We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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OoC: @demon, only 2 pages in, read up and join in!

As the two figures reached the group the group would be able to tell that they were not human. The first man has long pointed ears and eyes that resembled those of a snake. His tattered cape billowed behind him in the wind, and pieces of it continuously broke off and flew away, disintegrating soon after, although the cape never seemed to get any smaller. He was also very pale and appeared as if he hadn't eaten in a long time. The second man had slightly longer pointed ears, eyes with a peculiar glow, and a tail.

The man with grey hair scowled at the group "My Lord asked you a question, I expect you to answer it!"

The mass of creatures in the sand began to dig their way out of the sand. A few ran around panicking while others tried to help those who were still stuck get out

Bryce turned back to the new arrival. "Looks like it. Maybe someone near the tree knows. Lets roll." He then begins jogging lightly, feeling his nanos slacked off, letting the plague give him extra strength as it knitted his hands out of their breaks.

"I believe we are on Pandora. However, without seeing proper landmarks, I cannot be sure." Zer0 began following Adam and Bryce.

Watching a third mrker approach on the rangefinder, Jensen turned to see the woman aproach a moent before she spoke. Though he raised a single eyebrow at her bizarre yet admittedly enticing appearance, he maintained his shell of detached professionalism.
"Did a commercial airliner come down as well? Where are all these people coming from?" As Zer0 answered the question, he glanced back at him.
"And where might that be?"

The clown began floating upside down, he floated above the head of Jensen and then went face to face with him. "So no idea then? Too bad!"

"We are in a desert. Why is there a tree here? This most certainly isn't 4th Hierarchical City." the woman mumbled at the lack of logic here.

She turned to Jensen, frowning alittle. "An airship you mean? Are... Are you a cyborg?" her eyes narrowed down, seeing Jensen's mechanical arms. She had heard of Sector Seven being less or more pure science and a cyborg won't exactly be out of place.

"And what the hell is a 'Pandora'?"

The woman looked up from her dress as she heard Rex address her. Looking over at him, she scowled a bit, though her expression would likely not be visible to him from the distance she stood at. And now I am being shouted at by commoners. This day has truly been the worst in quite a long while. But perhaps they can make themselves useful and tell me where I am. Her expression turned neutral again as she approached the tree, stumbling occasionally as her high-heels were doing her no favors in traversing the sand. Her wings flapped in annoyance as she finally made it to the tree, though she kept a decent amount of distance between herself and everyone else.

She looked over everyone near the tree with a gaze of contempt, the kind of look that a person would give to a wad of gum clinging to the bottom of their shoe. Her expression changed to one of contemplation as she tried to think of the best thing to say to get what she wanted.

Balthier curled his lip upon hearing the demand that someone answered some "lord". He had little patience for such people. "Direct your questions to the orange-haired woman, would you? For none but her seem to know where, or indeed what this place is." He asnwer, not looking up. Orange-haired. That was another thing that struck Balthier as odd. No hume he had ever seen had orange hair. Or blue for that matter.

Eve was deep in thought when the next two men arrived and began making a racket. She lost her concentration before looking up confused and seeing that a women in a strange dress had also arrived. She heard the one of the men start listing off questions and just looked at him quizzically. "Humans? Why are you mentioning Kid's story stuff? And the moon?... For a moment Eve looked a little lost as she quietly muttered one word under her breath for a minute before shaking her head and just looking slightly amused at the strange man babbling. She then noticed a fellow in overalls and a hardhat and waved at him before she noticed the blue haired man was addressing her again. She drew a knee back and rested her chin on it as she thought of her response. "Well... I can tell you that the Sandstorms are commonplace and this isn't even the worst kind of one. Oh and where I'm from people don't bother traveling out here a lot. Umm... There's a town that I was going to and I think it's nearby but I can't remember as I fell asleep at the start of the Sandstorm. There are some other trees like this spread out through the desert but I can't remember why it is that the Sandstorms avoid them like plague. Now about the name..." She starts to slowly taps her head as she hums trying to decide on what to say.

OOC: Again, Jensen's augs aren't... fuck it, I'll just say he took the coat off.

Jensen glanced briefly down at his prosthetic arms and the armoured carapace fastened over his chest.
"Yeah, I guess that's about right. I'm an Aug. I... what the hell?!" He gasped as the jester appeared in front of him, its range marker hidden above his own until now. "What are you doing?!"

Ryu notices all the new arrivals. He also gets a feel for their attitudes and personalities from the way they were all acting. These people remind me of something I was asked once...
He looks to Eve. "Well, could we go there? Is there transport or do we have to walk?"

"Pandora is an Earth-like planet. It is mostly desolate and is rumoured to house a Vault of great treasures."

A man in a green and yellow motif with a splash of blue on his pants and a light kevlar vest on was walking through the desert with a sword strapped to his belt, He had a muscular build to him and a badge pinned to his vest. Another figure was following behind him in a black and red ninja esque costume with a cape following behind him. He also had a hood and at this moment he had his mouth covered with a cloth "Weren't we in Australia fighting dinosaurs and giant gorillas in a forest a second ago"
"You know I think we were. And the gorillas had hands that could shoot fire." They said to each other while walking towards the group

Rex lets out a yawn as the grey haired demon growls at the group, and the princess-demon... thing looks over everyone, nose up. After Eve notes that the storms start and stop, he pulls his beanie over his eyes and slides down until he's lying on the ground face-up. . Well, might as well relax here for a while if the storms will eventually dissipate. No reason to hurt my head trying to work with all these people here... Rex makes it look like he's drifted to sleep, but listens intently as more people join the motley crew.

@Random: Hey, I just came back from a hockey game....

