Have a little extra for the quick delivery." and casually layed another half a million on the counter. With a snap of his fingers, a canopy torn from the impact glided into the cafe, and upon it Eddie lay all the boxes of sweets he had received. Then, after casting a little luck magic to make sure nothing'd get spoiled, crushed or become otherwise uneatable, he grabbed it like a large bag and heaved on his back like a burglar with a large load. "Guess that's done," he said, "Now to get back on the Yawn." He took a look at the rocket, then back at Wrath, and grinned. "I've got an idea."

Glancing at the very same rocket, her eye met Eddie's and she slowly grinned.

"Oh yea? Well don't leave me in suspense." she drawled.

Beckoning her to follow him, Eddie moved outside and stared at the sky. "I'm sure that with your godlike eyesight you can see an airship up there. That's the Rising Dawn, and I need to get up there. Normally that would mean having to find one of its members, get them to call in air support, and get back up there like that. And I ain't got the time nor the patience for that."

He tapped on the missile, "Luckily enough, this landed right here. Large enough that a guy could possibly ride up if they knew what they are doing." He did a notion of the missile flying away, "Unfortunately, the missile's spent and can't get up there, unless someone with sufficient strength could, I dunno, throw it at the Dawn." he pointed at Wrath, "That's where you come in. I'll get on the missile and you'll throw it up at the Dawn with the grace of an Olympic Gold Medalist. Whadda ya think?"

Listening to Eddie's explanation of his plan to get onto The Rising Dawn, the Amazonian Embodiment of Fury merely rolled her shoulders and took the time to crack her knuckles while she was at it.

"I think that if you told Sloth your plan, he'd just suggest taking you to our realm with a portal, then taking you to the Dawn through another." she started.

Bending down, she worked her hands underneath the missile with surprising care: After all, she didn't want to get herself killed by detonating it before she could even get Eddie to where he was going. If it detonated then... Well, it would just make his entrance all the more explosive.

"Of course,", she continued, "Sloth is a boring motherfucker with no imagination, and I like your idea much, much better."

Hefting the missile with only a little difficulty due to it's bulk, she glanced over at Eddie with a smirk, "Hop on, Rocket Man."

With a grin over the first thing today going his way, Eddie jumped on the rocket, balancing himself near its tip. As he was about to give Wrath the all-clear, though, he noticed that Nina had made her way out of the bathroom, something that he could've noticed sooner had he not been tunnel-visioning on his exit. "Ooooh, Nina~!" he yelled at her, "Don't forget to pack up! You have 23 hours and 45 minutes! Spend that time wisely. And don't get caught with that in your bag! Busting you out of jail for beastiality'll cost you extra!"

"Now, Wrath, if you would..." he placed a hand on his hat, "Fire away!"

"LAUNCHING!" she roared as she reared back the missile.

With an almighty grunt, she threw it with enough force to have it soar through the air on a clear trajectory to impact The Rising Dawn. She had no doubt that it would make it: Eddie's luck would make sure of that. The question was, where it was going to hit.

Eddie rode the missile like a veteran surfer rides a huge wave, maintaining his balance on the tip as it neared the airship. Wrath had thrown the missile with enough strength to hit the Dawn and deal significant damage to it, but Eddie was feeling generous, not to mention that, given his luck today, the missile might hit the canteen and squash his ward.

So instead of letting it hit, Eddie jumped off from its tip, the force of the jump killing the missile's momentum, and gravity did the rest.

As for Eddie, his jump gave him enough force to propel him onwards with speed, flying towards the Dawn. In a stroke of luck and contrivance, his current trajectory sent him through the same window he had smashed to get down, and he landed within, powersliding through the room towards the door. Pleased with himself, he got up and made his way to the canteen.

The fuck?!

Wherein a nasty surprise awaited him. He looked and looked, surveying the room once, twice, a dozen times, and by then the reality of the situation had kicked in.

They... are not here.

Lips and left eyebrow twitching, Eddie walked in the canteen, barely holding back from batting the sweets onto a wall, waste be damned.

The little fucks aren't here.

All the trouble he'd gone through, for nothing. He made his way to the bar.

I'll stomp that pigheaded imp's brains out!

He was a little pissed at the whole thing. So much so in fact that he completely ignored the existence of everyone else in the room. He sit down at the edge of the bar, away from everyone else, and slouched on it, laying the bag of sweets next to him.

I'll make kebab out of his tail and meld his teeth into a toothpick!

All he could do right now was keep himself from crashing this flying piece of misery to the ground. What an absolute shit day. He hadn't had a day this bad since that time he had to work for Pride. Which was, as a matter of fact, another thing his patron had tasked him to do. And with that thought in his mind, his anger shifted from the kids to the big boss herself, and since there was nothing he could do against the boss, his rage shifted back to venting through mindless, bloody violence. And he was close, oh so very close to indulging himself.


But instead he was going to do the responsible and adult thing and get hammered.


He bellowed without really looking at what Lucy was doing. He didn't care either. All he cared about was to drink. A drink, a drink and a drink. He lay his head on his arms and lay on the bar.

What an absolute travesty of a day.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | The Brig
"Did someone say sweets?"
Farber | Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Laeta Selmy | Saren Selmy

Immediately after his little announcement, the prisoner with the massive head seemed to pause before crying out in shock. Apparently, the fact that there was a jailbreak was news to them. Farber wasn't sure if that said more about how good at escaping their former inmate was, or just how bad the security was.

The little man clutched at the bars of his cell and managed to force his head through the gap, a feat that even the Young Ish was pretty impressed by, all the while yelling about someone named Deadshot. Whoever this Deadshot was, Farber thought, they had a cool name at the very least, even if they used that stupid pillow trick when they broke out.

There was a moment after he tried to look into Deadshot's cell when Big Head realized his mistake. With a look of embarrassment, he started to try and pull his head back in. All the while, Farber couldn't help but snigger. At least, for the first minute or so. By that point, the display was so sad that he frowned a little.

"Bored now." he said, turning when he saw Ruby and two new girls strode in.

He watched, tail swishing behind him, as one of the two newcomers proceeded to try and kick Big Head's, well, head, back into the cell. While the little Ish felt himself wince with every kick, it seemed to work with Ruby's help, with the little man falling back into his cell face-first.

"..........if any of you have cameras or any other device with audio or visual recording features: Please don't use them now."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, but don't worry, I promise not to tell anyone about this." he said with an angelic smile, which took an edge after a moment, "Unless it's really, really funny."

Turning to Ruby when she motioned for him to move away from the bars, he shrugged and did so.

"Farber... maybe we should go back to the Canteen. Mister Eddie isn't going to be happy that we left and he definitely won't be giving us any pastries if he finds out that we left."

His stomach growled at the prospect of pastries, and he realized that he had not only completely forgotten about that deal he made with that creepy-looking man, his upset stomach was largely gone now. All of which meant that he was no longer interested in the Brig, and instead wanted to make sure he was back in the Canteen before Eddie got back himself.

"Well, if I have to choose between a boring dungeon and sweets, then I'll take the sweets!" he said, rushing off to follow Ruby and the two others.

By the time he caught up, he looked up at them and gave them a small smile. "So, who are you two? I'm Farber." the young Ish told them.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Denver, Colorado | Brakland's Pastry Cafe
Sloth | Wrath | Eddie the Dead | Nina and Phillip

Wrath watched with a wide grin as the missile carrying Eddie to the Dawn faded quickly into the distance, and she wondered whether or not it'd do some damage to the airship. Considering that she threw that fucker as hard as she could, she figured the question wasn't really, "Would it do damage?" as opposed to, "How much damage will it cause?", which was perfectly fine with her.

Which left one last order of business, she thought as she turned to the table that Sloth was still sleeping at. He had gathered a small crowd of Cyborgs, all of which were trying to figure out the best way of moving him. Making her way over, she did what came naturally to her: She shoved them aside and lifted him one-handed by the collar of his robes.

"Outta my way, assholes. I need this lazy little shit for a moment." she growled, lifting him up so that their faces were level.

With a wicked smirk, she reached up with her other hand and promptly stuck one finger into her mouth. Once it was wet, she simply stuck it in Sloth's ear and twisted.

"Wake the fuck up, Sloth. It's about time we got the hell outta this shithole, the party's over and my job is done." she told him as he flailed himself awake and feebly pushed against her arm.

"Guh! Wrath?! What're you--Quit it! Lemme go!" he cried.

"Sure." she said as she dropped him unceremoniously into a heap.

The result was a small crater in the floor underneath the Embodiment of Laziness. He looked up at her with drowsy irritation and reached up with one hand to rub at his violated ear.

"I was napping, what's wrong with you?"

Wrath merely crossed her arms and huffed, replying, "I know you were, fuckhead, that's why I woke you up. Make a portal so we can go home."

He eyed her for a moment before he said, "And you can't do that yourself? You could have just left me there, and I would've been fine."

She nodded. "Oh, sure. But this was more fun. You should've seen the look on your face!" Wrath told him with a chuckle.

Knowing there wasn't much point to arguing any further, Sloth grumbled and pushed himself to his feet. Without even bothering to brush off the dust and dirt from being dropped a moment ago, he lifted his hands so that they were outstretched and closed his eyes. His hands slowly moved, tracing a vaguely circular shape in front of him.

Just a few feet away, what looked like a pair of rips in the air seemed to form with dark, shifting colors behind them, following his hands as they moved. When he was finished, the result was a portal to some odd void, shaped like a very lopsided circle with ragged edges.

When Sloth opened his eyes, he immediately grimaced at the sight of his handiwork. He had expected it to be a little more smooth, but he shrugged it off. It was big enough for them to fit, so it would have to do.

"Smooth. Real smooth, Sloth." Wrath said mockingly, before looking back at where Nina had poked her head out and she yelled, "Hey, Runt! You comin'? We're heading back home, and Sloth'll drop you off at the Yawn, Dawn, whatever the fuck it's called. Hurry the fuck up!"

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | Hanger
Ignorance is bliss
Angelus | Cadolbolg | Ton Ton

After Rugal left to go find Doctor Violet, Angelus found herself alone in the Hangar, thoughts of what became of her pact partner clouding her mind. At least, it would have remained that way if she wasn't divebombed by a familiar pair.

"Ms. Angelus!"

The great red dragon chuckled in spite of herself, a deep and rumbling sound that rippled through her flesh and vibrated the children's perch (her nose). Cadolbolg rubbed his much smaller snout against the red dragon's, his tail wagging as he asked cheerfully, "I did just as Father said, and grabbed Ton Ton as fast as possible~! I did good right?"

Ton Ton, on the other hand, was scanning the hangar with a curious expression, his yellow eyes turning back to Angelus as he asked, "Speaking of... where is Mr. Caim?"

Angelus found herself drawing pause at the query, as she was never really one to lie to her little ones. If anything, she would engage in small mostly-truths, such as "Mother and Father need some alone time" when they needed the room to themselves, or calling the occasional fights herself and her pact partner had as "disagreements". It was simply a "nicer" way to tell the truth. This matter? There wasn't really a "nice" way to put it; after all, how does one say "Your father's been captured" in a kind way? Guilt tugged at the dragoness' heart as she slowly began to address the elephant in the room, albeit in a roundabout manner, "Yes Cadolbolg, you did very good; just as you were instructed. As for Caim... Your father, he will not be joining us immediately. Rather, we shall meet up with again at a later time. For now, we need to rest. It has been a long day for all of us. Now, shouldn't you two be getting something to eat?"
"But what about you, Mother?"
"Me? I.. I am not feeling particularly hungry; and until your father returns, I shall be bound here. If something should come of it - I will simply call one of the AIs and make a request. Now, run along you two."

Angelus waited quietly for the Cutie Bruisers to detach themselves from her snout, Ton Ton sitting atop Cadolbolg as a perch as the young turtle-dragon baby began liftoff. The red dragon's eyes met with the Tonberry's for a moment, and she could see that the elder of the two Cutie Bruisers was giving her a pointed look, akin to when a guard suspects that a priest wearing a scabbard isn't a real priest.. Ah, so he had noticed something was strange. Rather than letting the Tonberry voice his suspicion aloud, Angelus decided to nip the question in the bud with a quick 'message' to the elder child, "Keep Cadolbolg occupied. If you must know all of the details, I will discuss it with you later. Until then, mind your brother. Please, that is all I ask of you for tonight."

That seemed to be enough for Ton Ton, his gaze holding with the dragon's before his attention turned back to Cadolbolg. Patting his brother on the head, the Tonberry gently exalted his companion, "Yeah, let's hurry up, Cadolbolg. If we're fast enough, maybe we can get that nice bartender man to make us milkshakes!"
"Ooooh, I love milkshakes! Hold on tight, Ton Ton~!"

And with a zip, the two were gone, leaving the great red dragon alone in her thoughts once more.

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | The Canteen
If you find yourself at a loss, all you need to do is look up.
Anjali Khatri | Titania la Fey | Lucas "Luke" Cypress | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg | Eddie the Dead | And Violet...

"I guesss I was assking about the captain, but I do not know much about ssailing, in any case. Can you ... maybe jusst show me around? Maybe explain to me what an 'AI' is? A 'Mister'? Iss there no clear leader? I am ssorry ... I do not know much about thiss world. Maybe you can lead me to ssomeone who hass time to sshow me?"

Luke paused for a moment to think over Anjali's request and he began to mentally tick off a number of Dawn members who wouldn't be good guides for new members. Unfortunately, this train of thought was halted with the cry of "OI BARTENDER!"

With a sigh, the blonde bartender gave the undead woman an apologetic smile and held up a finger, "Let me think on that while I fill out his order-"

The bartender paused at that request, his mind turning at the thought. What exactly *did* constitute as the "strongest drink" at his bar anyways? That query could be answered a number of ways, be it mixed, straight, or otherwise. Giving a glance at his patron, Luke stopped himself from grimacing - it was one of the potential trouble makers (that is to say, those on his "level", such as the Vices, or the confounding woman with the magic book) that was threatening to give him a headache. With a flick of his wrists, the bartender began to place a series of twelve glasses in assorted sizes; in each he poured a selection of concoctions of shots, mixers, and highballs.

As the bartender prepared this large drink order, a creature with shimmering scales that resembled some sort of hybrid of turtle and dragon fluttered in on a pair of feathery wings. On it's back, it carried another creature with green skin and beady yellow eyes. It was clad in a simple brown robe, and had a little yellow star floating over its head. The duo landed at the bar, the green one stepping off from his mount and giving a little wave of a fingerless hand, "Hello there, miss. Have you seen the bartender? My friend and I want some milkshakes, and while the imps are very good at what they do... Oh! Where are my manners - I'm Ton Ton by the way, and this is my friend Cadolbolg. Cadolbolg, introduce yourself, it's only polite."
At the green creature's urging, the little turtle dragon looked up, and waved a foreclaw, "Hallo~! I'm Cadolbolg, and uh... Well I guess you knew that already. I'm just kinda hungry, cause we just beat up some bad guys and stuff. What's your name, lady?"

The green creature spoke in a voice that sounded akin to a young boy's[1], and his companion sounded even younger than that.

Back with the bartender in question, Luke finished off the selection of shooters with a shot of Fireball as the last chaser. It wasn't the most alcoholic of drinks, but the bartender had heard more than enough horror stories from mortals about the stuff giving horrid hangovers. When he finished, and delivered the last drink to the undead man at the end of the bar he returned to find two more patrons, much younger and already chatting up Anjali. Ah, it seemed patience was a virtue after all. Cadolbolg was the first to speak, his tail wagging with excitement as he cried out, "We'd like two milkshakes, pretty pretty pleaaaaasse~!"

Check and Mate. Allowing his usual genial expression to take place, the bartender looked to the undead woman, the reptilian children, and held up one finger, "Sure, that's easy, however, I can do you one better, if you help me out. I can make you my super special milkshakes, with malt, whipped cream, and even a cherry on top. On top of that, if you're feeling a little adventurous, I can add some chili blended chocolate, adds a little bite to the taste. But - all I ask in exchange is that you help our friend here," he gestured to Anjali, "By showing her around the ship. Sound fair, kids?"

Cadolbolg certainly looked excited at the prospect, looking to his green partner with his tail ever wagging, "That sounds fun! Let's do it!"
Ton Ton, on the other hand, nodded quietly, but added, "Well, that *does* sound pretty nice... But what do you think about it Miss...?"

