Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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Sylvester removed the whip from his belt holding is up so Yoje could see. "If someone fights me they have to deal with my whip and if that doesn't work there's the fact that I turn into a humongous snake. Also this." Sylvester removed a folded piece of paper from his pocket and showed it to Yoje. It was his wanted poster the photo showed him I his half snake form constricting the last bandit that he fought while whipping a rifle out of a marines hand. The name on the poster was the sea serpent an ironic name since he can't swim.

Yoje examined the wanted poster. "Hmm, not bad. Seems strange for you to carry around your wanted poster, but you should be able to fight well enough. I'm glad. This trip should be good for both of us."
He swiveled around, facing the door. "We can leave whenever you're ready."

Sammi noted the arrival of the rather large older gentleman to the table. It was hard not to, the man looked like he could take up a deck by himself. It was almost an indoor eclipse.

"A smith?" she asked. "Maybe I should have you give my axes a onceover then. I don't think I had anyone really look at them since I got them." She reached into the bag on the floor and pulled out her twin handaxes, small and worn down with the scars of multiple battles present on them. "I think they're starting to get a little dull."

Sparkles was done listening, he knew all he needed.
this is the best chance I got, now or never
He gets up slowly looking at Yoje with optimism.
With a booming voice loud enough to get his attention.
"Do you mind having one more man for work?" He said with a gritty smile, a bit of burger still on his teeth.

Smithy sat down as he put the money away. He looked at Sammi, then at her axes, leaning forward to inspect them. "They certainly do look worn... But for now, I must decline. I'm skipping town soon, trying to find a crew to call my own. I've been on a long journey for two decades now, trying to find a crew that'd take me. No luck yet... Guess nobody needs a 'smith, specially one that's as old as I am now eh?" He laughed loudly. "I'll be getting to old to journey on my own soon... Might have to settle down."

Jacque was taking a rest as the burger had made his belly full until a stranger make a scene. The stranger outburst had surprise him as he look toward at the man who had shouted. He isn't impressed with the stranger antic as he had form a frown lip.

What the hell is this guy babbling about? Man he's a weirdo.

"Well, not necessarily," Sammi told the older man. If he's looking, we might as well bring him with us, Peter could probably use him too. "I'm actually here recruiting people to join a crew that's heading out to sea shortly. Grana here has already agreed to come with, and I'm certain if you're as good a smith as he claims, you would be welcomed aboard the ship with open arms. If you're interested, that is."

I hope he's interested. He would be a much better face to put out. He probably wouldn't even need to pay anyone, I'm half tempted to give him most of my stuff right now...

Nisa slipped into a house making sure no one was around and smirked finding some gold and other things she could sell. "Ohhh I can make some money from this." she said smirking grabbing a bag and gathered it up.

"Hmmm a very nice necklace. I might keep this for myself. I think this is jade and silver." Nisa said putting it in the bag then quietly slipped out of the house jumping and walked around acting like nothing was happening softly laughing to her self.

Smithy grinned like a madman, looking down at Sammi like a man on top of a sky scraper. "Of course I'm interested! Why wouldn't I be? I've been trying to join a crew for twenty years now!" Smithy stood up and walked beside Sammi, just to pat her hard on the back. "Thank you Missus! You won't regret asking me, the greatest 'smith in the world, to join ya!"

He sat back down again and called for the waiter. "Hey mate! Bring us a keg 'o beer! I wanna celebrate!" The waiter looked at him, utterly shocked. "Well? What are you waiting for? Bring it here!" As the waiter walked off, Smithy turned to look back at Sammi. "I'll pay for it, I got enough money. I don't think we've been introduced properly, I'm Smithy Jaques. You?"

Two waiters came back, carrying the heavy keg together. They placed it beside the table and wiped their heads. "Not there, on the table!" Smithy demanded. The waiters fgaces were filled with dismay as they looked at each other, then attempted to lift it up. They both fell straight onto their arses. "Weaklings..." Smithy said as he grabbed the keg with one hand and put it onto the table, not showing any difficulty in doing so. He opened the top and held it with two hands, then began drinking it directly from the keg.

