Precipice of Evolution: First Genesis [Closed;Started]

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During her walk, Victoria stopped to listen to the announcements about everyone staying inside their homes or nearest buildings. This sounded serious, but she would not be forced into her home while all this was going on. "Fuck that." she said to herself. She intended on staying outside, whether or not it would get her into trouble. She'd be able to handle whatever came her way, or so she said to herself anyway.

However, what would she do right now? The detention center was a fair amount of distance away, but it was nothing her stamina couldn't handle. She saw someone giant walk off towards it, and decided to use him as a sort of guide, even though she knew well enough where the detention center was. Victoria began to run towards the giant man, following him along until he became smaller. Doesn't matter. I'm almost there anyway.

After running for a while, she came to a halt as she reached the detention center. No one had tried to grab her, she ran too quickly and for too long for anyone to catch her if they had attempted it. Besides, she knew shortcuts to stay out of sight, having needed them now and then. At the detention center, she could feel some kind of heat near her as she looked towards a woman close to her. Not wanting to make a scene, just yet anyway, she approached the woman and in a hushed voice, not so low as being a whisper but low enough to not be heard too loudly, she asked her. "Planning on going inside, huh? Don't think you'd get too far on your own. Mind if I join you on it?" Victoria gave a small grin to the thought of entering the detention center to see what the trouble was inside.

Alice had been so deep in thought, she hadn't noticed the new arrival until she spoke. Alice rolled her eyes at the grin and answered "I could get anywhere on my own. I don't need help. You can do whatever you want, just don't get in my way."

Alice kept walking, not bothering to look to see if Victoria was following her. She was too busy thinking about how perfect it would be to burn the whole building down.

Lizbeth had long ago turned off her PS2, she found herself in a new state, one that wasn't common to her, she was bored. Not the normal bored, this was bored to hell and back. The kind that made ever a recluse like her want to leave the house. After thinking for a bit she decided that she was going to go outside no matter what.

"You know what? Fuck this shit. I'm getting the hell out of here and doing something other than sit around and wait for some bitch to tell me I can leave my apartment. I'm going out... for once." she said with fire. "I can't stand it in here right now. I don't want to work I just want to.. walk I guess." she said packing up her laptop in her gray bag. She slipped on a black pair of boots then opened the front door. "Have fun Ajani." she said closing and locking the door behind her then looked out on the street.

"Well so far it seems clear. I guess I'll find out." she dashed to the side of the road then jumped into some bushes and sure enough a car was patrolling the streets. "What was too close for me." she looked around to make sure she was alone then dashed to the other side of the street almost tripping along the way but made it to another bush.

"God a doctor is hiding in the fucking bushes.. like a teenager trying to sneak out to fuck." Lizbeth just laughed at the situation. "Mom would kill me for this. Anyway where to go? Friends would make this a lot easier on me. WAAIos, make a note to get out more often." she said to her wrist device, WAAIos stands for Wrist Assistant Artificial Intelligence operating system, her Pip Boy as she would say.

WAAIos responded in a cool male voice. "Shall I put it with the note to make for friends or to get more sun ma'am?" Lizbeth just sighed. "Just store it. God even JARVIS isn't like this." she said feeling some smugness from WAAIos. "I'm here to serve you ma'am."

She grumbled some at WAAIos than sighed looking around once more for a car that might catch her. "Ok looks like the coast is clear.. well for now." she said to herself then ran to another set of bushes.

"Wait, I don't even know where I'm going.... I really should have thought this trough before I left. Wow, I are smart." she face palmed at her our idiocy.

She had just stepped out of the bushes when a car drove by. "Oh shit... ummm" she looked around then ran up to the nearest door and ducted and hoped to whatever god there was that they didn't see her and they drove by just like she wasn't there. "Oh thank fucking god. I made it." she sighed and banged her head on the door as WAAIos chimed in. "Let's not do that again. Your pulse is up as is your perspiration."

"No shit WAAIos, I was running after all and was almost caught. Damn I shouldn't of watched Iron Man when I made you." she cursed loudly and, without thinking, pounded hard on the door with her fist.

