The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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"You want some of this?" *He pulls out a Handgun, the Eagle and points it* "I'm not going down so easily dips***, you're in my hot spot." *He looks directly into your eyes*

You wanna shoot, you better not miss; I'd settle this now, but we have some buisness that requires you to be alive, so give the lady what we came for and we'll leave.
*Wrex backs down from his agressive stance*

@Ryan- helloooooooo are you still there =\


"..I haven't had this kind of attention for a long time." *Puts his gun away and lets Neko do the rest which he sits down* "I'm"

*giggles lightly* "I bet not. what is the sex ratio here? 10 men to a woman? And those guards," Neko leaned forward over the chair/couch arm "tend to take even those ones, hmm..." She closed her eyes halfway, her violet eyes watching carefully.

"What are you trying to get at with me? Got something, to show?" *smirks and leans back with his arms supporting his head and letting Neko take her roll* "Sure are a hottie, aren't you. I bet those Guards wish they could of gotten close to you girl. D***! Fine as they come.."

"Oh?" Neko coyly played with the buttons on the front of her dress. "Look, we really, REALLY need the emp." She tucked her hair back around her ear. "C'mon just a teeny peek..." Neko took off another button.

"Hey, i'll tell you what since you're to soft to give me some." he stated, stopping you before you expose yourself* "How about you lean over and give me a kiss, and you'll have all the qualities of these babies as you can carry. Deal?" *He leans back once more and has a smile, his eyes looking all about on Neko*


*Wrex watched on as the two humans (I think) "negotiated", he reflected on the nature of his own people's females; not at all like most species, outside of their own kind it'd be impossible to tell a female Krogan from a male one. These thoughts raced through his head as he waited patiently for the deal to be struck.*

Ya know what screw this. In one move Neko threw his gun to the other side of the room and drew her dagger with the other. Before anyone moved, she stuck in right between his legs (not in him, in the couch). "Well, I'm sorry to admit you're not very cute. How about you give me the emp or I'll detach your dangly bits?" Neko snatched the key from around his neck and threw it to Wrex. "Wrex, be a dear please?"

With pleasure.
*Wrex opened up the locker where the EMP was held, grasped in his hands and turned back at Neko*

I got it, kill him or don't; either way, let's get out of here.

*Not showing any fear, he 'playfully' throws his hands up like he surrenders* "At'a girl. That's someone I want to have someday, who doesn't take crap from anyone. Go right ahead, but.. I must warn you, it's a job for a man to handle with this one." *forces his head to jolt to the left a bit showing something's there and Neko sees a small nuke lying against a frame* "That's your score, right? Settle with a bonus" *He closes his eyes and sighs* "Besides.. I want to get out of this hellhole too.. I can't do it alone nor leave here because I am a wanted man. They think this is an abandoned warehouse that's not worth searching, but I always keep it that way."


"Thanks Wrex!" *turns back to Frank* "By the way..." Neko leaned in, offering Frank his last look. *kisses Frank on the cheek* "Thanks for saving us from the hellhounds." *slits Franks throat* "Sorry, but we can't have you running off to the guards with our plan. I hope you find peace wherever you're going." And with one final glance, Neko fled out the back door after Wrex.

*Neko and Wrex returned to the building they called home, EMP in tow, wondering what the next day would bring, after killing a man, it couldn't have been pretty. The low growling of the Fearsome Hellbounds echoed in the night, the group hadn't seen the last of them either...*

*Slips a small note underneath the door of the house.Walks away and places his Samurai Edge in the mailbox* The note reads: "They are taking me in for more than obivous reasons. I will be taken to the 'real world'. Do not worry they only seek to question me. But since you insist in overthrowing this establishemnt there are a few items I am leaving you a few items: My trusty Samurai Edge for whoever needs it, a key to my armory, and most importatnly a vial of a T-Virus strain that can be released in a heartbeat giving you an army in less than a day. My armory also includes a functioning lab where I make my serums. My armory is at the alleyway of 75 Jenkins Avenue. You have to go down the alleyway and that is where you push the dumpster out of the way. You will see a code panel. The codes are:1337 and if you incorrectly input the code I'm afraid my armory will self-destruct. I have left other notes like this all over the district. Consider this my goodbye. For now."
On the other side:"Four bombs will go off exactly 25 minutes from now all over the district. They aren't mine. We have another group wishing to escape as well. Maybe you could contact them."

*Walks forward into the back of a heavily armored car. With guns pointed to his head he looks out and speaks.*
"Please give my regards to Alisa and try not to hurt her...* A rifle butt smacks across his face. Wesker smiles.*
"You're going to have to do harder than that to get what you need....Master Chief"


*sees Wesker get enter the armored car, picks up and reads note* Damn... this could cause some problems. Now then, I still have a few preperations to make. I guess I have an extra stop to make at Mr. Weseker's lab.

*Wrex spies Ocelot skulking about, not unlike him to do that, but with everything that's happened he figured he'd best follow the gun slinger*
You, Ocelot...



Hm? What is it? What do you want?

To know where you're going, and to tell you something important.

Very well. Come. Walk with me. *Starts walking down street* There are 3 locations I need to go to prepare. On the way to the first, what is this important news?

You must know that a few of us were busy last night, we got an EMP. You mind telling me why we need illegal tech?

*At the armored car, Wesker fetches a small vial he kept stored just for such an occasion.*
"Oh, Chief, I think you forgot to confiscate something..." *In a heartbeat Wesker breaks his cuffs and breaks the vial in front of him. A mist consmes the car and the guards start to turn. Only Wesker and the Chief are unaffected. Wesker roundhouse kicks the Chief and sends him flying out the car. The guards start to devour each other and the armored car skids off the road and crashes into an abandoned theater where many hobos dwell . Wesker walks out of the theater calmly. A zombie attempts to bite him. He reaches out and grabs to zombie by the neck and throws him over the external walls surrounding the district.*

"This should be interesting..." Wesker says as he strolls back to the lab.

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