The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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"No, not quite. We're still missing Eileen, I think she may have gone for a jog this morning. And Simon's not out here yet either." Mika said to Jordan before they started to leave. "We should wait until she gets back, don't you think?"

The blond boy picked up his breakfast scraps, and tossed them into the garbage. He stretched a bit, popping his neck lightly and taking this opportunity to get his Pokemon some food as well.

"Besides... not everyone is fully awake yet... I'm pretty sure half of us are still only semi-conscious."

"I'm here because of my job. I got hired by some researchers at the Devon Corporation to catch one of every species of bug Pokémon, including all of the evolutions for each species for their research. They had me start in Kanto because Professor Oak was already setting up for another large group of trainers, and it would be easier and faster to register me as a trainer here instead of waiting in Hoenn.

I'm also taking part in the League challenge, although not for the normal reasons. Most people want to beat the gyms and prove how good they are as a trainer or something along those lines. Me, well I just want to travel around and see the world. Because there are places that require you to have all of the badges from one or more regions to enter, I have to complete those challenges if I want to visit everywhere. However since I just started a few days ago, and I only have the Boulder Badge I'm still a ways off from being able to visit any of those places.

That large group that you mentioned also sounds interesting. If they are still here I'd like to meet them." Callum replied to Eileen as they entered Cerulean and the Pokémon center came into view. I wonder if they are ones responsible for a few of the strange things I came across on my way over here.

"Got that righ'," Rochelle mumbled in answer to Mika before she straightened up, flicked stray locks of hair out of her face and went back to her breakfast. She managed to finish it off, which was good: it would play a small part in helping her get through the day. She doubted she would be fully awake for most of the day, though, unless someone possessed a Pokémon capable of Hypnosis and putting her into a dreamless sleep...

Though such an idea was dangerously close to what had happened in Mt. Moon. Still, if it helped her to catch up on what she already missed out on, that would be fantastic. Simon mentioned he had found a Drowzee at one point: the name sounded like the Pokémon could put people to sleep. It was a possibility... she would have to ask Simon about it at some point in the day.

So the group was headed for Vermilion City... to a party on board the S.S. Anne in particular. Rochelle wouldn't be partying in her state. Sure, she could make an appearance with the others, but if the party was going to last through the night she would leave early. Too much noise would just make her feel worse.

Fary picked at her food not really hungry but she knew she had to eat something before they headed out. She looked over at her Pokemon and smiled seeing them enjoy their food then looked back at her tray sighing to herself. "What have I gotten myself into?" she said to herself still looking at her tray of half-eaten food.

After a bit Fary decided she was done and she picked up her tray and walked it over to a counter to drop it off. As she did so Rogue and Cleo watched her worried then went back to eating. Fary held her hand was she walked back to the table, the pain was traveling up her arm making it difficult for her to move her arm let alone use her hand and the bleeding still hadn't stopped. "I might need to have this looked at."

Aeris had finished her breakfast at around the same time as Mika. However, she couldn't be bothered just yet to stand up. She rested her head on Mika's shoulder when he returned, and looked at Jordan. S.S. Anne sounded familiar to her. And it was a cruise... Any interest that she might have had earlier faded away when she considered that they would be going on a giant boat. She wrapped her arms around one of Mika's and held it tightly. Just calm down, Aeris. You're not at Vermillion yet. And even when you will be, you'll have Mika and the others. She let go of Mika's arm a bit, still holding it but not as tightly.

Tristan flew back to Aeris and sat on the back of her chair, careful not to knock it down somehow and hurt his trainer. Blaze simply stood there beside Aeris, listening to what was going on. She didn't like this any more than her trainer, but if Aeris was going, she wouldn't have much choice anyway. But it couldn't be as bad as their trip from Cinnabar to Pallet. Her Ekans had wrapped itself around her leg once more, timid as ever. Meanwhile, Xal and Sonya were focused on other things, like Xal hovering above Sonya who was trying to catch him.

"That is a very interesting job you have. There certainly are quite a few bug Pokemon in Kanto that you can catch. The Viridian Forest must have been great for you," Eileen replied, slowing down to a walk now that they were nearing their destination, "There's a gym here if you wanted to try out for another badge. Though I'm not sure if we'll be leaving before you'd have the chance to. I'm getting a head of myself here. For all I know you don't even want to join this group."

"Speaking of that group," she added, looking through the windows of the Pokemon Center and seeing the majority of the other Trainers inside eating, "Let's head on in and see what's up."

When he was finished with his shower, Simon dressed in casual clothes then spent a few minutes reorganizing his backpack. Clean clothes went on one side, clothes he should wash went on the other. Potions and battle items went into easily reachable corners and side pockets. Simon paused in the process of shifting a thick stack of papers beside of a brown wrapped package. 'It hasn't even been 24 hours yet but...maybe the Nurse has more news?' he thought. Holding his pack open with one hand Simon detached a Pokéball from his bandolier. He was still kneeling in the middle of the hallway with his backpack open, and distantly hoped no one stepped on him. Simon was torn between needing to eat and wanting to question the Pokémon Center staff before they became busy with trainers, their customers. He wanted answers. Simon glanced down, automatically scanning the first section of the report. He released the Pokéball as he read.

Owner: Simon Braddock
I.D. 33296007 - "Drowzee"
Summary: Possible marker found in whole blood sample. Abnormal levels of...

The report was half techno-babble and half complex medical terms. The basic idea seemed to be that due to this level, that level, and this percentage of these three or five things, something was unique about the blood sample. It's that something that needed defining. 'Breakfast first, then I'll find someone to ask.' Simon decided. If he was going to get explanations he needed his brain to be fueled. "What do you think, bud?" Simon asked as white light finished condensing into Shadow's frame. To keep from blocking the hallway Simon picked up his bag and began walking toward the cafeteria. There was the sound of a canine yawn a few feet back. "Food is this way." Simon called without turning around. Instantly Shadow brushed past his trainer to lead the way.

The Viridian Forest had been great for him; both his Spinarak and Ledyba were caught there. He also had the intention of challenging the Cerulean City Gym. Callum would have said as much, if it wasn't for Eileen's words that followed. In three sentences Callum was stunned and confused.

Join this group. Join this group! Join this group? Where did that even come from? I mean I just met her and embarrassed myself on an extreme level. Didn't she also say that she just met this group? Did she just up and join them when she met them? Was that an invitation from her to join them as well? I haven't even met anyone else from this group. Is this a trap or something to kidnap me? Would I even join them if it isn't? Why is meeting a girl so confusing?

