Demigods: A Camp Half-Blood RP -- Revamped Edition { Started, Closed }

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"Excellent. 'Bout time we got this started," Leeroy noted aloud as he hurried down into the arena, drawing the sword at his waist and taking a few practice swings to limber up. From the stands, Gary watched him with interest. He knew how Leeroy fought; it was simple but effective and earned him the victory most of the time. Perhaps this fight would be different: the other children of Ares would have informed the female newcomer of his fighting style.

Narissa, however, had eyes only for the girl. She was studying her every move as Shane led her into the sandy circle. "Hmm..." she mused quietly, more to herself than her companion. "I think this fight may be of some interest to Lord Ares. He might watch if we're lucky... There's something special about her. I wonder what it is."

Gary raised his eyebrows at Narissa's comments, paying attention to her words. Whenever she talked to herself like that, there was usually some degree of importance to her musings. Presumably it was a side effect of being able to see the future.

"Alright, Kat, you ready for this?" Shane asked his half-sister quietly as the two of them entered the field of battle. He shot a wary look at Leeroy, who seemed like he was itching to get started. "Just remember what I told you back at Cabin Five and you should be able to beat him without a hitch. Heck, trip him up if you can. It'll be difficult to get back up in all that armour."

"Yeah, sure, go right ahead," Jessica assured Alexandros, leaning up against a wall of the cabin. He seemed to be slightly tired out as a result of the constant transformations and production of new clothing; Jess wondered why that was. She didn't suffer any fatigue as a result of her own - albeit minor - shapeshifting, though that may be due to the nature of her mother's domain. People changed clothes, hairstyles and the like as often as the newest trends demanded, and Jess's enchanted scarf allowed her to make minor changes to her own appearance. It didn't allow her to completely change her looks the way Alexandros could change form, but it was enough to suit her needs.

"So how are you liking camp so far?" she asked Alexandros to fill the silence. "It may be different from what you're used to, travelling with the troupe and all that, but you'll get used to life here soon enough."

Brandon knew Leeroy wouldn't need any coaching. His fellow Southerner was quick into battle, quick on the attack, even with that clanking armor of his. Eager to see this fight get underway, he headed up into the lower rings of the seats and took a spot near the middle to get a good view of the action.

"All right you too, you best be entertainin'! Loser of this match is cleanin' the cabins for the next month, you got that?" he told the combatants. "And I ain't makin' it easy on yas either! I'm talkin' dump zone just for the loser!"

Hunter finished his meal in silence after Gary had left. Amanda had gone else where to do something else. Hunter knew he'd likely be in the infirmary for a while and the tray in front of him didn't bother him so he didn't bother Amanda with it. Instead Hunter sat up in the bed and thought to himself going over what happened to him in his head over and over again trying to remember what the feeling was like when he created the ice that killed the hell hound.

Having become lost in his thoughts Hunter was caught off guard when Amanda returned and took the tray away saying that she'd be back in a second in order to recheck his wounds. After examining his wounds Amanda told Hunter that he could leave, but to take it easy and come back in a week in order to check on his shoulder. With that Hunter slowly got off of the bed and felt out the pain in his leg before leaving the infirmary with a visible limp; after informing Amanda that he'd return later in the week for his armor and weapon.

Hunter walked back to the cabin area that he had briefly passed through earlier. Walking between the rows of cabins Hunter stopped halfway down and looked at the two cabins between him. The cabin marked twelve looked hostile, extremely exotic and clearly wasn't the one meant for those who didn't know who there divine parent was. Turning to look at the one marked eleven looked a lot more inviting. It had a stained, dark wood exterior with a slate gray roof. As Hunter approached the door he could see a very finely painted silver caduceus on the door with a dark blue outline.

No sound was made by the door as Hunter opened it. As he stepped inside he looked around and didn't see anyone in the room but it was clear that several people lived in the cabin due to their belongings being on and around some of the beds. Hunter walked quietly across the cabin, passing the section of the cabin with single beds into the section with bunk beds, and spotted his bag near the back of the room located beside a bunk bed. Upon arriving at his bag it was clear that someone had gone through it, lucky for Hunter there was noting worth stealing and everything was still there.