In a short amount of time, the fog had thickened making it almost impossible to see the detention center. No one had came out of the building nor was there any back-up to be seen from outside. Considering the situation, it was eerily quiet. From inside the situation was getting more heated.
The fist-fight between two had turned into a fight between several Changed, varying abilities being used to destroy the far end of the cell block. Some kind of ice blasts, beds being thrown using telekinesis, it was hard to tell who was doing what.
The guard was easily restrained by the tendrils and their "hands", he squirmed in a panic and started rambling off gibberish. The woman had fallen forward after the man lost his grip and landed with a noticeable *Thud*.
"...You're kinda pathetic... O-Ow..." The woman mumbled while rubbing the arm she landed on, before getting to her feet and dusting herself down.
She still looked somewhat groggy from whatever they had stuck her with but had searching eyes for an exit, she took the opportunity to get away from the guard and moved closer to Revis. More noise could be heard from other cell-blocks, varying between shouting, explosions and screaming.

The guards looked up to David Gold, it was easy to tell who was newer to the guards due to their mild awe at the professor. A group of fifteen or so were stationed at the major checkpoint with more branched out into the forested area beside the roads in case any civilians got any smart ideas.

"No go mister, if you know what's good for you, you'll go back towards central or to your home. We're on no sure terms to acknowledge what's going on in the detention facility, but we're to keep this checkpoint closed. We strongly recommend you turn around," The head guard giving a passive look around the small gathering crowd that had formed, "And that stands for all of you! This isn't a sideshow! Go on! For your own good!"

The small flock of guards started to try and dismiss the group, while the head continued to look up at the giant professor.
"Between you and I, whatever is going on over there? I'm just glad I'm stationed here. We haven't even heard back from the first group who went in to clear the place." He mumbled, not really caring the man heard him or not before giving a dismissive hand to move on his way.

"You can get out through an exit that way right?" Revis said to the main, pointing to the corridor away from the fight. ".... I don't feel like having to pay for wasting you, and you've been a good little boy, so go on, get out of here. Just go." He said to the man with a smirk. "Better make it snappy too... That party back there is getting pretty crazy." He turned the man around with the tendrils before pulling it all back into his arm, retracting it back to it's base shape and size. "Hey... You okay?" Revis asked, helping the girl up and looking her over. "You're in no shape to get out of here alone... not with everyone going mad, and that damn F-blockers running around." Revis sighed. "Looks like I'm going to protect you for a bit."

David looked at the guard for a minute and began to make his way back toward central, or at least he made it look that way. He had a feeling that this would be how it would go with the guards, after all it was there duty to...well guard and he could not fault them, in fact he admired them for it. Despite that respect, as well as the warning the Head guard gave David, he was going into the detention center, and he already had a plan.

First David, now back to his standard size, walked in the direction of the town center, but once he was out of the guards field of vision he once more focused his abilities but this ti, e he focused on reducing his size not increasing it. Now the Professor found himself looking up at the world instead of down on it, as he was now the equivalent size of a honey badger. With his new size he was just small enough where he hoped that he would be beyond the guards detection, though the drawback would be that it would take him a bit of time to get back to the detention center.

A short while later David arrived at the detention center, his plan was to wait until the guards were distracted and slip through the gate and through the 'Hannukaura' to the detention center. He hoped that once he was passed through then Aura that the guards would not see him as the aura was now obstructing the view of the detention center. All of this depended on whether or not the guards noticed him or if he was able to sneak by undetected

Alice saw the professor leave and rolled her eyes.

"Figured he'd chicken out," she thought. Alice didn't listen to the head guard's warnings at all and stood defiantly before the rest of them.

"You've already got a problem inside, do you really want one outside too?" Alice casually addressed the head guard and still gave off waves of heat. She looked at the aura, wondering if it was solid.

Cid had hopped aboard his floating dick again as he watched David Gold stride over to the Detention center. He huffed, a bit irritated, but not terribly concerned. "Probably just some escaped prisoner again... Still, better check it out." he made his way down the road, past the people heading to their individual homes.

It wasn't long before Cid could get a good view of the place, and his former air of calm and indifference was replaced with curiosity. The strange fog over the detention center was not natural, anyone could see that though. he put his hand to his chin and rubbed, thinking intently. "That doesn't look good... The PRACC wouldn't be calling a total lockdown and recall if they were just experimenting with something like this... Interesting..." Cid decided that this should be something he should look into, something new for him. scouring the landscape around him, he decided that the safest way to the detention center would be through the woods. The PRACC would most definitely have guards, as the disappearance of David Gold from his vision had hinted to, and it would be no easy take getting in anyway, but a wooded area would be his best bet. Kicking his Nano-disk into high gear, he sped off towards the forest.