Yoje turned to see the source of the shout. It turned out to be a very worn looking man with more than hair than Yoje had ever seen before. He beckoned the stranger over to him and Sylvester. "I didn't want to split my findings this many ways, but I suppose I'm not really doing this for loot. If you can fight, and promise not to stab anyone in the back, you can come."

He extended a hand. "I'm Yoje. And you are?"

Heading into the shadier parts of town, the shops were far less frequent. Peter was looking for something with spare parts or things for a ship. He noticed a few people looking a local bulletin board near what looked like a small square.

He walked over and noticed a large array of wanted posters. "Ooooh, this should be interesting... Hmmm... Nisa "The Cat" Shinu, "Fabulous" Murphy O'Phlanaghan, "Weapon Master" Hephaestus Susano, Richard "The Bull" Lichten, Tony "Razor" Barachu, Griff "Shankers" Valentine, "Axeman" Igritte Niagra... interesting choices... "The Butcher" seems to be missing a picture... not practical for a bounty........ Hey, I'm not on here!"

He shrugged his shoulders and walked off. "Maybe that's for the best, considering I don't have a crew, a proper ship, or even that many supplies... and it gives me some freedom from the Marines..."

On the Marine ship sailing around, a deckhand ran up to the Captain in his quarters. "Sir! The governor just called the ship! Apparently his daughter has gone missing. She had just gotten out from her wedding a couple hours ago. He thought she was off with her friends, until they came to him wondering where she was."

The Captain sighed before responding. "Get a small ship ready to deploy a search party. I'll be accompanying you. Tracking people is one of my specialties, after all..."

The pat on the back wasn't exactly on Sammi's radar and as such she was jerked forward a fair bit. She tried to maintain her composure, but that effort was given up when the giant keg hit the table, pretty much sending everything on top of it flying. What have I done? Ugh, this guy is probably going to smash whatever boat we get. She then remembered the large amount of money that he had been given by the other man with her. Well at least he should be able to repair everything he breaks. I still wanted that food though.

"Uh, yeah, OK," she got out. "My name is Sammi Makela, I'm de facto second in command to Captain Peter Tew, and now I need to get that waiter to bring out some more food..."

Jacque had started to ease drop the current conversations going on around him. He is more interested with that weirdo and that girl discussion. He is leading back on his chair as he pours another round of wine into his glass cup and sips it. He had seen to be acting so casual about it.

Setting up a crew eh? Mmmm maybe just maybe I could offer my service to them. Well her proposal sound ideal should this place get raided by the marines any time soon, after all the old saying goes safety in number. I however can't take this too lightly. I can't simply brush them off if I grow bored with the crew after all being a pirate mean nakama. After all Whitebeard pirates had risk and even sacrifice their lives in an attempt to saved Ace even when it was a failure... I have to see if this crew is worth giving my service to.

He took another sip at his wine as he continues to listen in while pondering about the situation.

*shakes hand sternly*
"My name is Sparkles, nice to met you."
"I am sure we won't have to split the treasure too much, you got a good group going."

Grana's eyes opened wide as the beer keg came crashing down on the food. His hands darted out, snatching the bluefin tuna and the bottle of wine. He tipped back in the chair as the keg came to a thunderous stop, then finally fell forward when it was safe to do so. "Hey, Jacques, careful where you place that thing! It's heavy, you know!" Grana said with a laugh as he placed the bluefin and the wine bottle back on the table. Grana then saw the wanted board in the restaurant and excused himself before getting up to look at the board. "There you are, you motherfucker." Grana muttered to himself as he saw the wanted poster. He tore off a very special poster:"Axeman" Igritte Niagra, 30 million beli- the man who broke Grana's blade. Grana rolled up the poster and dropped it into his hat before returning to the table. "So sorry about that- I had to go get something. Anyway, Sammi, when will the captain get here? And on a different note, why did you join up?"

