Bliss - Living Under Occupation (Contact the GM if you want to join the fun)

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Colin Sunwood Motions the stairwell with a tilt of his head.
"You first, Forgive me If I'm coming off as a bit cold but you'll understand if I'm not taking any chances."

A hairline crack appears in the centre of the ceiling, Detailed against the black scorch marks with a trickling of beige dust. "Anyone else in the building will have to fend for themselves, I doubt that theres going to be time to search and detain whomever is left in the building" he thinks to himself.

Gill starts to approaches the men cautiously, but the adrenalin going through his body causes him to start yelling and panicking.

"What the hell was that about? Do you mind explaining why cops showed up to our building looking for someone with your last name Ryan, and then a fucking explosion happened? Whats this about arms dealing, what did you get me involved in?"

Theo turned to face the creaking building. He and crowd of other workers had stormed out of the building only moments before and now stood on the street outside, watching the structure sway and crack. Dead bodies where visible through the fourth floor windows, and Theo hoped that who ever had set the bomb would be punished for taking those lives.

Snapping out of his trance, Theo took out his cell phone and dialed emergency services. He gave the lady that answered him the building's address and the nature of the emergency. She then hung up with the promise of an ambulance and firefighters arriving shortly.

London City - Old Harbor

BNP Captain: "You should have known better than to have gotten a man like this involved, you should have caled someone else"
Ryan: "Forgive me if I wasnt thinking straight, I was gonna get executed. . . Gill, im sorry for involving you. Truth is, im a member of the BNP. I have been smuggling arms for a long time in preparation for a rebellion against the alien overlords. If the cops had taken me captive there, it would have meant the end to those plans. And set back the plans to take back our home by a whole lot"
Rick: "Bwah. We should just shoot him, you never had to tell him in the first place" Rick draws a gun, seems to be a 9mm. Gill thinks to himself how the hell the man got a gun like that in the current state of the country.
BNP Captain: "Wait. Let the man speak, we havent gotten this far using violence. You are a disgrace to the BNP"
Rick: "Tsk..."
Ryan: "It was the only way. You gotta believe that, if they got me I would be as good as dead"

Sinclair sighs and moves towards the entrance.

"Anybody need any help?" He shouts into the doorway. Seeing figures within he moves towards them.

Theo saw the apparently homeless man move towards the doorway. "Hey." he said, grabbing the man's shoulder. "Don't go in their. It's dangerous." Theo had seen the figures within as well, but sending anyone in to get them would likely only lead to more casualties considering the state of the building.

Gill throws his hands in the air in a sign of peace, and continues to talk.

"Okay that explains why you ran away, what about the explosion, and what do you want with me? You know I don't want to get involved with the rebellion."

"32 hours? They could be anywhere in the country by now. We go out and they're not there, then what?"

"Then you'll keep looking!" their leader told him, clearly on his last nerve. Commander Guerra had been the one in charge of their cell for as long as anyone present had been around. He was a walking anomaly, graced with natural youth, only to have it worn away by the stress of fighting a losing war every day of his life. His nappy black hair had hints of gray striking through it, at least through the parts not stuck under his cap. His face was a sight that few could ignore; the left side of his face had light scarring, clearly healed over a very long period, and the ear lob on the same side was missing entirely, appearing to have been seared off.

"The aliens aren't careful. They don't care that we're here, so they don't bother cleaning up their raids. If you find where the attack happened, then you'll either find all the bodies, or a trail to follow."

As Juan turned to leave the tent, a horrible thought struck him.

"And what if this is a trap? The aliens might not be careful, but they aren't stupid either."

"And what if this is a trap? The aliens might not be careful, but they aren't stupid either."

"Then we'll simply have to see it before they spring it, or spring it on them" Miguel said. "Either way, we need to try. They'd do the same for us."