Sighing a bit Hunter grabbed a different shirt from his bag and threw the torn up one that he was wearing on the ground. Not know what else to do Hunter slid his bag under the bottom bunk and laid on top of it, not quite sure about what he should be doing now.

Ea returned the staff to the chest in which it belonged and worked her way up the stairs, heading for the exit. She gave a smile and a wave to Gary and Narissa as she passed them but she didn't stop to chat, her apetite for socialization satisfied for the evening.

Upon reaching the summit of the stairs (they seemed longer than usual after the fight with Javier) she did pause to observe the fight between Anny and Mistuko, curiosity overpowering her brief spell of apathy.

Clearly, Mistuko was the more experienced of the two, and she was obviously holding back to give Anny a fair chance, though to be fair, Anny was actually not bad for a newbie. The short and sleek rapier seemed to suit her very well indeed. A faint smile graced Ea's face as she noted Anny's decent if not quite perfect footwork.

In spite of her sore self, Ea folded her arms and observed the fight between the two half-sisters, curious as to the outcome.

Though the fight between the Ares children was sure to be entertaining Javier wasn't sure he wanted to stay for the entire bout. After a round of sparring or extended exercise it was his habit to take a shower and relax for a bit, if he was able. The young son of Hermes debated on staying as he walked up the steps toward the front door. It would be a good opportunity to see a different style of fighting. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two. 'Or...' Javier grinned. He could learn what not to do.

He paused with one foot on the edge of a step. Javier pulled on his shirt sleeve to swipe it across his forehead. 'Shower. Definitely.' he countered his own partial decision. Javier gave a brief but friendly wave to the group before continuing to make his way out of the Arena. He noticed a second fight was already in progress. One between Mistuko and a new recruit he didn't know. 'Wonder who that is.' But as he went beyond the Arena Javier dismissed the unidentified newbie.

It took a few minutes to reach the cabin. Since he wasn't in a particular hurry Javier walked at a leisurely pace, waving to a few of his campmates as he passed by. He noticed, after he waved, that his left arm was a bit sore. Something he attributed to the blocked attacks thrown during the match. Javier sped up his pace a bit at the thought of a nice hot shower. He arrived at the cabin and pulled the door open with a quick motion. Javier stepped into the front cabin area, letting the door swing closed behind him.

He automatically scanned the cabin for occupants. The boy who had been sleeping earlier was gone, probably off practicing somewhere. Oddly there was only one other person in the cabin, a dark-haired boy resting in one of the bunk beds. 'Everyone else must be busy.' With a mental shrug Javier walked toward his bed. He needed clothes. And a towel.

Javier was halfway to his destination when he glanced over again and realized he didn't recognize the boy in the bunk bed. 'Wait.' Bypassing his own bed Javier walked toward the stranger. He thought quickly. Was he supposed to get any new cabin members? Maybe...'There was that one...'

"Hello." he said, a bit louder than normal but with a friendly tone. A short distance away from the newcomer Javier paused and leaned back against the nearest bunk bed.

"Thank you, and it is very different from traveling with the troupe. I think I will like it here though, the people seem nice enough and the camp itself is as beautiful as those who inhabit it. Though for all its charms and beauty my home shall always be with the troupe, traveling from country to country as we entertain audiences across the globe. Of course, the traveling acting group is becoming something of a rarity, but it really is truly something to behold. I met many people and grew up in a wealth of languages and cultures, not to mention some truly funny and welcoming people." Alexandros said getting somewhat lost in memory before snapping out of it and completing what he wanted to say.

"But yes, I think I enjoy this camp quite a lot. It could very well become a second home for me."

Hunter was fixated on figuring out how use ice magic through pure thought and will but was turning up nothing. He'd even resorted to opening and closing his right hand in front of his face while trying to imagine an ice cube appearing in it. Realizing how pathetic it must have looked Hunter put his hand back down and started staring at the bottom of the bunk above him.

There were several things carved into the wood that support the mattress and Hunter started to read them. This place sucks! Agreed. For a good time call 836-4952. Pathetic. Do you realize how sad it is that you're reading this? More than you could possibly know. Hunter stopped reading as he heard footstep start across the cabin.

