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Scott was sitting on the couch, arms up a head back when he faintly heard a strange song. He eyelids grew more and more heavy and before he new it Scott was out like a light. Sleeping on the job while sitting on a burnt mans couch...

The Jigglypuff noticed the Pokemon and the person below were out like a light. A Rattata appeared, looking at it curiously. Motioning upwards, the Rattata got the message and went back to get the guards. Maybe it would get extra cheese from Master this time!

Leela watched as the Rhyhorn took on the Growlithe with gusto, and switched to the Meowth/Machoke battle. Machoke did her Karate Chop, which the Meowth was unable to dodge completely, it's foot getting caught and spinning it into the nearby wall, leaving a sizable dent and a dazed pokemon. Stunned just long enough for Machoke to follow up with a kick smashing more or less through the cat and the wall, this time leaving a vaguely cat and foot shaped hole in it.

"Good girl. Bellsprout," She said, throwing out the pokeball,"Use Sleep Powder, now!" The Bellsprout emitted a stream of slightly green powder into the guard's face. He sneezed, but slowly succumbed to the embrace of sleep.

"Nice work, Bellsprout, you may actually be useful around here. You feel like taking his pokemon, Slouch?"She made a nickname to make sure he couldn't be named if the guard was still on the verge of consciousness. Leela grabbed a pokeball from his belt and returned the beaten Meowth to it.

"Bellsprout, get up," She put her arm down and the Bellsprout somewhat reluctantly climbed on. It moved up to her shoulder and wrapped it's roots under her arm to secure it's perch.

"Machoke, come on, seems the sneaky way is out. What's next? You remember where the next Conner's was supposed to be? Two floors up, right?"

That Machoke sure was something. Dirk decided that perhaps it would be best not to get too hostile with leela. He could only imagine what getting punched by that thing would feel like but even that made him cringe.

"You feel like taking his pokemon, Slouch?"
Slouch? What the hell is her problem? Dirk looked down at the growlithe and then at the cat shaped hole in the wall.
"I don't think it would be worth the time to pick them up, Sister." Putting perhaps a little too much emphasis on sister. He was sort of miffed about the nickname and knew that she didn't want to be called that so it was only fair, really.

"What's next?"

Dirk thought for a second. There were likely other rockets taking care of the upper floors so joining them didn't seem like it would be all that helpful.
"I want to make a sweep of this floor. Considering how quickly the alarm was set off, whoever did it likely didn't have time to move to a different one and could be in trouble."

He took the opportunity to return rhyhorn.

Mayu was amazed by how quickly Max had dispatched the guard, but she could hear even more footsteps now. Gulping, she ran ahead to show them what she had as well! It was two of the guards, and one already had their pokemon out! It was a ratatta. Thinking to herself 'easy enough', she said. "Vulpix, quick attack!" Her vulpix charged forward, dashing from one spot to the next, and tackled the rat pokemon. What followed was something that she hadn't expected. A light song filled the ears of her and her Pokemon, and she suddenly felt drowsy. Looking up, she saw that the second guard had called his Jigglypuff during her first attack on the ratatta. Falling to her knees, she said. "N-no..I don't wanna get captured..N-no.." She then passed out, breathing in a gentle sleep.

"Then lets make a sweep." She patted Machoke on the arm and then returned her to the pokeball.

"Thanks Machoke. You always are helpful when I need you."

She opened the next door to find the big guy from the game corner asleep on a couch with his own Growlithe curled up on his lap, who he was also somehow curled around and cuddling. A moaning figure in the hallway to her right was still slightly smoking. Looking closer, he looked to have marker drawn on his face, most noticeable of them being "STUPID" written on his forehead, a badly drawn string of drool, with actual drool inside it, going down to his collarbone, and eyelashes drawn around his eyes. Besides that, the Growlithe was also similarly marked, and the overhead vent was on the ground at his feet.

"What the hell? This isn't the time for sleeping....And don't tell me we just circled around. Damn offices, don't the architects or somebody make any maps of these places? Or at least make them easier to move between?" She shook both of them, and when that didn't produce any results, she reared her arm back as far as she could and slapped Scott. He awoke almost immediately.

"We're here on a job, moron, not to sleep."

Seeing the sleeping figure of Scott and his growlithe and noticing the marker on his face dirk just sighed.
"Goddamn Jigglypuffs..." He'd seen this before. Dirk had lost his share of battles to Jigglypuffs like that. There wasn't much more humiliating than that. He sent out his voltorb.

