Rise of Villainy 2: Rise Harder (Villain RP 1 Slot Open/Started)

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"Yeah, that's definitely... 25 pounds or so..." She trailed off, realizing the value of this one brick alone. "And how many... were there?"

"If I counted right, we just stole 100 of them, counting that one and the one Inferno has."
Rugal turned and saw Red's face react.
"That's just what I thought too, I tell ya, we hit the motherload big time!"

"You have no idea..." Red said distantly; from what she could remember, this was $50 million at minimum.

"We could use this to fix up the place, buy a few cars, maybe a giant fighting robot..." Rugal said as he laid himself in the Van's cargo hold and thought of the wacky shit he would buy.

"I think we have to sell these first, Rugal," Red reminded; most businesses didn't take gold, after all.

"Good point...Don't think the local Pawn Shop would have enough for this gold mine...Hey, get Ferrous or Joey, Ferrous was talking about some contacts that Villains used and Joey seems like the type of guy to move shit..."

"Alright." Remembering that Joey had retired, Red went back into the mansion to look for Ferrous. "Hey Ferrous!"

Not being able to pick up any of the bars Cutter was content to inspect.
"I won't need much, my blades are as good as they'll need to be and my rifle can already assassinate tanks. Then again my share should be enough for a bullet or two.
So what'll everyone else get? Might help to give me ideas."

"Be Back in a Sec, YO JOEY! GOLD!" Rugal said as he limbed into the Hallway on his walking sticks.
Bet he's pissed...Ah, sure the Dollar signs should cool him down...I hope...

Roachman approached the collection with a skeptical look on his face. "Gold? Really? I don't see what use that is to us, when we can just steal stuff. But then again, it's handy for corruption, and buying stuff from suppliers we want to keep a healthy relationship with. Like the black market." His eyes widened. "But I must say, it is very pretty."

"I Know Right, Gonna use some to fix the place up and maybe buy a few cars, keep going though them too fast..." Rugal said as he passed Roach.

I really hope these things hold.
Hearing some one shout "Hey Ferrous!", Ferrous made his way towards the one who was searching for him.
"Yeah, I am her. What seems to be the problem? Ferrous asked while making his way from his room.

Red decided not to bother asking if Ferrous had seen the cargo. "It turns out that the van we stole earlier has a ton of gold in it, and Rugal mentioned that you might have some contacts pertinent to the situation."

"Yeah, some white and some that actually do work most of the time for Villains like us. With the stuff that we got, I think the best one to go to is Kwel Fortune. It is run by a Russian oil baron who calls him self Tsar Oilska. I think he will love to help us for some gold. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if he would come her him self to over see the construction. Ooh and don't make fun of his accent. He will charge you extra if you do. He has a bit of a fascination with the Wild West and thinks he is a cowboy, so he tries to talk like one. Ferrous told Red.


Rugal limped pass.
"So...He's a Russian Cowboy?...What is YeeHaw in Russian anyways?..." He asked as he began to knock on Joey's door.

Faceplaming after hearing Rugal comment, Ferrous said to no one in particular Why do I have a feeling that Tsar Oilska is going to drive away with all our gold because of Rugal?

A tear starts to begin in the palm of Ferrous his golden hand.

Joey was quite content to simply lay in the dark of his room on his bed. He was fine with the headache almost gone when there was a knock on his door and a voice he recognized.

He grabbed his gun, opened the door and answered the question with the gun pointed at Rugal's torso,"It's YEEHAW, motherfucker.Now what the hell do you want? Come to lose your arms next Blondie?"

"Look, I'm sorry alright, now just put the gun away and come check out the 100 gold bars that were in the van we stole!" He said, hoping that would cheer him up.
If I play my cards right, I might get my legs back!

"Gold you say? You know the heroes are going to be looking for us even more now, right?"

Joey lowered the gun, but kept it in his hand and used it as a stumbling stick as he walked down the hallway.

"I know a guy that may be able to move some of these around, not all of them mind you, but he owes me a favor, five to be precise, six if I count the hero's nie- nevermind, I know a guy. How's the legs?"

"Been better, still if I can survive Inferno playing Nurse, I can survive anything...Look...I'm sorry I lost my cool but the sleep drugging was a dick move and with the door and well...It didn't end well... So...I was pissed, as you would be...Peace?..." Rugal apolitically said to Joey.
He say no, use the stick, Hard.

"Sure, peace, but I still have no idea what you're talking about when you say I drugged you, you sure your nerves didn't just get to you?" Joey said this a slightly confused expression on his face, he decided that keeping up the act of not knowing what he did was better. Besides, the truth of it was, he didn't drug Rugal, not technically.

They arrived at the living room and Joey stopped when he saw the gold.

You know, those damn movies show it to you, the heroes'll drop it on you as they fly by, and the bank supposedly has many times this much in each vault, but you never get used to your first time doing or seeing anything."

"Wait, Inferno playing Nurse couldn't be that bad now could it?" Ferrous asked getting a mental image of Inferno in a nurse costume. "mmmm She would look pretty nice in it I think. Ferrous said absent minded.

"Say, Blueye. Where did you actually get that gun from? It looks kind of eehhh old?"