Hunter looked at the approaching person. It was a man who had hair that looked black, with lightly tanned skin, and was a few inches taller than Hunter and a few years older as well. After Hunter was greeted with a "hello", he sat up in the bed, his arm in the sling getting in the way a little, before he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stuck his head out in order to get a view at the person. So his hair's actually blue, huh.

"Hello." Hunter replied pausing for a second before deciding that he should introduce himself a little. "I'm Hunter. I'm new to this camp and was told that I'd be staying here till my divine parent is identified."

Kat gave her blade a twirl as she entered the arena. She eyed her opponent as he limbered himself up. Leeroy carried himself with pride and arrogance as he prepared himself for battle. This guy was confident that he would crush her into the dust.

Kat had other plans.

She didn't bother to do any warmups. She was far too focused on her desire to kick Leeroy's ass to care about anything else. Adrenaline pumped through her system as the seconds passed. The young woman's grip on her sword and shield tightened. Unconsciously, she clenched her teeth. Kat was more than ready to go.

"Are we going to do this, or are you going to swing at the fucking air some more?" she called out to Leeroy, obviously frustrated.

"Well, when you put it that way, you may as well quit now before you lose a limb," Leeroy shot back with a grin. Without further ado he rushed straight at Kat, sword raised with the intention of going straight for the shield. Hitting it hard enough would make her stagger backwards under the impact, and thus give him the advantage. It would be over quickly.

"And of course, the brute goes for the direct approach," Gary noted to his companion from the seats. "He uses the sword like a club, just smashing straight through an opponent's defenses. Leeroy has no flair, no sense of style about his fighting. I'd take him out easily." Narissa chuckled at his comments, but kept her eyes focused on the fight.

"Well, that's good to know," Jessica said with a warm smile. "Did you ever stay in one place for long, or were you always moving on? It must've been difficult to befriend people outside of the troupe if you were there one day and gone the next."

"We moved a lot, but never that much. We'd often spend a few months at any one place, letting the show run its course until it wasn't really profitable to continue then move on. I actually made quite a few friends in different countries, and luckily in this day and age it isn't too hard to keep in touch. Luckily with all the people in our troupe I was able to at least learn a working knowledge in multiple languages. I'm not about to write college level work of course, but I can speak and survive like a local. I needed some help in learning to read them from the other actors but I could survive in multiple countries. Buying groceries in China is rather hard if you don't know Mandarin you know?" Alexandros said before laughing a bit at the memory of first arriving in Hong Kong for the first time and not knowing a word of the language.

"In any one city we could spend months and a year or two in any one nation going from city to city. It was always interesting to see all of those places and get to meet the people that live in them. It is never easy leaving those places after being there so long, but in doing so I get to see more beautiful places and people."

Bracing herself, Kat stared Leeroy down as the ill-tempered man charged directly for her. She thrust her shield forward to meet his blade, only to be rewarded with a powerful impact that resonated through her bones and sent her tumbling backward and to the left. Kat performed a complete turn before she was able to regain her footing and face Leeroy. He was strong, and as a female, Kat did not quite possess the same brute strength as her opponent. However, if she could out-maneuver the brutish Leeroy, she would be able to defeat him. She just needed an opening...

"Hello...I'm Hunter. I'm new to this camp and was told that I'd be staying here till my divine parent is identified."

'Ah.' Javier thought. 'He is the new guy.'

And the new guy was already injured. Javier looked over the younger camper noting the sling with a slight narrowing of his eyes. "Hello, Hunter." Javier said at a normal volume. "I'm Javier, the senior counselor for this cabin. And you're right." Javier stood up straighter as he prepared to give his standard explanation of the cabin. Or at least the one he gave to those who weren't children of Hermes. The speech for his siblings was filled with quite a few warnings about theft and camp policies on 'sticky fingers'.

