Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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Brian was used to bumpy rides back home, where going against the prevailing winds meant a rough ride to Toronto, but that flight was something else. There were so many bumps and choppy patches, he spent the majority of the time holding onto the seat with his eyes closed while humming songs to himself. When the plane did touch down on terra firma, he almost leapt out of his seat to kiss the ground, but decided against in favor of just exhaling properly and letting go of the plane.

Briān had enjoyed the plane ride over to Europe. It was nice to be able to actually have a full seat instead of being stuffed in the cargo hold. Upon landing, he took a position near his commander who was overseeing the delivery of some cargo. He knew there was a deal to supply some American corpses to their partners but he had never actually met the man himself. He looked...exactly like he thought he would look. Still he remained silent. If he was needed for translating purposes, he would speak then.

Mr. Baudin took a moment to examine the bodies. First he removed a file from his jacket, and double checked what they already knew: reported time of death, possible identity, and cause of death. Then he unzipped the body bags and checked the bodies to ensure they matched this information. He moved his leather gloved hands along the arms, starting at the finger tips and working his way up, checking for rigor-mortis, the larger muscles would stiffen last. Once he was satisfied he examined their wounds. Both were killed by sniper-rifles, one had a hole straight through his chest, the other had his neck partially severed. Satisfied, he pulled off his gloves, found his phone inside his jacket pocket, and sent a text message. In less than a minute another man, slightly younger but still black-suited and dour faced, joined him carrying a pair of metal suitcases, he handed them off to Catherine's clone.

"Everything seems to be inorder," Mr. Baudin remarked, "As per our usual arrangement, here is 60% of the amount owed, the rest will be delivered once we can identify these men with more certainty."

Mr. Baudin and his partner did not wait for a response, their part in the transaction was complete and they no longer had business here. They pushed to gurneys toward a grey station-wagons, loaded them into the back, and were off.


As Mr. Baudin made his exit, Tommy followed walked up to Catherine and Katie. He didn't asked about the bodies, so long as they stayed dead he could care less about them. Instead he asked Catherine, " So, we've been flown across the Atlantic too-" Tommy realized he had no idea where they where, "Europe. So uh now what? Customs? Border patrol? I forgot my passport is that going to be a problem?"

Jason wasn't as eager to leave the plane as the others, only managing to rise from it out of reluctance more than anything. Stepping down the ramp, he realized he never got to give his younger, nicer, alternate brother any sort of farewell. It made him sigh a bit at the whole situation. It was some sort of cruel humor, how a glimpse of how things could be between he and his family, was only reachable through a mean that would be seen as unconventional by most. Jason's thoughts were halted as a chilling blast of air assaulted his still bare face. He half remembered what the plane's pilot said about the weather, and decided to cover his face as a result.

Approaching Katie and her doppelganger, he realized he had the same questions as Tommy. Now that they were here, who exactly were they looking for? Jason wasn't completely sure that they would find this universe's Mordtoten here. But that was only based off of his own assumptions. The place has already proven to be full of surprises about a dozen times over, and Jason was quite sure there would be more things ahead that would catch him off guard.

"What exactly is next for us, Lieutenant?" His question accompanied Tommy's own queries.

Catherine assumed that Tommy was joking when he asked about Customs and passports. Jason's question, however, she could answer plainly. "Next on the agenda is for me to visit the commanding officer of this base to explain the purpose of our flight here. From there, I may need to make a call after the meeting. But whether I do or not, you will be meeting the person who wanted you all brought here in due course," she explained.

"I must request that you be patient for just a little while longer. Please remain here at the plane until I return. If anyone asks who you are or why you are here, tell them you are with me. Thank you." She nodded to her clone, who promptly re-boarded the plane with the suitcases of cash to check both of them for the usual amounts and maintain watch over them.

And with that, Catherine was hurrying away through the crowds, making her way to the hall that held the offices. The Cherbourg base was easy enough for her to navigate, and soon she found the room she was looking for: the office of Major A. Greenberg. She knocked on the door, waiting for his response, "Come in," before she entered the room, stood to attention and saluted the major.

There was a second guest of the major. A man with black hair and beard was already present. Catherine recognised him as being one of Renee's people: Serdar. So Ms Claidt was likely already here then.

"So... here we are then," Katie dryly commented to the others, already beginning work on growing chairs out of her armour for people to sit in while they waited. There really wasn't all that much to do; briefly she wished someone had a pack of cards or something with which to pass the time.

