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Kazuya didn't answer, he was on a mission and he wasn't going to fail it now, not when he was so close.

Knife runs at Kazuya and trys to wrestle the laser rifle away from him.

Kazuya Fires at Knife's Shoulder, creating a perfect round hole in it, had he wanted to, Knife would've been dead.

Knife grunts in pain, but continues to try and disarm Kazuya. "It'll take alot more than that to put me down mate."

"Kazuya, you've lost your mind! Are you forgetting so quickly that you nearly got killed by Goenitz? Had you charged in alone, you'd be in Dolurrh right now. You are in no position to be doing anything reckless right now, understood?" She draws her shleld and rapier, making her position clear.

*Puce stood behind Kazuya, watching him fire a shot through Knife's shoulder. Knife's attack had been an opportune moment to sneak behind Kazuya, using the nanobot camouflage suite grafted into his skin, he watched as Kazuya and Knife struggled, taking time to drain the power cell used to power the Laser Rifle.*

*Suddenly, a stone arm sprouted from the wall, intent on hitting Kazuya in the knee.*

Kazuya was disarmed and downed by the groups efforts.
"No...No...You can't let him live...Not after what he has done...What YOU'VE Done Rugal...YOU HEAR ME!?" He said as he tried to pick himself up.
Rugal cringed at the sight and attempted to help Kaz up but his gestures were shunned as he got up and and growled "Rugal...I will never...Let you hurt anyone again...If we ever meet, I'll make you wish I killed you today..." as he tapped into Devil Trigger and spouted purple demonic Wings before flying off.
"...I deserved that...Is everyone Ok?" Rugal asked as checked up on Knife.

Knife looks at the hole in his shoulder and, after a moment, pokes his pinkie through. "Eh, don't worry, it's only a flesh wound."

"Here, Hold on a Sec..." Rugal says before using a form of healing magic Slindis taught him.
His hands glowed as he waved them around the wound, causing flesh and bone to be repaired, filling up the hole in his shoulder.

*Puce and Kurumu observed Rugal carefully while sharing a mental conversation. The Kazuya they had known all those years ago from the Tokyo debacle didn't seem like the type of person hell bent on murder.*

"So... Rugal... Why would Kazuya want you dead?*Kurumu finally said, as Puce frowned at her forwardness.*

"Some things should be sorted out over time, now might have not been the time."*Puce said to Kurumu telepathically.*

"No! We should get to the bottom of this now, love. We could be helping out a killer on the level of Bison. You remember what he did to your village."*Kurumu shot back.*

"He...Used to work for me, Back when I was....Evil....He was my go-to for...a lot things, all bad...I can understand now. I didn't care before but now..." Rugal pondered as he entered a trance before massaging his temples.
"Uggghhhh...Hell, I want me dead..."

*Puce sat there waiting for Rugal to regain his composure. A few bits of memory floated to the surface and then any pity for this man that Puce had was swept away.*

*Puce got dressed again, since he had taken his clothes off in order to get the drop on Kazuya, and waited for Knife to be ready to travel again.*

"Looks like you'll be riding Doug after all,"*Puce said, slapping Knife on the shoulder, making the wounded Mall Fighter wince.*

"PUCE! That was mean!*Kurumu scolded, as the group started making their way out of the complex.*

Rugal soon lead the group out of the old Underground base.
He saw several damaged robots outside.
"Wait...Those are the Mango Mk.IIs...How the hell did he get...oh...right..." He said before he remembered that petty much all the advances the Cartel ever made were because of Goenitz.

Doud swoops in and lands infront of the group, spreading his wings wide and looking as big as possible. "Show off." Knife says, walking up the the giant bird and punching him in the knee. "Who's this douchbag?" He asks, cocking a head at Rugal, "Can I eat him?"

Rugal Dead-panned and said "I spent the last 3 days being water-boarded then electrocuted..." before walking past Doug and back into the Canyon.

"So is that a yes, or a no?" Doug whispers to Knife, who hits him upside the head.

*Puce did a quick sweep around the area for transportation out of the base. Noting a couple of troop crawlers and some sort of aerial troop transport, he turned to the group.*

"Anyone know how to fly or drive one of those? I really don't feel like walking all the way back to the oasis. And how do we even know the ship is still there. Also... Kazuya's probably waiting for us."*Puce said in rapid fire succession*

Slindis follows with multiple water skins filled to the brim. "Ship belongs to that heroic type. I doubt he flew off just because Kazuya showed up. Those transports would be a bit difficult to pick up, but I think I could learn how to control it if we really needed to." A skin is passed to each member of the group. "If we need to, we can travel to the oasis on foot. Compared to crossing the Menechtarun, a day's travel is nothing."

Rugal takes at look at that Aerial Transport.


"I could fly that. Had several of them back in my world..." He said as he climbed in and did several pre-flight checks.

