The Big, The Bad, And The Brawly. (Yet Another) Brawl RP.

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I can't get enough of Murasa. I really can't. Oh, wait. Yeah. Plot. So the blast stopped, did it? Seems that way, by the way everyone is reacting. What happened to Porky? Let me just backtrack a bit here and... Aha. Porky got blown off the zoo by the resulting explosion. Ya know, since he was like 3 feet from the source. The zoo is still being flown into the sky. You're above the clouds now, and air is starting to get scarce. 11,000 feet. At this rate, everyone who needs to breathe will die! OH NO. So just Protag O. then, I'm guessing. Oh well, you guys just wait for me to read ahead and find the Deus Ex Machina that will get you out of there safely. You can thank me later.

Saber nodded back to Yasha, despite her heavily wounded state her arrogance was still evident, but she could accept a small amount of praise despite what else it entailed. She had her honor after all, and she replied. "Perhaps you aren't completely below me after all." She said coming as close to a compliment as she could. Protago cracked out of the protective barrier. "Everyone survived? That's good... What was that thing?" He asked as he code cast recover on everyone and their wounds began to heal a surmountable amount. He then realized that the air was thinning. "Fuck..." He managed slowly.

Eyebrows turned to Protago and said tilted her head to the side a bit and said, "I believe that it was some sort of artifical mechanical death machine that tried to kill us, but then I've been wrong before it might have been some kind of shark that wanted a hug I guess."
Eyebrows then pulled out three bottles of wine and asked "alright who wants to booze it up with me?!" She then took a swig from the bottle and sat down.

"Invoke Suika!" Komachi said, unable to stop herself from saying that. She liked Suika, there was always a party when she was around (great person to hang around after a hard day's work...oh wait...) and for some reason, Eyebrows reminded her of the drunken oni for a second.

She sighed as that mental image left and, returning to the matters at hand, said, "Ah, but seriously, where's this thing taking us? Can one of you tech-savvy guys figure out?"

" something wrong?"

Protago began to take lighter breaths. "The air is getting... Pretty thin." He managed as his expression became slowly panicked. After all he had been through he didn't want to die quite like this. Saber also looked quite panicked. "Praetor..."

Hauling himself back of from the relative safety, Airman reached the group. "Well, seems not too many of you have died. How wonderful" he said, looking up to the sky and seeing how the stars were starting to come out.
"Ahh.... theres something interesting. Seems like we've risen quite a distance during that battle. It's rather fetching, isn't it? the Robot Master said, looking up into slowly darkening sky as they still continued upwards. "Still, it would be an issue to keep going up. I'll run out of air for my turbines! Oh... and a lot of you will run out of oxygen for breathing. That IS a thing some of you need, right? Airman quipped, examining some of the still pumping rockets.

In that moment, as beer was being talked about, and Protag O. began to feel the lack of air, a small boy with brown hair, wearing angel get up, carrying a golden weapon, and having two angelic wings, flies up to the zoo and landed in the group of people. A very large, godly woman also arose from the side of the island with him, giving them all a warm smile. The small boy approached everyone and nodded, business-like to them. "No time to explain, we need to get going before you all suffocate." A very large number of angels came from below the flying zoo and began to left everybody up, struggling with Airman and Yasha in particular, and Murasa as well, not carrying her at all, but dragging her ghostly, yet material Anchor off with them. They began flying them back into the lower atmosphere towards a few golden clouds off in the distance. The boy flew besides them as the large, godly woman was behind them all. "I'll explain once we reach. for now, i will only tell you my name is Pit, and I am your ally.". you know, it's gotta feel REEEEEAAAAL weird getting flighted off by a bunch of half naked babies, but I'm not gonna comme- Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I'm gonna comment. BAHAHAHAHA. Look at you weirdos. Getting carted around by children.

P-Put me down... Put me down... Vile children...If I could get into my beautiful full form, I could fly myself down...I was rather interested in getting that wine too...
Alexia gave a small squirm, disgusted at the touch of the angelic creatures.

After consuming the entire bottle of wine Eyebrows was feeling pretty good about all this, a little to good. It was around that time the angel dude showed up with all his naked baby minions.
"You...You're sick man! I'm callin' Chris Hansen on you!" she shouted as the baby things carried her and the others away/

Airman allowed himself to be carried off the by small fat angel winged babies. He would have little to no problems fighting them off if it was in fact an act of violence they were plotting. Though he still highly doubted it.
The two normal sized beings who popped up practically reeked of good intentions and naivete, and the smaller one had all the hallmarks of an overtly good hero. "Very well, Pit the Robot Master addressed to the angel. "If you're as uselessly annoying as the last pair to direct us I won't need to be Solar Man to make you feel like young Icarus"

Komachi didn't like the fact that she was being carried off by winged babies but she didn't see anything she could do about it, save for keeping hold of her scythe.