Callum was still a bit slack jawed in thought as he followed Eileen. His Ledyba decided to land on his backpack as he walked through the Pokémon Center entrance; the new weight knocking Callum back to his senses. "Isn't talk of me joining the group a bit rushed? I mean I just met you and we didn't exactly have the best introduction," Callum said, stopping behind Eileen before they entered the cafeteria.

"I suppose it might have been a bit rushed," Eileen agreed once they were inside the center to think about it. It was true that she and Callum had only just met, but wasn't it the same with the people of the group? She had only known them for a day and was planning to travel with them. 'Though perhaps it should be brought up to the leader of the group...whoever that is. Do they even have one?' she thought, the idea of a group with no leader not making sense to her.

"Well if you don't want to then you do not have to. It was just an offer. An offer that should probably have been brought up to the group before I did it I'll admit now. Sorry about making this awkward," Eileen told Callum, trying her best to express what she was thinking, "The group is over there if you'd like to introduce yourself at least...definitely think it over. The offer that is."

As New Guy and Simon came into view, Jordan was getting more excited for this trip. Man this is going to be sweet! Like partying it up and going at it and.... New Girl was at the edge of the cafeteria doors, meaning the gang was all here, but there was someone else with her, with something on his back he didn't recognize. "Hey New Girl!" he called out. "Like who's that you're talking to?"

As Misty impatiently tapped her foot, she was beginning to regret the offer she gave. Damn, I didn't know he was travelling with the entire population of Lavender Town. I would have just showed him the path and gone home. Ah he probably would have forgotten it though.

She glanced around the room, the girl from last night seemed to be in some discomfort, and her hand was wrapped in a red bandage. "Hey," she said, moving over to Fary. "Are you all right? It looks like you did something nasty to your hand. I can take a look at it if you want? I do know first aid."

"Extremely rushed," Callum corrected her. "I'd also say that this isn't awkward; not compared to getting pantsed by your Pokémon anyways. I think this is a bit more concerning than anything. You shouldn't just be rushing into things like this. Take some time, relax, and think things through before rushing forward. You come off as aggressive and a little frightening otherwise. I might just have to join this group just to make sure you don't keep acting rashly with strangers."

Callum would have rubbed her hair into a mess like an old man to a child, if it wasn't pulled back and therefore would hurt her. Instead he simply chose to stick out his tongue childishly, as if he felt he was sounding too much like an adult.

"Hey New Girl! Like who's that you're talking to?"

Can he really not even remember her name? Callum slightly shook his head back and forth in disapproval. "I think I'll talk to them first though," Callum told Eileen before walking past her into the cafeteria. "Hi I'm Callum. I just met Eileen on her jog and we were getting to know each other," Callum replied to the almost abrasively asked question.

Fary didn't look at her her blond bangs covering her eyes as she failed to hold back tears. "I'll be fine but thank you." she said failing to hide the venom in her voice as she clenched her fists shaking. "I just cut my hand, that's all." she said looking at her hand then clenched it again. A tear falls to the table as she looked away trying her best not to hit the gym leader but instead her temper got the best of her. She stood up, her furious tear filled eyes meeting the gym leader's, adding to the tension she slams her hands on the table knocking her tray of food onto the floor forcing her Pokemon to flee to a near by table watching their trainer.

"Why don't you go stealing more guys away instead of helping me? I'm sure you're good at it. I already have to deal with my ex ass hole coming to find me and try to get me back. I don't need you making it harder for me to fix things with Jordan." Fary said snarling.

'Yen?' Shadow whined quietly from his seated position next to Simon. His nose was telling him there was food nearby. But there were loud noises and shouts that usually meant trouble. Shadow shifted his front paws as though preparing to move. But the Pokémon remained in place. His trainer had paused when the other boy loudly announced the presence of two new people. Which wasn't news to Shadow. He could smell them.

In a matter of minutes, Simon noted, the atmosphere had gone from friendly to violent. Jordan had been greeting a new member who was with...'Eileen.' But Fary seemed to be upset with the Cerulean City Gym leader. Upset was perhaps an understatement, based on the flying tray of food and swiftly moving Pokémon. 'Maybe splitting up the group is a good idea. Sooner rather than later.' Simon thought. 'Or maybe...' No. He shook his head without finishing the thought. Shadow's anxious shifting knocked his body against Simon's waist.

"It's okay." The trainer reassured Shadow. Simon brushed his hand against the Pokémon's back in a casual but soothing gesture. Even if he were to complete his walk to the buffet table Simon did not want to eat during an argument. Especially not breakfast. It was not a good start to the day. The disruption also had nothing to do with him or his team. "Excuse us." Simon said quietly to no one in particular. His plan just became switched. Which was a shame because the food smelled really good. Simon turned then began walking towards the front lobby.

Shadow whined again, a soft sound of longing as his muzzle twitched in the direction of the food. His head turned to follow his trainer's exit. Three steps turned to five and then the maximum Shadow could handle. 'Mighhhh...". A mournful sigh vocalized his disappointment. But he obediently followed his trainer with his head and tail lowered.

What the heck? was Rochelle's first reaction to Fary going overboard at Misty. Something about the conclusion she had already drawn... tension was already high and breakfast wasn't even over. The day was not going to go well if things kept going the same way. First her nightmares keeping her awake for almost the whole night, then Jordan bringing Misty back after whatever they had done the night before and now Fary flipping out... none of them were a pretty picture.

A quiet, "Excuse us," drew Rochelle's attention to Simon as he began to walk out of the dining area, his ever-present Shadow in tow... the Mightyena didn't seem too happy about leaving. Rochelle didn't blame him. Although she had already eaten, the scents in the room were still powerful. Simon had the right idea, she thought, since Fary's actions were likely to cause more strife. And she didn't want to be a part of anything hostile that took place, especially not in her state.

"I should go... need to grab my stuff before we leave," Rochelle said as she got up, clearing her plate away before heading out of the dining area herself. It was a good enough excuse, she figured, since she had left her pack with the bed she had claimed. Once back in the main hall, she had forgotten to let her Pokémon out for some breakfast. She told herself to do it later, making a point of adjusting her belt a little to make it slightly less comfortable: a reminder. Rochelle passed Simon and Shadow in the main hall, giving the former a small wave and a quiet, "Morning," before she headed down the corridor to collect her pack. Hopefully it wouldn't be too heavy that morning.

After a quick change of clothes into some cleaner attire, Rochelle used her bandana to loosely hold her hair back. She then hefted her pack onto her shoulders - it felt slightly heavier than it normally did - and walked back to the main hall, intending to either rejoin Simon and maybe start a conversation, or just wait for everyone else to converge. Both seemed like good options; strangely, thinking them over seemed to wake up Rochelle's senses a bit more. Or perhaps that was just breakfast.

