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Seth didn't bother to hide his mirth at what he just saw. He was openly laughing, getting a few looks from some other student's enjoying themselves. After the quick laugh, and Nat returning, Seth went back to his somewhat mirth filled expression.

"Well, into the ladies then? Fair enough, I guess. Regardless, I think along the lines of 'two wrongs don't equal a right' work just as well when 'two assholes don't equal love'." Seth said, with a small shake of his head.

"Besides, I think that you might want to try a...slightly different strategy with your good friend. I don't think she quite appreciated being pulled into things like that. A push works, but there comes a time where you are throwing people at each other."

With that, Seth stood from his meal, but only took a few steps over to the wall to overlook everything that was going on around the Mess Hall today, since it seemed to be the location of choice for excitement.

Alexander finished his meal before realizing that it was time for him to head to class. He quickly gathered his things and began for the classroom. The walk through the well lit halls was quick and soon enough he was in front of the doors that would lead him to his next lesson. He quickly walked in and took a seat, the class was small but it was not one on one. His teacher was currently a master, and today's class would focus almost exclusively on the healing required of Adepts that would soon be taking their test to advance. Soon enough Cindy Rotunz had entered the room, said hello, and promptly began their training on volunteers who were not greatly injured. Instead of having them work on more serious wounds in class, they were instead tested to shorten the amount of time it took to heal lighter wounds.

At least this type of training means nobody gets hurt if I happen to fail. he thought as he healed the somewhat large cut on the arm of his volunteer. He couldn't feel any pain due to the magic placed on him in preparation for his service, but Alexander still healed the cut as quickly as possible. He had worked the amount of time needed for a cut of this size down to a few seconds but he always looked to push himself harder in preparation for these tests.

"Hmmmm I guess. Well I'll just let them natural grow together then, with some help. I guess she didn't like being pulled into this. Ok yea she hated it but she needs to get out more." Nina said thinking to her self then smiled. "Well I can do something less offensive." Nina said smiling more. "Nat has always been drawn to pyromancy but has no wish to learn it. I could bring her with me while I'm learning about fire magic." Nana said happy at her new idea.

Nat walked to her room and got on her bed petting the fox that joined her on the bed soon after she arrived. "Hey Jinx. You seem to be happy today." she said.

Nydia had almost finished eating when a pair of girls from her element approached her table and began starting up a conversation. This was quite surprising, most people left her alone as she wished. But Nydia politely smiled and nodded as she only half listened to the girls inform her of the gossip of the day. "Weaver Aden is unusually popular today! Too bad it didn't quite work out for- Oh! Leaving so soon?"

The girls giggling and gossiping came to an abrupt halt as Nydia finished her food and stood up. She had politely listened long enough and had much better things to do. "My apologies, I'm sure this is all quite fascinating for you but I really need to return to my studies. Perhaps you should do the same? Good day to you." Nydia said while giving them a warm smile and a slight bow before turning and walking away.

As she left she heard the girls continue to talk behind her. "Ugh! Who does she think she is! Just because she comes from some big fancy noble family she's too good to talk to us? That's all kinds of messed up. I hope I never get that full of myself when I make adept."

Nydia almost turned to say something to them, but stopped herself. People like them would never be able to understand the burden that had come with her birth no matter what she said. "I think I'll go find a quiet place to meditate for a bit..." Nydia sighed to herself as she headed for the exit. There was no proof that meditation would actually improver ones magical abilities, but Nydia thought she noticed a difference when she did. At the very least it helped calm her soul and relax her mind, which sounded pretty good right about now.

Cale could feel the air get cooler and cooler the deeper he walked into the caverns. It wasn't freezing but it was significantly different from the air above ground and to Cale it felt relaxing. The large tunnels were not haphazardly dug either. They were large and wide with holes dug into walls so torches could be placed and some even had windows if they were close to the surface but what made the tunnels even more mesmerizing were the carving.

As he walked he ran his hand over the wonderful carving left behind by the more experienced Earthshapers. They detailed horrible battles where the dead lay covering the bottom while those who remained fought ferociously to the end. They detailed glorious cities with buildings reaching both sides of the carving but each building is detailed to the very mortar. Finally there was one with the mages. They all were represented in the wall wide carving showcasing their powers, their deeds, their experiences all meticulously shaped, molded, chipped, trimmed, and carved into the very earth. After admiring the sight he turned to see his friends entering the arena. Almost by instinct he felt a gaping scar on the side of his forearm the last time he visited the arena but reluctantly Cale followed suit and entered the arena.

