Shadows of the Universe (Sci-fi Action RP)(Started)(Closed)

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It had been a couple days since Jarmen first arrived on the Berlin and he'd spent most of that time in his quarters, using his tools to build yet another watch. At this point in his life he'd built literally hundreds of them, using kits and carefully molded scrap metal. He didn't really see the point anymore, he'd started it several years before to improve dexterity after an explosive charge he'd been tinkering with went off a bit early and injured his hand but by now his fingers were so flexible and his hands so steady he could probably pick a lock with one finger.
Think I'm going a bit stir crazy he mused, should probably get out and explore the ship. That thought, combined with the fact that Drock had spent most of last night dropping hints that he wanted him out of the room for awhile (not the least of which was him muttering "Will you just fucking leave already" multiple times in Kell's presence) motivated Kell to set off down the corridor unknowingly in the direction of the cityscape.

Haven't seen much of the other WINGS as of late. Knobs and Osten came back this way last night. Seems Ricky boy somehow managed to get Knobs smelling like roses, at least in comparison to his usual odor. Maggie seems to be bonding with Saryll. Used to have to lock doors behind me just to keep her from following me from room to room, now she's gone. Probably for the best though, that girl needs someone to stick with other than me and Penlan. Kahil was all wrapped up in doing whatever the hell newly instated starship captains do. At least he was keeping Mitchell and Webb out of trouble. From what I've heard James seems to have made it his life goal to have McMillan either kill himself as an escape or end up being sectioned.

He paused for a moment in a corridor with a window overlooking a hangar separate from the one he'd come in on. As he watched a cargo crane swung across his vision, a fighter grasped between its pair of massive arms. He walked on.

Now that I think of it I haven't seen those other ones at all. He'd only spotted Camilla once as she rounded a corner, Penlan trailing a few feet behind her. Penlan had turned back a grinned nervously at him.

Wonder if Camilla's abusing her as bad as James is doing to McMillan. Penlan's not the sort to complain if she was. I haven't even seen that kid with the huge fuck-off wrench once since I had them all lined up in the hangar. Maybe he's a shut-in or some crap like that. Hall was supposed to be assigned to him but I haven't seen him either. Then again that's not saying much.
He'd once ordered the private to go and grab a replacement uniform after his had gotten torn. It was nine hours before he saw the lad again and even then he was pretty sure it was only because the boy had wandered into the canteen, lost in thought.

He walked through a larger, more heavily armored door into a rather blinding light. Looking up he realized it was meant to be artificial sunlight. His eyes began to adjust and his eyebrows rose as he took in the cityscape for the first time.
Well, wow. This is pretty damn impressive I have to admit. His gaze returned to the ceiling off in the distance. Between the occasionally bank of lights meant to bring a sense of normalcy to the environment he could see the tiny pin prick lights of stars through the glass.
It's a fucking tactical nightmare though. On a pseudo-warship like this a giant glass dome with a city underneath is an enemy gunners wet dream. And even if it didn't take a hit and decompress, inhabitants and all, what would happen if we were ever boarded? 'I know, let's take all the worst fighting involved in shipboard fighting and add on the even worse aspects of fighting in an urban environment!'

He looked back down and saw a young woman, probably 15 or 16, dragging her boyfriend into a clothing shop. A smile crossed his face. He had to admit, there was a pleasant novelty to finally living in a city that was neither burning to the ground nor filled with people trying to kill him. His grin widened as he walked down the street, spying a bar in the distance.
Well, he thought, maybe I can change that after a few hours drinking.

James had put McMillan through another test, he was now tasked with swimming UP the laundry water flow each morning before anything else. So when a smiling James and completely beat McMillan walked into the city, nearby crew were mildly confused. McMillan also knew that to be able to eat lunch today, he'd have to go through an exercise section, more Matrix Room Hell, and then SPRINT to the place he'd be eating. And scarily enough, James might decide to make him crawl there with weights on his back if he fell behind at any point. He'd get James this fight, he knew it! Or else more CQC lessons, but he could totally beat James!

James was smiling. McMillan was slowly breaking, and it was hilarious. Soon, he'd be ready to actually start some training beyond Basic. "Hey McMillan, why do you adhere to Army standards? The WINGS program has lax standards for a good reason, do I need to beat the chain of command into you again?" "Try Sir, I dare you." McMillan was taking a stance one second, and then found himself rolling down a rock slope into a decorative pond the next. It hurt, quite a bit, he mused. James noticed Kell nearby and walked over while waiting for Arthur to climb back up "Hey Sgt, haven't seen you in the halls. If you want somebody to take care of your Maggot for you, I'll whip them into shape for awhile while you explore the city." James seemed remarkably calm and kind for a guy who was systematically breaking somebody in order to better train them... for his amusement.

