Rise of Villainy 2: Rise Harder (Villain RP 1 Slot Open/Started)

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"Inferno!...Can you hear me? Do you know what is affecting you right now?" Rugal asked.

Red put up a barrier around the screaming techie (to make sure he didn't hurt himself) before noticing the others in the room. "Would anyone like to help here, maybe?!" She mostly had to yell over the techie, but was still annoyed that everyone was standing around like idiots (and there were some blades flying around too, for some reason) -- and her eyes' glowing intensified.

"Wha',what?I'm right here."Joey asked as he neared the hole in the wall the screams emanated from and the front door was thrown open. One hand still clamped around Madeline while he sipped his scotch.

"Joey! Somethings wrong with Inferno and there is Certainly something wrong with Zeph, We need your help, Now!" Rugal said as he pointed to The Screaming Zeph as he talked to Inferno.

Coraline responds to Rugal "Oh sweetie, don't feel bad. He makes everybody cry. He's like a monster."

Joey continued to drink his alcohol, and calmly looked at both screaming villains, and answered Rugal just as calmly,"Yeah. Whad'ya want me to do about it?Red looks like she's got it under control.And you've got Inferno pinned down, you planning on doing something with her? 'Cause if you are, get to a damn room."

He sipped his drink once more before leaning against the wall.

Red sighed at Fleshrender's uncooperative address; the screaming was beginning to get grating, and he needed to question what he needed to do about whatever was making the techie idiot scream? "What Rugal is wondering... is if you might be kind enough to use your power TO GET HIM TO STOP NEEDING TO SCREAM!!" The rest of Red flashed red.

"What Rugal is wondering... is if you might be kind enough to use your power TO GET HIM TO STOP NEEDING TO SCREAM!!"

Joey set his drink and Maddy down on the ground while saying,"Alright,alright, Red. Blondie's got Inferno down."

Joey went to Zeph after stripping down to his boxers saying,Someone be ready to keep the Dumbass down,"He reached down and grabbed his non-bionic arm, a knife from the kitchen in the other and sliced deep, enough to sever a vein, out of which spurted the green substance, showering everyone in the room with it. He started making Zeph's body clot quickly, stopping before the man bled to death. He added a bit of blood back into his system when he finished that task.

Zeph's thrashings stopped as he passed out.

"He's going to need some sleeping time for a bit.Now onto the pretty girl.What's wrong with her?

Red held down the techie with a shield where Blue-Blood wasn't operating. When he was finished, she resumed a civil tone despite being covered in green gunge; she welcomed the lack of screaming. "We think that the Inferno was poisoned."

"Poisoned, huh? How the hell does that happen while you guys are out for a run?No matta', same thing."

He went over to Inferno,first causing her to vomit until she began dry-heaving, then opened up a vein and let the supposed poisoned blood drain out, again showering everyone in the main hall with blood, this time the right color. He continued to make her body produce blood to keep her from bleeding to death.Along with the blood came small spheres of metal of some sort.

"What, we got a Wolverine wannabe here that can burst into flame or 'somat?"

Inferno too, passed out from the loss of blood and shock.

"Well, that should do it," He walked over to his drink, took a sip and immediately spat it back out,"Damn that shit tastes rotten.And dammit, you guys ruined my new suit too.Why do you guys have to have so much fucking blood.And how the hell do you guys find this much trouble the same day we bust outta the joint?"

He took another unconscious sip and spat it back out again, this time all over Red,Metal Head,Blondie, and Inferno,"Sorry 'bout that."

"It's no problem. Thanks for taking care of them." Red stood up, wiping the fluids off her face. "Now we just have to wait for the Inferno to wake up." She moved over to the Inferno, laying her down on the ground, a red glow lifting her feet up slightly -- that's what you do with passed out people, right?

Joey shrugged his shoulders,"You asking me? How should I know? I rip people apart, not put them back together, all I did was do what I do to everyone else to a lesser extent."

He looked around,"Metal Head, I think we may want to call those guys you were talking about earlier,"He looked around the blood-spattered lobby,"This place needs a coat of paint at the least.Exactly what happened on that run of yours?"

The hell, Cutter felt like time had slipped away from her, she'd lost track of things.
How long had it been since her last dose?
Too long, she sort of remembered making threats a while ago but she wasn't really sure what was going on.
Her blades came crashing down. She scrambled for the hidden compartment in her cane, only just making it. She pill didn't go down easy but it was necessary, no doubt about that.
Sanity back for now she was able to take in the scene.
"How long was I spaced out?"