"I thought people liked aggressive go-getters...perhaps I was misinformed," Eileen replied to Callum, wondering if she could possibly wrong about something before hearing Jordan ask her a question after calling out her nickname. She waited to respond until Callum finished introducing himself, stating, "As you just heard, Callum and I met while I was on my jog. He is also another trainer, and I was thinking that-"

Her train of thought was cut off by the sound of a table being slammed and food falling down onto the floor over in the cafeteria. She listened and watched as one of he girls started yelling at the Gym Leader Misty, who was for some reason hanging out in the Pokemon Center. The one girl who was yelling seemed to be a part of the group from what Eileen could gather from her rant.

"Wonderful, of course your first taste of the group is with relationship drama. I always hated those story lines on my shows. They always seemed so...contrived. Forcing all this tripe onto the viewer, who simply does not care. I preferred the more subtle and interesting stories myself, or ones with actual development. I apologize for this Callum," Eileen told him, genuinely sorry at the proceedings, "Did not mean for this to be your first experience with this group. I'm going to go and change into my usual attire, if this is too much for you I understand. Again, sorry." With that she and her Pokemon headed to their room with haste, none of them wanting to listen any further.

Misty was normally one to go with the flow of things but this outrageous attack wasn't going to go undefended. "Excuse me?" she asked with a liberal dose of derision. "I didn't steal Jordan from anyone! From what I heard, you already ditched him to hook up with Brock!" She was up to shouting at this point. "Oh, and yeah, everyone knows, because Brock can't keep his mouth shut for a second when it comes to normal gossip, so you finally taking his V-card? Yeah, that's front page news! He practically had his Crobat fly a banner over Kanto letting everyone know! So you don't have any damn right to be accusing me of something like that!"

Jordan was going to say something regarding the introduction to this new person, when the noise off to the side demanded his attention. He watched the two ladies going at it over the right to have him. Most guys would kill to be in this situation, but Jordan was just getting more confused. What the hell? What does Fary care? I thought she was banging rock dude. And what's this Misty's coming up with, I thought this was just a one night sort of deal? She's fighting like it's more. Fuck, I totally didn't want shit like this. This is sounding like the beach all over again.

"You know what? I came out here as a favor to Jordan, and I came over here to help, but fuck you and fuck helping. I don't need this shit!" Misty stomped away from Fary, over to where Jordan was. "My number's on your phone, Jordan. Text me when you're back in town, OK?" She didn't trust him to remember directions so she went to the nearest person to him, Callum. "You! You with them? I don't care! Look, just get them to the small building south of town, near the Saffron gate. You can use that to get right outside of Vermillion City. Don't mess things up down there." After giving the terse orders, Misty departed the Pokemon Center.

Jordan looked around, things suddenly very awkward, and partly because of him. Plus, there was now this new guy to work with, the one who Misty just randomly entrusted with the directions. "OK, um, cool, yeah," he stammered out to him. "So should we hit the road then?"

There was an awkward silence in the Pokecenter after Misty left until Jordan asked. Aeris didn't answer, but rather, she stood up and walked over to Callum. She shook his hand. "Hi there, Callum. I'm Aeris, and I'm terribly sorry about all of this. You're not even part of the group and you were practically ordered to be our guide. Don't worry, I caught what she said and if not me, then possibly any of the others that heard her yelling can guide us." She laughed nervously, the atmosphere still kinda awkward.

Turning to Jordan, she cleared her throat. The orange juice made her throat so that it needed it. "Once we've gathered everyone, we should be able to go. I myself at least need to get my things first. Like my backpack, so if you'll excuse me..." She walked towards the back of the Pokecenter where the beds were and looked around for the bed she was in, finding her backpack there and strapped it on herself. She hoped that whatever happened now wouldn't be too uncomfortable because of Jordan and Fary. They were both to blame for the idiocy of sleeping with the first two gym leaders. But she was not someone who blamed others, so she would keep it to herself. If others chose to express themselves about it, that'd be fine. She just wouldn't.

With her backpack on, she went back to the front of the Pokecenter and to where Mika was, standing behind his chair. She returned almost all of her Pokemon back to their Pokeballs except Blaze and Tristan. Tristan she knew would enjoy being in the air and Blaze she just liked to have beside her. She put her hands on Mika's shoulders.

The corner of Mika's eye was twitching lightly as the argument went on. He tried to focus on other things, but the two girls were loud and obnoxious. He stepped out, back into the main part of the Pokemon Center, to catch a little air and he sighed softly.

"Sweet Mew, does stuff like that happen normally?" He said aloud to himself, looking down at his Pokemon as they ate. Bones shrugged, and the others were too busy eating to say much else. He suddenly felt a feminine pair of hands on his shoulders, their touch relaxing him as he turned around and smiled. "Hey Aeris.. Didn't want to stay in there any longer, either?"

Mika smiled at her, kissing one of her hands gently and then yawned gently. "Mmf... how long do you think they'll be in there? I was kinda wondering if we could stop by a Pokemart before we head out."

No sooner did Callum get out his introduction before one of the people in the group exploded with anger. Callum was dumb founded at the event as two people, who he assumed were members of the group, excused themselves and rushed out of the room. Eileen was soon to follow, after an apology for what was happening and some confusing words about television shows.

The next thing he knew he was being bombarded with directions for the group. The woman who yelled them at him stormed off before he could even say a word to her. Shock at the unfolding actions was clear on his face, as another member apologized to him and left after saying that she had heard the directions as well.

As Jordan walked over and asked Callum if they were going to hit the road, Callum finally heard the words screaming in his head. RUN FOOL! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! "I umm...ahh," Callum stammered as Jordan asked him if they were going to leave. Slowly Callum was backing away at the same time before turning and quickly walking away after exiting the room.

Callum chose to head towards the phone to contact the researchers, since he was already in the Pokémon Center. As he walked by, he heard the on duty Nurse Joy talk to the Chansey beside her. "That's not good. She's already that mad this early. She'll probably shut down the gym today. We better prepare for more trainers to be staying here today." Great that was the gym leader who just yelled at me. That means I'll likely have to go the same way as the group in order to get a badge today.

Callum sighed as he reached the phone and called the researchers. After a few rings they picked up and their images appeared on the screen and they began to converse. "Hello Callum how is the catching going?"

"Alright, although I haven't caught any new Pokémon since the Caterpie I sent you late last night."

"Oh yes. That was a good research specimen. We already finished our tests on it if you want it back. I'm also going to warn you that this species evolves very fast so I suggest not battling with it after it evolves into its next form."