The winged cherubs and their two masters, Pit and the godly woman, carried our heroes to the golden clouds and placed them upon said clouds, which they did not fall through, because GAME MECHANICS. The cherubs flew off into the golden clouds, but Pit and his god-like friend remained. "We know who it is who brought you all here, either on purpose or on accident, and we'd like your help to stop him." Pit said, not even giving any initiative or anything to really barter with. Angels, Feh.

Yasha's interest was piqued by these strange creatures, particularly by the awe he was apparently supposed to feel from them. Being a demigod, from a world where angels do not exist in any form, he was entirely unsure of how to react to these things. He received absolutely no help from most of his allies, who were irreverent to the extreme.

Seeing Pit and this strange woman offer their assistance, however, put a feeling in his chest that he could trust them. Of course, now that he lacked a third of his chest, those feelings were of dubious trustworthiness at best. But he agreed with it regardless, and stepped forward.

"If there is an individual behind this, I will gladly give you the use of my power to stop him. I am Yasha, of the Eight Guardian Generals, and I am humbled by your generosity."

"I think I just had a fucking anneurism," moaned Desmond, "If killing the motherfucker behind this means I can go back to my normal world full of American Nazis in power armour and hideous mutations then I'm all for it. You wouldn't happen to have anything highly radioactive around here, would you? I feel like I need some rest."

"If your going to try and shock us by saying that the villain was anyone else than one Doctor Albert W Wily I feel that you're late to the punch, as if anyone else could stamp that many W's on a piece of machinery that size" Airman said to the pair of angels, rolling his eyes in exasperation.
"Though, please do go on. It'll save me from having to try and explain it all to these people later, and I oh so hate exposition when I have to cover it"

As Eyebrows was dropped onto the big soft pillowy cloud she was starting to rethink her first opinion of Pit...mostly because she was starting to sober up. "Wait you know who is behind all this bullshit trying to kill us?" she said to Pit.
"Oh wait nevermind it seems Airman already knew, looks like the saying is right you really can't beat Airman...not even to the big reveal of the villain." she said as Airman revealed the villain.
At this point she looked up to the sky and said, "HEY weird sky voice how come you never said who the bad guy was?" she asked that weird voice that sometimes assaults people with jars of pennies

And so the "Weird sky voice" assaulted Eyebrows with a jar of pennies. For calling me a weird sky voice. Secondly, that would have ruined the surprise. And why read a book if you already know the entire plot in detail? Now stop questioning me and let the small angel boy explain this shit to you.

Pit blinked a few times. "Actually, yes. It is a man calling himself Dr. Wily. How... how did you... Wait a minute..." Pit readied his golden bow. "You look like one of his constructs! Are you working for him, metal man? If so, we must destroy you!"

The Large jar of copper coin pieces collided with Eyebrow's head, "OWWWWWWW! sweet Human Earth Jegus that fucking hurt" she said rubbing the welt on head.
She then turned to face the skyscape in front of her and said, "Hey Kids I need my Backpack, Can you Say Backpack........." she waited for a bit and then her backpack materialized, "VERY GOOD!" She then place the jar of pennies in her pack for later use.
She heard Pit accuse Airman of being a minion of this Doctor Willy guy, and that was no good.
"Hey you Angel boy, Airman is our friend...well Ally anyway, but still you get the point, Leave Airman alone, He didn't even do nothin'!" she said to the Angel

Another jar of pennies and a brick assailed Eyebrows. Don't you ever reference Dora in my house.

Pit turned to Eyebrows and kept his bow trained on Airman. "What if he is deceiving you? He is but a machine, and might not even comprehend feelings. He could still be working for Professor Wily,"

As Eyebrows was being serious and trying to defend her robotic ally from the judgmental Angel the narrator had other plans, as a second large jar of pennies smacked her right in her head followed closely by a brick, "URGH Seriously!" she said rubbing a second and third large welt and a bloody nose. "BACKPACK TO ME!" she screamed her arm streched out as her pack flew into her hand. She then stuffed the second penny jar and the brick away for future use.

"Back to business shall we..." she said refocusing her attention on Pit.
"Then I guess we will deal with that if it actually becomes an issue, till that happens Airman is a valued member of this rag tag team of eclectic weirdos Got it Angel." Eyebrows said ultra serious as if she hadn't just been assailed by a jar of magic sky pennies or a fucking brick.

Pit already knew about me, and did not question my pennies. He lowered his bow and nodded. "As you wish, but i will keep an eye on him. Introductions seem to be in order if we are to work well. I have already told you that I am Pit, and this angelic woman beside me is Palutena, the Goddess of Light." Palutena nodded, a very warm and motherly smile on her face. "Most of the residents of this world do not know of Wily, like Pokemon Trainer. We were planning to inform them, but then you all showed up. Seeing as how recruiting you may have been easier than seeking out every single powerful resident again and recruiting them to fight against him, we decided to take that option. In addition, Professor Wily does not constitute a threat that would require such a massive force. At least, from what we've gathered."