Sammi took one of the other bruschettas left on the platter. Might as well eat these while they are still in one piece. Food secured, attention was turned to Grana's questions. "The Captain went off to get some other provisions that we'll be needing for the trip. He should be here shortly," she answered. "If you're wanting to know why I'm here, let's just say I love the sea life a bit too much to let the Marines try and take it from me, and Captain Tew is the best career opportunity at the moment. Maybe if we make it out to the ocean I'll say more." She took a big bite out of the toast, enough to take down half of the piece, and started chewing, savoring the flavors that had been spared being scrapped off the keg bottom.

"If it's just the three of us, then the split won't bother me too much. And like I said before, Beli isn't my whole purpose here. I'm going for the adventure of it."

He stood up and started heading towards the exit. "Well, we might as well head out now, in the middle of the day. I'm not sure how long this will take." After a moment, he looked back to his two traveling companions and spoke again. "So, what kind of name is Sparkles anyway?"

He chuckled, glad that was going to be pushed out of the way right now instead of later.
"I decided the first thing I would read would be my name and it happened to be Sparkling water So I stuck with it."
"Oh and water is not my middle name."
*opens door first*

"So you named yourself? Interesting." Yoje walked out the door right behind Sparkles.
These two are odd, but they seem alright. I should enjoy this adventure. Maybe they'll be Rokushiki students of mine later on.

"I have a map. We're headed this way." He jogged down a street to the left. The peaks of the mountains could be seen on the horizon.

"sssssince it's not a picture of my human form I can normally passsss mysssself off asss a bounty hunter." Said Sylvester as he stood up placing his items back in their proper place." thissss isss going to be fun" Sylvester cracked his knuckles as he jogged to catch up to yoje and sparkles.

Before long, the trio made it into the shadier region of Jingo. The glares of passerby told Yoje it wasnt safe to trust anybody here, but he wasn't afraid of getting into a fight with anyone. He slowed himself to a walk.
"The path gets more twisted from here. So, what brought you two to this island anyway?"

"I heard it was a gathering place for a lot of piratesss. I wanted to join a crew and go after onepiece I figured it would be a good place to sssstart." Sylvester kept his eye on every detail around him as random people passed by them. His hand rested on the handle of his trusty whip.

He watched his step here and there, the branches of trees were an annoyance he just patted away.
"I was drifting mostly here and there on a whim."
"After stowing away on some ship with some nice rats for company I decided I would look for work once the boat docked."
"I ran into you while searching for rumors."
"These people don't look very nice but then again they are probably pirates too!"

Peter walked in to what looked like a junkyard right near the mountain range, right at the outskirts of town. "Got some interesting looking things here..." he said, looking around. He noticed a shack in the middle of it. He walked up to it and knocked on the door. After a few seconds, a shaggy looking old man walked out. "Yeeeah, whadaya want?" he grumbled.

"I'm looking for any interesting spare parts around here. Something you can't normally find in shops. Something rare or unusual." He said, holding up a small wad of bills. The old man looked suspiciously at him. "Don't know what you think you'd find here, but go ahead to the back. I'll charge ya once yer done... don't get yer hopes up." he said, stumbling back into the shack.

Peter smiled and started walking around. You never know what some people might be stupid enough to throw out without knowing what it is... I've found my share good hauls in places like this. And even the owner is usually happy to be rid of it, so this rarely ever costs me that much. I rarely ever need a full machine, just a few parts to use for one of my little pet projects...

A modest sized lifeboat came up to shore, carrying 7 Marines including the captain. His red eyes glanced around at the pirates growling at them. "Hmph. I see we're not welcome here. At least they have some self-control. Come on, men. The governor is waiting for us." He said, getting off the boat.

