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Location: The Pub

Subjects: The Morrigan, Lucifer and Fran

Anann shrugged at the woman's criticism about their belief in their own origins. You see, even if they were Goddesses, they were unsure as to their origins prior to them being sprung to life.

"How could you not blame people for their own short comings. They are aware of them and should it not be within their own powers to repair themselves rather than pray to all the Gods in existence for help... or worse... the sweet release of Death?" Anann said as she cleaned a glass.

"Meaning... screw em if they can't help themselves." Badb said as she took another shot.

Knife walks out of the guest room dressed in his greenish, knightly getup and flanked by a metallic sphere about the size of a soccer ball. "Right, before I kill this god I have one request, do one of you girls have a mirror I could quickly borrow?" Knife asks The Morrigain.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: The Morrigan, Lucifer and Fran

Now these weren't the type of Goddesses that gave a damn about how they looked so when Knife asked for a mirror, the two remaining in the Pub sort of looked at each other with puzzled looks.

"Ummm... how about this?" Anann asked as she pulled out a rather largish mirror from her bag. As she pulled out the mirror, he caught sight of the Goddess' reflections in the mirror. Anann's reflection showed that of a minotaur and Badb's was that of a harpy...

"I'd be careful with that... it's worth more than your life."

"Cheers." Knife says, carefully taking the mirror and looking at his own reflection, and, over his shoulder, the reflection of Lucifer. "Right then, one dead god coming right up." He says, handing back the mirror and taking a bulky revolver out of his pocket. He turns on his heel to look straight at Lucifer and brings his revolver up.
The Pub is still for a moment, then Knife, missing a large chunk of his forehead, falls backwards and lands with a dull thud on the floor.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: The Morrigan, Lucifer and Fran

Now... before Knife pulled the trigger, he should have been puzzled to note that the Lucifer that sat there wasn't the standard daemon that the parents told their kids to fear, rather it was sort of puzzling that there were 2 Lucifers occupying the same spot. The first one was the typical Arch-Daemon, Leader of Hell, but underneath that visage was the Original. The one that was clad in silver armor... halo and all.

"Bloody fucking drama-queens." Lucifer said as he stood up and walked towards the Knife corpse that sat in the middle of the Pub and looked down on it.

"And you... you're no better for giving into their demands." The Arch-Daemon/Angel said as he pulled out a black and silver dagger from his belt and ran the blade along his arm, cutting deep into the flesh and drawing new blood.

"Ow ow ow! Been a while." The Fallen One said as he allowed the blood to flow into Knife's wounds.

"So... suicide states he's mine but... I'm rejecting him ladies. So... fuck off." The Devil said as he watched as his blood not only healed the wounds but sealed them at the same time.

The metallic ball that up until this point been hover there minding it's own business suddenly gives a slight 'wirr' as a lens pokes out of the body and projects a full sized hologram of Knife next to his dead body. "Right, one god dead, as you asked." The hologram states waving a hand at the body.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: The Morrigan, Lucifer and Fran

The two members of the Morrigan looked at each other for a moment and nodded. The word would be sent that a New God had been slain... Even if the details weren't all there, the other Gods would still react predictably.

"Very well. The bargain has been fulfilled. You and your friends can have your precious Pub back, though I believe my sisters and I will stay here for a while until such time as news of your death has sufficient impact."

The hologram is silent for a moment before it speaks up again. "The fact that said god committed suicide won't have any effect at all?"

Location: The Pub

Subjects: The Morrigan, Lucifer and Fran

The one known as Badb shook her head briefly before responding.

"We've got a friend... you might want to call her the Goddess of Television... Media... whatever. She can spin your suicide into something a bit more than what it is." She answered as she pointed towards the monitor.

And there it was... the video was taken from strange perspective but what it appeared to show was Lucifer pointing a gun at Knife's head... right before it exploded outwards.

"You fucking bitches..." Lucifer said as he charged the one known as Anann, a black sword in hand, only to be bound up by a chain and hung from the ceiling. The other end of the chain was held by Badb as she hoisted him up for display.

"Everyone knows that you're not an Archangel, Lucifer. So the blame will go to another. No worries. Only your boss will be blamed for Mister Knife's death." Badb said with a smile.