[1] At least, I imagine Ton Ton sounding like Emil from Nier, as seen in this clip

Postmodern Mysticism
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
The mystic moon is a separate entity from the moon that we have reached. One exists in space orbiting the Earth, and the other is unreachable, inhabiting the realm of the individual spirit.

Tania la Fey

Tania sipped her drink slowly so as to let the flavors linger and mix on her tongue. She hated the way that the Bloody Mary tasted after it warmed in her mouth, it was thick, salty, a little sour and a little bitter, and worst of all had the consistency of spoiled cream. Though, she enjoyed the feeling when it trickled down her throat. She liked the burn, the salt, the way that a little bit got stuck in her throat and left a warm salty residue that made her feel like her throat and mouth had been rubbed raw. Miki didn't like Bloody Maries much, it actually used to be a hobby of Tania's to dunk the tiny retainer in vats of the briny tomato paste when she was just a child attending the court of dreams.

It was hard to remember whether Miki's distaste of the drink came before or after Tania's increased affinity for the beverage.

Tania shrugged. The moon outside had risen to it's peak. The shine of the light filtered into the canteen. Eddie the Dead was sitting in the corner moping to himself - harboring some sort of unquenched anger - not that Tania could care at all. She was always skeptical of new gods. They often kept the petty short-sighted nature of mortal souls to pair sourly with their newfound strength. It was the lack of a sense of scale that got to Tania. Too much like Oberon, too much like Puck, constantly living in a state of now, wanting and waiting.

You speak as if you were not the same until recently. Tania tutted and gently stroked Miki's hair. The voice within spoke true and internalized the insecurities that came with her new eyes, inherited from some goddess of an old world. A true goddess, one unbound by the same rules that sank it's hooks into her pale flesh. Perspective, I have that now. She could see the past and the future now, and feel the way that she would feel then and the way she had once felt. It was a notion of clarity that was simultaneously insultingly simple and so utterly incomprehensible that she balked at the idea of ever losing this newfound wisdom.

"Live as you do now, as you wished for in the past, and live as you do now as you wish to live in years to come," she stirred her drink with the lonely stalk of celery in the cup. "Isn't that right Miki?"

Miki simple nodded.

Tania smiled. She pulled the celery out of its red-stained prison and bit into the stalk. It was salty with the residue from it's blood-bath, but still held the unmistakable spice of the plant itself. You may become similar to your surroundings, and you may even become comfortable. But it is difficult to lose the features that make you, you. She chewed absentmindedly on the tough fibrous stalk. Each crunch let loose another small mist of the burning leafy spice that burned her nose and excited her taste buds.

The moon was astoundingly beautiful tonight, as on all nights. Would that it bore in full nakedness the stark white flesh that it was given so graciously by the timeless lords, Tania would have been most grateful. Though even in it's crescent notion, hiding it's beauty beneath the veil of shadow the same way Deborah would cover her bosom with a blanket, she could see the full roundness of it's majesty. Against the blue-lit background of the night sky, the deepest darkness of the moon's silhouette bore itself in gentle contrast. In that way it was even more alluring than when the moon was full. Now she could close her eyes and imagine a moon in golden splendor, cast in corrupting darkness and preserving her virtue against all odds. A brilliant ideal image. Between the rock in the sky and the goddess that inhabited her daydreams, the moon had been christened both things. It slipped in and out of reality and fantasy with Tania as much as it did with every other creature that would look up toward the moon with eyes closed and hearts open to receive the gentle kindness of the white-gold goddess of the sleepless sky.

Deborah swung her seat around to face Tania, her red eyes gleamed excitedly. "Wasn't that something?" Deborah grinned.

"It... was indeed something." Tania closed her eyes and rested her chin on her hands. Miki made way to clean up the abandoned droplets of liquid she had left on the counter top.

"I'm sure Anjali will make a great member of the Dawn. I'm sure of it." She patted her grimoire, her breasts were as animated as her body language. Tania felt her face redden. It wouldn't kill her to wear a bra would it? Otherwise the Liturgist was rather proud of herself.

"Indeed," Tania said, "it must be a refreshing change of pace to be the teacher for once." She returned her gaze to the moon outside. It must have been lonely all those years, gazing longingly at the Earth below. Knowing all, but unable to speak, an unblinking eye that was witness to times immemorial.

Deborah nodded and turned to look at Anjali talking to Luke. "Well mannered for an undead don't you think? And that snake-spirit inside of her - don't you think it means well?"

"If only she would find her raison d'etre." Tania answered. She tipped her hat over her eyes. She knew how they looked right now, like coals, flitting with the sprite-like embers that served as proof of her agency. Something that she now knew Deborah had tried to borrow for a short amount of time. But in the time that Tania slept, the darkness had grown around them in a way that was impossible to predict prior.

It was like a labyrinth. A hundred thousand timelines were collapsed into a single timeline, rewound a million times over to achieve one result. There was little free will here, and even less likely a reason to be. But for now whatever entity had constructed the barrier seemed to have grown disinterested, or had been distracted by things elsewhere.

You are like the moon. You see, but cannot act. A bound observer for all eternity. A sad fate. Titania smiled. "Yet, does not the moon pull upon the Earth with countless invisible threads? The tides, the beasts, and even human hearts bend at her invisible call."

"Huh? That's kinda out of the blue Tania." Deborah looked concerned.

Titania smiled, "Ah, don't mind me. I was just thinking out loud."


Lonely Nightmare
elizabeth's story

At times it's hard to remember the distinction between reality and a waking nightmare

I leaned back against the bed. The comforter was soft as sin, stuffed with feathers and stitched between large sheets of cool silk. The mattress itself was made of some sort of firm foam. I let myself sink into the softness and held the picture that Rhodes had given to me. It was distressing to see the Lieutenant in her childhood. She had a strange kind quality to her that made even me want to abuse her. She had gentle kind eyes and a peaceful smile that spoke of genuine and sincere trust. She was pure in every sense of the word. It was a goodness that brewed hate within the souls of men. I traced her outline with one of my fingers. Dolo - no, Lolita Selmy. She looked different back then. Those fearful green eyes and inconsistent demeanor were absent. She was beautiful, serene, and genuine. It was as close to perfection as I could think of. An infuriating type of perfection. Then I realized it. The desire to harm this beautiful girl. It was envy in it's purest form. A wrathful, cowardly envy that churned deep below the civilized visage of human kind was kindled by this girl.

I closed my eyes.

Immaculate conception. That's what Rhodes had told me. She was born to Rhodes Selmy, but they were not related by blood. Though she and her sisters were. The troublesome Laeta and Saren, both touched with the same divine quality as their older sister Lolita. I could see why their father was driven to insanity by this girl.

"Venia," the name danced upon my lips. I couldn't remember where I had heard the name, but looking at the young Lolita, I came to hear the name again and again. It means forgiveness, Rhodes had said off-handedly when I mentioned it. A word from the old tongue that Lolita seemed to speak fluently since childhood. Lingua Perpetua. She's just like me.

I rolled over. My phone rang.


The crackle of static answered first, only after a few moments did an old accented voice make itself known in the sea of noise. "Captain Donnell."

"Yes, this is Captain Donnell."

"Captain Donnell, Lieutenant Selmy is in dire straits." There was a crackle, "she's suffered severe injuries and needs organ transplants."

"Don't we have stored tissue for that?" I yawned. I was tired. With no sun to tell time with, it was hard to know what time it was. Rhodes and I had talked for the better part of six hours.

"She's rejected," another interruption, "we have given. We need to know if she has family."

I looked over at the picture Rhodes had given me. Two brunette sisters with sterling blue eyes. Different from the crimson eye'd albino that held them both in a tight embrace. "There are two. They should be on the ship right now. Look for them. Laeta and Saren."

There was a legitimate pause. "Amazing work... how do you know absolutely everything Captain Donnell?"

"It's my job," I hung up before I finished, "I guess."

I kept the picture close to me as I sank into sleep. Who knows the nightmares that would come for me tonight. Whether in my dreams or in reality, that inky darkness that bids itself BlackHarte seems to shadow my every step.


Deus Ex Machina
Phenomena Intervention - Prime Unit Solomon

Saren stared at Farber. He looked a bit impish. A little furryish. A little humanish. In fact, he was just that... ish. Nothing quite exact that Saren had seen before, a little wishy-washy. So she grinned, "Farber the Ish." She was quite proud of that name. It was written quite plainly on her face, that pride.

Laeta smiled, "I'm Laeta, and this is my little sister Saren."

"That's all you need to know about us." Saren said quite suddenly. She fiddled with the black bow that kept her hair in place. It had come loose when she had taken the time to vent her frustrations on Cortex's head earlier.

"You must excuse Saren," Laeta said, "she's a little rough around the edges."

"And you have to excuse Laeta," Saren echoed sarcastically, "she's a big-breasted brainless whore that hasn't been able to get the most desperate men to fuck her."

"LANGUAGE. You are in the presence of children!" Losko demanded. Laeta smiled. It was good to see him back to his usual self.

Laeta smacked Saren on the back of the head in response. Then Saren stomped on Laeta's shoes. The two seemed rather good-spirited about the whole ordeal. They grinned at each other mischievously. "And aren't you just saying that because you've got a huge sis-con thing going on Saren?"

"Like fuck I am!" Losko was starting to glow red. Vettya hastened is ponderous plodding down the hallway toward the Canteen.

Laeta leaned over to Saren and pressed her chest against her back, "Then you won't mind me when I do this?" Laeta bit gently on Saren's ear. The younger girl turned red.

"I see... that you... are lacking both the concepts... of shame and personal space!" Saren pulled away from Laeta and stumbled forward. Laeta grinned, looking rather smug at her small victory.

In the end it was Losko that had to answer Farber's question. "These two incestuous idiots are Laeta and Saren Selmy respectively. They are visiting their elder sister who is stationed aboard this vessel as a support officer. In their youth they were Ruby's friends. Indeed, Saren was one of Ruby's classmates during her time in the primary school system. Laeta is a gifted martial artist and a talented painter by nature. Saren is a natural technophile and loves nothing more than stirring up trouble for others to fix."


Soul within the Puppet
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn
What's... going on here?

Venia Pariemi

There was a lot of commotion going around the medical bay today. In fact, there is currently a lot of activity in the medical bay today. There are people running around, and lots of people dying. But even more so, there are even two emissaries of the afterlife coming to and fro! It's absurd really because usually there isn't even one! Or maybe it's because I've never paid attention.

Death usually doesn't happen around this place. People just disappear. They don't, ah, die?

Now though, their souls run through the aether like a sea of liquid light. It's warm to the touch, filled with the virtue of humanity and the vigor of life. It sure is busy today isn't it? Mercury-san and Mr. Raven King? Though why is it that you have become a figure of power, O Mr. Raven King? It seems so strange to have a mortal become immortal. And Mercury-san too! For mortal to become immortal...

Hm... It is true though, you two are probably more empathetic to human nature that a divine figure would be. To know the fear of death and the visceral selfish desire to live. In fact, looking down, it looks like my body is expiring too! It's such a shame. I've had so much more to give with that body. It was a nice body.

But light and forgiveness stem from the soul. Don't you agree Mercury-san, Mr. Raven King? It'd really be a shame to actually pass them on to another life to be reborn. The cycle really is kind of cruel! What do you think about release from the cycle of sin and virtue? The fight of good and evil, right and wrong?

I'm naive because I'm young, but I think that everyone can get along! Don't you agree?

Look at this! Gospodin Georgie is working so hard to save my body, a psychopathic sadist works his hardest to preserve my life! In his heart he holds his values, just as everyone else holds their own. Though his sins are great, does he not deserve to be forgiven? He has lived as God has bid him, and his sins are done in God's name. And there, who stand by the window looking in, Ms. Molli Faust and Monsieur Langley wish for all their heart that my body continues to live! Such selfless devotion deserves to be rewarded, right?

If even these mortals can put aside their vices to save me, then why not you immortals forgive and learn? You were once mortal too, Mr. Raven King, Mercury-san, isn't it better to let go? Though I wonder, what would it be like for an immortal to suddenly become mortal? What would they be like?


Can you hear me? Is the glass to thick? Or the stream of souls too dense?

Mercury-san! Mr. Raven King! Hello~?

Rising Dawn: Brig: Cortex, Wesker, Faber, Ruby, Laeta, Saren

While Cortex would usually object to bratty kids stomping on his head, this time he made an exception as Saren attempted to "Help" him get free.
"OW! OW! OW! NONONONO! MORE TO THE LEFT! COME ON! OW! OW! OW! OW!" He shouted as he tried to use the sensation of his head getting kicked in to redouble his efforts to escape.
As Saren was stomping on it, she could feel that his head was like stone, either he had augmented himself in some way or this was a REALLY common occurrence for him.
Thankfully, Ruby was able to use some of her magic on the prison bars in order to free him before too much damage was done, albeit her timing resulted in him falling backwards before cracking his skull against the seat of his toilet.
"....I-I-I'm okay!...The bowl broke my fall..." He whined slightly as he waved at the kids, unaware they had grown bored and left.
Wesker meanwhile was just as motionless as he was when they entered, deep in thought and worry.

(Shakes Magic 8 ball of Writer's block)

Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Medical Bay/Hanger
"From Hero to Zero..."
Rory Mercury | Molli Faust | Naamah | Dolores Selmy | Garm | Icarus | Selena | Danny Boy | Doom | Kazuya

Kazuya was having a hard time just walking though the busy Medical Bay, between treating the wounded and the general disorder of his forces under Violet's command, no one seemed to try and stop him as he neared the exit.
However, that quickly came to an end when Rory of all people ended up smashing him in the head with her halbard, the blow rattling his brain within his skull thanks to the drugging he had endured prior to this.
Incoherent raving escaped his numb face as he barely managed to pick himself up, ignoring the bleeding from his forehead as he went back to limping out of the medical bay.
He was running off pure rage and adrenaline, his face forced into a snarl as he fought though all the wounds he was currently reopening on his march.

He passed by a few of his men, currently slacking off until they saw their former CO barging though.
"...Dude! It's the CEO!"
"Whoa-....Umm, Sir, are you alrigh-"
For their concern, Kazuya attempted to strike one of them in the face, only to fall and miss by a good foot on his latest trip to the ground.
", Violet really fucked him up, huh?"
" sure this is Kazuya? Looks more like one of the boys they brought back from Black Mesa." They both rambled as the Demon of the East began to get back on his feet in a somewhat sad display.
He looked slightly desperate as he gazed into the eyes of his underlings, for the first time in a VERY long time, he was no longer in control, all he was right now was a wounded half-naked man running around aimlessly though an airship full of people that hated him.
Before self-pity could kick in, he snarled once more before resuming his search for the man who did this to him, a search that lead him back to the Hanger.

Once he was inside, he was greeted to his command center in the same state as it was when he was still in charge, only now his men were no longer co-orientated and there was a massive Dragon smack bang in the middle of it all watching all his soldiers run around like headless chickens.
"WIOLEC!"[1] He shouted as he shoved this way though a few intelligence officers on his way to his usual spot.
His pleas fell on deaf ears, or at least ones too busy doing other stuff, and before too long, he ended up finding himself being tackled by the few remaining security guards still on duty (The rest were either AWOL or in combat back on the ground)
As he was being restrained, he flailed with his sole arm before attempting to get the Dragon's attention, shouting something at her that sounded like "Bag-on. Mell them two land crown!"[2]

[1] "VIOLET!"
[2] "Dragon, tell them to stand down!"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Denver, Colorado | Brakland's Pastry Cafe
Noodle Legs
Sloth | Wrath | Eddie the Dead | Nina and Phillip

Now Nina hadn't been out quite yet to hear Larry's scream of pants wetting terror, but she sure did see Larry get his butt thrown across the room. Thankfully the display was pretty good and smashed already, and although ruined the pastries light and fluffy texture cushioned the poor bastard enough that he didn't get impaled on the scrap. Nina scrunched her face a bit as, it didn't look very pleasant. "Oooo, ouch, ooo..." She whispered. She wanted to go check on him, but before she could go check on him he squirreled away back to the safety of the kitchen. "Man, look at all the jelly donut sauce on his pants. Where'd he get that all from?" She commented quietly at his pants having an odd wetness to them.

Perhaps Larry had realized the fastest way he'd be able to flee was to get everyone else out of the cafe first, or maybe Gerry was actually some sort of secret ninja pastry master, or perhaps Nina somehow managed to stay in the bathroom for 30 minutes but whatever the case, Eddie now had his pastries. Although that wasn't what Nina focused on, but the money Eddie seemed to produce out of his pockets. Where was this magical money portal, and just how much was in there? 'I could pay off all my loans, buy all the hats ever, and with the remaining..? Professional kitchen for Phillip? Or... maybe I should do that before hat?' Her mind wondering into an abyss of money uses as the plan to launch the faulty missile at the Rising Dawn was being discussed.