The woman's gaze hardened alittle. "I see. Never mind about what I asked then." Still... If he's working for Sector Seven... Seeing the clown, she punched it in the face. "Fucker. Don't scare us like that."

She turned to the masked man (Zer0). "Oh. So you mean a desolate planet that was brought its near destruction."

The Jester laughed and floated away, still upside down. "Just bored! We need to start shooting things here or something. Seriously though, why are we sitting here?"

He was getting bored and the voices were starting to come again. They were whispers though.

Bryce kept walking, only turning his head to watch the exchange. He eventually broke through the sand, and felt the nanos overtake the plague cells, and collapsed, pushing the dead girl away from him. He called out to some of the people nearby. "Little help here!"

As the woman tried to punch the clown in the face, the creature found enough time to react and pivoted itself upright so that the woman punched the air.

"You will have to make a better attempt to hit us. Perhaps you should try harder, though that may lead to an early demise."

Jensen stared open mouthed at the jester, then shook his head slightly and looked back to Zer0 and the short tempered woman.
"Ok, there's no point trying to work all this out here. That gathering is just ahead, we should be able to see it any second now. They may have found shelter, and might be able to tell us more. Come on!"

Ryu walks over to Bryce. "What's wrong with that woman?"

The grey haired man continued to grow angrier "Tch, Orange haired woman, where are we!" he yelled

The black haired man spoke up "Calm yourself Fenrich, we are the ones at a disadvantage, we don't know the area. Now lass, could you tell us where we are?"

Fenrich frowned for a second before smirking and stepping back "Of course, my Lord."

The creatures off in the distance appeared to have freed themselves, and were now all huddled together trying to use each other as shields against the sandstorm

"Girl... dead in a crash." He took a deep breath, and pulled off the bandanna. "Oh sweet baby Jesus, this air is the best air in the world." If you looked into his eyes, they would have a yellow tint to their whites.

"Whatever." she replied to the clown. Turning to Bryce she helped him up. "What? You can't stand on your two legs?" she half-joked. Nodding to Jensen.

"Fair enough."

The woman cleared her throat readying herself to speak, then realized she had actually coughed up sand that had lodged itself in her throat. She spat the sand out into a handkerchief she produced from the folds of her dress in as dignified a manner as possible. Hearing Balthier, she addressed her words to the girl sitting by the tree. "Never mind any towns. I, Princess Rozalin simply desire directions to get to the nearest mansion." The woman, now identifiable as Princess Rozalin, clearly heard Bryce, though she chose to play hard of hearing and pretended that she had not.

The two men came up to Byrce."You need some water, here drink this. He pulled out one of the sodas he kept on his person it tasted a bit like raspberry. the hooded man noticed the dead body "Did she want cremation or burying"

"Dead..? Well, then I likely can't help her..." Ryu replied. "Perhaps we should find a place to bury her?"

As the small group caught up to Bryce and were relieved of the stinging, whirling sand, Jensen knelt down beside the dead pilot, and nodded his gratitude to Bryce, before turning his attention to her.

"I think I'll just go with The Expanse for now. The logs said that was the term used by most people when asked about this desert. It also seems like the name they'll be able to understand the most." she muttered. Eve looked at the blue haired guy and said "The Expanse. I mean that's what a lot of people call this desert apparently. Of course, we generally use the number names or one of the harder to say ones where I'm from but as amusing as it would be to see you stumbling each time you try to say it, in the long run it would get on my nerves... Probably." She reaches behind herself and digs into the bag that she had put between her back and the tree and pulls out a yellow bottle and takes a gulp from it. "The town?" She cocks an eyebrow at the blue haired guy before taking another sip and sarcastically asking "Does it look like I have a Personal Carrier tucked away under this jacket?" before smirking.

Eve then heard the strangely dressed girl introduce herself as Rozalin with a strange title. "Princess...? Mansion? What are those? Are you some sort of sales person or Rookie Scientist or something?" She asked with a blank look on her face.

Bryce looked up at the can. "Hang on for a second." He pulled himself up, then walked away from the others, before forcing himself to purge his stomach. He managed to choke out the bile, then, now very pale, tapped his arm computer, where a small nozzle ejected from the underside. He pointed it at the puke, and burned it, turning the sand underneath it to glass with the fire. Once it had been cleaned, he went back to others, and grabbed the soda. "Thanks for that. I have no idea who she is. You guys will want to talk to Adam about that. Guy behind me with the shades." He then began drinking greedily.

"miss i don't think there are any mansions round these parts"said the Texan as he got up from against the tree and walked over to the other group

"Amusing..." I'm really starting to dislike these people... Ryu replies dryly to Eve as he stands up and looks at Adam. "You know this woman? I'm not sure if it will work, but I could try to revive her..."

"Daniel of Noth by the way. I'm a sergeant of the superhero Corp. That reminds does everybody have permits for all those weapons they are carrying and does that pilot of that ship have a license. Also where the hell are we"

Having cleaned his rifle, Balthier attached a belt to it and flung it over his shoulder. He then looked up at the dead woman and tipped his head in silent respect. His gave drifted when Bryce trew up. His disgust at the scene was swiftly replaced by confusion when Bryce set fire to the pile vomit. This keeps getting stranger and stranger. It almost seems like I found myself in a scenario from one of those old grimoires.

The black haired man turned towards Rozalin "Hm? You are a demon as well correct? Were you trying to get to the moon as well?"

The woman raised an eyebrow at Bryce's throw up. "Riiight then." Hearing Ryu's words, she thought back to her dead squadmates. Gritting her teeth alittle, she turned away.

Noticing the man with a rifle, she walked over to him, keeping herself cool under these strange circumstances. "Do you have an idea where we are?"

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