The Truth Within the Truth: A Fullmetal Alchemist RP

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James back peddled from Torul and managed to avoid the majority of the force from the blow. James rolled to the side and fired his off five shots at the monk.

"Kallu, Ken stop him! Marlion douses him1 Tasha, Roland electrocute him when he is soaked!" James yelled.

Ken listened to the monks preaching, but at the same time he was thinking about where the people in the monastery went, we would have seen a large crowd of ishvalens leaving the area, they would practically have to have walked right passed us. Before ken realized it a fight broke out and someone told him to stop the ishvalen monk wow with that kind of thinking it is no surprise that he was picked for this team he thought sarcastically.time to see if the monk can call my bluff ken thought, 'IF YOU WANT TO LET THE HELP PEOPLE YOU WILL SURRENDER NOW!' ken shouted 'The other ishvalens have to either be hidden in the monastery or have left out of some hidden tunnel, if you surrender now we will tell our commanding officers that we killed those ishvalens and they will have a chance to escape, if you continue resisting we will track them down and kill them. SO unless you value your life over theirs You will comply to our orders!'

Elias was about to facepalm at Ken's threat, but stopped himself, as he'd just gotten the remaining dust out of his eyes.

"He could've ran with them," he began, "but instead he's here, fighting to buy them time to escape. You just gave him a reason to fight harder. Now," he turned to face the empty temple, "as entertaining as this is, anyone mind me going in to look for intel?"

Master Torul did not speak any more words, but he acknowledged Tasha's challenge. He made a charge for her, but stopped as the Stone Alchemist came down and transmuted a wall in front of him. The small man dashed forward and went for the old monk's knees, but the Ishvalan was faster. He hopped, landing on the Stone's back as he went underneath him, and smacked him in the back with a single punch. What nerve he struck Kallu didn't know, but the old man definitely knew where to aim. The alchemist froze, falling as a block of frozen muscle into the sand as Torul leaped to his next foe. The sensation was already fading, but the shock of it was undeniable.

His next target was the Lieutenant Colonel. James fired salvo of pistol shots, and without his staff to block the bullets the old monk relied on speed and agility alone. He spun to his right, then hopped and twirled to the left, dashing back and forth as the bullets zinged across the sand. The final shot nearly made its mark, digging into the monk's robes and shooting out the other side. Alas, no flesh had been hit. Torul threw a hand behind James' head and pulled down, smashing his face into the monk's knee. He then threw the Alchemist's whole body forward, tripping him over the monk's leg and onto his back.

Before he could continue the devastation, Ken's voice caught his attention.

'The other ishvalens have to either be hidden in the monastery or have left out of some hidden tunnel, if you surrender now we will tell our commanding officers that we killed those ishvalens and they will have a chance to escape, if you continue resisting we will track them down and kill them. SO unless you value your life over theirs You will comply to our orders!'

Only James, dazed as he was, was close enough to make out the subdued twitch in the monk's visage. He was not one to be angry, from what they'd seen earlier. But threatening his children brought him as close to rage as he was likely going to get. Torul turned around to face Ken. Instead of charging, he reached inside of his robes, coming up with a handful of steel pellets. With a flick of his wrists the little barrage pelted the State Alchemist. They did not explode, nor did they release gas; but the pain of being hit by a hundred metal balls from the arm of a man who had trained for this sort of thing his entire life was an excruciating experience all in itself.

Torul then turned to Elias, who had made the grave mistake of mentioning his intentions to look inside the monastery. He charged, but as he approached the soldier a bullet grazed the front of his robes. He hesitated long enough for Victor to dive in front of Elias, clutching a bayonet in one hand and his combat knife in the other. "G-g-go!" the nervous wreck of a soldier shouted, before charging at the monk.

Victor swung the knife in his left hand towards Torul, who grabbed the soldier's wrist and twisted it behind his back. Victor responded by swinging back the bayonet at him, forcing him to release his grip and take a swipe at his legs instead. Victor fell to the ground and stabbed at Torul's ankle. The Ishvalan was too fast to be hit by such an obvious strike, and jumped back. Victor rolled onto his side, madly tossing the knife at the monk in a fit of adrenaline.

