Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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The plot thickens...

Now a war rages in the afterlife...

@elementsoul: What? Why!? I did no puns!

Or was that for all the online advertising you've been exposed to?

*Uses master key to unlock the ghost trap.* Why don't people every look into who makes these things now a day.

Fucking China.

*picks up ghost trap and beats RaNDM G to death with it* Now stay out of the JIB. Murdered and executed people only.

For the record, you're haunting the living. And this vengeful ghost shtick is boring us to death.

*Drops the ghost trap on Zero_ctrl and watches as it crushes his body. Yawns and appears behind RaNDM G and rips out his skull and spine Predator style. Fashions the spine into a spear and impales Schizzy through a tank of honey and into a hornets' nest with it. Uses a pair of nail clippers to slowly clips into RaNDM G's jugular, causing him to bleed out. Teleports back to the JIB with RaNDM G's corpse and pile drivers it into him from the scrambled eggs table.*

Apparently I am dead three times over. And I'm sure you used that nail clipper gag before.

This is not as painful as I thought it would be.


Berenzen has been saved by a Cleric!

I didnt accounce the last saves 'cause it wasn't fun, but now things are getting intense o.o

Seriously, the Medics are so effective this round. They've made like 7 saves in total so far.

@sky14kemea: Who ordered the ninja medics?

And people say that doubles makes it easier on the killers. >.>

So I just asked my third question- Does the killer have more than 25 (escapist) friends.

To which the answer was no. Because everyone else on this list was dead except for Mortis Nuncius and Segadroid, everything gets narrowed down really fast. If you do a quick count of escapist friends of both targets, Segadroid has 67 while Mortis Nuncius has only 18.

Thus I declare you- Mortis Nuncius- as one of the killers.

Oh, yay. The medics are helping. Woooo.

Come on killers, I'm rooting for you.

The next victims have been murdered!

@sky Wait can dead people vote ? I'm confused because on a hunch the killer is the guy with the biggest mustache, ehem, Mortis

@Yokillernick: Of course dead people can't vote. :/ that'd defeat the purpose of the game.

@Berry: So, you've ruled everyone else out... because we killed them?

But, at least we know we're getting one of the killers.
I mean, it's not like we would ever lynch someone despite having concrete evidence that said person is not the killer.
Not in a million years.
No sirree.

Yeah. So much for my voting rights.

@Sky As you pointed out on skype, I missed pun you made. *Pulls out three keys and unlocks the GM power draining device. Lures Sky into the machine using biscuits and tea. Locks her into the machine and removes the GM god mode status, but allowing her to retain the power to anwser spy questions and inform people of their deaths. Slices open her stomach and jumps rope with her intestines until she bleeds to death. *

@element: Biscuits. Oh my God, yes.


@element: Is there a statute of limitations on that?

Ok, I'm out of energy and emotion. Happy Halloween everyone.

@RaN: In the UK, we consider these biscuits:


Though american biscuits are awesome too.

@sky: Jesus Christ. Halloween is today, I've been on a sugar high for weeks, and you guys are not making it easier for me.



*steals a cookie*

@RaN: I know how ya feel.

On the bright side. Scary movie marathons! :D

oh, also...

MinimanZombie and Link_to_Future have been murdered!!

Cast your votes!

Won't be surprised if I don't get any today, tbh. I'm busy myself.

*wakes up*

*brews self a pot of coffee*

*watches Castle*

*prepares freshly-brewed cup of coffee*

@Mortis: No Castle spoilers, please. New Zealand isn't showing Season 5 yet. =/

@CA: No worries, I was just showing my reaction to having been discov-

Erm...discontented with the amount of porn on my computer. Or rather, the lack thereof.

Right. Definitely what I had meant.

Whew...dodged a bullet there. Good thing I'm so clever, they didn't even notice a thing. Muahahaha.

@Mortis: For the record, I think we should vote for Mortis. For the lulz, of course.

Kidding, kidding.

Yes, kill Mortis! There is a 50% chance that he sort of murdered me horribly! Those odds are definitely high enough in my book. >.>

@Mortis: Oh, and when do you think we're going to start Zombies?

@RaN: Go ahead! Do it! See if I *sob* see if I care!!

@Link: Oh, if only you knew...

...that I would never commit such an unspeakable act that has already been spoken of hypothetically.

Also, I have yet to have a firm date to begin. But with any luck, before the end of the week.

@Link: How in the unholy Hell am I the first to comment on your death?
You mentioned to me that you sort of put a bit of work into it, but that was fucking fantastic.

@Zero: Because too long and didn't read.

@Link: No offense.

@Zero: Thanks. I'm glad the hours I put into that didn't totally go to waste.

@RaN: None taken. I'll just adjust my level of future effort accordingly.

@Link, I just read your death, that was incredible. Bravo good, sir, bravo. I saw that you had posted it before I left for work this morning, but I didn't get a chance to read it until now. If/When I die, I have no idea how to follow up to -that-.