Before Isaac got a chance to go anywhere a hand came and grabbed his shoulder, "Don't go in there, it's dangerous." He turned around, to face a tall man with brown hair. "Yeah, you've got a good point there." He agreed letting himself relax a bit. "Do you work here?" Isaac asked then turned his attention to the fourth floor windows that were strewn with bodies and blood. "Geez; they could at least try to be more subtle." He stuck out his hand "Isaac, Isaac Ryan."

London City - Old Harbor

Rick."How didnt he know?"
BNP Captain. "I'll let Ryan explain"
Ryan stands around for a bit wondering when to talk.
"Gill, its different now, we arent just going around killin' the cuntin' law enforcement. We are gonna put down some fucking justice on the Alien Oppresors. Dont you see? Its what we've been waiting for fer ages. The weapons stash is just one of many, and in a couple of days. . . We will kick off a rebellion. We organized it with them other resistance groups in the whole country. In two days, they will run out into the street handing every unemployed man who wants to fight for his freedom a gun. And we will take back out country. . . And its as simple as this, anyone who stands in our way will get shot. We want our freedom and we wont let some fkin pussies ruin our victory by cowardly hiding in their homes. Theres 'wars' going on out there. America aint comming to save us this time 'round. We must do it outselves. . . So what do you say Gill. . . You used to support us on this, I know you did. And thats why I know you will make the right choice"
Rick: "I dunno Ryan. This guy looks like he never held a fucking gun in his life. He probably lives it up there in the rich part of the city, with all his food. . And his job and shit. We should probably just shoot him and get it over with"
BNP Captain. "I am the one to make that call Rick, violence where it isnt called for is not our way. You are letting anger cloud your judgement, you will get your chance to shoot some aliens I promise you"
Ryan. "So thats how it is, in a couple of days England will burn, and from the ashes we will build a new country. Heck, we even have the IRF and the SNP on ourside"
Rick. "I still dont trust the scotts, damn Commies might be better than Aliens, but I still wouldnt call em allies"


Gill sighed heavily before continuing talking.

"Your friend is right Ryan, I've never shot a gun in my life. I wont be much use waving one around shooting in every direction. At this point my options seem to be die now, or die in the rebellion."

Gill stares at the ground to contemplate his options.

"I assume since you called me specifically I'm more use than canon fodder, and since the only other talent I can think of me having is building shit I assume that is what you need me for. I'l help you guys, but I want access to alien tech in exchange. As well being allowed to leave when this is all over, I don't want anything to do with your new world."

London City - Old Harbor

Ryan: "Sorry Gill, I put you in a bad situation... Seems I didnt know you as well as I thought. Look, its your choice whenever to join us or not. I will not blame you for being scared. We all are. But you know what scares me more than the idea that I might loose my own life? The idea that the children and the elderly in the streets, the sick. The poor. Will go starving, will die in the alleys. For even as much as a single decade longer than what they have already suffered. We are starting to approach a time where the young cannot even remember how things were before they came. Before the occupation. Before the pods fell. . . I wont force you to fight, if you do not wish to fight. Then go. Run. And I suggest in two days time, you better be 'really' far away. With your head underground, because all the wicked and all the cruelness will get destroyed. We will get England back, its democracy. Its royal family that tabloids wrote shit about. We will get it all back, all of it. And not just us, Canada. Australia, Ireland, Scottland, New Zealand. All of them are counting on us to win here. So that we may recreate the commonwealth. For the good of the people, and for the good of Britania."
BNP Captain: "Your enthusiasm is only matched by your idealism Ryan, but we really do not have the time. Rick, come with. Dont shoot him"
Rick looks visibly angered as he watches the others leave, he looks to Gill. "Ryan might be alright with you leaving. But im not,I. Dont. Like. Pussies, if you have any love left for your fucking country" He swings the gun around in his hand before handing the handle to Gill. "You will learn how to shoot this gun, and you will fight for the women, the children. The sick. And the starving. And if you act liked a little scared wussy girl and dont, I will hunt you down, and kick you right in the cunt till you learn what a little sissy you are. Ciao" Rick waves as he leaves.

