We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Terms?" Knife asks, before shaking his head, "You know what, unless it's to kill all of us, I don't care."

Fluttershy looked at Berethor, "Oh! umm... Hello." She tries to give something resembaling a curtsy.

"Oh! Fluttershy!" EMily's eyes brightened "Nice to meet you, my name is EMily." She curtseyed.
"Jio's a little conflicted." She made a saddened look on her face. "I bet he feels he owes responsibility for endangering our group after what happened yesterday."

Fluttershy looked at EMily, "Oh my, What happend?"
Doctor Com sighed, "Ask EMily."

"Thats the problem." Varger begins standing and turning towards Knife. "It may" he walks sinisterly towards Knife.

Jio continues walking and comes to a building. He walks in-between it and another build and looks up at it. He then jumps to the fire escape and jumps back and forth between each one to make his way up to the roof. Once there he looks down upon the place where his friends had battled Satan...

mia put the headset video on emily and made it so only she could watcj"Whatch this if you want"

Michael followed Jio to the building and looked up.
No way I'm gonna climb this.
He teleported to the roof, keeping his distance.
Don't you jump...

Doctor Com stared at Mia, "Honestly?"

"A terrible villain of ours, Hazama, triggered Jio's anger and let loose the terrible demon, Satan, from his head onto the Earth. We were able to get him back, but only just before Satan was about to destroy Stockholm. It was a close call to say the least."

mia sighed"Fine emily, its just something intersting. doc dosnt want you to watch it. you dont have to." (its actualy a pony AMV thing)

Fluttershy looked at EMily, "Oh my! That sounds horrible!" She shouts, "I doubt it was as cuddly as Cerberus. Oh my!"

"Satan creates anger, fury, destruction with no regret or honor." She turns her head to the city. "Come, let's follow Michael. We need to see what Jio's up to."

"Mia, I'll watch the video later alright?"

"Ah, well we might have a bit of a problem then." Knife says, drawing his tanto and his revolver.

The coy yellow pegesus agreed, and started flying in Jio's direction, DOctor Com walking below her.

"If you think it is wise, I shall follow after you." Berethor said to EMily as she suggested they follow Mitchel.

"Hey, flutershy... can i ride you?"

Doctor Com gave a dirty look to Mia.
"No, you may not."
Fluttershy landed next to him, "Oh! Its okay, mia."
Doctor Com was about to debate, when he realized that it would be fruitless.

mia lit up"Realy?...sweet"mia got on

Jio had heard Michael arrive on the roof, but didn't look at or address him. His Spirit began to rise as he readied Zero Type R and the spirit channeled into it. Initiate Effect.

"My O-Part generates blades based on the hatred of the target. It can literally be deadly to one target and harmless to another if there is no hatred in their heart. I am not really that hateful a person. And yet... If used against me, my O-Part generates blades far greater than it does for anyone else. And it's because of Satan's presence in my mind." Jio wasn't addressing anyone, just thinking out loud.

He looked at his O-Part. And then threw it straight out. Zero Type R reached the zenith of it's arc and then began to return towards Jio...

OoC: Here what it looks like when Jio did this in the manga.
Keep in mind, that only Jio would see this. Others would see it based on their own hatred.

In a flash Varger grabs Knife. "I'm going to kill you. Me. My decision. Not someone elses." He lifts him off the ground. "No matter how kind or tolerant or helpful anyone has been to me, now they're just obstacles to overcome. I'm going to keep getting better and better." he throws Knife away from him. "My existance was a joke and I need something to work out this stress. DOn't die to fast." He says running at Knife.

EMily and the group is able to catch up with Michael and watches Jio from above.

Fluttershy watched as the O-parts flew twords Jio.
"NO!" She cried.
Doctor Com watched.

OoC: Now don't ignore it, I changed it.

OoC: Okay, I'm not ignoring it, now.

EMily just watches as the blade falls. Not sure what to do.

"Don't. Do. This." She mutters.

OoC: @Slenn Just trust Jio. Though I was planning to just state that your attack didn't stop it as Zero Type R is a boomerang.

Knife stands, and wipes a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth. "Oh, you got no worry of that Varger." He says, before flipping over the oncoming man. He lands, turns, and fires, sending a (Very Explosive) bright orange laser towards Varger.

OOC: Changed it. Let's watch this shit happen. :)

Doctor Com watches.
"Try not to die."
Fluttershy stares at him, "Do something!" She cries.
Doctor Com sighs, "What can I do?"

Michael remains silent and watches Jio carefully.
I think I know where this is going.

Varger rolls aside, Null Blade appearing beside his right arm as he attacks Knife with it.

Berethor looked up where everyone else was looking and saw something flying through the air. He looked on with concern and curiosity.

As Zero Type R reaches Jio, he catches it and places it back on his wrist.

"My O-Part sees Satan within me. I know he is within me. I am a danger to everyone and everything. Who am I to pretend otherwise?" Jio begins to walk away once more. Away from the gathering group below and the building they had been staying in.

"Is he... wanting to be gone forever?" Her voice sounding saddened. "I don't know whether or not to give him some more time or to give him some comfort."

Fluttershy looks at Jio.
"Poor guy."
She flies down to Jio.

OoC: Should she do this? if not, then I'll replace it.

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