"Sqwak... Sqwak..." Sir Taco clucked nervously into Ezekials ear trying to stir him. Finally after what seemed like an eternity Ezekial's right eye slowly opened. "Uhhh what Sir Taco?" Ezekial complained as the chicken stared at him, "Food, food yes we can go get some" Ezekial mumbled as he pushed himself off the ground. Wiping the dirt, grass and what could either have been blood or vomit from his robe.

Ezekial slowly stumbled into the cafeteria, "Long night?" One of the cooks yelled at Ezekial as he grabbed some bread, "Can't remember, any new tattoo's?" Ezekial replied. The cook looked Ezekial over quickly before replying "Nope looks like you got lucky this time." Ezekial stared at blankly at a wall for a moment before wandering back outside. "Here" he muttered tearing a chunk of bread off for Sir Taco. Ezekial pulled his jug off his hip and took a short swig from from his jug, the liquid burned slightly as it went down. Ezekial coughed quickly then looked at Sir Taco "Right, now class or go mess around one with the other elements?" Sir Taco stared at him blankly occasionally pecking at the chunk of bread Ezekial had handed him. "Good choice never enjoyed class" Ezekial said yawning then hoisting Sir Taco onto his shoulder and started walking toward the Earth Cavern.

Drew sighed. "Look, I don't know the best way to pass the exams. I'm no Hydromaster. I know you want to do something unique, but you still need to have a basic understanding of your element. Hence why that's what we're practicing. I admit, I might have mostly gotten to Adept rank for my..." he raised his hand and a few sparks of electricity arced between his fingers "...unique methods, but I still had to have a good enough understanding of using Air. As for the little extra thing to convince them to promote you to Adept, why not ask one of your teachers?"

Fei reached her hands out, using her Hydromancy to call the electricity out. The sparks grew to bolts that lanced down around her robes. She had placed some safety pins along the fabric to help her channel the electricity better, something that also came in handy when she needed a quick distraction to run away. A jab with something sharp like that often encouraged people to at least release their grip.

"I don't want to ask my teachers." she fumed, throwing the electricity back his direction. "They're mean..."

It wasn't that her teachers were necessarily mean, but Fei was painfully shy. Most of the teachers didn't even associate her work with her face, and even then they didn't believe she was the one who did it.

Drew messed around with the electricity in his hands. Fei was the only person he trusted enough to do this with him. Everyone else just doesn't seem to know what the hell they're doing or they just think I'm beneath them. I do this better than most Weaver's can... Drew knew that was arrogance speaking... but not entirely. He let Fei mess around with it, but was careful in case things got out of hand. "We can think of something, then. Just don't expect the best ideas..."

The atrium of the Temples of Light was undoubtedly Nydia's favorite place for her meditations. Although it was usually crowded with her fellow LightDwellers, it's beauty was unmatched even on a cloudy day like this one where not as much light got in. Nydia picked out her usual bench, sat down, closed her eyes and began to clear her mind and let go of the things that had been troubling her. Soon she wasn't even aware of the world around her. This was true peace, and she loved every minute of it.

Ezekial yawned as he entered the caverns, he quickly stared at the intricate designs, "Waste of time as far I'm concerned" Ezekial whispered to Sir Taco. The chicken happily nodded off on Ezekial's shoulder as lightly bobbing up and down as they walked down the earthen corridor. "Ah the areana, I had almost forgotten it was here" Ezekial laughed quickly slipping in almost tripping over his feet as he did so. Quickly he founded a secluded area and after taking a long swig from his jug began watching the carnage between in the arena.

"She would likely be bored, being dragged along to places. I think you might want to find something a little more....casual?" Seth suggested, not sure what he should say. "I think you might be trying too hard for her sake though. Take it easy on people, and they will more often than not take the proper steps themselves with a light nudge."

Seth snapped his fingers, bringing a small flame about in his hands and let it dance around his hand, spinning about his hand as he continued to look about. Almost effortlessly he began having the single small flame spin about himself, not even seeming to note anyone glancing in his direction.

What the hell am I doing this for? I mean, I might be one of the LAST people to talk to about getting Nat into a relationship. Gods, until a few minutes ago, I didn't even realize Nat needed a relationship in the first place! Aden should be having this conversation!


The Masters who had been underground returned to the surface, mostly solemn, with some rage bubbling in the atmosphere around them. Seeing the empty hall, and nodding to one another, the masters went their separate ways to begin gathering the rest of the students. There seemed to be some form of understanding among some of the masters as they went their separate ways. Darnell, as usual, was the last to come from the passage, and hid it away as it always should be. With some sort of nod or bow, Darnell shifted away into the darkness to address his students, as the rest of the masters were going to gather as well.