"This cabin is for those who don't know their godly parent yet and the children of Hermes. Most of the stuff on the walls is because of Hermes." Javier gestured to the front and back wall of the cabin. Winged sandals and a winged hat were carved into one wall while the other wall had a rooster and a tortoise at its center. Both sets of carvings were stylized with an antique black finish so that it looked like the carvings were burned onto the wood a long, long time ago. The tortoise and rooster were surrounded by a variety of maps. Some were recent maps like those found in geography textbooks. Other, smaller maps depicted lands that no mortal had ever seen.

Athletic schedules were taped, stapled, and pinned next to the winged wall carvings. Baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer were the most popular lists. Newer schedules were placed haphazardly over top of the old schedules. A jersey, the kind used in athletic events held at the camp, was framed and mounted above the main cluster of schedules. Beneath the heavy wooden frame was a small golden plaque. Javier pointed to the nearest bed for his next point. "Bunk beds are open to all cabin members but the single beds are either assigned or claimed. And you'll want to keep your stuff near your bed." Javier grinned. "Just so you can keep an eye on it." Losing the grin, Javier became serious for a moment.

"If you have any problems with the other campers or if you happen to be missing anything for more than a day, let me know. It's my job to settle disputes here. Do not get into a fight in this cabin. We have the Arena for a reason." 'What else does this guy need to know?' Where to sleep, where to put stuff. Classes? 'Ah.'

"I'll get you a schedule later today so you know what you'll be doing here." Javier assumed that he still had one of the basic schedules available. He'd checked them last Thursday. If you beat one of the records on The Board-" Javier held out his hand and gestured up to 'The Board'.

Suspended by six pieces of heavy-duty cable a three foot whiteboard hung from the ceiling. Both sides had writable surfaces and almost the entire board was filled with names, dates, and times for different camp activity records. "-you get a reward." he finished. With most of his speech given Javier paused to take a breath. "Any questions?" he asked. Javier's gaze slid briefly over to his own bed where his fresh changes of clothes was waiting.

Mitsuko smiled and nodded. "Good good. Now let's set it up a bit." she said and spun around aiming the flat of the blade at her face. Before she hit her face Mitsuko knocked Anny's legs out from under her and smiled softly. "You need to watch more then your opponents hands, they also have feet they can and will use in combat." Mitsuko said offering Anny a hand to help her up.

"As I said this training will be hard but I'd rather go hard ion you then watch something happen to you." she said.

Brandon leaned back on the arena steps, taking in the fight from above. Dang ole Leeroy, same thing every time. Ain't he gonna learn that that ain't ever gonna work? Not with people movin' like they can. That girl's gotta get her wheels goin' in a hurry. He looked up in the sky, the sun beating down on the camp, already in mid-summer form. I shoulda grabbed some water or somethin' else before comin' down here. She's already hot today.

"Fascinating... All children of Aphrodite go overseas at least once. More often than not it's a trip to Paris to take in the sights. We all speak fluent French because of our mother, so we don't have a problem with the locals. Language of love and all that," Jessica explained before giving a quick demonstration. "Les dieux peuvent être grec, mais les enfants d'Aphrodite aiment la France, la langue française et ses villes. En plus, le vin," she added, giving Alexandros a smile as she made the reference to wine.

"Oh, come on, princess. Don't tell me you can't stand up to one little whack on the shield," Leeroy taunted, moving to close the distance between himself and his opponent. He began to describe a wide horizontal arc at waist-level with his sword, forcing Kat to either take another block or get out of the way somehow. Either way, it left little room for her to regain some form of offense as long as he kept up his attacks. That was the way his strategy worked.

Gary sighed quietly, still disapproving of Leeroy's primitive tactics, but he knew he wasn't allowed to do anything that would affect the fight. The new girl was on her own... and she would probably hate him for interrupting. It was generally unwise to make a bad impression when first meeting someone new.

Despite having a complete lack of interest in what was in the cabin, Hunter did the polite thing and paid attention to what Javier was talking about. The carvings and maps had no meaning to Hunter since he already knew his parent wasn't Hermes. The sport schedules got a hint of interest and a mental note to look at them later encase there was something there that he was interested in. The bed system was familiar to Hunter as well and he was fine with the bunk he was currently located on.