Torul hadn't expected that, and made the wrong counter. He threw his hand up and parried the knife in mid-air, cutting his hand in the process. A fresh flow of blood seeped out of his hand and into the sand below as he charged again. This time he kneed Victor in the gut right as he was getting up, flooring the young man and causing him to cough up some blood of his own. "Somebody *cough, cough* somebody hit him!" Victor shouted.

The Stone lay on the ground, swiftly considering his next move, when he had a sudden inspiration. He grabbed the smoke grenade from out of his pouch and ran to the temple, transmuted the roof into a small chimney, weakening the outer walls, allowing them to crack under the new strain, and threw the smoke grenade inside the doors.

Stone turned back towards the fight again, and turned just as Victor was thrown to the ground.

"Somebody *cough, cough* somebody hit him!"

Stone grabbed the ground once more and called upon the stone, the sand, and every rock within the area they were fighting in, and lifted the ground in the area up, creating a cave of stone,sand, and bedrock less than five feet high at it's apex, creating a place where his compact form had an advantage and the monk's mobility and wild fighting was severely weakened. He believed the dome was strong enough to withstand the coming bombardment, though he felt the strain of exhaustion begin to take it's toll on him. At the least, he and his platoon would be protected from the brunt of the coming explosions.

The Stone this time did not charge the monk, knowing full well that any frontal assault would end in his defeat again. He instead again slammed his hands down on the Ishvalan sand, and transmuted the stone to create spikes that retreated as the monk dodged them around the perimeter of the created cave as he screamed,"Get him! He can't take much more of this!", leading him between each group of his fellow Alchemists, trying to allow as little room for the man to move around as possible and giving each of them as many opportunities to attack him as he could.

"Get him! He can't take much more of this!"

Elias didn't have any particularly special hand-to-hand combat training, but the all-too-familiar sight of a soldier taking a hit meant for him, drew him into the engagement. He threw down his machine gun, tearing the sling in the process, and rushed at the monk in a crouched run due to the cave's size.

He aimed a right shoulder ram at Torul's left side, knowing the monk would dodge, and kept his arms guarding his torso. With any luck, Torul would attempt some kind of counterattack, but would end up hurting himself when he hit the ordnance steel instead of the expected muscle and bone.

Tasha was slightly disappointed when Stone blocked off the monk, but she knew this was no time for a personal request from the monk. She dashed for ward avoiding any contact with her comrades as she concentrated the sparks from her jacket into the runes covering her hands. She just needed to touch the monk, laying a single finger would allow her to discharge enough energy to cause temporary paralysis to the part of the body that was touched.

Needless to say she was aiming for more than just a finger on the old man. She dashed towards the old man, trying to grab an arm or a leg as the monk avoided her comrades attacks.

Marlin listened intently to Torul's lesson and was very interested in the circles he drew in the sand. How would the leader of a people who see alchemy as taboo know of those? How did they differ from his own? Could they be used to further his own research? As he pondered those questions though, he lost the chance to ask them forever. The battle began in the blink of an eye with Marlin right in the middle of it.

Torul was indeed far more skilled than the last monk he faced and was already working through his comrades with ease. Marlin would fare no better, so he opted to wait for an opportune moment to strike. The last monk had been done in by his lack of familiarity with what Marlin could do with water. Perhaps Torul would have the same weakness. At some point, he heard James call out to him and tell him to douse Torul. It made sense since they had two electricity based alchemists so Marlin made that his objective.

While Torul was busy with the others who were attacking him, Marlin touched a circle that could control the water in the jar and sent several tendrils of it shooting towards the old monk. It was equally important that he did not get Tasha or Roland wet, so he had the tendrils get as close to Torul as possible before releasing his control on them. This caused them to lose form and splash unpredictably at Torul at close range.

"Get him! He can't take much more of this!"

Torul attempted to leap back from the advancing spikes, but slammed his head into the roof of the little dome he found himself in. He immediately changed tactics, drawing into a more reserved stance. As the array popped up at his feet, his arms struck down with a surgeon's precision. The spikes were severed as soon as they came into the air, and the severed nubs of the spikes fell to the ground. Torul next charged straight forward, not letting his lack of breath slow him down before he grabbed the Stone Alchemist by the throat and charged with him to the edge of the cave. The pair exited the cave, and found Elias waiting for them.

