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"Puce, Kurumu, congratulations." Knife says upon seeing the baby. "Now everyone hold, I haven't transported this many people since, far out since Kosciuszko I reckon." Knife opens up the display on his arm and goes to 'Recent Universes'. With a flash of light the group appears back in the Pub.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Puce, Kurumu, Jake, FalloutJack, Elsie, Roy, Som, Lumis Knife, Rex, Fran and Nak

"WHAT THE F**K KNIFE?!?!? WHY IS PUCE'S HEAD ON KURUMU'S BODY AND KURUMU'S HEAD ON PUCE'S BODY?!?!?" Mark screamed as the group teleported in.

"If you wanna do gotta do it yourself...." Mark muttered after a moment and started jotting something down in his Tablet PC. A finger snap later and Puce and Kurumu were right as rain.

"Alright... places every one... places..." The Writer yelled as he jotted down something else. A finger snap later and Puce was dressed in a black on black tux where as Kurumu wore a rather revealing, though PG-13 rated wedding dress. Jac... the baby was in an old style pram next to the parents with FalloutJack acting as best man and Elsie acting as the maid of honor.

"Knife... you've got about 2 minutes before Jac gets placed on the Big Board as existing. If we don't get Puce and Kurumu married by then... " He never got to finish his sentence as Lucifer decked Mark in the face.

"Anyone ever tell you that you talk too damn much?"

"Right then, Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Puce Nam-Hoa Nguyen and Kurumu Kurono.-" Keeping in mind the lack of time, Knife gives a condensed version of the rest of the proceedings.
"Do you, Puce Nam-Hoa Nguyen, take Kurumu Kurono to be your lawfully wedded wife for as long as you both may live?"

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Puce, Kurumu, Jake, FalloutJack, Elsie, Roy, Som, Lumis Knife, Rex, Fran and Nak

Puce looked at Kurumu and nodded.

"I do..." Big smiles! Big big big Smiles!

"And do you, Kurumu Kurono, take Puce Nam-Hoa Nguyen to be your lawfully wedded husband for as long as you both may live?" Knife says, already knowing the answer.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Puce, Kurumu, Jake, FalloutJack, Elsie, Roy, Som, Lumis Knife, Rex, Fran and Nak

Now if Lucifer was a bastard, now would have been the point he would have mentioned that he had signed a contract with Kurumu that he was to claim her as his own in exchange for Puce's life... but he wasn't that much of a bastard.


"ugh... hate weddings... </3 Weddings... Are they married yet?" Mark asked as he attempted to recover from the Devil's punch.

"You may now kiss the bride." Knife says, the jukebox kicking on with the traditional wedding music.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Puce, Kurumu, Jake, FalloutJack, Elsie, Roy, Som, Lumis Knife, Rex, Fran and Nak

And then there was the kiss. Granted it wasn't their first kiss and it wasn't their last kiss, but it was the first kiss that marked them as being bound to each other forever and it also was in time for the Transdimensional Authorities not to notice the fact the Jac was born out of wedlock.

"Phew! Thank god and Knife!" Mark said as he watched the two newly weds kiss, taking aim at them with a rice cannon.

"It's so sweet!" Lucifer said as tears streamed down his face.

"Shut up you!"

"Alright you numb nuts clean this shit up ... I'm not cleaning it up for you!" April said as thelot was teleported back to their original positions...

"No wonder why Lucifer sold me this place for so cheap. Not a goddamn day goes by without me having to clean something up." The Faux-Proprietor said as she looked at Knife.

"You! Get behind the Bar!"

"You! Stop crying" That one was to Lucifer.

Knife gives Puce and Kurumu a goodbye hug before they disappear, then changes back into his usual attire (Sky blue tee with Rainbow Dash's cutie mark, black jacket and jeans) and slowly walks back to the bar. "Ok, I'm going I'm going. Sheesh, are you always this angsty?" He asks April, putting on an apron.

April continued what she had been doing best since she arrived in the Pub and taken it from Lucifer (Fair and square she would add). She gave Knife a look that said "I kill Angels and Demons and turn their corpses into illicit drugs for a living so don't mess with me, buster."

