Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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You killed yet another innocent person.
For shame.
For. Shame.
*shakes head*

TrilbyWill was the third innocent person to be executed. The game moves on to Cycle Four.

@TrillKill: Thank goodness I don't have to clean that.

I mean, what a tragic waste of life!

@Trilby: Welcome to Jesus Infinite Bar and Grill, can I take your order?

@RaNDM G: Ha! Did you see those idiots? They killed another one of the innocent people. I wish I could tell them that the killer is the one that uses a flaming stick but I can't...

@Death: Did we really have to kill him in the living room?... With a chainsaw? And did you really have to kill our piranha? *Sigh, picks up mop and gets to work.*
Btw, this means I get your room again.

@Jak The room filled with Kaidans? Sure.
And that was a cross-breed bearfish.

@RaN I'll take the Everything Since the Dawn of Time Meal.

@Rimmy Stop being dead so loudly!
No peace for the living I guess.

I see dead dogs.

@Trilby: Yay! I don't have to pay rent!! I mean...

...noooooooo!! He's dead! D:

@Jak: Make sure you scrub good, I don't wanna smell Trilby mulch when I'm in there. Or anywhere else for that matter...


@Mort: That sounded so sincere. /sarcasm.
Just for that, you don't get any of my Everything Meal when you die!

@RaN Do you serve Happy Meals?
I want my toy...

@Trilby: Aww...I guess I'll have to settle for an endless supply of everything...


@Trilby: *Smashes bearfish with sledgehammer, when he notices it walking*
@Mortis: *Put's Trilby's head on your bed.* morning has been less than optimal.

Oh well, someone gets to die now. ^_^

The killer is poised to strike once again!

Check your inbox.


@Death: I actually had a nightmare like that once...


@Diablo: WHYYYYYY???????

Well...that was technically something I guess.

Yes, Diablo1099 has been struck down in his prime. May his organs be sold for a great price on the black market.

Time to vote once again.

@Redlin5: That's... awesome, I once had a dream where I was stuck upside-down inside of a car with a steel pole piercing through my chest.

@David: What are these dreams you speak of? I've never had one...

That I remember...

Also, vote sent by CA...

@Trilby: Got it.

*shouts back to the kitchen*

"King Arthur with a hip replacement on a bed of coals!"



"Just give him everything."


@Steke: Yessir.



Enjoy your Happy Meal, sir.

*gives random toy*

@Randm: *epically steals*


@Jak: The least you could have done was put it on a frame so I could mount it over the fireplace.

*gives Steke another random toy*

@Malyc: You can keep that. I got a million other generic pieces of plastic sitting in the back.

@Randm: Nononono, I jacked the FOOD, not the toy...

*not a single fuck was given about the toy*

@Malyc I wasn't really hungry anyway. There's probably some not too old pizza home. Somewhere.

*Skips merrily along with plastic toy in hand.*

@Steke: Hmmm... Well then.


Looks like I didn't miss much with my wild weekend taking up most of my time. Oh yes I have already sent in my vote.

@Malyc: Looks like your plans...

*puts on shades*

Got tossed in the trash.

@Randm: I had a plan? When did this happen? WHY WASN'T I INFORMED OF THIS???

*Sends CA to deliver my note*

Why are we sending CA food again?

I'll vote tomorrow.

@Redlin: Apparently Jak has enlisted me to deliver votes for him. Can't catch a break even when I'm dead...

@Jak: *manifests in raven-form* Squawk. *noms pay and note*

@Diablo: Mind if I have those organs now that you're not using them? I could use them at the black market.

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