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Kenneth had leaned up against some cover, recovering from the extended use of his Biotic powers. Quickly reloading his Mattock, he closed his eyes for a moment to take in the sounds of the battle.

One super soldier, two elites, one brute... And two Jackels... Opening his eyes again, his usual stoic face returned. Popping out of cover for a second, he spotted one of the Jackels and aimed right for the sweet spot of their heads inbetween the shields.

Kenneth double tapped his Mattock, knocking one of the Jackels off guard, while the second bullet effectively killed it with flicker off of the shields. However, the Spartan took notice and opened fire at Kenneth.

Fuck... Time to move! Kenneth made another mad sprint to another point in cover, his shields taking a good pounding from the Jackel and Spartan mix. Sliding and stopping at the next cover, he checked his shields. 20%.

"Anytime now guys..." Kenneth said through the Comms

'aww fuck' Sarah thought as she heard the Brutes coming

"What's the plan, boss?"

"Mee, you have a Plasma grenade left?, Mee shook her head "no, i used both on the Jackals"

Sarah's body language said 'fuck' for her

"ok, we'll try this, Luna, pick the one you think is pretty and lock it down, lift it, shove it against the wall, don't care what you do just keep it from moving, but get to a good hiding spot or high ground first. the rest of us will deal with the other brute, I'll be on point, Murphy, your squishyest, your in the back, Mee, back him up, and aim high"

Sarah said as she handed Mee her Rifle and a few clip, then drew her pistol and Plasma Sword.

Luna nodded, took a quick look around, finding a good high point, she used her biotics to hop up there and made her self ready to attack

As the cruiser drifted in space waiting to be boarded by the Longsword, what little lighting was turned on within the hull blinked out one strip at a time. At the same time, the ship's running lights died, as though from a catastrophic power failure. Only the red lights within the cockpit remained active, a dull, ominous glow at the end of the corridor from the loading door.

Once all the enemies were down, Red Team moved further into the facility; but instead of going up, they instead descended down into the underground sections. They arrived in a large open area with various machines hanging above them, and several parts for others lay on the floor. Cover could be found in the form of metal crates.

Rising from cover opposite them, was a Spartan; along with two Elites, a Brute, and two Jackals. Due to an incident involving Jastis earlier, the place was on the alert. A barrage of plasma fired headed towards their location, peppering the cover.

"Alright." Jastis said over comm-link. "We don't have much choice here. I am going to distract those Elites and Brute, the rest. Act on your own free will, take down that Spartan and Jackals." He then jumped from cover, and fired at the Elites and Brute; drawing attention towards him as they charged. Kenneth meanwhile had attracted the ire of the Spartan after taking down a Jackal; as he soon began to run.

"Anytime now guys..." Kenneth said through the comm-link. Everett reloaded his M7S SMG, then fired at his pistol at the second Jackal, pinning it in the elbow, before finishing it off with a shot to the head. After holstering the side arm, he set the SMG to burst fire, and began taking shots at the Spartan whilst he moved.


"They stopped?" The pilot spoke to the Spartan. "Think it's a trap? Board and be killed?"

"Fully expecting it to be, no one would just run and stop unintentionally. Bring me above the ship, I will drop down and enter from the side." Raynor told the pilot who at the moment made sure his helmet was securely on to keep the oxygen in. "Captain," he brought Nassa onto the COM channel. "I am entering the ship, it went silent and stopped. A trap is suspected but I will go in anyway."

"Good luck Spartan, update me when you secure the ship." She buzzed over the COM channel.

They hovered over the ship, the Longsword's ramp lowered down and he stepped out into the vastness of space. Everything went silent as he stepped onto the ship's top. He made his way to the side were the door was. He entered into the airlock and as the door shut the oxygen flowed in. Raynor took out his DMR and walked into the ship and saw to his left the cockpit where a dim red light was on and everything was in darkness.

He turned on his flashlight and it illuminated the interior, he didn't see anyone, but he knew someone was there.

The Spartan's thin cone of light revealed nothing but steel walls, some low containers, and dust particles as it swept through the interior. In the cockpit he could see only the red lighting strips, the orange glow of the holoscreens and interfaces, and the black backrest of the pilot's chair, facing away from him.