The fog seemed to deepen as David stood on the outskirts of the aura. The white was impenetrable with only the vaguest outline of the entrance to be seen. His plan was simple and effective but not the most well-thought out, with most of the guards heading back towards the detention center to double-check that they might have seen something. Here, David had to choose between now or never to go inside or to be escorted back (or worse) by the PRACC guards.

The head guard sized up Alice, not really reacting in any way to he threats nor her heat. The guards behind him couldn't say the same, shifting uncomfortably and putting their hands on their weapons just to be safe. He cleared his throat and gave a serious look,
"Look miss, we're not saying this for fun. We're not standing here for fun. This is for your own safety and between you and I, you don't want the PRACC to be your problem..." His tone was sharp but not very threatening, it relaxed at the last part, "Now go on, head back home, we've got this under control and if you want to pick a fight any other day, come look for me personally."

The university was quickly filling with both students and civilians. The majority of them were congregating in the foyer, the sounds of voices somewhere between panic and speculation when the speakers flared up in the dome again.
"This is another announcement from the PRACC..." Strauss' voice sounded far away, "Disregard...previous communication, failure to head outside...will lead to persecution...Repeat, leave all buildings...congregate at park if possible...-"
"This is getting ridiculous!"
"What do they think this is, Simon Says?!"
"Shut up! I'm trying to listen!"
"-...Make haste... Thank you. PRACC out..." The announcement ended abruptly, followed by white noise before cutting out suddenly. The conversations got feverish and the panic increased.
"...Something weird is going on."
"Everyone should just calm down!"
"No, they're not telling us something!"
Several teachers from the university were trying to get people to settle and offered to arrange for classrooms to be moved to accommodate more people while they decided whether they should leave or not.
The offer seemed to settle the people slightly but unease and anger was still growing. It seemed that some people were heading back into the streets to follow the announcements.

The woman gave a small scowl at the cowardly man as he fled off into the hallway and out of sight. She gave a deep sigh and took her dark hoodie off, putting it around her waist.
"Thank you. Really. You've already done a lot for me, but I just want to get out of here..." Her eyes darted between Revis and the all out brawl that ensued behind them. A group had barricaded themselves inside one of the cells after getting caught in the middle, but other than that what was a small fight between two had evolved into a all out beat-down.
"...I'm Sara by the way. ...Uh, do you...know how to get out of here? Do we need to go past that woman he kept talking about?" She looked uneasy but still found herself moving closer away from the other prisoners and towards where the guard has slipped out.

For a moment, Alice considered leaving and trying to find another way in. She dismissed the idea, it wasn't her style. No one tells fire where to go, it burns its own path, scorching whatever gets in its way. Seeing the discomfort among the other guards gave her more confidence and also more arrogance.

"Let me worry about my safety," Alice said, crossing her arms. "The PRACC is already my problem, nothing is going to change that. The fact is, I've got a lot of pent up energy that needs to be let out. Everywhere. In there seems to be where all the other hotheads are. I don't care who gets burnt, but I figure you guys would rather it not be innocent people...or you"

A grin form on her lips for a second, a mixture of evil and madness. It's quickly hidden behind an expression of icy coolness, which is a complete opposite to the air around her. "Besides, so I give a few guys some burns. I'd be doing you a favour. Taking care of current problems," Alice added with a shrug far too casual for the situation. In the back of her mind, she was considering an option for getting in if the head guard refused, but she wasn't too keen on trying it.

Another broadcast came over the speakers in the range.

"This is another announcement from the PRACC... Disregard...previous communication, failure to head outside...will lead to persecution...Repeat, leave all buildings...congregate at park if possible...-"

"The hell is going on out there?" Karen was confused by the sudden change in directions. After a lockdown, normally staff went around and performed a headcount of those in the hall. Why would Strauss suddenly give a new order? And what was up with the tone of the broadcast? It sounded like Strauss was a considerable distance from her microphone, almost as if something was going on in the broadcast room.

Karen approached one of the guards at the range. "Excuse me? Is that kind of broadcast normal in an emergency?" she asked, unsure of whether she should do as the broadcast said. She had no idea of what was taking place outside, and figured she was right to be cautious.

Jerald walked into the lobby, his raincoat on and his mask still safely in his pocket. He glanced around, and heard the announcement.

