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Unfortunately, the guard didn't stay down or blinded. Phebe felt the bolt hit her leg, with quite some power, forcing her down on one knee. She wondered if she should leave it in or pull it out. They were still in battle though and she'd rather have an arrow in her leg, than a wound that wouldn't stop bleeding. The lightdweller handled one of the guards pretty good, as long as the guard didn't decide to use any more tricks. A second guard was rushing towards Raven, but she hoped the girl could handle him too. .

The guard who had shot her, was almost back up on his feet now.

"I'd better return the favour."

Phebe reached for her bow and an arrow. She didn't need to aim carefully. The distance between them wasn't that large. He looked her in the eyes, but didn't attack. If he needed to reload his weapon then that would explain it.

"If you valued your life, this is the moment you wish you'd stayed down."

He made a move in her direction, but she could pull the string of her bow faster than he could make his way over to her. The arrow lodged itself in his skull, but his body didn't slow down and came crashing into her, knocking her over.

Maybe I should have used my magic instead.

She had just burnt someone to death, his screams were still fresh in her memory. Another one would have made the coming nightmares worse.

It makes no difference as long as I live.

She began moving the body away from her. The leg hurt more after the corpse in armour had tackled her.

Before Nydia could say anything, he felt the vibrations in the ground and they weren't the normal footsteps. Earthshapers train in sensing movement by just feeling the ground beneath them and it didn't matter if it was dirt or rock. Although with metal, the surface was very difficult to detect but still possible.

The vibrations weren't normal steps and they were loud to his feeling like sacks of meat falling on the ground. What followed was a few screams back from the dining hall and Cale darted towards the noise without hesitation. Part of his quick dash to the hall was part curiosity and another intuition. He didn't know if Nydia followed him or not but all he cared about was what was happening much farther down.

When he arrived to the scene, he was greeted with the sight of fallen mages and burnt people. The sight horrified him and it was probably the first time he had seen another human being charred or killed. He had seen burn scars from the pyro mages but nothing to the point of death. He looked down at the corpses and then up to a wounded mage who had a arrow lodged in her leg. Cale quickly moved to her and looked to the wound, then asked.

"What in the name of the Gods happened?" He looked around for a light dweller but his eyes fell again on the burnt corpses. It was all a blur to Cale, a smoky, bloody blur. That's when he saw one of the light dwellers. "Light dweller! Please can you heal her? And who are these men?"

The shot from the metal arm caught Raven well off guard in her current state of new found bravado. Unfocused and unbraced, she was sent flying across the dining room floor, skidding to a stop thirty feet away from her victim. That's what I get for actually doing something. Figures.

As she slowly pitied herself for taking a hit like that, she staggered back up to her feet, just in time to see another guard charging right at her with his sword drawn. Oh come on... He was rushing at her, not looking once like stopping. Fuck this.

Raven tried to make a beeline for the open doors, rushing forward, but the effects of the blow were still evident. The pain caused her to fall, just a short distance from where she landed. However, this ended up working out in her favor. The guard had cut the distance rather quickly. Too quickly. As Raven fell to the ground, her opponent couldn't halt his charge, and he tripped over the Nightshade. Raven took a leg to the shoulder, but the guard took much worse, flying over her, skidding towards the nearby wall which he collided with at full speed. His armor shielded some of the damage, but he was still very woozy from the impact.

Looking behind her at the fallen guard, Raven saw her opportunity to eliminate someone from this matchup. Fuck it. Let's see how well this spell has been coming along. As she slowly moved over to the man on the ground, she readied another orb of magic in her right hand, this one was lighter in color than her usual blindness shots, this one looked more a sickly grey than pure black. She ripped the helmet off of the guard with her left hand and jammed the spell right under his chin, grabbing hold like a vice.

The guard immediately knew something was wrong, but there was nothing he could do. The mage had him pinned down against the wall, and he could feel the energy to fight back leaving his body through his face. His legs were already fading away. He tried to knock her off of him, but his arms were following suit, all extremities losing power.

"Your buddy over there forced me to make this move," Raven informed the man as she held his face up to maintain the eye contact. The energy she was draining from the man was restoring her status, the pain from the hits she took diminishing. "I want you to know who caused your demise here." The man's body was going numb. "It was not him. It was not me. It was not even yourself for making such a reckless charge. It was whoever was foolish enough to send you on this attack. Blame them as death becomes you." The guard's eyes rolled back in their sockets as his head was drained of life. Brown hair faded to white and the skin of his face puckered like a prune. There would be no more battles for him.