"Ok, you know the drill. There are Jigglypuff about so follow me and if you hear or see one use sonicboom." It wasn't a perfect plan, if voltorb wasn't quick enough it wouldn't work and sometimes it wasn't enough but it was the best defense he could come up with.

He wondered what they should do now.

Max saw the girl rush forward.

"Don't go ahead, we don't know-"

And she dropped like a light.

This is why I hate children.

His new Pokemon emerged and it was... A bird thing. Well, this is a new one. Spearmint or something.

"Get over there and stop that Jigglepuff!" he shouted at it. It obeyed, hesitating at first before flying in and pecking at the puffball's eyes. Dashing in through the door, Max picked up the little kid and pulled her back into the hallway.

"Wake up you little brat. I need you right now." he said. His Nidorino was holding off Growlithes decently well but he tossed out his Zubat to give it a hand. Within a few moments the two worked together to take them out. They vanished in a red light as the guards up on the stairs retreated.

Got to get up higher. He is here. And where the hell is Alex?

* * *

Four guards entered the hallway. The Rattata ran into the room with Leels and Dirk inside. They jumped inside but didn't see anyone.

"Stupid rat, come on. Where are they?"

The little Pokemon started looking around the room. A Jigglypuff armed with a marker jumped out of the air duct and pointed at the washroom. All four immediately pulled out their balls and released Growlithes. The rat was the first one through the door.

"Ditto, burn these- wait, that's a bad idea... we could end up burning the whole place...
Ditto, just knock out the enemies, and be careful with the fire attacks."
With that, Ditto/Growlithe bit the wing of the pidgey that zubat was battling. Drowzee proceeded to confuse the other pokemon.
"What a mess. So, have you found Conner yet?"

Mayu shifted a little bit at his voice and mumbled. "Mmm, is it time to go to school already? I'll be ready in five minutes.." She rubbed her eyes before gasping and remembering just where she was. "I-I'm sorry boss..I won't run ahead again." She had tried to prove herself and only ended up getting embarrassed. She couldn't let that happen again! Looking to her Pokemon, she stood on her feet and said. "Round two guys! We won't lose again!"

Scott woke to a stinging pain across his face. He stood in an instant, grabbing the young girl by the throat and pinning her to a nearby wall forcefully. His large hand wrapped completely around her neck with ease.

"Hit me again and that pretty little face of yours will be the last of your worries. I've put down bitches for less in the past." Scott said to Leela with a smirk, his face uncomfortably close to hers.

Scott released the girl from his grasp, she began to cough and let a small wheeze but remained on her feet, she was a tough one. Scott glanced over to his Growlithe and noticed marker on it's face. "Figures..." Scott whistled at the dog pokemon and went into the bathroom to removed the graffiti from his mug... and hit mutt.

As Scott was washing off the last of the marker from Red's face, Leela and Dirk came barging in and slamed the door. Guards could be heard outside, Growlithes in tow.

"I think that me slapping you was the least of your worries, big guy. We've got guards just waiting for us outside. Split up? Break down three walls and go separate ways, meet up at the next Conners? Or just take them out now?" She took off her "glasses" and put them in the pocket of her jacket, where they'd be relatively safe.

She took out Machoke's ball again, making sure to grip it tight in case they barged in, and made sure to stay out of the way of the door.

Nice bathroom, pretty clean too, for a guy. Good thing it's spacious, otherwise we'd all be cramped in here.

"Four of them. I reckon we can take them"

Although, just putting some distance between them might be preferable. Voltorb was at his feet, on alert. He reached for his Ryhorn. However this turned out Dirk got the feeling he'd need him.

Max led the girl up the stairs.

I get stuck with the girl and someone flips the alarm off before we can even get through half the Connors. What a mess.

The floor seemed empty so he ran through it with Nidorino and Zubat close behind. The bird pokemon insisted on sitting on his shoulder and he was too preoccupied to brush it off. No Connors here. He noticed the elevator was moving. It opened and two guards fell out of it. Alex walked in with his bat bloodied and with two extra grunts.

"How'd you fuck this one up?"

"Believe me, I'm going to find out." said Max, furious at that knowing grin on his commanders face. He knew hitching Max with the most incompetent grunts would guarantee he would need to be rescued. The bastard got off of humiliation.