Rugal cringed at the amount of blood that flowed on him and at the fact Inferno puked up metal.
"Well, On our run, we came across an Armoured Van, Guards were on lunch, no Heroes or cameras, just asking to be robbed, so on our way back, She said that she didn't feel well, then she started to talk nonsense before fainting, so after losing the police...or...where they police?...Anyways, point is, there's an Armoured Van in the Drive way, some-one drive it into the garage, I'll pry it open after I bring these two to their rooms also get some of that metal to Ferrous, I want to know what it is." He said as he threw Zeph over his shoulder and picked Inferno up in his arms and brought them to their beds.

"Long enough to miss the fact that you're covered in blood," Red answered Cutter. "On that note, I'm going to get this off of me. We can discuss repairs later." Red figured that the Inferno could take care of cleanup. She walked off toward her room; if no one needed anything, she'd knock her room's broken door aside, grab her robe, and bathe.

Oh right there was an awful lot of blood wasn't there.
"It shouldn't be hard to clean."
She was used to it after all.
She entered her room again. It wasn't just her clothes she'd got a lot of blood in her hair as well. She'd have to shower then. Taking off the clothes she'd just made she got into the shower.
The water was a little cold but she wasn't a pussy so it didn't stop her.
The blood flowed thick and fast, she was almost drenched in the stuff.
She was surprised to see a little purple in the liquid. Had she been cut? Oh no right, that was just natural. She sometimes forgot about those biology things. She'd have rather ignored it but knew from experience that didn't really work.
It took quite a while and a metric tonne of soap to get all the blood out, of course the longer it took the prouder she was about it.

Eventually she was out and wrapped a towel around herself.
Walking out she asked
"Anyone got anything I can ware while I make myself something more permanent."
You'd think professionals could at least spring for a tailor.

Ferrous was clutching his head because the screaming was causing his headache to tenfold. Enduring it like he always did, Ferrous suddenly felt him self get sprayed by some kind of liquid.
"Where the heck is this" Ferrous said before getting sprayed by another liquid. "Again? This is the reason why I wear boilersuits. Ferrous said after getting sprayed by blood and hearing Joey complain about his suit.

Hearing Joey ask about repairing the mansion Ferrous said "Seeing the mess and what we just did, I know just the company for it. There called Kwel Fortune. It is privately owned by some Russian oil baron. Just say the word and I know where to find them."

Rugal threw a towel over Zeph's bed and laid him on it, For heading into the lap, he could clean himself up, before bringing Inferno to her room.
After getting some warm water, he gently cleaned off the larger bits of blood and puke.
Christ, I can imagine how the others will react to this...
He ignored his common sense and kept cleaning, fighting off the urge to clean the rest of her body.

Coraline cheerfully murmors "don't you worry none. doc fixed me up.. pretty. he's nice."

As Rugal cleans off the right side of Coraline's torso, he notices a growing discoloured bruise.

Rugal hesitated, if Inferno woke up, he didn't know how she would react.
"Inferno?...Are you awake?...and how'd you get this bruise"
Please don't freak out, Please don't freak out, Please don't freak out, Dude, your rubbing her down in her own fucking bed, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN!?!?
His mind raced with panicked thoughts.

"Ooohhh what do we have here." Ferrous said, picking up one of the small sphere's that came out of the blood of Inferno.
Closing his hand around it, Ferrous used his powers on it. Opening his hand, Ferrous saw that it hardly had any effect.
"mmmmm Pretty resistant to corrosion. Weird shape. Wonder how it taste's?" Ferrous said before first cleaning the blood of afterwards putting it in his mouth.
Sucking on it like a gobstopper, Ferrous said "mmmm sweet and sour. Just like candy. Now what tasted again like this? mmmmm Ooh yeah. Lead. How the heck did that get in there? Also, I am keeping these. There very tasty. while picking up the rest of the sphere's and pocketing them.

Coraline doesn't seem to respond to Rugal, and bruise slowly but noticably grows.
"nnmm thats funny weird" she mutters, far less cheerfully.

"Ouch...Hold on a sec..."
Rugal dips the towel in the water and lays it over the growing bruise.
"This might help...Do you know how you got this bruise?" He asked as he wiped a little bit off her arm.
If you stare, I swear to god our next plan involves getting shot!
Him and his nerves knocked over the basin of water.
Real Smooth ya dumbass...

Coraline winces as Rugal lays the towel on her bruise and continues to mutter.

"Up until the punching, it was a real nice party."

"Party?...Wait...are you...referring to something in your past?..." Rugal said as he placed a hand on Inferno's forehead.
Ge realised that despite, well, for having a crush on her, that he knew next to nothing about her, not even her name.
"uuuummmmm...what was the party for?..."

Living Room
As our Villains watched the TV, a News Report cut in.

