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"I own a company which sells nearly all the Vodka in my World among other things, massive amount of money to be made, and yourself? I don't think a peaceful vocation would need that much armour." Rugal invented as he ran, being in peak condition along with the mods he had to his body ensured that this pace might as well be walking for him.

Owen sighs and runs a hand through his hair, grimacing as his fingers brush the plasma scar. "And people wonder why I like to keep my gun on me... I'm Owen, Owen Knight, by the way. I don't suppose you have any idea where the hell we are?"

"Amaya Hatashi, 401st joint Strike witch wing. I was patrolling over Britannia when i was sucked into here. We're about on the same page. By the way, i'm 17" She said putting up her legs.

"Right... And you also seem to be walking around without any... Uhm.. pants." Owen coughs slightly and averts his eyes, finding a comfortable looking spot and dropping cross-legged onto the floor.

"Strike witches don't wear pants, i could explain it to you but your head would probably hurt when i did. So it'd be easier to see it for yourself, want to?" Amaya asked looking with her head tilted at him.

"Oddly enough, yeah, why not. I'm stuck in a giant airship on some alien... Dimension or something, unsuprisingly I've got nothing better to do." Owen sighs with the effort as he heaves himself to his feet, placing his helmet back on, the visor being opaque again.

She laughs. "Good to hear someone that earned his status decides to keep fit. Last man I saw that had the same financial was a slob that thought his power made him untouchable. It didn't." She remembers the four dozen Warforged tearing the man's body apart, feeling no pity even to this day.

Slindis continues. "Still, I'm part of a small group called the Torchbearers. We do almost any kind of thing, really, so the armor isn't all too surprising. Recently, we took down a Marilith in an intense melee to recover our leader's soul, and I was looking into a small cult with a zealous member of the Silver Flame before he turned out to be a rakshasa working with some other drow for something. Don't quite know what, since that Gnomon sent me here with his dying will."

"His Dying Will?...Might I ask what that may be?" Rugal pried a little as they reached the river.


"Huh...much bigger then I thought it would stall we swim or do you have something else in mind?"

"I don't quite know what it was. It wasn't anything damaging, that's for certain. He could have used some planar magic, but even Phiarlan wouldn't know." She across to the other side. From what she'd seen, this was the only viable place in miles to ford the river. After thinking for a minute, she tosses them small necklaces with arrowhead pendants.

"Put these on. You may not need them, but you'll thank me if you do." She dives into the river, swimming just under the surface.

Amaya got up and led Owen into the lift and down into the hangar. Over in a corner stood a lone stand, ontop of a lift.
(just remove the two girls and replace the pair in there with a pair of these: Each one is roughly as tall as Amaya is.)

Amaya led him over to it and admired the pair of F-4 striker units. "These are my babies. F-4GKL striker units, Armed with two sidewinder missiles and laser guided bombs. And that is my 50mm cannon." she said point over to the massive gun on the wall, it was about two and a half times her height in length.

Rugal merely shrugged and put them on, worse come to worse, they might even help.
Sacrificing his Jacket, he began to wade though the water before diving in.
Had to admit, this was way better then the showers at Manor Rugal, he would have to replace those once he got back...

Owen raises his eyebrows and peers at them warily. "So they're like jumppacks, for your legs?" He walks over to one a prods it curiously with the tip of his boot.

Richardson turned to the scanner "Well I've already fixed the Valiant, but you can come aboard if you wish, I have a section of the ship you can place your lab". He just noticed he had missed a conversation. She just waltzed into my bridge didn't she?

He voiced over the intercom. "Hatashi, its polite to ring the doorbell before breaking in".

"Yes, but run off of magic. Anything needed to power these comes from my body. Unless you're a witch, you can't fly them. Want to see them in action? guarantee there's nothing like it." she said walking around to the back of the launcher and stepping up to the edge, just before her striker units.

Owen grins at the voice over the intercom, he nods to Amaya. "Go on then, I know you're itching to get in them anyway." He kicks the ground as he waits for her to put them on, peering out into the sky. "Y'know, I wondered what it was like, to fly through the air rather than fall rapidly through it. I'm an ODST, Orbital Drop Shock Trooper." Owen laughs to himself and impersonates a group shouting "Feet first into hell!"

As she dives underwater, she sees around a dozen sahuagin wielding tridents. Hoping to not draw their attention, she tries to swim clear of them. Please don't attack them, people. This is their area. They would have the advantage!

"You had a striker unit launcher on the ship, so i figured i'd land. Also, i'm the same rank as Any Admiral,we're equals as far as i'm concerned." She said and jumped into the striker units. Her entire body glowed blue as a pair of kite ears and a tail sprouted from her body.