"You. Intruder. You have the physiology of a human, or perhaps a batarian, but you do not share their size." A voice came from the cockpit. It was low pitched and spoke in measured tones, but there was a hard edge to it, as though the speaker was barely repressing a terrible rage. "You are clearly military, but your armour is not Alliance design, nor indeed, the work of any Council or Terminus race. Who are you?"


He heard the voice of the person, but still couldn't see him. Using his VISR 4.0, he was able to see in the dark and everything outlined in green but nothing in red. Which made him realize where the person was if not on his sides or in front, but behind. Raynor sighed. "I am a Human, part of the UNSC."

Even as Raynor came to his realisation, the pilot emerged from the shadows behind him, disengaging his optical camouflage as he did so. As he faded back into the visible spectrum, he was revealed to have almost the same basic shape as a human male, six foot two inches tall, muscular and wiry. He wore light tactical combat gear with plenty of space for storage of ammunition and equipment, with only a few small, light plates of rigid ablative ceramic armour to protect his vital areas as well as to store a set of kinetic barrier generators. He had a dark green tactical desert scarf woundaround the lower half of his face, but the upper half and his hands were bare, and it was here that his alien nature was revealed. His skull flared out in a cobra-like hood and he was covered in mottled blue-green scales. His eyes were large, shining black and devoid of mercy. Before Raynor could turn around to observe any of this however, he raised an M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol in both hands, unfolding it with it's iconic whining hiss. The weapon was pointed squarely at the back of Raynor's head.

"Lies. No human is as large as you. Now tell me, what business do you have on board my ship?" He asked in that same calm, partially controlled voice.


Raynor had to play this good. "I have no true business. All we wanted to know is to why you were spying on our ship at a distance and when hailed began to run. Nothing more or nothing less, I don't care if you believe me or not because it's the truth."

"I'm a cautious man." The pilot said in a guarded tone. "I don't like to hang around heavily armed vessels that have ostensibly no reason for being close to me. It makes me nervous. And military ships never have no reason to be in a particular place, much less for boarding someone else's ship. Maybe you aren't really military, but pirates that managed to take a lucky prize and are hiding behind an oficial signature. Or maybe you are part of some form of military and have taken it upon yourself to confiscate the goods of an honest trader like myself. Which is it?"


"Close to you? This is fucking space. You appeared in front of us and it isn't your space, despite being a cautious man you don't seem to be caught up on the latest news. A simply search on your extranet thing will clear everything and we're military and what our mission is none of your concern, our concern is simply with you spying on us. You dropped out into normal space in front of us and claim we're out of place?" Raynor exclaimed to the man.

The alien didn't respond for a moment. He had no intention of making a stupid mistake and letting any hint of his business slip to this strange creature, or his reason for being in that precise location.

"The extranet is hard access out in the backwater colonies, no matter what species owns it. And it takes days to send and recieve data packages anyway." The pilot replied. "News doesn't travel fast. Our extranet, you say? Then you are from outside of well travelled space. That does not fit with what you said to begin with, 'human'.


Once more the hulking Spartan sighed, this was getting nowhere. "Yes, your extranet, let's just say where I come from it's not called that. Now just simply access it since we're nearby the Citadel and this whole situation will be cleared up."

The pilot moved around to the side, so that the Spartan could see him. As well as showing the Spartan what he looked like (though with his face obscured by the shemagh, he could still not be individually identified)it also let him see the very large hand cannon in his hands, held in a manner common to professional armed forces. He gestured with the thick, boxlike barrel of the Carnifex towards the holographic interface in front of the pilot's chair.

"Go ahead. Access it." He said briefly. "Obviously I don't have to tell you that you'll only be looking at data. You know well what will happen if you try to send anything."


A Drell... Interesting, none of them aboard the Broken Destiny...

He had been brought up on this dimensions races when he was awoken, the people who explained it to him thought telling him them first would be the best for him since he would be quickly seeing other races. Even with the gun to him, he was staying calm. He was a Spartan, if he needed to he would use force. He was fast, but so was a Spartan. But he didn't want blood to be shed for no sake. Raynor walked over to the holographic interface and began to interact with it. Truthfully he had no idea what he was doing, this was a completely no OS to him but he adapted quickly and accessed the latest news and then brought up an article about the UNSC Broken Destiny's arrival.