While Colon was sleeping, Chris had disassembled a few of the guns they had gotten from the quartermaster, and took one or two pieces of some of those guns out of the equation to see if Colon would notice. He would start out simple, but eventually have Colon practically making new parts in the field, or finding spares. Once he was done he walked over to where Colon was sleeping. Instead of sleeping on the bed, he slept on the floor to avoid getting rolled over. Chris lightly kicked Colon saying, "Rise and shine sleeping beauty, it is time for your first lesson."

Colon reluctantly got up, remembering what happened last time when he didn't. " What is the first lesson exactly?" Colon replied while rubbing his eyes.

"Glad you asked. I am going to see how well you put a gun back together, while having little energy. You see these guns lying around in the room?" Chris replied looking to pistols and rifles that were idling sitting on a bed, and tables. "I will time you to see how long it takes you, got it?

"Ya, I got it." Colon groggily replied, still trying to wake up. Chris pulled out a stop watch and yelled, "Go, Go, Go! You have no time to waste!" Colon was startled by the loud screaming and ran over to the closest gun. On the table was a Tsunami assault rifle, and a Maelstrom assault rifle; or at least the parts to them. Colon quickly started putting the guns back together, but soon found out that some of the parts were mixed together, and he had to sort them out. After about an hour of sorting and fitting with all the other guns, Colon was finally finished, "Done!" he yelled, "Er, I mean I'm partly done. Some of the parts were missing, I don't think I lost them."

"Good, I was hoping you would catch my little trick. At least you know most or all of the parts to a variety of guns. Go grab a nutrition bar, or something while I clean up here and set up your next training session. Be back here in 30 minutes." Chris replied.

"Yes sir!

Jason was almost finished with his work when fatigue started to set in, after the battle he had been working most of the day and was physically exhausted. Jason looked back and saw the Mitchell and Webb seemed tired as well and he decided now was the time to turn in. "Captain Kahlil, There is an emergency." Lieutenant Sanders' voice called out over the radio just as Jason was standing up. "Damn." Jason said under his breath as he sat back down in his chair. "What's the Situation Lieutenant Sanders?" Jason asked dimly over the radio. "Sir the crew has found a stow away in the cargo bay. It is discovered he is a member of WINGS and is considered too dangerous for the crew to subdue him. They locked him in the cargo bay but they require your assistance." Sanders replied over the radio.

"Roger that, I'm heading there now." Jason said getting up from his chair. "Come on you two, we have a situation to handle. I don't want you two getting into combat with him, he'd probably destroy you." Jason exclaimed to Mitchell and Webb as he started to walk down to the Cargo Bay. The closer Jason got to the Cargo Bay the more noise he heard from the crew, they were screaming at each other trying to figure out what to do with the stow away. "I didn't know we had such a sissy crew, right dave?" Webb stated out of nowhere. "Yeah Webb, You'd think they wouldn't be afraid of one guy." Mitchell answered before Jason gave them both an evil look telling them to be quiet.

"Hey, I'm Captain Kahlil. What is going on?" Jason asked as he walked up to the crew members that were standing outside the door to the cargo bay. "Sir! We had discovered a stow away and when we went to confront him we discovered he was a member of WINGS. Knowing we couldn't handle him we just locked him in there and waited for one of you guys to take care of him." One of the crew members responded. "Fine then, Webb Mitchell your coming with me. I want you two to stand guard at the door and make sure he doesn't escape." Jason ordered as he opened the door and walked into the cargo bay.

Jason took a look around the Cargo bay and noticed a man sitting on some of the boxes. Jason started to walk towards the strange man until the man glanced over at him. "I am the Captain of this ship! My name is Jason Kahlil! What are you doing on this ship stowaway?" Jason asked to the strange man unfazed by the danger he knew this man posed.

Jobe regarded the new comers. The man who'd spoken was the leader then. He wasn't afraid of him like the other crew members, and the logo on his armour told Jobe the man was from the WINGS program. He'd evidently come straight here, and judgeing by the lack of weaponry he was confident in being able to subdue opponents un-armed. Interesting. He'd have to find out if the captain's confidence was well placed eventually, but for now, he'd have to play nice. He doubted the authorities back on the planet would be pleased to see him again after the little...misunderstanding.
Jobe dropped from the crates and strode to within two meters of the man. He paused, then slowly extended a hand. When Kahlil's failed to rise, he let it drop.
"Nice to meet you Kahil. You can call me stowaway if you want, but the name's Jobe Gaulgrim. You're the head of WINGS right? I probably owe you an apology for turning up like this, I was on my way to the briefing when an old friend of mine turned up. I thought that, as I was probably never going to see him again it would be nice if we parted on equal terms. Our "farewells" were a bit...messier than neccassary, but it was his call. Anyhow, some military police came calling and I had to make myself scarce. So here I am" he paused, grinned and added with a low, sweeping bow "at your service, sir."