"Like a wild damn goose chase," a teenage student muttered. Jerald shot him a look, trying to play the part of janitor. The teenager looked away, embarassed.

Jerald kept walking, pushing the doors open and setting a course for the park. He felt a weight against his side, and reached in his pocket. A spare pack of cigarettes. Lung cancer certainly wasn't an issue for him. He took a cigarette out of the pack and lit it up, blowing smoke into the air. A few people looked at him, but his rather repulsive look generally made them steer clear of comments.

Finally, he reached the park.

Shit. What if they found the body? Calm down, Jerald, it's fine. No way they could have.

David Gold stood on a precipice of his own personal destiny. and so with the guards distracted the pint sized professor slipped through the gate undetected and ran toward the "hannukaura" and prayed silently in his mind that it wouldn't be the last thing he would ever do. Once he made it past the aura he increased his size back to its standard, hopefully the aura obscured him, though he didn't plan on being this size for long, he looked for a small protrusion in the doors high tech locking mechanism, and in a short amount of time he found it. He then rested a pinkie on it and began to shrink. as his got smaller he increased his hold on the the locking mechanism until his was small enough that he could squeeze through the tiny protrusion, right in to the guts of the lock. Now it was time for the fun part, David used his laser vision to slice through the wires and various other pieces of electronics and tech that held the door tightly closed. He then scampered out of the lock and once he was falling toward the ground he grew to meet it. With the door unlocked he could now enter the detention center and hopefully help to calm the people within... or if that failed subdue them so the did not cause any harm to the rest of the inhabitants of the dome or to the dome itself.

The guards were being a pest, and since they weren't going to let them through, they'd have to make an entrance for themselves. "Guess that only leaves me with one option." Victoria's eyes glowed as she pointed her palms towards the guards and released energy blasts from her hands, knocking the guards out. It was a surprise attack, happening too quickly for them to react to it.

Pleased with herself, she stepped towards the closed gate of the detention center. "What are you waiting for?" she said to Alice. "Now's the time to go and see what's up. Help me open this gate." She fired a few blasts at the gate, which seemed to give away a bit, but not enough to actually make a hole, even to look through. "Tsh, damnit." she said to the toughness of the gate. But she wasn't about to give up, and kept firing energy blasts at the gate.

The pounding at the door really made Darren regret having a place on ground level. Gotta get me one of them downtown places high up. At least then I could see these PRACC bastards coming and get prepared to have more horse shit dumped on me. He took his sweet time, making sure everything was back in its place and grabbing his bat, putting a little charge into it before finally moving to the entrance.

As he opened the door, what he saw could not be further from the homogenized, sterile image that PRACC officers seemed determined to project all over the place. Instead it was a woman, dressed up like a Northern hitchhiker, with hair that Darren couldn't completely agree with, and a sort of grey grid like pattern crossing her exposed skin, similar to the blue lines that appeared when the electricity built up and shot out of his body. She looked like she had just been running a marathon, her face beading sweat.

"What'n the hell are you lookin' for?" he snarled. "What, PRACCing bastards run outta lackeys to send over they sendin' techno-zombies after me? You gotta go snitchin' for them? Not makin' this shitty as life difficult enough, bitch?"

Darren was going to tear into the unknown surrogate for his hatred for the higher-ups some more when they decided to send a message across the dome.

"This is another announcement from the PRACC...Disregard...previous communication, failure to head outside...will lead to persecution...Repeat, leave all buildings...congregate at park if possible...-...Make haste... Thank you. PRACC out..."

"Ah screw off, you got-dang jackasses! Make up your damn minds!" Darren was not amused with this turn of events, and once again, it was the girl on the doorstep to bear the brunt of his fury. "You kin tell your fascist overlords to stick their recommendations up their pipes!" He grabbed his keys from the ring by the door. "If they think they kin get me into the park for their little plan, they obviously ain't learned jack shit 'bout me." He slammed the door, placed his bat over his shoulder and started walking away.

Alice raised an eyebrow at the sudden attack, but smirked at the result. She took a moment to kneel down beside the unconscious head guard.

"I'll be sure to find you...personally," Alice whispered, even though the guard could not hear. She stood again and walked over where Victoria was standing. She watched the energy blasts hitting the gate and shook her head.