*Puce looked at the helicopter cautiously, like it was about to bite him. He hadn't had many experiences with helicopters and the few that he did have ended in a messy wreck somewhere.*

*Kurumu, on the other hand, happily hopped aboard the dual rotor transport.*

"Come on Puce! Hop aboard. I'm sure it'll be a better ride than the last one!*Kurumu said teasingly.*

*Puce jumped about the craft, first making sure to strap a parachute and helmet on.*

"I hope you know what you're doing."*He said to Rugal, a look of terror in his eyes.*

Rugal put on a headset and said "It's just like riding a Bike..." Before starting the engine.
After a few moments, the Helicopter was in the air and heading over the desert.

Slindis chuckles and pats Puce on the shoulder. "Relax, we're not going to wreck here unless someone's going after us." While flying around, she gave a small thought to her old group. I hope they're using that information wisely. That goddess isn't anything to be trifled with.

As the Group soared though the desert sky, Rugal asked over the sound of helicopter's engine "Slindis, You want me to try and get you back to your own world again?", Recalling the last time they opened a portal.

"Hmm... Puce, I think someone from my world could help you with restoring Pupuru back to her own body. Of course, there are risks associated with it, knowing how most people from my world view succubi, but it's worth a shot, isn't it? If we can find a way, it's worth a shot." She shouts over the sound of the engine.

*Puce thought about Slindis' offer. He had learned how to control 4 of the 5 known elements already (though use if the Third and Fourth left almost immediately drained of all energy). Even if no one was able to help Kurumu outright, they might be able to help him get further in discovering the identity of the sixth and final element.*

"Okay..."*Puce said reluctantly.*

"Maybe there's somewhere romantic you can take me, love."*Kurmu said, her desire for a romantic outing had never faded in all these years of travel. When was the last time? Oh yes, the beach in Hawaii!*

Rugal thought about how he was going to return home, with the Sentence still on his head, any attempt to open a portal to there would only result in
My Little Po
"GET OUT OF MY MIND!" He shouted out of no-where much to the group's surprise.
"...Sorry, Err...Personal Demons..."

Doug flys a distance from the chopper, enjoying the thermals generated by the desert and canyons below.

"Okay, if we're going to do this, we'll need to find a mage of some kind. Me and Rugal already dealt with a power-mad artificer, and I'd not think that we're welcome there again." She chuckles and looks and looks at the rest of the group.

*Puce looked out the side of the helicopter hoping that Slindis was right about getting being able to restore Kurumu's body. This journey had been long, a bit too long for his liking. But he did owe it to Kurumu.*

*He looked down at the little doll resting her body on his lap.*

"So I'm guessing that you guys have an idea, the only person that I knew that could open portals, Door, died a few years back."[i]*Puce said, remember the incident... so many lives lost.*

Finally shaking off hiss PTSD, Rugal said to puce "I can open portal's no problem, just despite that, Either me or Slindis can return, we pissed off rather powerful people, me more-so then her, what about you and the Doll? You need help getting back?"
The Helicopter soon landed back on the main deck of the Skyship Valiant.

*Puce's thoughts were broken as soon as the helicopter's landing gear hit the Skyship's hanger desk with a relieving 'thud'.*

*It had been a while since Puce and Kurumu had the option of going back hope. But with Slindis' offer of help, it was an opportunity that would have to wait*

"No. Nothing to go back to...yet. I've got to get Kurumu's body restored and that's not going to happen if we take the first bus home."*Puce responded, relieved to see a smile of slight understanding on Rugal's face. Maybe he has reformed like Slindis claimed.*

"I guess we're with you guys for now. Besides, I don't want to be like this the next bluemoon that Puce decides to take me somewhere nice,"*Kurumu added.*

"Understandable...I too was trapped in a form I couldn't help..." Rugal said as he thought about his time in hell.

"Rugal, don't forget the spider woman that's probably waiting for us should we try to get there. I want to get there as much as you do, but we really should rest for a bit to recover some energy before we try this." She ushered the group over to the sleeping quarters and plopped down on one of the cots.

*Puce sat down on a cot with Kurumu, fingers toying with an amulet that he had, until now, kept hidden under his shirt. The amulet seemed to glow with a life of its own.*

"So, you think we'll be able to find someone to help Kurumu?"*Puce asked Slindis after a few minutes. There was an extreme tiredness in his voice. He had spent much of his energy fighting with Goenitz but the prospect of restoring Kurumu's body kept him awake with excitement and nervousness.*

"I think there is. It's going to require some traveling through the Menechtarun, but when we get there, there's someone there that owes me a favor for slaying the Demon Queen Lailat and freeing him. When we get there, it's best to not deceive him: he's been around a long time, and he has little patience for deceit. Your thoughts" She pats her hand on the bed, allowing Kurumu a seat next to her.

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