We interrupt out broadcast for a Breaking New Bulletin, We go live to our Field Reporter, Frank West:
"Thanks Tom, Several thousand Pentagram and Barkers Fans were wounded after a Battle between Several Villains and the Hero know as Brotector. While reports are uncertain, Witnesses state that the Trio of Villains managed to Over power the Infamous, making it his second loss since the Bank of America Robbery earlier this week. Most officials investigating the attack declare that it was directly caused by the Mass prison Break 2 days ago..."

Coraline shudders a bit. "shows off your backside. did you see the chandelier? its hovering."

Coraline then tries to roll on her side, wincing. She mutters "she ain't movin"

"whoawhoawhoa, take it easy, you've been though a lot..." Rugal as he helped her.
He then notices a chunk of sick stuck between her...
Oh. Hell. No! you know Icarus, filed too close to the sun, got his dick ripped off, You know what she can do, you like burnt meat with roasted nuts?
"Ummm... Inferno...just....heheh, a bit of...kinda got stuck in your bre-NOT GETTING FRESH! just...uuuhhhhhh" His entire face turned red.
That's it your on your own...*Sound of footsteps, then Door closing, then car driving off*

Looking at the TV while sucking on the lead sphere, Ferrous said "Nice. Take that Pentagrams. You just don't mess with the Barkers. But how did those 'officials' not spot that thing I carved in the wall there."
Picking up the remote, Ferrous changed the channel to a sport channel to see the reaction of the Pentagrams after he stole there trophies.

Coraline continues in her stubborn unconsciousness, ignorant of Rugal's trials and troubles.
"oh, mangos." she mutters.

Ferrous finds several aged man hugging and crying on national television at their lost trophies and the Taunt he left along with a slow-motion break down of the Brotector falling into the melting Ice-rink, Thanks to advances in HD-TV, you can make out the jiggle of his fat as he runs away soaking wet.
"Okay...that...wasn't a No..."
He pulled up her top an-
"Oh Jesus, She's Commando!" He panicked as Thoughts of her Cauterizing his wounds back at the Bank Robbery and The Sniper Attack, most of which hurt more then the actual wounds.
He fought his nerves and wiped in-between them with his hands as shaky as Rehab patient dis-arming a bomb.

Joey picked up his suit, and went to his room, muttering the whole way about bloodstains, ironing, and generally negative things concerning Inferno and Zeph.

After a few minutes of work, he realized that the suit was a lost cause and threw it in the trash, took a quick shower to clean the blood off and got into the other suit from the guy at the stadium.

Walking back to the living room he passed by Inferno's room and noticed the door ajar and heard something.

"oh, mangos."

His curiosity piqued he peered in to see an obviously unconscious Inferno being tended by an obviously embarrassed Rugal.

Oh, this is priceless, Blondie's got a crush on a girl that'd rip his balls off, cook 'em then force feed him. Should I go get the others? Nah, that's too easy, this'll be more fun.

He pushed the door open and walked in, smirking all the while,"Weeeelll, what do we have here?You do know it's better when they're awake right?It's a little bit more healthy too, considering."

"Look at the pretties..."

"AHJESUSFUCKDAMMITSHIT!" He exclaimed as as he fell back into the contents on the basin he spilled earlier.
He looked up and saw Joey fighting off a roaring laugh.
"...........This....makes sense in context...see, I bought her up....and....You ever hear of knocking?..."
Way to go, first girl you had no chance in hell with and your caught molesting her, Casanova would be proud...

"Woohoo, Take that Pentagrams. No one beats the Barkers like that. mmmm Maybe I should have added that Ferrous was here. mmmmm Nahhhh, would be to much like that Pesto guy." Ferrous said before switching the TV to some kind of action series.

Getting up from the couch, Ferrous made his way towards the kitchen to get some more beer and search for something to eat besides metal. Finding only in his opinion 'Healthy food' Ferrous yelled towards the rest in the mansion not knowing if they could hear him or not "Hey, any one up for some pizza's? I could go for a extra large carnivore."

Joey continued smirking and walked over to Rugal,careful to not step in too much of the water-soaked blood, helping him off the floor and triggering his heart to beat a bit slower, his pineal gland to secrete and generally cause him to fall asleep within the next ten minutes or so.

"Just thought I'd point out a few things wrong with your technique is all, Blondie,"He began walking back towards the door,"Next time, make sure the door is closed, and that whoever you wake up next to isn't prepared to fry you. Go, head, keep cleaning her off, dried blood is a bitch to get off, true story."He smiled a half-smile, the glint of mischief in eyes not able to be completely held back, and closed and locked the door behind him.

He rubbed his hands together outside, and suppressed a small chuckle. He took his suit out of the trash and tied a pant leg to Inferno's door handle and another to Zeph's room across the hall. Effectively keeping them in unless they broke the door.

In a few hours, when they both wake up, with any luck, Blondie'll fall asleep over her and she'll wake up, then the fun starts. Maybe...

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