The Drell watched the ANN report over Raynor's shoulder, his obsidian eyes flicking from the Spartan to the screen and back again intermittently.

"An entirely different human military... from another dimension?" He muttered as the images flashed across the screen, accompanied by the narrative of a well known female human reporter. "It seems... unbelievable. And you're working with the Council? Interesting.Very interesting..."


The Spartan head turned to the Drell. "Believe me now? Working with the council is our best bet until we can find our way back."

The Drell nodded.

"Yes, I believe you." He glanced over at one of the displays.
"Are the drives still warmed and ready?"

"Yes, you can increase speed and jump to FTL travel as soon as you wish." The VI replied.The Drell looked back to Raynor and raised the pistol slightly.

"You work with the Council. So do the Spectres. I am sorry traveller, but I have no desire to draw their attention to me. I cannot let you leave this ship alive, you understand."


Within seconds the Spartan ducked and swung his leg around knocking over the Drell and as he fell knocked the gun from his hands and it clashed against the wall. Before the Drell could further respond the Spartan put his knee on the back of the Drell and knelt on him and grabbed his hands. "I don't think so." He finally responded.

"Captain," he opened the COM channel. "I have apprehended the Drell prisoner. Bringing the ship back into the Broken Destiny."

Nassa responded through his helmet so only Raynor heard. "Roger that, the loading crew will be ready."

The Drell was horiffied at the speed with which the huge human moved and fired a shot almost in a panic. The slug drilled a hole through the backrest of the chair at the height where Raynor's shoulderblades had been, but he was no longer there. Before the Drell could adjust his aim a sledgehammer blow smashed his legs out from under him. He gasped in pain as he hit the deck hard, the muscles of his calves cramping from the injury, and before he could scrabble for the gun, the crushing weight of the Spartan came down on him, concentrated through his kneepad into the small of his back. He had to force himself not to scream in pain.

"Enough! I submit!" He yelled. As the pressure increased, his vision began to swim and his ears were filled with a throbbing roar, until finally he drifted into complete senselessness.

SSG Murphy

Murphy watched Sarah draw her energy sword.

"I'll be on point, Murphy, you're squishyest, you're in the back, Mee, back him up, and aim high"

As Sarah stacked up, Murphy got behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder. These were the moments where time seemed to slow down. If he were perfectly honest, Murphy kind of liked it. So when he squeezed Sarah's shoulder, he was in a state of total zen.

Sarah smirked under her helm as the Brutes came into view, three of them in all "try not to fill me full a holes, 'kay?" she joked as Luna smashed two into the flooring and held them there.

Mee immediately opened fire on the one Luna didn't pin down as Sarah activated her sword, and charged straight for it, shooting at its knees

the two Luna had pinned down resisted, and pushed back against the force keeping them down

When the Drell began to come around, he was immediately aware that he was laid out on a rigid foam mattress that was unfamiliar to him, and his black eyes snapped open. He took in the sterile white, spartan accommodations of the Broken Destiny's brig and rolled off of the bunk to land lightly on his feet, before striding towards the sliding door of the cell. It didn't open automatically on his approach, not that he expected it to, and when he tugged vainly on it, it didn't budge. Snarling, he slammed his palms against it in frustration.
"Damn that freakish human! May he walk out into the desert!" He spat, before starting to pace, examining the blank cell for some kind of weakness to be exposed. There were few to be found easily.

SSG Murphy

As soon as the rounded the corner Murphy began shooting at the brute that was moving quickly towards them. He kept his pattern tight on center mass as Sarah swung at the brute's knees. It fell quickly, both Murphy and Mee keeping locked on as they fired.

Murphy had never seen a brute go down that quickly without heavy weapons. He had already respected the Spartans, no matter how much he made fun of them, but the move Sarah pulled was flat-out ballsy.

Changing his magazine, Murphy walked to the remaining two Brutes and pulled his combat knife.

"Let's go, Baby Kong." he muttered to himself, approaching one, a little apprehensive of the struggling beast. In moments, he had slit its throat, his blade quickly cutting through the flesh, severing the spine. He gestured for Sarah to do the same on the second trapped brute.

"Never use ammo if you don't have to."

Cleaning off his blade and hand Murphy looked around.

"On the good side, I think we're almost done. Anybody want to watch baseball after we're through?"

