Mass Effect RP: The Aegis Protection Firm - Full

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As he was finishing up his last set, David saw Brooks glare at him. Oh well. He thought. It's not like I got into this line of work to make friends. Throwing Brooks a single finger salute, he towelled off, and made his way to the change room. Minutes later he emerged freshly showered, and in civvies.

Making his way over to the workshop, he knocked on the door as he stepped through. "Sorry 'bout all that. You wouldn't happen to have a large ceiling hook, and about 12 cm of heavy gauge chain I could use? Need to put the bag back."

Narath could only watch helplessly as Rook left to inspect whatever had caused the loud crash which had interrupted their conversation. He wasn't exactly sure how to break the uneasy silence, so the Salarian continued to sip on his drink and hope the cause of the problem wouldn't migrate its way into the workshop. It would be a tragedy to lose all this equipment, not to mention what was already in the workshop, before he ever had a chance to use it.

"Well at least I won't be able to complain about a lackluster first day hm?" Narath chuckled a bit and began unpacking his crate. "Is it always so violent here? You would think open conflict between coworkers would cause problems with trust and unit cohesion on any sort of battlefield." Just as he finished his musing, the door was opened by a human he didn't recognize.

"Sorry but I'm still quite new here. You would probably be better served asking Keith where to find such things."

After Keith showed him the gear he needed David made short work of the bag, setting back in its proper place with little trouble. That done he went back to the common room. Grabbing a bottle of water he dropped into a chair, and started checking his messages. Most of it was spam, but one made him groan. Fuuck, I was hoping she'd take longer to find me. With a sigh, he opened the message.

The video message revealed the pale blue face of a young Asari. "Hey asshole!" She said; a bright smile on her face. "You come back to Omega, and you don't even have the courtesy to let me know...I'm hurt." As she said that her face contorted into a sorrowful pout, but only for a moment. Flashing that bright, overly cheerful smile again, she went on. "Well gotta go, figured I'd call you since you wouldn't call me...seriously give me a call at some point, we should hang out. Oh and David, one more thing." Standing so the video framed her from collarbone to waist, she flashed the camera. "A little something to tide you over..." An airy laugh came through just as the image died.

Sitting back in the chair, David could feel a bead of sweat rolling down his temple. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" He muttered. "I'm a dead man...that's all there is to it. She's going to find me, kill me, and then make me suffer. Fuuuck!"


"Are these all the terms of the Archons then?" Verahl asked. His elbows were on the table with his fingers crossed in front of his face. To his right sat a small cup of coffee. Darun had sent his Asari out to make a few pots upon Verahl's request. Her presence still left Verahl with a sense of unease and shame as she floated around the table, filling cups as they needed.

"The Archons have no more terms we wish to add," stated Vovdeen as he lowered himself back into his seat. The Salarian had been a shrewd negotiatior. Verahl had learned long ago that to not underestimate them, especially if they claimed to be cut from the cloth of the STG.

Verahl picked up his coffee and took another sip. It wasn't quite to Verahl's taste, but thanks to Raven, the whiskey that had be discretely poured into it was enough to overpower most of its taste. He chuckled to himself as he lowered the cup back to the table. Next time he would remember to wisely bring a flask like his Lieutenant had.

"Good," Verahl's words lingered in the air for a moment as he looked off into the distance. His mind once again raced over the events of the meeting quickly, ensuring yet again that the terms were to his satisfaction before he rose from his seat. "Now, if there is nothing else to add, I believe it is time to call these discussions to a close. Each party has had their chance to address their concerns and conditions, and each has reached some form of consensus. If there is anything else to add, bring it fourth now."

Vovdeen's eyes darted from Verahl to his Lieutenant, and back to Verahl. He ran his tongue over his teeth a few times as he thought for another moment over the final terms of the deal.

"The Archons will follow you," he spoke as he locked his gaze back on Verahl, and gave stern nod. "We pledge our allegiance to Aegis."

The Elcor bobbed his 'head' "Accepting: We have no more addendums," he turned himslef to look down at Verahl, "Finally: The Azure Shields will join this alliance"

"Then this partnership is officially founded," Verahl declared as all around the table rose. "The Sigma Coalition is formed."