"You're probably right, Sparkles." Yoje looked to his right. An large man was angrily waving a sword around, shouting at a shopkeeper. Evidently, he'd been swindled.

I hope he gets a refund. "But not all pirates are bad people, or crooks. What about the Straw Hats? If I ever join a crew, those are the kinds of guys I'd want to be with."

Grana shrugged as he relaxed and turned around to look around. Suddenly, Grana tensed up once more as he saw Marines, one a captain by the looks of it, pass by the restaurant. Grana's left hand drifted to his sword as the Marines began to check houses at random. "Say, Sammi- how high a bounty does Captain Tew have? Because we have Marines passing through the town, and they're looking for somebody." "Great, looks like someone finally stepped out of line far enough to call the law down. But the captain can't be weak- not when he walks that calmly through that sea of sharks. Oh well- and here I was afraid I was going to get bored in this town!" So thought Grana as he wondered what had exactly happened that the town had called the law down on an obvious source of income.

Sammi saw the Marines go by at the same time, slinking down behind the two larger men in the hopes of not being seen. Once she was sure they had passed by, she arose. "Um, bounty? Uh...I'm not sure. To be honest, I only just joined up with Captain Tew a couple days ago. I don't know if he's got any bounty on his head." I know there's one one mine though. Why do the Marines have to be here right now? Can't they leave things alone for one day? One measly day?

Grana yawned and let his hand slip off the grip of his blade as the marines passed by. He finished his glass of wine and sighed. "Well then Sammi, does the Captain know we're here, or should we go and find him? Sammi?" Grana raised an eyebrow as he watched Sammi try and hid from the view of the Marines. Grana chuckled to himself before speaking. "What, don't tell me you're afraid of the Marines, after such big words against them? Besides, hiding behind the two of us isn't the best idea. The human mountain here," Grana said, rapping his knuckles against Jacques' elbow, "Might be a good shield, but as small as it is, I still have a bounty on my head. If I'm casting my lot in with you, the least you can do is stand tall!" Grana stood up and cracked his knuckles. "So, ready to go find the Captain? I doubt we're gonna find anyone else in here who wants to set sail with us."

He wiped some sweet off his brow, the shade and his clothing not helping very much.
"The Straw Hats do has standards, that's why I would probably never work with them."
"Working for such a high profile group just isn't my thing."
"I just don't like the lime light to much, comes with Marines."
He looked around turning his head left and right, the terrain wasn't difficult but it was foreign.
"Do you know where we're going?"

Jacque ducks his head down when he saw the incoming marines from the distance. He wasn't in the mood if he had to fight them since he still got a full stomach. As soon the marines left the area he tilt his head right back up as he continue to ease drop.

Oh great from the sound of it, those lots over there are a bunch of newbie. However not all pirates start with a high profiles but as a newbie as well. Ugh seeing those marines just then I can't really afford to be picky on joining a crew. I need more info on this Captain if I going to join them.

After a while, Peter walked out of the place with his bag nearly doubled in size. It was almost as high as his waist as he strained to carry it, walking back towards the diner. "Ok, better go mean with Sammi now... got a good haul. Some parts for a remote, something for that security system I've been itching to build, something for the firing mechanism on that cannon I'm toying with...I must say today has gone pretty well. Now comes the issue of getting a better boat and maybe some new crewmen to go with it. I know Sammi is capable. I just wonder what kind of people she'd let on our crew..."

The small group of Marines arrived at the largest house on the island, in the center of the northern section of Jingo. After walking up, the captain shook the hand of the governor.

"Thank you so much for getting here! My dear daughter has been gone for so long... it's so unlike her! Her husband is worried sick!" the governor was a short man, but looked surprisingly thin.

The captain motioned for his men to stand back. "Tell me... is the lady's mother home?" He said, gripping the governor's hand hard enough to draw a bit of blood. "Sorry... don't know my own strength..."