Major Greensberg watched Catherine come inside his office, gesturing for her to take a seat in the unoccupied chair next to Serdar after the saluting was done. "Glad to see you Second Lieutenant, though I wasn't informed you would be coming here today," Greensberg told her as he sat back down in his chair, gesturing to Serdar as he continued, "Mr. Koryo here said we'd be getting in a medium sized group of people of interest; not an officer. Did something important happen?"

"Before that, did everyone of interest arrive here safely?" Serdar cut in quickly, turning to face the door when he heard it open behind him. "We were just about to get started," Serdar told Renee as she closed the door of the office, offering his chair.

"I figured, and I'm quite fine standing up Serdar; it'll be a nice change. 'Ello there Austin, and Catherine. I'm a little surprised to see you 'ere instead of your base. Did something 'appen to our poor group of interest?" Renee started, rubbing her arms a bit to try and warm up.

Renee's presence made life a little easier - no potentially complicated phone calls - though the questions from both her and Major Greensberg did not. Still, Catherine answered them anyway.

"I felt that the flight warranted my personal attention, given the nature of the passengers. I wanted to keep an eye on them myself rather than send one of my clones to do the job," she explained, answering both Greensberg and Renee with the single response. "And to answer your question, Mr. Koryo, yes save for one. One of their number suffered considerable injuries last night and is currently unconscious. We do not know when she will wake, but her physical wounds have been healed. Apart from her, everyone else is fine."

Renee and Serdar glanced at each other when Catherine explained how one of the people in the group was unconscious. Greensberg, meanwhile, nodded in understanding at Catherine's explanation. "What, exactly, is the reason for this group to be here? Actually, I'm not sure why you are here yourself Miss Claidt," Greensberg said, looking over at Renee for the answer.

"Classified," Renee responded to Greensberg, gesturing for Catherine and Serdar to follow her. "We'll be using your interrogation rooms for a little bit, and once things 'ave been verified I shall divulge more information about this to you," Renee explained quickly, not giving Greensberg the chance to respond before she was out of the room.

Once down a ways from the Major's office, Renee turned around to face the two. "Can the two of you go and grab this group and bring them to the IR? 'Ave them fill out those little refugee sheets too; it will make it easier to group them up with a little more information," Renee told the two before heading down the hallway towards the IR.

"We should go. The sooner we can confirm they are not spies, the safer it will be for everyone," Serdar muttered, stepping aside to let Catherine lead the way to where the group was.

Seven hours in a plane was probably the last place Tyson wanted to be. Miles above the sky with a volatile power and innocent refugees to boot made him sweat cold for the duration of the trip. The only things that made it worse was that once it ended, it seemed like he was going to meet someone who Vesper wasn't happy with, and more importantly, someone who might not be happy with him. The only thing that he really found comforting was that he chose to don his armour as a safety measure for when they arrived.

Once the flight was over Bishop got off the ship cautiously. He stuck close to the group just in case being separated from them would label him as something that was ordered to be shot and killed. The corpse exchange going on nearby was a bit unsettling, but he wasn't going to complain. The only other thing interesting to note was that they Catherine with them was able to clone. The woman never did state if her clones also gained her powers, so it didn't really mean anything for now.

When the refugee forms got handed out to them Tyson took a quick look over it before writing a good majority of lies for the better part of the sheet. There were plenty of things that they shouldn't know and very few that they should. The only things that Tyson saw as necessary was his general body information, his name, his known languages, and that he didn't have any known diseases. Technically it is something that isn't known in this universe.

It was about two PM and Bishop was piss drunk in his own room. He left orders for his soldiers to not disturb him and he opened a bottle of whiskey and drank straight from it. After the last twenty-four hours he didn't know if he was breaking down, or just realizing that had never stopped before. Tears fell from his eyes as he counted off the things he was losing in his life. His family was at the start and soon he was down to when he lost his dignity and basically all of his pride. He had been a good man at one point, but now he was pretty much a blood soaked demon. He had grown an iron fist of sorts and started to become disenchanted of his good qualities in his bloodlust revenge.

Even now his loyalty to his wife and child might be torn from him and eaten by a power hungry woman who he had so easily worked with for his quest of revenge before. He emptied the bottle and laid his face down on his desk in shame. Tears continued to poor from his eyes as his so happy past came back to haunt him. Where do I go now? What can I do now? And how was that other me able to keep so much more of what I have lost and instill in me to regain some of it back as well? What made him so different?

"Agreed. Just this way. I left them at the plane," Catherine explained to Serdar, leading him back the way she had come. It wasn't far. Upon her return to the plane, it seemed that the Society had already been given the standard refugee forms by someone.