Of course none of this was actually said as she poured a bit of the ole Angel Dust, that would be ground Angel bones not PCP, on the back of the fleshy part betwern her thumb and index finger and made it disapoear right up her nose.

"I don't pay you to be a smartass." She said as she continued to survey her domain.

"You don't even pay him, you limey cun..." Mark started to say before he got knocked over the head by a glass that came from April's direction.

Nak got up from the floor looking tired "Goddammit I passed out and slept through the wedding, that's like the second time something has happened like that. Here's the freaking rings" He said throwing two brass rings in the middle of the floor

"But you...nevermind." Knife says as he see's Mark receiving a glass to the face. "So how much did you buy this place for anyway?" Knife asks April.

Rory looked up from his drink and was completely unsure of what was going on. That might have been due to the third glass of Scotch. He turned to the barkeep and ordered another. "I can handle it, don' you worry."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Rory, Fran and Nak

The brass rings that Nak had thrown tinged across the floor and eventually came to rest at Lucifer's feet. Picking them up, he looked at them briefly before he melted them into a bubbling puddle of brass that he reformed into a pair of artificial horns.

"Ha! Fashion statement of the year!" He said as he picked Mark up off the floor and hauled him into a chair.

"To answer your question... I gave Lucifer the one thing he always wanted... the still living head of Archangel Michael." April said from her perch on the second floor of the Pub.

"Oh ... ummm... God (?) It's me Lucifer... are you up there? ... I remember that now." The Devil stated as he reached over the bar and grabbed a sack that was resting behind it. There was a muffled sound as he began untying the strings that kept it shut... and it was shut for a good reason.

"Hey... it's still dark in here... why's it to dark... where's my body! HEY HEY HEY where's my body? What the hell guys... why's it so dark in here? Hello? HEllooooo! Whhhhoa! That was dizzying... "

"SHUT UP!" Lucifer screamed into the bag as he pulled out Archangel Michael severed head.

"Oh... that the Maker... I thought I would be stuck in there for... HEY!!! I know you! Lucifer! I'm gonna kick your ass you son of a bitch! You turned off the lights didn't you?!?! When I ... hey where are my arms? Oh my ... I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS DEVIL!!!" The screaming head screamed as it was stuff back into the bag.

"Worst... mistake... ever." The Fallen One said as he grabbed another whiskey and coke.

"I can't believe you two slept through that Wedding... worst event of the millennium." Lucifer said to Nak and Rory.

Rex looks over at April with an eyebrow cocked. "So you paid him for the pub? Then why is he still bitchy about you ownin' the place now?" He yawns a bit and looks over at Knife. "Didn't think you were a minister, dude. Don't mean to sound like a prick but I still need that barrel of berry juice."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Rory, Fran and Nak

From where he sat, Mark's eyes opened up for a bit as he groggily responded to Rex.

"But Lucifer doesn't even own the place. He can't sell it... but somehow in the mess of paperwork, the Interdimensional Commerce Guild accepted the sale. That's why he's bitchy.... He got himself stinking drunk and sold the place from underneath Puce and Kurumu."

"What he said... but the sale's legal alright." April said with a smirk.

Rex scratches the back of his head and sighs for a moment. "Legal until those two lovebirds come back and take you to court for this. Highly doubt they'd let something like allowing a drunk to sell a bar he didn't own and letting the sneaky-ass buyer profit off of it slide, unless you've got one of those star lawyers."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Rory, Fran and Nak

April simply shrugged at Rex's legal advice.

"Even if the sale isn't legal... and I'm not saying that it was illegal nor am I admitting this... I've got so many clients that are lawyers that they'd have this matter tied in courts for eons that we'll all be dust before they find in... erm... my favor."

So there it was... no matter what, The Pub would be April's for eons.

" how much you want for it?" Knife asks.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Rory, Fran and Nak

There was a bit of a scoffing sound that came up from April's direction.

"You're kidding me right? I've got access to an unlimited supply of stock for my product and you want me to sell it to you? How deep a wallet to you have because I guarantee that it's not nearly deep enough."

"Well you got me there, my wallet isn't very deep no." Knife says, "My pocket's on the other hand are quite deep, and I always subscribe to the belief that a man should have multiple wallets on his person at any given time."