"That won't do anything..." Alice spoke as a flame grew in her right hand. It swirled in her palm and she closed her fingers. As she did, it became a bright, hot ball of fire. Alice aimed her palm towards the gate and the fireball shot off. When it struck, it created a massive explosion. Alice couldn't help but grin maliciously as she tossed a few more, far more than she needed to.

Somewhere off towards the detention center, explosions could be heard. Jerald lazily turned his head to look at the smoke now rising. People around him were chattering, some afraid, some acting tough and bragging about how they could take those crazies. Jerald remained quiet, walking over to an ashtray and stubbing out the butt of his cigarette, blowing his last breath of smoke into the air to join the detention center's. He figured an explosion wouldn't hurt him too badly, if it was that fire-throwing crazy. Burn scars weren't too bad on Jerald's list of things that hurt, but they were up there. They were certainly up there.

He pulled another cigarette out of his pocket, not lighting it, just putting it in his mouth to have something to distract him. He had returned to pacing.

"Revis." The man said running his umbran arm through his hair. "And there are several exits, the one that guy's taking for instance." Revis said, pointing the way the guard went running."Probably more guards that way though... There's one behind us, but there's sort of a riot going on that way." He smirked slightly. "Well... Our options aren't too great, unless there are some I'm not thinking of right now."

"It's up to you. Give me a direction and I'll get you out." He said forming a large blade-like protrusion from his left arm.

"What, PRACCing bastards run outta lackeys to send over they sendin' techno-zombies after me? You gotta go snitchin' for them? Not makin' this shitty as life difficult enough, bitch?"

Lizbeth quickly got up in a bit of a fury at this strangers unmerited anger at her. She wasn't going to start taking shit now so she was fully ready to let losse on him. "Excuse me jack ass. You assume I'm with fucking PRACC. Yea, I'm a Changed but that doesn't mean I love it here. What bat do you have shoved so far up your ass that makes you think I should be treated like shit for now good reason? Just so you know I wasn't looking for you, I don't even know who you are and I honestly don't care to know. I just wanted to get the fuck out of my place and find out what the hell is going on." Lizbeth by this time was following him as she tore him a new asshole. She was more pissed at the fact that she was being lumped in with PRACC.

"My life was forced into a stop when PRACC found me. I had a great life lined up for me after I got my PHD, now I'm forced to make tech while under the eyes of this fucking place. The only reason I haven't done shit about being here is because I stand a low chance of getting out of here alone. Yea, I can make any piece of tech do what I want but the fact is I'm only one person. So I make fucking due unlike you. What do you have to say about that bitch?" Lizbeth stood in front of him. She didn't want to pissed him off too much but at the same time wanted to make sure he knew she wasn't with the PRACC.

Eve had prepared for the shift. She didn't have any idea of what had happened within her, but she had felt different very quickly. In her mind she saw all of her fellow changed as enemies or targets to be eliminated, and some sort of memory had emerged in her mind.

"You are a killing machine, unit 002. never forget that. Those monsters, those fiends that take the shape of humans... Those disgusting mutants. They are your enemy. My enemy. I am your father. Listen to me. Listen to your father. Destroy all of them ... Including me."

She watched as a large axe had appeared in her left hand, much bigger than anything she'd seen like it, and with a rapid shift, her right arm had turned into some sort of gun. Her normally gold eyes changed to a sort of red, and she couldn't change out of this third mode.

Suddenly a large discharge of energy burst from the forest near the detention center. Whatever it was, was barreling through the woods, and approaching the facility at a rapid pace. There was a faint glow coming from it and a sort of maniacal laughter could be heard. "ALL TARGETS WILL BE EXTERMINATED. Hehehehe... HAHAHAHA."

The second the woman stated she wasn't in the clutches of those white-suit wearing weirdos, Darren lost interest in what she had to say. But as he started to walk off towards downtown, she kept following him, still spouting off. Darren was doing his best to avoid telling her to take a flying leap off a cliff, and it almost worked.

"So I make fucking due unlike you. What do you have to say about that bitch?"

That was enough. This bitch wanted to have words, Darren would have words.

"You fuckin' kiddin' me, woman? You want to go there, get into a little pissin' contest over who got fucked more by these sum bitches? I was gonna be a fuckin' star! I was gonn be Josh Hamilton but not stupid! Ain't nobody touchin' me! I should have got dang millions by now!" He held up his left hand. "Should have two of these here fingers with shiny world champion rings on 'em! Instead, what'd I got? Jack fuckin' shit! Wastin' my fuckin' life in here while these limp-wristed suckers try 'n tell me what to do? Buddy Colby makin' a ton o' money while I got a shitty ass laptop that don't even charge if I don't jam my got dang finger in there and do it myself! So don't fuckin' talk to me about gettin' screwed! You hear me, bitch?"