Word had been sent to the company back at base that the partnership had gone through. Most were expecting this, and had the paints and stencils waiting in the armoury to recolour their armours. They would need to look relatively uniform with their new comrades.

The next hour consisted of working out the immediate implementation and actions of the newly found partnership. Darun droned on about his schedules for shipments, while Raven and Savdee worked out protection plans for them. Verahl had taken his time to speak with Vovdeen over securing munitions for them through Tarnak and acquiring new ordinance. He was pleased to find out that the Archons had an A-61 Mantis under their use as well. Combined with the number of freighters available to the Shields, it began to look like the makings of air force, especially if they were able to arm the freighters.

Once the immediate details were worked out, and their next courses of action set, each group trickled away from the arbitrators and back to their ships. Verahl had arranged for a meeting between Tarnak and Vovdeen set in a few hours, but it left him enough time to return to the company base and oversee the reaction and conversion first hand. It also gave him some much needed time to drill the new recruits into their place.

"Raven," Verahl said as he disembarked the Razor and onto the roof of the Elixir. "Round up all the recruits that have been causing problems for the company for me, and have them brought up to the office. I'm going to make sure they, understand, exactly what they've signed on for."

David was interrupted mid-freak out by the chirp of an incoming message on his Omni-tool. message, let's see here. New, less people shooting at us is always good. New colours...Aww the black and orange looked badass. Making his way to the armoury he made short work of the new colour scheme for his armour.

After Serina arrived back at her cot, she continued her exercises. Her omni-tool lit up some time later and the words,Sigma Coalition founded flashed across it, knowing what it meant, she arrived at the armory, and re-stenciled her armor, first removing the paint she had just put on days before, and repainted in the new company colors and symbol.Looks like Verahl is expanding his borders quite a bit.At least I was able to wear it before the change.

She saw David re-doing his own armor across the way and nodded in his direction as she entered, he looked a bit out of sorts however, the small twitches at the corner of his eyes, the occasional wetting of his lips. She didn't know him that well however, so she threw the idea out the window and chalked it up to him being human, and the alien culture that came with them.

Kyra was just heading back to the barracks to clean up, when she heard her omni-tool beep. She checked her messages, and was surprised to see that Aegis was now a part of the Sigma Coalition. I hadn't heard about that... Things move pretty quick on Omega, apparently.

After cleaning up, she made her way down to the armory to check on her gear, and repaint her armor.

Paladin followed Verahl to the gunship, unloading behind him and Raven into the Elixir. He didn't see much point to hanging around the Elixir, he wasn't exactly eager to get in another fight. His own tensions were a bit frayed, after all he had just spent the past few hours walking around keeping his eyes out for an attack and expecting one.

So, instead of hanging around in the Elixir, he made his way over to the Lienne. On the way over he typed out a message to Sal over his omni-tool "Sal, feel free to head over to the Lienne later, I'm going to stay on board for a while and I'll keep her unlocked. I suspect you'll need the clean room to paint your armor."

He took some time to strip his armor and paint it in maroon and silver. He did take some time with the gold trim, trying to keep with his own Aesthetic sense in the pattern. He had Jeeves, the VI, make him a stencil to use for the Sigma logo. And put the finishing touches on the armor.

After this he had little left to do. He wasn't exactly on call. So he made his way up to the second floor of the ship and walked into his quarters. He had laid down for a while, until he heard the special chime that indicated a message from Ashala. So he opened up his omni tool.

"Hey Daddy. I hope everything is going well way out there. And I'm glad your job is working out. It sounds like you're getting better. Things are great on the Citadel, I have good friends, I'd like you to meet them if you ever come visit. Peepaw and Nana have been keeping in touch too, they said I could visit the ranch the next time I have a vacation, I wish you could come too, we'd all love to see you. We're worried about you Daddy, we haven't seen you since Mom was killed."

His armour squared away David dropped on to the nearby bench, starring at his locker. Calm yourself, Nassa is a reasonable woman you did work with her and Thud for ten years, she'll at least hear you out. Thud on the other hand... He banged his head on the locker door. "Fuck my life."