She then held out a hand to Owen. "Want to find out?" she simply asked.

Owen lets out a long exhale. "You know I'm going to say yes, don't you?" He places his SMG down, taking care as he unstraps his sniper rifle, laying it carefully down on the deck. He grasps Amaya's hand firmly and nods to her.

Rugal noted several strange creatures as he swam under the water.
Christ, the sooner I'm out of this world the better... He thought as he swam past.
One of the creatures seemed to follow Rugal and Slindis as the passed the middle currents.

Amaya picked him up as if he were a feather, swinging Owen around and letting him grab hold of her back. "Hold on, your life will depend on it." she said grabbing her gun off of the rack next to them. She nodded and the lift rose to the surface of the ship and the runway.

There was a loud roar as the engines kicked to life and a massive rune formed on the runway around her and runes began to spit out of the jets pipes. "Ready?" she shouted over the roar.

Almost there... As she turns around to see how Oliver was keeping up when she saw the sahuagin. She placed a hand on one of her rapiers, ready for a combat.

"I'll let them have their fun for now." Richardson walked over to his weapons and continued modifying them.

Owen nods, quickly moving his hand up to sync his radio with hers. "You've done this before right? Taken a passenger?"

"There's a first time for everything." she said and leaned forwards, putting them at about a 45 degree angle to the deck. The roar of the engines grew even louder as Amaya was about to launch along with a little eye peice extending to give her a readout of the striker unit's performance.

"Amaya Hatashi, LAUNCH!" she shouted and they took off down the deck gaining more and more speed. By the time they had reached the end of the deck, she was in the air. Amaya increased the thruster output and their speed increased. "400 KPH, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750." she said as they kept gaining speed and altitude. Taking a quick peek over her shoulder, she found Owen still hanging onto her where she left him.

Rugal looked over his shoulder and saw one of the...Things swim up behind him and tied to hit him with a stick of somekind.
He turned and wrestled it from it's hands before kicking it away.
This seemed to anger the rest of the pack.
Well fuuuuu...
He wasn't as going fighting under water and proceeded to flee as the remaining pack closed in.

Owen grimaces as a few readings on his HUD show how fast they're going, his arms linked tightly around Amaya. "And you do this... Voluntarily?!"

After thinking it over in her head, she touches her left arm and the water behind them becomes murky and toxic. Seeing that they only have a bit of time, she grabs Oliver and desperately swims upward, seeing something soaring above. "What in Khyber is that?"

Rugal managed to reach the shallow part of the River and caught his breath.
He took a look around but saw no-one.
He then saw her re-surface in the middle of the river.

Will Edit if so desired
As the Muddy water started to clear, the Sahuagin went in for the kill and tried to drag Her back down.

"Thank you for the gesture, but I have everything I need here." And then the scanner drone flew back to the lab.

Rez did a supersonic inspection of the ever growing complex and was satisfied. Things were coming together quite nicely.

"Just wait, you'll love it." She said as they kept climbing higher and moving into the cloud line. It took them a few minutes of nothing but white blur around them before they broke through and above. It wqas a sea of white below them, Amaya just skimming feet off of the clouds. She extended her magic to him so the air passing around Owen felt just like a breeze.

Not how I expected this to go, but I'm glad that I gave them the necklaces. Too bad they were my only ones. She drew her rapier and managed to stab one in the neck, although the others began attacking her. Her armor absorbed most of the blows, but the impacts were still far from pleasant. Desperate, she begins thinking of how she can cut a path through. I don't need to kill them all. I only need to let them know that it's not worth continuing the fight.

Owen grins at the great expanse of white flowing before them, he shifts his grip slightly, no longer being threatened to be torn from her by the winds as her magic affects him. "Alright, this is more like it..."

Rugal watched as She was pulled down into the water, it started to turn red with blood.
Well, guess that means I won't have to deal with her later...
Rugal would normally walk away from something like this but now...he had taken a real liking to her...
What? She's dying, big deal, you are surrounded by death 24/7, why is this case special?
Rugal fought a alien concept to him as he slowly walked away.
Sounds of a struggle could be heard...

nearly die, I'm going somewhere with this.

This isn't looking too good. Still, I can't afford to die here. Not now.. Her vision is obscured by the massive amounts of blood in the water, and she isn't quite sure how much of it belongs to her. Although she had managed to kill eight of them, the fighting was taking its toll, and her lungs were burning inside her out of an desperate need for air. Dammit, they just won't back off...

"Had to focus on takeoff, never carried someone before like this. And what was that about doing this voluntarily?" Amaya asked as the approached a distant mountain.

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