"It's nothing. I don't mind as long as my daughter is returned safely. I'm surprised you're that tough, though... I mean a pale fellow like yourself hardly seems like a captain of the Marines."

"I get that a lot..." he said, then looking more serious. "As I said before, is her mother here?"

The governor looked confused and replied "No she isn't. But I don't see what that has to do with your investigation..."

The captain sighed "Oh it's nothing... it'll just make this a little bit harder than I hoped... but I have enough to go on based on the initial report." he said, walking away.

"I can't actively fight the Marines if they lock me up this early, now can I Grana?" Sammi replied dusting herself off a bit. Hitting the deck generally meant a little dirt got attached, but most of it returned to the ground. Shoot, I didn't tell Peter where I was going either. Oh well. I think Grana's right. This place looks dead. "We can leave now. If I know the Captain, he should be heading towards the docks." Sammi picked up the sack of provisions and tucked her axes back into it. She recorked the wine and tossed that in the bag too, before swinging the bag up over her shoulder. To finish she took the last bruschetta off of the plate, claiming it with another bite. "Let's go," she said, doing her best not to leak cucumber as she talked.

Nisa stopped and saw Marines at the Governor's house. "Oh shit I better get away from here. Hmmm you know I could use a good lay right about now, maybe I should head to the bar and see who'll try to pick me up." Nisa said heading back from which she came walking into a bar and took a set. "I'll have the best booze you've got and I hope it's strong." Nisa said setting her bag on the bar.

The bartender raised an eye brow at the bag but paid no mind to it as he got her a glass of booze giving her a quick once over. "Here you go ma'am. That will be 1000 beli." he said handing her a shot of a blood red liquid before Nisa handed him the beli.

"This had better be worth it." Nisa said taking downing it and smiled softly. "Well it seems it is worth the 1000 beli. What is this stuff anyway?" she asked smiling softly.

"A rum that comes from the Grand Line, it's called Captain's Blood. Hard to get but hell is it worth it." the bartender smirked at Nisa. "More people have issues with one shot but it seems you're not most people. I tell you what I'll give you a drink on the house for a pretty lady like you." he flirted some.

"Ohh how nice of you. I think I'll take another shot of the Captian's blood." she said winking softly at him leaning over the bar to get closer to him. "So when do you get off? Maybe I can share a drink with you on my ship, in my quarters." she smirked flirting back downing the shot and was only starting to feel buzzed.

"Well I can leave now if you want. Been awhile since I've seen a women like you and a ship caption none the less." the bartender said moving away from the bar and met Nisa on the other side a large bottle of the booze in his hand. "For you and just you and I'll bring a bottle for us." he said leading her out of the bar as another bartender took over his spot.

"Hmmm you seem to be a pirate. Hell Marines aren't like you at all and I've seen you on the wanted posters. 20,000,000 beli, you mush of pissed off the right people for that bounty. No don't worry turning in a women of your build would be a shame on the world so I'll keep my mouth shut." he smirked wrapping an arm around Nisa feeling what he could of her.

"Well then I'd better be sure to reward you then." Nisa said walking on to her ship then to her quarters setting the bag on the table quickly shutting the door and started kissing the bartender. "I think having me for a night is a good reward." she flirted starting to get undressed.

"Of course I know where we're going, Sparkles. I have a map right here." Yoje raised the map and examined it.
"Just a few more turns and we'll be right next to the mountain. Then we just have to-"

Yoje was cut off by a one eyed salesman approaching them. "Excuse me sirs. You look like strong people. I bet this Devil Fruit I have will serve you nicely." He held up a half eaten green devil fruit which vaguely resembled a large cherry.

"Special bargain today, only 75,000 beli." He grinned, revealing a missing tooth.

Sylvester Eyed the half eaten fruit "don't need it."Sylvester said as he walked pass the man "ssssso do you think we will find any banditsss up here. I love to fight bandits. So what can you do sparkles?"

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