"Alright, then I'll switch it with you for one of the other ones I haven't had a chance to send you."


Callum took out a Pokéball from his pouch that had a Paras sticker on it. He inserted it into the transfer machine beside the phone, and the researchers did the same with the Caterpie stickered ball. After a few seconds the Pokéballs appeared on machine in place of each other. "I'll contact you again in the next city I visit." "And we'll transfer the payment to your account and being our testing. Good luck." The screen went black as the researchers disconnected. Callum placed the Pokéball into his pouch and headed for the front door.

Alan shrugged as he had waited through all of this for people to acknowledge his good morning and getting nothing in return. Instead he had simply opted to sit back, watch, and listen. The reaction from the one girl was odd, but it would have certainly made for an interesting story.

I wonder if I can shift focus towards this group a bit more. Seems to be a bit more drama there. Eileen is still going to be the most prominent feature since she is the one the readers want, but surely the drama of this group will make the story more enticing. He of course knew he would have to talk it over with his editor first. A suggestion like this from a relative rookie like him was sure to cause some eyebrow raising. Hopefully the prospect of having longer articles with more dramatic tension to them would be enough to get his editor to agree. If nothing else the group could always serve as filler for the times when not much was going on other than Eileen training.

He pulled out a pen and paper and started taking notes about the group on a separate page. If his editor said know it would look nicer to just have a page thrown out as opposed to a bunch of scratching out.

'Huh?' Caught up in his thoughts Simon didn't recognize Rochelle's voice at first. He turned, intent on being polite and returning the greeting. But he saw that she'd already moved on. Simon's response dropped off into a sigh. Shadow's ears perked up at the sound. Were they going back to food? Shadow's tail wagged. Food was good! Food smelled good!

Simon felt an odd impulse to apologize for his distraction. 'Maybe later.' He decided. There was still a task to be completed. Seeing a tall dark-haired male in a white uniform Simon walked towards him. The trainer failed to notice his Pokémon's enthusiasm disappear. "Te...Yen."

Simon drew closer to the desk and watched the nurse take a clipboard from the counter. "Excuse me. Sir?" The man began walking away. His gaze was fixed solidly on the clipped stack of paper. "Sir?" Simon tried again. Shadow circled his trainer once. He wasn't quite able to see over the counter but he could tell Simon was talking to someone. Spotting the nurse Shadow jumped forward to block the man's path.

"Woah-hey watch it!" The man halted just in time. Probably having been alerted by the sound of paws hitting carpet.

Simon stepped closer. "Excuse me, I was hoping to talk to someone about a report on one of my Pokémon..."

The nurse scowled at Shadow who tilted his head and wagged his tail. As far as the Pokémon was concerned he'd done something good for his trainer. Perhaps he would get to eat now...

"Sorry kid," the man apologized though his expression indicated annoyance. To Simon's further confusion the man seemed to stare at something behind him for a few seconds. 'What's going on?' the trainer wondered. "Sir?" Simon asked. There was the sound of a door closing.

The nurse jerked slightly before finishing his explanation. "I've got somewhere to be. Try the front desk." With a wave that indicated the proper direction the man resumed his journey.

Simon looked over at the front desk. Two of the assistants behind the counter were on the phone talking in an animated manner complete with emphatic hand gestures. A Chansey was helping the first trainer in a line of about six trainers. Simon watched the Pokémon place each individual Pokéball carefully on a tray. 'Five minutes.' Simon told himself. If the wait was longer than five minutes he would go and get some food. 'Five minutes, provided there's no more fighting going on.'

"Well everyone seems to be heading out the door," Jordan thought, save for Simon who after a brief wait by the counter headed off to the cafeteria, probably to grab some food. He returned a minute or so later, holding a sandwich, so it was assumed that everyone was ready to go.

Aeris took up the lead, she had also caught Misty's directions. So did half the city judging from her yelling. As they proceeded south, the bright blue roof of the Pokemart stuck out against the city backdrop, so a stop was made for everyone to stock up and get some supplies. Jordan stayed outside, partially out of poverty, and partially out of cluelessness. Everyone got what they wanted and could afford though, so they were off again.

Passing by the city limits, they could see Saffron City looming in the distance, the skyscrapers towering over the verdant fields that separated the two cities. However, the checkpoint station and it's massive gates were also present, the result of heavily beefed up security following the Silph incident of ten years ago. The indicated shortcut would be a few yards away, an older looking shack near another older looking building down the way. Still, all this open space meant that wild Pokemon would surely be able to get the drop on people. Cries could be heard all over the plains.

"Dude, sounds intense out here. Better bring out a bro." Jordan reached into his pocket, hoping he pulled out the right ball. He released it, and the large white ball of energy indicate he made the correct choice for once. Vince emerged from the light.

Scytherscy! Scyther! Aw yeah! Good to be back out!

"All right Vince bro, you totally take care of whatever like, comes out and stuff, OK?"

Scyther! You got it!

Rochelle was starting to feel considerably more awake, now that the group was out in the fresh air and under the mid-morning sun. Breakfast had definitely helped. When others had stopped into the Cerulean Poké Mart to stock up on medicines and suchlike for their Pokémon, she had followed suit, spending a fair bit to bring her supplies up to a decent level. Ten extra Potions, plus five each of Antidotes, Paralyse Heals and Awakenings. She didn't want to get caught out in a battle without having something to get her Pokémon back in the fight.

The open field between Cerulean and Saffron City brought back fond memories from just over a week ago. It was around here, Rochelle remembered, that she had met Kirsten. There was a small pond of water on this route, she knew. Too small for any Water-type Pokémon to establish a habitat, but large enough for one or two to get by on their own. Briefly Rochelle wondered if Kirsten would enjoy coming back here... judging by the cries of wild Pokémon, she could also tell that she could get in a decent bit of training for her team.

With that in mind, she took each Poké Ball on her belt and hit the release buttons to bring out her entire team. Each of them sounded as cheerful as ever: Phoenix and Natalya took to the air almost immediately, while Iskra and Kirsten stayed by Rochelle, listening intently to the sounds the wild Pokémon were making.

"Okay, guys, we're back into training. Got a lot of work to do before the next Gym," she said to her team to get their attention. "Now, let's see how you work as partners. Phoenix, Iskra, you two can go together, just like at the Cerulean Gym. Natalya, Kirsten, same to you. Now let's go." Putting her Pokémon in impromptu pairings was a bit of a test for everyone involved: the two Pokémon in each team, and Rochelle's tactical decisions in each battle.