The monk was barely out of the cave before the shoulder of the large soldier made an impact with him. The force of the blow seemed to do little, the Ishvalan rolled with the blow and threw a quick strike at the Amestrian's arms. His attempt at a serious injury only caused him to hurt his already bleeding hand on the metal of Elias's arms. His eyes opened a bit wider once he understood the reason behind the arm's resistance. Since the striking game offered him no advantage, Torul switched to grappling. He got a vice-like grip on one of the Elias's automail arms and twisted it hard. The flesh stub at the end was not strong enough to endure that strain, and bent to Torul's will, bringing the Amestrian over the master monk's back and into the waiting sand. As Elias attempted to spit out the grains filling up his mouth, Torul wrenched his left arm behind his back and twisted it around. Bolts and screws groaned in defiance, before finally popping out entirely.

His automail fell to his side, limp. Torul whispered down in his ear, "Now for the other. Don't resist; once they're both broken, you're no longer a threat. I'm saving your life--"

Torul couldn't finish his sentence before Tasha snuck behind him and grabbed a hold on his right arm. A terrible sizzling noise elicited a yelp of agony from the monk before a left backfist stuck Sparking straight in the face. She was pushed back with a freshly shattered nose as Torul jumped to his feet. On the brighter side, her plan had worked; his arm was hanging limp, and very clearly paralyzed for the moment. Pressing her luck, the attack continued. Torul weaved back and forth, almost looking like a drunk with the way he both awkwardly and gracefully twisted around her strikes and grasps. She struck out again, missing his side by only an inch.

Torul was certainly not playing fair anymore. He threw his skull forward in a swift headbutt, cracking her nose even further and splattering blood across her face. As she fumbled with the newfound pain, Torul backed up and leaped forward with a running jump kick to knock her out of commission entirely. As he flew, however, he was met by an array of tendrils made from water. They lost their constitution as they brushed against him, water dousing his left leg. He knew what was coming, but there was nothing he could do to stop it now.

Tasha seized the opportunity and made contact with the leg as he passed by her. The shock nearly caused the leg to jump out of its socket with the erratic motions it made. Torul hit the ground left leg first; this caused him predictable suffering, as it instantly went limp on contact and caused him to roll straight forward several times before coming to a stop. He was laying on his side now and panted heavily. In his prime, he might have been able to beat them all himself; but he was old now, and he had run out of energy. From here on out his actions were only delaying the inevitable. With Torul's right arm and left leg completely paralyzed, all the old monk could do was awkwardly shuffle onto his right knee and hold himself there. He watched the Amestrians to see what they would do.

After crashing through the 5 foot thick stone cave, the Stone was dazed for a few moments, everything seemed slower for a moment before speeding back up, he saw Tasha and Deep Blue's combo attack bring the monk to his knees and looked to the temple, red smoke rising on the warm desert air.The bombardment will come soon, gotta get everyone back inside, gotta stop him

Stone rose to his knees, hands braced against the ground again, and let out a surge to entrap the monk, the same as he had done to Teoule. He stumbled to his feet as he felt the power drain out of him, and shambled back towards the cave.

"Everyone...back inside...artillery....coming...gotta get inside," He pulled Leo and the Lanscaper towards him,"Gotta...shore...up the walls...keep...everyone...inside...I'm spent..." Kallu gasped out before drifting off, the toll of the battle with the master monk and his final transmutation exacting their payment. The Law of Equivalent Exchange called not only for materials being sacrificed, but energy as well. And Kallu's dome had cost him his consciousness for the time being.

Tasha blinked past the pain and the blood. She swayed where she stood, struggling to hold on to consciousness for a few more minutes until the monk was truly defeated. She managed a week smile Damn this hurts, but I gotta hold it together. Almost there Tasha, hold it steady girl. She reassured herself. "Okay old ban, I can offer a quick painleths death. Your gone anyway." She offered to the hold man before spitting out the blood that had run into her mouth.