"I am not the head of WINGS, but I am the Head of the WINGS squad that is in control of this mission. I see your a member of WINGS as well, I don't know what your doing on this ship and I don't care. If you want to live your going to have to be apart of this squad." Jason replied giving the Jobe an evil look. "I will get a room prepared for you, and make sure not to get into a big conversation with the crew outside the door. They see you as a monster of sorts." Jason added. "Oh yes, if you betray me at any point in time your death will be very slow and painful." Jason added while he was walking away turning back to give Jobe a scary glare. "For now follow me." Jason said as started to walk out of the Cargo Bay.

Jason then went to the brdige and sat in his chair. "Lieutenant Sanders, Can you get a room set up for our little stow away?" Jason asked into his chair's radio. "Right away Captain Kahlil. It seems there aren't any rooms left but I can give him your room and then move you to General Kim's room. Is that fine sir?" Sanders responded over the radio. "That's fine, just make it so Sergeant Gaulgrim's name is on the door to his room and my name is on the door to my new room." Jason replied. "Right away sir." Sanders responded.

"Well Sergeant Gaulgrim your room is down the corridor that say's WINGS. Your name will be on the door to your new room. We land on the planet tomorrow so get some shut eye I will give a briefing tomorrow." Jason said as he opened up a little folder and wrote down Jobe's name on his list of squad members.

Oh damn, it's that creepy sarcastic bastard again. And he's been beating on McMillan. It might be fun to see him get his ass handed to him by Maggie, though. Especially if he's expecting some wimp like McMillan.
"Yeah, sure. Why not. I remember you saying you wanted to back in the hangar right? If you see her tell her I said it's alright and she should try her best."
James nodded his head approvingly and Kell left.
Now to get to that bar...

Hunter walked through the halls of the ship. She'd seen Kell walking down the corridor and was eager to meet him. They could spar and perhaps he could tell her what he'd learned about the others. She jogged past a window looking over a hangar. As she went past she saw several mechanics attached to the side of a large shuttle doing maintenance checks.
Like fleas on a dog
She was especially eager to get out of the room since the last few days with saryll had been...awkward. She'd tried to act friendly but whenever she spoke it came out sounding forced and awkward. She stepped out into the cityscape, ignoring the wonder around her. She continued jogging down the main street, passing by what appeared to be a small park. She couldn't see Kell but she did see James rapidly throwing McMillan to the ground for what must have been the thirtieth time that day. James saw her and called out.

"What, no guided tour? Your dulcet tones would be most tranquil sir!" he chuckled, saluted smartly, then began walking away. Jobe stopped suddenly "While I think of it, I had a bag of personal items, clothes, souvenirs, knuckledusters, the usual. I assume you've put them in my room too? I'll stop off at the armoury to grab some firepower on the way shall I?"

James waved over to Hunter "Hey! Feel like a friendly spar Miss?" James jogged over

Hunter looked at the sarcastic Sgt running towards her "No."

James frowned "Really? Sgt. Kell said you'd probably agree, and to try your best on me."

Hunter slightly raised her eyebrow "...Alright, Cargo bay? Five minutes?"

James nodded, and waved as he slowed and let her pass him while he diverted to his quarters to change