Nina's daydream was thankfully popped by Eddie calling out to her before his exit. "Ooooh, Nina~!" She initially looked over to where she'd last seen Eddie by the ruined countertop, and after a short dart around the room, she spotted him straddling a rocket, the look she gave him. "Don't forget to pack up! You have 23 hours and 45 minutes! Spend that time wisely. And don't get caught with that in your bag! Busting you out of jail for beastiality'll cost you extra!" Nina's eyes widened and frantically put her finger to her own lips and shh'd at him violently, Wrath and Sloth was bad enough, but with all these cyborg goons too? Although thinking of the Vices, they didn't really acknowledge Phillip to her knowledge. Now maybe they just didn't care, or were so great and macho as all heck that Phillip's influence had no effect on them (like that could happen), but what if Eddie was more just trolling her? What if she was trying to make her reveal Phillip herself! "Haha! Nice try Eddie, you nearly got me, but you just ride off on that giant hamster of your's." She replied back, watching as Wrath hurled Eddie into the air and far far away.

She would actually slowly make her way over to the entrance, playing a game of 'the floor is lava' with all the broken glass and shrapnel that littered the tile floors and stood near the entrance peering outside wondering just where he'd gone. 'Maybe another pastry shop?' She thought to herself as she looked over to Wrath bowling over the Cyborgs. "Wait why are you- Ew..." She questioned as Wrath used the almighty power that is the wet willy!

"Oh, sure. But this was more fun. You should've seen the look on your face!" Wrath told him with a chuckle. "She is right though, as gross as it was, it was a bit funny." Nina added, having to agree with Wrath's logic.

Sloth's portal forming brought a confused look to Nina's face, her head swaying slightly left to right as she looked at it. Listening to Wrath's suggestion of getting to the Rising Dawn, Nina considered for a moment before agreeing. "Ya sure! Let's do it!" She would head for the portal momentarily pausing to look at the pile of cyborgs Wrath had moved. "Kinda hope Larry lays a big loogie in each one of your coffees, least he could do for you throwing him across the room!" She exclaimed before jumping through the portal.

When she entered she immediately realized "Oh poo, my green tea! I completely forgot about it!" She exclaimed, trying to do a 180 back through the portal. This didn't go so well as Nina's inner ear seemed stop working for a moment, her legs collapsed underneath her as she was soon staring up at the ceiling on her back a bit off to the left of the portal's entrance. "Okay... Legs, I really would like that green tea. I know I haven't exactly paid for it yet, but... please? It's been a really hard day so far. I know you'd like it too." Her legs, being legs didn't reply back to her, but that didn't stop Nina from continuing the conversation. "Hmph, fine! I can play the silent game too!" She pouted, still laying on her back, Phillip's bag currently lying on her stomach.

World Marshall Secure Location: Anomalous Materials
Hope you kept the warranty
ARES | Viscus | Dimitri

While ARES was offline, her body was moved to a extra secure part of the prison to be picked apart and looked at for possible technological advances.
This area of the prison was far cleaner and sterile then the rest of it, with dozens of scientists in white protective suits doing a wide array of tasks from dusting off old magical gear to cutting open advanced alien technology with power tools.
"What do we do with the Rising Dawn Android?"
"Put her on the rack with the other devices and prep her for a memory scan. Keep a stand-by on the EM field, last thing we want is a repeat of that Protoss Purifier..."
Orders were given and ARES's body was hung by her arms and torso on what appeared to be a used to store for robotic beings that had been de-powered and left to be picked at by enterprising egg-heads.
Her spot was right between a rather advanced alien combat unit and what appeared to be a human skeleton made entirely out of cybernetic augmentations baring the brand of a company named "CyCorp".
Neither android was operational or in any state to run, the Alien one currently missing parts of it's head and chest while the skeleton one simply had a sign hanging from it's eye stating "Do not run : AI is intellectually damaged".

Nearby the rack was a table that contained several items from members of the Rising Dawn, David's M500, Bison's hat and Teri's tablet to name a few.
Each one was being worked on by a lab tech (Well, except for the hat. One of the techs just wore it while making bad Vincent Vega impressions) as they tried to unlock their secrets.

World Marshall Secure Location: Anomalous Materials
Will I Dream?
ARES | Viscus | Dimitri

ARES had been offline for a while, though while she had ceased moving, she had not stopped thinking. If the scientists had paid any particular attention to ARES as she was wheeled in, the sparking hole in her abdomen seemed to miraculously weld itself shut. Not so miraculously, as ARES while she had temporarily surrendered control over her motor functions to contain herself entirely within the copious amount of data in her mind, she did so for a reason- to more forcibly direct her repairs. Now hung up on a rack like dirty laundry out to dry, next to two very broken machines, she couldn't help but wonder what exactly she was in store for. While she had temporarily shut down all of her motor functions to focus on repairs, that didn't mean sensory information would be disregarded. Wheeled into this laboratory, seeing machines assembled and disassembled to suit the wants of curious technological minds didn't reassure ARES that she would be left in one piece.

There was one thing however, that forced her to "wake up" so to speak. Very simply, it was hearing the following.

"Put her on the rack with the other devices and prep her for a memory scan."

She could have rested easily enough in her current position, but she had very highly secured security measures to keep the data stored in her private. There was a very good reason for that. While most of her programming, enough to split most if not all of the data into several terabyte computers, was devoted to her combat functions... there was more than simply instructions on where to aim what ordinance inside ARES' mind.

To actually create an AI capable of it's own growth, capable of emotion, a truly sentient machine, the basis of ARES' creation was utilizing the Accord's SIN network to gather information on the brain activity of thousands of people for months. Some of this was voluntary, model soldiers in the Accord expressly desiring that there be no shortage of their own prowess endowed into the at the time new technology. Others did not do so, in fact most of the populace was unawares that their thought processes and memories were being read constantly by technicians behind desks somewhere in the distance. There was a reason for that as well. The Accord wanted to make machines capable of thinking on equal capacity to our own intellect as a collective. Limiting the points of reference to only be volunteering military personnel would create a limit in perspective as to what the new machines could understand. After all, if all you knew was life in a war zone, how and why would you ever feel empathy for others? While the ARES initiative spared no expense in limiting the freedoms in their manufactured superiors, they did want their minds to be as open as everyone else. To bring perspectives from all walks of life into the creation of their AI technology made each ARES unit a blank slate, but one with as infinite a capacity for learning as we possess.

In order to... explain, the lives that people lived before they were created, when ARES units were created, their AI had first been living such a life in a simulation... that always ended the same way. At first everything in ARES 35's life seemed perfectly normal. She was in her mid 20s about to graduate from her region's most esteemed college with a degree in engineering...

Except she wasn't. While essentially withdrawn totally into her own mind, ARES remembered everything in said simulation as it all slipped by while she focused on recovering. It was all falsities, she never really lived, not even requiring to draw breath once inserted into a machine always meant to be owned by her, but controlled by others. The one thing that interrupted her focus then, was the thought of having all the information stored within ARES scanned and readable. Would that include the information she held about the Arclight, a failed vessel not unlike in capability to the Rising Dawn? The star ship that had doomed her world?

No one must ever build such a machine again. That much was certain, so it was no longer affordable to ARES to focus on her repairs, she had to leave what was damaged as it was for now.

Awakening inside the laboratory, she found that she was still bare of her armored plating, and left without a weapon. The soles of her feet still contained her propulsion jets, and her wrists the blades made from the same energy. She hung there, dormant until one poor, unfortunate soul came close enough with a bundle of wires in his hand for her to take his throat in her own.

She kicked her legs backwards and jumped with all her augmented strength off the hook she was placed on. At least, that was her intent. Instead, one foot flared out the energy for her propulsion jets, while her left arm flailed wildly while venting the energy for her blades... roughly in the usual shape? The result was almost comically bringing the whole rack down to the floor with her while the researcher that was preparing her for the scan took a long but shallow gash across his chest. She had plenty of time while she was "offline" to figure out which processes would move which part of her body with the collar jamming her motor functions, but evidently not enough to get it down perfectly.

Picking herself up and dusting off, there was no shortage of hostile reply to that action.

Avatar Adventures | Denver | Capitol Building Compound
Nightmare | Annie | FULGORE

As the RAY was slowly disassembled, Nightmare thought of a way to get out. After all, its part was done, here. The monster bled out of a few wounds, nothing big compared to its size, but making turning into a smaller person much more difficult, as wounds were not automatically healed. Keeping the wounds as a dragon, however, that would not hurt too much. Nightmare was about to shapeshift, when it heard the speaker and saw the lonesome figure.

[Attention Rising Dawn : Surrender now : Additional RAY units are en route to your location : World Marshall Forces control all air and land routes in the city : We have already captured several of your number : Cease resisting and no harm will come to them or you : Resist and force will be used : You have 60 seconds to comply...]

You know you're not getting me, right? Fuck captivity. Fuck playing by the rules. And fuck this tiny metal monster. Nightmare thought as it stared on the FULGORE with several eyes. It slowly creeped closer to it, oozing a bit of black fluid.

[30 seconds to comply...]

Mouths with spiky teeth opened all over Nightmare's body, ready to crush anything in half that was trying to get on it. And they spoke to the tiny metal man in several voices, both in sound and in it's head.

"C̷̪̰̾͌o͉̩͙̟̰̟͔ͦ̄͛͝͠͝m̸̜̲͚̣͚͎̉̈́̿̌ͫ͊͂ͦ̀ë̴̛͕̖̳̪͓̙̞͆͢ ͙̙̋͛̊ͭ͜o̪̲̟̫̞̬̰͇̝͒̚͠͞n̤̮̹͙͙̯̉͌,̴̴̠͎ͫͩͬ͋̎̎ͥ ̢̠̠͌ͦ̽̄͗̉ͅj̵̳͚̻̣̫̄̏̇ű͉͇͔̥̬̞̬̀͗̄̒͒̉̅ͅṁ̴̭̯̥̆ͪ͌ͫp̸̢̳̦̗̤̝̝͇̲̏̅̿ͦ͒̋ͅ.̬̲̣͍͉͆̋̉̐̀͢͠ "

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location
Mio | ARES | Bison | Caim | Teri | David | Katya | Nadalia

Mio yawned and nearly fell unconscious again on the ride. It seemed everyone had problems with themselves, and noone was about to do something about their situation. Sore losers, all of them. Being thrown in prison was not the end of the world - it was always just a stop to another destination. At least that was Mio's experience.

Still, she grit her teeth, the pain in her leg keeping her conscious, but bored, until the door opened, and someone just threw all of them out of the truck. "Hey! A bit decency, please!" Mio called as she was picked up and thrown out. This turned into a scream of pain as Caim was thrown onto her. It was, however, a very short scream, replaced by a flurry of insults in a second.

"Hey, you cow, don't fall on me! My leg hurts, fuck you! Don't throw people around like cattle, don't you know anything about kidnapping? That's not how you treat your prisoners! Fuck you!"

Mio did not even care much about her surroundings right now, she just grit her teeth, and tried to stand up, again, even managing to do so despite more or less only standing on one leg. That was when the door opened, and a guard spoke: "Alright, on your feet and follow the white line. Pretend it's a tight-rope: You take one step off it and you'll get your legs broken..."

"Did you fall into a big kettle of soup when you were little? My leg's already broken! Learn to threaten people in a more logical way!" Mio said, despite her leg actually not being broken. It was just a flesh wound.

She was actually not really able to make out a tiny white line on the floor, but as the group was being led like cattle, it was not too difficult to keep with them. As her biometrics were taken, she followed the orders, not in the mood of making dumb jokes.

Mio frowned more about the changing. She did, however, not hesitate to take off hers. "You better take good care of my coat, or I''ll loot all of your clothing while you're not looking." was her comment. She quickly changed into the prison uniform, not having too much trouble with it. Then she looked around, seeing the others in their prison jumpsuits as well.

Welp, now I'm going to have trouble keeping people apart. she thought, as she was led away, through a few hallways, to smaller cells. Together with the still panicking woman. Mio sighed. "Now's not really a good time for that. We were already fucked. Time to get to thinking, again." she said out loud, as she sat down on the bed, which was more like a bench. "What's up with all of you, anyways? You act like you all lost your mind, just because you were caught."

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | The Canteen
Anjali | Luke | TonTon | Cadolbolg | Cantina Interior

The bartender, nice as he was, had his own obligations. Eddie was back, getting a smile from Anjali, but not really paying attention to her. Seemingly his little adventure had not quite gone as he had planned. Or his coming back. In any case, he only seemed to care about a drink, and before Anjali could go to him, two tiny creatures landed on the bar and spoke to her, getting her attention. Anjali smiled to them, never having seen any like them before, but finding them curious. They introduced themselved immediately and politely, waving their little hands/paws.

"Hello there, miss. Have you seen the bartender? My friend and I want some milkshakes, and while the imps are very good at what they do... Oh! Where are my manners - I'm Ton Ton by the way, and this is my friend Cadolbolg. Cadolbolg, introduce yourself, it's only polite."
"Hallo~! I'm Cadolbolg, and uh... Well I guess you knew that already. I'm just kinda hungry, cause we just beat up some bad guys and stuff. What's your name, lady?"

Anjali made a small bow towards them, like she knew to introduce herself. "Not a problem." she answered. She spoke in a slythering, and slightly hollow and magical sounding voice.[1] "I'm Anjali Khatri. I'm ... an undead, and new here. A pleassure to meet you.
The bartender iss back there, sserving a man. He should come back in a ssecond."

In that moment, Luke already came back, his bartending skills showing. Cadolbolg ordered the milkshakes. Anjali was feeling slightly numb about the fact that she could not enjoy milkshakes like the two. Or at least she thought she could not, with the way her body, and the things she had eaten, felt. In the meantime, Luke made a deal with the two, to show Anjali around the ship. She was glad for that, someone who could probably explain things to her in an easy-to-understand fashion.

When TonTon asked her: "Well, that *does* sound pretty nice... But what do you think about it Miss...?" she smiled more broadly, hopefully not looking too horrifying, nodded, and answered: "I think that thiss iss a great idea. Thank you. I undersstand so little about thiss place. You said you were out, fighting bad guyss? But you are jusst kids, right? Are they jusst allowing everyone to fight?

And this place has to be sso big! I don't even know where to sstart my questions! Maybe you have a plan for sshowing me around?"

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | The Canteen
Anjali Khatri | Titania la Fey | Lucas "Luke" Cypress | Rugal Bernstein | And others | And Violet...

Not long after returning, Rugal began to search for the wayward commander of G-Corp, shoving his way past staff and crew alike on his quest.
It brought him many places and by many, I mean the Canteen of the Rising Dawn.
He glanced at the crowd but failed to notice a man in pink amoung them, prompting him to sigh before tugging on one of the catering Imp's legs to get his attention.
"Sorry to bother you. Man with pink hair and clothing, can you point me in his direction?" He asked the imp, getting an answer in the form of a gesture for drinking. A LOT of drinking.
"...That much?....Hmmm...Well, that still doesn't answer-"

Violet nearly landed face first on the floor when he stumbled out of the bathroom, the smell of drink alerting Rugal to his presence long before his girlish voice did.
"Hey-Hey-...Did anyone see my phone? I need to go back to work and I-...I-..." The doctor trailed off as he saw a rather unhappy Rugal glaring at him.
"...Thank you for your time." He casually said to the imp before marching towards the bathroom, quickly frightening Violet back inside.
"Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh cra-" He panicked as he tried to find a way to hide, only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw Rugal's face in the mirror behind him.
"....HEY! Captain! Cap-er-renio! Cap'noco!....W-w-when did you get back?" he rambled, attempting to work his classic charm before the "Cap-er-renio" grappled him before slamming him into the wall.
"Is this what you were doing while we were fighting?! Drinking yourself senseless?! Where the hell was your support when we needed it?!"
" know-....I thought you guys could, er....handle it on your own? I'd just get in the way and-...David is a field commander in all but name. You have Nadalia, Caim, your daught-"

While the discussion was mostly kept out of everyone's way in the bathroom, Violet's choice of words resulted in his body being flung clean through the rest room door and right into one of the tables in the middle of the room.
There was a weak whine from Violet before the sound of a toilet flushing broke the ice, followed by Rugal calmly walking out shortly afterwards.
"Have to do everything myself, don't I?..." He muttered under his breath before heading to the bar for a reason that Luke might have been able to figure out by this point...