"Well, I would have liked to still have an ace up my sleeve, but..."

The door to The Pub's bathrooms opens and Knife walks out, the hologram mirroring his actions. "I guess you three leave me with no choice now do you."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: The Morrigan, Lucifer and Fran

The women looked at Knife, not surprised at his resurrection.

"Regardless of whether you use this 'Ace' or not, it doesn't matter. The word will be spread. The war will be started one way or another."

"That means... if you kill us... you'd only be doing us a favor."

"Oh I agree, the word will spread." Knife says, walking over and giving the metallic sphere displaying his holographic likeness a pat. "The word being that of your little plot for war that is."

"Handy thing, live-streaming, don't you think?"



Step One: Rex fell on FalloutJack and offered his services towards the X situation down here.

Jack: Well, basically, when we find it? Shoot it dead until it's dead, I think. The stuff's suppose to be real adaptive, so I'll be using Pew-Pew to-


Step Two: Fenris orders the launching of brahmin at the X creature.

Yes, the powersuited thing had been found, but it wasn't getting off-loaded so easily (Damn him.), and now, the Deathclaws were fighting like Monty Python French for some reason. When one of the fake-claws caught it mid-air, the thing went POOOOM!! from a methane explosion. Why? Well, you see, there IS this breed of Brahmin that explodes as a means of defense... Fallout 2, look it up. Anyway, the leading X pointed its gun and more-or-less pre-exploded all the rest with what appeared to be a rendition of Chill Penguin's Shotgun Ice. Smashed into by physical blasts, the brahmin never stood a chance. He killed them to pieces.

Step Three: Jack pulls out plasma guns and begins to shout like a Saturday Morning Cartoon character.


Specifically, Earthworm Jim. He began to fire plasma wildly at the monsters and their leader, causing several to get hit and notice Jack for the first which Jack remembered something: He was still deathly afraid of Deathclaws! Hmmm...redundant speech? Maybe not. STILL, over a dozen of them gave chase!


FalloutScott: Still not over the Deathclaw thing, lad?


The X creature just stared at this a moment.


Step Four: Elisa enters the bar.

She didn't say anything more outside to respond to the others. She just walked in, allowing the others to step inside as well. Neil was about to run over to his dad to fill him in - at light speed - what was going on right now, but he was halted by the appearance of Elisa and her sister.

"Two of you?"

The tougher of the two did not break down. She had shown only five people her ore vulnerable side. One of themm was a former love interest (who was dead) and the others were her father, her sister, her roommate at school, and her current boyfriend. Elisa put on a sort of mmeloncholy smile and answered.

Elisa: It's a long story. How're ya doing, kid?

"I'm okay. Ummm...Elisa? How come I know you when we've never met?"

Elisa: Haven't a clue. You look different, a little. Blue eyes, this time, and I think you're older.

"I'm six. How old was I before? What was it like?"

Elisa: I dunno. You were a clone. I felt like I had to take care of you 'cause...I'd been engineered myself. Here, lemme get some milk and I'll tell you a story, a story of me.

"Sure, okay!"

Step Five: Elisa's order did not imediately appear in her hands because Yoruichi wasn't in.

There was a post-it note on the counter of the bar which said "Had to go help SS fight the Quincies. -Y", so Elisa wentto the counter herself to order a mug of milk. Why, you might ask? Because Moonians get intoxicated on it, not liquor.

Step Six: In which Som gets a bad feeling.

Lumis: This place isn't like Wildfire. Now there is a good place for a drink. This is just a speak-easy across dimensions.

Som: Why are you on the ceiling?

Lumis: Instinct.

Roy: I don't know if this really solved things. Feels more like the plot just thickened.

Som: Maybe. I feel...a strange sensation, something like deja vu, but more horrifying...

Roy: A disturbance in the force?

Som: I have a bad feeling about this.


Step Seven: Blast these heavenly skies!