"Well, lets get up to the 23rd floor. We think that's the one this guy is in."

Fuck. More than a dozen floors, probably crawling with guards.

"How's the street?"

"Clear but we need to haul ass." said Alex, getting serious. At least he was on the line too.

Mayu gulped a little bit when she saw Alex coming out of the elevator, and knew that she had to get really serious if she was going to make a good..or at least positive impression on the commander. She still didn't know how to lose her cute, but at least right now she was focused on the task at hand. Listening to the two higher ranking Rockets talking, she made sure to look down the hallway and make sure that their area was secured. She felt better with the two extra grunts but she knew that it was still going to be tough.

"I've been itching for a battle since the game corner." Red let out an excited bark.

"Well if they didn't know we were in here, they do now. Sorry boy, your sitting this one out." Scott returned his Growlithe to it's pokeball, then released his Zubat and Poliwag.

"Now that this bathroom is getting a little cramped lets get the hell out of here! Ima have Polly coat the mutts out there with watergun, you wanna it them with a thundershock right after?" Scott said to Dirk.

There was a pounding on the door as the gaurds outside tried to get in.
"First." Dirk released his Rhyhorn. "Break it down"
Rhyhorn slammed into the door, rock hitting wood with a crack. The door snapped at the hinges, groaned for a split second and then gave way, slamming down into the gaurd in front of it and splinters showering the other gaurds and their pokemon. Rhyhorn's charge brought it over the guard that had been hit by the door, trampling and knocking him out. It stumbled out into the room behind the guards, agitated and stamping the ground, daring them to attack.

Dirk allowed himself a smile. That went exeptionally well. He stepped aside to allow Scott to act.
He also released his grimer."Find that Jigglypuff and disable it. I don't want any nasty surprises."

Let's see, lots of Growlithes, fire-types, something that's capable of putting both pokemon and people to sleep, I'd say Magicarp, but it was gone, so that leaves.... what is it's name? I hate normal-types, they're so boring, why didn't I pay attention in cla-Jigglypuff! That's it, so, I don't have anything to defend against that, so I may as well keep Machoke in reserve. And Rainy-Day hasn't had alot of time out of his ball today, so he may as well get a chance for some fun.

She put Machoke pack on her belt and withdrew her Dratini and let it out.

"Heya Rainy, how's it going?" The pokemon purred in reply,"Ok, go do what you know how to do. It's ok Bellsprout, you'll get your chance sometime, just not now."

The Dratini eyes became hard and it slithered out of the bathroom. She really should start getting it closer to evolving she knew, but it was just so cute, all fifteen feet of it.

The Growlithes of course first saw the Rhyhorn stampede out of the bathroom, trampling one of the guards and into the main room of the apartment, but the next thing to leave the bathroom was an apparently angry Dratini, in all it's Dragon-type anger and glory. Two of them unleashed flame on Rainy, but they weren't able to get through it's strong scales. It channeled the static electricity it had built up slithering across the floor into one of them, who was mostly unhurt, but couldn't find the strength to shut it's jaws or move it's legs. The other looked on it obvious terror, Leela noted as she stepped out into the room. The Growlithe's trainer had eyes wide and skin that had taken on a pale hue.

"Oh, dearie me, are you afraid of little Rainy-Day here? He's perfectly harmless, at least with me."

"Growlithe, torch this bitch's ass."

Leela dived out of the way as the dog unleashed a small blast of flame that enveloped Rainy, but he came out of it relatively unscathed, a few of his scales had taken on a more yellowish look to them and the wall and couch behind him were aflame.

"Well, that didn't work, obviously, Twister now.Look what you did to Bellsprout, you scared the little guy, shame on you."

Rainy-Day purred and somehow created a small tornado in the room, lifting the two Growlithes and their trainer to the ceiling, slamming them into it, and then dropping them back to the ground. The paralyzed one gave up trying to move and fainted instead, the trainer and his remaining pokemon scrambled to their feet and began running for the door, the trainer returning the wounded Growlithe to it's pokeball. They would've gotten away too, if the Rhyhorn hadn't been in the room, it turned and sent them flying into the nearby wall, knocking them out cold,at least from the looks of it.

"Okay,"Leela said cheerily,"Who's next?"

Scott stepped out infront of Leela, "I am!"

Only one of the guards remained, already shaking in his boots. The guard's Growlithe remained confident.