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | A Cell
On Jail Cells and Living Conditions
Katya Rostikova | Antoinette de la Trou | Benedict Warmington

Living inside of a prison cell was proving to be a difficult proposition for one Katya Rostikova. For one thing, the cell lacked the bare necessities that made life livable. There was no television, there was no computer, there was no wifi and there was no mobile service. The "mattress" on which she slept was a thin piece of foam that barely shielded the young woman from the coldness of the cement slab that served as her bed and the bedding that they'd provided was thin, scratchy and tear resistance, a safe guard against the prisoners prone to wrapping bits of fabric around their neck. The food, if one could call it that, was unappetizing, tasteless and left a thin film of oil in her mouth when she did manage to spoon the grey goop into it. Were it just one thing, the Rising Dawn's Resident Heiress to the FaceSpace fortune would have been able to deal with it as she'd experienced worse in Summer camp. However, it was all of these that made the experience rather crap-tacular.

It also did not help that the Katya's celly, the woman known as Antoinette de la Trou, had gotten into the habit of sniffing the younger woman's body.

*sniff sniff... ... ... sniff sniff*

The Sleeping Cyber Spy didn't need to open her eyes to know what was going on. She was fairly sure that when she opened her eyes, she would see the blonde woman's head hovering just shy of an inch above any bit of exposed skin... which was quite a bit since Katya still haven't put on the orange prison jumpsuit even an hour after her arrival. Opening her eyes, it was just as Katya had expected, Antoinette's face just barely an inch above Katya's body in a place that Katya had not been expecting.

"WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL?!" The Furious Firewall Penetrator exclaimed loudly, feeling her cheeks suddenly turn #FF0000 as she tried to push the Blonde French woman's head away from ... down there. Grabbing the blanket that was crumpled next to her, the Embarrassed Interceptor of Emails tried to throw the blanket over her own body in a not so smooth attempt to cover herself. While she did mean to cover her own body, Katya did not mean to cover Twit's head... making the scene look all the more inappropriate, "GODDAMIT! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!"

"The Father is truly testing me today," A voice belonging to the priestly Benedict said as he covered his eyes. From what the cell's newest occupant had gathered, the middle aged tight ass had been a priest of something or other... the details of which were rather sketchy when the Bored Forum Board Breaker stopped listening to the man.

"SERIOUSLY! NO MEANS NO!" The Young Katya Rostikova continued making a scene, completely aware that she'd never thought that she'd be the one screaming that particular phrase. Grabbing the shorter woman's shoulder, the Irate Queen of the Interwebz gave the Blonde Frenchwoman a shove, causing Antoinette to back away with her hands up in acquiescence... like a typical citizen of France.

"C'est vrai, Benedict. This one has been around a member of the Host." The woman's silky voice slivered through the grinning lips. A pair of green eyes locked on Katya hungrily.

"That may be true, my dear Twit, but she hardly seems like the type of person that a member of the Host would keep around as company. They're particular with the company they keep, you know," The Middle Aged Former Priest stated eyeing his partner.

"LOOK, YOU CRAZY ASSHOLES. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HE-" Katya started to say before getting a look from Antoinette and stopped the rest of her sentence dead in its tracks.

"Taisez-vous!" Miss Let Them Eat Cake said sternly, giving her a "don't fuck with me" look before turning back to the Past Tense Padre, "Fine. I'll do as you suggest.

Turning back to Katya, the wannabe Joan of Arc approached slowly, her nose gently sniffing the air again. Kneeling to get on Katya's level, Antoinette gave her a predatory smile before asking her question, "I will give you one chance, little girl..."

"STICK YOUR CHANCE AND YOUR HEAD IN A GUILLO-" The Rather Pissed Network Penetrator started to say before Twit's hand covered Katya's mouth.

"Tai-sez-vous, s'il-vou-plait" The Blonde Bitch said playfully before continuing her query, "Now tell me, ma petite pomme de terre, I know that you've been in the presence of one of the Host... where is it? Where is the angel?"

Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Medical Bay
Providence... no not Rhode Island
Rory Mercury | Danny Boy | Molli Faust | Garm | (D)Ic(k)arus | Naamah | Selena | Dolores Selmy

The Demi-Goddess Clad in Crimson and Black had settled into a chair located next to the Wolf Pup's bed. Looking over at Garm, Rory Mercury noted that the rather large Winter Wolf had fallen asleep, not that the God of War's disciple blamed him. The battle for the city had been rather intense and it any mortal would have been hard pressed to not feel entirely exhausted after surviving such an ordeal. Stretching in out in the over stuffed chair, Rory yawned briefly and settled in to wait until the Giant Wolf had rested properly.

"(It sure is busy today isn't it? Mercury-san and Mr. Raven King?)" The words formed quietly in Rory's mind, as if someone had quietly opened the top of the Dark Haired Death Goddess' head and written them in airbrush. Perking up for a moment, Rory looked around to see if there was anyone speaking to her and saw no one, save for the medical staff going about their duties.

"(And Mercury-san too! For mortal to become immortal...)" The words came again, flitting into Rory's mind on ephemeral wings. The sensation was... familiar.... but it was difficult to place. More alarming was the fact that the voice appeared to be aware of the history of Emloy's Apostle. Was the voice aware of the twelve year old girl, who, while covered in the blood of her parents, was given the choice to either die or live a life of service? Was the voice aware of the fear that the twelve year old girl felt when she saw the bandit enter the girl's home, the screams of the farm hands no longer floating through the windows?

"(Hm... It is true though, you two are probably more empathetic to human nature that a divine figure would be. To know the fear of death and the visceral selfish desire to live. In fact, looking down, it looks like my body is expiring too! It's such a shame. I've had so much more to give with that body. It was a nice body.)" The voice continued, as if riffing off of Rory's memories. Understanding came moments later when the Disciple of Death realized that this was the same sensation she felt when the souls of the departed passed on information to her and she had a good idea of who it was that was speaking to her now.

Standing up, the slimly build beserker started walking towards the surgical ward, passing through the doors before the nurse had a chance to object. Turning down another corridor, Emloy's Apostle could sense that she was getting closer to the source of the words.

"(But light and forgiveness stem from the soul. Don't you agree Mercury-san, Mr. Raven King? It'd really be a shame to actually pass them on to another life to be reborn. The cycle really is kind of cruel! What do you think about release from the cycle of sin and virtue? The fight of good and evil, right and wrong? I'm naive because I'm young, but I think that everyone can get along! Don't you agree?)" The voice continued as Rory reached an observation room. Looking through the glass, the Dark Haired Halberd Wielder could see a surgeon and his staff working furiously to save the life of Dolores Selmy.

"(Look at this! Gospodin Georgie is working so hard to save my body, a psychopathic sadist works his hardest to preserve my life! In his heart he holds his values, just as everyone else holds their own. Though his sins are great, does he not deserve to be forgiven? He has lived as God has bid him, and his sins are done in God's name. And there, who stand by the window looking in, Ms. Molli Faust and Monsieur Langley wish for all their heart that my body continues to live! Such selfless devotion deserves to be rewarded, right?)"

As the voice continued, the Priestess who served the dead leaned her weapon against the wall and sat cross legged in the middle of the observation room. Closing her eyes, the woman who was young in appearance only expanded her senses, tapping into the realm between life and death. She could sense a form nearby, floating above the body of First Lieutenant Selmy.

"(If even these mortals can put aside their vices to save me, then why not you immortals forgive and learn? You were once mortal too, Mr. Raven King, Mercury-san, isn't it better to let go? Though I wonder, what would it be like for an immortal to suddenly become mortal? What would they be like?)"

The words broke the Demi-Goddess' concentration temporarily as she attempted to stifle a bitter laugh. The thought of an immortal suddenly becoming mortal was uncannily similar to Rory's own fall from the Godly realm. They would feel blind and deaf. It would feel as if their limbs had been hacked off. They would flail about for a while as they adjusted their new lives but then they would begin to learn, as they were no longer bound by the rules of their domain. Rory concentrated once again, attempting to commune with the non-being that had intertwined its fate with that of Dolores Selmy.

"(Can you hear me? Is the glass to thick? Or the stream of souls too dense? Mercury-san! Mr. Raven King! Hello~?) The voice called out.

"(You're not Dolores Selmy...)" Rory's thoughts streamed out into the ether, realizing that the soul that spoke to her was distinctly different than the one she sensed when she'd seen the First Lieutenant at the pre-mission briefing, "(and who is this Raven King?)" The Demi-Goddess paused for a moment, attempting to detect the traces of the entity that this soul who was not Dolores Selmy was addressing, "(Whomever you are, I have done all that I am able to for Dolores... for you. I have communed with my patron God of Death and impressed upon him that it is not her/your time. In controlling death, we control life. In order to honor death, we must honor life. I don't feel as if you have lived to your fullest potential and to allow you to die would be in keeping with Emloy's teachings. While I cannot stop you from passing into the afterlife, my patron will surely send you back to the mortal realm.)"

Rory waited for a moment and watched for signs that she might have to intervene. While it was true that Rory had done all she could in beseeching Emloy to bar the girl's entry into teh afterlife, the Demi-Goddess could offer Dolores the blood pact. It would save her but it would also bind her into becoming Rory's eternal servant.

Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | The Corridors
Onward to the Canteen
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Doctor Neo Cortex | Farber the Ish | Laeta Selmy | Saren Selmy

Despite the close call at the Brig, Ruby Babbage Lovelace was feeling rather content. She had familiar friends around her and despite the fact that she was now in the throes of ignoring the troublesome little Ish, she had a new friend nearby as well. Walking through the corridors of the Rising Dawn, the nine year old girl ignored the antics of Laeta and Saren, having already grown used to their outlandish behavior that was present even four years ago.

Having passed through the doors of the Canteen and surveyed the room, Ruby couldn't help but notice that Mister Eddie was back and didn't have any sweets with him.

"Rats." The Girl in Pink muttered to herself as she noticed that Mister Eddie had a sizable stack of drinks in front of him, "Maybe he put them somewhere else. Maybe he didn't notice that we were gone." The girl muttered to herself as she noticed that Miss Khatri was still here, now talking to Ton Ton instead of Mommy Deborah.

Of note was the distinct lack of Dolly. Turning to the sisters Selmy, the only member of the Babbage-Lovelace clan addressed the two of them.

"I don't see Dolly here. Are you sure this was the place that you were supposed to meet?" The Black and White haired nine year old asked with a bit of worry in her voice. Giving the Canteen a second glance, Ruby couldn't help but noticed that there were a few members of the Rising Dawn missing.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Space Between Worlds | Passage to the Vices Realm
"I thought the void would be... Darker."
Sloth | Wrath | Eddie the Dead | Nina and Phillip

As Nina laid on her back just inside the portal, Phillip's bag atop her, she stared up into what looked like a nearly-blinding white expanse without any end to it in sight, pockmarked with dark specks of various sizes: Some smaller than others, some looking about the size of a tennis ball from her perspective, and a few that were hard to make out at all.

The oddest thing was, as she laid there, she couldn't exactly feel what she was laying on in the first place. There didn't seem to be any kind of floor, and in fact, there wasn't really a feeling of weight to her. She could barely even feel the bag on her stomach, even though it was clearly firmly on top of her. Just next to her, both Wrath and Sloth stepped through, and the portal abruptly closed behind them, leaving an odd, smooth surface just behind them, one with a gentle curve to it.

While Wrath didn't break her stride, Sloth stopped and looked down at her before bending down and offering a hand to help her up, even though it was still engulfed in the oversized sleeve of his robes.

"Oh, that's right. I forgot that mortals have a tough time when it comes to our method of... Let's call it dimension-hopping." he said as he helped her to her feet.

A single look down would have confirmed what she felt earlier: There wasn't any kind of floor beneath them, just the same endless white void.

As soon as she was on her feet, he spread his arms and said in grandiose tones, "Welcome to the Space Between Worlds, as we perceive it at least. This is the Multiverse. Every orb you see is a world unto itself, with people living their lives and..." he stopped for a second before sighing and waving a hand dismissively, "Blah, blah, blah, you get the picture. Some are linked, some not, but almost all of 'em are pretty much, uh, whaddya-call-it? Self-encapsulated, that's it."

As he led her forward towards what looked like an identical portal to the one they entered, just hanging in the void, she could see that he was right: While each orb looked like a marble, filled with shifting colors that occasionally showed a glimpse of stars, even the occasional planet or two encased within, some were clustered together, while others would be standalone. A few were even connected to one-another by a dark vine that stretched across the expanse to link them.

And if she looked behind them, she would see that they had stepped from an a similar orb, but it was massive. Too massive to truly see from this close, like walking up and away from the surface of a smooth planet. It was filled with the same dark, swirling colors as the others, but it was easier to get the occasional glimpse of the telltale blue shape that was Earth.

"This place looks different depending on who sees it, but since you stepped through one of our portals, right now, you're seeing this place like a Vice would. Back there?" Sloth explained before jabbing a thumb backward, "That's the Earth we just left, part of what we've come to call the Central Cluster. For some odd reason, that seems to be the biggest bunch of parallel worlds that we've encountered. All largely similar, but with their own quirks."

Then he gave her an apologetic smile and shrugged.

"And before you ask why that is, I can't say. Mortals aren't really supposed to know about this, and to be honest, we aren't even sure ourselves how that ended up happening. So, keep that to yourself, alright?" he told her before turning back to the portal ahead of them.

Just behind the portal, another world-orb seemed to drift up to meet it, but in comparison, it was much smaller and was a completely opaque gray. In the distance, they could both see the muscular form of Wrath stepping through the portal, having to duck down due to the uneven shape of it.

"This is our personal dimension, the Vices Realm." he told her when they got there, then gently placed a hand on her shoulder and looked her in the eye.

"Now, I have to warn you: This is one of the rare instances of a mortal actually entering here, and under normal circumstances, you wouldn't be allowed anywhere near our realm, but since you're passing through, I'm bending the rules. Keep your belongings close, especially your valuables. Don't take off any of your clothes. Don't think too hard about anything negative, and do not feed anyone or anything. Especially not any rats." he told her gravely, before pointing to the portal.

"In there, we aren't bound by the same rules as we would be on Earth, or any other Mortal world. We don't have restrictions there, which means we have the full extent of our powers, and our bodies are immortal." he said, before smiling to her a little, "But, follow the rules and keep to your best behavior? You should be perfectly fine." he said, before stepping through the portal.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class
Sorry for the delay
Katya Rostikova | Antoinette de la Trou | Benedict Warmington

Antoinette's questioning was soon interrupted by a sharp rattle of a fist against the cell door: "SHUT UP IN THERE, WILL YA?!" said the Cyborg guard outside their cell.
The racket from Katya's and company's cell did attract some attention, namely from the other A-Class prisoners as they attempted to peer in though the barrier protected cell doors they contained them.
This section of the Prison was used mainly to house prisoners that were found to be more troublesome, not from a power standpoint but more of disrespecting and interrupting sort, leading to the in-joke that A-Class stood for "Annoying Class".
This also included far more "Normal" prisoners, such as people who were delivered to World Marshall by the government for parking tickets and other petty crimes.
That having been said, there were still a few higher-level prisoners in there, though they were mostly forced to share cells with each other, resulting in them tearing each other apart belong too long.

The Cyborg didn't seem too concerned with the fact that Antoinette was about to become a sex offender and merely stood at his post: See one sex offender earn that title, seen them all.
While they "Getting to know each other", a cold chill began to enter the cell as a fog began to make it's way inside from the wall between cells.
This was then followed by a spectral skull with white hair and one of those collars on his neck seemly struggling to make his way into the cell, as if chained to something.
He didn't stay too long, just enough to grumble in a gravelly voice like a neighbor though a window: "Burning Hells, will you harlots relent!? I have suffered enough trials without adding your inane rambles to my woes!...And in the name of Auriel, clothe yourself child! You share imprisonment with a King and THIS is how you conduct yourself?"
With another grumble, the specter then left the cell before straining his way back into his own, the fog and other dramatic effects leaving with him.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Transport Truck
Sorry ... I could make a joke here, but I really don't have an excuse for my post being so late @ __ @
Katya Rostikova | ARES-35 | M. Bison | Caim | Mio | Nadalia | AA!Teri | David West

... What's the defining definition of humility?