"Ahem," she coughed in an attempt to draw everyone's attention. "Mr. Koryo here is one of the assistants to the person who wished you brought here. She, however, wishes to speak to you in small groups rather than as a whole. We will need to use this base's interrogation rooms to do so." Seeing the sharp looks from both Katie and Rowan, Catherine raised one hand to absolve their fears. "It's not like that. There shouldn't be any actual interrogating. Just some questions that she needs answered."

I certainly hope that's the case, she added to herself. Hopefully Renee would not put them through anything resembling an ordeal.

"You are not our enemies; if my estimation is correct, this will just be a chance to prove that to our future host. So... if you will follow us, we will lead you to the interrogation wing. Those forms that have been given to you, we will also need those completed sooner rather than later, if you haven't already filled them out," she added, turning and leading the way towards the interrogation wing.

"All of you can finish filling out your sheets on the way over. If you would all follow me," Mr. Koryo said, glancing at a few of the faces he was familiar with. He glance stayed the longest on Tyson before he turned around and marched off.

Garrus followed behind the dark-haired man as he started to fill out his sheet. It only asked basic information, which Garrus wrote down quickly. 'At least it isn't asking for anything too difficult,' he thought, hoping the rest of the Society was filling it all out accurately. The idea that any of the information would be found out to be lies was a scary thought, especially if whoever was interrogating them wasn't very understanding. 'What would happen then? Would we be able to explain our way out of it, or would they brand us liars and potential enemies?'

Now Garrus was starting to wonder whether the Society could take on a whole base if they were branded enemies, but before much thought could be put into an escape plan the dark-haired man led them into a lobby.

"You can all sit down here in the lobby. I shall take your sheets now and be back in a moment," he said, taking everyone's sheets before leaving them. He went through a door that was next to a large pane of one-way glass, the idea that they were being watched making Garrus more nervous.

"We'll be fine everyone," he told his friends, partially to calm himself down as well as them. Once he was seated, he started to glance around the rooms. He noted that there were four doors at the far-end of the lobby. 'Those are probably for the actual interrogations...'

"This is certainly some very interesting information," Renee said aloud, skimming through the sheets that Serdar had handed to her, "Definitely some interesting stuff. You can 'ead on back out and start sending the groups in to room one."

"You never said how you wanted me to group them," Serdar replied, looking away from her and out at the Society.

"That is right. First group shall be the red 'ead, the giant, and the robot. After that send them in as the group of familiar faces in the Resistance, than those that we would normally shoot on sight," Renee explained, watching as Serdar nodded and left to go do as he was told.

"You, you, and you will be heading into room one together first," Mr. Koryo said after he had come back out to the lobby, pointing at Garrus, Tommy, and Ethan. He jerked his thumb over to the first room, watching the three get up and head towards the door.

Garrus heard him telling the rest of the Society how they would be grouped up as he opened the door, but he couldn't hear the rest of it as the room one door was closed behind him. 'Small room,' he thought, sitting down at one of the four chairs placed in front of a table. It was eerily quiet as the three of them waiting, with Garrus proceeding to stare at a packet of cigarettes that had been left on the table.

"Ah I knew I 'ad left them somewhere," said a woman as she opened the door opposite them. For a second Garrus thought that his mother had been instantly transported in front of him. 'My mother isn't that tall, nor does she smile so much,' he thought as the woman sat down in front of them. It took him a moment to place it, but once she started to speak it hit him the two people she reminded him of. 'She's reminds me of Leland and my father.'

"Sorry about the short wait," the woman started off, placing down each of their filled-out refugee sheets in front of them as she said their names, "Garrus, Ethan, and Tommy. First off, it is nice to finally meet you. I shall be doing this interrogation of sorts. It won't be anything more than a few simple questions; ones that everyone will be answering today."

"Before that begins though I need to tell you two things. In this room, none of you will try to harm me, and you will answer all my questions truthfully." As she said those two things, Garrus felt an odd, fuzzy feeling in his head. As the feeling subsided, the woman started to ask her questions.

"One, are you indeed Garrus Arreos, the son of Camille Claidt and Roman Arreos?" Renee asked Garrus first, before repeating the question to the other two with their names and their parent's names substituted in. Garrus immediately replied yes to that question, before the next couple of questions were given.

"Are all of you from another universe? How did you wind up in this universe? Are any of you working for United America, or in its interest?" she asked them, nodding as their answers were given. The story of how they got to here all sounded almost identical; all involved a mad scientist and some sort of machine he had built that went off and sent them here. Even though Garrus was only going to tell the truth, he had a feeling that if he tried not telling the truth he wouldn't be able to. He noticed that Ethan seemed very tense as well, the cyborg answering the questions through his visor.

