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Slindis began to fade as one of Sahuagin rose it's Trident.
Before she blacked out, it's head seemed to be cut in two.
Rugal carried her out of the water after killing the Sahuagin.
What the the hell are you doing!? The second she finds out about your true goals, you'll have to kill her anyway!
He noticed that she wasn't breathing.
Great, She's dead, now go home!
"Goddamit! Stay with me!"
He took of the Breast Plate and began to do chest compressions.
"Com'on! COME ON!" He pleaded.
You want her now but it will only end the same...

"Yeah, yeah alright... Also, we are heading back to the ship at some point, right?" Owen turned and peered back the way they came.

Amaya smirked. "Yeah, its the only place i can land and maintain these. Also he doesn't seem all that bad." she said and began to circle down the mountain, breaking cloud line. She saw a river ahead with some blood in it. "Want to see what this big baby can do?" she asked smiling.

"Oh come on, you're going to show me anyway." Owen grins and checks his grip on her, peering over her shoulder and spotting the river. "You going for a bombing run on that thing?"

She stirs, coughing up a mix of water and blood, then gasps for air. "Khyber, that was close. Sill, I'm glad I gave you that necklace. It probably gave you the time needed to get me out without worrying for air." She weakly grins, then wipes the water off her face.

"Still, it's sad that someone that's taken down a black dragon nearly drowned, huh?" She takes a moment to catch her breath, seeing what appeared to be a misshapen bird diving towards their location. "Rugal, what in the nine hells is that?"

"More like making a few new holes in the earth." She said and brought the gun up to aim. While the girl pointed them out, all along the river exploded with a massive amount of shots being poured into it. 20 in all, sending columns of water up 100's of feet into the air. Shortly after the shots hit, all of the sound waves hit them and it sounded like an entire battlefleet broadsided all of their guns through the valley.

Amaya punched it and broke the sound barrier, their vision gaining little glimmers of of light here and there from the air streams they broke though. "Lets have some fun." she said and dove down into the valley, weaving in and out of the walls of waters as they collapsed around the witch and odst.

"Oh Thank god, I thought I lost you there..." Rugal said, totally out of character.
He preformed a quick check for wounds, mostly just cuts although some of them were kind of deep.
Ohhhh Now I get want a battle with her to the death later...right?... His mind seemed blown by this, I mean he left his own son to a mad doctor for Immortality of a sort, yet here he was, caring for someone who he would most likely kill later on,
"Ok, no broken bones, just some slash wounds, can you walk?"

The Jet passed by over head which Rugal missed.

Owen laughs loudly turning his head to watch the walls of water zoom past. "You're crazy! Absolutely insane!" He turns his visor transparent and his HUD fades, simply enjoying the ride.

"Can I walk? I'd be worried if these kept me from moving. These kinds of injuries happen all the time in my line of work, so I've gotten used to it." She begins chanting, and the worst of the injuries sealed themselves up. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad if I went to his world.

She gives her gear a quick once-over, seeing the damage it took in the fight. The rapiers are chipped, there's a few rends in the armor, and I lost around ten arrows. Surprisingly little, but I'll need to see a smith before the mithral gets much worse. Satisfied, she turns to Rugal. "Let's get moving, then."

Rugal and Slindis resumed on their quest with Rugal tiring to figure out why on earth did he bother saving her life.
He spent everyday of his life using others to his ends but this was totally unlike him, He fucking Raped his Son's mother!!
Why? Why her? Why did he do that?

"I should try and make you a pair, or find some way to make you magical. then you wouldn't be constrained to the ground" Amaya said flying upwards out of the valley. she had always loved flying at super sonic speeds, the little bubble she was contained in where there was no wind, just stillness as the world flew by her.

about 1 minute in she breaks it.

"Maybe, but I prefer jumping into hell, not flying into it." Owen grins, ducking his head down and letting Amaya do her stuff.

Amaya flew back to the ship after giving a shrug. She and Owens parted ways after a few see you laters and Amaya took the lift back down to work on her Strikers.

While she marched with Rugal, she thought about many things. What will happen from here? Could that thing from earlier be after us? If so, what will we do to counter it? I can fire arrows at it, but those blasts were like Ormadil's fireballs! Maybe we can talk it down, it would certainly help to not have another dangerous enemy.

The cave was slowly starting to appear on the horizon with small movements in the surrounding sky. If I can see that from there, we're in for some serious trouble.

"Right, I reckon another hour or two and we'll be there..." Rugal stated as he looked up to the Airship.
Would they be able to jam it?...
He then said "Let keep moving..."

