The Big, The Bad, And The Brawly. (Yet Another) Brawl RP.

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Fiddlesticks turned his head slowly, facing Saber, he slowly hobbled over in a way that almost seemed playful, but that never fading smile and his soulless eyes put her on the edge. He took his scythe and pointed it at her, his crow hovering near him now off the scythe. "I would not recommend that, lest you would want to end like so many others have. Let's just say the experience would be draining on you." He began laughing again.

Saber then raised her sword. "I would like to see your powers myself before I judge whether I can beat you or not. You seem to be made of sticks, you could be very easily smote by the Embryonic Flame." She spoke fiercely and without regard while Protago spoke up. "Saber... Calm down... no need to start a fight right here..."

A bright blue flash of strange energy, like flames, cut the air between Saber and Fiddlesticks. Yasha's outstretched arm clenched as the blue mantra flowed out from it. "As a Guardian General, I was tasked with guarding the people of Gaea. Though you," he said to Fiddlesticks. "stretch the boundaries of what is conceivably human, you are clearly no Gohma. Therefore, I shall not permit either of you to come to blows so quickly."

Fiddlesticks's gaze was still focused directly on Saber. "Know this, I may look like a scarecrow, but attempting to burn me would be the last mistake you ever made." He put his scythe back in an upwards position and the crow soon flew to the top, the scarecrow made a bow to the intervener and continued discussion with Mercer. "Mister Mercer, I would continue this conversation, but I am afraid that without direct details pertaining to the task we will soon have at hand, I can not give you any more hints as to what I am and what I am capable of. Unless you feel like sharing too?"

Alex marveled a bit at Yasha's strange ability. This was clearly no virus. Perhaps the supernatural was indeed a valid explanation for where he was? He made a mental note to ask Yasha about the mechanics of his powers later.

"Do as the man says. As soon as a fight breaks out, it all goes to shit. Trust me, I know from experience. And Fiddlesticks, I agree, we should wait until we know why we're here until we show each other what we're capable of."

The sound of strange laughter hit the unconscious Ashford woman's ears, making her stir and her eyes slowly slide open so she could turn to the laughing creature and demand on what was so funny. Glancing around, blinking and noticing the lake and then the other beings around her.
This most certainly is not right...calm yourself. Do not make rash decisions for the moment. Once we get our answers, we'll focus on returning... ... home.
The final words dwindled for moment almost like she had a mental block. Alexia gave a noticeable grimace about sitting in the dirt, certainly not befit someone of her standing. A gloved hand brushed down the purple dress while she thought for a moment, just listening to the bickering and conversation among the strange beings around her, she made the assumption that they weren't hostile; sparing her one annoyance for now at least.
It was almost amusing how the confusion had calmed her to an extent, her head felt light and even the intoxicating power Alexia usually felt seemed to be adjusting. Perhaps she had gone mad, after all, she swore she saw a child on that lake.

The tension that permeated the air was reduced, somewhat, by the sound of snapping branches, accompanied by a string of curses that are not fit for transcription. With a painful sounding thud, Takamura tumbled out of the tree, awkwardly falling to the ground with his prize clasped in a clenched fist.

Despite his new collection of scrapes and cuts, the boxer was seemingly no worse for the wear, strutting over to the collection of odd-looking people and creatures with either a courageous or idiotic amount of bravado. "Oooh, shiny," he stated, staring at Yasha's display of power with a complete lack of interest. "What's all this then? You guys part of a circus or something?"

Eyebrows woke up, having fallen straight on her head, was knocked out a bit longer then the others. She took in her surroundings and was rather confuzzled by the lack of walls and weird shit trying to murder her.
This I could get used to.... she thought before she spotted FiddleSticks...AWWW God Damn it
"Well time to go make friends" said the Red head, as she made her way other to the gathered group of eclectic weirdos, "Hey there you bunch of eclectic weirdos, I'm Eyebrows McDunderfelt, A great adventurer...nice to meet you She said extending her hand out for people to shake.

Mercer eyed the newcomers. "I'd ask the same of you," he said to tho boxer. "I'm no circus freak." He hesitantly shook Eyebrows' hand. He noticed her rather bushy eyebrows, but this was the least odd thing he was seeing at the moment.

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Have A Pleasant Day


Airman 'awoke' on the ground in a wooded area. Needless to say the sudden input after what he was incredibly certain to be his destruction was a mildly jarring occasion, but one he did not have the will to question. He decided that for now answers could wait, he just had to discover what has occurred and where he is, this certainly was not the Sky Ridge that he was based in for most of his creation.
Following the sound of nearby voices, Airman exited the forest and saw the large lake with the multitude of strange figures standing before it. He 'frowned' slightly, this was either somewhere else entirely or Woodmans territory. Either way, he was pissed off at what just happened to him.