Movement caught the corner of his eye. Looking up he saw Serina also re-doing the colour scheme of her armour. Geez, I'm so bent outta shape by this I didn't even noticed her. "Hey Serina." He said, getting to his feet. "If you see an Asari in Commando leathers, and a Krogan in armour older than you, around could you do me a HUGE favour and shoot me in the head. I'd appreciate it."

"If you see an Asari in Commando leathers, and a Krogan in armour older than you, around could you do me a HUGE favour and shoot me in the head. I'd appreciate it."

Serina heard David's request, but instead of simply answering, an thought began to coalesce in her mind.

"Of course, but do you prefer the ear,nose, eye,throat, or mouth? And exactly how did you come to make enemies with two of the more dangerous combinations in the galaxy, dearie? You didn't fuck her, did you? Or was it the Krogan? If it was I'm surprised you made it out in one piece. Buuut... then again, you showed so little sign of pain during our last..."She pursed her lips,"Encounter that I have no reason to suspect otherwise."

She flashed a smile of complete and utter mischief before continuing on the re-stenciling of her armor.

My, my, this boy has an interesting story.

David laughed at Serina's comment. "Actually, right above the left eye would be good. It's the 'no-reflex' zone in the human brain. No twitches or muscle spasms, your target just drops. As for why those two would wish me harm...look at this.: David played the message again, stopping it just before Serina got flashed.

"That is Ethera, the hundred and sixty two year old daughter of the Commando and her Battlemaster bondmate." He said. "And to answer your next question, no I didn't fuck her either. I worked for Nassa, the Commando, for ten years on Illium as part of a corporate security firm. Ethera grew up in the base, and for whatever reason became enamoured with me. I'll tell you that plays hell with an eighteen year old kids hormones, especially when her parent scare the living shit out of you." Shaking his head, he stood. "Don't get me wrong they were great to work for. Hell I'd still be working for'em if they hadn't decided to go on to something else, that said they are both very protective of their kid. I've tried telling Ethera to knock it off, but she just laughs...then sends me pictures that wouldn't be out of place in Fornax."

Leaning against a locker near Serina, he sighed. "If you have any compassion, you'll do it. Nassa and Thud are capable of inflicting more pain than I care to think about." Seeing her bemused expression, he smirked. "I have no idea what his real name is, everyone just calls him Thud. I don't know why."


Karnak walked into the armoury, ignoring most of those around him as per his normal routine. He was thinking on the new design he'd paint his armour.

Mostly red, mixed in with some gold, logo on the chest.

He barely listened to the recruits telling their war tales. He had long since learned to write most off as little more than half truths meant to display moments of supposed heroism and greatness that died with them when their guts were spilt on cold steel floors of a ship, or the burned ground of some raided colony. Stories of former glory were only worth less than the air that carried them. The only ones that would matter to him were the ones they earned beside him.

His stories were not meant for the halls of Aegis, or squads of Sigma though. The boasts he was capable of claiming were ones that would only bring the ire towards him. His shared similarities with only one other of the company and neither were keen to share.

With a final spray, the plates of his armour were coated. He liked the dark maroon. It would be a good colour to carry him forward through the breach as he charged ahead into the hearts of battles with his Scimitar in hand. He could polish it up later if he chose. Now was time to add the logo, the new sigil of Sigma.

Serina finished her paintjob, granted, it was nowhere near the best in the new company, but it was satisfactory. She had made sure to stencil the new logo on both the front,back and a smaller one on a shoulder pad, in a fight sides can get confused and that's how good people got killed. Finishing that she looked it over, the maroon predominant, with the logos done in gold, not very assuming or pretty, but then again, her role in a fight was to keep the enemy off-balance, not to keep them falling back.