"Pleased to meet you." Theo said, shaking the man's hand. "Name's Theodore, but most people call me Theo." He looked at the building, still flaming and swaying. "We should back off before this thing comes down." He turned to face the crowd still watching the building burn. "Get back!" he ordered. "This place could collapes any second!" The crowd backed away obediently; their fear made them desprate for direction. "Come on" Theo said to to Isaac, walking away to join the crowd on the other side of the street. He could hear the blare of approaching sirens in the distance.

Sinclair notices uniforms on some of the stumbling figures and moves back into the throng mumbling

"Aw shit." He pushes his way to back and clambers onto some rubble so he can oversee the situation and begins thinking aloud.

"This is the fucking BNP's work isn't it? They're planning something and it's not gonna fucking work, even if it does they'll be just as bad. There's gonna be blood." He notices a vagrant looking at him oddly and lowers his voice to a whisper. "I've gotta get out of the city, few more jobs should do it." Sirens begin to wail in the streets. "Oh my, there's my cue." He drops to the ground and strolls nonchalantly in the opposite direction, cars rushing past him in the dark.

London City - Ghetto

A car drives up to the side of Sinclair. "Excuse me sir, do you know its past Curfew? You look very suspicious, and after the recent terrorist act we cant take any changes, Im gonna have to ask you to get in and down to the station for questioning, besides. Walking outside past curfew without the special certificate is illegal on its own. So if anything you are gonna leave with a fine. We have the laws for a reason citizen."

He looks to Theo.

"You aswell. You were in the building doing the whole thing we are gonna need you to spot potential culprits, dont worry. We dont suspect you of anything" The cop points to his ID card.

The cop looks to the other cop in the car who's stepping out. "Dont worry, I can drive em there myself"

Theo and Sinclair gets in the car.

The other cop walks over to the crowd. "NOTHING TO SEE HERE, DISPERSE"

As Juan stepped out of the tent, he couldn't help but let out a long, stressful sigh. The answer Miguel gave was logically, certainly, but it didn't help soothe the unease he felt about this mission. Past experiences had taught him that people were usually not worth trusting, and having to work with foreigners was even worse - how could they be trusted to work for the good of Colombia? He was almost certain they would sacrifice it if helped America, though he couldn't blame them if they would - he would gladly sacrifice some foreign land to see the aliens destroyed.

He made a pact in his head...they would prove themselves, or he would see them removed. Forcefully.

Michael leans over the table, looking over the map, searching for rivers, gorges, caverns, fields, a good place for the doctor to hide or the perfect spot for a Harnoi ambush.

"There's only one road we can take on wheels. Stealth's not an option. We better go in loud."

He follows the trail up. It seems to last for miles.

"We can't risk leading them back here. We'll have to lose them in the woods before we make our way back. Or we can take her somewhere else."

Gill stares intently at the gun in his hand. What the hell am I supposed to do now? He thinks to himself. All he wants to do is smash the gun on the ground. He knows Ryan wasn't lying, the situation is bad, terribly bad, but would things really be that much better if the rebellion were to succeed? " I don't fight damn it" He yells out, knowing no one will hear him. He points the gun in the direction of the water and attempts to pull the trigger, but with his heart still racing and general clumsiness, he fumbles with the gun and drops it. "Fuck I'm hopeless" he says to himself. He hides the gun in his pocket and starts to make his way back to the office, remembering that it is probably in pieces and on fire right now.

"We can't risk leading them back here. We'll have to lose them in the woods before we make our way back. Or we can take her somewhere else."

Commander Guerra leaned over the map alongside Michael and observed the terrain with him. "If I were you I'd try this cave network, here." He pointed to a rocky area a mile or two east of the last known location of their spies. "It used to be a mining network before it ran dry; the aliens abandoned it, and now it's a godsend for anyone looking to hide."