Her Pokémon paired up on her command, and the five of them went straight into battles against wild creatures. Surprisingly Rochelle had paired off decent teams: Natalya was protecting Kirsten from the advances of Grass-types, selflessly diving in the way of Bellsprout's lashing vines and Absorb attacks from the dimunitive Oddish. Kirsten responded in kind by attempting to blind them with her Smokescreen, giving Natalya the perfect opportunity to take the plant Pokémon down.

On Rochelle's other side, against a pair of Mankey, Iskra ThunderShocked them both, stunning them and giving Phoenix free rein to take them out with lightning-fast attacks. The Flying type advantage helped against the Fighting-type Pokémon. As Rochelle watched the battles - sometimes giving orders, sometimes letting her Pokémon work out strategies themselves - she scanned each new encounter with her Pokédex...

Then something happened to Iskra. A Snubbull had gotten close enough to the Mareep to try to bite him. Thankfully his wool absorbed the impact of the bite, and he used his tail to give the Snubbull a nasty electric shock for its trouble. But once the small bolt of electricity had left Iskra, his tail continued to glow brighter and brighter... soon his whole body was encompassed by a bright white light. He stood up on his back legs, raising his front legs as if they had become the equivalent of human arms...

The white light faded, shrinking back into the sphere at the end of Iskra's tail, and Rochelle found herself looking at a whole new Pokémon. Iskra's dark blue blue skin had changed to a vibrant pink and the orb on his tail had become blue. The cute tuft of wool on his head had grown in size and most of his wool had been shed. It lay on the ground nearby. "Flaa-ffy!" Iskra proclaimed, delivering another ThunderShock to the startled Snubbull, which fled soon after. Iskra turned to Rochelle, who was a little thunderstruck herself. "Iskra... you evolved?" she eventually asked him quietly, crouching down to get a proper look at him.

"Fee. Flaaffy," the now-pink Iskra answered. Rochelle's Pokédex bleeped at her, and she shot a look at it.

Flaaffy. Wool Pokémon.
Height: 2'07" / 0.8 m. Weight: 29.3 lbs. / 13.3 kg.
Type: Electric

Techniques: Tackle, Growl, ThunderShock, Thunder Wave
Ability: Static

Description: Its fluffy fleece easily stores electricity. Its rubbery hide keeps it from being electrocuted.

Flaaffy is the evolved form of Mareep.

Iskra seemed to be happy with his new look, as he gave himself a once-over. "Fee. Flaa... flaaffy," he eventually spoke up again. As always Rochelle had no idea what he was saying, so she simply gave him a hug, letting go after a short while. "Okay, guys, time for a short break. Give Iskra a moment to get ready to battle again," she told the rest of her team, smiling down at Iskra as she did so. She took the time to look around at her fellow Trainers, and see how they were doing.

As the group stopped at the Pokemart, Mika was unable to get his medication like he needed. However, the pharmacist did say that they would call the branch in Vermillion, and hopefully it would be ready for him. Since they were already buying things, Mika took the opportunity to stock up on Potions, Pokeballs, as well as status-healing sprays.

Once they'd gotten out to the new fields, Mika sent out his Pokemon to get some exercise and fresh air. "Alright... let's see what we can get here." He said to himself, roaming the immediate area, watching the nearby Pokemon. "There's one."

Mika had spotted a Pokemon he wanted. It was a Mankey, a Fighting-Type Pokemon that would be a good addition to the party. "Toxina, go! Poison Sting!" Mika sent out his Nidoran, her barbed horn stinging the Pig-Monkey Pokemon, poisoning it and taking a bit of its health. The Mankey countered with a Karate Chop, which wasn't very effective against the Poison-Type female Nidoran. "Now, Double-Kick!"

The blue, rodent-like Pokemon turned and shifted her weight onto her forelegs, facing away from the Fighting-Type, kicking with each of her legs a few times. The Mankey fell to the ground, but came up for a series of swipes with its paw, Fury Swipes.

"You're mine." Mika hurled the Pokeball at it, catching it in the stomach and absorbing it into the spherical capsule. "Come on..." He crossed his fingers, the light flickering and then going solid, signaling that it had locked. "Great job, Toxina!"

Mika went over and grabbed the ball, putting it onto the last slot in his belt. He called back his Nidoran female, and smiled to himself.

Aeris had gotten the chance to stock up on Pokeballs, Potions and various other items such as Paralyz Heals and Awakenings in the Cerulean Pokemart. She wasn't exactly short on cash, so it was no problem for her to afford it. She still thought she'd see what she could get for her golden nugget. Turned out she got $50 for it. Not bad, considering the size of it.

On the road again, she felt refreshed. The air felt nice and the sun provided warmth. And above all, there didn't seem to be much, if any, drama going on at the moment. Blaze and Tristan were enjoying themselves, so Aeris thought the others could use a bit of fresh air as well.

"Time for you to soak up some sun." she said as she let Xal, Ekans and Sonya out of their Pokeballs. All three of them joined the other two. Not all of them went to train, though. Blaze, Ekans and Xal were mainly training, while the two Bug Pokemon walked and flew close to Aeris.

Blaze did well against a few Bellsprouts and Oddishs, but she wasn't prepared for her next opponent. A Ditto. Aeris caught sight of it. "Oooo, what do we have here?" She picked up her Pokedex which pinged when she aimed it at the Ditto.

Transform Pokemon
Type: Normal
Height: 0.3 m / 1'00"
Weight: 4 kg / 8.8 lbs
Its transformation ability is perfect. However, if it is made to laugh, it can't maintain its disguise.
Moves: Transform.

"Not sure if I want it. Though, a Pokemon that can transform into practically anything could be fun to have." When she looked up from her Pokedex, she couldn't believe what she saw. The Ditto had apparently transformed into a Charmeleon identical to Blaze. "Alright. Blaze, show that Ditto what you can do!"

Blaze nodded and charged at the Ditto with a Dragon Rage. The Ditto answered by using Scary Face, after taking the Dragon Rage. It made a face that it considered scary. It seemed to work on Blaze, who just answered that with an Ember. The Ditto took it like the Dragon Rage and used an Ember of its own. Seemed that it knew all the moves that Blaze knew. This battle continued for a while until Blaze seemed to be victorious. The Ditto transformed back into its original form, and as Aeris picked up an empty Pokeball to catch it, a Meowth attacked her face. "Aaaah! Getitoffgetitoffgetitoff!" Aeris screamed in fear and pain, throwing the Pokeball into the air at random. By some sort of luck, it landed onto the Meowth, absorbing it into the ball. A few shakes occurred before the Meowth broke free.