Satisfied that he put his adversary in her place, Darren turned around and started walking again. He wasn't even sure where he wanted to go. He just knew that it wasn't going to be where the Praccers wanted him. There was something else that argument did to him. Gotta start up findin' a way outta this hell hole again.

"You didn't hear a word of what I said did you? I said I don't fucking like it here and I can't get out on my own. I don't give a flying fucking about what you lost out on as you don't give a fuck about what I lost. Instead shut up and think. One I can fix that laptop for you and even make it better without breaking a sweat. Two remember I said I can't get out of here alone. Two Changed have better odds then one and any system they have I can bust it or control it without any issue. So you can keep ripping the piss out of me if you want to stay here or you can shut the fuck up bitch." Lizbeth smirked having a feeling she hit a nerve with him as she stood there her arms crossed.

"You help me I help you. Never have to see me again after that. WAAIos piped in at that moment. "Ma'am I've told you before that breaking out can simply not be done. It's too well locked down." it said before Lizbeth sighed. "WAAIos, I'm not an idiot." she said then looked back at her adversary. "So what will it be? Walk away from me and never see me again or help me out and we both might get out of here, at the very least give PRACC hell." she said waiting to see how he'd react. "Well it seems you don't want my help. So I'll just go do techno-zombie shit." she said starting to turn away.

"Stay. Leave. Stay. Leave. Can we bring our own beer?" Noah wondered out loud. He tilted his half-full glass of water while he debated his next move.

After turning in the visitation forms he'd chosen to continue on to his planned destination of the bar despite the warnings about remaining in place. Joe - the quiet, slightly overweight apron-wearing bar manager in his late forties - had let Noah in only to vanish into the back somewhere. There were a few other customers scattered amongst the many tables but no one that Noah recognized. The latest announcement seemed to catch everyone's attention. As Noah watched and sipped his water the other customers began to leave. One poor guy tripped over a bar stool he was in such a hurry.

Noah assumed that Joe was checking the stock or taking inventory. Something that involved wood splintering and glass bottles rattling. With a few curses thrown in. Did he hear that latest announcement?

"Hey, Joe." Noah hollered in the direction of the back room. The rattling continued. Noah finished his water and pushed open the Employees Only door. "Joe!" The rattling paused. "I'm headin' to the park." Noah explained, "PRACC's comin' we're suppose to go." Joe waved a bottle of beer in Noah's direction. Noah took that as goodbye. He let the door swing shut. On his way past the main counter he put his glass in the sink. When he looked up again the bar was empty. That was fast.

The street just outside the bar had been a mess of panicking people earlier in the afternoon. Which had struck Noah as odd because they'd had PRACC warnings and drills before. Now there were still panicking people but there seemed to be a flow of traffic.

Towards the park. Noah noticed. Well, alright.

Darren stopped to address the proposition that the woman had laid out. "You think I ain't tried to find away outta here? I've done laps of this entire city. Literal got dang laps. The only way out is through that PRACC hive on the East side of the dome, and they take no time in shootin' a fool down if they come with a look in they eye that ain't total submisshun. I dunno who you're playin' walkie-talkie with, but we're gonna need a dang near army to get by that tower."

Isabella had made her way home when they heard the first message, and she had stayed inside. Gabriella had helped her acquire steins gate through questionable means, but mainly through the help of the internet. It was some weak kind of compromise to keep her from running towards the cause of the commotion in the PRACC facility. However, after the second message which had told them to go to the park, both of them had felt more inclined to stay inside their apartment.

If they wanted Gabriella to go to the park, they could come get her themselves. She would rather stay inside. Isabella found her twin's calm decision peculiar, but was too busy watching the cartoon and taking notes about how they had used time travel in the story.

It wasn't the first time she had done this, but previously she had read books or watched movies to get others opinions on how to time travel. She had a few notebooks hid away, and while they were not much else than notes and her own thoughts; she hoped that if she knew enough theories that were unlikely to work, she'd eventually find one that would work.