Nak reached over the counter and grabbed a bottle of soda "It happens I tend to conk out near midnight, no matter the circumstances. But it was better than the last time I passed out" He said fixing his hair before chugging down a bit of soda

Rory looked over at Lucifer. "I didn't sleep, I was just drinkin'. Who in the bloody hell gets married in a bar?"

Rex looks over at Rory and shrugs. "People get married in those creepy-ass Vegas chapels. Why not a bar?"

Rex just shakes his head at April's defense. "Kinda scummy, but I can't argue with tying the case up indefinitely."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Rory, Fran and Nak

"So... what's your offer. Because if it's good enough, I might consider it. And then you'll have to deal with the potential legal fees in keeping the Pub." April said, with a genuine interest in her voice. Of course she couldn't help but over hear the conversation between Rory and Rex.

"You know that there are people that get married in their backyards while wearing camouflage? Also... what are you trying to say about my Pub? It's no dump you know." She sounded quite offended... dangerously so.

"Well, while a simple monetary fee is simple enough, I'm sure there's something...more that you would like in exchange. You said yourself that you gave ol' lucky Lucifer over there the Archangel Michael's head for The Pub, it'd be rather fitting for this place to again change hands in a similar matter." Knife says, idly cleaning a few glasses with a spare rag. "That said, if it is simply money you want, I can offer you a minimum of one quadrilliard, multiversal standard."


Okay...that just totally happened. Writer Jake perked up with a repaired head now.

"For those of you wondering why I wasn't participating in on the funnies that was the wedding of Puce and Kurumu, I refer you to the fact that my head was a coffeemaker. Also, it was Christmas, and Stratovarius rocks. We now resume the other plots that are happening, already in progress."


Red and blue beams of energy, the Dark Power and photonic energy cannons respectively, blazed throughout space as an army of giant robotic scorpion vessels did battle with a draconic killing machine. The Wrathwyrm blazed its breath across countless ships in true Godzilla fashion, causing many numerous explosions. And the Rez, the scorpions, re-assembled from riped components into new units to return fire. When we say nanoplague race, WE MEAN fricking nanoplague! The energy wings, however, sent shockwaves out, and the claws were swept to produce cutting energy slashes through the sheer numbers. The doomsday creature was making progress.

And then, Puce's first cannon shot fired.

We don't care where the energy came from. It could've come from the planet, from Elsia and Massacre, from all the nearby suns - WE DON'T CARE. What matters is that it was potent enough for the Wrathwyrm to pay attention to it and focus...a magnificent energy beam from its mouthto meet it about a hundred yards from the beast's mouth. The explosion of the two payloads detonating was intense!

"Good, good... Keep it up."

Elsie: Shouldn't you go out there and stop it yourself?

"No no no... I'm standing here for mmaximum possibility of drain on its reserves."

Elsie: Didn't you say it was so powerful that it know...blow this place up?

"Because it wants this place intact, and because it's got power regulator - a pilot - it will ration out its exceptional forces unless met with an extreme challenge, such as that space battle or Puce's cannon. If I don't sit on the prize and instead confront him out there, he'll just get around me instead of wasting time."

That made sense. What looked like laziness to the untrained eye was, in reality, strategy. Now, the first blast had not quelled the Wrathwyrm, and neither did the second. What it DID do was get some Rez ships to combine and get even larger, large enough to try and EAT the machine...or would have tried if the mouths weren't suddenly blown up. In that instance...Massacre had an Oh Shit.

Elsie: Why Oh Shit?

"He wants to take a Rez paragon in for a regulator."

That didn't sound good...


Meanwhile, Som had a sudden flash and a headache. Something felt wrong to her...

Som: That bar was...

Roy: It's a long story.

Som: I felt something was wrong there, something familiar.

Roy: You what?

Som: Look, I'm not a psychic or anything, but I have enough senses to 'get a bad feeling about this', okay?

At that moment, a Harley Davidson pulled into the house's garage and in entered the more-physical and attitude-given Elisa.

Elisa: Hey, anyone home?

The two girls looked eerily alike. Same eyes, same skin, etc. Elisa looked more like an athlete while Som was a tech-head, though..



Scotty and Fenris would get back from the wedding to find that their frozen intruder had escaped the very minute they left it. The Enclave soldier made the effort to blast and destroy the frozen facsimmile-claws, but the one responsible was in another area.