"Rugar, that should work. Be careful though, I can see movement in the sky by the cave." She proceeds with caution and strains to make out the shapes, but they were still too small to clearly see. Well, at least Fuer'yon taught me a few tips in case I'm forced to combat them at range..

"I know, I do too, How are you're wounds?" Rugal asked as he guessed the tech level.
It could be possible, so I'll have to make this quick...

Slindis looked at her injuries. They had been bleeding, but much of the damage was superficial.
"It's not too big of an issue, really. I've learned from bouts with beholders to fix the truly damaged areas and patch up the minor issues later." She curtly nodded, then retrieved a small piece of parchment and began writing on it. There's always the chance that I don't need this, but it's better to not have an incident like Silverhilt and Lailat's.

"Very well, let's move then!" Rugal said as he marched onwards.
And just who was that man I fought? And how did he know those moves? I thought I was the only one with the skill necessary to preform the Raging Storm...
The longer his stayed in this world, the less this all made sense.

As they got closer, she could see the creatures in more detail. It appeared to be a few packs of flying horses with beaks fighting off multiple birds, each larger than a medium sized boat. She saw the ground near the cave, and it was littered with feathers and blood, although there were no corpses to be seen.

She urges Rugal over and whispers, "Look, we need to march double-time in order to get out of the open. We have a decent distraction, and the people on that airship would think us crazy to go in there."

"Noted, Once We're in, I can open the portal and we can both go home." Rugal said as he recalled the drawing he used to enter this world.
My little pon-
"Get out of my mind!" He said to nothing.

She makes a sprint for the cave entrance, pushing her body to its limits to avoid getting caught up in the fight between the two groups. The nagging doubts and thoughts of failure had been banished from her mind: it was do or die, and she preferred to live. Although she nearly slipped on the blood raining down, she managed to make it into the cavern.

Once safely inside, she waited for Rugal and his panther to make it before proceeding any further and ignored the spiders crawling around in the cave. After all, they were doing her no harm. C'mon, Rugal, you can do it, don't be bait for those birds out there...

Rugal and Rodem easily made it past, after all, in an Aerial Dog-fight, you only look at the ground as you crash.
"Right, now to find a wall..."
After several minutes, Rugal found a rather flat wall and picked up a sharp rock and began to crave out a circle design on it.

Richardson noticed the return of his new lodgers while finishing the assembly of his improved M9. "Those two are going to get themselves killed someday."

He began disassembling his right hand. I'll have a suprise for Rugal next time we meet. He leaned over to the intercom again "Just telling you two, I'm heading to meet the man who sent out those scanners". He jumped out of the airship again, leaving the parts of his hand on the table. He focused his gaze on the Skyship Now to make her spaceworthy. Warp Nacelles began to form and assemble.





After much precise drawing, Rugal had finished drawing this:


"Yep just like in the book, alright, quick chat and we're off."
"We"?...Really? you ARE going to send her home?...
Rugal fought off his thoughts as he tired to recall the magic words


Viking Incognito:


Viking Incognito:

Viking Incognito:

Impressed with the runework, she turns to Rugal. "Yes? This certainly looks like it could do the job. I've seen similar in the Twelve's work." For some odd reason, the spiders seemed drawn to the circle. She grabs the letter from her quiver, reading it once again.

"Alright...Here we go..."
Rugal closed his eyes and used the same verse he used to escape his version of hell.

"Alsi ku nushi ilani mushiti
Itti kunu alsi mushitum kallatum kattumtum
Alsi bararitum qablitum u namaritum
Ashshu kashshaptu u kashshipanni
Eli nitum ubbiraanni"

The rune began to glow as Rugal held his arms out.

"Ili-ia u Ishtari-ia ushis-su-u-eli-ia
Eli ameri-ia amru-usanaku
Imdikula salalu musha u urra
Qu-u imtana-allu-u pi-ia
Upu unti pi-ia iprusu"

The inner circle went pure white as he moved his hands towards it.

"Me mashtiti-ia umattu-u
Eli li nubu-u xiduti si-ipdi
Izizanimma ilani rabuti shima-a dababi
Dini dina alakti limda
Epu-ush salam kashshapi-ia u kashshapi-ia"

The Middle Circle began to spin.

"Sha epishia u mushtepishti-ia
Is mass-ssarati sha mushi lipshuru ruxisha limnuti
Pisha lu-u ZAL.LU Lishanusha Lu-u Tabtu
Sha iqbu-u amat limutti-ia kima ZAL.LU litta-tuk
qi-ishrusha pu-uttu-ru ipshetusha xulluqu"

Soon the entire Rune was turning white.

"Kal amatusha malla-a sseri
Ina qibit iqbu-u ilani mushitum!"
He finished as he tried to set the portal for Slindis's Homeworld.

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