"Awesome ain't it, Say, do you know how much a pound of gold is? just each bar weighs 25 pounds-ish and we have 100 so that would be 2500 pounds of gold, so the cost of a pounds by 2500..." He asked as he picked one up and handed it to Joey so he could feel the weight.

He heard what Ferrous said and answered "Inferno Cauterizes Wounds...Picture flaming hands and a lot of mad giggling...Ain't so nice now ain't it?"

"Family thing, Metal Head, as for the price of it... let me make a call."

Joey went to the nearest phone and dialed in a number he didn't allow the others to see. The phone rang a few times before being picked up.

Hey, Carmine, it's the Castanzano family, we're calling in a favor.... yeah, yeah, didn't you read the news? The guy's dead, his family's dead, he's in the ground, and the worms are eating what's left of his eyes... I got out, you moron, you think I'd be calling if I was still in there? Carmine, just shut the hell up, I've got about a ton and a half of gold bars I need moved.... No, I didn't shift 'em myself, I don't do the heavy lifting, you know that...what'll you give me for 'em? Uh-huh...uh-huh...really? You can get them out that fast? You've expanded a bit since I spoke to you last haven't you?.... Oh, you took his cover business, how're the docks now? Oh, you own them now, great, that means alot.

He turned to face the other villains.

Well, the good news is we're set for life in about a day and a half, Carmine owns the docks now, so he can move almost anything past customs without any trouble, and he's got a client that's been looking to get his hands on some gold. Not sure exactly why, but I'm not going to ask. He says the guy's willing to pay for half the bars, at about $10 million.

"The bad news is that there's been rumors on the underground side of things and now we've got both heroes and some of the other old families are a bit miffed that you took a truck from one of their banks. And these guys don't like being fucked with.I'd try to make peace with them, but we kinda got crushed a few years back. To add onto that, He wants us to drive out there with the gold either tomorrow or next week at the same time, past that, he can't guarantee we'll get paid.

"And did I mention he's got a boss breathing down his neck right now, telling him to allow their guns onto his property? He said there's four families you fucked over with that stunt, so I'm thinking we've got at the least 80 guns looking for us, probably closer to 200, not to mention the heroes on the tv, plus that fatass we ran into at the stadium."

Know getting a mental image of a madly giggling Inferno with flaming hands while wearing a nurse outfit Ferrous said absent mindedly "Why does that really work as a Villain in a very freaky way?"

"So what did you do, that caused you to have that kind of intimate knowledge of Inferno?" Ferrous asked Rugal with his interest peaked.

"...Really?...That's...okay...So...is the deal set? because Ferrous knows a Villain contacter that can fix this place up, so perhaps we give your guy the Ton and a half for hard cash then give the rest to the Russian guy to fix this place up, Think with some work and we can turn this into a REAL Lair..."

"As for the Nurse Inferno Thing, Got jumped by some fatass called the Brotecter, so he got me in the gut with a broken bottle, then soon after, there was this crazy fucking Sniper, took 8 rounds there, I shouldn't be alive really..."

"Wait. That lousy Pentagrams fan? Him? You got taken out by that guy? Where you distracted by his fat moving like jelly or something? Ferrous said laughing hearing this.

"But I wouldn't call this place a Lair. Those are always underground. It would call this more a safe house or just plain a Mansion.

Rugal took yet another hit to the Ego.
"Asswipe..." He mumbled under his breath.
"Sooooo...this plan good?"

"Hold on a second!" Red yelled out. After silence ensued, she asked, "That guy was a hero?"

Rugal gave a stare that said "You for Real?!"
"....Yes....The Guy with the fat and the mask is a Superhero, hence why he talks about it every 6 seconds..." Rugal snarked afterwards.

"And here I thought you just got shanked by a hobo or something," Red said, relieved (though mostly because the fatass almost broke her mask). "Explains that, then," she muttered.

"MOVING ON...So any objections to selling half of the gold to Joey's Guy then half to the Russian Cowboy?" Rugal blared, hoping to change the subject.

"Wait, he looked like a hobo? So where you trying to rob a hobo? How could you Rugal. Here I thought you where a decent Villian" Ferrous said with a straight face before breaking down in laughter.

"Yeah, yeah, what ever you want. Just as long as we all get our share. Hobo robber" Ferrous told Rugal.

"It was a Bank! He showed up! J-just Shut up!" He said as he went to leave the hall, only for one of the makeshift crutches to break and dump him on the ground.
"...Fuck...my...life...Joey...please fix my legs..."

"Sure, how do you want 'em? Chicken,beetle, rhino, giraffe, or porcupine?I expect some compensation for this though."

Joey went to work on his legs without waiting for an answer, he first had to re-break the bones, which he did by first again weakening the bones and asking Ferrous to slam down onto them. It wasn't really necessary, but it was meant to show Rugal exactly how dangerous Joey could be. The regrowing and reknitting of the bones was by far the most painful, but Joey enjoyed the screams, it brought him back to that chateau he'd rented in the Italian highlands a few months earlier, and he'd brought that one hero and his family to the place for some fun, which involved broken- and he was done.

The legs were almost good as new, except for a single extension he'd put behind his kneecaps, a safety measure in case he was ever attacked by Rugal again. With a precise hit, it'd break that extension, which would just as painful as his kneecap being broken, but without all the hassle of him being unable to walk.

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