Twenty minutes later Hunter and James were pacing around each other, moving in a slow circle. They were both standing in the stance taught to all WINGS recruits. James was smirking at her.
He probably thinks all the recruits are as weak as McMillan. Well, I can use that to my's risky though. I might only have one chance. He's bigger than me, stronger, more experienced and he has better reach. I know I'm faster though... and Mr. Kell's teachings definitely will help.
She let her stance slip a bit, becoming almost identical to the nervous, poorly prepared one McMillan habitually took. Jame's eyes glinted as he saw weakness and took the bait. He lunged forward, one hand moving to strike her and the other preparing to follow up with a throw.
She waited until the last minute to swing rapidly out of the way, ending up behind him.
Get ahold of your opponent she thought, remembering Mr. Kell's most basic principles.
With one rapid movement she grabbed his right arm and yanked it behind him.
Get your opponent to the ground where he's most vulnerable. Don't be afraid to kick the bastard when he's down
James was starting to turn towards her. She rammed an elbow into the square of his back and then slammed her foot into the back of his knee, bringing him down to one knee. She finished by shoving his face forward into the steel of the cargo bay floor.
Make sure to cripple him so he won't get back up and just keep fighting At this point she'd forgotten all about this being a sparring match, eager to prove herself better than her opponent.
She pulled his arm further behind his back and knelt quickly, jabbing her knee into his back. With a wrenching, twisting motion she jerked Jame's arm upwards and to the side, dislocating his shoulder with a nauseating pop. James grunted heavily and shoved her off, getting up and trying to retake his stance, ignoring his arms lack of reaction.
Grinning slightly and with face flushed she got back up. She remembered herself and her face returned to it's usual blank expression. James began pacing towards her slowly, hurt but this time far more cautious and eager to continue the fight.
She realized that if she kept fighting there were really only two options. James getting the upper hand due to his new view of her or Hunter accidentally hurting him further. Neither was an appealing prospect, either her getting beaten to a pulp or getting disciplined for hurting a superior officer.
"Sir...I thinkyou should stop. Your arm's hurt and you shouldsee Sergeant Lier."

"No Sergeant Gaulgrim there is no guided tour." Jason responded seriously. "As for your belongings they should have been taken to your room. You may also stop by the armory if you like but we are going to go to the armory before we go planet side if you want to wait." Jason answered the rest of the questions. "I'll be in my room if you have any questions." Jason stated as he got up and started to walk to his new room.

When Jason got to his new room he noticed that it had his name on the door and the room was much larger than what was given to him before. "Okay you two, you guys are going to sleep on the floor." Jason said to Mitchell and Webb as he went to his bed. "But sir, how are we supposed to sleep on the floor?" Webb asked as the two looked at the floor. "I don't know figure it out." Jason responded as he climbed into his bed. The two recruits looked at each other and then laied on the floor and tried to fall asleep.

James seemed to run at her before suddenly sweeping with his legs, and using his working arm to flat-palm strike her centerline to knock her over, then he back us panting and leaning against a crate, holding his shoulder and panting slightly "You're far better than I thought, I'd have been in bad trouble if you had actually been an enemy." James held out a hand to help her up "You deserved the win." James had a friendly smile on his face, even though it was pretty obvious his shoulder hurts

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Hunter hit the ground bodily, letting out a soft gasp of pain as she did so.
Dammit. I saw it coming and let it happen for the most part but I wasn't really expecting it to hurt this much
He offered a hand to help her up and she took it. For a split second she considered two other options, the first being to use his grip to swing him to the ground and continue the fight, the other being to grab his limp arm as she rose, simply to spite him with the pain it would cause. She decided against both, letting him drag her to her feet. The fight was over, he'd seen the light of her talents and that was all that mattered.

"I'd like to ask something of you. A favor, really.. I'd like you to train McMillan in CQC. I tend to throw him around, and it just angers him, maybe with you he'll be less reckless and probably better at learning if you're the one teaching, maybe, just maybe, his aggression won't cloud his mind as much." James seemed honest by the request as he motioned for her to lead out of the bay

Jobe reached his room quickly, really not caring to meet his fellow team mates. After hours inside a pitch-black cargo crate, he just wanted to go to bed. As he entered his room he began unpacking and reviewing the day's events. He'd beaten a superior into a pile of jelly, been chased off the planet by military police, hidden in a box on a moving space-ship and seriously annoyed his new captain. Day one of many. It made Jobe grin just thinking about it.
Jobe pulled the bladed knuckle dusters out of his bag and rolled them around his hands. He believed that when you killed enough people with a weapon, it developed a sentience of its own. And jobe had used these things on lots of people. Laying the vicious instruments on the bedside table, he collapsed into bed fully clothed and produced a copy of Ovid's "Metamorphoses" from his bag. He stretched, relaxed and began to read the night away.

Rick had heard the ruckus, the aftermath, and so on. He wondered what the new recruit that the Captain had mentioned earlier was like. Apparently, he was already in his room. Curious, Rick went to the man's room and knocked on the door. He chose an odd ship to stow away on, thought Rick.