Aeris was not too happy about that, her face partially scratched from it. "Grrr! You'll pay! Ekans, Poison Sting this Meowth!" Ekans returned from his training to do what his trainer asked of him, using his Poison Sting on the Meowth who was trying to escape. The Poison Sting connected, followed by Ekans wrapping around the Meowth to try to crush it. After a moment, Aeris thought enough was enough. She had missed the Ditto, who seemed to have escaped, so the Meowth would have to do. She picked up another empty Pokeball and threw it at the Meowth after Ekans let go of it. The ball connected, Meowth got absorbed into it. A few shakes later, the ball clicked, indicating a capture. Aeris walked over to the ball and picked it up.

"At the very least, lets get data on you." Aeris let the Meowth out of its Pokeball and brought up her Pokedex once more, aiming it at the Meowth.

Scratch Cat Pokemon
Type: Normal
Height: 0.4 m / 1'04"
Weight: 4.2 kg / 9.3 lbs
It is nocturnal in nature. If it spots something shiny, its eyes glitter brightly.
Moves: Scratch. Bite. Fake Out. Fury Swipes.

"You're damn right about it being a scratch cat..." Aeris said, miffed at having been scratched earlier. The Pokedex brought up the data that it was a female Meowth. "You'll need a name. And I don't think Pussycat will work..." She thought about it for a while until coming to a conclusion. "I'll call you Felina. It should suit you just fine." The Meowth seemed to like that, licking her paws to clean the back of her ears. "Felina it is. Welcome to the team, as unexpected as that was." She had Felina walk beside her while Blaze, Xal and Ekans continued training.

Fary gritted her teeth as Misty yelled back at her. "You have no fucking idea how much I'm already beating myself up over that." she said sitting down after she left and covered her face with her hands breaking down. Her shoulders were shaking hard as she looked at her Pokemon and sighed. "Time to go back into you ball guys. I'm sorry." she said returning them before getting up and walking out as she held her hurt hand.

She made a quick stop at the PokeMart to pick up some PokeBalls and potions then walked around town for about an hour trying to calm down, nothing seemed to help. She sat down just outside of the town waiting for the others to catch up to her. She sat next to some grass and held onto her knees. Soon she saw a Pokemon looking at her and yawning.

"Hey it's an Abra. Come here little one." she said softly getting up slowly.

"Abbbraaaa." Looks like it's another human.

Before Fary could even choose a Pokemon the Abra used Teleport.

"Dammit." she cussed about to sit back down but noticed another Abra. "Hey it's another one. Quickly go Rogue use Pursuit before this one pulls the same shit." she said. Rogue looked at her and nodded.

Fary blinked noticing the attack didn't seem to effect it as much as it should of. "What the hell is going on? It's a physic type?" she said then blinking seeing the "Abra" change into her Zorua. "What the fuuu... OHHHH it's a Ditto. Well this was a huge stroke of luck. They're great for breeding." Fary said smiling.

"Ok Rogue lets try something else. Use Fury Swips a few times." Fary said petting Rogue and sent her to the Ditto. After a few attacks from both sides both Pokemon seemed worn out. "Good job Rogue now I'll take over." Fary said throwing a PokeBall and crossing her fingers hoping she would catch it, she then sighed hearing the ball click.

"Ha, we did it Rogue we caught a Ditto." Fary said smiling weakly and picked up the PokeBall right before it vanished. "Oh yea I have 6 Pokemon already." she said and sighed. She looked over and saw the others walking up and looked down side stepping trying to hide herself.

She watched Jordan talk with his Pokemon then looked at her hand unwrapping the bandages. "God it looks horrible. I'll need to get it looked at as soon as I can. Dammit why did I snap?" she said to her self seeing the wound was red and swollen.

She walked up to Rochelle not noticing her Pokemon had evolved and cleared her throat. "Can you please help me Rochelle." her voice was weak and soft as she bit her lip holding her hand.

"That's the way Hughes! Watch behind you though," Eileen called out to her fire Pokemon, watching as he finished taking out two Snubbulls before battling a Bellsprout. The Bellsprout was overwhelmed by the Growlithe's Ember attack, quickly falling to it's much stronger opponent. "Good job there. At this rate there will be no Pokemon left for Ari to batt- actually he seems to be doing pretty good on his own," Eileen admitted after locating her other Pokemon, seeing the Exeggcute on top of a small pile of defeated Mankeys.

The Exeggcute looked over at Hughes with smug looks from atop the pile, the fire Pokemon taking out it's anger on an Oddish close by. "That's the spirit! A friendly competition between you two will be good," Eileen said, watching the two try to one-up the other in Pokemon battles won. She jotted down a few notes before noticing a glint of something shiny over in a nearby bush. The glint became distracting after a minute and her curiosity got the better of her. Her notepad was put back in her pocket as she made her way to the bush, kneeling down to check it when a flurry of sharp claws scratched at her face.

A yelp of pain escaped Eileen as she fell backwards and covered her face, waiting for the pain to subside before taking her hands off her face. Before her was the Pokemon that she knew had been following her since she entered Cerulean, the Pokemon that chased after her in the forest. That Pokemon...was a Meowth.

"You!" Eileen sharply said with anger, pointing at the Meowth in accusation. The Meowth made a sound like a laugh at her, fiddling with a makeshift bandolier it had. Eileen watched as it brought out two objects: Eileen's Old Amber and her golden nugget. "Those are-" she started before the Meowth ran off into the brush.

"Hughes, Ari! Finish those battles than follow me!" Eileen called out to her Pokemon, the two knee-deep in random Pokemon they had picked fights with to up their wins. She ran off after the cat thief, wondering how it managed to grab her two valuable items from her bag in such a small time-span. 'That Pokemon is good. Really good. It might just be a valuable companion,' she thought, checking the clips on her bag and finding them closed, 'Really good.'

Eileen ran towards the tree line, wondering if she had lost track of the thief before she was attacked again. "No! Damn it, this was one of my favorite shirts!" Eileen yelled out in anguish, looking at her completely shredded shirt. Hughes and Ari ran up behind her, the two running off after the perpetrator after being told to track the Meowth down.

"I'll catch that sneaky thief and get my stuff back even if it kills me," she muttered as she put down her bag and took out a new shirt; taking off her own torn afterwards.

Callum had walked past the Cerulean Gym after leaving the Pokémon Center. There was a sign on the door indicating what the Nurse Joy had thought; the gym was closed for battles for today. With no reason to stay in the city anymore, Callum directly left.

Upon exiting the city, Callum went directly for the tree line. Bugs rarely appeared in open areas and you often had to climb the trees outlining the area in order to find any. So before he set to climbing the first tree he released his Spinarak which quickly shot its web into the tree and climbed up. His Ledyba took flight off of his backpack and Callum released his new Caterpie which started climbing up the tree side. After removing his half dry jacket from his bag and putting it on, Callum took after his Pokémon and climbed up the tree.