Not feeling any more essence in the body, Raven let go of the corpse and stood back up, now feeling no effects from the earlier combat. Well that worked remarkably well. I guess studying actually pays off sometimes. Looking over, the Lightdweller was battling the other new guard, but she cared not for his kind. Instead she looked for the other guard who had delivered the blow from the ground. Let's see if he wants to join his friend in the world beyond.

"I don't know who they are but it is obvious they aren't friendly. Keep an eye on this one and I can get to work on healing not just her but any other injured as well." Alexander said as he slowly started to back away keeping his hand pointed at the guard ready to hit him with a laser if he tried anything.

'Of course this would happen on our first night here as well. Hopefully somebody friendly who isn't a mage will show up soon so we can get some help.' He kept carefully backing toward the voice until he reached Phebe. He first got the dead guard off of her before looking over her wound.

"I'm going to need to pull the bolt out so that I can heal you alright? On three. One...two...three." He said calmly before pulling the bolt out of her leg. He knew the act was going to hurt which was what he gave the warning for. As soon as it was out however he could actually work. Light came out of his hand and immediately caused the pain to stop as the wound quickly started closing.

"You should be ok. You were smart to leave the bolt in, but given the current situation this is going to be mostly a patch job. There are other mages I need to tend to who are far worse off." He said as the wound fully closed and the bleeding stopped. The job was relatively simple given that there wasn't bone he had to put back in place or an artery he had to close. In comparison to the guards from the dragon attack, this was rather easy if he had proper time.

With the wound closed and largely healed he got up and quickly but carefully dragged Aden to Jacob then he slowly moved the both of them away. Jacob was in worse shape since Alexander hadn't spent any time fixing him up so he set to work on healing Jacob. Both of them would be far harder to heal since the bolts had hit them center mass. Likely damaging an organ or breaking a rib at least.

"We were attacked." Phebe answered the earthshaper, who must have noticed the commotion and come to check it out. "I'm not sure why. I burnt one of the attackers and we planned on questioning the other, but he broke free and called for help, so I killed him as well."

The lightdweller made his way over to her, after the earthshaper had asked him to help her. She thought about protesting and telling them to take care of the others before her, but if more attackers would be arriving soon, then it was probably for the best if she was healed.

"I'm going to need to pull the bolt out so that I can heal you alright? On three. One...two...three."

The bolt was pulled out of her leg and she cringed, even though she had been prepared for the pain. He quickly started healing her after that and the pain soon subsided.

""You should be ok. You were smart to leave the bolt in, but given the current situation this is going to be mostly a patch job. There are other mages I need to tend to who are far worse off."

"I'll be fine." Phebe reached for her bow to make sure it was still in good condition. It hadn't taken any damage luckily.

She got back up on her feet, a bit unsteady and quite soar from the tackle she had recieved.

Drew was still oblivious to what was going on, but there was more and more noise. "What in the world are they up to...?" he muttered before turning back to Fei. "I suppose certain combinations could cause an explosion. And one could use magic to make food. But better than this?" he said, making a few sparks fly from his fingertips. "I doubt it." he took a quick shot at the target, the tiny sparks going around haphazardly, only a couple hitting the paper. "But maybe you and that other water guy... what was his name, Gabe or something like that... could practice some stuff together."

Cale stared angrily at the fallen bodies of the attackers. Angry and shocked at the fact that these men would attack them in such a place like this. Cale hadn't been in war and only read about it in scrolls or books but now it was hitting home. Then he looked to the mages who had also been struck down by these assassins. His fists clenched tighter and a thirst for vengeance was a new flame in his blue eyes.

If there were more men like this then they would no doubt be attacking the other mages in the halls or in their rooms. Cale would have none of that, especially when the quest for the ruins was looming over the horizon. They would need as many able bodied mages as possible for a daunting trip like that.

"Damn these...assassins. There are probably more nearby, probably trying to slit out our throats while we sleep. We need to find them, and more importantly tell the Prime Minister what happened." Cale said before he walked off in search for anymore assailants and if he saw the guards then he'd have a chat with them as well. He didn't care if they'd attack him because Cale was not a man to go down without a fight. As he walked back he readied his jar of sand in case anymore assassins pop out.

The last of the assassins, who was laying on the ground with a singed hand from Alexanders strike, suddenly heard a familiar click, which brought his arm forward directly at the small group of mages who had gathered around Alexander and his healing. Almost casually, he fired the bolt at the people, and then rolled to collect his blade. Rising to his feet after doing that, he turned his attention to the now single mage in the room: Cale.

Not wasting any time, he charged, his blade ready to strike and quickly closing the distance. Just several steps, and Cale would have to deal with the steel...without any armor.