As Alex Mercer took Eyebrows hand, she gripped it tight in a hardy handshake. "Well it is very nice to meet another human it feels like forever since I've met something that wasn't a killer mustache." it was at this moment that Airman walked out of the woods, and caught Eyebrows...well eye. "No rest for the wicked eh my new friend" she said nudging Mercer.
She brandished her Three headed super flail-o-matic and rushed toward the fan golem "Die evil monster minon of Dreadmor, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she said as she charge at Airman

"Girl, wait!" A hand grabbed Eyebrow's as Yasha dashed from his position. "We don't know if he's an enemy, please calm yourself!"

The demigod was feeling overwhelmed at all the things happening at once. All these strange, new people. Talk of being summoned here by... someone for some purpose. All of it felt a little too suspicious for him. But he wouldn't dare risk the potential of harming an innocent, until all of this confusion was sorted out.

"Unhand me you, I have duty to slay all the Monsters" She said breaking free and continued her crazy run at the robot master, still swinging the Flail-O-Matic, around like a crazy idiot
No beefy dude was going to hold her back from destroying all the monsters of that cursed lich and making this world a much better place

Airman saw the two people now running at him, one flailing a weapon while the other had nothing obvious on him. Though intent was clear, they meant aggression. And given the warning in his boot up he wasn't going to fool himself with the possibility of them passing by for another threat.

Leveling his arm cannon towards the two his turbine kicked into gear, he fired a number of small cyclones at them in a scatter shot, intending to knock them off guard for a starter. You certainly don't waste any time, do you? he thought coldly. He was certain of his previous destruction, he wasn't going to repeat that event any time soon. After firing another few burst shots of cyclones he leapt in following them, looking to attack the smaller red haired one flailing around and screaming gibberish.

Alex stayed back from the fight that had broken out, hesitant to reveal his true nature just yet. However, he was hit by a stray cyclone and sent flying into the lake. As soon as he hit the water, his skin and clothing - as they were both technically part of his viral construct - began bubbling and disintegrating. He quickly kicked off the bottom and jumped back to the edge of the lake as his body repaired itself. Hopefully, he thought, everyone was too busy looking at the fight to notice his healing.

Alexia couldn't help but give a amused laugh as she saw one of the others get knocked into the lake due to the fighting that had broken out.
My, my... This...really could be interesting after all...
Her eyes darted between the conflict to the side of her and scrambling to the edge of the lake.
Her attention was more drawn to the latter, sizing him up, getting a bizarre vibe from him.

Eyebrows was more then a little shocked that the fan golem actually had wind powers she was used to so much bullshit like fire demons with ice rays. "YOU THINK YOU CAN BLOW ME AWAY! Not today foul monster. She said as she tossed a baseball and a shuriken at Airman

One of the stray bursts from Airman struck Yasha square in his chest. The impact rocked him, and he was forced to dig his feet in to avoid flying. "rr... Powerful!" he groaned. He was only saved from a flight as embarrassing as Mercer's by the convenient hole in his chest letting the air flow through harmlessly.

When the wind had done its damage, he dropped down, holding himself up by a hand and both feet. "Asura... that stubborn fool's really something; I still haven't recovered fully. Still," he observed the projectiles flying at the robot. "I have to do something before this gets out of hand."

The baseball and shuriken tumbled through the air, only to be caught by a strange, scythelike blast of blue energy launched from Yasha's fist. He placed himself between the two again, and drew into a fighting stance.

"I'll warn you once more. All of you. Until we discover what is happening, I will not tolerate all this fighting!"

Mercer noticed out of the corner of his eye a woman staring at him. He knew right off the bat that something was up with her, but what? He walked towards her.

"Any clue as to where we are?" he asked. Shit. I'm terrible at making conversation.

Fiddlesticks had been blown off his feet by the cyclone but on his first tumble he stuck he scythe in the ground and used it to catch himself. Now visibly annoyed he said "Alright, this Janna ripoff is going to end up looking a lot worse for wear pretty soon if he doesn't cut it out." Though, now that he knew what the robot was capable of, fighting him later would be easier. In fact, he was gaining quite an array of usable information.

Behind him, he could hear some unnatural sound of repairing flesh and as he turned around he saw Mercer just fine. "Ah, so you can regenerate then can you? How interesting huehuehue."

Murasa, who was biding her time in the lake took note of the man who was knocked into the water and then grinned as he stood on the shore. "SINK. SINK. SINK. SIIIINK." She wrapped the anchor's long chain around his legs and pulled with the force of Poseidon's salty balls.

Mercer looked at Fiddlesticks, a bit worried about his cover being broken. "Working with viruses can have some beneficial side effects. One virus I worked with - DX-1118, or Blacklight - got released by accident in a lab setting, and a few of us got exposed. I was one of the lucky ones." He was, of course, lying. He suddenly swore as a chain pulled him off his feet. Just before he was pulled back into the water, however, he managed to pry his legs out of the chains with his superhuman strength. He stood up and faced Murasa. "Who the fuck are you?"

Murasa, still under the water's surface simply grinned a friendly grin."I'm Captain Drown you- I mean, Captain Minamitsu Murasa! Boy it sure is good to drow-- I mean meet you sir! I'd recommend taking a swim. Did I mention drowning people is my least favorite thing to do~?" The young girl continued to smile as every word made more bubbles.