"Contrary to how the bandages and sling may appear I don't get in fights with people so you don't have to worry about that with me. I also don't plan on going back to the Arena anytime soon either. Unless there's a record for running on water I probably won't break a record either. I guess my only question would be where would I take this shirt to get fixed?" Hunter spoke in a quite but audible tone as he took his bag out from under his bed and removed the torn shirt that he had been wearing when he was attacked by the hell hound.

Alexandros easily slipped into the language, it was one of the more common languages in the troupe so it was one that was spoken quite a lot.

"Le français est une bonne langue, et ils montrent le respect à une création de mon père. Bien que j'aime toutes les langues romantiques, ils ont tendance à couler très bien. D'autre part j'aime toutes les langues, voyant comme tous ont leurs usages." He quipped back before slipping back into English with a smile.

"I do believe that as well. I have never heard a language I didn't like and want to pick up, I just got lucky that I happen to have an upbringing that lends itself to knowing many languages."

"Hmm... I'd have to disagree with you there. There are a few languages I don't like the sounds of. Specifically, Russian... I heard a little bit from one of my dad's band members and it just sounds weird," Jessica commented before falling silent for a few seconds to think up a new topic of conversation. For a socialite such as herself, it wasn't difficult, as most of her friends and half-siblings were very talkative, some by nature.

"So what did you think when you found out that the Greek gods are... y'know, real? Not just stories" she asked. "I mean, I couldn't believe it when Chiron showed up on our doorstep and told me the truth. I was fourteen at the time, and it was all a huge shock to learn that my mom wasn't Dad's wife, but a... an Olympian goddess. I didn't believe it until our director showed me he was a centaur..." She drifted off for a moment, remembering that fateful day six years ago, but then returned to the present-day conversation.

"Wow. I was so naïve back then, but since I moved in here and was shown the ropes by my siblings, a lot has changed. Anyways, going back to the question, what did you think at the time?"

"You see I think Russian sound powerful and rugged, I find languages often represent the people who speak them. The latin based languages are born of those who fancy themselves as the most sophisticated and rich cultures, the more germanic languages are those born of battle but not because of a particularly rugged climate, and your baltics are those that show battle but also a kind of rugged survivalist nature because of the terrain. Just my opinion though but I find each language is useful to get certain things across to a person.

Now my life was rather interesting, my mother was actually a follower of the greek gods since my father sired me and gave my mom the rings to give to me. So it was less a shock of the greek gods exist, and more of a shock that our gods were real. Still world altering but luckily I didn't have to change my entire system of belief you know?

The time it became real is when mom handed me the rings. I didn't believe her at first so I put them on and thought about the leader of our troop. She gasped and I went to the mirror, seems she believed it about as much as I did. I had actually turned into the man though, and I saw it with my own eyes. There was really no other explanation I could give than she was telling the full truth." Alexandros replied.

'Running on water?' There wasn't a current record but a new list could always be created so long as there was room on The Board. It would give the others something new to work on as well. Javier took a breath to offer Hunter that option when he caught sight of the shredded shirt the boy held. '¡Ay!' Javier frowned and stood up straighter.

He hadn't been told of any injured arrivals. And camp tours were not designed to be violent. So what had gone wrong? And why hadn't he been informed? "Someone in the Demeter cabin can fix that." Javier replied carefully. A good deal of clothing had been mended there before. Sewing was not a popular hobby of Cabin 11 occupants. "What happened?" Javier asked. He transferred his gaze from the shirt to Hunter himself.

"I basically ran into some of the local wildlife. More specifically during the tour another newbie walked into the forest and none of the tour guides stopped him and he was attacked. Some other people showed up as everyone else that was new was rushed away by our tour guides. When I asked about what had happened I was simply ignored by Ea, my tour guide, and she moved us forward to end the tour. I left for the forest while Ea and the new girl that was in my grouped talked more in order to find out what happened since asking got me nowhere.