"I believe these answers are satisfactory. If the rest of your group's story is the same, then I will answer a few of your questions. Not everything of course. Even if I find everything you say truthful, there are still ways around it that can only be checked by another person. Which will 'appen to all of you tomorrow more than likely," the woman said, telling them that they can leave now and to send the next group in.

Garrus got up and opened the door for himself and the others, his face showing concentration as he tried to put the pieces together. He told Mr. Koryo that the next group was to be sent in. The man nodded and told the Resistance group to head on inside.

'Bodyguard or assistant?' Tyson though as he glanced back at Serdar noticing how he was receiving a bit more attention from him than the others. He wasn't completely sure if the woman on the phone was going to be the one that they were going to be interrogated by, but the man's voice that was currently with them sounded similar to the one who answered Bishop's phone call.

There was a nervous racket in his head as he wondered how Vesper might react to her in person. It wasn't exactly pleasing to know that it didn't like whatever she did. Not being able to disobey something that you've been told is unpleasant to say the least; especially when Tyson wasn't happy with someone else fucking with his head to begin with.

After Garrus, Tommy, and Ethan exited the room; Tyson, Rowan, Katie, and Brian were told to go in next. Tyson swallowed hard and walked in ahead of the rest of the group. As he entered the room, Tyson had a death stare when he met Renee face to face. "If you are who I think you are I suggest you refrain from using your power." Tyson stated as he took a seat and watched the others follow him in.

"Alright just what happened in there? We sat down and she was all, first I'm going to need two things. And then outta no-where, it was like hypnotism or a geis, was not expecting that." Tommy asked Garrus and Ethan, he wasn't sure either of them would know or even noticed it too. Now that they were out of the room it stoppped having any effect the moment they passed the threshold.

Brian was having a hard enough time filling in the sheet with every last detail that was asked of him, but being called in for the interrogation was another step up. At least he wasn't going to be going in there alone. That was the saving grace.

Tyson went in first, and Brian sat down in the seat next to him. He didn't seem to be too pleased with the people on the other side of the table, but Brian didn't know why. " sure it's me you want?" he said. "Cause I'm sure like the other guy, he knows more than me. Just saying."

Some entries of the form were a little tough to fill out, but Katie managed to get it done before she was called in... alongside Tyson, Brian and Rowan. The four of them together was an odd decision, though likely chosen due to the fact that their alternate counterparts were Resistance members. She took a seat on Brian's opposite side, while Rowan took the last one, on her right.

Neither of them knew what to expect from this. Katie was glancing around, ready to lash out if the need arose. Rowan, on the other hand, was wishing he had abilities similar to Spoon's, so he could escape the interrogation room.

"Glad to hear I wasn't the only one affected," Garrus muttered after hearing Tommy's question, "Might be hypnotism or something, but whatever it was it worked on Ethan." It was certainly peculiar that even Ethan was affected by whatever power it was. 'We'll just have to wait and hope for some answers,' he thought, staring down at the floor in silence as he waited.

"And you should not interrupt phone calls," Renee replied to Tyson with a smug look, placing everyone's respective sheets down in front of them once they sat down. "You can all stop looking so worried. I am just going to ask a few questions that will 'elp me verify your stories. You all understand just 'ow absurd your story sounds like to the average person. Luckily I'm used to some bizarre things; otherwise all of you still might be stuck in United America."

"Let us begin with this: In this room, none of you will try to harm me, and you will answer all my questions truthfully." Renee said to them.

In response to Renee's command, Katie stiffened in her chair, eyes narrowing, and said, "I'm not saying a word unless you get out of my head."

Renee simply smiled at that response, keeping her eyes on Katie as she started the questioning. The first question was just asking them if they were who they said they were and if their parents were those they had written down on their sheets.

"Are all of you from another universe? How did you wind up in this universe? Are any of you working for United America, or in its interest?"

"Bitch." Tyson muttered under his breath so Renee couldn't hear at the mention of his previous interruption. From there on he kept his thoughts in his head as she continued. You don't even know bizarre and United America would be stuck with me. Vesper stepping in when she issued her command and stepping away with appearance of Tyson's jet black eyes when he no longer felt compelled to tell her the truth when she asked her questions. Still he didn't want to give away that her powers wouldn't work on him just yet.