As James' head hit the ground, everything went fuzzy. He couldn't think straight and had trouble focusing. Reaching his hand up to his face, he felt something wet. Pulling his hand close to his eyes, he inspected his hand and saw red. Blood! James thought as he turned over to his hands and knees. He tried taking deep breaths but was having trouble breathing through his nose.

It must be broken James struggled to stand. He watched Torul force Kallu out of the cave, Elias fight and fall to Torul and Marlion's and Tasha's combo attack that brought the old monk to the his knees. James started to make his way to the exit of the cave that Kallu had made when he heard Stone call for everyone to get back in the cave.

Leo heard the stone alchemist's plea and tried to cover his comrades with a roof over their heads. He made a series of moves and jumps, each pushing up a piece of rock from the ground diagonally and making a makeshift barrier between the whole in the temple and the others. the situation looked grim and Leo doubted he was really of any help. The guilt of standing back while his comrades risked their lives almost overcame him as he continued to strike the earth with his feet and breaking apart the desert ground soil.

Elias stumbled to his feet as the blinding pain of losing his arm again almost caused him to miss the warning about the artillery strike. As the closest organic part, his chest and upper back had strengthened immensely to compensate for the automail, but the nerve connections couldn't be made immune to pain. He grunted loudly while he picked up the severed arm, grabbing its hand with his right. He got into cover, then noticed a warm sensation around his left shoulder that turned out to be blood from where the automail's edges had torn skin when Torul removed the arm.

Elias sat down, laid the arm down on his lap, and looked over at the monk, who was still in the open.

"Goodbye, teacher," he muttered, then dug out a field dressing and began applying it with his functioning arm.

Victor limped past all of the blood and bullets mixing into the sand as he entered the mouth of the cave. Wisps of red smoke were clouding his vision; there wasn't much time. The other stragglers of the group quickly followed him in, eager to avoid any sort of fiery death on their first mission. Once he was safely within the cave, he fell on his back and relaxed his muscles. This was a grave mistake; all it did was let in more pain that he had been blocking out. He tensed up again and looked outside. He gasped, and realized that Tasha was still out there, and facing down the monk, no less.

"Get inside!" he yelled, his diaphragm protesting in a series of convulsions that it had to move in its current state.

Back at the forward camp, Colonel Basque Grand stood patiently, waiting for any signal that the Special Operations team had found their way up to the temple. His wounds had finally been bandaged up, though he still held a hand over the freshest one out of instinct. His XO walked up to him and pointed up to the temple on the hill.

"Sir, are you seeing what I am?"

Sure enough, there was a sight to see there. Red smoke was drifting up over the rock walls around the hidden location. That was the signal for support. Basque Grand punched his fists together in anticipation, but his second in command looked at him aghast.

"Sir, you'll re-open your wounds if you do that!"

"Or maybe I won't." Grand replied cryptically. He pointed back towards the center of the camp. "Go see to the new prisoners, make sure they're secure. And don't come back here until I say you can."

The XO stared him down for a moment, but finally gave a dejected salute and scurried away, leaving him alone. The Colonel reached inside of his pocket, finally isolated enough to make use of it. He came out with a tiny red gem, no bigger than his pinky finger.

"Let's see if you're as good as those scientists say you are."

A crackling, red energy emanated from the stone as he accessed its power. Below him, sand combined and mixed with the tiny particles of metal hidden within, quickly reconfiguration into the largest cannon he had made yet. It was a jumble of dozens of barrels all welded onto a single, massive howitzer. This was definitely going to destroy whatever it hit. He gave a little countdown in his head, and fired the behemoth gun. Twenty shells rocketed into the dry Ishvalan air.

Torul was laying on the ground, nearly broken, and looking up at Tasha as she prepared to kill him.

"Okay old ban, I can offer a quick painleths death. Your gone anyway."

His head bowed. That was when he heard the guns go off. The realization struck him like a ton of bricks.

Before Tasha could process what was happening, Torul had jumped back to his feet. He was heavily favoring one, but the fact he could manage it at all was a testament to his skill. He charged her in what otherwise would be an almost comical hopping, but with his speed and power she couldn't mistake the threat. Spark tried to get another grip on him, but her efforts were in vain. Torul managed to twirl his body around all of her strikes until he was nearly bashing skulls with her. Then he used his one good arm to grab her uniform by the collar and raise her up into the air.