Gabriella didn't really care about her sister's notes, but it was starting to get on her nerves when she just wanted to watch the freaking anime. She may have to change her opinion about them, if more of them were this entertaining.

When Isabella stopped it again, to write her thoughts down and listen for a third message, Gabriella flipped and threw the pen across the room.

"Why did you do that for?" Isabella got up from their seat, and went after the pen. She had several, but didn't want to waste a new one, before the old couldn't be used any more.

"They aren't coming, and if they do, I will stop them. Can't we have one peaceful moment without them or your studies..." Gabriella sighed, and picked up the pencil, then they went back to the computer to continue watching the anime.

Isabella pressed play to let the cartoon continue, and thought about what her sister had said. Surely, there must be others who had watched this before and made some kind of summary or even discussed the contents of the cartoon. She looked at her pen, before hesitantly leaving it and the notebook on the table. If they had found something they could both enjoy for once, then she didn't feel like ruining it for Gabriella.

The meeting room was slightly more empty now, the head of security had left on a personal request from Newfort to talk to his high subordinates and the head of relations was going to check out what was going on in the observation tower. Currently the head of engineering, a middle-aged man, head of research, Hawthorne and Newfort were gathered around the table, before the head of the facility broke the silence.
"Alright...First of all, where is the head of medical?"
Hawthorne rubbed the bridge of her nose and raised her hand,
"She's still in medical, I don't know what could be so important to restrict her when things are heading from bad to worse-"
"I'd thank you to hold your tongue, Ms. Hawthorne... This is nothing beyond our control. If we all do our part, everything will be restored to Status Quo before you know it."
"...If you're sure sir...Look, we need to be honest with the residents about what's happeni-"
"For lack of better term, what they don't know, won't hurt them."
"...Are you being serious, sir?"
"We're prepared for this and the last thing we need is for our residents to be panicked." He said matter-of-factly before the conversation was interrupted by Engineering's cellphone. The three others stared at him as he flushed slightly,
"Apologies. I think that's Cross from the observation tower, should I answer it?"
"By all means." Newfort nodded, looking to his wife who she herself looked far away in her own mind, but somehow like she was listening. Something about that woman made Hawthorne very uncomfortable.
Engineering spoke for a few minutes in the hall, the conversation getting more and more quick and serious. The call ended and he turned to the group.
"He can't get into the observation. Something is going on, no PRACC guards can get up to the broadcast room and no one is answering calls, not Strauss, not Cambrough, not even the damn intern."

Sara looked nervously at the arm, this being the first time she was up-close with another Changed. She caught herself staring and gave a small smile,
"S-Sorry... I'd like to avoid the business there as much as possible...Let's just get out of here the way that he went." She found herself standing slightly behind him, avoiding eye contact from the mob.
"I don't know how I can thank you but...really, thank you. I...this is like a nightmare... ... ...Is...this...uh, are you new here?"

Having opened the locked door, the fog seemed to follow David Gold, thick white sheets blurring the hallways, the lights were low and flickered. If outside was eerie, inside the detention center was almost scary. Sounds seemed to be eaten by the fog, making everything far away and faint, hard to make out. Listening closely it sounded like hushed whispers, what they were saying however was almost impossible to understand, aside from the occasional clear word among the twisted background noise.
"whyisthishappeningwhatdidIdothisplaceisnotlikeanyothericantbreatheohgodhelpmeicanitbreatheshutupshutupshutupyouretalkingtoomuchhecanhearyouwhatareyoudoingstopthatstopthat...up to out...hahahadidyouhearthatisntthatgrandwhereamiwhereareyouwhereisanybodyicantseeanythingdontsitinthedarkdontsitinthelightwhereshouldigothen"
The noise was almost deafening in spite of how quiet it was, with seemingly no source for it in the deserted hallway.

A young looking guard with glasses looked to Karen and gave unsure but faux-reassuring smile,
"Ah...The PRACC have it all under control, ma'am, sometimes they have trouble deciding on where they want emergency meet-up spots to be, in all likeliness, the higher ups just decided that the park was the best place for everyone to congregate. We'll move everyone out in just a moment, we're just trying to get confirmation from our higher ups on if that's the final order. No sense in running back and forth, ya know?"
He then turned back to talking to the other guard on the range who seemed to be concentrating on using some kind of high-tech walkie-talkie, his face returning to unsure.
The small amount of guards seemed busy and paid little attention to the few Changed at the range. It was then that the strangest noise yet came over the announcement speakers, very faintly.
"...Is that...It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To...?" The bespectacled guard said aloud, commenting on the music, folding his arms and looking puzzled. Sure enough he was right, very quietly, Lesley Gore crooned, gentle humming could be heard underneath the words.
"It's official, Strauss has lost it. I knew she'd crack one day but this is just sad."
The music carried around the dome but it seemed that very few could hear it or simply didn't pay attention in the ensuing migration to the park. Patrol vans had already started to lead groups of residents towards the parks along with some finally heading towards residential.