He took a deep breath and began to pace again. He paced a lot, when he was nervous like this. "I wouldn't count on any other cells assisting you, if that's what you mean by somewhere else. We've been out of contact with the rest of the resistance for over a week, now. Those bastards must have set up new jamming towers; so if you see one, take it out if the chance arises. Keep in mind that until you do, I might lose radio contact with you."

Michael nods his head in agreement and grabs the PKP leaned up against the table.

"Good luck holding the fort, Sir."

He always said that going out, but this was the first time Michael hesitated. Leaving the Commander alone didn't seem right, especially going out on a hazardous op like this.

Michael walks over to the Jeep, duffel bags loaded with plastic explosives and ammunition slung over his arms and shoulders. He tosses them all in the back. His eyes cross Juan's for a moment.

"You got everything you need?"

"Back away, gringo."

He backs away without saying a word and heads back to the tent.

Juan was always a prick since the first day he showed up. Must have something against foreigners. Doesn't exactly make him a bad guy. Just needs to get his priorities straight.

Michael's thoughts wander back to the Commander. He knows more than he's letting on. Everyone knows this is a suicide mission, but there's certainly more at stake here than the lives of a couple of resistance leaders. Maybe he was just tired. Nobody wants to fight this war, and he's been at it for twenty years at least. Maybe the stress has finally worn him down.

Either that or because he was up on guard duty last night.

Yeah. Probably that.

Tired of waiting for an answer and now feeling the building shifting beneath his feet Colin Sunwood Grabs Hiko by the arm and forcibly drags him out the building.

The stairwell to the ground floor is now leaning to the side and slight movement gives a constant feeling of vertigo. The subtle sounds of brick on brick grinds in the ears as the building pushes against its neighbours for support before the inevitable collapse.

On the ground floor bricks are being pulled out of the mortar or crushed beneath unaccustomed weight as the building shifts and struggles on its foundations. The door outside has already popped its hinges and windows all the way up the building are fracturing and shattering.

Stomping out of the building at last Colin Sunwood escapes onto the street.

As the police car nears the river Sinclair sighs and reaches into his coat. He prepares his gun and withdraws it, placing the barrel against the back of the driver's head. He pulls the trigger. This happens within a matter of moments, too fast for Theo to react. The interior of car is spattered with brains and blood. Sinclair smashes through the window with the butt of the gun and opens it. Turning to Theo he says
"Get out and help me push it into the river or you're going in with it." He runs around to the front of the car and kicks in the windscreen, returning to the rear of the vehicle with the gun trained on Theo.

Theo and another man were taken in to the car. "What in hell is going on?" Isaac thought to himself "Where are they taking them?" Suddenly police officers were everywhere and demanding that everyone go home and dispersed, some even arrested for being out after curfew. Isaac quickly began to run in the car's (with Theo and the other man) direction trying to avoid the cops.

Finally believing to be far enough from the cops, he continued onward. In his walk he passed by many other groups of people circled around flaming bins huddling for warmth, he felt bad for them. That was always a thought that crossed his mind when he was in the Bliss "Why doesn't the Bliss help those in need, the hungry, sick, and poor?" The ex-Bliss member lowered his head and continued on his way. "Bang!" A sudden sharp gunshot made him jump, it came from the car idly stopped on the bridge; two figures emerged. It was the taller man from before and Theo soon followed, the two seemed to try to push the car off the bridge.

Isaac slowly approached them noticing a gun being pointed in Theo's direction. "Damn it, this is going to be a long night." He muttered slowly approaching the car. "Need some help, cars are damn heavy."