"Praetor, these individuals bore me. Can we take leave of them. That Shinji character was much more tolerable and he was almost human garbage." Saber said jauntily as she sighed. Protago sighed. "Well... What would you have us do?' He asked. "Dispatch these miserable little peons and return home so that I may take a long bath to wash off their filth."

As Fiddlesticks heard that he began laughing again. "Oh dear, we certainly feel arrogant today don't we? All of us are reasonably powered and attempting to wage war on all of us would probably be the last mistake you ever made."

"Looks like you've got a few fans you metal bag of wind but I have a few of my own!" Eyebrows spreads her arms out and the claps then together summoning the fierce lightning from the heavens in a spot infront of her and a large purple and green muhsroom appeared along with a blue blob of slime. "Now my minions ATTTTTAAAAAAACKKK!!!!!!" she said. she said as she once more went on the attack, the blob, a Nully, slimed onto Yasha's face as the Mushy and Eyebrows charged Airman.

Airman looked at the large man now giving orders, and back to the small redheaded woman still looking very angry over... something. Suddenly a large blob came up and and she was ordering it to attack him. "It seems... you do not have control over your peons Airman remarked. "Insubordinate thing, aren't you?" He said, launching his fist into the small mushrooms face. It met with little resistance, he raised his arm cannon again and fired, though this time it was a basic energy shot trained on her.
While this was occurring, Airman caught sight of something now lassoing a punk into the drink. "[Code]It seems not everyone shares your mindsets[/code]" he said to Yasha while he was fighting the Eyebrowed Adventurer. "Your peons require more discipline:

It was suprising that Komachi wasn't spotted before, most likely due to not announcing herself or drawing attention to herself.

It could have also been because she was sleeping.

But apparently nobody wanted to allow her that as she awoke to, and due to, the sound of fighting. Why people were fighting on her river bank a question that needed to be asked but originally she just suspected that it was Reimu or someone like that doing the fighting, but she soon became aware that that wasn't anyone she knew fighting...and that this wasn't the Sanzu no kawa riverbank.

"What the hell's going on?" she asked, amiss all the fighting between characters she didn't know about.

"My arrogance is not misplaced oh frail one. If I could reveal my identity here and now you would all be awe-struck by the magnificent artist before you." Saber smirked as she recounted her great 'hobbies'. "My Praetor's unwarranted kindness is currently my only restraint." She said. "I thought you said you admired my kindness?" He asked. "I do, but only when I am the one receiving your leniency you fool!"

Murasa saw the vaguely familiar Red haired shinigami who was also from Gensokyo and a devious plan appeared much like it always did. "SINK. SIIINK. SIIIINNNNK. SINK!!" The Captain roared as she again attempted to use her anchor to pull another into the briny drink. By Suwako's nice hat, I'll drown somebody today goddammit!

"Indeed? I have battled with powerful demons from the void, angels, fallen angels and so much more. Who do you think you are to try and threaten me? I am afraid to also inform you that I am not as frail as you would think. Trying to harm me, would not end well for you or that boy you keep."

"AHHH Shit, DODGE!" as Airman fired the the Energy ball, The Eybrowed warrior woman, knew there was only one way to escape the blast, but she wasn't gonna like it. with that she snaped her fingers and disappeared in a puff of black smoke. With that she was teleported behind Airman. her hair now jet black her skin extremely pale and she seemed to have gotten about ten years younger, and now had musical accompaniment

"YOU DON'T KNOW MY PAIN MAN! MY LIFE IS PAIN!" she scream/whined at Airman as she KaBonged him with a mace

"Threaten him and you shall be assailed by the full force of Rome's might." Saber said simply taking any threat to her Master as seriously as a threat to Rome itself. "I doubt you could challenge the might of a Heroic Spirit of my Caliber, let alone the Saber Class. It is becoming more apparent that this is not some half baked reality marble since I doubt anyone could conjure such a miserable one, if we are not in the SE.RA.PH anymore Praetor, then there is no risk of revealing my name."

Yasha's stoic demeanor, for just a brief moment, threatened to shatter as he swiftly wiped the goop away from his face. Though it was no quite so simple as anger, there was an air to him more threatening than before. Yasha clenched his fists and let his mantra flow, blue energy emanating from him.

"Very well." he said. "If you are all going to behave like children... then you shall be treated as such!"

The ground cracked under Yasha's feet as he took off with a leap towards the Nully. I have no way to replenish my mantra beyond my nature healing, without my reactor. I must use restraint.

He veered to the side mid-air, avoiding a terrible stream of sludge from the little monster, before connecting with a flurry of punches capped off by an axe kick. The little creature fizzled underneath the mantra, leaving Yasha to head back towards Eyebrows at a speed approximately twice as fast as an Olympic sprinter. "Yah!" He grunted, twisting himself and throwing a kick at her.

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