Damien sighed and sat down as he finished the final surgery for the night. So many accidents, from falling into a turbine, to getting an arm stuck in a conveyor belt, happened that it was simply ridiculous. "God help us all if this ship ever is attacked." Damien shook his head. He had stayed up ever since he had left his room for the medical ward, staying awake only through the careful manipulation of adrenaline through his system and the mauling of his circadian rhythm. He looked up and noticed a bottle of water offered to him. Damien took it gratefully, only after seeming who offered it to him. "Oh, Carver! Thank you. Why did you come here?" Carver stuttered out his answer as best he could. "W-well, t-the other F-FEATHERS all g-got a WINGS soldier t-to help t-train them, a-and I-I-I thought I s-should go w-with you. I-Is that okay?" Damien stared curiously at Carver. His stutter seemed worse than normal. "Say, Carver... Would you mind turning around for a minute? I just want to see something." Carver agreed, and then immediately spun back around as he saw the bloody mess that Damien had to deal with for the past few hours. "You're afraid of blood, and you want to become a medic's protégé?" Carver nodded rapidly, preferring not to speak lest his stutter convince Damien to reject him. Damien shook his head. "Fine. Follow me. By the way, why do you want to become a medic?" Damien called over his shoulder as the pair began to walk. "I-I'm a bit o-of a coward, a-and I d-don't like blood, b-but I-I-I can't b-bear t-to think that I-I could have d-done something i-if my squad mate e-ends up lying on the ground d-dying, with me unable to do a damn thing about it!" Damien grinned as Carver dripped the stutter in his moment of emotion. "Aha, something to work with." He thought.

The two arrived in a barren training room. Damien suddenly spun around and faced Carver. "What is the purpose of CQC?" Carver quickly gave an answer. "O-obvious, right? I-it's t-to kill the e-enemy when a gun w-won't cut it." Damien shook his head. "Wrong." He kneed Carver in the gut, spun around and delivered a backhand to the head, then finished off by lashing out with a boot, causing Carver to stumble backwards. Damien then drew a pistol he had on his person at all times and leveled it at Carver's head. Carver whimpered as he stared at the barrel of the gun, and the gun stared back. "What you just described was worst case scenario. The primary purpose of close quarters combat is to get the opponent to back the fuck off into a more preferable range. Now, try it on me." Damien and Carver fought hand to hand for a bit, each attempting to throw the other away. Winner was declared by drawing and aiming a gun at the other. Although he tried for nearly three hours against the sleep-deprived supersoldier, Carver didn't win once. Damien finally called an end to the suffering. "Enough." He quickly checked Carver's condition, popping in his dislocated shoulder and his blown out knee. "Let's go for a walk." As Damien said this, he took a secondary pistol of his and lobbed it to Carver. Carver fumbled with it for a minute before catching the weapon. "W-what's t-this for?" He asked wearily. Damien beckoned and the two began to walk once more. 

"It's for training. I want you to disassemble and reassemble that gun while on the move. Continue doing it until you're sick of it, then do it while sprinting. If that doesn't give you steady hands, nothing will. Next is the assault rifle, then the shotgun, then the sniper rifle, and will go from there. Start!" Damien began to walk through the city as Carver fumbled with the weapon, trying to not lose any springs or slides as the bounce in his step caused the gun to jump before his eyes. As the duo were walking, Damien saw James sparring with another FEATHER, the one called 'Hunter.' Damien sauntered up to the group, immediately noticing from the odd bulge of muscle near the shoulder that James' shoulder had been dislocated. Damien called out to his fellow WINGS soldier. "Hey there, James. Would you care to go another round, or do you want me to pop in your shoulder first?" He chuckled, looking at Hunter with an appraising eye. "Hmm... Good muscle to fat ratio, solid lower body- important for all areas of combat... Automatic stance, which means that she's been trained. One more test..." Damien flicked his hand forward, as if he was about to throw a knife at her. He saw her eyes dart toward his sleeve, his hand, his shoulder, but her body did not react as she immediately perceived that there was no threat.  Damien grinned. "Ooohh, she has been trained well. Good reflexes, too." Damien looked at James. "Well, you must have gotten cocky if you let her do that to you, but I can see how. I'd have to face her myself to be sure, but she seems pretty good."

