We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"No, not really.
Perhaps we can make our own."

"Hm, I don't know how to do that... I guess there should be a store that sells fireworks? I think?"

The Assassin blasts Knife in the face with a jet of steam, then stabs him in the neck.

"Maybe. Let's go take a look shall we?"

Knife respawns behind the Assassin, and grabs him in a headlock. "For anyone else, that would have been a real pain in the neck." He says.

"Sure, perhaps go towards the city center?"

Varger emerges from the healing cyclinder and walks to the cockpit. He almost fired all weapons again but that would accomplish nothing. Screw everything. He brings the ship back down to Rome.

"It's a good place to start! let's be off.
You wanna come along, Knife?"

The Assassin stabs Knife in the face, then flips Knife over his shoulder onto his back.

"Hmmm, sure." He says, respawning.

"Then lets go!"
Tophat starts walking towards St. Peter's Basilica.

mia woke up next to four, she carried her whilst walking towards were the group had gone (Were is the group?)

Knife follows Tophat while whistling a merry tune.

Erica flies alongside Tophat and Knife.

OoC @Silver: The same place where you left them.
Except for Tophat, Knife and Erica who are looking for fireworks.

mia arived at the group holding four

Charlotte and Laura got dress walking outside. Seeing that everybody was on the move, they decided that it was best not to tell anyone of their long mission ahead of them....

Charlotte grabbed Laura's hand. "Ready for this?"

"As always. Rin and Cecilia will be arriving shortly...." The two deployed their IS armors and flew away from Rome...


"Look, there goes Charlotte and Laura..."

"They really are a great couple don't you think?"

"Everybody saw it in the IS Academy..."

The two people began walking around Rome.

The second spoiler are the mechs these two use.

How they look like...

Erica looks at Knife.
"So, wat's up with your name?
why are you called Knife?"

Knife stops whistling, by continues walking while he ponders the question. "Alas, the answer to that question is...how do I put this...It's a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, put into a box, put into another box, then express mailed to Mystery, Alaska."

The two new girls find Erica, Knife and Tophat. "Good marrow lady and gentlemen. I believe that you are part of the group that Charlotte and Laura have been following yes?"

"Huh? I don't get it, but whatever."
Erica turned to the new IS pilots.
"Yup. That's right!"

OoC: Who wants to fight mooks?

@Nail Did someone say...

The girls smile "Pleased to meet you all. I am Cecilia Alcott." she curtseys.

"Lingyin Huang. But I prefer Rin. Nice to meet you all."

OoC: I will going to lunch soon enough sooooo

OOC: Back. But I won't be around in an hour.

EMily woke up from their long nap, took a quick shower while in the ethereal plane and stretched while in their solid form.

OoC @Trilby: Who's that?

@Nail MOOK!
A mook. One of my mooks.

Rin and Cecilia notice EMily and decide to walk over to her. "Ah, so you're the cheerful one that Charlotte has been rambling about. Cecilia Alcott, pleased to meet you." Cecilia curtseys.

"Lingyin Huang, or Rin."

Knife gives a wave to the two newcomers, before turning back to Erica. "I laymans terms, I don't have a fucking clue." He says.
Capatch= Got my mojo....why Capatcha?

OoC @Trilby: If you wanna sent it at us, be my guest.
Not like I have anything better to do. xP

mia has wlked up to the 3 armoured people and a person who looks like emily, mia was carying four in her arms "Little he...." mia thought better not trust the new people for now

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"Hello, nice to meet you. I'm EMily." She curtseyed
"And I'm her sister Winona." She curtseyed as well.

OOC: So who's up for mook-fighting?

mia walked over to emily holding four tightly "Whoa are these people?" mia asked emily

OoC: I am.

"It looks like friends of Laura and Charlotte." She said to Mia.

mia loosen her grip on four, "So we can trust them?" mia asked emily "What about greeny over there, is she with you?" mia gestured towards winona

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