On another topic I thought I'd pimp my own RP here, just to make sure nobody who might be interested in it missed it. You guys are some of the best writers on this forum, and having you in any RP would be a massive benefit to it.

@Berenzen: I may have to pass that one up, for two reasons: 1) I'm already in a lot of role-plays right now, and 2) I'm not too big a fan of role-plays that require numbers and stats and whatnot to function. Ironic, then, that I entertain the idea of getting into D&D with a group.

On the subject of advertising and whatnot, I plan to bring back one of my old role-plays for a third version... as soon as I can come up with my player-characters. Already some of my Skype friends are finishing up their own character sheets. >.<'

@CA D&D is fun, but it's not the best RPG out there, especially if you're looking for a more improv/roleplay sort of game. Fiasco is still probably one of the best ones out there if you're looking for that sort of style of play. What D&D- particularly 4th ed- excels at is combat. D&D has always been based around wargaming, 4th ed decided to actually take that idea and make it good, while still trying to keep the idea of roleplay. There are a lot of other games out there that does roleplaying better. World of Darkness has a lot of flaws in it's books, but it also is another better system for actual roleplaying- though it's combat mechanics kinda suck. Paranoia and Dread are great for 1-shots, but if you're looking for something more extended, they're not the greatest.

The current game that I'm loving the hell out of right now is the new Iron Kingdoms RPG. While it has it's issues, it's still very balanced and a ton of fun to play.

@Berenzen: See, as far as I know, D&D is the most well known of the games out there (the only other one I know that you've mentioned is World of Darkness, and even then only 'cause I'm playing Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines). A good number of the people I know on Skype have played a campaign or two of D&D, or are currently playing.

I daresay that, with D&D, it'd be easy enough to get in on the ground level - I will note, though, that I've tried a couple of sessions and I don't feel they worked out all that well thanks to the disorganisation of the group.

@CA Without a doubt, D&D is by far and away the best known RPG system out there. That doesn't mean it's the best though.

World of Darkness consists of quite a few different lines. nWoD (New World of Darkness) is a better system overall in terms of it's mechanics. Vampire the Masquerade is part of the classic World of Darkness.

nWoD's core lines are the following:

Mage: the Awakening, where your character has come by the ability to shape the universe itself, but you're also targetted by abyssal creatures who see you as an easy portal to the mortal realm. Mage's theme is that of hubris.

In Vampire: The Requiem, your character is a vampire in a world of humans. Stepping out into the sunlight is certain deaths. It's a very political style of game, with lots of backstabbing and backroom maneuvering. Vampire's theme is trust.

Then there's Werewolf: The Forsaken, where your character is a werewolf, trying to control the primal nature in you, and maybe failing. It's a very savage game, built around trying to keep yourself alive as you try to figure out what's wrong with you. Werewolf's theme is that of savagery.

nWoD also has a number of non-core lines. They're as follows:

Promethean: the Created. In this game you are created in a style similar to that of Frankenstein, then given life. You've been made with a number of other people, and so you cling to those people. Promethean's theme is that of identity.

Changeling: the Lost. In CtL, you are a human who has escaped enslavement by one of the faerie folk- to the point where you look barely human- completely replaced by something else, that may not even realize what they are. If you play changeling, you're looking both at the past- where the Fae are hunting you- and to the future, where you have to death with the pain of loss, and the bittersweet nature of human existance.

Hunter: the Vigil is a game where the characters are monster hunters, tracking down things that go bump in the night, and making sure they don't threaten Sleeper (people who don't comprehend the World of Darkness) existance. It plays off of the tropes of Men in Black. You don't hunt down everything, just the ones who have gone out of control. The biggest theme of Hunter is that of protection. Both of yourself, but also of those that you love.

There's a couple others that are coming out soon, so we'll have to see what they're like.

With WoD out of the way, I'll cover the fun paranoia next.

Paranoia is a fun little game that's great to run in a one-shot. In Paranoia, players are Troubleshooters for the schizophrenic communistphobic Friend Computer, (Hello, Friend Computer). Troubleshooters have to fulfill the goals set for them by Friend Computer, but also those that are given to them by the secret societies that they follow. If they conflict, blame it on one of the other troubleshooters. It's a fast-paced, sometimes over the top game where the players not only are paranoid what the GM is going to do next, but also what the person right beside them might do.

Iron Kingdoms is an ironpunk fantasy game, originally done in the d20 system, but recently updated to it's own system. You play a group of characters in the Iron Kingdoms (the setting for the Warmachine universe), typically mercenaries, though you can work with other things as well. You can go from a mage to a mechanic, to an investigator. It's combat is tight, there really isn't any caster supremacy, and the base setting is awesome. I'm loving playing it right now.

Honestly, I think that the biggest gripe that I have with D&D is that you're limited to the style of character you can build, otherwise you're incredibly sub-optimal and not really all that badass. 4e lessened this a bit, with the fact that the game tells you straight up what's needed to build a character the right way, but at the same time, characters are still limited. It has to do with the Attribute-Class combination. But that's a whole bugbear that deserves it's own thread somewhere else.

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