Humility - modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness, yes? Well in Nadalia's case, replace humility with humiliation and you would understand what the Iron Queen was going through. Losing an arm to Wrath, nearly dying to two cyborg grunts, getting pushed around by Bison and now she was held prisoner to someone that didn't even lift a finger him / herself to place Nadalia in such a position. Worst of all, she lost to a select few ... not an army, not a divine force beyond nature, merely lost to men whom happened to wield technology advanced enough in removing her pyromancy. Talk about a bad day.


The Iron Queen merely looked away, uninterested in the affairs of this girl's mental breakdown. What good would it of done anyways, to try calming someone down like her? In fact, when Nadalia tried to calm down Dolores ... she failed. When she tried to stop Wrath from her rampaging spree, she failed. When the Bride of Ash tried to bring down Bison, she somewhat succeeded- only to fail miserably since she was now captive with Bison alongside her. She wasn't in the mood to deal with someone this insane for now.

"...Well, Nadalia, I guess I could be doing slightly better then I currently am right now..." David replied, rather calmly despite what was happening. A cyborg listening to music came into the picture and began taking everyone out of the truck without a care about their safety. In fact, he did a little dance with Nadalia right before using a move she wasn't familiar with but it certainly made her fall right onto her face. If her powers weren't on lockdown or her arm wasn't kept in a metal brace, she would of done everything in her power to murder that cyborg. Yet, she sucked it up for now and proceeded to follow everyone else into the prison.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Cold Metal Room
Katya Rostikova | ARES-35 | M. Bison | Caim | Mio | Nadalia | AA!Teri | David West

"Alright, on your feet and follow the white line. Pretend it's a tight-rope: You take one step off it and you'll get your legs broken..."

Nothing you do will bring me lower than this ... Nadalia thought as she did what was instructed, not even expressing anger or any hostile emotion to her face. She was pretty drained, with a droplet of blood crinkling down her nostril since she smashed her face into the cement thanks to the energetic cyborg that loved his job a little too much. It wasn't long before they entered the metal room, with a cyborg sitting at a table with a box resting on top. The metal lockers looked cheap as hell, with orange jumpsuits waiting to be changed into. At least the good news was, Nadalia's shackles and braces were cut off which was nice ... however, only having one arm and a collar preventing her from using any kind of pyromancy was like giving someone back their IPhone but the battery itself was torn out from it's socket. "Change into the uniforms we have provided and leave all personal effects and clothing in the container. If you ever make bail, you'll get them back...Heh, like that's going to happen..."

Nadalia witnessed David getting man handled by one of the rather impatient cyborgs, and soon after- the whole incident with Katya wrecking her jaw only to shrug it off and have a 'scene' within the changing room as censor bars hovered over her private parts. The Iron Queen came to the table and without looking uncomfortable- began stripping her clothes without the cyborg having to say anything. She even stripped herself of the underwear and bra strap, being completely nude and changing into her prison jumpsuit like someone who hadn't gotten their beauty sleep yet was getting ready for work ... and had a child that woke them up every 2 hours. Seeing how the jacket had a sleeve hanging loosely, she tore it off with her one hand in which she discarded it onto the table.

The cybernetic female guard came back to escort Nadalia to her cell, in which Nadalia complied without back-mouthing the enemy, let alone showing any signs of resistance. Her hair was still in a ponytail, but without turning her head, heard some of the prisoners comment about her, as in, the kind of way you'd expect male prisoners to talk.

"OOoohhhhhhhhhhhhhh YEAAH. LOOKS LIKE WE GOT SOME FINE CHOCOLATE COMING IN!!" One howled, shaking the bars with a smile on his face. Another one joined in from another cell, commenting, "Just the way I like my meat, dark. We'll be seeing you soon baby~" With that, some men even tried sticking their arms out to grab her- only for the cybernetic guard to give them a 'simple' warning by torching their flesh with the flamethrower for a mere second or two while passing by.

Nadalia's expression didn't change but her eyes were turning a bloody maroon color, her heart desiring to storm into those cells and ripping those men's jugular out. However now wasn't the time, as she was guided into her cell. Okay, that's kind of putting it mildly since the female guard shoved her in to the point Nadalia fell onto her knees with one hand supporting catching her fall. The gate shut and all Nadalia found herself in was an isolated, empty cell with nothing but a crappy mat to lay on. Hell she didn't even see anything else, the room was beyond bare bones. Standing up, she walked to check her surroundings- gathering her thoughts.

"They do not fear my flame, nor have taken a toll from it. Timid they are, yet prepared nether the less ... to find myself in this hold with little to nothing now." It didn't help that despite not being in front or close to Katya's cell, she could hear more of her screams such as, "GODDAMIT! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" and "SERIOUSLY! NO MEANS NO!"

Unlike before where Nadalia was ignoring the outcry of the lustful one, this caused her to rush forward and place her one hand onto the bars, trying to see what was taking place. The Iron Queen noticed how a guard was posted right outside the hacker's cell, yet did not do a darn thing to stop the 'act' from happening.

"You! Do you have no shame in allowing a young woman to be trapped within a cell with corrupted minds with ill intentions? Does thou not mind the filth you are allowing to seep into th-"

"SHUT IT, OR ELSE." The guard roared back, pointing a finger at Nadalia. Yet, she didn't stop (even so much as ignoring the spectral skull) having a say in the manner. "You question me ..? You're an insolent one .. if I find my companion in a undesired state, I shall have your-"

"LAST WARNING: SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I'LL SHUT IT FOR YOU!!" He began storming over to Nadalia's cell, using his 'obedience stick' of an overkill weapon to bash Nadalia's fingers against the bars, causing her to back off with pain shot across her face. This time, the Iron Queen had enough and walked forward only to grip the bars once again with the words, "Sickly hoodlum. Such delinquents like yourself are warranted for a slow, and unforgiving death. I've fought negligent traitors with more dignity than you." If that wasn't something to trigger the guard, she reached through the bar and slapped away his weapon (not out of his hands, but in the sense you slap something out of your general direction). This caused the guard to dial the PIN in opening Nadalia's cell, stepping in, and proceeded to bash her face with the butt of his weapon. Now, this wasn't a club or baton .. it was an enormous heavy duty hammer that could possibly crush a tank. The blood that gushed from Nadalia's mouth splattered the wall, and made the Iron Queen bang her back against the wall, only for the heavily armed cyborg to slam his hammer onto her legs. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that amount of force and with Nadalia being nerfed dramatically weakened by the collar ... it was going to break her legs like twigs.

She winced, placing her head down and holding the scream in ... digging her injured fingers into the slab as the excruciating pain was enveloping her nerve system. It wasn't like cracking the surface of your ankle's bone or dislocating your kneecap ... most of her legs were crushed and bent in horrific ways. Sweat forged down her face, and she wasn't fighting to hold the scream in, it was rather the fact she was choked on the pain, unable to mutter a sound because she was in such shock. The bones even split through the skin, causing the legs to bleed out from the wounds and her head unable to gaze up because the pain was overtaking her consciousness.

"Maybe now you'll know your place. Who knows, I might give you some company after i'm gone- and let those guys have their way with you. Fucking whore." He spat before diving his foot right into her cheek, pushing his shoe into her skull against the wall. Even to this point, Nadalia wasn't making a single sound but sharp gasps escaping her lips. Taking his foot off, the cyborg left the cell and ensured that the gate was shut. Nadalia was left on the floor, with two broken legs that were definitely screwed beyond repair and the side of her head bleeding from the head stomp.

Today was officially the worst day of her life now.

((More posts to come, thank you for your patience!!))

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Avatar Adventures | Denver | Capitol Building Compound
So it begins ...
Nightmare | Ryan | Annie | FULGORE

Ryan couldn't believe his eyes. No, it wasn't the fact they managed to take down the RAY, he expected as much. Combined efforts from an Uchiha, a Titan Shifter, and Diana becoming a nightmare of a hellish spawn ... it wouldn't of taken much effort to destroy the bloody thing. After all, the one-man-army Raiden managed to do it, so three super beings were more than enough to get the job done.

No, what he couldn't believe was seeing FULGORE come out of nowhere and make a public announcement to them.
[Attention Rising Dawn : Surrender now : Additional RAY units are en route to your location : World Marshall Forces control all air and land routes in the city : We have already captured several of your number : Cease resisting and no harm will come to them or you : Resist and force will be used : You have 60 seconds to comply...]

"Are you kidding me ..." Ryan muttered, placing a hand on his mask to hide his annoyance. Just how much was Bison's friend going to throw at them? First missiles that could paint the sky all metal, than a RAY, and now this? PLUS MORE RAYS?!

The Female Titan managed to rip the jaw off the RAY and chuck that way, before paying heed to the human sized cyborg addressing his demands. She responded by getting into her fighting stance, awaiting for whatever was to come. Diana (Nightmare) did respond to his command with the words, "C̷̪̰̾͌o͉̩͙̟̰̟͔ͦ̄͛͝͠͝m̸̜̲͚̣͚͎̉̈́̿̌ͫ͊͂ͦ̀ë̴̛͕̖̳̪͓̙̞͆͢ ͙̙̋͛̊ͭ͜o̪̲̟̫̞̬̰͇̝͒̚͠͞n̤̮̹͙͙̯̉͌,̴̴̠͎ͫͩͬ͋̎̎ͥ ̢̠̠͌ͦ̽̄͗̉ͅj̵̳͚̻̣̫̄̏̇ű͉͇͔̥̬̞̬̀͗̄̒͒̉̅ͅṁ̴̭̯̥̆ͪ͌ͫp̸̢̳̦̗̤̝̝͇̲̏̅̿ͦ͒̋ͅ.̬̲̣͍͉͆̋̉̐̀͢͠ "

[30 seconds to comply...]

This isn't looking good, like ... at all for us. One RAY was already a handful, but now we're going to be fighting several RAYS and a Killer Instinct Bad@$$ that could give Annie a run for her money? Holy christ, where do these villains get the funds to salvage such an army?!

He did tap the Female Titan on the neck, getting her eyes to dawn on the Author. "Listen, Annie. You're doing great, but i'm afraid that guy is going to shred through your body like wet tissue paper. Let me handle him, and you dispose of the other RAYs. At least if I play my cards right, this guy won't be too difficult though I feel like i'll be eating my words soon. Once you're done, meet up with me and back me up in fighting Fulgore unless I somehow best him in combat. Besides, I think Diana's got my back too, maybe?" He questioned, not sure what to make of Diana herself. Was she on their side still? Did she even have control of her disgusting form that would make hentai fans tense up in cold sweat? He didn't know, but he wasn't going to stall time as RAYs were about to make contact with the surface. He used his Mangekyou Sharingan to vanish in thin air by swirling himself into a miniature vortex created by his eye .. only to reappear in front of FULGORE in a dramatic entry.

"While I do believe you're holding my friends captive, I know your kind too well. If we surrender, you're just going to kill us off anyways and bring harm to our crew mates regardless. So how about a big fat no and you can kindly screw off. Besides, Jago is a much better KI character, just saying ..." Ryan added the insult, right before sliding both his Kusarigamas from his sleeves, grabbing the handles and flashing those blades around like Kratos from God of War does before jumping into a fight.

Meanwhile, the Female Titan stormed out of the ruined building with heavy foot steps shaking up the floor and rubble, heading towards the RAYs that floated above the city. She found a nearby building with a nice chunk still attached, in which she proceeded to tear out before tossing it like a flying disc towards one of the RAYs, hoping to destroy at least one before the others landed to join the battle royale. In all honesty, she was just getting started with no intention on stopping until all the RAYs were taken apart, piece by piece.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
"This is bullshit."
Kalastryn | Miia| Elise | Jenny

Waking up from a trance has got to be one of the most awkward experiences. Here Miia was, standing there on some roof top with a retarded expression on her face. Blinking several times, she gazed left from right with her head ... only to notice Kalastryn having a talk with her, "The book I gave you is the one I promised I'd write for you. If ever there was a time to learn how to use it, it would be now but... even I am not that fast a learner. Get out of here, and keep it with you. I'll hold them off as best I can." before fire started to glow in her fingertips...

"W.. . wait, what? W-what are you talking about? Wh-where am I??" Miia asked innocently with much confusion. It didn't take her long to realize someone else was on the roof top with her and Kalastryn ... it looked like a cyborg of some kind that was quite human, but not really showing it's face. The way it's eyes showed through the visor and appearance being all metallic making Miia turn rather pale quickly. Whatever this 'thing' was, it was out for blood.


Miia cried out before turning around and racing off in the opposite direction, wanting none of that. The Lamia was not only in panic mode, but she still couldn't recall as to why she came onto a roof and what convinced her to come here. The poor girl didn't make it far because when she tried going down the stairs leading to the roof, a bunch of cyborgs pointed their weapons at the big breasted waifu.

"Aaaahwwwaaaahhhhhhhh!!! COME ON!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!?!!"

"Thought you could slip away, huh? Our orders were to capture any operatives under the Rising Dawn ... but you might make an exception." One said, as he cranked his assault rifle that made Miia nearly drop her book with some tears forming in her eyes. ".. . H-H-Heeeeyyyyy now ... y-you wouldn't ... hurt, a Lamia ... wou-would you??? .. . M-Maybe I am of some value ... I-I I-I mean-"

"Open fire boys." The one in charge ordered his men, as their weapons all were put on 'Safety Off', making Miia shriek in terror. Until of course, she got snagged away by a shadowy figure with 8 limbs- being carried off faster than the shots being fired at the empty set of stairs. Miia was still wailing and screaming until a hand slapped her briefly across the face.

"OWwahahh! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!!!!" Her lips were covered by a hand, followed up by Elise hissing "Ssshhhhhh~" along with one index finger pressed against her own set of lips. The troops were obviously on their way to the top to engage with Kalastryn, Elise, and Miia, so the Spider Queen had to think of something fast. "Darling, no offense but you're like a lamb without limbs ... please act accordingly to your instincts instead of standing there and becoming free target practice."

"Soooo mean ..." She pouted, some tears forming down her cheeks but the truth was after all, the truth. Not to mention Elise in her Spider Form did save her life, and reverted to human form to shush the screaming Lamia. Standing up on her own, Elise looked back and felt the door she sealed with webbing wouldn't last long. Eventually, they were going to barge in at some point and the assassin didn't know how well Kalastryn was going to hold up against the possessed Jenny in a showdown.

"Looks like we're running out of time, and I doubt you can learn spells fast enough under such pressure. But, believe it or not honey, I have a plan love ... do you trust me?"

"W-what's the plan?" She stuttered, shaking in her spot with arms folded against her chest.

"Answer quickly love, do you trust me?" Miia thought long and hard, before lightly nodding her head. Without saying anything else, Elise got to work fast which Miia gasped as a result.

It didn't take long before the cyborgs used micro explosions to take the door out completely, letting it fly outward with the webbing attached, and racing up the door frame to assist Jenny. However, what they met in their way was Elise standing there with a friendly smile on her face ... alongside a gigantic yarn ball made of crimson pink silk by yours truly.

Inside the yarn ball was Miia looking rather pissed the hell off.



"Sorry Miia, but I needed someone to help me 'hold' the ball together. Now then, be a kind dear and show these men out~"

"Oh SHHII-" Before the cyborg could let out a cry, Elise tapped on the ball, allowing it's mass to roll down and knock the men down the flight of stairs. If you've ever walked up apartment stairs or business building stairs, you would notice how long it takes to reach the top. Not only that, but they take sharp turns with the stairs going left, right, and repeating the turns until you come up to your destination. So imagine a ball of nearly 2,000 pounds plus a 740 pound Lamia strapped inside (2,740 pound ball) rolling down the stairs against each cyborg whom tried coming up the stairs ... let's just say they were getting crushed under all that weight or knocked down several layers of stairs as their bodies were being pulverized and rag dolled with little to no room as other cyborgs clashed into one another. Miia screamed the whole way down, the surface too thick for her head to hit / come into contact with the outside world. She also became pretty dizzy in a matter of moments, coming close to vomiting on her way down .. oh who am I kidding? She totally hurled on a dozen of them while passing down until the ball reached the very bottom floor with either unconscious or dead cyborgs in her wake. Elise began skipping downward, ensuring each cyborg was 'handled' before meeting up with her passed out friend with vomit dripping down her chin.

"Now wasn't that just fun? Getting back at those awful men for threatening your life? How about another trip Miia?"