Massacre continued to charge Puce's cannon with the Dark Power while he himself concocted a means to handle the glowing Rez that had appeared to deal with the situation. Elsie followed him in order to start launching last after blast of Cero to keep the thing occupied. And indeed, it WAS working. Cero was like its own kind of nuke blast, only with reiatsu. Puce launched his missle, though, and MUSHROOM CLOUD OF EXPLOGASM!!! Good work. So, how did that affect it? Well, it was a paragon of the Rez generated to fight the Wrathwyrm, so it had excessive power to protect itself. Thus, first problem? The blast did not destroy it. It used a formidable shield for that. Second, the EMP had NO effect. It was too heavily-shielded in both the physical and the energetic for that to work. However...suckage.

Yes, it sucked. And by that, I mean Puce's third option of effectively black-holing it with a temporary black hole was MUCH mmore effective. It was sucked in and strained down and sifted through a small hole which would send it off to who-knows-where, out of the Wrathwyrm's reach. Elsie smirked at this and said...

Elsie: Good, now keep that up for any others that show up and we're set. Might be easier if we had Grey, though. Negatis could erase it in a jiffy.


Step Eight...

There was a triple crack-boom sound up near the ceiling of the office, followed by a relentless pouring of a gray-metallic material all over the desk in the form of fine powder...that was glowing. John looked at this, tapping his gauntlet for a moment in thought. He was trying to determine whether or not this was his fault. Then, he pulled out a cigarette, saying...

John: Don't let April catch you lot. Just in case.


Step Nine...Step Nine...Step Nine...Step Nine...

"Okay, that's enough with that! No more steps! We're starting to sound like the Beatles!

Hasty ending because I hate forgetting about this D:

Despite the efforts of the Emperor, he was soon over powered and sent down the stairs to a rather painful death at the hands of the other 1000 or so Zombies Goldman had made.
"....Well....That was underwhelming..." Wesker said as he made his way back to the rooftop.
At this point, the narrator would like to say sorry for a lame finish, but it's that of spend another month waiting for a post.
One loose end remained: Goldman himself who was watching, standing in the same spot without moving.



Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, The Morrigan, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran

Now... Mark would have greeted his fellow writer who had, until that very moment been a rather mute statue had the door not opened up and revealed...

"Seriously? ANOTHER FUCKING APRIL?!?!?!" Mark exclaimed as his experiment in Gods and Goddesses was going seriously awry.

"What of it?" The April at the door said, her voice sounding a bit different from the way she sounded before. In fact... she looked a great deal different than she had before due to the face that she had a scar in her neck that looked like it had been made by someone's two handed katana.

"But... but... where?"

"Avatar Adventures Dimension. Had an Archangel go rogue there and started wiping out the population like a bad case of the clap." She said as she displayed Tomoya's head attached to her belt.

"I think your friend Knife is familiar with this guy... at least that's what the Rising Dawn's historical logs say." The Real April said as she looked around.

"You idiots didn't really think I would start a war among the Gods did you. For one thing... it's bad for business. No Gods means no Angels. No Angel derived product. Besides, John did get me out of the business." The woman said with a wink to John Constantine.

"So... these bitches are..."


Okay... so to be clear the Morrigan were masquerading as April, an Angel killing drug dealer from a dimension full of addicts. Knife, a God, killed himself so that he could fulfill his end of a bargain. Mark was confused as hell ... and the rest of the cast. They were ignoring this little scene. They figured it would smooth itself out now that Kurumu was here.

Wildfire? Never heard of it. Not that any self respecting underclassman with a skin pigment problem has any reason to have heard of it... but anyways.

"What do you mean you've got a bad feeling? We just hunted you two down so that Neil could meet your sister and now you're saying you've got a bad feeling?" Kurumu whispered to Som, trying to keep Neil out of the conversation while at the same time reassuring herself that Baby Jac was okay.

Speaking of Baby Jac. He was happily asleep in his mommy's arms at the moment. But at the rate things were escalating inside the Pub... that was bound to change.

Location: Rez World

Subjects: Puce, Elsie, Massacre and Wrathwyrm

Keep it up? That was just a one shot deal. Puce had to keep going?

"YOu know I do have a limitation on my powers, Elsie!" Puce said as he reached into his bag and pulled out a bottle. Fine time to start drinking right?