Seth quickly noted that Gabriel was hesitating, which he really should have seen coming. Deciding to instead get moving and see what had been going on, he walked down the hallway and turned the nearly run into a somewhat surprised Nydia, who had probably been quickly passed by Alexander. As Seth paused for a moment to see if she was alright, there were soldiers coming from the opposite way down the hallway. These guards did not appear to be the same as the usual ones watching the halls, and two of the four carried crossbows in their arms. Upon seeing the two in the halls, one of the men raised a crossbow, and fired, hitting Seth, luckily, in his shoulder.

Seth stumbled forward, his mind quickly running through what had just happened. He had been stabbed and beaten before, but being shot at wasn't exactly a common occurrence. Stumbling into Nydia, who probably kept him from falling to his face, suddenly realized that they were both quite the target now. Grabbing Nydia, he half tossed her and himself back into the hallway with Gabriel, letting out a shout as he landed from the pain that lanced through him as the wound on his back already making itself apparent. The men in the hall had already drawn their blades, and could be heard now approaching the hall, likely to finish what they started.

"GRAH! GODS DAMN IT ALL!" Seth cursed, doing his best to rise, gripping his sword tightly as he did so. While it did hurt to even rise like this, his already overflowing rage more than made up for it. Pushing himself up using his sword, he readied himself, bringing his blade ready to swing around the corner at whomever had decided they could shoot him and get away with it.

Fei was jumped when she heard a crash and shouting outside. "Drew...? What are they doing outside?" She was quite content to stay on the far side of the room, away from the door. "It sounds like... something's happening." She thought maybe one of the mages got in trouble. Even the electricity in her hands seemed to jump around nervously, although she kept her control over it. "It sounds like there's a lot of people..."

As she and Cale were walking down the hall, Nydia slowed her pace and hesitated momentarily when Cale asked about her family. She was well aware that her mannerisms set her apart from many others and made it obvious that she came from some form of wealth or power. It was a subject she had discussed with few others before, but if she were to tell Cale more about her circumstances now, it would be an excellent opportunity to bring up her vow that currently made his feelings for her so difficult to respond to.

While she was thinking of a suitable response though, Cale seemed to have noticed something and headed back to the dining hall they had just came from. Puzzled, Nydia was wondering whether to follow after him or not when Seth rounded the corner in a hurry and nearly bumped into her. Nydia gave him a polite smile and began to greet him.

But any conversation that would have began was quickly ended by a crossbow bolt whizzing past her head and burying itself in Seth's shoulder. The horrifying sight involuntarily caused Nydia to scream before being interrupted by Seth half-falling half-lunging forward and roughly dragging the two of them back around the corner and out of harms way before they could be fired upon again. As Nydia regained her balance Nydia noticed Gabriel was there as well, but Seth's wound was at the fore of her thoughts.

Her first instinct was to remove the bolt and heal the wound as quickly as possible but Seth rose to his feet, blade in hand, before she could act. His intent was to face their aggressors and Nydia quickly realized that he had the right idea. Conjuring light in both hands, she moved closer to Seth and prepared to use it in whatever manner necessary. "I shall assist you as best I can Seth. We can do this." She whispered quietly, partially to reassure him and partially to reassure herself as she waited anxiously for the enemy to round the corner.

Alexander felt the bolt hit him before he immediately threw out a laser directly at the guard's head. He didn't aim to kill the man, merely cause so much pain as to render the assailant unconscious. He shouted out as he set about healing the wound to himself with one hand while treating others with his opposite hand.

"What in the name of - ?" was all Gabriel could manage before Seth disregarded his question and moved down the hall. A somewhat quiet sound was heard soon after Seth turned the corner. It sounded similar to the noise that the crossbow had made. The one he had used on the airship against the dragons. The next thing Gabriel knew, a scream echoed down the hall and Seth and Nydia were hurtling around the corner. The Pyromancer had a crossbow bolt stuck in his shoulder.

"GRAH! GODS DAMN IT ALL!" Seth was not a happy one. But then, why would he be, since he had just been shot? Gabriel desperately tried to think of what to do, as he watched his fellow mages stand and prepare to fight... someone.

Who were these unfamiliar attackers? And why were they here? Should an alarm have been sounded by now? Questions ran through Gabe's mind as he backed up, not wanting to get into a fight in which he most likely had no chance. He needed to concentrate hard to get his water magic working: he couldn't do it in the heat of combat.

The attacker charged at Cale and he had little time to react. He was petrified, and his hands shook as it went for his jar. He opened the lid and the sand began to pour out of the jar, some of it spilling onto the floor. Cale didn't care for it as his window to react was closing fast. With a flick of his wrist, the sand came to life.