As she worked, she listened to the human's story, obviously he had been screwed to the wall on that, but she doubted he hadn't returned her affections in some manner, otherwise they wouldn't be after him. As she finished, she picked up the armor and started walking towards her locker, but before she got there, she doubled over in pain, managing to keep a hold on the armor only through her knuckles turning white. She endured through it however, and was able to put her armor in it's assigned positions. Reaching into her suit, she took out one of her painkillers and popped it in her mouth. The pain lessened considerably after a few moments spent chewing it, though it still throbbed a bit.

Looks like I picked up a bit too much weight there all at once. Gotta be careful or this rib'll take longer to heal and I'll be stuck in here doing nothing another few days.

Turning back to David, she thought she recognized the name 'Thud' from her father's files, but wasn't sure, so she decided to ask, cursing her mother for not receiving the near perfect memory of the Salarians, "So this krogan, Thud right? Are you sure you never got his real name? And how old would you say he was?"
Come on,come on, I've been looking for any answers for the last eighty years

As she asked the question, she knew she was going to be asked some personal questions, but she was ready, that part of her mind she considered Salarian working, figuring out answers to possible questions without giving too much away. She took her weapons next, and stenciled the company logo onto them, after scratching off the old one.never know when you're going to lose weapons out there, this makes it alot easier finding which are yours.

Sal sighed with relief as she stored her equipment away. The meeting had gone off without a hitch and everything turned out for the best. Finally something went our way. Now we have the Sigma Coalition on our side, not just Aegis. She thought as her locker slid shut. She sighed again and rested her head against the locker. But how long will the peace last? She felt he shoulder twitch. And more importantly how much longer can I last? I've only been out on my pilgrimage for little under half a galactic year, and I've been shot at, threatened, and stabbed more than many of us do on our pilgrimage. By all accounts I should be dead. She looked up as she received a message on her omni-tool.

"Sal, feel free to head over to the Lienne later, I'm going to stay on board for a while and I'll keep her unlocked. I suspect you'll need the clean room to paint your armor."

She smiled under her mask. Bless the Ancestors for friends with clean rooms. Maybe that's how I'm still alive, simply being lucky enough to find some of the least prejudiced people in the galaxy. Ironic they would be on Omega. She thought chuckling to herself. She sent a message back.

Thanks Paladin, I'll be there in a few minutes. I'm heading out now. She wrote as she quickly before grabbing her pistol out of her locker and walking past the new recruits and into the elevator. Within minutes she was walking out of the Elixer and towards the docks. Sal's small smile grew once she reached the docks, her mind wondering to her own ship. I still can't believe I was able to get a ship, sure it's a piece of crap, but it's better than nothing. Now I just need to save up for parts to fix it. Plus spare parts to take back to the flotilla. She sighed. Well at least I don't have to worry about leaving anytime soon. Nothing short of a war with the Geth will get me out of Omega before the ship is fixed.

Soon she was standing in the Lienne. "Hey Paladin, I'm here. I'll be in the clean room if you need me." She said heading for the clean room.

A partnership between mercenaries, to think that the last time that it happens was because of one turian, times really have changed. Still though it'll be good to have people at your back when things can explode along the station at any moment. Moving through the armory in his civies, he began to do the detail work on his armor. The new colors are good but I'm still keeping my moniker. Touching up the color of his armor, he attached the new insignia onto the left should while moving his own personal moniker onto the right one. Satisfied with the touch up and deciding to leave the fine detailing until later, he got up and moved passed the others in the armory to Verahl's office. Time for the newbies to sink or swim with the Bossman. Bringing up his omnitool, he sent a message to David, Serina, and Galus to report to Verahls office for a meeting. His job done, he filled a glass with whiskey and sat down to wait for the fireworks.

Serina's omnitool beeped again, this time with the message that Verahl wanted to see the new additions to the company in his office.

I never did get a true invitation to join, guess it's blaze or burn time

As she finished the quick work on her weapons, she first put them away in her locker and then made her way to Verahl's office. She stood outside the door, a sliver of nervousness she was masking ran through her, she counted the points she had for and against her and decided that she had a decent chance of being chosen to continue. If not, she supposed the she'd either be found out an airlock soon or on the next shuttle out of here, moving on to find another job.

Knox got the message over his omnitool that they were in a partnership. He sighed and got to work painting his armor the new colors.