Half way up his Caterpie had climbed down and took refuge on his shoulder. It only took a few more seconds before he reached his other Pokémon in the thicker branches of the tree. His Spinarak had already caught an Exeggcute in his web and had covered it in a sticky string substance before draining its energy with Leech Life. Meanwhile his Ledyba had confused an Aipom and was brutally beating on it with a Comet Punch. As soon as he pulled himself up both of his Pokémon had finished their respective battles.

Callum started looking throughout the trees for any bug Pokémon that he hadn't captured yet. There were no signs of them, so Callum slide himself out to the end of a strong branch and switched the trees that he was on. His Pokémon were soon to follow behind him and his Spinarak shot out a web and swung between the trees and his Ledyba flying in behind them.

Soon Callum started to swing from branch to branch in his search of his next capture. The Spinarak only stopped following him when it found a resting Pokémon that was easy prey, and the Ledyba was often dodging attacking Spearows, or battling it out with other Ledybas in the air. This continued for a while before Callum heard a sound out in the distance; it was the cry of a Scyther.

After a second of searching he had identified the source. From the tree branches he could make out a Scyther battling Pokémon off in the distance. Near the Scyther was the idiot who couldn't even remember Eileen's name, Jordan. How the heck did he get a Scyther? I mean I haven't run into one so far and it's my job. There's no way that idiot could have caught one.

With Callum's attention taken away from the branches before him, he accidently grabbed a thin, weak branch. As soon as his weight strained the branch, it cracked and gave way. Callum went flying out from the tree, narrowly missing branches above and below him, before slamming into the body of a tree. With a thud he fell backwards off of the body and landed on his back. When he opened his he saw Eileen standing almost beside him, only wearing a bra.

Callum's face became beet red as he quickly sat up and looked away from Eileen. His nose started to bleed as soon as he sat up. The cause was from the impact of hitting the tree, but it didn't really matter as he wiped the blood away and pinched the top of his nose. "I'm sorry. The tree branch I was on broke and I fell. I didn't know you were here. I swear," Callum managed to get out with a high awkward voice, which came with the pinched nose.

Before anything else could happen; a Weedle from the tree that he was in dropped itself, needle first, over top of Callum. Luckily before it could reach him, Callum's Spinarak shot a string out and caught it, swinging it towards the tree it dropped from, before detaching the string as it made a hard impact. The bug Pokémon dropped down the tree and the Caterpie on Callum's shoulder took off. It quickly tackled the Weedle and sent it flying back into the tree. Then it covered the Weedle in String Shot to prevent it from moving.

Callum watched the event and quickly took out a normal Pokéball and threw it at the Weedle. As the Pokéball shook, Callum's Caterpie aimed its head straight up and shot out a mist of string shot while glowing white. Within a few seconds the Pokéball made a click and the Caterpie stopped glowing; the Caterpie had evolved into a Metapod. "Thanks guys," Callum said as he pulled out his Metapod's Pokéball and returned it before walking over and picking up the Weedle's Pokéball.

A quiet voice interrupted Rochelle's observation of the others. "Can you please help me, Rochelle?" Fary's voice. She sounded like she was in a fair bit of pain: Rochelle looked around to find her holding one of her hands. It looked like it had been through a window or something: cuts everywhere, with a fair bit of bleeding and swelling. There were a few loose bandages on Fary's wrist: she had evidently taken them off to look at the injuries. That was something that, in Rochelle's experience, shouldn't be done too often.

"Oh geez... that looks pretty bad. How did you manage that?" she asked, worried, as she set her pack down and rummaged through it, looking for her first-aid kit. The basic training she had received before leaving on her journey from Goldenrod would be put to use, though Rochelle wasn't sure whether or not to be thankful that she wasn't practicing on herself. She soon found the first-aid kit and opened it up, picking out a small patch of gauze, some bandaging of her own, a small clip to keep the bandages together and a pair of scissors.

Having picked out her supplies, of which there were not too many, Rochelle turned her attention back to Fary's hand. It looked like a fair bit of a mess... the wounds needed to be cleaned before she applied anything to them. One of Rochelle's water supplies was her water bottle... though she was fairly sure that the other supply was much more plentiful. "Kirsten, come here, please," Rochelle called out to her Horsea, who immediately turned away from studying Iskra in his new form and hopped over. "Horsea?" she piped up, bouncing on her tail while she waited for Rochelle's attention. The Trainer promptly picked up her Water-type, but she wriggled in Rochelle's arms, expecting a cuddle and maybe a bite to eat.

"Kirsten, I need you to wash Fary's hand with a Water Gun. Not too powerful, mind, we don't want to hurt her. Just to wash off the blood and suchlike, clean out the wounds. You know what I mean, right?"

"Hor... Sea, hor," Kirsten answered, seeming to nod a 'yes' of comprehension. Rochelle looked to Fary for approval of this; it was polite to let her accept the mention of cleaning the damaged hand before letting Kirsten spray it.

The sound of something heavy falling next to her gave Eileen quite a scare. She had jumped forward and turned around ready to fight off whatever it was, only to see that it was the young teen Callum that had fallen. The teen got up and tried to stop his nose from bleeding before trying to explain himself.

"I'm sorry. The tree branch I was on broke and I fell. I didn't know you were here. I swear."

"It's fine. A little creepy though. Also stopping a nose bleed like that could potentially kill you. Just grab a wet cloth and let it drain," Eileen told him as she put on her new shirt, watching as the Trainer caught a new Pokemon and had one of his own evolve. 'I still need to get stones for my Pokemon. Hopefully they'll have some in Celadon,' she thought, remembering what had caused all this and grabbing her things after writing a few quick notes on Callum.

"The group is pretty close by if you want to join up. I need to go and catch the thief!" Eileen said to Callum before running off in the direction her Pokemon had gone. Up a head of her were a few small fires in a clearing with one tree in the center, and up in that tree was the cat thief herself.

"Nice work keeping it up there Hughes. I see that it has a stash up next to it. Ari, use Barrage to try and knock the Meowth down!" Eileen ordered. Ari fired small eggs up at the Meowth who managed to dodge them by hopping from branch to branch. The constant misses made Ari annoyed, and he instead started to hit all the branches to knock them down.

Now with no where left to go the Meowth jumped down before Ari could strike it from the tree, landing gracefully down on the ground in front of them. "Ari, knock down that stash up there. Hughes use Flame Wheel!"