As she asked her questions Tyson answered truthfully to his sheet. "Yes I am the Tyson Bishop I indicated on my sheet. I only know my father's name and it is Colonel Johnathon Bishop." The next questions were expected, and lying to prove a point now would be worthless. "Yes I'm from a different universe or planet or something since I'm not from here. I winded up here because of an insane mad scientist, his machine, our team's terrible luck, and the world's worst timed arrival by her boyfriend. And considering that I heard I put a high ranking United America official in the hospital, I'm pretty sure I'm not working for them or in their interest." Tyson said while pointing a thumb at Katie at the appropriate time.

"Yes, yes, yes, through an accident involving a scientist named Mordtoten, and no," Katie answered despite her intention to remain silent. Already she did not like how this woman could force people to obey her through her commands. Katie did not enjoy having her mind being poked at by others. Though she had not wanted to answer, she could not stop herself from answering. She hated that kind of power.

Once she finished, she wove a gag across her mouth to emphasise her point about not speaking, and covered her ears with vines. It was childish, she knew, but she had a point. Or she liked to think so, anyway.

Rowan, on the other hand, was far more co-operative. He gave similar answers to the other two that had already spoken. "I have a question of my own. Who are you?" he added to the end of his explanation of the incident with Mordtoten's machine. Some answers would be nice. Who was to say that this person who could tell people what to do was not a UA infiltrator, seeking information about the Society before planning to eliminate them at a later date?

The question was a naive one, though, because as far as Rowan knew, this person could easily just tell him to believe she was a Resistance member, and based on everyone's reaction to her command, she could probably do it without a second thought.

"Jeez, OK, kinda direct there," Brian stammered out, still intimidated by the whole situation, even despite Renee's instructions to not be. "Well, my name is Brian MacKenzie, my mom and dad are Maggie and Willie, that's not their real names, that's what just like to be called you know. Um, I am not really from this universe here, and I don't really know how we got here. There was like a flash or something, it's gotten kinda foggy there. As for those Americans, I wouldn't be working for them no way. Canadian born and bred, that's the way it stays. I ain't wearing no Stars and Stripes never. So, is uh, is that good enough, can I go now?"

"I'll answer the majority of your questions after I see to the last group," Renee replied to Rowan, amusement on her face after she saw what Katie had done. She collected the papers in front of all of them and added them into one of the two piles on the table. The last few sheets were for the next group, which Renee said should come in next.

"All of you are cleared. You can go sit with the rest and tell the last group to come on inside now," Renee told them, calmly watching as they left the room. Before they could even say anything to Jason and Levi, Serdar had already pointed at the two of them and told them to head on inside room one.

Levi wanted to sleep through most of the flight. There wasn't much to see and he had no reason to be conscious for any of it. Throughout the seven hours, he tried in vain to get some sort of worthwhile rest. His body was tired and battered, but his mind couldn't stop racing. Teetering over the edge of consciousness, it replayed images of Lector, and of Taryn. Looping those moments over and over and playing out 'what if' scenarios. By the time the plane landed, he had gotten about an hour or so of shallow, unsatisfying sleep.

As the group was escorted off the plane, the Resistance nurse accompanying Taryn wheeled her away, stating that she had to be moved to the infirmary. Levi was none too happy about being separated from Taryn again, but it was best for her safety. Hopefully they would be out of here soon.

After being escorted into a lobby of sorts, Levi was handed paperwork to fill out. 'Great,' he thought. 'More questioning.' He had no reason to lie, so he filled out the form to the best of his ability. Briefly, he wondered if St. Theodore's Orphanage even existed in this universe. And if it didn't, then where did his alternate self grow up? Were his parents alive? Many questions that would likely never get answers. Speculation aside, he filled the form out and handed it off when someone came to collect.

Levi watched as Society members were brought into the interrogation room in small groups. After a little while, the only people that hadn't been talked to were himself and Jason. With a sinking feeling, he realized that it was probably due to his resemblance to Lector. So, in that case, why was Jason lumped in with him? Was his alternate self also somehow related to the UA? If so, that might end being a problem.

The door opened and Katie, Tyson, and Brian exited. Their interrogator, Renee, gestured towards Levi and Jason and asked them to enter. With a sigh, Levi rose from his chair. "Let's get this over with," he said to Jason as he made his way inside. The room was small and mostly empty, save for a table and four chairs. Levi couldn't detect any cameras, bugs, or other electronic surveillance devices in the room. Odd. One would think that interrogations of this nature would be recorded somehow. He took his seat as Jason entered, with Renee closing the door behind them.