Great...I was just getting used to these guys, now I gotta deal with more?

As he finished up the basic coat of grey, he got a little inkling of an idea, so he scavenged some more paint for various places and got to work. After a small bit of time, his armor was a dark gray with gold highlights, with a little flame design near the arms and legs.

Not really conventional, but fuck it, I like it. he thought, and put the final decal of the new logo on the left shoulder.

Following Serina out of the armoury, David stood beside her. "You where asking 'bout Thud earlier? Yeah I never heard him call anything but 'Thud'. As for his age..." He let out a long breath. "I'm not totally certain but that old bastards gotta be at least 600 by now. Why, you owe him money?"

"No, simply asking for my own entertainment."

Serina had had a chance to re-check her files on the way to the office and had seen no 'Thud' in the databanks. So much for that chance at finding answers.

After eating some dextro-amino based noddles, Galus received the message about the merger. Mustering barely any emotion about the event, Galus finished his meal and went to the armory. While overhearing the other employees conversations while painting his old armor, Galus tried to figure the best ways to put them down if he had to.

Putting the final touches on his armor, Galus got another message to head to the boss's office. Putting up his gear, Galus made his way up the stairs, knocked on the door, poked his head in the doorway and said "You rang?"


Lux could hear the recruits small talk as he walked up the stairs to the office. Dregger was right behind him. The two sounded like freight trains as they stomped up the stairs towards the hall.

As they rounded the corner, Lux glared at each of the recruits as he approached. He snorted loudly, his nostrils flaring as he did. What approached them was a ton of angry muscle and armour, looking for its first victim.

He grabbed the back of Gallus's armour, and tossed him against the wall. He checked his shoulder, seeing Dregger dwarfing Serina as he stared her down. He then turned to face David, and took a step towards him.

"You're first," Lux grunted as he grabbed David by the shoulders, lifting him from the ground. "You struggle, and I carry you by your scrawny little neck."

The doors to the office then opened fully, and Lux carried him inside.

David let out a small squawk as he was unceremoniously carried into the office. Godammit! He thought, as Lux released his aching shoulders. I knew I should've worn my armour. After he was released he dropped in to a militaryesque 'at-ease' stance. While he waited for Verahl to speak, he tried to gauge his new boss' mood. Dammit, I was never very good at reading Batarians.

Dregger pointed a single meaty, armor-clad finger at the bitchy looking Asari as she opened her mouth to say something and she shut it quick. The massive Krogan stood in front of the office door and simply glared craters into the heads of the prospects. He looked like he was fully prepared to put holes in them and follow it up with a yawn.

"You think your ready to work here." Dregger stated. His voice was deep like the echoing breath of an underground cavern.

"And I would bet your wrong." He growled.

"I'm going to tell you little twerps a story and if you interrupt me I'll crack your jaw with my head. Something close to a century and a half ago, I was leading a group of poor bastards on a job on some godforsaken chunk of floating ice with no sun. The very air would turn every fluid in your body to ice if there was any puncture in your enviro-suit. One sorry asshole thought it looked cool to play with knives. Thought it made him more intimidating. Well let me tell you, it's hard to be tough when your veins are being split open inside your body because your blood is frozen and your goddamn eyes are cracked like dropped marbles. But the worst part was the god damn noise. Every night there was some kind of howling that was more than just the wind. It was like the snow its self was in pain. When we finally found the enemy, there was no one left to fight. They had killed each other for some reason I didn't care enough to figure out. One sick bastard had literally torn his buddy's skin off and made it into a coat to keep warm. 2 of my team killed themselves before they left that compound. And you know what? I can tell you dozens more stories like that. I've survived more intergalactic hell trips than most of the people you will ever meet. And the warrior who owns the office behind me? He isn't even a third my age, but he can stand head to head with me any day of the week. So if you're thinking off acting out or fucking around in any capacity, I might as well just shoot you now."

With that, everyone in the hall was silent as a bullet-riddled corpse.

After hearing the Hammer's story, Serina couldn't help but wonder what the fuck that had to do with working with Aegis, well Sigma now. There were just as many death planets as there were habitable in the galaxy, and while she had never claimed to have visited many of them, she never tried, and failed, to scare new recruits.