Then a lazer zapped at the guard's direction, momentarily stunning the man. He grunted in pain, disoriented from the blast and that gave Cale the few seconds he had to strike the guard with his own attack. All the sand came to form long, slender whip which Cale wrapped around the man's sword arm. Then the sand began to compress around his hand, pressure crushing the guard's wrist. It took some power from Cale and he saw Weavers easily complete this task with even two sand whips. He could only compress certain parts of the whip but this technique is still new, even to most earthshapers.

Cale applied more pressure by adding more sand to the whip and condensing it even more. All the anger began to show and Cale began to grin. He turned his hands manipulating the guard's arm 90 degrees and watched his body follow with a grim satisfaction. The guard used his other hand to try and pry his trapped arm free. Cale panicked and pulled his hands away but the result was a grisly sound of an arm being dislocated. Cale tore his hands away too fast that he brought the arm forward at such a momentum that not only floored the man on his stomach but also pulled the arm out of its socket. Part of him wanted to apologize profusely but the other half of him remembered that he was in charge of his fellow mages being hurt and he deserved no apologizes.

But Cale remained, frozen like a statue with his sand-whip at the ready. Half of him was shocked at what he had done while the other half didn't know what to do. He looked around, nervously at anybody around him, begging for someone else to take the lead with his eyes but there was none.

"S-stay on the ground!" Cale shouted. If the assailant was to get up once more, then Cale would have to wrap the whip around the man's neck.

Phebe saw the bolt coming, but couldn't react fast enough to do anything about it and at least it didn't hit her. It hit the lightdweller who had healed her a moment ago. He shouted and seemed to panic, as he tried to heal both himself and others at the same time, or maybe he actually could do that. She wasn't sure, but doubted it.

"I think you should focus on healing yourself first, then the rest. It might take longer, but at lest you'd be able to focus better." She tried reasoning with him, while keeping an eye on the exit and a hand on her bow. "Do you want me to help with something?"

Phebe knew a bit about healing, from her youth and her time in the academy. It was probably nowhere near what a lightdweller could do though. The mages who had taken the most damage, didn't appear to be moving and something told her that her healing wouldn't make a difference. Hopefully it was just her negative thinking.

She heard the earthbender scream and wondered if she should help him kill the attacker instead, but stayed put, to protect those in the room.

The man on the ground was not as done as he appeared. As Raven headed over to the man, he got up and lunged at the...Earthshaper? Apparently that's what he was, seeing as he conjured a sand whip to deal with him. As the man writhed on the ground in pain, she smirked. Excellent. It always pleases me to see such suffering on someone who truly deserves it. Raven thought about finishing the job for her fellow mage but then remembered that one of these men needed to be kept alive for answering purposes.

She moved to where the guard was laying prone, his arm in obvious pain as it rested at an awkward angle. She heard screaming as she walked over, but this was not the time to be concerned with others. This was about their survival.

Raven readied another black orb in her hand and let the magic flow out to the tips of her index and middle fingers. As she got to the guard, she knelt down and applied the two fingers right above the man's eyes. Immediately, the magic started flowing into the sockets, obscuring all vision the man would have. "Unless you want to see nothing but the inside of the abyss for the rest of your days, you'll start telling us who sent you on this misguided escapade," she sternly warned him.

Drew finally couldn't ignore the noise anymore, and hear Seth shouting, and a little quiter, he heard a different scream "Well that doesn't sound good..." opening the door, looking around outside.

He turned back to Fei. "Fei, stay here. Lock the door behind you and don't answer for ANYONE other than me. Got it?" he didn't even wait for her to respond before stepping outside. He stuck near the walls, heading to the left. It only took him a couple steps until he found Gabriel. "You? What are you doing here, kid? And what's with all the noise? Doesn't sound friendly..." he could see Seth and one of the others from before. "I really need to start learning some names..." he waited for Gabriel to answer, but continued heading towards Seth.

Seth gritted his teeth, obviously not enjoying the new sensation that seemed to consistently be jolting through him now with the bolt firmly located in his shoulder. At the very least it had not hit his sword arm, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt. He heard Nydia whisper to him, probably frightened halfway out of her mind at this point "I shall assist you as best I can Seth. We can do this."

Seth would reply, but his concentration was obviously elsewhere at this point, and let his fury of being struck in the first place grow. His rage bubbled forward, and then finally two guards rounded the corner, blades drawn and ready for a conflict. Seth swung his blade quickly, all the skill he had behind it. The man in armor raised his blade to block, and did block the blade.

He was not prepared for the torrent of flames that rushed with the blade. The flames flew into the mans face, and the clothes he wore caught fire instantly, and he stumbled away screaming, dropping his weapon and trying to put the flames out any way he could. The second guard, wanting to not end up like his comrade, stayed back. Seth had no plans on following though, the crossbow bolt still quite fresh in his mind and knowing there were more guards with crossbows sitting just around the corner.

