Serial Killer Round 33! Under New, but not at all different, management! All wrapped up

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@Schizzy: I'm just lazy/ill and avoiding writing my death till the bitter end =P

@Schizzy: Nah, just watching silently and waiting for someone else to join us for dinner up here. :P

@Schiz: NaNoWriMo has also been occupying my time... that and other things when I can't think of anything to add to what I already have - which is often - like Jade Empire or dance class.

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow... I'm insanely nervous about it. 50,000 words in 30 days... but I think I can do it.

@CA: Darn it... now I'll be stuck writing a novel, no thanks to you!

Still, sounds like fun.

Well, it's been a week since the last death. Following the current pattern we've set up this round, someone dies today. Right?


@Link: Doubtful. I haven't seen Icarion recently... If I weren't busy with NaNoWriMo, work and dance, I'd pull out General Order 104, subsection A.

@CA: I have no idea what that is, but that sounds good. Let's do it.

*Cowers in corner and await ensuing pandemonium*

You know, for celestial food the JIB is of surprisingly high quality.
I may have to get myself killed sooner next time.

*Returns to feasting*

@Schiz: If I remember correctly, Starfleet General Order 104, Section A is when an officer aboard a starship relieves his superior of command due to said superior being unfit for said command. Such an action must be backed up by irrefutable evidence, however.

Is no one voting again or is Icarion just being lazy?


*pounces on GNPZK*


@Link: *Uses harden* O.o

@GNPZK: Waaaaait... *backs away slowly before turning tail and running off*

Sort of like this?

I can post again!
I got suspended for a "Low-content post", how dumb is that?

@Jak23 Not stupid in the slightest. The rule is in place to encourage expansive writing along with prevent threads from being flooded by single word posts. They punish ever single single word post for the same reason I brutally murder everyone that writes a pun.

Now if you want stupid suspensions I got my first probation for telling someone I was going to cut them with a skate in a serial killer thread. I got a probation for 2 weeks for saying that I wasn't going to pirate a game because I weighed out the consequences and didn't want to take the risk. When I appealed I was told that I was asking for someone to recommend me anti virus software to prevent myself from getting any virus so I could pirate the game. I still want to know what mod issued both of those probations. I'd rip them limb from limb in a metaphorical sense.

@Zero: Exactly like that. But with less 'stache. And more dignity. :P

@element My point is I got SUSPENDED for it, not a warning, SUSPENSION!... How do cut someone with a skate?

@Jak: *looks at your health bar*

Yeah, they start handing out suspensions where you are. The days of warnings have pretty well passed for you.

@Jak: *looks at said post* Yeah that is low content. The reason you got a ban for that was 'cause you were on the Probation level. D:

You need to learn to ramble when you can't think of much to type, like I'm doing now :D It's so very easy, and it takes up lots of space etc.

@sky Oh, I didn't know I was on probation.
@Link Lol, I thought you meant these skates, so you can understand my confusion.

@Jak: Sadly I think the probation level is permanent now D: so any punishment in the future would be a suspension as well.

@Jak: Oh, I'm sure you could cut someone with roller skates.

It just takes persistence. >.>

The executed has been notified via PM. There was an overwhelming majority for said victim

@Icarion: Not to be rude, but why did this take so long? It's been far longer than expected.

@CA: i believe hes in the area that has been hit with a massive snowstorm that knocked out several power lines and therefor internet access. i could be wrong though.

If you guys let me murder a few survivors, we wouldn't be in this mess... just sayin'.

Random thought: 'Just saying' is probably the most annoying expression ever...

@Jak: Skate cuts are brutal when they happen

@Schizzy: i think theres plenty more candidates for that title. just sayin.

@Lost: commentator: "Please take the camera off him" *camera zooms in* XD

@Jak: Yes that was slightly comedic in its own right. I'm just surprised the guy survived that

@Jak: Yeah, you've just go to practice being able to put a bunch of stuff down in a post man.

@CA: If the executed is who I think it is, we might be waiting for a death as well.

@CA:I did have a few power lines dow, I also had a fuckload of work to make up for school. And since its been 24 hours, the executed was SteakHeart, who was not the killer.

And the next victim has been PM'd

@Icarion: Ah, I see...

*checks inbox* Well, frick. Now I actually have to write something for this thread... I'll come up with something, I guess, but since I'm in the midst of working on my NaNo project, it won't be one of my best.

@CA: frick? xD

filler filler filler look at all the filler
watching all those words go by
not as good as eating pie
smoking weed will get you high
hate you all and hope you dieeeee!~

cookie for reference

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