"What's all this then? Paperwork?" Was one of the thoughts swimming through Jason's mind as he and his teammates were handed forms to fill out. Seeing as he wasn't a fugitive in this universe (or at least, that's what he thought), he filled out what he could with little to no problem. This whole situation just felt weird to him. How would any of this stuff help them get back to where they belong? His mind started to wander just as someone collected the papers. And now the team was being separated and questioned?

"Will that will help us? Maybe we'll finally get answers after they give us enough questions." He thought again, looking on as Katie, Tyson, and Brian exited a room that seemed to be a main variable in these sessions. By the end of it, it seemed that only he and Levi were the only ones to have entered this room. A lady stepped out after the three, gesturing for the Keyholder and Master Magnetic to enter. The two exchanged glances, Levi rising from his chair with a sigh Jason could agree with.

"Let's get this over with,"

"Yes, please." Jason replied with a nod, following after Levi as the two entered the interrogation room. It was a drab area, only filled with a table and a group of chairs. Jason managed to grab a seat next to Levi as the one called Renee closed the door after him.

"Last group you two," Renee said after taking a seat back down in the one chair opposite them. "Once we're done 'ere I can answer some questions in the lobby area. Everyone else who 'as already been asked 'ave been cleared, but you two are different," she said to the two men in front of her, placing their own refugee sheets in front of them.

"I'm getting tired of doing this, but before we begin there are two things. In this room, none of you will try to harm me, and you will answer all my questions truthfully. Simple stuff that protects myself and makes sure you two tell me the truth," she said before pointing down at their sheets where their names and parent's names (or lack thereof) were written down.

"You are indeed Jason Jaime Rojas, son of Abrienda Rojas and Torrin Christophe?" Renee asked Jason, moving onto Levi when Jason had given his response. "And you are Bartholomew Levictus Harland, and you do not know either of your parents? That's different," Renee said before moving onto the last set of questions after the first was given.

"Are the two of you from another universe? How did you wind up in this universe? Are any of you working for United America, or in its interest?"

Jason halfheartedly listened to Renee, most words going in through one ear, and out the other. She acquired his undivided attention however, when she said a unique set of words using a very firm tone. The words lingered through his head, reverberating like an echo. The portions of armor covering his face faded and recessed, showing a look of annoyance from him.

"Whoa! That was uncalled for!" Erebus called out defensively, equally annoyed.

Seriously. I already got one extra voice in my head. I don't need another one. Jason agreed, crossing his arms. Despite his opinions on the matter, he still felt compelled to answer her truthfully. He gave simple compliance to her questions involving his parents, the stuff he written down for them. She moved on to Levi before continuing her estranged questionnaire.

"Unless there's been two Jason Rojas running around here, with the two being polar opposites, then yeah, it's safe to assume that i'm from another universe." He replied somewhat sharply, giving off a chuckle as the second question was asked.

"A mad scientist was having a block party or something. Disturbing the peace and what not. Was building some machine, and one thing led to another. And, as far as I can tell, while I'm (meaning me specifically) not working for the UA, you might want to get in touch with my counterpart. I've heard he's a Lieutenant Colonel." He told, the last line being said as if it were some secret.

"I don't need a mental nudge to tell you that I'm not fond of people messing with my head," Levi replied coldly. He was aware of the suggestion sitting in the back of his mind, but he couldn't do anything about it. This woman had the ability to bypass all of his mental blockades. That meant that she could be a powerful ally...or a dangerous enemy. Either way, Levi did not like her.

"But yes, you have your information straight. I am indeed Bartholomew Harland, and I don't know either of my parents." As he spoke, he could feel Renee's presence constricting him, blocking all thought processes except the truth. Even if he wanted to, he could not even think of the concept of lying. The truth involuntarily flowed from him. "We're from another universe, but we're not here out of choice. A scientist named Mordtoten built a machine that malfunctioned and sent us here. I'm not in leagues with United America, but this universe's equivalent is."

Renee suddenly laughed once Levi had finished with his answers, taking a few seconds to compose herself afterwards. "I'm sorry. That is just too funny, and somewhat sad I suppose. Oh my, just give me another second. Phew okay, so you two are cleared. Let's 'ead on back to the lobby so I can answer your questions," Renee said picking up her cigarettes and the Society's sheets before heading outside with them.