Well... no... not really. Puce's powers, due to nothing other than balance, had a limit in that every time he imparted absorbed energy into an object, he imparted some of his own energy into it. The more complex the machine or construct, the more energy it required and the more of Puce's own energy was channeled into it.

Now... why would Puce start drinking at a time like this? Because it was a special formulation of alcohol that Kurumu had made through her years of work making Love Potions and Sexual Performance Enhancers. She found a way to increase Puce's energy reserves but the down side... he got shit faced after using it too many time.

"Ugh!!!" Puce blanched as he took the first swig... letting the liquor burn its way down into his stomach.

Well let's try going with just suckage this time. Might save on the amount of energy he expended.

Location: The Colony

Subjects: Fenris, Fallout Jack, Fallout Scott and Rex

Well... let's see... there's exploda-cows sploding.

FalloutJack getting chased around like some British lingerie model at a funeral.

Fenris? Get your ass in gear!

Now then... Fenris was trying the best that he could do without his Matriarch. Why was it that Lilith was unavailable? I think she was making out with Wesker or something... or maybe telling some sort of story. The point is...

"For honor!"

Wait what? That's when a line of Deathclaws started charging the mob that was chasing FalloutJack, like some weird version of Braveheart or something, the Intelligent Deathclaw Alphas started doing what nature had intended for them to do... hit things with their claws in a very very fast and strong manner.

Location: An Island in the Past

Subjects: Lilith and Uncle Wesker

Lilith? She was still in the middle of a sub arc... plotting the downfall of some so and so.

Anyhow... the Emperor died and the 4 Deathclaws that Lilith had birthed surrounded the man named Goldman.

"Looks like you need to start all over again. But maybe we should make it so that you have to do it without your arms and legs?" Lilith growled as she ordered her babies to pick up the man by all four limbs.

"Hey Uncle Wesker... should we make a wish?"


Wesker smirked at Lilith's suggestion.
"Mmmmm....A helicopter would be nice. I've really grown to hate this place." He said when Goldman started up again.
"FriEnds....It iS nOT oveR yEt...." He said, unwavering at the sight of the deathclaws.
".....4 massive mutants about to tear you apart and THAT's all you have to say?"
"In TImE, A suzcesoor wIl Comae. FaReWell, FrIends." He said, much to their confusion.
Goldmen then held his arms up before letting himself fall off the building, resulting in a explosion once he hit the bottom.
".....I heard Coma. Who else heard Coma?"
Link to Vid, Start at 0.47

As forth ('FORTH?!') April mentions his name, Knife looks over at her just in time to showing off the head attached to her belt. "Hey! That's that angel guy from way back when, Toyota or something!" He says his hands inching towards his tanto as he interrupts 4pril ('No, that's not going to work at all...') taking here doppelgänger's down a peg.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, The Morrigan, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran

Now... what Knife was unaware of was that in the current arc within Avatar Adventures, Tomoya went crazy and had not only nuked New York but infected any of the survivors with the Rage Virus from 28 Days Later. The April that popped through the door was the actual April and that the three sister Goddesses were the imposters here.

Not that it made a lick of difference what Knife knew or didn't not because he was being ignored by 4pril. She was busy glaring at The Morrigan and The Morrigan were busy glaring right back.

Lucifer on the other hand was still dangling from the ceiling.

"Little help?"



4pril had used a matte black flint lock to cut Lucifer down. Consequently, Lucifer, still bound, came crashing down on top of a table, splintering it.


"So you're back, eh?"

"Yeah... so?"

"Poor timing."

"This D.Angel was an easy kill."

"I think you'll find us harder."

So there you had it... The Morrigan versus 4pril versus all comers.

'Ok, I'm sitting this one out.' Knife thinks, grabbing Lucifer off the ruined table he landed on and sitting him in one of the padded booths. "Yo, furious D, you good?" Knife asks, clicking his fingers infront of Luficer's face.

Fran was convinced that these people weren't gods since nothing they were saying made any sense.
However much more interesting were the bodies, these bar brawls were more brutal than she imagined.
Looking down at the corpse(s) she kneelt over and began inspecting, she'd pulled out a small leather notebook and was already writing or drawing something pretty quickly.

Deciding to let Lucifer regain his faculties, Knife turns to see Fran kneeling next to his body. "Um, do you mind?" He asks.