It was an industrial area of the underground, where the bar's food and drink support was located. It had already gibbed some Deathclaws to grow new minions.



Jack: So, Neil was it? You called me in here and then a bunch of weird stuff happened and apparently there's some dispute about bar ownership. Is that why I was asked to come in?

"Uh-uh! You have to go down below and hurry! Something bad's come in from outside..."

Jack: be more specific? There's alot of outside out there.

"An alien..."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Rory, Fran and Nak

While Jake had been healing, Mark had been going through what looked like a bunch of files. Somehow he had managed to track down and download all the student files of Anime Highschool, grab the layout of the school and had located the student file of the other Roy Taban. The Writer looked like he had been up for days just reading.

"This is too much information to take in! What the bloody hell?" The Asian guy said as he read up a file that was labeled Roy Taban - NIS17T.

Meanwhile April was considering the offer that Knife had given her.

"You know this Pub is worth at least... 5,000 times that if not more. It has access to every dimension ever conceived." The woman said... and of course she wanted money. She had already gotten the other this she wanted from John Constantine... a cure to the addiction.

Location: Domino

Subjects: Kurumu, Baby Jac, Roy, Lumis, Som and Elisa

Jac chose that moment to cry in response to the rumbling of Elisa's Harley.

If it wasn't for the fact that Kurumu had her hands full of her new bouncing baby man-bat, she would have face palmed herself. But instead, she did manage a weak wave for Elisa when she came in to see what the crying was all about. It was probably a good thing

"Ummmm... hi!" The Succubus with the baby said weakly.

Location: Rez World

Subjects: Puce, Massacre and Elsie

The cannons were in fact powered by the very core of the planet in which they were mounted. So while the core did its core thing and spewed hot magma to the surface, the cannon's generator took this heat which drove a few pneumatic pistons which generated power which was used on Wrathwyrm.

Simple enough?

No... because whatever effect the group was hoping for was not achieved by Puce's cannon array. In fact nothing happened as Puce watch Wrathwyrm do its thing.

So you have a plan C?"


Jake's only reply to Mark's statement was a shrug and...

"I'm thorough."

What the files didn't explain was that Jake always had a soft spot for Roy because of his bad life, and that his existance as an Arrancar with a girlfriend was his way of apologizing for past issues which he'd been put through. Meanwhile, Jack was opening up the trapdoor.

FalloutJack: Excuse me, everybody, but I think I'll go for walk just now. I may be gone some time.

And with that, he jumped in.


Rather than appear shocked by any of this - seeing Som, Lumis, Kurumu, Jac, AND Roy gathered here - she turned to Som and simply said...

Elisa: Explain.

Som: People from another universe.

Elisa: Dad's doing? Mom's? Yours? Mine?

Som: They seem to want to talk to you, actually. Something about a bar in between all universes.

Elisa: Ah fuck.

Lumis: Is there a problem?

Elisa: I didn't want it to be me this time.

Roy: D'you get this very often?

Elisa: Dad's a genius, Som's a tech-head, I'm from an alternate reality, and mom is from another planet.

Roy: O_O ...okay.

Som: Elisa, they wanted to know about someone called Neil.

At this, the tough girl's expression changed to something...a bit more shocked...and then saddened, her ears dipping low.

Roy: So, you DO know him.

Elisa: YOu're from the afterlife, right? You're that dead guy, Roy, and you came here 'cause of him?

Now, Roy was confused.

Roy: I think I missed a beat here. Neil is my SON. He's a living, breathing boy made from me and my girl thanks to a scientist-

Elisa: ...located in South America that was using meta-human DNA to create potential soldiers.

Roy: Uhhh, no. Dr. Bastion came from a world halfway destroyed by war and he was living in the ruins of Washington DC. Also, he didn't get a gene sample out from the bar.

Elisa: Are you sure he's the s- No, he can't. He just can't. Neil is dead. He died in my fucking arms!

Oh shit.


Massacre seemed to ignore what Puce was saying for a moment.

"He wants a paragon of this race, a Rez 'hero unit' whose power is among the greatest of them all. With that at his core, he won't EVER wear out."