As the guard lay there, writhing in pain from his arm being snapped in more ways than he ever expected, Raven had approached him, and threatened him. While he was screaming from the pain of his arm still being in the completely wrong position, his convictions still remained. That, and he instantly knew that the source of his darkness was not the call of death, but the source of this fool.

"The....AAHHHH!.....the Abyss...welcomes all, foolish WITCH!" The guard shouted, and again Raven found herself being slammed by the metal arm of the guard, but this time came with it was a small knife. While the impact would still knock Raven off, it would still leave a gash where the knife had connected. His vision returning slightly with the blow, the man pulled something from his belt, drank it down, and gave a quiet curse as his breathing slowed.

While that particular action happened, suddenly the sound of metal slamming into one another could be heard, as it sounded like combat was also outside in the halls, as there were a few shouts being heard, as well as the sound of some bolts slamming into metal, and then a scream of someone who apparently had met their end. Just as suddenly, the door outside the dining hall shook after a sudden scream. The sounds of metal slamming, like a swordfight, could still be heard outside.

"No!" Cale yelled out as the guard struck the night dweller. She was thrown off the guard with the impact and that was all Cale needed. He reached out with his sand whip and wrapped it around the man's neck. Cale walked forward, now clutching the whip as it hardened with his touch but his powers still held it intact. He compressed the sand as hard as he could, and bit his lip in anger but also satisfaction. This man had hurt his fellow mages and in doing so he deserved no mercy. Cale could hear the man gurgling and choking and that was all he wanted to hear. What self-control Cale had left was thrown away when the guard struck the night dweller and now his are shaking, his vision tunneled to the sight of the assassin being strangled while his ear drums beat to the sound of blood pulsating throughout his body. It was an unimaginable high that he never thought he would reach but now it was literally in his grasp.

Slowly but surely the guard ceased to move and no longer fought back. Cale let the sand fall and the body slumped over. Cale swallowed a lump in his throat but it wouldn't leave. He wiped his forehead only to find it damp with a cold sweat. The only thing on his mind now was to take a bath but a movement of robes jolted him out of his thoughts. He went to the night dweller, wondering if she was okay. He knelt down next to her.

"H-hey, are you okay?" Cale nearly tripped over his own words but a presence of someone else eased some tension.

"I'll be ok. I can work on two at once it just will not be as efficient as focusing all. My main concern is getting us all to the point where neither myself nor my patients bleed to death. You can help me though if you can either keep me covered as I work, or if you have medical training help one of my patients in any capacity you can." Alexander replied as calmly as he could manage bleeding from his stomach. As he said this he continued to heal himself and one of his patients.

"Drew!" Fei took two steps out of the door before a loud clang and screams made her jump back inside and slam the door closed. There were a lot of mages outside. Drew would be fine. Drew would be fine. What was happening? Was it some sort of test? Like the tournament before they left the Academy. But that wasn't serious. She locked the deadbolt, stepping backwards while facing the door. They wouldn't get through that. Right? There were a lot of mages outside. For extra measure, she went into her room and locked the connecting door, crawling under the bed and covering her ears as more screams rang out.

It was careless, she knew that now. She shouldn't have gotten so close to the downed attacker. She shouldn't have been relying on the more effective touch attack to get the job done. She shouldn't have let him live. But it only became known, the second the knife cut through her robes and into her flesh. By then it was too late. For the second time, Raven was sent skidding across the floor and into the wall, worse for the wear and leaving a slight red trail on the dining hall tile.

She laid there for a minute just trying to piece together what had happened in those prior moves that/ led to this. The self-scolding in her head was doing enough to keep her down but one thought kept coming back into her mind. I should have killed him. Fuck the evidence. I should have killed that fucker while he was down. She looked over. One of the others was standing over him, choking the life out of the guard with a dust covered whip. Good. Talk to me about the abyss now, you son of a bitch. She collapsed back down, the wound taking more strength out than she initially thought.

The mage who was the instrument of the guard's demise had appeared over her, asking about her.

"H-hey, are you okay?"

Raven coughed as she felt more blood pooling along her side. "Tell me," she said, her voice now at its normal levels at she was in too much pain to continue her usual facade. "Tell me you made that son of a bitch suffer until the last."

Phebe looked at the downed mages again, quite doubtful that anything she tried would heal those. She could provide protection for the lightdweller and was about to explain that she was probably better at that, when Raven came skidding back into the room across the floor.

"I'll try helping her, to ease your workload." She said and hurried over to Raven, who was talking to the earthshaper. The girl was bleeding and Phebe bent down next to her.

"Tell me you made that son of a bitch suffer until the last."

"Life's more of a pain than death." Phebe laughed, as if there was actually something funny about it. She put her bow down and searched for the girl's wound, which she soon discovered. It didn't seem that bad or deep, but she wasn't the best at telling either.