Meanwhile, the storm appeared to be picking up in strength, with the winds blowing harder, the thunder seeming to get much closer, and rain apparently just over the horizon for the Academy. This storm was not going to be pleasant in any sense of the word, with the winds already starting to sweep through the Academy. While the Airshifters were very happy with this, many others were not, and began to get to work closing doors and windows in preparation, not even aware that they would be gathered up shortly for an announcement.

Grana winced as he walked away. "Ouch. He doesn't even remember me. Oh well- I always did stay rather quiet, and he's probably had to deal with hundreds of students." Grana walked slowly through the line, his temperature rising slowly without him noticing. Grana took his food and began to look for a table to sit down. Grana only realized his predicament as his lukewarm soup began to steam in his hands and the tray started to sag slightly due to heat. "Shit, shit, shit!" Grana cursed as he tried to calm down. He took deep breaths, expelling the superheated steam out from his mouth, dropping his temperature back to normal levels as he reined in his power. "Gods damn it, I almost lost control. A pyro should never lose control, unless he wants to be the next on the barbecue."

Grana one more seized his now cooled tray and continued his quest for the empty table seat. His eye was attracted to a flame dancing around someone sitting down- right across from an empty seat. Grana grimaced, however, once he saw the girl sitting next to the Pyromancer. "Please don't be girlfriend, please don't be girlfriend, please don't be his girlfriend!" While Grana didn't swing that way, he knew from past experiences that it was all kinds of awkward intruding on a conversation between a couple. And this seemed to be one of the last open chairs left. Grana sighed, then steadily walked forward and addressed the Pyromancer. "G'morning. I hope I'm not interrupting anything, but would you mind if I sit here?"

Fei jumped when the thunder sounded outside. It was unusual to her to hear it so close, even if she and her brother messed with electricity all the time. The lightning around her quickly extinguished. "Eep!" she quickly ducked behind her brother. Realizing how silly she looked, she straightened up. "Drew, this is a really weird storm, don't you think?" Why can't they just make a storm themselves...

"No I don't care. I was about to go away way." Nisa said getting up and waved goodby to Seth. "I just got a great idea." Nina smiled and walked off. "Oh such a nice wind today. I think I may go gliding today." she said to her self and walked off to her room.

More Earthshifters flowed in to the mountain.
There was a buzz in the halls, like a beehive full of bees.
Many were trying to get inside before the storm started full force.
Underground the walls glowed at all times of the day.
The "Glow stone" as it was called shown more then enough light for proper training.
Steadily the traffic slowed down in the atrium.

no matter who bad weather always makes people sleepy.
Perhaps not the air shifters or the hydros.
I don't get why people don't like it.
Perhaps I was focused into the wrong magick...

His eyes drifted along the dissipating crowed, looking for someone that might be interested.
Then he locked on to the man with the black chiken on his sholdier.
Why does he have a black chicken?
Seems like quiet a charecter.

He called out to the man.
"Excuse me but is that your pet?"

Nydia hadn't been sitting in the temple for long, at least as far as she could tell anyway, when she was brought back to her senses suddenly by the temple growing darker. She opened her eyes and looked around to see people shutting windows. This mornings storm was getting much worse by the looks of things. "Well, there goes that plan I guess... Now what?" Nydia sighed as she considered what to do next.

"Well, I suppose this is good weather to get some studying done in at least." She decided as she turned and headed towards her room to do a little reading.

"I guess, thought originally I used him to try and get eggs, until I learned Rooster's don't lay eggs" Ezekial said slowly looking the blond haired kid over. Ezekial yawned and rubbed his eyes observing the room slowly, a few Geomancer's stood nearby huddled together talking. Maybe Earth would have been a better element Ezekial thought to himself. He grabbed his jug and filled and took a long swig enjoying the burning sensation. Ezekial poured a few drops into his hand and gave them to Sir Taco who shook as soon as the liquid entered his beak. Ezekial laughed and patted Sir Taco lightly, Ezekial thrusted the jug forward "Drink?" He asked

"It is a bit weird..." he looked around out the window, looking to see what was going on. It's been going on like this for a while now. I was hoping it'd clear up soon, but at this rate I have no idea when it will end.

He sighed and walked back into his room. [i]I'll wait for it to lighten up a little before we go out...[i] He reached into a small cabinet by the side of his bed, pulling out a couple snacks. "So how are your classes going?"

He thought about it for a second

Drink? How bad can it be?
"I usually stay away from that stuff.... but I will try anything once."