She held a small respect for Hammer, he was a krogan and that entitled him to a bit of bluntness, but this was a bit of an embarrassment.

The krogan may be a bit unbalanced but that doesn't entitle him to acting this high and mighty. Let him sit through a day and half of Thresher Maw attacks and see how he comes through in the end.Dammit Ryncol, what the hell happened to you exactly?

She heard the krogan out and then sat down in one the seats in the outer office, and took out her biotic rods, keeping most of her mind blank so as to better concentrate on both the rods and prepare for the coming interview, she supposed it was.


"Take a seat," Verahl ordered as he leaned forward in his chair, sliding it slightly closer to the desk. With one hand he beckoned to the seat in front of him, while the other gripped a lit cigar. As David shifted into the chair, Verahl took a drag from his cigar, and let the smoke slowly creep from his mouth. "Do you know why you're here?"

David began to speak, but was promptly cut off by Verahl before being able to even string two words together.

"You're here because within the space of a few hours, you've managed to get into two fights, one resulting in lasting injury, and piss off almost half the company. The only person I've seen more successful than you at this was a Salarian we once had," Verahl's voice sounded happy, almost cheery, but the feigned enjoyment was quickly cut short. "He was dead within a week. His body left to slide off the ramp of the Gauntlet as we took off."

Verahl took another drag from his cigar. This time he blew the smoke straight across, towards David's face.

"Now, unless you've got it in your head that you want to beat this record, you're going to change your attitude," Verahl's tone was cold enough to send shivers down the spine of even an Elcor. Each of his eyes were drilled in on David, each focused on him and only him. "Out there you may have had problems with Turians, Asari, or whatever. In here though, that changes. I don't give even a solitary fuck on what your opinions of them are. In here you're going to treat each like a comrade and keep your closed mind shut. I pay you to fight, and you will fight with whoever I send you out with. You will also not injure either yourself, or more importantly another member of my company again in a fight that went to far or else you will suffer the repercussions. Your actions are undermining the strength of this entire company. If you intend to stay in it, I suggest you prove yourself an asset and not continue to be a liability."

The glare from each eye refused to break. Verahl kept his focus locked on David for what felt like ages, before beckoning to the door, telling him to get out from his office. Verahl allowed David to rise from his seat before speaking one final time.

"And one more thing David," interrupted Verahl, waiting for David to turn and face him once more. "If I hear or see you brandishing that tattoo again as a mark of pride or justice, I will personally see to branding over every bit of skin that bears it. Understood?"

As Verahl spoke, he drove the cigar into the ash-tray on his desk but kept his gaze still locked. The cigar quickly extinguished with one final billow of smoke.

"Now get out."

Kyra finished painting her armor, now a slate grey with maroon stripes down the sides of the arms and legs, outlined in gold. I hope verahl doesn't damage them too badly. she thought to herself, Serina and David are already going to be out for a while, and it wouldn't do to have Sigma under-manned.

That task finished, she decided to get some range time, to get re-acclimated to her rifles and handgun.


"Well, whatcha think?" Brooks said as he walked out onto the range to meet up with Kyra.

He was still wearing his armour with its fresh coat of paint. While most of the company favored repainting theirs in either maroon or grey, Brooks had painted almost all of his armour gold. The only parts that weren't were the joints, and a set of lines that ran from shoulder to shoulder before meeting on his chest and running down and splitting off again to his outer legs in red. The new Sigma logo was stenciled onto the middle of the breastplate.

"I'm going to have to start polishing this," he boasted proudly as he slung his personal Shredder from over his shoulder. He was really liking the new armour. "I'm going to want this to shine."

"You're gonna stick out." Kyra said, grinning. "Keep some of the attention away from the rest of us. Shining it up may be a good plan, though. You could blind someone if they aren't careful."

She thought a bit, then asked "So who usually teams up? Does it change mission to mission or stay pretty constant?"


Brooks adjusted the glove on his left hand slightly as he approached the range.