Jobe's eyes snapped up at the knock on the door. He paused. Normally if someone disturbed his reading he'd put the knuckle dusters on and go "converse" with them. Fortunately, he'd just finished a page, so would have to pause anyway. Besides, he could use a few friends on this god-forsaken ship. Maybe this guy would make the cut. Jobe placed the bokk down slowly and slipped the 'dusters on a table near the door. Just in case.
Jobe opened the door and smiled, first impressions mattered. They were all most people who met Jobe normally got "Hello there" he said, straight into the man's chest. Jobe had to adjust his view twic before he found the man's eyes. He was huge! And judging by the muscle definitions, probably well versed in close combat, or at least the finer points of taking a pounding. A valuable ally. Jobe opened the door fully and extended a hand, trying to appear normal. Or at least less sinister "The name's Jobe"

"Hey, Jobe. I'm Rick." Rick shook the man's hand. "I hear you stowed away on this ship because of... unfortunate conditions. I won't ask." Rick released, and grinned. "Weren't expecting someone of my stature to show up at your door, now, were you? Anyhow, if we're going to be in the same squad, we may as well get to know each other's roles. I'm the meat shield. If you get yourself in serious trouble, my job is to get you out of it. If you expect me to be deft with guns, you'll be disappointed, the only thing I'm good with is rockets. I'm decent in melee combat, but again, I'm not very skilled at it. What I AM skilled at is taking more abuse than you could ever heal from without even blinking." Rick leaned against the doorframe. "Now, what are you going to be doing? I need to know when to step in."

Camilla strode through the ship, with Jinxie's rapid gait barely matching her vast stride. They talked of pleasantries, of gossip among the Feathers and of which Wings' to be wary of, of tricks to avoid suffering in the line of duty or, more likely, the line of training. Camilla was starting to warm to her Feather; who seemed to neither inept nor physchotic, and so imediately proved better company than most of the Wings.

Jinxie too was pleased. Her mentor was disconcerting at first sight, but once one got over the sheer excess of woman, she was a friendly, well balanced person, albeit one with the effects of serious training. But however military she might be, she wasn't like some of the others; she had heard horror stories of abuse from the previous night, and she was thankful that she'd had a quiet, conversation filled evening that had ended with a restful sleep in a bed, without any violence or nasty tricks. A little quiet ad not much of a military initiation, she had thought, but apparently, she had had the best night of any of them

Ahead of them, Camilla spotted Rick's reassuring bulk leaning against a door frame, and talking to someone she didn't know. Beside her, Jinxie grimaced as she spotted Knobs, but they were far enough away for Camilla to mutter, "Just grin and bear it. It's not like he's a bad kid or anything. Anyhow, I'll make him keep his distance."

Advancing, she clapped Knobs on the back, sending him staggering, and greeted Rick with a punch on the shoulder. In deference to the new guy, she tried not to loom, and instead smiled and extended a hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Camilla, and I bet you can't guess what I'm good at"

Jobe was impressed by this guy, and he seemed nice enough. Plus, if his job was to soke up fire, it'd be nice not to have to rely on his armour to keep him safe. Definitely on the "do not piss-off" list.
"I'm the close combat guy. I'm decent enough at range, but my weapon choices are assualt specific. Basically, once I get within say, five meters of the enemy, they start wishing they were elsewhere. I reckon you and I will be working pretty closely mate! And you'll probably know I'm in trouble when you notice a lack of bad-guys trying to run away." Before he could continue, another huge person strode up, shadowed by a smaller woman. Was this ship solely run by giants?? Still, Jobe had no reason to be unpleasant yet. Besides, two portable blast sheilds were better than one.
"Nice to meet you Camilla. Lets see, are you...squad medic? It certainly helps to have one's injuries nursed by beauties like yourself. The name's Jobe by the way, I'm the squad's punch-up guy." It'd been so long since he'd actually been able to talk to anyone without a "y" chromasome, Jobe couldn't resist flirting. He hoped he wouldn't get smashed through a wall as a result!

"Oh, you flirter. Anyhow, it was good to be introduced, and I look forward to working with you, Jobe. Have a good day."

Rick started to walk away, escorting Knobs who was still staring balefully at Camilla. "How's work on that Flammenwerfer coming?" He wrinkled his nose as Knobs' scent was beginning to return. Must be something in that vest of his.

"I'll... show you..." Knobs looked a bit dazed as he returned with Rick to their cabin to show him the Flammenwerfer mods.

Camilla smiled "Close enough," she replied, "But that's Damien's job. Trust me, don't ask for a demo. My training is fixing things, not people, and I'm a natural at breaking stuff" she shrugged, spreading huge hands.

"On the subject of breaking stuff, you want to watch out; I'm no good at gentle, and while the flirting is well intended, you'd be better off picking on someone your own size."

So saying, she gently but forcefully propelled Jinxie forwards. The Feather, who had been quietly lurking behind her companion, blushed as gave Jobe a shy, awkward smile.