"Oh what's the problem?" She sounded apologetic if a little surprised.
"I'm just making a few sketches, you see this here." Pointing to some exposed brain.
"Fascinating system, don't often get much of a chance to look at one, so even when it's in a bit of a state, like this one is. No offence by the way.
It's sort of time sensitive, got to take advantage of what you can when it's fresh and all. I mean I've seen bodies before but never so soon.
And you seem to be taking it well so it's really purely for science.
Is there a problem?"

'Well, it's not as bad as when that freaky lizard woman was eating my body...' Knife thinks before giving a shrug, "Yea sure I guess."

"...Well then." Rex calmly watches as FalloutJack is chased around by the crowd of Deathclaws and shrugs to himself. Fenris' call to honor and glorious battle snapped him out of his stupor for a moment. Since Rex no longer had that chain around his arm, he calmly takes his headphones off from around his neck and draws a small transmutation circle around it. A few loud POP!s later, and his headphones have transformed into a rather familiar looking gun...

He takes aim at the crowd of X parasites and fires. The recoil sends him back... pretty damn far....

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, The Morrigan, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran

Okay... so when we left off last, Lucifer was being protected by Knife... Fran was sketching brain matter and April was taking on all Three of the Morrigan Triplets.

"First mistake... thinking that you could do a decent imitation of me."

There was a bit of a pause in the matter since April took a look at John Constantine who had failed to notice that the April that he had been talking to was not April at all.

"Never mind. First mistake... thinking that you could butt in on my business and get away with it... for this long." The woman said as she pulled out not one but two black rapiers. We're not talking about black metal but the type of black where there's no light or rather all the light was being absorbed by the material.

And so... they began to scrap, they began to brawl.

The crow sister taking to the air with her Rail Gun, the Cow sister tanking April's attacks and the human sister dealing damage with a pair of curved swords.

First point? April. She managed to slice through one of the minotaur sister's horns, sending it flying and embedding it between Lucifer's legs.

"HEY HEY HEY!!!! Not so close to the family jewels!!!!"



John Constantine had a problem at the moment. You see, the Rez Paragon had been sifted through to land on his desk and now it was a bunch of tiny Rez standing there in quasi-humanoid-scorpionoid form going "ALL HAIL JAY! ALL HAIL JAY! ALL HAIL JAY!", and Elisa began to tell Neil a story.

Elisa: See, I sympathized with you - one of you - 'cause I went through something like you did here. They told me about the tank. You see, there was this woman, a Moonian royal who fell in love with a human who wanted to bring peace to the world by destroying all weapons. He told the world to behave or he'd do this, because he had exceptional power over the storm. This was my father, my original father.

"Who do you have now?"

Elisa: Same guy, different universe. Still, I didn't know about all this at the time. I wasn't born yet. But I was getting close when someone shot us...

"They shot you?!"

Elisa: Yeah... I still have dreams, feeling weightless and secure, then blam, then fading away. And then, I was stabilized in someone's gene tank. It was an experiment by an organization called...the Enclave.

DUN DUN DUNNN!!! There is an Enclave in that universe, and Elisa knows about them! WHAT A TWEEST!!


For the record, Noisy Cricket packs quite a whallop, despite recoil. It gets the job done, you see. So, the job that WAS done was that X creatures were plastered against a wall and reverted into floating organism as normal Deathclaws also started taking them apart and...Jack vaporized them with Pew Pew, seriously. Okay, it's true that Samus couldn't, but then Samus didn't have a little laser pistol capable of vaporizing most things in one hit. This...the main creature got pissed at.

It's floating nodes charged up as fire and ash balls were formed out of thin air, and then several runes formed on the ground behid it as blue drowned-looking zombies appeare from the ground and immediately transformed into X mutations. Zombie apocalypse just wwent alien freak as the leader began launching rapid energy and lava bombs at everyone!


Upstairs, Som's violet eyes suddenly took on a vicious blue glow and she grasped her head as though a headache had formed.

Som: Ulyaoth...? Oh SHIT... Dammit, how did it get HERE...?!