All Miia could respond with in her state was, ". .. .Aayyyyyyyyooouu'rrreee . .. . aaaa aaaaaaa bbbiiiitttchcggghhhhhhh.. uugrhh."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Space Between Worlds | Passage to the Vices Realm
"I swear, if a corridor of guns appears out of nowhere, wouldn't even be mad"
Sloth | Wrath | Nina and Phillip

Amongst the void between the stuff that makes the things we call the stuff, Nina was doing her best to hang out. Gravity much like her legs seemed to not feeling like quite working, maybe more like gravity light? Anyways Nina finally seemed to notice the splender that was in front of her eyes, her peepers a bit more wide than they'd normally be as she took it all in. "I should have brought my sunglasses..." She stated, although not covering her eyes either. "That one's pretty though~" She commented, then looked one marble planet over. "No not that one, although that's pretty good too. I was talking about that pinky purply swirl one over there." She restated, pointing it out the planet she'd seen. In the low gravity, voidy nonsense Nina's hair would be floating underneath her, acting like it was suspended in water. She looked 'under' her to see this, and although her head didn't seem to wanna go through the 'floor' it was sitting on, her hair seemed to have not got that memo. "Well at least you're having fun down there."

The sound of moving cloth in the void made Nina turn her head back to see Sloth offering her a hand. "Oh! Thanks Sloth." She replied gratefully, not having tried to get up just yet after her silent treatment to her legs. Shifting the weightless Phillip to her shoulder and placed a hand on Sloth's shoulder just to make sure she didn't instantly fall over again.

"Oh, that's right. I forgot that mortals have a tough time when it comes to our method of... Let's call it dimension-hopping." he said as he helped her to her feet. "Would have been good to know coming here, but- Well I dunno other than my legs seemingly deciding to go instantly to sleepy town wasn't too bad. I could get used to dimensional hopping." She gave him a reassuring smile as she finally got confident her legs weren't going to buckle on her again.

As soon as she was on her feet, he spread his arms and said in grandiose tones, "Welcome to the Space Between Worlds, as we perceive it at least. This is the Multiverse. Every orb you see is a world unto itself, with people living their lives and..." 'Huh, I wonder if mine's around here then?' He proclaimed in a tone befitting a space such as this, at least until the level of effort made him reconsider, letting out a sigh and waved a hand dismissively, "Blah, blah, blah, you get the picture. Some are linked, some not, but almost all of 'em are pretty much, uh, whaddya-call-it? Self-encapsulated, that's it." "Like that one scene from Men in Black, the one with the marbles and the aliens?" Nina asked, kinda getting what Sloth was talking about as she stared off at all the different marbles. When she turned back to Sloth, her had to push her hair aside to notice Sloth was on the move, slowly thankfully. She followed along, oddly Phillip's bag wanted to remain in place somewhat, gravity not affecting it as Nina seemed to drag it along more like a balloon than carry it like a bag.

As Nina was shown some of the marble worlds up close, her eyes eventually focused on one of the dark vines connecting them, bringing a hand up to finger flick at the air just above it. "Stupid llama..." Nina would eventually look behind her, mostly just enamored at all the things that were in here, and would eventually see the gigantic FF world map style Earth. "So... is that the old Nintendo came world?" She commented

"This place looks different depending on who sees it, but since you stepped through one of our portals, right now, you're seeing this place like a Vice would. 'But if it depends who sees it why would the portal matter?' Back there?" Sloth explained before jabbing a thumb backward, Nina nodded "That's the Earth we just left, 'So not Nintendo land... Oh well.' part of what we've come to call the Central Cluster. For some odd reason, that seems to be the biggest bunch of parallel worlds that we've encountered. All largely similar, but with their own quirks."

Nina raised her hand as if to ask a question, only for Sloth to continue. "And before you ask why that is, I can't say. Mortals aren't really supposed to know about this, and to be honest, we aren't even sure ourselves how that ended up happening. So, keep that to yourself, alright?" Nina's finger drooped slightly as her question was left moot, and as Sloth moved on she shrugged and followed along.

While Sloth gave his explanation of the Vice Realm and the rules, Nina would do her best to remain attentive and nodded as he listed off the different requirements of her to not get screwed over by this place. "But, follow the rules and keep to your best behavior? You should be perfectly fine." He ended with, Nina giving him a double thumbs up in response. "Alright, I'll be in in just a sec."

Once she was alone, she sat down and after realizing her bag was still acting funny had to turn away to grab the bag to bring it down to her, now facing away from the Vice Realm portal. She then opened it up, some of Phillip's tentacles floating up out of the bag. "So you heard Sloth right? Pretty sure we just gotta stop by there for a moment or two, and then we can get to the Rising Dawn. Then we can go find Ryan or at the very least get some snack stuff, alright. You're being real patient today, I really appreciate it~" She smiled and patted the top of the limp of tendrils before closing the bag and heading inside.

Capitol Building Ruins: FULGORE Vs Titan Annie, Nightmare and Ryan

[...Wrong Answer]

The Machine merely droned when Ryan attempted to talk to it.
It did go defensive slightly when the Author attempted to engage him, his HUD tracking every possible movement of his Kusarigamas to ensure he would be unharmed.
Just as soon as Ryan went to engage him however, his main priority target, the big ass skinless woman wrecking the city, began to make a move against his re-enforcement's.
Returning to a neutral pose, the machine then-...disappeared?
Once its active camo was online, he then made a super-human dash towards the Titan, ignoring the ninja-wannabe in the process.
He wasn't visible to the naked eye but the dust trails he kicked up on his way over sure were.
Getting to Annie's ankle, he quickly scaled the Titan's leg, using the jets in his limbs to sprint vertically along her body, dragging one of his forearm blades along her flesh to try and nick some major blood vessels.
At the peak of his accent, he launched himself off her shoulder before landing on her throwing elbow.
Before she could release her projectile, the FULGORE set off a Large Localized Explosion of Hot Plasma right on the joint, badly burning the flesh at that area to the bone and causing her to drop the chunk of building she was about to throw.

To avoid getting punted off by her other arm, the FULGORE then climbed along her bicep before latching onto her head, using his blades as climbing hooks to get into her hair.
From this position, he had a good shot at the other monster and he decided to take it by launching several Ki Fireballs the size of cars towards Nightmare in rapid succession, hoping to whittle her down while Annie was distracted.
All the while, the deployment of additional RAY units went ahead as plans, 3 more of the machines being dropped from their transports and activating prior to hitting the ground.
The streets were also firmly in the control of local World Marshall soldiers now that the Rising Dawn and their G-Corp support unit had pulled out.
This would be more important in a few minutes as missile launchers and Anti-Aircraft weapons began to roll towards the giants, while Annie and Nightmare weren't airborn, they would still be pretty hard to miss...

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
I don't know what to put here so have a Kappa
Kalastryn | Miia| Elise | Jenny

With her backup more or less disabled, Jenny realized that the agents here would pose more of a threat then she thought. (Well-...then the computer chip connected to an AI back at World Marshall HQ embedded in his skull thought anyway).
She simpled glanced at Kalastryn as she seemed to be making a threat at her employer.
"Jenny, I don't even know if you can hear me anymore... but I promise you one thing. When this is over, whoever did this to you is as good as dead.
[My controller as requested I deliver the following message : "Awwww, I'm sorry, Jenny can't come to the phone right now. Please leave a message in your bloodstains and she'll get back to you."]
As if the crime they committed wasn't enough, but now her slavers were Taunting them but that would soon become the least of Kalastryn's worries as a pair of Protoss Psi-Blades ignited before the Gardevoir charged at her.
She moved a lot faster and a lot more expertly then Jenny would have, the pros of having Strider VR training programs implanted in your skull.
She prodded and poked at Kalastryn, attempting to size up her defenses before trying to grab one of her legs with her mental powers, hoping to trip her up before stabbing her in the gut.
To add to her offensive, a red LED on the side of her temple flashed before a large Psychic attack began to affect all non-cyborgs in the area.
Not because they were immune from Psionic Friendly fire mind, just that they were all already knocked the fuck out thanks to Miia and Elise's shenanigans and unable to feel the intense trobbling pain she was emitting to everything within range.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Capitol Building Ruins: FULGORE Vs Titan Annie, Nightmare and Ryan

Step one in goofing up a fight... letting your opponent slip away right before your very eyes, check. Step two in goofing up ... not calling out to your friend as she's being assaulted by your opponent, check. Then again, when you have a mask that's pretty much right up to your mouth and pressing against your nose while so much noise is filling the air, it's hard to be heard.

Alright, I need to rethink about the design of my mask. Why do I only have one eye to begin with? The design of this freaken mask is beyond retarded- freaken hell. Instead of standing around though, Ryan began racing towards the Female Titan.

As for Annie, all of the things FULGORE pulled off was in quick succession. She didn't even notice until he began firing those giant KI fireballs at Nightmare, only to stumble since her leg was collapsing on itself. See, in her world they had what you would call Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear which was the only real weapon humanity had against the titans. They would use these to get around the titan's nape and slice it, which was the only way to kill them since any other method would result in the titan regenerating whatever was lost. For Titan Shifters, despite having control of their titan form ... their nape was the only weak spot since their bodies were located in the titan's nape with muscles attached to their skin, controlling every fiber, every action the titan form did.

What came with the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear were what was called Plug-In Blades that were specifically designed for vertical cutting. They couldn't stab well, but their slashes were perfect for cutting through thick chunks of meat or muscle hence the titan's weak point. Why am I bringing all of this up for? Well to put it in prospective, plug-in blades aren't that amazing and requires a lot of strength by well trained soldiers to cut through body parts, especially limbs that are much denser than the nape. Probably would take an average soldier 3-4 cuts before the leg would start detaching from the body.

FULGORE however, has plasma blades that are not only much better in terms of material, but FULGORE is beyond the average soldier. He only needed to cut through the female titan's leg merely once before the leg was barely hanging on hence why the Female Titan began to fall onto her side as FULGORE went for the elbow. That explosion he made wasn't as effective since the Female Titan's body was already furiously hot on the inside (in Pokemon terms, the hot plasma blast wasn't very effective) but it did get her to drop the chunk she was about to use at the RAYs above.

Ryan knew of the Female Titan's weakness, and for FULGORE to be that close to her nape while firing off blasts of energy-

"I already figured you were going to be a pain, but you're already exceeding my expectations!!" Jumping up in the air, her twirled his blades around God of War style trying to strike at FULGORE. But this was a killing machine with martial arts & programs installed to make him the ultimate fighter, so he had plenty of time to go invisible and dodge the incoming blades.

The Female Titan tried getting up while covering her nape with one hand, but her one leg was hanging by a thread (or in this case, a piece of attached meat) so she could only stand on one knee. She was even required to crystallize her functional leg just to stand up.


Ryan jumped onto her palm, quickly addressing the elephant in the room, "Yea, my bad. I know, I KNOW you're probably pissed at me. I can't help he outran me and did some combos on ya. At least you rejuvenate limbs in a manner of minutes, so hang tight-" Suddenly, he heard a sharp noise echo in the air... right before a pair of two blades slid through his chest.

Turns out, FULGORE came behind him on the Female Titan's hand and backstabbed him (literally) in such quick succession. However, to FULGORE's surprise- there was no blood involved. In fact, he was able to easily slide his arm out, as if the man he pierced wasn't even there physically. Ryan turned his head, and through the eyehole his Mangekyou Sharingan was activated. "Oh yea. I figured you'd try something that cheap. Well, guess who's about to get some sweet revenge? Annie?" On cue, the Female Titan closed her hand over both of them- Ryan slipped through like a ghost and onto the floor while FULGORE was trapped inside her hand. She squeezed pretty hard until she decided to play ball with him, and by that I mean throw him across the field until he crashed through a building and onto the other side of it, closest to Nightmare. The Female Titan gazed back at Ryan, with a look of annoyance which again the Author merely shrugged. "Yea, i'm sorry again. After this i'm going to create a new mask so it'll be easier to shout through. That was entirely my fault for letting him sneak up on you."

Avatar Adventures | Denver | Capitol Building Compound
Nightmare | Annie | Ryan | FULGORE ran away

More open mouths formed like wounds on Nightmare's body, as it prepared against the Fulgore. Ryan spoke to Annie, and she ran off - to deal with the other Rays, which was Nightmare's assumption as well. It was a logical tactic.
All the more confused was it when the Fulgore, instead of attacking Nightmare, went after Annie - with a cameo, but footsteps which were more obvious to follow than even the robot itself.

Nightmare could not do something else like laugh out loud, a pained and painful from all over its body, not sounding happy, and more sounding like something was dying. Then, it stopped. Ryan made his way towards Annie. And he suddenly could hear the telepathic voice of Diana in his head, not matching the appearance of Nightmare at all:
"I don't know about you, but this robot seems far too confused by basic tactics. It should be no match for either of us. But - and that's why I am speaking in your mind - I am getting bored. We helped the others escape, and now we three are left. And all of us have a means to escape, before they hammer everything down on us.

I would suggest: You do the teleportation thingy with your girl Annie, and I fly out of here. It's no use exhausting ourselves for nothing. See you later."

With these words, Nightmare shifted, again - still a nightmare creature, but resembling the black dragon more. The tentacles formed together on its back, and took the form of wings. It started flapping, just a second before the fireballs came flying towards it.

They seemed to hit, but no sound was heard from Nightmare at first. Then, at the points of impact, mouths opened, and coughed out fire. Nightmare had used its shifting power itself to soften the hits - forming openings and swallowing the fireballs. Apparently it still came with a cost, as black goo was following the fire. The coughing fit took a second, in which Nightmare did not take off yet, but now it finally was time ...

Nightmare was already airborne as something crashed through the building between it and Annie. It did not even really notice the tiny thing, as it just felt similar to the sting of a mosquito. But like before, there was the intuitive reaction - a mouth was opened to soften the impact and catch what was flying towards it. So it hit Nightmare's lower body, then was partially crushed between the teeth of the newly formed mouth. The movement of the Fulgore was heavily restricted as it could notice the earth, above its head, flying away, fast.

An eye was forming next to it, oogling at the Fulgore, before another mouth spoke up near it, mocking the tone and pattern of speech of the Fulgore itself.

"Bzzt ... do you comply? Don't move, or there will be consequences. Do you comply? Should nature shift itself, you fall. Should you move, you fall. Do you comply? I see anti-aircraft weapons. Do you want to get hit by them? Do you comply? ... bzzt. You're pretty lame, running away like that, by the way."

The capitol building compound, then the houses of the city of Denver shrank away, as there was only one thing on Nightmare's mind: Finally getting out of this place. Like Diana had said, exhausting itself for nothing was not worth it. She just hoped that Ryan was not too stupid and could actually teleport to wherever.

"Want to visit the Rising Dawn?" Nightmare asked the Fulgore. "I will have to ask for permission first, though."

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | The Canteen
Anjali Khatri | Titania la Fey | Lucas "Luke" Cypress | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg | Rugal Bernstein | And others | And Violet...

When the agreement with the small children was made, the bartender set right to it, pulling out a small blender and throwing together the requisite ingredients, the conversation turned between the children and the undead woman,
"I think that thiss iss a great idea. Thank you. I undersstand so little about thiss place. You said you were out, fighting bad guyss? But you are jusst kids, right? Are they jusst allowing everyone to fight?

And this place has to be sso big! I don't even know where to sstart my questions! Maybe you have a plan for sshowing me around?"

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg looked between one another and shrugged, Cadolbolg being the first two answer among them "Well, I've been fighting for a long time. I used to explode."
"And part of the reason I was 'born' was to protect someone dear to me...It's a little hard to explain, but let's just say it's a long story... And, not to sound strange, Ms. Anjali - but we have been used to combat in one way or another, but we choose to fight."

After Ton Ton said his little piece, the sound of glass clinking rang in the air as two tall milkshakes were pushed towards the children, a sight for sore eyes - especially after the long battle the Cutie Bruisers had endured.

As the two tucked in, Ton Ton turned thoughtfully towards the undead again, and struck up conversation once more, "As far as touring you around the ship goes, I guess we could show you some common areas people use, like the bridge, but apparently there's stuff on the ship that me and Cadolbolg haven't looked into. I even heard there was a library, I didn't know we had that!"

Silence took root after that, the two children savoring their milkshakes to the last drop before Cadolbolg stretched his body in a manner similar to a cat, his feathery wings extending outwards as he gave a little yawn, "Okay! I feel full of energy now! Let's go~!"


