We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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The girls fly back to Stockholm.

Charlotte sees Hazama. "Hn. Hazama. Come back for more trouble eh?" she says landing.

Laura readies the Oxtongue Rifle.

"Excuse me but i belive i didnt slice your face open when the overwhelming anger kicked in, i tried to stop myself from killing you, look i think if the other voice was in my head he would have been able to stop me, look what will it take for you to forgive me?"

@Nailik Ok then

Knife looks at the figures with crossbows, and shifts his fire onto them.

"You forget that conflicts CAN in fact be won, Hazama! Even if it's the devil himself."

OOC: Sorry, I gotta go. It's physics club movie night.

EMily bows her head to Jio as a sign of good luck. And resumes her ethereal form.
"Sorry, but I have make another log. My sisters are calling often today."

Laura nods to EMily's statement.

The voices spoke to Hazama.
Control thy temper, Yuki.
If something stands in thy way, eliminate it, but do not trow a hissifit like a mortal child.

"At last. Thy death is at hand!"
Michael lunged at Jio.

OoC: @Nalik Just so I know what I'm getting into, what sort of powers does Michael have in this form?

"Look you two." Hazama said to the pilots. "I dont have time for you right now, so just get outta my way!" He drew his knives and charged, but not towards Larua and Charlotte. Instead, he threw himself at Jio like a cannonball.

Varger wasn't sure what to make of any of this. His tail slashed behind him. tearing a gout through the floor. He remained with his weapon and defense systems on, with all this happening there was no point in taking them off. Hazama was clearly incredibly strong, as was Charlotte and Laura when within their suits, Micheal and Jio had satanic power yet kessler could control lightening. He didn't know which would benefit him when. Best to wait until after he dealt with the Vanguard.

The tree that Joe had been sitting in had fallen and hit him on the head. When he finally got back up he looked around and saw Jio taking care of Jio. "I'll help keep Hazama away!"

Running up to block, using the extending punching gloves.

Laura used ignition boost to get infront of Jio and activated her Active Inertia Canceller, halting and freezing Hazama.

"Try attacking anyone here, and you will be in a world of hurt."

Four had fallen unconscious and Reginald and Two were working to revive her.
One placed his hand on Mia's shoulder, sighed and said, "Didn't you hear what she was saying? She already said she forgave you. The fact is that we can't trust you to not hurt her. Maybe someday, if you find a way to control yourself, control all that blood-lust and anger, you two can be friends again. But that day isn't today."

OoC: Since Nocturne has been absent, and the group is fighting fallen angels, a flame demon and skeletons, should he come lend a hand?

@Iam: Is like your entire purpose in this to jump in at people's weakpoints or what? Cause for one, I don't play LoL, thus won't know the lore.

OOC: Ya that's Nocturne for you actually

Hazama was stuck in place. "Not again." He turned to Michael. "Hey! A little help here!"

mia sat down on the floor next to four"i cant dont know what to do. i just carnt help it, i have been exiled from the only place i could call home, i have lost everything. and i was the only person i know who was born with this bloodlust thing, i realy dont want to hurt people i just do. perhaps when i have the blue guy in my head i might be able to controll it. "

Varger walked over to the now trapped Hazama. "I wouldn't do that." Varger says, his grip on his Shard Pistol tightening.

OoC: Well, i was considering helping, but nevermind. I don't jump in at weakpoints, i just enjoy RP combat. But what with you lashing out at me, i don't think i will.

OoC: @Ven: To whom is he talking to?

@Iam: Just wondering, considering your minimal role in this RP

Jio caught Michael holding him by the wrists and held him back with all his might. "Listen, Michael, you're stronger than this. You can fight it. Listen to me. Remember who you really are."

OOC: Whoever has Hazama trapped. Hazama is probably lying but varger's fell for it.

OoC @Salty: He is able to manifest minions from thin air, has the ability to control dark-fire such as forming shields, burning winds, and blasts and weapons.
He also has advanced shawdow powers wich are mainly used to screw with the minds of others but can also be used to hurl blasts of destructive dark energy.
He has enhanced strength and agility and can float at low altitudes.
Lastly he keeps all his old powers such as immunity to fire and falling.
And his semi-imortality.

Whew, that was alot of writing.

OoC: @Ven: Is the shard pistol matter?

Laura looks at Varger. "Why should I not? Jio is fighting Michael. Leave to the two for a 1v1 fight."

OoC: @Nalik Thanks. Knowing what abilities he has will allow me to know what skills Jio will gain from using Demon Summoner on him.

Look, once Tophat helps me get in your head, I'll do what I can. But you can't rely on me to do all the legwork there. You're gonna have to work just as hard as me, if not harder to keep this thing under control. I'm sure once you get this thing under control that Four will trust you again. Alright?

Two looked up from the healing work and said, "I think she's going to be okay. We got her stable."

Michael used his own arm as leverage and trew Jio into the air.
"The time for words hath passed, fiend."

OOC: Yes it is, as is everything Varger has active currently. Null Blade, SHard Pistol, Hardening, extended limbs, taloned hand and feet, reverse joited legs and a Scythed Tail.

Varger emits a low metallic growl. "Whatever he has done, he offers strength. You said so yourself I need everyone I can if I want to beat my persuers." He says while pointing the Null Blade at Hazama.

Charlotte rushed to Laura's side.

"I am not here to kill him." Laura said bluntly. "He is simply an obstacle on our way to Kessler."

"Dont worry, im already trying...do you think i wanted to hurt her!? i managed to stop myself from killing her, that took a lot of controll. and shannon is the reason shes dying now, i know i cart push th blame to her but.... i realy didnt want to hurt her, what can i do to help? " mia started tearing up

"Good to see that you can make logical desicions. I admire a man that can keep his priorites straight."

"But he wouldn't help." Joe piped in, to Varger.

Whilst fighting the Dark Souls spoke to Hazama.
So thou hast managed to sway the mechanical mortal to our side.
A clever gambit. We were wise to seek thy aid.

Laura hears a beeping from her earpiece. "Very well then." said Laura, dropping the AIC field.

"We have our own problems to deal with... Particularly M."

The girls boost away, far out of reach from any attack.

OoC: Gone for now...

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