Jobe returned the smile and chuckled "Sweet dreams." He closed the door. His right hand was gripping one of the knuckle dusters. "You're getting too jumpy Jobe" he berrated himself "but I guess thats normal for a pscho like you." Not for the first time he wondered why he talked to himself. He knew he was a psychopath, but that didn't necassarily make him crazy. But he did talk to himself. Did the insane know they were insane? "I guess I'd better start worrying when the green elephants start talking to me" he muttered.
Jobe looked around briefly for a drink, but he was pretty sure the jug in the corner only contained water. He'd have to have a word with the kitchen staff, see if the could sort it out. He did have a way of making people agree with him afterall.
Jobe climbed into bed, switched on his night-light and decided to try and get some sleep.
He wouldn't realise until morning that he'd had one of his knuckle dusters in his hand.

Kell and Hunter walked slowly around each other. They'd been at it for some time now. Hunter jerked forward moving her arms to grapple before suddenly twisting around and spinning a kick towards Kell's head. A feint. Kell ducked under it easily and caught her leg, throwing it up and forward resulting in Hunter landing on the dirt on her back. Hunter did a quick semi-circle in the air with her legs, generating enough momentum to get her back off the ground without using her hands. As she steadied herself Kell made a quick jab towards her midsection. She dodged, grabbing his arm as she did and bringing her open palm around towards his temple. Kell blocked the attempt and dragged her arm behind her back, finishing with a soft kick to her lower back that sent her stumbling forwards.

Kell ran after her, winding up a punch that would send her to the ground again but Hunter dodged under it and rammed her elbow into Kell's midsection. She knew it wouldn't do much. Kell's enhancements let him shrug off all but the most powerful of blows. She wound up for another but Kell jumped back to avoid it. She turned and charged at him, delivering a flurry of blows to his head, torso and arms.

After around a dozen blows she whipped her arm back in preparation for one strong enough to actually faze him. As she delivered it, however, Kell caught her fist mid-punch, dragging it down and towards him, and her with it. With a sharp *crack* he head butted her, sending her reeling back, he followed up with a second one. Blood gushed from Hunter's nose, matching somewhat appropriately with her red hair and standing out among her pale features. Kell took advantage of her brief stunned state and delivered a hard blow to her center that lifted her off her feet. As she fell she rolled with the impact, ending up crouched and facing Kell.
A small crowd had gathered to watch the short, tanned Arab and the pretty, svelte redhead fight. None of them interfered as both the combatants were wearing WINGS uniforms. It may also have been because earlier a young man had thrown himself in front of Kell, thinking the whole thing was some sort of domestic dispute. Hunter had taken the interruption poorly and the two had waited for several minutes while members of the crowd retrieved a stretcher and carried the heavily bruised would-be Good Samaritan off to a medical facility.

"What's wrong Mag-" Kell stopped himself, mindful of the crowd, "What's wrong private? You should be doing much better! I'm kicking your ass and I've been drinking!" And drinking he had been. After Hunter had returned to the cityscape from the cargo bay where she and James had sparred she'd found Kell singing songs in the bar with a bulky crewman with a scar on his face ("This guy's great! Only been here 45 minutes and I feel like I've known him my whole life! Tell her that joke.") and a tall, rather busty barmaid ("She loves to give hugs which is nice cuz my head only reaches her chest."). Hunter had dragged Kell away, scowling at the waitress who called out "Come back any time sergeant, we'd love to have you."
As they'd passed the park James and McMillan had been practicing in earlier Kell asked her if she wanted to spar, saying it had been awhile. Hunter begrudgingly agreed, remembering that it was the reason she'd been looking for him earlier.
"I had a fightwith Sergeant... Reynolds, sir."
"What? You catch him peeping on you in the shower? That man probably would use his optic camo like that."
"...No sir, he asked for a match withme. He said that you had... said it was alright."
Kell paused. "...Oh yeah, I did tell him that. Didja win?"
"Yes, sir. But-"
"That's my girl!" Kell interrupted, before frowning when he realized how it sounded.
"...But Ithink I was lucky. He's very... good. I think I won because I surprisedhim."
"You should feel great! You beat up an honest to god WINGS member."
"He wants me to train... McMillan in hand to hand."
"Thought he was doing that? And having a great time, too."
"He saysit's not working. Should...I do it?"
"Did he order you to?"
"Not assuch, sir."
"Then you haven't got to. McMillan's his responsibility. Hell, reason it's probably not working is cuz he spends more time treating that recruit like a chew toy than training him. If that boy can't take care of his puppy we'll just have to take it away from him and...and send it to a farm" Kell grinned, thinking he'd made a clever joke.
"You're... right sir, as always."
They continued sparring for another half hour as the crowd around them slowly dispersed. They stopped finally when a particularly good throw by Hunter resulted in Kell vomiting in a fish pond.