Hughes backed up from the Meowth before charging towards the Pokemon. The Meowth thought it could simply dodge the oncoming attack then hit the Growlithe with some Fury Swipes, but that was before Hughes emitted red flames from his mouth and somersaulted forwards. Hughes rolled right into the Meowth, knocking it high up into the air. Eileen used this chance to throw a Pokeball at it, the Pokemon being enveloped with red light before the ball fell onto the ground.

"That was a really nice move buddy," Eileen said, congratulating her fire Pokemon after the Pokeball stopped moving. She walked over and picked it up, hearing the sound of something falling from a tree happening behind her. 'It better not be Callum again.'

Turning around she saw that Ari had gotten the stash out from the tree and was already starting to rummage through it. "Back off there Ari, if there is anything in there that you can have I'll give it to you," Eileen told him, looking into the stash. The first things she found were here Old Amber and nugget which were safely put back inside of her bag. While the majority of it was simply shiny junk, there was quite a bit of coins in there to take. "And you can have this Ari," Eileen joked, placing a monocle that was there on him, "Only one of them though, sorry. Let's head back you two...well it'd be three now I guess. I need to come up with a name...a catlike feminine name...Cleo. That was easy."

With a new Pokemon and a bit more change the small group headed back the way they had come, hoping that the other Trainers hadn't moved to far a head.

Tyler stuck to the back of the traveling group of Trainers, with Geist by his side. Thus far today, a pair of Oddish had run afoul of the Kadabra's newly learned Confusion attack; they didn't stand a chance. Still riding the rush of confidence after defeating Misty, he was sure he was on a roll. He still didn't know what exactly he was doing, but so far it was working. And with the party at the S.S. Anne, things were looking pretty good today.

While he was outside, Tyler thought that he might as well give Tank some attention. He knelt down and let the Nidoran out of the Pokeball. After stretching his legs and looking around at his surroundings, he faced Tyler.

"Long time, no see," Tyler greeted. "You ready to get some fresh air?"

Tank nodded enthusiastically. "Ran!"

"Just don't stray too far, okay? And stay out of the tall grass."

And with that, Tyler continued his relaxed pace behind the others. Tank seemed to enjoy himself as he frolicked through the grass along the forest line. He was glad the Nidoran was enjoying himself, especially after spending a little while crammed inside a Pokeball. Just past Tank, Tyler saw what looked like two people exiting the forest. After walking closer, he recognized one of them as Eileen, the girl he'd met back at Cerulean. The other was a boy that he didn't quite recognize. Regardless, he waved to Eileen and approached the two.

"Hey there. Eileen, right?" Although he was pretty sure that was her name, he still asked for confirmation. "And I'm not sure I've seen you before," he said to the stranger.

"Oh hey there Tay- Tyler! Yes, you are correct my name is Eileen. Hopefully by the time we reach Vermillion we'll be past this awkward stage where no one can quite remember each other's name," Eileen replied once she stepped out of the tree line. She brushed off some of the twigs and dirt that had accumulated on her pants after running through the forest; happy that she wore pants today. "This guy right here is Callum from Hoenn, and I believe he'll be latest person to join the group. Isn't that right?" Eileen asked, letting her two Pokemon go out to battle. Her new Meowth would need some time to recover from the battle a few minutes ago, and she didn't want it to have to start training when it was tired out.

'Though do I want to use it as a battler? I already have two, and Cleo's talents seem to be in other places. I'll figure it out,' Eileen thought, holding the Meowth's Pokeball in her hand. She put the Pokeball away for now and looked over to see Ari battling a Rattata with Hughes finishing up a fight with another Snubbull close by.

I'll have to get my scratches looked at when we get to the next Pokecenter. If nothing else, they're annoying me. Aeris watched over the three Pokemon she had training, Blaze, Xal and Ekans. All three were doing alright against their opponents, though they were getting a bit tired she could tell. Felina had jumped up onto her shoulder and sat there comfortably, although careful not to dig her claws into Aeris' shoulder.

Blaze was handling a group of Bellsprouts and Oddishes, handling them well with her Ember and Dragon Rage attacks. She rarely needed to use Metal Claw, though she used that against the occasional Meowths and Mankeys that popped up.

Xal was having fun using his Tackle and Rock Throw against Meowths, Pidgeys and Rattatas, but avoided the Mankeys because their attacks were super effective against him. Blaze usually came to his rescue if there was a pesky Mankey attacking Xal.

Ekans was focused, wanting to train and become as strong as Blaze. He wouldn't be battling Drowzees if he wouldn't have his Bite attack, so he was doing alright against them, avoiding their Hypnosis attacks. Otherwise, if he wasn't battling Drowzees, he was picking on the local Normal types with his Poison Sting and Wrap.

Although just newly captured, Felina thought about joining her fellow Pokemon in battle. She found a nearby Drowzee to battle and used her Bite attack, causing the Drowzee pain. It tried to hypnotize her into sleep, but she ran away from the attack, coming towards the back of the Drowzee and used her Fury Swipes. Her claws glowed white and she scratched the Drowzee three times, knocking it out.

Aeris was very impressed by what Felina was capable of. "Perhaps you aren't just cute." She giggled, watching Felina join the other three in battle, while Tristan and Sonya kept just flying above and walking beside Aeris.

"It's nice to meet you Tyler, I'm Callum," Callum replied to Tyler, completely ignoring the fact that Eileen introduced him like he couldn't do so himself. "I also never agreed to join your group. That drama earlier caused the Cerulean Gym Leader to shut down the Gym for today. Now I'll have to go back there later in hopes of getting the badge. However I might join with you on the way down to Vermillion," Callum replied to Eileen. What's with this girl? I swear I'd put her on the wrong side of insane at this point.

Callum sighed and removed his Metapod's Pokéball from his pouch and peeled off the Caterpie sticker. Reaching into a side pocket of his backpack, Callum removed a sleeve filled with several sheets covered in stickers. He peeled the Metapod sticker off from a sheet and placed it on the Pokéball, before returning the ball and doing the same for his Weedle's Pokéball. After returning the stickers to his bag he felt his Spinarak drop to his shoulder and started to walk south towards Vermillion.

Tyler groaned somewhat when Callum reminded him of the spat between Fary and Misty earlier on in the day. "Yeah, that blows," he replied. "There's been a bit of tension in the group lately. Don't know why, but drama has seemed to follow us." While he didn't know the whole story, Tyler had heard more than enough to figure out that Fary and Jordan had serious issues with self-restraint. With a shrug, he dismissed the topic and followed them down the trail. "But I digress. Eileen said you're from Hoenn? What brings you around here?"

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