Elsie: Ah, so if I see one, I should lob destruction at it until it's dead, right?

"That would be adviseable. Also..."

Mass put his hand on the cannon and started hammering out darkness-infused blasts with the thing.

"Well like I said, that's just the minimum. You think this place is worth five thousand then fine, lets up it to...seventy googolplex shall we?" Knife says, a slight smirk played across his features as he continues to polish the glass in his hands. "I must say though, I am somewhat surprised that you chose the money so quickly, I mean it makes no difference to me, heck it probably saves me a fair bit of work." He adds with a shrug, "Eh, your loss in the end."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Rory, Fran and Nak

It made sense. So Mark and a few of the other people that Mark knew of weren't the only ones that had been developing a conscience about what they subjected their characters to, however he had been one of the first in his group.

"Seems to me that you're starting a reincarnation society here. People the maul badly there you bring here." Of course Roy wouldn't have been the first one for that either. Puce... in another dimension... had killed Kurumu in order to keep a horde of demonic Succubus Kurumu clones from taking over Noir City. Currently her consciousness was stored in a computer console... able to see her lover but not be with him.

Anyways... back to the business end of things.

"Mr. Knife. Surely you're not seeing the big picture. This is merely a test as see what sort of person I am dealing with. That much money would be hard to come by for any normal person and the fact that you're so willing to part with it means that you are a person of means. That means that you can capture God and bring her to me." April said with a smile.

Location: Domino

Subjects: Kurumu, Baby Jac, Roy, Lumis, Som and Elisa

Kurumu blinked... not only did she blink... she blinked hard. She'd heard of some shit before... she'd even witnessed a certain Anti-Mage that she was caring for turn out to be a fucking cannibal. But still it was a bit of a surprise when she heard that the Pub's resident pride and job had died in the arms of a stranger.

"Are we talking about the same Neil here? I mean it's a pretty common enough name right? You know... the best thing to do might be for you to come with us and find out what this connection between you two is." The Succubus looked at Roy for backup.

"This is just getting too fucking weird..." Kurumu muttered as she finally got Jac to settle down for a nap in her arms.

Location: Rez World

Subjects: Puce, Massacre and Elsie

Alright so... they had to destroy the Rez paragon unit before Wrathwyrm borged it? Welll it sounded simple enough in theory. Puce opened fire once again.

"Which God?" Knife asks, pouring himself his favoured drink, whiskey on the rocks.

April paused for a moment as if in thought. This was quite the question.

"I would prefer The Judeo-Christian one but Gaia would suffice as well. If you can bring her to me, consider this Pub as yours." April said with a smile.

If there was one person that would speak out against her... the last person you would think that would speak against her would be the Devil.

"I won't take her up on the offer. If you do... she's going to take the God that you find and process that God's body into so many little batches of illicit substances. In short... you give her a God, she'll make herself a God. Just a friendly warning about that. Best thing to do would be to kill her... permanently if possible."

Of course... you couldn't kill someone permanently in the Pub could you? It was impossible. There had only been one time were that was possible and that was when the safeties were disabled... and David Woon had been torn apart by a pack of Kadou Claws. Surely April would't allow the safeties to be turned off right?

And now, the $64 question...

"Which God?"

"Not it."

Jake wasn't interested in the discussion, but when he heard about payment by god, he has to say SOMETHING. Also...

"And uhh...I didn't kill Neil. I didn't create him either. Somebody else did."

Speaking of Neil, he was suddenly in Lucifer's face over his comment.

"NO! You can't do that to her! I don't want anyone to die!"

The business of down below bothered him.


Roy simplified matters.

Roy: Do you know a small child with black hair and mind powers?

Elisa nodded.

Roy: And he seems to know you. I think something weird's going on. Come with us to the bar.

They started to head off, and then Som was the one who asked Elisa what this was about. The other Moonian didn't speak for a mmoment as they walked, but then...

Elisa: There'd been a rash of students getting attacked, drugged, and blood samples taken in quick order. It was all for a South American group looking to clone metas and use them as trained weapons. Once we - a group I went down with - came to the place, the order of operations was to scrag a bunch of stuff, steal data, shut off power to all their machines, and blow shit up. We were meta-humans with machine guns. It was suppose to be easy...except that some of the clones were active. My situation was much more complex. I met a boy...