"All of you are cleared. Everything you said was truthful, and all of your stories were the same. I 'ad actually been informed earlier of that disturbance that was all of you coming 'ere, sad that you chose one of the worst places. You are all safe 'ere now, and what we'll do is move you to a base a small bit away. You will be able to eat there, and will be given some space to sleep in until morning comes. In the morning I'll 'ave one more definitive check to make sure that none of you are spies that don't even realize you are. We've 'ad to deal with that before you see," Renee explained to the Society after handing off the sheets to Serdar.

"The last check will only take a moment, and none of you will probably even realize what 'ad 'appened. I wanted it done tonight, but the man who is going to do it is away right now," she said, taking a seat on one of the chairs across from everyone.

"Now comes the fun part. I'll answer some of your questions now before I take you to the other base. It'll take a bit before the truck is ready."

Tyson wasn't having fun with the current waiting game. Although the interrogations weren't taking long, there wasn't even a magazine to poke at to kill the minutes of silence. Finally Levi and Jason returned and the she-wolf followed in tow.

"Now comes the fun part. I'll answer some of your questions now before I take you to the other base. It'll take a bit before the truck is ready."

"I've got a few." Tyson said as he leaned forward in his chair. "To what limit is that power of your's based? What makes you the qualified person for us to be transferred to you? Is your name actually Rent, or is that something your Tyson calls you to piss you off? If it isn't your real name then what is your name? And finally, have you heard the tale of Icarus?"

"I am not going to tell you something like that about my powers. You are not family, nor a close enough friend for that," Renee explained simply with a smile, "I'm qualified because I happen to know all the powerful players 'ere, all of whom might be able to 'elp you out with certain recommendation from myself. My power also makes me perfect to make sure you are telling the truth, though not to the point where I can absolutely trust you all. Ninety-nine percent certain right now though."

Serdar chuckled at the question about Renee's nickname, earning him a look from his boss. "The nickname was given to me by refugees. From what I've gathered, you Americans aren't fond of saying 'yphenated names like my own. And instead of just using the first part, they decide to mash it together into an 'orrible abomination of a nickname. Why they could not use just Renee I will never know. My Tyson only does it to annoy me; it is common knowledge that the name is not liked. Nothing to be done there though; I'm sure I'll 'ave to deal with it for the rest of my life."

"Anyways, my name is Renee-Thierry Claidt. The man next to me is my friend Serdar Koryo who usually 'elps me out with this sort of thing. The last answer is a yes, I 'ave 'eard of that story. In fact, I even know someone who might just be the author," Renee replied, getting an amused look when Garrus' jaw dropped.

"Such a reaction. Do I not exist in your universe, or...?" Renee started, letting Garrus explain.
"No, you're've been dead awhile," he managed to say after trying to put together the words.
"Funny. In this universe, you're the one who's been dead awhile," Renee explained with a laugh.
"'Ospital explosion by U.A. Such a sad day. I don't remember it; I was far too young to. But years later it was sad when I realized that I 'ad lost two brothers that day. I've gotten a few more since then, but still," Renee said to Garrus, letting him have some time to process all this information.

So Renee was Garrus' and Leland's sister. Off the top of her head, Katie could not recall the name being mentioned by either one. Judging by her explanation of the hospital incident, it seemed this universe did not contain a Garrus or a Leland. As interesting to point out as the topic was, the plant manipulator had questions relating to a different topic. Once clear of the interrogation room she had undone her 'preventative' measures.

"I have a couple of questions," she began. "Or, well, the first one is more of a request. Now that we've co-operated - or more accurately, you forced us to - I would appreciate it if you did not use your power on me again... or any of us, for that matter. I think it fair to say that it's not particularly enjoyable." She didn't know how everyone else had reacted to the interrogations, but having her mind played with was not something that she wanted to happen. If someone had an exception, they would say so.

"And second... with a power like yours, how do we know you aren't some kind of agent or infiltrator looking to eliminate a threat to United America? I figure you could easily make everyone believe you're on the Resistance's side just by saying a few words," she explained. She didn't trust Renee one bit, not until the stranger could prove otherwise.

A chance to ask the questions for once. Levi relished the moment.

"Here's one for you," he started. "What do you know about...Lector? This universe's version of me? And while I'm asking, what exactly about me to you find so damn funny? If there's some kind of joke I'm missing out on, I'd sure like to hear it." He wasn't quite sure why Renee burst into laughter during his interrogation, and he didn't know why it bothered him so much.

"I will not give you my word that I won't use my power on any of you again. There is always the chance that I will 'ave to. Sometimes it 'as even proven to be the difference between life and death, or the difference between our enemies getting valuable information," Renee replied to Katie before laughing at her suggestion that Renee was with the enemy.