She began to mutter something and summoned a portal to bring in...a powersuit very much like the creature downstairs. Blue visor, silver-gray color scheme with blue trace-lines like from Zone of the Enders. Som put on the helmet in a hurry. She had work to do!


And on Puce going to act like Chu from Yu Yu Hakusho now? Hope not... Just then, Massacre appeared nearby.

"Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that everything is going according to plan. The bad news is that the Hoth cannon imploded from too much awesome."

Elsie: I wouldn't call that being according to plan.



Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Lilith, The Morrigan, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran

"It was an experiment by an organization called...the Enclave."


And suddenly Elisa found she had another person in her audience in the name of one very tall, very ugly for a human, lucky she wasn't human, Death Claw Matriarch named Lilith. Now... let's not forget that Lilith had been raised by Natsuki Nanriki... a member of an organization that probably had more than just similar names with Elisa's Enclave.

For her part, April was trying to ignore the conversations that were going on around her despite herself and while John was being worshiped as a God by mini-rez thingies, April was trying to kill a triple threat of real Goddesses.

She was pissed... and continued to be so as she inserted the business ends of her swords into Anann's gut, exposing a godly amount of intestines for all to see. However... that probably wasn't the grossest part of the situation. As the Minotaur Goddess started to bleed out all over the floor, April began drinking.

"Ugh... tastes like shit." The Angel Hunter complained as she wiped off bits of Anann off her lips.

Now... it could be said that the other War Goddesses were unintimidated by that... but they'd be lying if they told you that. A look between the two remaining sisters.. should they retreat?

Nope... they continued the attack, this time attacking with reckless abandon, not caring who was hit.

Of course... there were bound to be a few casualties, one of them being Garibaldi from Bab 5... Never did like anyone who was named after a fish anyways.

Location: Rez World

Subjects: Puce, Elsie, Massacre and Wrathwyrm

Well I guess imploded is better than having it explode.

Meanwhile the reference to Yu Yu Hakusho went over Puce's head as he sent another temporary singularity torpedo towards its target. This time, and more likely because he had a rather mean buzz going on at the moment... he added a decorative cowboy to the top of the missile.

"YEEHAW!!!" Puce... erm... Yeehaw'd... as he pulled up and away from the resulting implosion. As Elsie and Massacre watched, they probably would have noticed the wobble that Puce was producing as he piloted the fast craft.

Location: The Colony

Subjects: Fenris, Fallout Jack, Fallout Scott and Rex

While Som might have called it work... the Death Claws of the Colony probably thought that this was tons of fun (I'm probably being a bit sarcastic when I say this though). The assault was not going well as the Noisy Cricket made short work of crowds of X's as well as their Death Claw attackers.

"Friend... would you mind not shooting us with your gian... I mean... wow that's a small gun. Tiny even."

Now was definitely not the time to be making size jokes Fenris. No matter how many times you've been struck in the head.


n' Dice

Had Rex not been slammed into the nearest wall, he and Fenris probably would've had a good laugh about what he just said.
...Maybe, I've never really been sure about a Deathclaw's sense of humor.

The alchemist flopped off the wall and faceplanted onto the colony floor, mumbling unintelligible things and waving the Noisy Cricket around. After this brief moment of movement, he flops onto the ground again, bleeding out a little from the back of his head.

Fran noticed the fighting.
It would have taken too long to figure out exactly who was good and who was bad in all this.
Someone disembowelled someone which would normally have been a sign they were a bad guy then again. She was outnumbered.
She called out.
She pulled a small ball from one of her pockets.
"What exactly is going on here?"



Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Lilith, The Morrigan, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran


Well... you could ask them to stop but when it comes down to it, they're not about to stop for anything. Fortunately there was a soul there who was aware of how this little shell game was started. A figure sat down next to Fran, Asian in descent and had a bookish look about him.

"So... that lady... the one who just disemboweled the minotaur... her name is April, confusing I know since all four of them were going by April at one time or another. Anyways... April is what you call an Angel Hunter... and Dealer. She hunts down Angels as well as Daemons and refines their parts and bodily fluids into ... ummm... drugs." The man said as he dodge a thrown chair.