"Polly, watergun!" The poliwag let out a huge stream of water soaking the Growlithe. The dog was badly hurt from the attack but shook of the remaining water and waited for it's command.

"Let that tadpole know whos boss!" The Guard exclaimed. His Growlithe let out a deep growl, Polly began to shiver and looked nervously at Scott.

"You've got this, tackle that thing then finish him off with another watergun." The Poliwag snapped back to the battle and charged at the Growlithe, checking with not much vigor the Growlithe barely moved, it countered with a strong bite attack. The Growlithe began to shake the Poliwag in it's teeth then tossed it aside. Polly was dazed, then fainted.

"Polly return! Try this on for size!" Scott tossed another pokeball from his belt, a Zubat appeared from the flash of red light. "Hit it with a supersonic!" The Zubat let out a high pitched attack that crippled the Growlithe. "Now! Leech life!" The zubat swooped down and dug it's fangs into the dog's neck, The Growlithe began to weaken, it's legs began to shake. "Finish it off with a wing attack!" The Zubat pulled away and swung its wing, a wave of wing struck the Growlithe in the head knocking it over faint.

Scott held out his arm for the Zubat to perch on, but instead the Zubat flapped around in the air for a bit before landing on Scott's head, content on it's new perch.

"Well, they went down too easy, don't you think Rainy?" The Dratini had returned to his normal self, though was obviously a bit exhausted, the fires hadn't had as much effect on him as other pokemon would've, but they still hurt. He purred, though with a bit of whine thrown in for dramatic effect.

"Alright, back you go. Bellsprout, get off for a second here, I've gotta put out a few fires." The Bellsprout did as it was told and Rainy-Day went back into his pokeball. She grabbed one of the guards and took off his jacket and began using that to put out the fire on the couch. She had to take another guard's jacket to put it out completely, and took the two Growlithes for Rocket recompense, they had to be worth something, she'd seen few enough growing up and that was among people that could buy almost anything they wanted.

Bellsprout regained it's place on her shoulder, after which she turned to the other two Rockets in the room.

"So, keep going like this? Room to room, clearing out the guards? Or does anybody have a better plan? I sure as hell don't."

Once the Pidgey attacking his Zubat was distracted, Zane ordered his Zubat to start supersonic again. Zubat's attack together with the abilities of one of the strangest looking Pokemon Zane had ever seen quickly confused the guards and the remaining Growlithe.

Zane smacked away the confused guards, and began methodically breaking their bones for good measure. He looked over and saw his Mankey cracking the boulder Pokemon's skull. He saw the magnet Pokemon... Looked like it was charging up an attack. Before it could unleash it, Zane leaped over and kicked the Pokemon into a wall. And then smashed his foot into it again for even better measure.

Thanks to Dylan's surprise attack, Zane and Dylan were able to handle the guards.

Zane turned to Dylan. "Thanks for that man. I guess I'm too used to fighting weak civilians. Wasn't expecting the guards to be able to fight like that." He grinned. "Helluva fight though. You see how I smashed that guards nose after you showed up? And kicking that magnet Pokemon into the wall... Awesome." He paused. "I haven't found Conner yet though, no. I'm guessing you haven't had much luck either."

"I have a better plan, how about not stealing pokemon. Gutless." Scott trudged out of the room after returning his pokemon.

"You call me gutless, big guy? We're here to make money and find this Conners guy. Not leave every guard with his pokemon, this guy pissed me off, and this is his bill. So let's find a plan that incorporates the two, with Conners being the prerogative, of course."

She walked out behind him and went up to the next floor with the other guy, Slouch she'd keep calling him, at least on jobs, getting fingered off a name would be a hell of an embarrassment.

"For someone who loves her pokemon so, I figured you'd have more respect for other's pokemon." Scott continued walking with the group.

Dirk was somewhat bemused by Scott. First he seemed suspiciously nice with Mayu back at the game corner, then he threatens to kill Leela for a wake-up slap even though it probably saved his ass from getting busted and then he advocates not stealing others pokemon out of "respect".
He couldn't really figure him out.

The two of them were still at each other though. "Would you kindly both shut the hell up? I ain't being payed to babysit you kids so play nice, at least while we're on a job."

Zane took the cash from the guards, and then returned their Pokemon to their Pokeballs. He stuffed the Pokeballs in the pack he had, and grinned. "Man, those dog Pokemon should win me some points. And I bet that rock and magnet Pokemon will be worth something too!"