By rights, the monk should have fallen over there from the sheer weight and imbalance of carrying another person at his age. Instead, he continued his hop forward, even as the others drew their weapons and took aim at his fragile form.

Torul reached the entrance of the cave and stopped in his tracks. With a single toss, Tasha was hurled into the haven with her companions. The others stared on in confusion as he backed away from the cave, and finally fell onto his back.

Leo was the last one in, and threw up a wall to fully seal off the Amestrian's haven from the coming bombardment. Torul rested on the ground outside, staring up at the sun about to go down past the edges of the cliffs all around him.

"Perhaps it's a little arrogant, God, but if you would, let my message reach these children. They have more to live for than living the rest of their lives as do--"

He never finished. The artillery strike hit the monastery with everything it had, and flames washed out the entire alcove.

Over a mile away, the Ishvalan refugees exited the tunnel. Their leader perked up his ears as he heard a sound that no one else could. They tried asking him what had happened, but for his sake or their own he would not tell them. All they knew was that his head was bowed in prayer for the rest of the journey to their new home.

Elias was still frozen, holding the heavy machine gun with his working arm, aimed at the now-sealed hole in their cave. The old monk had just saved one of the people who was trying to kill him minutes earlier, but as he lowered the weapon, he realized that given his previous actions, he shouldn't have been surprised.

"Everyone alright?" he asked, going back to his wounded shoulder. Self-bandaging that area was normally very awkward, but the disconnected arm made the task marginally easier.

"Well aside from by nose being shaddered I'm just peachy." Tasha said gingerly wiping away some of the blood around her eye's. She was grateful for the monk's last action of saving her. She wished they could have spared the man, but this war wouldn't allow for disobeying orders. She glanced over at Elias. "I can fix dat once by nose is fixed."

"Thanks," Elias began, tying off the end of the field dressing. "It's just high-carbon steel, nothing fancy." Grunting as he stood up, he picked up his machine gun, only to be reminded that he'd torn the sling. He pinned it between his good arm and waist as he followed its ammo belt to the end.

"If you want, I can give you two rounds to put in your nose, kinda straighten it out. It's not pretty, but it'll do the trick until a medic can look at it." Looking at the rest of the group, he spotted the blood on James' face. "You, too, sir. It's funny what privates think of, but it worked for Morris."

Roland sat in the dome, he had been standing back during the fight with Torul, awestruck by the monk's movements. The fight had been over before he had had time to even respond.

"I know a little bit of medical training, and I'm sure Vlad could stop the bleeding."
His gaze wandered over the blonde haired alchemist and he stood up and brushed himself off.

"I can set that nose for you, as long as we act before it swells too much." he said as he gave a smile of reassurance to Tash, before realising his jaw was still fractured.

"It'll hurt like hell though... you'll have to trust me"
He gave her a wink and offered a hand.

"It'll hurt like hell though... you'll have to trust me" Tasha couldn't help but chuckle. She held up both her hands. "You do realize I went through the auto-mail surgery right? Getting cartilage re-set won't hurt as much as getting metal and wires set along bone, sinew, and nerves. But hey if you can get it set so a medic can fix it later I won't complain." She said taking Rolands hand.

"You do realize I went through the auto-mail surgery right?"

Roland couldn't help but realise he had completely forgot about Tash's hands. He had come to see her for herself, not for her prostheses.

She must be beguiling me...

He pulled her closer and stared at her eyes, before taking notice of her nose. His fingers moved up and down the bridge of her nose, before Roland identified the break.

"One...Two...Three! "


He felt the cartilage crunch as he snapped it back into place, he moved it slightly side after to ensure it was straight.

"There, all done" he said with a slight bewilderment that it actually worked.

"AGGGH! Shit that hurt!" Tasha said gently feeling along her nose. She flinched once she felt the break. "Yup, that'll do it till I can reach a doctor. And definitely not as bad as the auto-mail. Considering I had to go through with it for both hands, this was a pat on the head." She said with a small smile. "Thanks Roland, I definitely owe you one once we're outta here."

