Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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Outta curiosity, what did the spies ask for questions? Not that it matters, it'd just amuse me.

@Malyc: Maybe we should hold off on that sort of thing until we know for a fact if we nabbed our killer? XP

I see, the second entwined pair is dead... well damn.

@Trilby: Anthrax again?!

Awww, I wanted mercuryyyyy...


*tosses Mortis a bottle of quicksilver*

@Randm: That... was a rather interesting death. I approve of this.

Also, I think that both the entwined were excecuted... As a killer, this disappoints me, because we didn't get a double kill, but at the same time, it means that we had less work to do ourselves. Keep up the good work, Mr. Killer!

Don't hate cause I'm rooting for my only friend in this round, hate cause I got killed too early!

@RaN: & @Fragrance: Now that is how you write an entwined death. I think that is the first time it felt planned out by both parties.

Worth the wait guys. Worth the wait. :)

@RaN and Dew: That... might have been the best Entwined death I've ever seen. And I've seen... okay, only one or two. But still...

@RaNDM: & @Fragrance: That was pretty damn awesome. Well worth the wait ^^.

The second pair of Entwined were indeed the latest to fall to the executioners!

We now await the killer and medics before the round can continue.

Yay I missed the cool stuff. Well that's what I get for playing games and not checking the thread XD

@staika What game?

@Berenzen: Just downloaded the HD version of Resident Evil 4 and I just got this new kickass Headphone/mic. I've never played RE4 before so when I saw it for $20 I thought I might as well try it out and I am happy with my choice. If only I wasn't killed so often >.>

@staika: I love RE4. Probably one of my favorite shooters on the Gamecube. >.>

How far in it are you?

@Link: I just saved Ashley for the first time and I'm at the part where you team up with the one former spanish cop as you have to defend the cabin as all the zombies rush into the cabin to kill you. I have been killed 6 times in it already because of those fucking Centipede head monster things who kill in one shot.

@staika: One tip.

Shoot the kneecaps and smash the head with melee. It really mitigates the Las Plagas.

I only have a copy of RE5 at the moment...I wish it was as good as RE4. I'm really in the mood for it at the moment for some reason. XP

@Link: Hmm I'll have to try that but the biggest problem I have is that with this part the enemies get behind you too much and I get distracted with the guys coming in and then the centipede head comes out of nowhere and kills me. I'll beat it eventually but it's frustrating XD

@staika: Yeah, that's a pretty tough part for sure. Are you trying to fight on the second floor?

@Link: I was able to make it to the second floor and that's where it's starting to get me. I get too distracted with pushing the ladders down I forget to look behind me at the wave of 30 guys who all ran up the stairs at once and overwhelm me. I need to stop getting distracted by the ladders >.>

@staika: Stairs needs to be your priority. It's an excellent choke point and will help you control a good majority of the threats coming your way. A blast or two with the shotgun will clear a lot of them out and will stun the ones further down the stairs. This should give you the time to turn around and take care of anyone who might have made it into the windows.

Basically, it's all about controlling the zombies around the room. Keeping the stairs clean will give you the most control.

And now I want to play Left 4 Dead. Fancy that. XP

@Link: Hmm that sounds like it could work rather well. i'll have to try that the next time I play. And I just hope that I don't have to go up another flight of stairs but I doubt I will.

@staika: Have you ever considered recording your playthrough? I'd love to see your attempts :). But not in a mean way :(.

@Nouw: well I am planning on making a let's play at some time but if you were to see my first playthrough you'd be amazed at how much i swear, I make sailors seem like they have the mouths of an angel XD

@staika: I think I'd rather watch an experienced playthrough anyways. Blind runs tend to be chaotic and wasteful. If you want an example, go look up slowbeef's LPs of the Metroid Prime series. Just goes to show that even the founder of Let's Plays as we know them can fail miserably and hilariously without the proper preparations.

That said, I am excited for the day when you do an LP. It should be fun. ^_^

@Link: well depending on the game I tend to die a lot and swear a lot so if I did a blind run it would be completely chaotic though I do come up with some good jokes on the fly. I am also excited for when I finally do make one, and all I need is a pvr to record my gameplay. It's a good thing I already have some knowledge of how to edit videos :P

@staika: And with knowledge of editing avatars, you're a double threat :P. I'd love to see your LP, I'm sure it'll be very amusing.

@staika: Hehe, editing experience would be quite helpful. =D

Quick question. Are you planning on running it as a one man show or are you going to riff with a couple other people?

@Nouw: yes with my experience of editing photos I could probably edit things into it with no problem. I might just do that too :P

@Link: well I was planning on having other people join in so I just don't talk to myself the entire time. I might just have some of you guest if you so wish. But if I do that I don't know if I should script those parts or let it flow naturally.

@staika: Whatever fits your artistic vision :P. I'd say it should flow naturally. But that's just me. I'd rather it feel real.

@staika: I wouldn't script it. A lot of the fun of the LPs I've seen is the banter between friends. Scripting that would kill that repartee. XD's I Wanna Be The Guy, right? XP

@Nouw: well I'll be scripting my parts since I like to know exactly what to say and i wont get caught up with thinking of what to say.

@Link: well then I hope whoever guests with me can handle the fire XD
I don't talk fast but I move around a lot of topics at once and I like it when people play along with what I'm saying cause I sometimes start to talk as other people. My brother plays along with me and there is much craziness to be had XD

@staika: Hehe, sounds like a good time. And really, the LPs I've watched seemed liked they did the exact same sort of thing. The topics are always all over the place. That's half the fun of watching them actually (the other half being the ability to experience games that I have never had the time to get to).

Hopefully you're able to get this idea off the ground. Sounds like it would be a whole lot of fun to watch.

Related: I watched the craziest LP a couple weeks ago. It was one of a guy playing Super Mario 64 and getting all 120 stars exclusively with his feet. >.>

@staika: Hmm that is true.


@Link Ah yes, Vicas and company- that was a great LP. If you want some more yelling and good fun, watch the Mario Party LP by pokecapn. I also recommend checking out chorocojo's pokemon LPs (Emerald->Crystal->(Quartz by Zorak)->Platinum) as well as Lt. Danger's NWN2 lp. That'll keep you busy for a few weekends.

As for a good game to LP- Serious Sam, Terraria, Magicka are all great games that could be done in multiplayer that could end up with some great fun. And that's just from a quick glance at my steam library.

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