London City - The Ghetto

Colin turns to Sinclair who had completely ignored him while killing his colleague and continued pushing the car towards the harbor which was the closest source to get rid of the car, after a moment of shock Colin Sunwood pulls his gun and walks up behind Sinclair while shooting him in the chest. When Sinclair falls to the ground bleeding (And his whole clip is empty) he calls in an ambulance and rush over to retrieve the dead policeman while his in shock at everything happening today. The other policemen pull back Theo and Isaac whom are obviously innocent in this whole ordeal.

When the Ambulance arrives they stick Sinclair into it, Colin gets in driving them off to the nearest hospital.

London City - Ambulance

Colin lies Sinclair down on the small bed in Ambulance, tying him to it. He finds a syringe and administers some anesthetics. He then changes out of his bloodied policeman uniform and cleans his hands, putting on some latex gloves before continuing to start pulling out the bullets of the murderer before him. Even in the countries current state of chaos, it is not right that justice should avoid theese kind of people, and if he was also the man who had killed his two colleagues and half a dozen of people around the officebuilding by setting up a bomb. He wouldnt deserve to get out with an easy death. He takes out the last bullet before closing up the wounds, he cant stitch yet as they are driving but he cant wrap the man in bandages.

When they arrive at the hospital Colin gets informed that they lack doctors to operate, so he volunteers to do it. He wipes some sweat off his brow, he just shot a gun. At another man. His just lost three friends, maybe not good friends. But he still knew them. It was unreal.

As Gill returns to the office building he sees all the cops arresting and dispersing people. Wondering if they even noticed that he was missing he tries to slip into the crowd unnoticed. Keeping his head down Gill is not very confident in his ability to blend in.

Theo collapsed on the pavement and exhaled a breath he didn't know he was holding. Shock had prevented him from speaking, and now the events of the last few minutes caught up to him. He nearly lost his lunch over it. "Oh my God" he said. "I can't believe that just happened." He had let that man shoot the officer, and then helped him dispose of the body. At least that's how he felt. The thought of it made him sick, and the killer getting gunned down didn't help much either. "Thanks for at least trying to help me." he said to Isaac. He was indeed very grateful; seeing someone he knew he could trust had helped to steady his nerves.


Paddy the Second:




Paddy the Second:



I thought I was still in the office, not the harbour. Ach whatever. Shooting people is fun

As the ambulances bumps along the cobbled street the drama unfolds in the back.
The small white cube of the ambulance chamber is slick with blood, The floor is spattered and the walls are rubbed with red handmarks.
Sinclair Is restrained and unconscious on the operating bed and bleeding from 9 bullet wounds in his side and back. The wounds have been bandaged but are still open.

The bullets all avoided the spine and kidneys, And for the most part shattered against the shoulder blades and ribcage. However this only took the force of the attacks and many splinters of bone or shards of bullets are digging into internal organs, Without time or convenience for a full medical evaluation there's no way to be sure what's bleeding and less that can be done to stop it. The ambulance is poorly equipped with medicine, however there is enough propranolol (The old unsynthetic stuff) to reduce Sinclairs heart rate to slow the bleeding to a normal level.
"Hope you appreciate this you sonnova bitch"
Colin complains.

Searching through the contents of Sinclairs pockets he finds a 9mm pistol and a few clips of ammunition, heavy arms for a civilian. He carefully puts the weapon back along with his other possessions into an evidence lockbox, Excepting a single clip of ammunition which he reloads for his spent clip.

"My first damn shift and I'm the sole survivor" Colin thinks, "Marvellous, no wonder the police are drafting from the rest of the services."

After taking a few statements Isaac knelt down beside Theodore, "Well, I wasn't much help but you're welcome." He patted the man on the shoulder, Theo seemed to be calming down. "Here" Isaac said picking him up "C'mon you look like a wreck, let's at least get you a drink to suit it." He chuckled at the gesture, "It maybe past curfew but I know a few places that'll still sell. It's been one hell of a night so far." Isaac (with Theo in tow) waved to the officers while walking away saying "Thank you brave officers, good job defending this delightful city but now I believe it's time for us to go." Mocking them in secret.

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