In the darkness of the cave, Victor fumbled a bit through his overcoat and produced a match. With a bit of fumbling he managed to light one, giving a bit more light so the others could properly see in the darkness. He didn't really feel like moving yet; he wasn't a walking tank like these Alchemists seemed to be, and he'd taken his fair share of blows in the day. Still, he counted himself lucky; he was alive.

He turned to Elias, who appeared to bandaging his shoulder.

"Is this really what we're going to be dealing with daily?" He asked his fellow soldier. "How are we even going to, uh, keep up with the others like this?"

Leo looked back at his group of comrades. Most of them were beaten badly and bleeding heavily, yet he hadn't even suffered a bruise. "", he tried to speak up and address the others but he had little to say. "How do we get out of here?", he asked any that could hear him.

Kallu began coming to inside the cave, his cave. The darkness soon dissipated in his eyes, eyes used to the darkness.He was relived to count everyone still alive and more or less whole. Above his head was the ceiling he saw and echoing in his ears.

"How do we get out of here?

Slowly leaning up, his body still weak, his muscles still aching from the exhaustion, he managed to set his back against the cave wall and sat. He answered... Leo's voice he believed it was.

"The same way we got in Leo, we move the stone, create an entrance, though we need to be doubly careful if the bombardment's come through yet. I don't know how much damage this place can take. It may collapse soon or it may not,"He said quietly, though the echo was quite clear to him,"Stone has a way of enduring through endless,vicious cycles, but even the strongest eventually bend knee to time. We may not have much time, here, the first thing you need is air and light."

Kallu called on his inner strength again, though he knew it was waning fast again, feeling the stone wall he leaned against, he felt no fractures, no cracks in the stone, though he couldn't tell for sure whether or not it was damaged. He created a two foot by two foot hole near his hand, the sudden light blinding him a moment. Peering out, from his angle, he saw nothing but devastation, blackened holes in the ground, and a frayed piece of what he assumed was Torul's robe flitting back and forth in the wind stuck to a rock.

May you find peace Torul, your views may be skewed, but you were honourable to the end.

Kallu,his strength again depleted, fell into a semi-conscious state,the energy to move and respond unreachable to him for the time being.

Ken was surprised by how quickly the fight came to stop and impressed by the monk deciding to save someone else live, even they stood a thread to their live, thought it was a stupid move to pull, every alchemist is a thread to his people and he should have taken the chance to take at least one out with him.

"How do we get out of here?"

Ken heard one of his team said, by another one talking about making an exit in the wall, but he person just made a small hole to look through if it was save, though ken took a more direct approach, he placed his hands on the ground and he condense the stone blocking the entrance into the walls of the cave. This lit up the cave and revealed the devastation of the landscape to everyone in the cave, They would never have use enough mortars to cause this devastation to just kill one monk ken thought, before he started leaving the cave 'the quicker we get back to base the quicker the injured can get proper medical care.' he said to the rest of the team 'those anyone need help walking?'

James sat on the ground as the artillery strike hit outside the cave. His head was still shaky and everything was spinning.
"How do we get out of here?" James turned towards where he heard Leo talking.

"If anyone could guide me to where the stone is the weakest I should be able to make a hole. I have bullets that have Caesium and water in them. In case any of you don't know what it is, Caesium is a very reactive metal and when mixed with water it creates an explosion. Think about the size of a hand grenade. I should be able to blow a hole and we should be able to make our way out."

"If anyone could guide me to where the stone is the weakest I should be able to make a hole. I have bullets that have Caesium and water in them. In case any of you don't know what it is, Caesium is a very reactive metal and when mixed with water it creates an explosion. Think about the size of a hand grenade. I should be able to blow a hole and we should be able to make our way out."

Goddammit, the fool's going to bring down the whole cave on our heads, I gotta find some way to move. Stop him before the place takes anymore punishment.

But try as he might, his muscles wouldn't respond in the manner he commanded them to, and so he settled for simply leaning heavily on the cave wall, able to stand on his feet, though his legs felt like jelly.

"James," He croaked, his vocal cords just as exhausted as the rest of his body, "Don't do that, we already have an exit and shooting in the dark with explosives isn't the smartest move just yet. Didn't you just hear what I said about the structural integrity? What Ken just did was a risky move, but he knows the workings of the Stone. So just put that damn gun down."

