Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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@Other Mort: You could always 'tenderise' it.

Hey it just me or are things a little more surreal in here today? O_o

@Link: I blame the liquorice-lovers.

@Link: Hm... Let's see...

I made a pun, element creatively voiced his displeasure against said pun, people talking about bloodshed and food, most of which is occurring all at once...

Nope, seems like a normal time in Serial Killer. :P

Actually, long periods of everyday chit-chat is abnormal in here.

Also, eating all the donuts now!

@WarP: Halloween avatar is back! :D

That reminds me to do my own, actually, thanks!

@Original Flavour Mort: You should be punished for that.

@TrilbyWill: I'm not sure if you're talking to me....



Yeah @Other Mort: that's just wrong!

@Terratina: More like lovers of liquor-ish substances.

No wait that's stupid. >.<

All the votes are in! The lynchees have been decided by you, the villagers!

But who will it be?

No! You monsters! You've lynched an innocent man, for that you shall burn. BURN!

So after bragging about having not died in my previous 4 rounds, I'm now first to be executed, guess I reallydid tempt fate, or annoy the voters.

I will have a proper post up some time after I finish work tomorrow.

Yay crazy avatar /o/

I should've been working on my webcomic.....

@sky14kemea: You have a webcomic?

@Sky: Uh....getting a lot of OAG vibes off of her. You certainly nailed the creepiness factor.

@MortPenguin: Yeah I do, it's not that great though.

@NeoAC: OAG? Never heard of it. xD Thanks though.

Now I feel like I should do a Halloween avatar, great, I'm gonna have to do 'art'

@Sky: OAG most likely stands for Overly Attached Girlfriend.

And yes, you should have. *pokes with HFP stick*

@MortPenguin: If it makes you feel better, I don't actually draw mine from scratch. I just trace over an image and change the colours.

I'd use my own art for avatars, but it sucks too much :D

@CA: Owww, not the HFP stick! ;^;

@Sky: This is OAG.

@Sky: Would you rather I use it to trip you over and make you... fall prone? lol

@CA: Ohohohoho.....

@all I love how razer just burst in and damned us all and we just pretended not to hear him. That just takes ignoring people to a whole new level. By they way see you in JIB razer. But anyway weren't we supposed to play a D&D game while the killers raped our skulls ?

@Yokillernick: nah, that's just the general theme.

Unless you wanna play D&D.....

@nick: Damnations and accusations are pretty common round these parts.
Also, I'm a NPC. Not the kind that overloads you with exposition though. Just the one who repeats himself constantly.

Unless you wanna play D&D.....

That paired with your avatar has me cowering under my bed. o.o

@Zero: "I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than you!"

@Yokillernick: *Strokes fake beard* So you weren't the killer. *Shrugs* No harm, no foul right?

@razer: I didn't vote for ya, mate.

Not twice anyway...


@MortPenguin: Yokillernick isn't dead..

Now, I'm dissapointed....I read JIB and got excited.

Damn you Yokillernick.

I'm distracted because I'm doing 'art'

@sky: Jesus H Dick, what the hell is going on in that avatar?

@Link: Yeah, that seems reasonable.

@Trilceratops: I have no idea...

...but I think it involves rainbows of joy.

Then again, I could be mistaking that for fountains of blood, it happens from time to time.

@Nunci Drew: Understandable.

@Trilby: Nothing.... sinister.

@sky: Why don't I believe you?

@Trilby: It's probably the eyes. I get that a lot.

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