I followed a blood trail and found an unpleasant place that gave me a terrible feeling. When I turned to leave I was attacked by something resembling a dog out of hell. I somehow killed it by generating ice spikes out of thin air but I was attacked by two more of the beasts. I figured all was lost before a man named Gary, that had followed me into the forest, killed the other beasts. After that I passed out and woke up in the infirmary. I was in therefore a while before Amanda discharged me and I came here because I was informed I would be staying in this cabin for the time being." Hunter softly spoke back to Javier like he was recalling a bad memory, leaving small pauses in between each sentence.

Hunter had no idea if he should have just told Javier what had happened, but knew that he would likely find out sooner or later and that his own reasons for going into the forest would not be told other wise. After a short pause Hunter had one more question peak his mind and decided that he might as well ask it now. "Do you have a map of the cabins or something so I know which one is which? I'm not too familiar with the gods and probably wouldn't be able to recognize them based on their altered outward appearances."

Kat had barely enough time to execute her next move. She quickly dropped onto one knee and raised her shield up to meet Leeroy's blade. This time she was prepared for the massive force behind the swing and held firm as the sword smashed into the shield. Once again the intense vibrations from the blow threatened to completely kill her arm, but she forced it to remain up. Taking advantage of the opening, Kat swung her blade at Leeroy's now-exposed side.

"I see... Interesting to know that you were a follower of the pantheon before you found out that they actually exist," Jessica mused. "My dad is Christian, so he would flip out if he found out that there were gods besides the one and only. Oh, wait a minute..." she stopped, thinking over one of Chiron's lessons from when she was still relatively new to the camp.

"Capital G, God, as in the Alpha and Omega. That's not our area. We don't usually deal with the metaphysical on that level. The Olympian gods are considered to be smaller in scale, since they are each a patron of a part of the world or an aspect of humanity. The Christian God covers everything without pandering to one aspect over another."

"Actually, scratch that. There's no way Dad would believe me. I wouldn't be able to prove that the Olympians exist because of the metaphorical wool over his eyes. You know the Mist?" she asked, doubtful that Alexandros would know what she was talking about. But she was happy to explain, enjoying the conversation.

Since Leeroy had put all of his energy into his attack, the Xiphos easily slipped past his shield and left a gash in his side. The son of Ares recoiled, surprised by the counterattack, and took half a second to examine the wound. It was surprisingly large, though not as deep as it could be. The sight of his bright blood on Katerina's sword was infuriating; he had wanted to draw blood first.

Disregarding the open wound he had just received, Leeroy rushed straight back into the fight with a wordless battle cry and a backhanded slash at Kat's chest.

Up in the stands, Gary let a triumphant grin cross his lips. The girl had scored first blood. Angering her opponent would make him slip up in the future, especially if he was getting desperate. The thought was amusing: a son of Ares losing his cool in a fight. But then, it wasn't uncommon to see that happen.

Brandon saw this coming from a mile away. The girl was agile, able to get the quick slashes in to disorient Leeroy, even with that large sword. And now that he had been cut open, Leeroy was pretty much going to hit blood rage. Dang it Leeroy. You idiot. You can't be fuckin' pullin' this shit! You do this every got dang time! Now you charged right at her, and she's just gonna come in, and hit ya again, cause you're a dang idiot.

He leaned back on the stands. If the girl did get that second hit in, he may just have to call the fight here and now. No since in getting them both bloodied up, especially since the girl wasn't going to be learning any kind of lesson with Leeroy for a teacher.

"I could say I do, but I would be lying. Something tells me you are aching to tell me though so go right ahead. I'm always up for a bit of learning, especially when it actually concerns me." Alexandros replied with a laugh.

"I'm assuming I should be worried about them?" He inquired.

Jessica laughed; it was a light, airy sound with a hint of melody to it. "Not at all. The Mist is a natural force in the world. Essentially it's a barrier that blocks any mortal human from seeing any form of the divine for what it really is. They see a godly or monstrous object or creature as an ordinary mundane thing; a sword, for example, could be a baseball bat or a broom to the eyes of a mortal.

"There are a few exceptions to the rule, of course, but regular humans whose vision ignores the Mist are few and far between, and they are highly sought after by demigods, Olympians and monstrous forces alike. The Mist can also affect us demigods, though its power is weakened because we live in both the divine and mundane world... or so Chiron says," she added as an afterthought. "At any rate, it takes a good deal of power over the Mist to stop one of us from seeing the truth of things. Some more powerful demigods can even use it as a weapon; the Mist is also how children of Aphrodite like myself use their illusion-based magic. If I wish, I can distract a small group of people using a tone of command."