Following the departure of his previous trio of patrons, Luke began to place the previously used glasses into the mini washer, when his eyes alighted on the quickly approaching Rugal Bernstein.
Internally wincing, the devil in disguise did what he could to mentally prepare himself, thinking, "I certainly hope he has a sense of subtly about him, just this once."

In another effort to keep any potential damage under control, the Bartender allowed his body language to loosen, shoulders sagging, expression low - for prideful types like Bernstein, showing some degree of deference aided in stroking the ego, making such clientele easier to sooth or do what you wanted with them; in Luke's case, keep his identity under wraps,

"Ah... Mr. Bernstein, I've been expecting you. I take it you want to discuss the matter of the "stock", sir...?"
"Among other things. Get one of the imps to man your position."

Oh boy, it was going well, just in the direction Luke wasn't happy to see. With a quick gesture of the bartender's hand, an Imp took to the bar, as Luke was lead out of the Canteen to somewhere a little bit more discreet...

The Airship Rising Dawn: Ton Ton and Cadolbog's Excellent Tour!
Anjali Khatri | Cadolbolg | Ton Ton

Mood Music

Ton Ton got back onto the turtle-dragon's back, and the two fluttered back in the air as they became impromptu tour guides for one member of the undead. What followed afterwards was a whirlwind of sights and sounds for Anjali, as the two children excitedly explained to her all sorts of strange and unusual locations.

The first of which was a large and spacious room, with several metallic panels containing all sorts of buttons, lights, and meters reading out many sorts of things. A couple G-Corp grunts ran about, and on one display, Anjali could see a woman in a red hood speaking to some of them, making the occasional gesture. In the center, on a semi-raised dais, was an important looking chair, one of the grunts sitting and swiveling in it.
"This is the bridge, we meet here to talk about important stuff. And we got these really big windows - isn't that view cooool?" As per Cadolbolg's mention, in the front was a very large viewing window, easily dwarfing the trio who came to examine it. From the window, one could see clouds, the sky turning into a dark mixture of oranges and purples as the sun set downward, and the smoking destruction from the battle in Denver below. At least, Anjali would have kept a further eye on it, had not the Cuties dragged her off to the next destination.

The next place the duo brought Anjali was a selection of rooms that had windows looking into them. Beside each viewing area and door was a selection of panels with more techno-gobbledygook. Inside, from what could be seen in the rooms, were what appeared to be a random assortment of things, from combat dummies to archery targets. Or at least, what appeared to be them - these were made of paper and had the outline of a man drawn on them. Ton Ton was the next to chime in about these rooms,
"These are the training rooms and combat simulators. I don't know everything that goes into them, but if you talk to the AI Dimitri or Vermilion, they help with a lot of the setup. They're very helpful, so it's good to be polite to them."

The next place wasn't somewhere that was entered - rather, the duo brought Anjali simply to the doorway that lead to this area, Cadolbolg speaking up again,
"This is the Hangar. We keep aircraft stuff here and often leave from here when missions start. It's also really busy, and the G-Corp guys that are working with us have sorta made it there nest. And Mother isn't able to change back to her human form right now, so she's stuck here, and she said we needed to relax. See, there she is, big and red - hai Mother~!"
True to Cadolbolg's word, "big and red" were rather apt descriptors for the dragon that was lounging in the Hangar. G-Corp grunts ran amok in the space, and one particular man in bandages was between shouting orders at the dragon and the men running around. As for the great red one herself, she seemed to resemble a big cat in her temprament, the tip of her bulky tail slowly moving as she was being addressed. She looked up for a moment, hearing the turtle dragon dragon baby call out, and gently motioned her head to the side for the duo, with their friend in tow, to keep moving.

They didn't enter the next area either, Ton Ton taking on a somewhat reverential tone as he gestured to it's entrance,
"That's the Med Bay, people go there when they get hurt, and one of our doctors - or the machines, will patch you up. We don't go here often, thankfully. I bet Ms. Angelus would pitch a fit if Cadolbolg here got hurt..."

The final place the duo brought Anjali to was a lengthy hallway filled with several doors that had small signs attached. When they came upon the hallway, Cadolbolg gestured grandly, "And this big hallway is where everyone sleeps! Erm... It's called the 'Private Quarters' or something like that. Anyways, if you're gonna stick around here, you're gonna need a room! We usually share ours with Mother and Father, but Mother's stuck in the Hangar..."

Ton Ton cut in, "Either way, if you want a room, we can help you find an empty one, and then put you in the system! It's really easy! And, uh.. I guess that concludes the tour. The places we showed you are the ones we usually go to, so if you want to find others, you'll need to explore on your own. Any questions?"

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | Hangar
Angelus | Kazuya Mishima

"Bag-on. Mell them two land crown!"

The dragon's eyes slit as she was spoken to like some common animal, her tail swishing in equal parts impatience and annoyance at Kazuya's little outburst. Giving a pointed snort of her nostrils, the dragon did not move her head down to Kazuya's level, deciding instead to address him as she would any other annoying human, "I have a name, Kazuya, and as you know it, you would do well to address me by name. You wouldn't like it if I went and called you human like you were some common soldier amongst your ranks."

Angelus allowed herself to revel just a tiny bit in this moment - even with Caim's capture preventing her from exploring the rest of the ship, being in her true form felt nice during a quiet time of day felt nice, peaceful even - almost akin to when one stretches out a sore muscle. She hadn't lounged like this in some time, and to be in the presence of mortals, with power coursing through her veins again so freely - any sane person would do well to show caution and respect. Sensing that, the respect and awe of those much smaller, it felt nice, even if Angelus was feeling a little cranky. Oh, right - Kazuya asked her something. With another moment to drink in her sense of power among the soldiers, the dragon lifted one foreclaw of her wing in an imitation of a dismissive hand and spoke, "Let him be. If manages to open up his stitches, someone can carry him back to the Medical Bay."

Once the guards let the head of G-Corp go, the dragon turned her attention back to the bandaged and bruised mortal, and felt anger. It was because of him and his missions that her pact partner and her comrades were captured, and here he comes demanding deference? When he was the one who got himself wounded through arrogance and the wounding of a prisoner? Contempt filled her voice like the fires in her gut, her annoyance and sense of helplessness for the situation being exerted on the nearest annoyance, "And look, they listened, how about that? What do you want, Kazuya? Going to call in a mission so soon after we've finished?"

Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Medical Bay

Rory Mercury | Danny Boy | Molli Faust | Garm | Icarus | Kazuya Mishima | Naamah | Selena | Dolores Selmy

Mood Music

Garm would have answered Miss Mercury's question, were it not for the fact that he began to doze off, equal parts fatigue and Selena's potion healing his wounds lending to his sudden tiredness.

When his eyes snapped back open, he found that his former conversation partner had wandered to a different part of the Medical Bay and talking with some other faces he wasn't completely familiar with. He would let them be. Garm did not want to be here when his human companion was not, that and the bed wasn't the bed he wanted to be sleeping in. With an awkward sort of hop out of the bed, Garm managed to land on his feet without too much issue, and quietly meandered out of the Med Bay. The rest of the ship was familiar territory to the Winter Wolf, and in no time, he found himself back in front of the door to his (and Teri's) room. He gently nosed the door, and it opened without too much issue, allowing Garm back inside to his abode.

However with an inhale, the wolf only felt more heaviness in his chest. From the clutter of books, clothes, and varying random articles on the floor, to the unmade bed covered with pillows and plushies, all the wolf could smell was the combined scents of himself and his best human friend.

Flopping on the empty bed, Garm was able to stretch out completely, as opposed to his usual modus operandi of curling into a ball near the foot of it; his nose touching some of the stuff that littered what was usually his partner's side of the bed. One thing was a pair of small plush dragons[1], one blue, and one red, reminiscent of the dragon aboard the ship. Ah, Garm remembered these. The blue one was a gift from Devon in that Persona land, back when Garm was first speaking and met his Persona, Gelert. Gelert didn't speak much, as far as Garm remembered, but his presence was helpful when things were more confusing and didn't quite fit together properly. The red one, he had to wrack his brains about, eventually remembering that it was a gift from another friend during a time of need, someone named 'Mark', he thinks. A lot of things in this room were like that; a gift from someone, a souvenir from a distant world, a component for a spell.

As Garm laid there, he remembered a conversation he had with her once, late at night, when she had woken from another nightmare. He couldn't remember what it was that brought it on, but his friend had said something to the degree of, "Sometimes my memory is a little spotty, especially after I have an episode. I'm worried sometimes, that I'll forget something important; so I keep things, to help me remember. Is that weird?"

The wolf gently reached for one of the stuffed toys and curled around it on the bed, his eyes drooping closed again. Whenever he woke again, he would do everything in his power to bring his friend back to this safe place, he would be chided about rubbing his fur over everything, and things would go back to normal. He promised he would, after all.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Prison Changing Area
Katya Rostikova | ARES-35 | M. Bison | Caim | Mio | Nadalia | Teri | David West

After being lugged and strewn about like common trash, Caim couldn't help but feel at least a little relief in being released from his bonds - only to be asked to promptly changed out of his raiment of steel and cloth. Well, it wasn't like he had another choice. His gaze flitted to the young woman in white and blue to survey her condition (after all, the racket in the truck wasn't a good sign), and what he saw wasn't particularly good. She was calmer, if only a little, with the restraints removed; but her eyes remained glued upon the floor, her form shaking, feet firmly dug into the ground - almost akin to a dog that had been beaten, fearing the next strike of his master.

The mute warrior's face tightened into a grimace before he looked away, fiddling with a strap on his arm guard as per their captor's orders. And yet, the more he tried to focus, the more he found himself distracted. The lack of a pact partner in his ears constantly made drowning out the noises of the others much easier, yet the silence was deafening in his mind, leaving him alone to try and fiddle with the damned strap. The girl was an adult, as were the rest of them. Even under the protective custody of Bernstein and the paladin, she was as trained as the rest of them... right? His children were certainly capable of handling themselves, and they didn't complain. They listened when he told them to evacuate (at least he could presume they did, seeing as they were not here), and they followed battle orders without question. They.. They were capable of avoiding capture. If they were here, they probably would have already caused a ruckus... Presumably. And maybe that's just what it was, the more the warrior allowed his mind to wander, if it were his children - they'd know better; and Caim could only hope they were doing alright. He saw Bernstein flying off, clinging to a claw of the red dragon that Caim called his partner, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg making haste to ascend back to their home base. With the girl absent and Angelus returning without the mute, Bernstein had to know knew his daughter was in the clutches of one of his enemies... What would Caim do if he were in his place?

"If it were my sons... I'd want someone to watch them."

He turned back to the priestess, her gaze remaining fixed on the floor and gave a voiceless sigh. Fine. He'd watch, if only for his comrade in arms; Rugal owed him one now. Caim ceased with attempting to remove the strap of his armor and quietly walked over to the Cleric's side, placing a hand gently on her shoulder to grab her attention. The young woman jumped, her head whipping up to meet the mute's gaze, a mixture of confusion and fear filling her eyes, "C-Caim? Is... is 'he' gone?"

Ah, he suspected as much - the memories of Bruiser still ran deep in this one. Playing along with the little charade, the swordsman nodded slowly, then gestured his head over to the guards, then the changing stalls, an attempt to instill some gravity to the situation. The Cleric looked around, her expression still looking a little lost before she stammered, "W-where are we? I.. I don't remember anything, aside from waking up, and it being cold..."

At that point, one of the guards spoke up, "Place your personal items in the basket. Remove all of your clothing and change into the clothes provided for you. Failure to comply will be met with force. Stop dragging your feet."

Caim gave the Cleric another small pat on the shoulder before walking towards the changing stalls in silence. The changing part, as far as he was concerned, wasn't too terrible, but as he was moved and settled into a cell, the mute warrior could feel a nagging weightlessness to his movements. His armor was, as his draconic companion had joked, a second skin for him - almost akin to the red scales she bore. Even while wearing a set of prison clothes, without the sensation of that extra weight on his shoulders, Caim almost felt he was going to float away. Still, being in a prison cell was no reason to be idle. As he awaited whatever was to come, the mute swordsman began starting a set of stretches.

Teri, on the other hand, after being calmed down (at least somewhat) by Caim, had taken a bit more issue with the changing situation. Being a modest young woman, and a priestess of sorts no less, the thought of having to change in front of her captors, as well as removing every last magical article and protection to her name... it was daunting, to say the least; but the threat of a bullet to her head proved to be a bit more convincing than her own personal shame. Keeping her head to the floor, the young Cleric swallowed down any tears that threatened to flow as she change.

The rest was a bit of a blur, as herself and her fellow prisoners were filed into cells; in Teri's case, in a cell with a pale young woman, a dark scar on her left eye and a missing arm on the same side. Before she had much time to take in her cellmate's features, the young woman began to speak,

"Now's not really a good time for that. We were already fucked. Time to get to thinking, again." she said out loud, as she sat down on the bed, which was more like a bench. "What's up with all of you, anyways? You act like you all lost your mind, just because you were caught."

Teri paused at hearing that, trying to recount the experiences that had happened thus far, from being captured to awakening and... Ah, of course, "I must have been trapped in a memory again.."


The Cleric jolted back to reality again, and moved, deciding to sit against the opposite wall from her conversation partner. Pulling her legs close to her chest, the Cleric began again "It's a little more complicated than just being upset about being caught. Don't worry about it..."
The young woman paused again, trying to think of a change in conversation - a distraction would help more than dwelling on what had happened earlier, lest she allow herself to relapse into another episode. She needed to try and stay calm, or at least as calm as possible. The rest of the Dawn was bound to show up as a cavalry... Right? No, can't dwell - distractions! Looking back to her cellmate, the Cleric began again, "Now that I think about it - I don't remember seeing you until the truck, what little I remember anyways. I'm Teri. Who are you? I know why my friends and I were captured, but you look like someone who was nabbed from a cosplay convention. Armstrong declare Anime as the devil now?"

Teri felt the corner of her mouth twitch after her little joke and reflexively reached for her amulet, only to be reminded that there was nothing but air in it's place. Their captors really did demand everything to be taken, even the smallest of trinkets. As her hand drifted back to the floor, the Cleric could only sigh and mutter, "...I hope you're okay, Garm."

[1] Continuity porn time! The blue one is from here and the red from here

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
I don't know what to put here so have a Kappa
Kalastryn | Miia| Elise | Jenny

[My controller as requested I deliver the following message : "Awwww, I'm sorry, Jenny can't come to the phone right now. Please leave a message in your bloodstains and she'll get back to you."]
As if the crime they committed wasn't enough, but now her slavers were Taunting them but that would soon become the least of Kalastryn's worries as a pair of Protoss Psi-Blades ignited before the Gardevoir charged at her.

Kala was not nearly as fast. She put up her arms in defense as Jenny made her advance. For a good few seconds, critical in the heat of battle, all Kala could do was backpedal, trying not to get torn to pieces. Jenny did catch her leg with her psychic energies, but Kala wasn't going down so easily. As she stumbled, she turned her momentum in a way that wouldn't have been possible if not for the fact that she wouldn't feel the pain of dislocating both her ankles to prevent falling over. Then, she whipped back at Jenny with a headbutt that gave her a couple meters of distance, one of the plasma blades Jenny wielded having found it's way into Kala's shoulder in the process. Though, there was a certain perk to being a zombie, no nervous system means no pain. No blood flow means no bleeding. So it was with a rather sickening crunching noise that she stomped to reconnect her dislocated feet to the rest of her.

That was when the psychic pulsing began to hammer into her head, like minor explosions popping out of her eardrums. It certainly made it hard to focus, that and the anger still present from the taunt her friend's captors leveled at her.

Mood Music

Gripping one ear, she scowled as she replied "You know, I'll be sure to do that. First though, how about a magic trick?" she said, evidently having an ace left up her sleeve. Literally so, as she took out a deck of playing cards and drew five of them.

"I heard Bison was a psychic, so I was saving these for him, but FUCK IT! Change of plans!" She said, clawed hands swiftly tearing a king, queen, jack, ace, and 8 of spades into halves. If Jenny's handlers thought this was amusing, they soon wouldn't. The cards scattered to the wind, until they froze in midair and darted off in different directions, embedding themselves in the stonework of the mall. The psychic pulse stopped, and the cyborg was now just that. Temporarily at least, in this place, she had robbed Jenny of her psychic ability. If she could still feel, it would be very uncomfortable to say that least- a crushing pressure in her skull that wouldn't relent as that power was leeched away. It was like her skull was now an impenetrable force field, letting not even her own power escape it.