The jug was heavier then it looked, when he tipped it he got a mouthful of the stuff in his mouth.
It burned so much he had to swallow.
He couldn't feel his throat when he said

"God man... I know there is some point to drinking this rot but I don't see it yet."
"If I CAN see straight later." He complained but he knew he brought it on to himself.
Pushes the jug back to him, just starting to notice the smell it gave off.
"You don't look like a Earthshifter, what are you doing in this cave?"
"Enjoying the sights of two men stone each other?" He said still chocking on a little from the drink.

"I was bored and class seemed like a waste of time" Ezekial said smirking at Edward "It's not for everyone" Ezekial said as he took his jug back tying it to his waist once again. Ezekial slide his hands through his hair quickly though to no avail his hair quickly sprung back out of place.

"They told me I was to be a Hydromancer, though they could have told me any of the elements I was equally uninterested in them all. Ezekial shrugged and traced his facial tattoo absent minded while he pet Sir Taco.

"I avoid classes too, they say IF you need them."
"Last time I attended was...
Thoughtfully he closed his eyes and put his hand on his chin.
"Um.. a month ago!" He exclaimed
"That master thought he would catch me off guard with his questions thinking I was some delinquent."
"I didn't get one of them wrong."
"Not sure if he was impressed or pissed that I made a fool out of him."
He snuffled a yawn and stretched.
"You got to wonder who makes that huge decision for you."
"What element you are going to specialize in."
"Being smaller then most I don't see how they thought I should be an Earthshifter."
"There was that one incident but still..."
"AND I am talking to much."
"I might not have mentioned, my name is Edward."
He offered his hand for a shake.

"Yes you are" Replied Ezekial as he thrusted his jug once again at Edward's open hand "Drink, it's not a question" Ezekial said "Now this is getting dull, an average bar fight is more entertaining then this, im going to go to see the Nightshades if you feel like coming"

He was surprised to have the jug back into his handso quickly
Well.... maybe one more, just a sip like I intended...
Takes what would be one of several more "small sips" out of the jug
"The night shades?"
"That does sound like fun, I haven't visited the other temples in a while."
"Lets raise some hell!" He cheered walking out

Ezekial walked slowly back up the cavern stairs his companion's sudden outburst of excitement and acceptance were in generally slightly odd but the company was useful if nothing more than better conversation than one with Sir Taco. "Have you met many Nightshades before?" Ezekial asked having only met several in passing finding them dull, constantly avoiding eye contact and trying to remain hidden.

"Oh me?"
"A Couple times, they are very depressing."
"They are good company for a deep intellectual conversation."
"I think they need some cheering up."
"Maybe a hug or something."
"They can be awfully sneaky but I don't mind, I got nothing to hide." He said cheerfully walking along.
"What do you plan to do once we get there?"

She jumped on his bed, reaching for some candy. "Fine. A lot of people don't come to class anymore... I want to ask Hydromancer Felicia about getting a room in the Waterfall Fortress... at least the students there practice when they're not in class. Everyone in the general dorms are so lazy..." she complained, opening the package and leaning back to toss some in her mouth. "They don't have the skill you do, so they can't afford to skip class." she said with a matter of fact voice.

Angelina Dufonte let out an exasperated sigh as she continued to walk to the Waterfall Fortress, with the wind causing her no end to trouble. She needed to tell her students to walk out to the main hall in this weather? Its not like she had much choice however. The other students would be there, and she wasn't about to embarrass her group by failing to tell them all they needed to head there right away.

Besides... Angelina thought, It is a very important announcement. Maybe the deal Darnell made actually is good for the whole Academy, which would mean her students would get some advantages as well. With this in mind, Angelina made her way into the fortress, telling what students she found on her way there to get to the meeting hall to hear the announcement.


Amelia Teranus was very happy with the weather that had been happening recently. While her students couldn't claim credit for helping bring in such a storm, she was happy to merely have the wind billowing around her. She could just use the winds to amplify her message, but she wanted to make sure Nine would be speaking as well so she wouldn't have to do all the work.

He's a master too, and he can do some damn work and not get to screw around all the time. Amelia thought as she pulled out her glider staff and took off towards the floating air islands.


Niklas Hoch grumbled as he slowly made his way back to the caverns of earth. As he traveled, he ran into two mages. One he had seen before, Edward, who was a bright lad....but lazy. Figured himself something good for knowing the answers, which was impressive....but practice and at times, his mind was a bit lacking. The other he knew as layabout. He had seen him several times just sitting around, getting drunk with the locals and generally lazing about doing nothing.

"Hey, you two. There is to be a meeting at the grand hall. You will be there. And make sure to tell anyone else you run into there is going to be a meeting as well." Niklas said, and he just kept walking right on past the two elementals, knowing he had more to tell about the meeting in the training halls.


