We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Tao didn't seem to mind about the food at the moment as she glared at Arron like the other girls.

Ness looks over at the group in front of the hotel and waves her arms a bit. "Hey guys! If you're not going to hop in, I'm just going to assume you're using the cart to travel around!"

She looks down toward Jessica with an eyebrow raised. "You don't have cars in your world? What do you use to get around?"

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Echo headed over to Ness to see what she was going on about.

Makoto watched the vid. "What were those things? Were they the aliens?"

"I hate cats!" He shouted at Tao

(To Makoto: Yes. And that armoured figure is apparently a spartan, a supersoldier of sorts.)
The Rookie looked down, shaking his head. He replaced his helmet, and stood up. He walked away from Jona, his body language showing he was sad.
(To the Rookie: I'm impressed, you didn't get murdered.)
He kicked his rucksack once before putting it on, whereupon he walked over to the cart. He silently climbed up in it, and sat down.

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Tao smacked Arron across the face with her paw. "Well I don't like you either, meow." she said with a frown.

Blair continued Storming on forwards to the City limits like Marcus said to meet at. Maybe I should put a spell on him later, teach him some dam manners She thought to herself, as she crossed her arms.

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Cynane was enraptured by the video. Even the aliens didn't amaze her as much as the images themselves and she simply stared wordlessly at it.
"Incredible..." She whispered when it ended.

Jona watched the Rookie leave then sat down heavily against the base of the tree, glaring at his feet. He sat there silently and drew the tubular device from his belt. In the open, it could be seen to have a couple of little dials on it and one large button near the thumb. It was ornamented with parts that improved the grip on its surface and gave it the appearance of the handle of an elegant weapon or tool, now long beyond its original function. As he rolled it between his hands he placed one hand against his chest, absently rubbing one of the white plates there, the one with the scorched edge.

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"Well I don't care. But I'm going to get food" He said checking his pockets for how much money he had

Jessica accepted her credit card back with an appreciative nod and placed it back in her coat. She climbed into the car to be ready to leave as soon as possible, then replied to Ness, "No we've got cars, just not in the city. They take up a lot of space that we can use for other things, so mostly everyone walks or finds their own way of getting around. I was just guessing that they called cars the same thing here." Seeing that Makoto, the Rookie, Cynane and Jona were apparently deaf to Ness' announcement, she added, "I think they might just want to take their own way." Seeing Echo come over, she waved to her. "Hey there Echo. Ready to get moving?"

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Tao just turned and started following Blair again.

Lyra watches the shapeshifter for a moment more, before turning and following Blair.

Marcus crawled into one of the seats, looking around the inside, cooing "cor."

Savranth sighs and gets in the back seat of the car. "When you're ready."

"Ready to go?" Echo repeated back to Jess, wanting a more detailed explanation of their journey.

Ness gives Echo a little wave as she approaches the truck and explains a little further. "We're gonna be driving to another town soon. Probably... Holadino, unless everyone wants to go to Granite Pass. But first, we need to get to the city limits with everyone else that isn't here."

Turning to Jess, she shrugs a bit. "Well, if they want to, then that's how it is. And that is kind of true that cars take up space... "

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Cynane glanced up at the others.
"Oh, you guys are moving on?" She called. "I'll get the cart loaded up and follow you. I guess these guys will all travel with me. She looked around at Jona and the Rookie, then turned to Makoto.
"This'll be a fun trip, trying to keep those two from cutting each other to pieces." She remarked dryly.

Blair reaches what looked to be the city limits (I think they would get here by now right?), She sighed and sat on the ground, waiting for the others. She twirled a finger in a small circular motion and muttered. "Pum Pum Pumpkin..." As she muttered those words, a small pumpkin appeared in Blair hand, she just sat there hugging it slightly.

"Driving to another town." Echo said with a nod to Ness, indicating she was okay with this idea.

Tao looked at Blair's pumpkin with interest. "So you know magic, Strange Kaka, meow?" she asked.

"Hey what kind of money do they take here. Gold, paper, sea shells, or goblin ears"

"Yeah..." Blair lazily replied to Tao. "Although I often get mistaken for a witch by people....Stupid soul eaters" She added, muttering the last part to herself as she rested her head on the pumpkin.

Xyleena, unprepared for the rapid car start, slid across the roof until she got her talons gripping the sides, letting out a high pitched shriek for several seconds.

Ness gives a thumbs-up to Cynane and motions for Echo to get on once she nods at her.

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"Oh yeah." Makoto grinned to Cynane, then walked to Ness.

"Oh! Sorry, I should probably explain." Jessica began, somewhat getting the gist of Echo's meaning. "Uh..." She turned to everyone else in the car and asked, "So where do we go first?" She took out her camera and checked her map again. "It looks like this Holadino place is the closest thing on the map to us. That we haven't already been to, I mean." She covered her ears and hissed after hearing Xyleena's shriek.

Echo backed away from the car when she saw Xyleena on it, still being frightened by her.

"Should explain." she said as she pointed at the creature.

"So what's that, meow?" Tao asked about the pumpkin.

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Having looked around Granite Pass and founding it to be quite dull, Loki contemplated leave before remembering the young man with the duo-coloured hair and how he talked about changing the world. While still believing the claims to hold no substance, he decided to look into it for the slight chance of what the young man had to say being useful. With that in mind, Loki began to look for the young man.

"This? it's just a pumpkin, have you never seen one before?" She asked Tao, lifting it up so Tao could get a better look at it.

"Holadino and Granite Pass are the closest places to here. Either would be good, I think. Though Holadino is probably the closer place." Savranth explains.

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Ness 'hmmms' for a moment as she notices Echo pointing up and shakes her head slightly. "Don't worry, Echo, she's harmless." Turning to Jessica, she shrugs. "Either Holadino or straight to Granite Pass. I'd prefer Holadino since we'd be able to get a boat to the Wild Lands there... or so I hope."

"She's...harmless?" Echo asked as she calmed down slightly.

"I don't remember seeing one. Can you eat it, meow?" Tao asked as she tried to paw at the pumpkin.

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