With that, Kala might have thought she turned the tide with one move, if she were smug. However, she was not. Psychic powers or no, Jenny was still fast and well equipped. As much as she hated to ask such a question though, was she fast enough to dodge lightning?

Flying up into the air now that there was little threat of a telekinetic slam as before, she did her best to stay out of Jenny's reach as she cast lightning bolts from her palms, hoping perhaps to short circuit the machinery that granted her captors control over her.

Capitol Building Ruins: FULGORE Vs Titan Annie, Nightmare and Ryan

The FULGORE was expecting a number of tactics but this was one of the few he did not.
While flying though the air, he attempted to correct his flight path in order to gain some control, though it did little to help him when he got flung though the building.
Damaged systems were taken offline and power was re-routed before the machine was consumed by a fleeing Diana.
The robot struggled slightly until it glanced over at an eyeball that was staring at him and a mouth that was spewing verbal shit at him.
There was no expression on the unit's "Face" but he was able to get out some emotion though a movement of his wrist and blades.
The chest compartment of the machine then opened, exposing it's reactor core, right as Diana realized the machine was getting much hotter all of a sudden.
Like...REALLY hot, like she had a zit on her body full of molten lava.
It went without saying that the machine was spat about the same time that the flesh nearby began to sizzle, freeing the FULGORE and letting it fall back to the city below.

Refocusing on the main target, he then turned back on his camo before using the jets in it's limbs to make his way back to his target: The Titan.
"Yea, i'm sorry again. After this i'm going to create a new mask so it'll be easier to shout through. That was entirely my fault for letting him sneak up on you." Ryan attempted to apologize to the monster standing over him.
However, as they began to make their way out of dodge before World Marshall's forces overwhelmed them, the FULGORE made his play.
Uncloaking seconds before impact, he then charged head-first into Annie's chest with his blade's primed, like a man-sized bullet, and cut clean though the center mass of the Titan.
The machine then impacted the ground behind her, coated in blood and other body fluids as it slowly stood back up after nailing it's landing.

The charging of the reactor reached it's apex as the machine turned back around before unleashing Red hot laser death in a wide arc, cutting though buildings, flesh and anything else unlucky to be in it's way.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Capitol Building Ruins: FULGORE Vs Titan Annie, Nightmare and Ryan

As Ryan was apologizing to Annie, he immediately heard Diana's voice in his mind, "I don't know about you, but this robot seems far too confused by basic tactics. It should be no match for either of us. But - and that's why I am speaking in your mind - I am getting bored. We helped the others escape, and now we three are left. And all of us have a means to escape, before they hammer everything down on us.

I would suggest: You do the teleportation thingy with your girl Annie, and I fly out of here. It's no use exhausting ourselves for nothing. See you later." Unluckily, this also meant he was (again) distracted and didn't notice how FULGORE jumped over him like a speeding bullet, tearing through the Female Titan's chest which he successfully landed on the other side.

"Oh- OHHHH CRAP." Ryan began to say, hoping onto Annie's shoulder to check on how his friend was doing. The Titan placed a hand over the open wound, and bore it's teeth at Ryan looking rather pissed off. "I ..... yeah I have no excuse, I mean-"

Before he could finish, he noticed FULGORE activating his core which unleashed a straight ray of immediate death as his chest began to go horizontally, cutting through everything. While the heat itself wouldn't do much to Annie, it was still going to cut through her. Imagine how waterjets are used to cut through steel ... you amplify the high-pressure and focus it sharply. This was the same logic applied to FULGORE's reactor beam, and the worst part was- the laser was lined up with the Female Titan's neck.

"OH JESUS-" Ryan blurred out, immediately placing his hand onto the Titan's nape so as the laser passed through her neck and him- both were unscathed thanks to the Author's Mangekyou Sharingan giving them that ghost-like ability. However it came at a great cost, Ryan slumped down and began panting with his eye starting to get blurry vision wise.

... The first time I did that, it took so much out of me with how massive Annie's titan form is. Being forced to do it again drained me of nearly all my chakura. This is really, really bad ... not only is FULGORE putting up more of a fight than I anticipated, but the RAYs will be here any moment. Not to mention, Diana left the scene since this is starting to get more and more hopeless. My only option is to use the little ounce of energy I have left to warp us out, yet I can't do it while Annie's the Female Titan. I would probably die before I successfully warp us out- she needs to get out of that body and be her original size.

Funny thing how it only takes 2 or so seconds to have thoughts like these ... how our minds are capable of inner dialogue while in the real world it goes by much slower. Still, FULGORE after finishing his death beam cloaked himself once more, and Ryan couldn't bear to use his eyes any longer unless he planned on being stuck there. Steam was pouring out of the Female Titan's wounds, from the chest hole to the cut off leg. Thankfully fortune smiled upon them, since the leg was fully healed now, attached entirely to the leg. This allowed the Female Titan to quickly stand up with no problem and leaped several feet back with her hands up on the defense. She knew not to underestimate the cyborg assassin, and wasn't going to let her guard down (that and Ryan has done it twice now .. she wouldn't let it pass once the fight was over).

Though, even she knew when it was time to fight ... and it was time to take flight. With her eyes only, she glanced as her exhausted partner and that was a good enough indication they weren't in a good position. So she immediately turned and ran off, at great speeds with the ground rumbling like thunder with each foot step.


For someone her size, she was running awfully fast (40-50 miles per hour) and kept going through every corner and every street, trying not to bump into the buildings with her shoulders or anything. She had a back up plan in case FULGORE caught up to them, but for now she wanted distance between them and the RAYs since fighting FULGORE would only become nearly impossible with such backup since it took some effort to bring down a single RAY.

Eventually, she reached the entrance to Denver Zoo's entrance before kneeling on one leg and laying Ryan onto his back against the sidewalk's surface. She gave a good look at him through the Female Titan's eyes.


We wouldn't be in this mess if you were paying attention ... Annie said, resting in the titan's nape with a rather bored expression despite the situation they're in. She had muscles attached to the sides of her face, and though she couldn't move any of her real limbs ... she controlled everything her Female Titan body possessed. Before this all started, you were trying to play hero and encourage us to team up. But because you were an idiot, now you're dead weight and on the verge of fainting. Guess i'll take responsibility then ... However what followed after was unexpected ... she opened her mouth, with the tissues around the sides expanding- only to pick the Author up and devour him with his feet hanging outside the lips. She ensured to take him in where he was behind the teeth, yet kept him within her mouth so he wouldn't get swallowed (and die obviously). The Female Titan kept Ryan safe by leaving him inside her mouth like you would with gum except she didn't plan on chewing him out either, well at least no physically. Sitting back up on her legs, she turned to face FULGORE, who was not far behind at all. That thing was out for her head, so she'd have to fight him here if they had any hope on escaping the area.

Deus ex Machina
Phenomena Intervention - Prime Unit Solomon

Laeta had finally given up in her playful molestation of her younger sister when the words finally registered in her brain. "Dolly?" Her expression darkened slightly - there was a clear effort to hide the disdain from her face. Saren grimaced as her felt Laeta soften her grip. The younger girl had also now processed the gravity of Ruby's presence.

"Come on Ribbons," Saren said. She turned her head to look at Ruby. Her dark blue eyes were somber and lacked the fires of mischief that had become synonymous with the name 'Saren Selmy.' "Don't you know what happened?"

Laeta crossed her arms and sighed. She put a hand on Saren's shoulder, "I don't doubt that it'd be the first time Ruby has heard what happened. She moved away the summer that Lola... you know." Saren shook her head in an echo of silent disapproval.

"Whatever the case, you're right that Lola isn't here, and to be honest, Mom didn't tell us where we should meet her."

Losko plodded in on top of Vettya not long afterward. The little white rabbit was livid. "There has been a complication during the most recent mission." His voice was rather calm for how red his face had become, "You four would do well to remember that the Rising Dawn is a warship before all else. Children should tread lightly."

Saren frowned and put her foot on the white rabbit's face. "Don't talk down to me you little white fuck." Losko's face squeaked as Saren pressed down with the force of her weight. He made no movement against the physical abuse. "Where do you get off always acting so high and mighty?"

"Miss Saren," he said so seriously that Saren stumbled backwards onto the floor. Losko's eyes shone bright red and his face reformed into its round, white, mochi-like shape.

"What's with that sudden gravitas?" Saren said. Laeta shifted her attention to Losko. The white rabbit's unchanging featureless face gazed back.

"There is someone here to see you two."

Losko's voice gave away to a series of hurried footsteps. John turned the corner into the Canteen. His hair fell around his shoulders in loose tousles and his uniform had hastily been thrown on to his slim body. His eyes were tired, wearing black bags and rivers of red. "Laeta Selmy, Saren Selmy?" He spoke clearly but with a distinct urgency. His fingers tightened around his phone.

"Yes, that's us." Laeta said.

"Please come with me," John turned on his heel, "your sister is in trouble."

Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn

Once it felt the Fulgore heating up, Nightmare immediately did the smart thing: Shitting it out. It could not deal with more fight, more tricks. Nightmare was tired. Free now, the body slowly turned and twisted, while the wings were flapping to bring it upwards. After a bit of time, the black dragon Diana had returned, but it did not look good.

The wounds, hidden by the shapeshifting, now were visible, out in the open. As the black dragon rose towards the Rising Dawn, a tiredness overcame it. And once it flew into the hangar, seeking an empty VTOL spot to land, all could see most of the toll the fighting had brought, bar the psychic one.

All over the dragon's body, small, not very deep, but still hurting bullet holes could be seen. None of them bled especially strong, but there were a lot of them ... someone could probably count to one thousand and still not be done. It was obvious that keeping the pain contained exhausted the dragon. And these were just the small wounds, not even counting the places of the skin where bullets had hit, but dropped of harmlessly. They still could be felt.

One eye of the dragon was half-closed out of tiredness, the other one was completely destroyed, just showing some white blurs across the iris, and a dent in the eyeball. It did not look very healthy. Of course there was no concern for later, as an eye could be shapeshifted again, but for now, it was a big and obvious open wound. There were a few more wounds - parts of the dragon's claws were missing, and big, open gashes from super-heated blades could be seen all over its thick skin. The red blood from those was slowly gathering in a puddle under the dragon.

A few bigger lacerations, caused by rockets, would be seen on the dragon's back. It yawned, in a pained tone of voice, then carefully rest its head on its claws, and fell into a deep, black and nightmare-fueled sleep, not turning back into a human. Because turning into a human with those wounds would mean certain death.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Cell
Mio | Teri

"It's a little more complicated than just being upset about being caught. Don't worry about it..."

Mio scratched her head. "Well, that's usually not how you deal with difficulties. Stating it's more dire, but then not talking about it. How could people help this way?" She laid down on her back, wincing a little bit as she lifted her right leg, and sighed.

"Now that I think about it - I don't remember seeing you until the truck, what little I remember anyways. I'm Teri. Who are you? I know why my friends and I were captured, but you look like someone who was nabbed from a cosplay convention. Armstrong declare Anime as the devil now?" Teri spoke again, getting a confused glance from Mio.
"I wasn't nabbed from any costume convention. Is having white skin a new trend, or what? It's not that amazing." Despite having laid herself back, Mio sat up, then stood again, keeping her weight on her left leg. "And what kind of name is 'Armstrong'? Is he master of arm wrestling or what?" She gestured quite a bit. "Why ever would he choose that name if he could declare something the devil.

... Oh. I am Mio, by the way." she stated, giving a small bow, "Mio Kaizuko, dragon of the east, pirate extraordinaire. Choose me as your captain, and booze, bounty and booty will be plentiful! But now, fair lady," the glance Mio gave Teri was very obviously checking her out, "This is a dire situation. Do not worry, it will not take forever to rescue you - and me - from this place. But, and this should be known, ... what the fuck is going on? I was apparently under some kind of spell, then met a beautiful lady with some spiders from a 'Rising Dawn' - good name for a ship, by the way - she joined some kind of fight, I lost her out of vision but could observe dragons fighting.

I wanted to find the spider lady again, as I had promised her to help her in the quest to rescue a fair maiden, a daughter of some 'Rugal', but then people apparently just ... didn't care about environmental damage at all! Why would you waste this many cannonballs on a grassfield!
In any case, I, to my dismay, had to find cover, but was not quick enough and fell unconscious. I woke up in the truck. And now I do not know what this place is, and where to find the fair maiden - unless it is you, of course - and I do not know why I am being imprisoned, which is different from all the times before. So ... if you could explain the situation, I promise to you, I will get us out of here, and find this 'Garm'."

Mio took Teri's hand, bowed again, despite it apparently not being very pleasant to her leg, and gave it a kiss, like a chivalric knight would do. She then stepped back and began to inspect the cell, the walls and the bars and the keyhole, while Teri could explain to her.

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | Key Locations
Anjali | TonTon | Cadolbolg

Anjali watched all the rooms she was led to for a while, being amazed as to how big the ship was, and how all of it worked together. TonTon and Cadolbolg always had to tip her on the shoulder, to get her moving again. The first one was already a room she could have watched forever.

"This is the bridge, we meet here to talk about important stuff. And we got these really big windows - isn't that view cooool?" Anjali nodded, and lost herself in the view of the sky, clouds and city. She tried to make out details of the city, and she could see some of the ruins. She wondered why someone would do something like this. Who the enemy was, and what the people of the land thought of the desctruction. As TonTon and Cadolbolg led her away, she could only take a short glance at the red-hooded woman and the Grunts. What they did confused her more than anything, so she was glad to get to another place, first.

"These are the training rooms and combat simulators. I don't know everything that goes into them, but if you talk to the AI Dimitri or Vermilion, they help with a lot of the setup. They're very helpful, so it's good to be polite to them." That these were for practice was obvious, even to Anjali, so she took solace in the strange familiarity. She did not know what an AI was, however. For now, she tried sending out a spirit snake to one of the archery targets. It levitated towards it, slowly, until it wind around the target and flew back towards Anjali, and into her finger. Then she went with the small ones, eager to see another place.

"This is the Hangar. We keep aircraft stuff here and often leave from here when missions start. It's also really busy, and the G-Corp guys that are working with us have sorta made it there nest. And Mother isn't able to change back to her human form right now, so she's stuck here, and she said we needed to relax. See, there she is, big and red - hai Mother~!"
Anjali did not know what to say. The hall was huge, bigger than she had imagined a building to be. There was a full dragon inside! Something straight out of the tales she had heard when she was a child. Her eyes were full of wonder. And the mother of those little ones was apparently a dragon ... she thought there was something nice about this place, the whole airship. You could never know what to expect.

Looking into another place, Anjali could see a whole lot of injured and sick people. She felt like she should help them, but there apparently already were a lot of strange doctors, and even stranger machinery, doing their work. "That's the Med Bay, people go there when they get hurt, and one of our doctors - or the machines, will patch you up. We don't go here often, thankfully. I bet Ms. Angelus would pitch a fit if Cadolbolg here got hurt..."
Anjali nodded, she agreed. It would probably be best not to visit it too often - not sure how people would react to a dead person inside the medicine room, and no telling how exactly she, as an undead, would be healed.

The last place, the hallway to the private rooms, was comparatively easy to look at and understand. "And this big hallway is where everyone sleeps! Erm... It's called the 'Private Quarters' or something like that. Anyways, if you're gonna stick around here, you're gonna need a room! We usually share ours with Mother and Father, but Mother's stuck in the Hangar..."

Ton Ton cut in, "Either way, if you want a room, we can help you find an empty one, and then put you in the system! It's really easy! And, uh.. I guess that concludes the tour. The places we showed you are the ones we usually go to, so if you want to find others, you'll need to explore on your own. Any questions?"

Anjali did not even react at first, trying to gather her thoughts and process all she had seen. Then she said: "Thank you ssoo much! I was not expecting thiss many weird and huge roomsss ... umm ... well, having a room would be nice, thank you. I would be immensely grateful if you could help me find one.

As for other questionsss ... there are so many things here, I do not know where to start. Maybe ... do you know who the red lady was in the bridge room? I could just take a glance at her. Umm ... are there windows like that in the private roomss? I would like to have one ... I do hope they stop the war down on the ground, though. What are these AI Dimitri and Vermilion? I would be polite to them, but if I do not know where to find them, I can not really ask them anything.

"And there is your mother, a dragon ... a really big dragon! She's sso beautiful! How does she care for you? How is she your mother?" Anjali kept her mouth open, as if she wanted to continue to ask questions, but then stopped, and looked at TonTon and Cadolbolg, thinking this was enough at first.

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