"At least I've done some healing before, but..." Summoning her fire again, she tried using her flames to at least close the wound and stop the bleeding.

"Tell me you made that son of a bitch suffer until the last."

"He's dead if that means anything..." Cale said, still distraught about taking his first life. He collected his sand as the pyromancer helped the girl with her wounds. The sand dutifully returned to the jar, not knowing that it was commanded to kill. Cale felt a nauseating rumble from within his stomach but he ignored it as he looked to the fallen corpse of the night dweller's attacker. If he didn't do anything then he would have done more damage and perhaps even kill more mages.

It was the right thing to do... He thought to himself. Cale gingerly went to the man's fallen corpse but first he took the dead assassin's sword and felt its weight as he brandished it to the man's body. He didn't want anymore tricks from the assassin so Cale backed off but fetched the man's scabbard. If he was to go back and talk to the spirit then he might as well tell him of the first man he's killed.

Then the beating in his eardrums receded and now he could hear metal clashing against metal. It was distant at first but it grew louder. Cale could hear it coming from outside but he didn't want to abandon his fellow mages to follow his curiosity so he looked to them.

"Can you walk?" Cale asked the nightdweller.

Alexander focused on himself just long enough to heal his wound enough to stop him from dying of blood loss. He was still in incredible pain and he knew he would probably scar from this experience but he had larger concerns. In comparison to the two mages he was working on, his wound and its consequences were light. He turned all attention back to healing the two mages next to him. They weren't moving and were unresponsive if he tried to rouse them. For the moment though they still breathed, and that was enough to keep him working. He was only paying attention to his two critical patients as he spoke.

"If anyone else here is injured, please come over here so I can look you over and at least decide how bad it is." He said with light pouring from each hand as they went back to working on the very serious wounds. The bolts had embedded deeply in each of the other mages, and they had landed in the body which meant he was trying to fix a lot of important and wildly different things at once. He knew in this case he was out of his depth, but it wouldn't stop him from trying.

"I wish to hell I knew what was going on..." Gabriel answered Drew. Screams, yelling, fighting... where was the Prime Minister's guard? He had to have some form of personal guard, didn't he? Surely they could get here and help to deal with whoever was attacking them.

Although... now that he thought of it, how had these people known to attack tonight? It was either a bizarre coincidence or someone close to the Prime Minister - or the mages themselves - had orchestrated the attack. Gabe wanted to know who had prepared this. But it wouldn't do so well to go pondering these things right now. There was a fight going on. One that he doubted he would have any impact in.

Still, he had to at least try to help. A blast of water or a sphere to the face of an assailant could give one of his fellows the edge. With that in mind Gabriel tried conjuring a small sphere of water between his hands, careful not to drop it while advancing towards Seth and Nydia.

"Hmph. Fat load of good you were." Drew muttered as Gabriel went ahead. He was right behind him, now near Seth and the Lightdweler, catching a glimpse of the assailant before he was gone. "Ok... one of you two can tell me what's going on here, right? Doesn't take much to realize some fighting is going on. How bad is it? Just some idiots in the kitchen, or does the Prime Minister have some enemies he did't bother telling us about?"

He didn't like being in the dark in this situation, and the sight of the weapons they were carrying made him decide to take a quick precaution. He started using his wind magic to alter the air currents around his body. If something went wrong, he'd not have to spend as much time preparing a stronger gust of wind. "Do any of you three have any idea how many of those guys there are? Considering the noise, that guy probably wasn't alone..."

Nydia had thought she was prepared to fight again, but when the soldiers rounded the corner and Seth lunged to engage them, she simply froze in place. Thankfully the skirmish was short and Seth came out on top with the other soldier retreating from Seth's flames, but once she came to her senses she realized that her inaction could have caused things to go much worse.

Nydia was taking deep breaths to calm herself for any further fighting to come when an unfamiliar voice behind her startled her. She quickly turned to see who it was, letting out a heavy sigh of relief upon seeing it was Gabriel and another mage whom she hadn't met yet, before turning back towards the corridor. The man had asked them a question and while it was quite rude to turn away from someone while speaking with them, a lack of manners would likely be forgiven under these circumstances.

"I.... I'm afraid I don't know much more than you do. Cale and I were heading to our quarters when he heard something and ran back towards.... Towards the dining hall...." Nydia trailed off a bit when she realized that Cale had most likely heard the sounds of fighting and gone to investigate. She knew that he was quite capable, but the thought that he was in danger as well was worried her nonetheless. Once they were finished here, she would have to make haste to the dining hall she decided before continuing. "That's when I ran into Seth and he was wounded. I apologize but I didn't see how many there were. I only know that they are armed with crossbows as well as blades."