He had wandered out of a room all of a sudden. A door had cracked open from a testing room. They couldn't keep him locked away - no lock could hold him, sedatives never kept him asleep and it wasn't sound that had woken him up. It was just that there was something different going on. He had to reach up to get ahold of the doorknob, but there he stood, dark hair ruffled and the other hand rubbing at an eye, the other blinking at the cat-woman.

Neil: You don't belong here.

He was blinking with curiosity, but he also looked tired. Completely unaffraid of her, he walked a few steps towards Elisa.

Neil: Who are you? I'm Neil. Are you here to take me to my room? So I can sleep? I'm sleepy...

In her mind, Elisa was suddenly raging, though her exterior wasn't showing any of this, because she was a little shocked. Her mind was going, 'You can't do this to me! That's not fair! I shouldn't have to make this choice!', while Neil had her basically dumbfounded. Fortunately for her, even the best psychic couldn't tolerate the way Elisa's mind worked. Its configuration detered psychics, leaving mind-readers with blistering headaches. But Neil here had just jammed an emotional knife into her gut. He was obviously one of these genetically-engineered beings. And if Elisa had one of those electronic HUDs that tell cyborgs their orders and such, hers would probably be saying "KILL!", but she didn't want to... Elisa sighed, trying to calm herself. She shook her head at the boy.

Elisa: 'Fraid I don't work here, kiddo. But I know how you feel. The world is so confusing, so ya just want to sleep through it until it becomes clearer.

She actually leaned down to talk to him at a more level angle.

Elisa: My name's Elisa. Tell me, little boy... How many of you are in this place? And are anymore of them your size or bigger?

He told him things, important things, and then asked to be taken somewhere so he could sleep as he clung to her leg. Apparently, they wore himm out today with...whatever it is they did here.


Elisa: I told him I'd take him somewhere safe, completed the mission, and then had the trouble of getting our team out because they were waiting to ambush us with guards outside... So, we went out to fight and I wasn't sure who was winning, but then the guns went flying out of some guards' hands and I was Neil. He was telekinetic.

Som: He was helping you?

Elisa: He wanted me to take him somewhere quiet to sleep and they were making noise. He was a clone from somewhere, but he was a good kid. I...just wish he's lived through it.

Roy: What happened?

Elisa: Panic-shot from a guard with an extra sidearm. Shot 'im in the head. It isn't right... I go into a place and find someone like me that I start to care about...and then they twist the dagger so I feel horrible.

They had arrived at the entrance.

Elisa: I dunno if I can do this. I feel like I'm visiting the ghost of someone I killed.


What happened, of course, was that the Paragon arrived fairly quickly as the Wrathwyrm was as far away from the planet as the Earth is from the moon. It was a large semi-humanoid GLOWING scorpion-creature-machine. Understand, originality wasn't really in the Rez code, as they were scorpions all the time, but that hardly mattered to THEM. What DID matter was that Elsie immediately jumped to work, forming Cero with her free hand as she initiated Resurrecion.

She launched the big Hollow flash attack and began to summon a pack of her frost wolves around here, steadily growing as the weather on Rezworld SUCKED.

"I'll handle cannon-shot from here on and occupy the Wrathwyrm. You handle the Paragon. Just think 'What can I do to royally fuck nanites up?'."

"Ah, but don't worry, there in lays the conundrum," Knife says, seeing Neil's outburst, "You can't kill someone in The Pub. However, if I were to this." In a flash Knife jumps on the bar, then launches himself upwards onto the second floor. April barely gets off a word of protest before the pair disappear in a flash of light.

After a few tense seconds (That feel like eons for the patrons of The Pub) the speakers on the big board crackle to life, and Knife's voice echo's out. "5th screen to the left, 23rd down."

Anyone that looked at that particular screen would see a ruined, hell blasted landscape dominated by a very Dalek'y looking structure.

Location: Skaro

Subjects: April, Knife

"Now then, if ol' Beelzebub doesn't want you to become a god then I assume you aren't exactly going around spreading joy and happiness to the poor and downtrodden." Knife says, as he paces infront of April. "Now, as a god to god wannabe, what do you intend to do that has got the big triple six's panties in a knot?"

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