"Is this really what we're going to be dealing with daily?" He asked his fellow soldier. "How are we even going to, uh, keep up with the others like this?"

"Well, I think the Fuhrer, or whoever chose this team, thought all my automail would help," Elias replied, tying the final knot on his field dressing, "but I think our best bet is to use our weapons to at least throw guys like the monk off-balance, if we can't hit them."

'those anyone need help walking?'

"Not walking," he said to Ken as he stood up, leaning the machine gun against his leg as he picked up his detached arm, "but it'd be nice if someone carried my weapon back to camp. Or reattached my arm, but that's a bit more tricky."

Marlin watched sadly as Torul was presumably killed in the bombardment. Though he chose that manner of death and saved a comrade in the process, Marlin was still sad to see him die. All the knowledge he had was lost forever as well. Marlin took a moment to recall the old monks last words and made a mental note to look into the reasons behind the war as he had been asked before turning his attention back to his wounded comrades.

Even though Marlin had been in the fight as well, he seemed to be the only one to attack Torul and get away unscathed. Thankfully, none of the injuries seemed too severe save the soldier who had his automail arm ripped off. Still, he wanted to do something for them but healing alchemy wasn't anything he had studied. "Hmmm.... I wonder if I could.... No, that wouldn't... Perhaps if I were to...." Marlin muttered to himself, pondering what he could do, while the others were talking.

"I suppose... This is the only thing I can do..." He said as he set his jar down and filled it with his alchemy. He took the canteen he had been given earlier and filled it before bringing it over to the Stone Alchemist who seemed exhausted from the battle and had trouble speaking and standing. ".... Drink this... It will help recover your energy..." Marlin said quietly to Kallu as he handed him the canteen. Then he turned back to the others. ".... You should all drink your fill before we head out again... It's important to stay hydrated in this dry desert...."

James groaned as he grabbed his nose and cracked it back into place, leaving it a little bit crooked. He struggled to his feet, swaying just a little.

"Right, right. Blowing things up in an unstable cave. Bad idea," James replied as he looked at the hole Kallu had made as he heard Marlin tell everyone to drink up. "Right good idea. On future missions we need to be more prepared. We should remember to bring canteens with us next time. Kallu, when you are done with that could you pass it here please. Once everyone has had their fill we need to move out. The sooner we make it back to camp, the better."

Kallu took the offered canteen and drank a few sips, pausing to catch his breath in between each. He appreciated it, though he knew that what he really needed was a few hours of rest and meditation to recover the strength taken from him for the massive transmutation. He was proud of himself, for the feat he had accomplished, but not the death of the Master Monk, that he still felt was unfinished. He did feel better after the water however and was able to stand and walk with support, though he still wobbled every fifth step or so that he took.

He walked to James and handed him the canteen, as he had asked for it next and proceed outside his dome, pausing to turn around and look at it in all it's glory. He was surprised by how well it had stood up to the bombardment, there were a few good sized holes in it, but nowhere near what he had expected, the temple, on the other hand, looked as if it had been plucked from the ruins of Xerxes.

They have incredible aim, these guns we have, I pray that we never have them turned on us.

Leo walked slowly to the crude entrance Kallu had made. He fell back into his stance and took a deep breathe. He continued to preform a series of somersaults and move intricate moves where his feet would touch the earth and transmutate it. He went through the entrance and held up walls of rock on both of their sides, meeting with each other at an arch on top. As he continued moving forward in the tunnel he created he never stopped moving fluently and working on the earth.

ken grabbed elias's gun and slung it over his shoulder, 'seeing as I haven't heard any other complaints lets go back to camp now' Ken left the cave and started heading back the way they came, walking through the devastation ken seemed to be not even phased by it.

Elias moved to keep up with Ken, not wanting anyone to be alone in an unsecured area. Good thing these are watches, he thought as he got out one of his canteens, because there's no way Victor and I brought enough for everyone. Yeah, this was a short mission, but if we're going to keep to support roles, we've got to make sure the watches are squared away. Taking an awkward drink with his detached arm pinned under the working one, he kept scanning the nearby buildings, looking for any signs of an Ishvalan ambush.

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