She listened to the words of the Angel, and while she didn't agree with how he was treating Airman, he did seem to be making a good point about Doctor Willy, this dude needed to be stopped and she was an adventurer after all so she would take the job.
"Well Pit and Palutena, I'm Eyebrows McDunderfelt and I would be happy to help you stop this Doctor Willy guy, hell dudes like already tried to kill me like four times or something and after two separate attempts to murder me is like when I don't forgive anymore and four is like twice as much as two." she said to the Angel and the goddess


She didn't know what to think about Airman now. She supposed that she should be a little more cautious around him now but she didn't feel as if she needed to. For now, she'd just adopt Eyebrows idea and be ready to deal with him if he turns on them.

"Well...ok. If their joining, i'll come too. My name's Komachi onozuka." She said to Pit and Palutena, referencing Eyebrows and Yasha. "Anyway's, you guys wouldn't happen to know how he brought us here, would you?"

Pit shook his head in a negative response to Komachi's question. "Unfortunately, no. His technology is incredibly strong and complex. He could have brought you here any number of ways."

Alex had his arms crossed, staring down Pit and Palutena. "If this Wily guy isn't that much of a threat, then why gather us? I mean, if you're this "Goddess of Light," why can't you stop him?"

Pit shook his head. "Our history is long and war hardened. Palutena has not been able to do much since the few repeated attacks from Medusa, Goddess of Darkness. Though, she has been quelled for a while. Palutena is recovering, and it will be many years before her godly power is returned."

Eyebrows had been listening to what Pit was telling Komachi, that news was disappointing but not really relevant, then she heard Mercer open his fat mouth.
"Mercer I've learned so much in my life as an adventurer one of those things is never, INSULT A FUCKING GODDESS YOU TWAT!" she then walked up behind him and smacked him on the back of his head.

He grabbed Eyebrows' hand and twisted it at the wrist. "I'm not insulting her, it's an honest question. It's just, you know, in my world we get surrounded by people who tell us to let God sort things out, but He never shows up. It'd be nice to meet a higher power who actually helps." He let go and turned to Pit. "Alright. I probably did sound like a jackass. Sorry."

Eyebrows pulled her hand away easily, "Alright Mercer, but seriously man it sounded pretty flipping douchey I'm just saying, but whatever you're a big boy." she said walking away from the brooding octopus that was Alex Mercer. "Hey Komachi, I think you owe me a bad ass high five!" she called over to the pink haired shinigami.

Palutena nodded, still smiling, obviously having taken no offense. Pit spoke up. "I can assure you, she is a goddess. A goddess who always seems to be under some form of attack, whether direct or indirect. It's my job to protect her. Now, you all should rest, having observed you all, we can tell that you have gotten none of it since you got here. It's perfectly safe up here. The cherubs will lead you to places you may vacate" and with that, Pit flew off, and Palutena as well. A cherub for each hero flew out of the clouds and approached them, ready to guide them. Eyebrow's Cherub flew up, quickly, and stopped only inches from her face. It looked excited. "HEY! HEY LISTEN! MY NAME'S NAVI! I WANT TO HELP YOU! HEY! HEY LISTEN! YOU SHOULD REST AT A HOUSE." Navi then began to spaz wildly and point behind Eyebrows. "WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT!" she never specified what to watch out for, though. And the sweet pain of a thick glass bottle filled to the brim with egg whites was flying at her at high velocity. Ooooh, I do love my job.

"Oh sweet jesus not again" she said forlorn as she turned around to hear the small fairy/cherub's warnings of the Jar of Egg Whites. This time thanks to NAVI she managed to duck the jar completely, though strangly enough after she stood up if turned around and came back to smash her in the head. "OW! DAMN IT! THE FUCK! Shit...IS this Fucking Egg whites what the shit man. I'm A god damn Vegan." she screamed as her nose bled once more. Unlike with the pennies she could not take the jar for later use as the eggs went against her moral code, so she just left them there.
"So Navi right, nice to meet you I'm Eyebrows" she said as she followed the fairy.

Airman let the meeting pass without comment after the dress wearing angel decided that not TRYING[ to scrap him was the best course of action. Airman knew they were morons, though in cases like this dangerous morons. Just the right kind to bring down that sorry excuse for a doctor.

Approaching the Cherub meant for him Airman began to break down the Wily Process in order to figure out what to do.
Step 1: Escape Jail. Can be assumed to have been accomplished.
Step 2: Create New Skull Fortress. Another given
Step 3: Construct Robot Masters To Act As Elite Minions. Judging by the monstrosity that he just survived, that's a big fat check.
Step 4: Await in Skull Fortress for Adventurous Morons.
And that's where we are now.

With an artificial sigh Airman grabbed onto the Cherub "Well, I guess things are probably going to be the same again. Though it may be interesting to be on the other side of it for once. Lead the way, and if you utter a single word I will shred you just like that Flamingo from before"

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