As Leeroy's sword began its lightning-fast arc towards Katarina, the girl dove to her left, away from the flashing blade, and rolled as her brutish opponent barreled past her, overbalancing on his attack where he had thought it would connect. From her kneeling position she retaliated, catching the older demigod in the back of the calf in a counterattack. Leeroy was almost completely unarmoured against an attack from behind, and the blade left a deep cut once it had been withdrawn. The injury began to bleed heavily almost instantly, resulting in a particularly loud cry of pain and rage from Leeroy as he stumbled and fell, his knee buckling with the pain.

Within seconds Kat was on her feet and standing over him, having pushed him down to the ground. She kicked Leeroy's blade aside, planted one foot on his prone back to stop him getting up, and lightly poked the back of his neck with the tip of her Xiphos. Defeated fair and square, he could only lie there in shame, his leg and side continuing to bleed onto the sand.

In the stands, Gary and Narissa both broke into applause at the sight of a clear victory, accompanied by Shane from the other side of the arena. All three were smiling at the spectacle, though Gary had to wonder: as the Oracle of Delphi and by extension the favoured of Apollo, Narissa Delaque was capable of predicting the future. Had she foreseen this fight and known the outcome? It was possible, of course, but doubtful given the expression of delight on her face. He shot a sideways look at her nonetheless; the prophetic aspect of Apollo had always troubled him.

"All right, I've seen enough here," Brandon proclaimed as he headed down to the arena floor. He slowly moseyed down to the dirt, over to where one combatant stood victorious and the other stood in disgrace.

"Leeroy, that was a such a shit display, just doing the same old shit you're always tryin' to pull. That's why you're last on the chain! Now get your ass over to Medical right now, and ya better hope they'll hold ya for a while, cause when ya get back to the cabin, your gonna be cleanin' the whole thing top to bottom for this! And you just remember that ya got your ass whooped by a girl!"

Having berated Leeroy enough, he turned his attention to the winner. "All right Kat, you got the win there. Let's get ya back to the cabin then, You can force Leeroy to the bottom bunk since he done fucked up so bad."

"Well I doubt I'll really ever have a command over the Mist. Seeing as my power is from the rings and not really myself. I don't really even know if I have powers of my own." Alexandros said with a slight laugh at his own ignorance.

"I wonder how you control others with this Mist though. At least, that is how you make it sound."

"All right, I've seen enough here"

Reluctantly, Kat removed her foot off the injured Leeroy's back, allowing him to rise shakily to his feet. The young man's bemused and angry expression was priceless. She knew that look very well: the look of a guy who knew he just got his ass handed to him by a girl. Even better was Brandon's subsequent chewing out of the defeated Demigod. Leeroy was bound to hate her guts after this, but it was completely worth it.

"All right Kat, you got the win there. Let's get ya back to the cabin then, You can force Leeroy to the bottom bunk since he done fucked up so bad".

Kat smirked. "I hear that," she replied to Brandon. A little bit of rest sounded nice. After the events of today, anything resembling a bed would work for her just fine.

"Right," Brandon confirmed as he started to lead the Ares campers out of the ring. "Shane, why don't you go ahead make sure Leeroy there gets ta Medical instead of tryin' to fake it out like the last time? I don't need no janitor cleanin' up his own trail of blood in the cabin." After issuing the command he took Kat and Milan back with him towards the cabins.

"On it," was Shane's simple response as he lightly jumped down into the arena to assist his bloody half-brother, who struggled to ascend the stone stairs with his injuries and heavy armour. "Here, lemme give you a hand - "

"Fuck off, I don't need help," Leeroy shot back with a sizable amount of venom in his voice, roughly shoving Shane aside as he continued his lone attempts to leave the Arena. Shrugging with a faint smirk on his face, Shane simply watched and followed from a distance as Leeroy pressed on, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

With the match inside the arena over, Gary and Narissa got up and left, the latter breaking off with a quick, "See ya," as she headed for the Ares group returning to their cabin. She wanted to talk to Katarina, see what she thought of her first fight at camp. Leeroy might've been somewhat of a pushover, but it was only going to get harder. For the new girl, and everyone else at camp, if this summer turned out to be like any other.