"Two funny things in just the past few minutes; that's pretty good, eh?" she said to Serdar, giving herself a moment before answering Katie. "Well there are a few ways I can prove it. I'm positive both of my parents can vouch for me, along with the rest of my family, friends, and acquaintances. If I am working with United America than I have no clue why I supply the Resistance with so much information and weaponry. Or why I try to sabotage any black market shipments to the U.A. I suppose all the pain and suffering they've caused to myself, my family, my friends, my country, and everyone else might just make me less inclined to 'elp them," she said to Katie, leaving it at that.

She turned her attention to Levi and his question, "I knew you growing up. Our parents were, not best friends or anything, but they knew each other. I was surprised to see that you listed no parents on the sheet, and then you go right on and say your own father's name! It's just funny 'ow things happened like that in your universe."

"I knew you growing up."

By "you," Levi assumed she meant the other him, but it was...interesting regardless. Lector and Renee knew each other at some point in the past. And his alter's parents were involved somehow.

"I was surprised to see that you listed no parents on the sheet, and then you go right on and say your own father's name!"

Wait, when did he say that? He didn't mention anyone else's name except for-


Levi rest his face in his hands for a moment and took a moment to recover from his outburst. He tried in vain to suppress his mixture of shock and disbelief. "You're telling me...that Professor Mordtoten is my fa...Lector's father?" If what she was saying was true, and given that this universe has very close parallels to his own, it was very much possible that Mordtoten was his father as well. The resemblance was too great, both of them had to have a common father...

"No...that can't be right. That's preposterous!"

"'E isn't a professor 'ere. Technically 'e is not Lector's father anymore either since Herkimer disowned Lector after 'e defected. It was quite an 'ardship for 'im and 'is wife, and it was sad to lose a friend like that," Renee told Levi, a pitying look on her face.

"Even though our universes are different, I know that 'e 'as to be your father. If you don't believe though, I'm sure we can 'ave a paternity test done," she added jokingly.

This newest revelation made Brian slightly even more confused than usual. "Wait, so like, if that's true there, your dad is that lunatic who sent us here? Does that mean eventually you're going to start buildingweird machines and the like and have us sent into space or some kid's ear or something? You want me to like, hit you or something before that happens? Cause I will, you know."

"Even though our universes are different, I know that 'e 'as to be your father..."

Levi wasn't quite sure how to feel. He had spent all his life thinking that his parents were dead, but now he had a real, tangible lead that Mordtoten of all people could very well be his father. Just when Levi's experiences in this universe couldn't get any stranger, this revelation just had to be dropped. "I...I don't know what to say. I don't know if you fully understand, but this is...this is a pretty huge. For me, anyway."

"...You want me to like, hit you or something before that happens? Cause I will, you know."

"Brian, now isn't the time." Levi snapped. "I mean, I appreciate the jokes and all, but can you be serious for just one goddamn second?" He winced at how harsh his words had come out. After a moment, he let out a long sigh. "I...I'm sorry. I just...need a moment, is all." In truth, he needed much more than a moment. Levi felt that he was approaching the breaking point. With an entire fascist dictator hunting them down, Taryn in critical condition, and now this new revelation, he didn't know how much more he could take.

A few minutes into the question and answer session and Renee was already starting to turn things into a cluster fuck. Tyson let out a sigh as she pretty much upended a large piece of Levi's life in a matter of moments. The man was clearly not ready to handle what he was just informed of. Prompted by this, Tyson stood up from his seat.

"Levi, I know that this won't mean much coming from me, but right now I suggest that you don't focus on what this could be. The version of myself in this universe only knew his mother, while I only knew my father. Who your parents are and how you were raised could be very different here. Because of this I suggest one course of action. Right now solely focus on Taryn; don't worry about returning home or who could or couldn't be your father for the time being. Once we find out if she will, and I truly hope that she will, get better, we focus solely on getting out of this universe. Once we are back to our own universe, then I will personally promise you that we'll find out if Mordtoten is your father. If he isn't in our universe, then I'll offer you my full undivided help in founding out who your parents are." Tyson said to Levi voice that was meant to hold comfort and security.

Next Tyson turned towards Garrus. "Since Rent here said that we won't be completely cleared until tomorrow, maybe we should hold off the rest of the question and answer session until then. It would be a damn shame if that one percent chance that she has against believing us would prevent her from giving us a completely honest answer." At this point Tyson was just hoping that Garrus wasn't block headed enough that he'd miss Tyson's attempt to get them out of there for now; so that Renee couldn't cause anymore worlds crashing down around them.

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