D.I.C.E. (Modern Day Supernatural and Sci-fi RP. Interest & Sign up)

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Damn. Those are ideas are crazy Awesome.

Oh. And the picks are getting put up in a less than an hour.

@Mort: Revenge has crossed his mind...

@Shadowstar38: Really?

Well, good luck everyone and everything. I am getting quite stressed now with anticipation.

@Shadowstar38: This is what happens when you leave us alone in a room full of awesome. Nice to know the picks will be going up soon, although it does make me kinda worried.

@Malyc: Then a mix between the two tropes.

Damn W was really hoping I'd Have enough time to get in On this, but I'm no where near a PC for a couple of days, and typing out several paragraphs with my phone would take way too long.

@Malyc and Mort: a Zigzagging between the two perhaps?

Damn wish I'd seen this earlier, sounds pretty interesting, but I guess I'm a bit late if the picks are going up soon. Might keep an eye on it for the story.

Goodness gracious, the wait is intense...

More like exactly an hour. This was hard as hell to cut down...

Screw it. On We go.

Mikhail Olkhovsky

Simon Jones

Aaron Pertition

Dan Trayne


Garath Heller

Sophia Marshall.

Richard Johnson

Captain Lara Reid, PhD]

Isabelle Hearte




William Duff:

The Thinker:
Mister Science Man

Now all that's left for me to figure out is if I should make seperate game thread or not.

And before I forget. If you think you might want your character in Division Zero in the future, PM me. It will require some questionable moral choices on their part.

@Shadowstar38: Damn, I had my sad music queued up and everything. :P

So when will the OP be up?

@Shadowstar38: Huzzah, I'm in! Thank you, by the way. For what it's worth, I think we should start a new thread for the story, mainly to make things more concise (we rambled quite a bit here). If you did, I'd greatly appreciate if you quoted each of us in the beginning of the thread, so that I don't have to root through the search bar or other's history to locate the rp. Other than that, I'm very excited as to where this could go.

Quick Edit: About Aaron, he has assisted other field divisions in capturing and killing demons, as he's not content just to flag the demons and let someone else clean up. Also, Irony and Despair were in the box he found when his parent's died, but he names them himself

Alright! Time to shoot some fools! ^_^

Thanks for the inclusion, and I concur, there should be another thread.

@Other Mort: I'll go ahead and use it if you still have it available. XD

Welp, best of luck to this RP and everyone in it. I'll go ahead and see myself out. :P

Indeed, a new thread needs to be made, for tidiness.

Let this thread be for OOC malarkey only.

@ToxicPiranah: A sword needs a wielder, no?

@Shadowstar38: Well, thank you for accepting my sheet, by the way.

Well I didn't make it. Ah well. maybe I should go around looking for other RPs.

Is there going to be a group for this RP?

Also yes we need a new thread for the RP itself.

Even though I didn't make the cut, I would definitely enjoy seeing how this RP commences. A separate thread may help.

@Shadowstar38: Damn, I had my sad music queued up and everything. :P

So when will the OP be up?

Likely in the morning, sense I already started it.

Is there going to be a group for this RP?

Also yes we need a new thread for the RP itself.

This thread may be enough for general direction and questions.

Awesome, I'll see you in the thread once it starts up I guess.

Just a heads up, but I probably won't be able to post til saturday night. Got a lot of stuff going on tomorrow, plus I work two jobs on saturday, so don't be surprised if it takes me a while to show up.

The bio just sort of wrote itself >.>. Should I edit the end or is it fine the way it is? I figured since I'm in Division 5 I might as well start out fresh into D.I.C.E.

Well OP thanks for accepting my character sheet. Am looking forward to getting in to this with all you guys.

Thank you so much for accepting my sheet. ^_^

Well thank you Shadow for accepting my sheet.

Yay! Thanks for accepting my sheet!

@Terratina.: Maybe. Let's see if your sentient sword can talk the new guy into picking it up. :-)

@ToxicPiranah: Ah right, be patient, it'll come.

I'm just going to have him talk to random people a bit for a bit right now.

Hey look, a group exists now

@IFS: Wut? Where?

I haven't had any invites or anything...

@Terratina According to the group page you have been, the group is called D.I.C.E.

@IFS: I've been to the group page and all. I'm not on the list of members and I haven't received an invite.

Sorted now.

Hope you like it my friend.

Name: David Relic
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Nation: British
Species: Human
Appearance: Tall, Blue eyes, Brown hair, Thin.

Personality: Judgemental, Protective, Helpful and Ambitious.
Division: 6
Skills: Weapons training (former R.A.F Specialist), Engineering, Air craft Training (Fighters and Attack Helicopters), I.C.T and Scientific Expertise.

Power/magic: None

Weapons & Equipment: Basic Combat Armour, Knife Exorcist Pulsar (A proto-type weapon Developed by him using special magic Crystals lining the barrel, light is projected through these Crystals and sent out of the barrel, these Crystals ruin the demons Grip on reality Sending them straight back to hell, it's Downside, it can overhead and Explode.)
Bio: first encounter with demons was when he was 23, he was Helping the retro-fit of a new Fighter jet, a creature attacked him when he was alone Attaching a missile pod and emplacing the new Proto-type Machine gun, it Shredded him, he was chased around the hangar for a while, until he shot at it a few times and saw it screamed, it could die. He managed to kill it with the aid of some base guard's, after a while or these Incidents he was contacted by D.I.C.E he proceeded to work for them Creating new and Hilarious ways to destroy demons.

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