Timothy D. Ashton was moving as quickly as he could to make sure he could save his students from getting sopping wet from the storm that was no doubt coming. He saw that they had already closed the windows, which was unfortunate, but they really didn't need puddles of water all over the place in the fortress. As he continued to walk, he happened upon Nydia. While Timothy did enjoy the girls strong will and her wanting to prove to her family that she was worthy of the duty she beared, he often wondered if perhaps it was so much work that she had lost track of how to work effectively with other people on a more personal level. Regardless....

"Greetings, Miss Freecs. I hope your morning goes well. If you don't mind, could you assist me in something? I need to get the students going to the Grand Hall, and I can't seem to find Mrs. Rotunz anywhere." Timothy said, pausing to even catch his breath as the wind was not getting any weaker.

"Fuck and just when things were getting exciting" Ezekial mumbled, he turned and spit "Shit I don't even know where the damn training hall is" Ezekial threw up his hands in protest "If it wasn't going to start raining id just go back the damn tree I fell out of, damnit fine maybe there be something strong to drink" He glared at Edward "You know where to go?"

Drew stifled a laugh. She really thinks I'm that good? "It gets better when you go up the ranks. There are less classes you NEED to take, and you can focus a little more on the classes you WANT to take. You still need to do a lot of work, but you have a little more control over how you work." He helped himself to a piece of her candy. "So you want to head to the Waterfall Fortress? I've never been there. You'll have to show me around if you get a room there."

This has to be important...
"I did."
"We haven't had to go there for a long time."
"The center of the island I think."
*points finger south*
"That way... getting there without getting wet will be a challenge."
"Any ideas?"
"Oh and take this jug, it seems heavy-er."
And I just invented a new word, why did I drink?

Nydia was pleased to see one her favorite teachers. Having spent a lot of time helping out in the infirmary, Nydia had a great deal of respect for such a powerful healer. She gave a bright smile, bowed, and greeted the master. "Ah, and a good morning to you as well, Master Ashton!"

After listening to his request, Nydia nodded her agreement. It wasn't often that they were all gathered in the Grand Hall so it must be for something fairly important. "Of course! I'd be more than happy to help! I'll go around and gather as many as I can find and head there shortly. And if I see Master Rotunz I'll be sure to let her know you were looking for her." Nydia then bowed respectfully and turned to go about the task she had been given.

Nydia made sure to notify every person she saw in the halls, knock on every door she passed, and poke her head into every classroom to let everyone she could find know to go to the Grand Hall. Eventually, one of the classrooms she poked her head into had Master Rotunz in it, teaching a healing class by the looks of things. She bowed upon entering and approached the master. "Ah, good morning Master Rotunz! My apologies for the interruption but Master Ashton was looking for you. He asked me to help gather students in the Great Hall."

As Cale lounged around in the main arena with the other Earthshapers that stayed in when the storm started to get worse he noticed one of the Earthshapers ,Edward, leave with another man. Most likely to cause some mischief because rumors more or less confirm Edward's playful reputation as they tend to fly faster than flames from a pyro. Cale stood up and stretched his dead legs and took after them, curios enough to see what they were going to do. But as soon as Cale turned the corner he came face to face with a gargantuan of a man that was respectfully Niklias Hoch. Cale's heart nearly sank for a second if he didn't recognize him right away, he would have taken him to be a Minotaur with broken horns.

"Master Hoch, greetings. What is the matter that brings you down here today? Or are you just checking up on us?"

Alexander had finished healing cuts and moved to practicing setting traps made of light. He was currently making them non-lethal to make them easier for him to set and so that nobody would accidentally kill themselves. It was always easier to make a trap more powerful, so instead he focused on different methods of trap. All of the traps he set were either activated when he desired them to go off or by using an extremely small laser that would activate the trap when interrupted.

So far he had already devised traps that would impair vision by making a blast of light at eye level that would force the one who set the trap to close their eyes and look away out of instinct. He had also figured out several laser traps that would hit the legs when activated with enough blast to either cause them to stumble or take their leg off if he put enough power into it.

Glad I used a training dummy for that one. Could have ended very badly for me if I tested it on myself or someone else.

Currently he was working on the trap that would cause an enemy to close his eyes, he was trying to figure out just how long he could maintain the actual flash of the trap and if he could actually move the trap while this happened so that when the enemy reopened their eyes they would have to close them again.

Mrs. Rotunz was working with other students who had requested assistance with their magic. He wasn't quite ready to ask for help, but the duration of the spell and his inability to move it was reaching the point where asking for help would be the better idea.

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