Suddenly, the dining hall doors shook for a moment, as if something had been slammed against them. And then the door opened, and in walked a familiar looking guard, and another dark cloaked "assassin". However, the assassin was being held in the air by one hand of the familiar guard, who appeared to be of the Prime Minister's retinue. The man struggled and gasped as his throat was all that was keeping him slightly in the air, slamming his fists into the arm, and just trying to be free.

The Minister Guard was having none of it though. Closing the door behind himself and not even seeming to note the mages in the room, the guard slammed his assassin into the wall. Once, twice, three times each with a somewhat sickening thud each time. The assassin finally ceased in his struggles, and the guard walked over to the table, tore off some cloth, and then used it to tie up the guard who was now unconscious lying on the ground. After tying him up, and seeming to be generally satisfied with his work, the guard stood, and it was now much more obvious to see the pair of bolts which had planted themselves in him. Despite the amount of blood which was upon himself, as well as the pair of bolts, the guard seemed largely undisturbed by all that had happened, and spoke.

"Good evening, Mages. I hope that things proceed well, and that the majority of you have no problem staying here for the time being." The guard said simply, stepping back towards the door and pausing to now secure the large door with whatever was nearby...which happened to be a chair that had been recently thrown by Alexander.

Seth leaned back, somewhat unexpectedly half on Nydia for support as the fellow took off. That went slightly better than he had hoped, as he imagined the fellow didn't expect the guy with a bolt in him to suddenly unleash fire. As Seth noted Gabriel finally moving again, with Drew close behind, he gave a pained sigh. That bolt was NOT going to make the evening pleasant.

" ya too, Drew." Seth muttered, not daring to step into the hallway. "What, you think we just learn things like this Drew? Gods damn it, there were a couple of em, I think. Roasted that fellow real nice, and since he's stopped screaming I think he's done. Otherwise, your guesses are as good as mine. Just if ya see some group wanderin the halls....Figure em very hostile. And armed like Nydia said. Armed to kill."

Seth was obviously angry, and while he probably shouldn't take it out on Drew, he wasn't in any mood to be asked questions on their opponents, his wound wasn't helping things, and not knowing why the hell they were being attacked in the first place. Seth tried to be mindful of Nydia now, whom he realize he now had some additional support depending on her presence. Probably not the best of supports, would have to do for now.

Meanwhile, his shadow watched on. While it did not seem to show him any particular cues, it did seem to be somewhat more panicked with him being shot, and that he was leaning on Nydia to stay reasonably ready at this point. He wished he could tell the damn thing to be more useful or something, but...he had nothing to offer or say that would work, was a rogue thought for now. Seth took the moment to pause, taking a few deep breaths as he did so to try and think of what he could do now.

Phebe finished healing Raven, in a way that at least looked satisfactory to her. She couldn't be sure though, since she wasn't the one hurt.

"How are you feeling, friend?" She asked with a smile, then the doors shook and two new guards walked in. Reaching for her bow, she quickly got back up on her feet, but realized that they weren't here to attack them again. One of them were, but the other beat him against the wall, to a pleasing sound.

"Good evening, Mages. I hope that things proceed well, and that the majority of you have no problem staying here for the time being." The guard said, before securing the door with a chair.

"Good evening. Some of us can't move anyway, but we're not the only mages around. I would like to kill more of these attackers, to prevent anyone else from getting hurt."

She still had more to give and would gladly do so, as few things felt as good as taking out her anger on those who deserved it.

Raven gritted her teeth as the part-time pyro went to work on the gash left by the guard. The flames were searing her flesh, but still it felt better than the initial blow. That pain was much more intense than the other times she caused herself to bleed. As the wound closed, the heat died a little bit, and the trickling on her side dried up completely. At least the blood's stopped.

"Can you walk?"

"Ugh, I think so," Raven gritted out, again in her regular voice. She may not be bleeding any more but there was still too much to focus on doing much else. "That bastard didn't get my legs, so they should still work."

As she moved to stand up, the entrance of a large man and the destruction of another one of the rogue guards caught everyone's attention. It had to, shaking the room with the power of a mild quake. After dropping the attacker like a bad habit, the man set up a barricade by the door.

Her healer was the first to address him.

"Good evening. Some of us can't move anyway, but we're not the only mages around. I would like to kill more of these attackers, to prevent anyone else from getting hurt."

"I can move, and give me a chance to catch one of these bastards. I might be able to gain enough from them to heal myself." She was referring to the energy spell from earlier. The reason she had actually researched it was because it served to restore as well as harm, a useful move in situations such as this. It didn't really drain with her being fine earlier, but now was the time to see how far it had come.