Sarah walked over and shoved her sword into the brutes face clear up to her knuckles "do they have baseball in this universe?" she asked as she deactivated the blade and put it back in its place, Mee handing her, her rifle back

"do all Spartans use such direct tactics?" Luna asked offhandedly as she rejoined the group


He had brought the ship into the ship and apprehended the Drell. One of the aliens from this universe then proceeded to take off the Omni-tool off the Drell and they put him into the brig. Raynor then went to the bridge where the Captain was.

When he entered he saluted the Captain but she was the first to speak. "Good job Raynor. We will dig out some information from him and see why he was. We haven't been here very long, but I can almost guarantee that there are some watchful eyes on us already. For now return to Fastina. She is probably still waiting."

The Drell finished searching the room for weaknesses to exploit and returned to the door. Raising his hand, he groaned on seeing the Omni-tool projector missing. He knew his weapons would be gone, but he hadn't expected the foreign humans to know the value -and threat- of the device. With no escape to be made in the forseeable future, he simply began to pace back and forth, glowering at the cameras that were no doubt monitoring him from concealed positions. To an observer, the Drell would have the appearance of an apex predator, coiled and ready to strike, the restrained energy and power obvious in his bearing, his alert eyes ready to snap to any sign of movement, of an advantage.


Jastis ducked as the Elite tried to slash him with an energy sword but just barely missed, the heat of the blade could be felt on his armor. Ducking he slammed his body into the elite and pulled out his combat knife and stabbed the Elite through the neck. He grabbed the energy sword from the Elite's body but then was slammed against the wall by the brute. They struggled for a moment, Jastis was pushing against the wall to get the Brute away, its ugly face so close.

Finally he was able to start up the Energy Sword and it pierced through the Brute and made him stagger back.

Marine Captain Vonri Ester

He arrived in the brig to interrogate the prisoner, honestly he didn't expect to find much but there was something. The Marine Captain stopped outside the cell where the Drell prisoner was already up and about. Sitting down in his chair, he turned on a monitor that allowed him to talk to the Drell prisoner who took noticed. "Sit down, we're going to have a chat."

"I will stand." The Drell said defiantly, turning to face the monitor on his end. "And when I get out of this cell, there will be a price to pay for locking me up."

Marine Captain Vonri Ester


"A price to pay you say?" the Marine Captain simply shook his head and lit a cigar and blew a bit, "and what might that be?"

The Drell bit back a vicious, empty threat. There was no point talking of killing until he was on the other side of that door, he knew. It had been unprofessional to say as much as he had already.
"I assume you have my ship and cargo in safe custody?" He asked, choosing instead to play the part of an irate, but relatively innocent merchant.

SSG Murphy

Murphy watched as Sarah plunged the sword in and realized that to Luna, the two of them probably appeared to be nearly animal in nature in the way they dealt with threats.

Do all Spartans use such direct tactics? Luna asked.

"Well, I can't speak for Spartans, but as for Marines, we use what's most efficient." Murphy answered. Most of Murphy's interaction with Spartans on the battlefield had been either removing or incinerating bodies of ones who had fallen. Typically, it was the latter. The UNSC often took extreme measures to protect the OPSEC of the Spartans and of the fleet. SF soldiers like Murphy were often tasked with keeping secrets out of enemy hands.

Murphy turned to Sarah, "I don't know if they do, but I have the past three MLB seasons recorded."

Murphy moved to the door at the end of the room. He checked his map. "Looks like we have a nice open area, then we'll be done. Who wants to bet there'll be armor?"

"I don't know if they do, but I have the past three MLB seasons recorded."

"all the games? i had a friend who was a fan of Seattle, feel like watching a few games for them" Sarah said as follow Murphy to the door.

"Looks like we have a nice open area, then we'll be done. Who wants to bet there'll be armor?"
"I'm rather surprised we haven't sent any yet" Mee said as she ready her rifle "should we encounter any 'Ghosts' or Banshees' though, Luna and i shall handle the the pilots, the two of you need only give use a broad side" she added with a confident air in her tone

Marine Captain Vonri Ester

"Everyone is safe, now just sit down and simply answer our questions or will that be a bit too tough for you? I am a patient man, I got all day," he said as he got comfortable in his chair.

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