He gave Dylan some of the cash, and handed him the Pokeballs containing the Pidgey, and two of the dog Pokemon. "Here. Thanks for helping me out. You can take these as spoils."

Zane then turned to his Mankey. "Mankey! What the hell was that? You just start biting and scratching the enemies Pokemon? I trained you better than that! Your claws don't do shit, stop using them. You have powerful fighting abilities, fucking hit the damn things, don't claw at them!" Mankey cringed and nodded. Zane sighed. "Allright whatever, you aren't too hurt so well done. Just do better next time."

He turned to Dylan. "C'mon. The guards are alert, so we need to find the others, then Conner, then get out of here."

"Alert? So that's what this mess was all about... I wonder who set off the alarms..."
"Okay, I think they are two floors down. Let's go."
Dylan and Zane went off to meet with the other grunts.

Zane nodded at Dylan and set off with him. They both had to put up with a couple of random Pokemon roaming the halls, but Dylan's sleep attack and Zane's Mankey were able to take care of them easily.

"Humph." Said Zane, after he and his Mankey had battered about a some kind of sand shrew Pokemon for a bit. "They aren't so tough when they aren't in a group. And where on earth have the others gotten lost to? We must have been walking for fifteen minutes now!"

Max started to feel sleepy.

"Puffballs, stuff your ears!"

Alex and the grunts behind him clasped their ears in their hands. Fucking singing Pokemon. Nothing was more embarrassing than falling asleep and waking up in a jail.

Fortunately his Zubat didn't seem to be effected. It flew into an air duct and started battling the small Pokemon.

"We should be good for now-"

He sighed as he noticed his new bird Pokemon knocked out cold on the floor behind him.

"Wake up you piece of shit!"

Nothing. He picked it up and flicked its head. It woke up with a squawk.

"See what's ahead, numbskull."

The bird Pokemon flew ahead erratically. God new Pokemon were annoying.

Mayu had quickly covered her ears as soon as she heard the call. No way was she getting put to sleep twice in a row, and in front of her Commander no less! Luckily, she made it through the ordeal, and once she uncovered her ears, she said after letting out a breath of relief. "I never thought they would have so many Jigglypuff. I wonder if all of the guards have one. That would be annoying."

Damian had been walking through when he started to hear singing. "What is that singing and where is it coming from?" damian thought to himself trying to find the source of the music. He turned the corner and found that the source of the music was a jigglypuff singing in the hall. "shit." Damian said quietly to himself looking over and saw that the jigglypuff hasn't seen him yet.

He threw the third pokeball he had and his abra popped out. "Abra" his abra said in a sleepy tone. "Abra I need you to teleport over there and after you have distracted the jigglypuff for long enough teleport to that room over there." Damian instructed pointing his abra where to teleport to. "Abra" it said in a sleepy tone before disappearing and reappearing further down the hall in the direct sight of the jigglypuff. The jigglypuff saw the abra and ran towards it allowing damian the chance to sneak into a room in that hall.

Running into the room he waited for a minute and then his abra teleported into the room with him leaving the jigglypuff in the hall confused with what had just happened. "Good job abra." Damian said calling it back into it's pokeball. Damian took a peak into the hall and noticed that the jigglypuff has stormed off down a random hall looking for his abra. Damian took this chance to go down one of the halls.

After a few moments of walking he heard a familiar voice and discovered that it was mayu and max. "Hello sir, did you find the target yet?" damian asked walking up to the two.

"No." said Max irritated. "And do you know who started the fucking alarm?"

They stormed through the floor and the next room supposed to hold a Connor was completely empty. Max's Zubat flew back to him after battling the Jigglypuff alone. It looked rather tired so he put it away.

If we don't find him soon the police are going to catch wind of what's going on...

"No I do not know who started the alarm. I have been careful not to set off any alarms but I cannot say the same for the other rockets." Damian responded. The alarms going off only made this operation harder since every guard was aware of their prescience now and the police could be on their way at any moment. "Looks like this mission just got a little harder." Damian commented following max.

Meanwhile, Leela and her little group had made it up two levels with almost no interference, they'd avoided the guards as best they could and the lone pokemon they'd come upon had proven no match for the Rockets.

"Oh, look here, it's the office of a "B.Conners", feel like going in?"

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