Just Another Day: A Zombie Survival Choose Your Own Adventure

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Alex, overcome with either guilt or a sudden change of characterisation, returned to the flock to assist with the rescue attempt, and after a resounding success at clearing the hospital she and Jacob left together to mount another rescue operation. This time, the victims were two police officers who caused a distraction for the main group.

Alex and Jacob managed to find a fairly secure outpost, but it was surrounded by zombies and they stood no chance of getting inside. In addition, they noticed a group of Weirdly Disciplined Guys in civilian clothing clearing the streets of zombies in organised formation, but did not make contact. In an attempt to create their own distraction and get zombies away from the outpost, Alex and Jacob set fire to a nearby gas/petrol station. The resulting explosion had every zombie in the city sitting up and taking notice, gave Our Heroes a nasty sunburn, and caused a large amount of regret. While fleeing the scene, Jacob was caught and (presumably) eaten by a group of rather aggressive zombies, and Alex sustained a bite to the leg.

Proceeding on through the city alone, Alex treated her bite to the best of her ability and ended up camping out in a hotel, near the main highway into the city. Unfortunately, this side of the city was the tourist district, filled with stuffed animals, Hawaiian shirts, disposable cameras and thousands of zombies. Now, Alex has taken refuge in a small bar/hotel just off the main strip and secured it fairly well, unsure of her next destination.


Please tell me I didn't miss too much.

repeating what i said earlier, we'd best stay in the building and make this place as comfortable/defendable as possible. also, lighting a signal fire/ lamp connnected to the main power line on the roof that might be a way of escape if the military send in the air force, and it would also attract other survivors.


I'm with him.

Hey, I just got here and read up, and it would probably be best to stay here, and if Jacob had still been alive, the place would be easier to hold. But yeah, as others said before, stay here and collect supplies from a nearby building. Though it might be best to get supplies from a few other buildings while looking for survivors because, if you find the survivors or they find you, you will need the food for them.

Oh wow it's back up. I'm happy again woo. I go along with RaNDM again.

It's been a month guys. I don't think he's coming back.

On a side note, this thread reached 6,666 views. I don't know whether I should be happy or calling a priest.

If this is still going, then we should hold the hotel, heal, and relax for a day or two. If there aren't many zombies, then looting nearby buildings would be a good idea, but don't go far.

Also, he has taken longer breaks from the thread than a month.

well that's not really a surprise considering his 'failed science' thingy from before. or he has gotten trapped in an actual zombie apocalypse and simply can't find time to go on the internet and update the zombie rpg he is running

or maybe he will to get tips on how to survive. or maybe he's dead.

we may never know

EDIT: guys i just had an idea.
i was watching storage wars the other night and one of the things they found in a storage box was something that could really come in handy

A Flaming Potato launcher!

they said it was quite easy to make it at home so if Alex can find the right materials (Pvc pipe, deodorant, homemade ignition chamber and something flammable to fire it) we could incinerate them and have a warm meal at the same time!

A Flaming Potato launcher!

Mother of God, that's a fantastic idea! If only we had thought of that five months ago!

Oh wait...

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