Gary, however, began to observe the practice match between Anny and Mitsuko. The latter easily had more combat experience, but there was no reason for her to go all-out. Just a hard knock here, a counter-blow there... it looked like it was all about keeping the younger daughter of Nyx on her toes, ready for anything. Thankfully the sisters hadn't started to apply their unique abilities yet. Basic training would suffice for the first day.

"Hmm... I don't think it's so much 'mind control' as... influencing the mind, making them more susceptible to certain things," Jess explained. "At least, that's the way my tone-of-command power works. Maybe it's something to do with a part of the brain or something... I dunno. I just know that the ability I have works on most people, and monsters to a degree. I do sometimes use it in a fight; call it a cheap move, but it works.

"Y'know, you could probably do something similar with your shapeshifting, if you ever got into a fight," she noted. "Constantly change shape, using different shapes and sizes, and your opponent won't know where to strike."

'He killed an inferno perro with ice?' Javier raised an eyebrow. He was impressed. He was also interested in the 'new girl' who apparently pulled a conversation out of Ea. But now was probably not a good time to ask for more specifics about the battle, Javier decided. Not with the halting manner Hunter used to tell his story. Javier could ask Gary for more information later. 'Water, ice...whose son is this?'

"Do you have a map of the cabins or something so I know which one is which? I'm not too familiar with the gods and probably wouldn't be able to recognize them based on their altered outward appearances."

Javier halted his speculation to answer Hunter's question. "Yes, I do." he replied quickly. Javier motioned Hunter forward with one hand then turned toward the front of the cabin. As he passed his bunk Javier grabbed his clothes and towel. He slung the towel over his shoulder and tucked the bundle of clothes underneath his arm.

The front door was still partially opened. Javier lightly kicked it shut and checked the back. From a battered mailing envelope taped to the door Javier pulled out a piece of paper. Written in messy English on the envelope were the words 'Inportant Stuff'. The writing was done in thick permanent marker so Javier hadn't ever bothered to correct the spelling. He shook the sheet out to make sure it was only one before walking back to Hunter.

"Here." Javier held the sheet out before explaining. "This has the whole camp plus some of the areas nearby."

"True, or I could just pick the strongest person I know and hope my power is more than simply height, weight, and appearance control." Alexandros said with a laugh.

"And if I could use a power against my enemy I would. All is fair in love and war after all. If they think it is cheap because they have no real defense against it all the better."

Brandon was shaking his head as he took the other campers back to the cabin. "Got dang Leeroy, I really thought you'da learned yourself better this year," he said to himself. "If ya just keep pullin' that same old shit, what the hell are ya doing here."

He turned back, Kat in file ahead of Milan. "This is gonna be a little weird at first for ya there Kat," he told the new camper. "We ain't had a girl in the cabin since my first year. Hopefully you're a lot calmer then Chisako was. Dang Asian was always going off, tryin' to bust off them karate moves into whoever would cross her wrong. Dunno how she got to be head of the cabin, but that was a rough year. Learned how to avoid flying arms comin' at me though. Definitely helped on the football field. But yeah, anyway, back again. Home sweet home."

They arrived at the cabin, Brandon leading the way up the steps. Once inside, he pointed out the bunk that Kat would have the luxury of taking over. "Just toss Leeroy's stuff on the floor there," he offered. "It'll be the first thing he can clean up when he gets back."

Hunter got up from the bed and followed Javier to the door, pain becoming ever more present as he walked. Picking up on the improper spelling on the envelope, Hunter gave Javier the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't the one to write it. Taking the map and giving it a quick scan Hunter thanked Javier, and informed him that he was going to try and sleep through the worst of today for the time being. Heading back to his bunk Hunter almost fell in before finding a semi comfortable sleeping position and fell to sleep a few minutes later.

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