"The three others are known as The Morrigan and are made of up Badb (The one that looks like a Crow), Macha (The human looking one) and Anann (The Disemboweled Minotaur). They're a triple trio of Ancient Irish War Goddesses that were out to star a war between the various factions of Gods. They posed as April because she's widely known in the cosmos as a don't give a crap-what-divinity-you're-part-of-I'll-hunt-you type of lady. Anyways... if there's a war among the Gods, they start deriving their additional powers from the war, since they're War Goddesses." Pause for breathe and station identification.

"So April found out about it and is here... pissed and ready to brawl. Any questions? I have one. What's up with that ball?" The Writer asked looking at the ball with interest.
"So... the real April

Meanwhile April was continuing her assault on the minotaur as she took two rapiers in her hands and scissored minotaur's head clean off, as a rail gun projectile struck her in the gut.


That statement was kind of ironic.

Location: The Colony

Subjects: Fenris, Fallout Jack, Fallout Scott and Rex

Fenris noticed Rex's wall bounce maneuver and ran to the man...

[color=#6666BB]"What in the Matriarch's name was that?" He asked as he checked for a pulse using the small dagger-like claw on his pinky finger.

Unknown to most, the pinky finger claw of a Death Claw is highly sensitive and can be used to sense tremors from prey a mile away. Also it's an erogenous zone for most Death Claws but we can cover that another time.

"Oh this."
She looks down at the clay sphere in her hands.
"Just a minute."
She checks a mark on it, the symbols were pretty incomprehensible, whether it's another language or just an obscure scientific notation isn't clear.
"Oh wow. Apparently this is actually pretty explosive. Didn't realise if still had some of this on me."
She puts the ball down gently. "Don't break it, what's in their doesn't exactly react well with metal, or water, or oxygen, or skin."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Lilith, The Morrigan, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran

"Erm... so you've got an alkali metal of some sort in there?" Mark said as he picked up the ball gingerly, tossing it up in the air and catching it repeatedly.

"As long as you've got it encased, it should be okay. Right? Unless I'm not playing around with an alkali metal... in which case... what the hell is in it?" He asked curiously.

"Don't worry your right, its caesium.
But if it was just this sphere we'd be screwed. But it's actually a two clay spheres, and two oil layers to keep it all in. Even then we should be careful. I had one of these break in my bag once. Not this bag." She pointed to her satchel. "My last one."

Fenris would feel a pulse coming from the man as he slowly rose up of the colony floor, clutching his head a bit. He looked up at the Deathclaw checking him and shook his head. "I'm alive, dude. ...Damn, I need to think things through more..."

The impact still had the alchmist seeing stars, but at least he was up. Seeing that the Noisy Cricket wasn't helping his side... much, he reverted them back to headphones before drawing another circle on the wall he'd slammed himself into, making a sword out of whatever material it was made out of. "Alright.... For honor, glory and all that crap..." He started charging into the fray alongside the other Deathclaws, hacking and slashing away.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Lilith, The Morrigan, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran

There was a bit of a laugh that came from the Writer's direction as he remembered playing with potassium back in chemistry class. They had made a tennis ball launcher using a reinforce PVC tube and a cap that they filled with water. They would then drop in an amount of potassium and a tennis ball. The resulting explosion sent the flaming tennis ball flying a few hundred feet in the air.

It also had a pretty bad reaction to the grass around it where bits of potassium had dropped.

"How bad's the reaction compared to say... potassium?" The Writer asked as he looked over towards the two ... make that one remaining Morrigan.

Badb sort of hovered in the air for a moment as she smiled inwardly at the shot that she had made. The sort of shot that was made under pressure and would go down as the shot th...


From the perspective of the rest of the Pub, a short spear that had been affixed to a length of chain suddenly sprouted from the chest of the Crow sister known as Badb before she was promptly pulled in the direction April had been sent.

Now... it might be worth nothing that the sheer amount of blood that seemed to explode from that direction seconds later might have been more than was possibly contained in Badb's body. Let me assure you... it was not.

In fact the blood explosion that followed after Badb's death was just the right amount of blood so that anyone getting any ideas that the crow goddess survived would be dead wrong.

April on the other hand did survive... and now it was just a one on one against the last of the sisters.

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