Alexander was pouring energy into Aden and Jacob, trying to keep them breathing, their hearts beating, and still try and fix their wounds. Then he suddenly felt Jacob go. Everything had stopped and Alexander used both hands to try and keep him alive. It was his best effort but it was not enough. He felt the student die on him. The first to have ever done so under his care. He couldnt stop some of the tears from falling for this person he had never even gotten to know.

'He's dead. I couldn't save him. I did everything I could and I failed.'
The rest of the world fell away as he closed the man's eyes. He was absolutely silent as he focused all his energy on keeping Aden alive. He had failed one of his patients but he would be damned if he let two mages die.

His sadness was soon joined by rage at those who had killed the mage and left another on death's door.

'They killed him. I failed him, but they killed him. They will pay for this. I will find out who caused this and they will pay.' Alexander thought to himself. He didn't know quite what he would do to the men who caused this, but he knew they wouldn't like it in any case. He was still dead silent and should anyone try and talk to him they would find him to be unresponsive.

He heard what Seth had to say, and he started formulating a plan Yeah, I'd be pretty cranky too, all things considered.... He decided to take a shot with one idea before enacting his primary plan. "Hey, kid. Water guy. How good are you are manipulating vapors and water in the air?" He knew Fei could get the conditions right with her eyes closed, but that was because they had been training with that since they were kids. He wasn't familiar with basic teachings of water magic, so he wasn't sure just how much the kid knew.

As he waited for a response, the started taking off the robe he normally wore. His undershirt and shorts he wore underneath were enough to keep him covered, and he knew that wearing slightly smaller clothes was a smarter choice for using wind so that his clothes wouldn't billow in the wind. It was a little cooler, epecially with the air current around him, but he remained focused, trying to keep the cloak floating in the breeze. "Ok... Seth. What do you know about those weapons? Range, reload speed, accuracy... something."

Cale picked himself up or rather his shadow helped him up. He couldn't tell if the shadow understood what he was going through or rather if it understood what was going on at all. All it knew was to help its master. Although the sudden entrance of the guard awoke him form his gaze. The Minister Guard looked like he had understood the situation outside where the metal outside could be heard clashing. While his fellow mages sought revenge, Cale simply sought information.

"Sir, what is going on outside? It sounds like... a battle." Cale mumbled, not sure if we really wanted know what was truly happening outside the large doors.

The robotic guard looked over Phebe for a moment before giving a simple shake of his head. It was clear that the guard's stance by the door was going to be somewhat permanent position for the time being. He did turn to look about the room a few times to make sure that everything was secure before then bringing his attention to the mages inquiries once more.

"There is indeed a battle going on outside. One much larger than anticipated, unfortunately. While it will likely still be unable to bring everything down, it is enough to no doubt cause some lasting damage for a time. Especially depending on how many mages die this evening, which is why I was sent here specifically to check on things." The guard replied mechanically, seeming to treat the whole situation as normal.

Meanwhile, Seth paused for a moment, to catch his breath which he hadn't realized had become slightly harder with the wound. He needed to think though, the situation demanded it, and he was the goddamned warrior of the mages, dammit. He at least should be useful even after taking a bit of combat wounds.

"Crossbows. Modified with whatever toys they have around here, goddamned accurate, and since I imagine they are trained troops, probably quick to aim and reload. If this bolt is any indicator, they are not using anything special to shoot, just a fancier thing to shoot it." Seth said, renewing his grip on his blade as he edged closer to the corner of the hallway to see if he could note anyone close by, which he could not. This brought a few quiet curses from Seth, who channeled his fury into a more physical flame enveloping his blade and arm. He was going to roast these bastards.

While Fei sat under the cover of her bed, she suddenly began to hear a very distinct grinding outside of the window which had been left open while the mages had been practicing. After a small while, the grinding began to get louder, and more distinct of the sound of metal scraping upon stone. Just as the sound seemed to get incredibly loud to where it was right outside, it stopped and a mechanical guard leaped into the room, landing with a loud stomp and looking about, almost instantly noting that Fei was in the room.

"Good evening, Mage. I hope that things are proceeding well. Do you know the location of any additional mages?" The guard said, obviously of the Prime Minister's guard as he looked around the room noting no others in the area and the doors locked off, then turning around and closing and locking the window behind himself. After being sure that the window was secured, he directed his attention back to Fei, the only thing seeming to hold his attention for the moment.

"Who are you?" Fei didn't move from under the bed, but was a little curious of the feet that entered her vision. "My brother said I shouldn't answer for anyone but him." She had a small ball of water in her hand, but it was more for comfort at this point. "Are you a bad guy? How'd you get inside?" she knew he got in from the window, but their window wasn't exactly on the ground floor.

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