"So who usually teams up? Does it change mission to mission or stay pretty constant?"

With a final tug, Brooks pulled the glove back and stretched his fingers into each tip of it as he turned his head to answer Kyra.

"It's pretty circumstantial," he replied as he wiggled his fingers and set his Shredder down on the table in front of him. "If we need something protected or a full frontal assault, Lux'll normally pair up with Dregger and tear their ways in. We need snipers, Esten and whoever is unlucky enough to be paired with him, normally Preven. And if we're starting off an assault, normally anyone with a tac' cloak is sent in first to try and find a forward position before the fighting even starts."

As he had spoken, he had began to load the thermal clips required into the Shredder's magazine. With all four in place, Brooks lifted the rifle, and locked each of them in. The Shredder gave its distinctive and satisfying click.

Rubbing his head after getting slammed into a wall by the Krogan, Galus missed half Dregger "speech" about skin coats and marble eyes. Considering making a smart ass comment, Galus decided he had enough choke holds for one day.

Instead, he just asked "Are things wrapping up? My Vindicator needs some more calibrations."

With a nod to Verahl, David left the office. Well not the best way to start a new contract, but at least he didn't can me. He thought as he made his way past the others. "I guess you can send in the next victim." He said, heading down the stairs.

Making his way to the range he figured he'd blow of some steam, and work on his pistol skills. Stopping dead in his tracks when he saw Brooks, he did the only thing a rational mind could when confronted with a man dressed in golden armour...he laughed.

"BWAA HA AH HA HA! Jesus H. Christ man, you get a second job as a docking pylon?" Tears streamed down his face as he lent against the nearest wall for support. "Well at least if things go to shit in a fight you"ll be easy to find." Wincing as the pain in his jaw reasserted itself, he fumbled for another of his pills. Cracking the capsule between his teeth, he sharply inhaled the Red Sand/Minagen mix causing the tell-tale biotic aura. "Ahh that's magic." He sighed as the pain dulled.

Knox pulled on his newly painted armor and made his way down to the range. He figured it's been too long since he's had any practice, and thought he'd get rusty. He took out his lighter and absentmindedly flicked it open and shut as he walked into the range. When he saw a few people standing around, he also realized how long it's been since he's actually spoken to someone, without giving simple one word answers.

"Hey everyon-..."

His words instantly turned into a look of first shock, then amusement at the sight of the gold armor.

"Heh heh, I guess I'm not the only one who took t'puttin' on their own flair."

Paladin got off his chair a few minutes after Sal had said she was on her way, He knew that it took a few minutes for people to arrive, so he took his time, his armor was painted and down in the cargo hold, drying on an unfolded bench so he figured he'd check on the paint job while he was down there. He had taken his data pad and was reading off a news feed as he made his way down to the elevator

Controversy is sparked on Noveria in response to yet another insider trading scandal. Green Psuedoplastics Vice President Darris Narshan was fired following the revelation that he had been selling information on company products and strategy to contacts in various trading firms for exorbitant personal profit. The Salarian was fired and his finances frozen, however the company is still conducting extensive searches throughout their employees C.S.E.C., the Citadel Security and Exchange Commission, has been strongly pressing for increased regulation on the part of Noveria officials in response to to the actions.

Too much money makes people stupid, he thought to himself as he made a brief stop in the mess, grabbing a drink, good to see that's not just a Human problem. he thought as he kept reading, stepping into the elevator.

Hey Paladin, I'm here. I'll be in the clean room if you need me." He heard Sal as the elevator touched down. "Hey Sal, go ahead and take your time, I don't have any plans." he said as he walked down the cargo hold, over to the work bench where his armor was drying to clean up his weapons.


"You think so?" Brooks said as he rolled his eyes. "Because I think with a coat of polish, anyone we're fighting is still going to have their attention first drawn to you. Anyone seeing that face as bad as yours won't even wait for a chance to blow it off."

Knox walked in as Brooks finished his quip.

"Heh heh, I guess I'm not the only one who took t'puttin' on their own flair."

"C'mon, what would ol'Brooksy be without a sense of style, grace, and taste?"

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