Chris decided it was a good time to stop weapon repairing training and start on electronic hacking. After watching Colon properly clean, fix, cut, and improvise pieces of metal from everything to be used in a gun, Chris finally told him it was OK to stop. "You know what, how about you and me take a walk. We haven't really done anything casual since I woke you up that one morning." Chris told Colon

"That sounds good, I could really use a change in scenery." Colon replied.

As Chris and Colon were walking down the hall, Chris suddenly remembered that he wanted to ask Rick something. "Hold on Colon, we are going to take a slight detour for a quick second. He walked up to Rick's door and asked, " Hey Rick, mind if I ask you a question concerning our two FEATHERS?"

Rick answered the door. Chris could see a bizarre contraption inside that had various pieces laying around inside, with Knobs kneeling next to it.

"Hmmmm? Something about Knobs and... Colon?" Rick asked.

Looked at the strange machine Knobs was tinkering with. "Uhh, yea. I wanted to ask if you would like to have them train together, I mean they were roommates in academy and they basically know the most about each other than anyone else. I figured it would make sense, besides it would give me and you time to learn more about each other." Chris replied taking his eyes off the contraption. He looked back at the thing, "Hey, how about Colon and Knobs work on, think."

It was pretty rare to seem Rick with his armour off, and he wasn't much shorter without it than with.

He shrugged. "Sure. I don't see the harm. Knobs is modding that Flammenwerfer up to more... modern standards. Apparently, this thing is from way back in the twentieth century. Best flamethrower they had at the time. It's pretty solid, and Knobs thinks that he can make it more... explosive. Colon would probably be of help.

"Anyways, it's getting late. My training happens in the early morning... really early. If we're going to combine training, you and Colon had better grab some shuteye."

Rick nodded and closed the door.

Jason awoke about six hours after he went to sleep, getting up he saw Mitchell and Webb still sleeping on the floor. "Wake up you two! we have a lot to do today." Jason said waking up the two sleeping soldiers as the jumped to attention. "I hope you like standing at attention because your about to do a lot of it." Jason exclaimed as he looked at the two sleepy soldiers. "Captain Kahlil we are within range of Dayelsha." Sanders stated over the intercom system in Jason's room. "Good, tell the rest of the squad to meet me in the briefing room for a final overview of the mission." Jason responded as he started to walk out of the room.

As Jason was walking to the briefing room he took time to go to the captains chair and look at the monitor. What he saw was a big tan planet with little blue dots and some green spots scattered around it. "So that's Dayelsha." Jason thought to himself before moving on to the briefing room. Once Jason made it to the briefing room he went to the front of the room and started to look over the pictures of the planet that they had taken. Jason noted that the E.U.S. Tokyo had sent a squad of their own lead by Sergeant Clearwater of WINGS.

Once all the squad was in the room he turned on the projector and an image of Dayelsha showed up on the screen behind him. "WINGS this is Dayelsha, this is the first planet we will be clearing out. You're in luck, the planet is completely uninhabited but the settlers refuse to land on the planet until we go and make sure that it's clear." Jason started out as the squad was studying the picture of the planet on the screen.

"As you can see this is mostly a desert planet with some scattered pools of water. Dayelsha's deserts do not have a high amount of oxygen because of the lack of plant life seeing as not even an earth cactus could survive in dayelsha's deserts. We will be focusing our attention on the spots with water and plant life as those will be the areas that the settlers will go to." Jason continued and during his speech he was using a laser pointer to point out the areas he was talking about.

"One more thing, the E.U.S. Tokyo has seen it fit to send one of their squads who will meet up with us at the drop off point. The squad is lead by a member of WINGS known as Sergeant Amos Clearwater." Jason added as he looked around the room at his squad. "If there are any questions ask them now." Jason added at the end just wanting to get this mission over with.

"Sir, will our FEATHERs be following us?" James was leaning against the darkest corner in the room, with McMillan, and while James was nearly invisible, McMillan actually took two looks to notice. He had improved vastly in how quiet he was, no longer stomping around the ship, and being more comfortable in dark places.

"While I had not planned on them being here I will allow them to come. But have it be noted that you will hold all responsibility for your FEATHERs, If your FEATHER does something wrong I will punish both of you. They are also to follow my orders as well so do not give them orders that counteract mine." Jason responded.

Rick raised his hand. "Is there any more information on our 'God's Failed Chupacabra' or whatever it is?"

"The holes have mysteriously vanished. Were assuming that the holes never existed and it was just a mistake on the observers part. I don't think there will be any giant worms so you don't have to worry about them." Jason responded.

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