David walked into the prison, and was hit instantly by the palpable feeling of dread, The eerie fog that was surrounding the detention center followed him inside, obscuring his vision, which was already not that great because the lights were flickering like all the bulbs were dying. It was was quiet inside, far too quite for the detention center on a normal day, let alone during a crisis situation. The setting alone was enough to give the professor a linger sense of foreboding, but David was here for a reason and it was to late to go back, so he started moving down the hallway.

As he walked down the hallway a tiny thought crept into his head, it was a rather odd thought. He felt nearly compelled to call out for someone named 'Cheryl', which was odd since David knew nobody with that name. He spotted a door and since he had no other leads on a direction to follow opened it, and the door turned out to be the entrance into on of the detention centers many lavatories. The teach walked inside hoping maybe there was some sort of clue at the least. The inside of the Restroom was grimy and rather dingy, and rather odd was that there was a flashlight resting on the floor. David bent down and retrieved the flashlight hoping it would help him navigate the detention center's many corridors and halls. On a whim David pushed open one of the toilet stalls, and inside the toilet bowl was what appeared to be a box of shells for a 9mm handgun. "Why would anyone put that there." David pondered out loud, as he walked out of the bathroom and back into the hallway.

``````````````````````````````````````````````````...up to


As David progressed further he became to hear faint noises, at first he ignored it as the sound of the wind, but it didn't take long before he realized it sounded like whispers, distorted and to quiet to quite make out but it was certainly the sound of whispering, The whispers were punctuated by a few clear words. As much as these seemingly disembodied words words terrified David, he had to try to communicate with it, because it was reaching out to someone or something, so what ever its intent toward him might be the professor knew he had to try.

"Hello, my name is David. I'm here to help you. What is it that you want." he spoke out in a loud voice, which still managed to remain calm, gentle, and vaguely reassuring. A skill, which was developed over the course of his long teaching career.

Cid was carefully flying through the woods, trying his best to to draw any attention whatsoever. That problem, however, was solved when he saw, and felt, an enormous energy pulse and heard the sounds of trees being ripped from their roots in the near distance. Cid's head, in a knee-jerk reaction, turned towards the source of the noise "What the?!". Taking caution, he sped up towards the source of the noise.

"Been here awhile. In the facility in general, but this part of it specifically once every now and again." Revis said walking towards the path that led away from the fighting."So I take it you're new?" He asked, looking back at her over his shoulder. "Shame you had to come just in time for this." He said with a shrug. "But if they were taking you where I think they were, then you're better off with the rioting going on." Revis stated bluntly and he peered around the corner.

Lizbeth smirked more. "You have tried with your powers alone, not with mine. I can control any amount of tech I wish and build it with ease. It's a matter of taking a step back and thinking. It seems you didn't do that." Lizbeth said the last sentence more so to state a fact then to be in insult but it seemed it was the other way around.

"Anyway, it might take some time and we might need more help but it is possible." she quickly impute some data into WAAIos for a moment then looked up as WAAIos spoke. "Ma'am, it seems the new data does change the prospects. I suggest you take a look at the exit point and see what data you can give me from it. Other than that, you are right, taking a step back and thinking of a plan would greatly improve your odds of success."

Lizbeth looked at Darren and smiled. "I'm leaving it up to you but if you want my help then I'll give it, if not we can act like we never met. All I can say it why not try and come up with something at least." she said.

"Thinkin's for suckers," Darren stated. "I ain't never been thinkin' in my life, it was doin' me fine 'til these assholes locked me up. Course...probably couldn' hurt to have someone else giv'er a crack or somethin'. You really think you and yur little..." Darren was struggling for a word for whatever it was the woman had on here that she was punching stuff into. "wristwatch thing there got some way out? From the sounds'a it, they's on high alert 'bout now. Shit breakin' all over the place."

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