We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Echo scratched her head as she looked at Data, a bit confused by the things he had been saying.

"Howdy miss...Yukino." Marston said, having forgotten Yuki's last name.

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"If you let me out, I'll behave." And run for the nearest military installation when your back is turned after setting up some charges to blow you all to kingdom come. Astasis replied.

"You know, we could always ask someone else..." Savranth said to Athena.

Athena noticed Yukino drop, but didn't say anything more.

"Um... I don't know... How many do you think she's allow near her?" The store owner asked.

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"There are many sentient races who prove to be incredibly non-humanoid, and many creatures that would be similar to monsters in ancient mythology of varying races, however it is oftentimes civilians relocating ancient species to non-native habitats." he said, "Monsters is simply an arbitrary term for non-humanoid beings that fail to comply with the pre-conceived notion of reality." he said.
He looks at Echo, "You see, my civilization has yet to develop trans-dimensional transportation, studying your method of moving from dimension to dimension might provide valuable information to The Federation." he said.

Yuki gave Marston a small smile. "Hello Marston." She quickly turned to Athena with a serious expression on her face. "Yo. Where's that asshole Astasis? I'm not gonna hurt him, just want to make sure he's not trying to run.... again."

After freshening up, Ness heads outside and makes her way to the prison she and Trilby were at a few days earlier. "Excuse me... I'd like to ask if someone was imprisoned here." She asked as she walked up to the counter. Hopefully... I won't need to pull the blackmail card.

"Myself not included, perhaps four people. I am uncertain, as I have yet to test this fully." Loki answered. With the transaction finished, Loki retrieved his credit card, held it under his coat as he had done before, and made it disappear.

"What?" Holly asked Data, now very confused.

"Fine, you had best keep to your word..." Black replied to Astasis, as she covered up her right hand with her sleeve. Just in case...

Savranth led Black out. Once they were out of earshot, he spoke up. "You don't trust him, do you?"

"I haven't seen Savranth."
Athena looks over to Yukino. "Astasis is in the holding cell. Do not harm the man. That is illegal to harm a prisoner." She warns.

"Okay, I'll call the military and have them send over three men." The store owner said as he went to contact the military. After a rather extensive conversation he went back to Loki.
"They'll meet us there." Should I mention that they plan to place a sniper as well?

Data thought for a moment, "We cannot travel between dimensions where I'm from, and studying someone who has will provide valuable insi-... Will let us understand how travel between dimensions work. Tell me, am I talking to complexly?" he asked.

Echo's head was spinning a bit at what Data was saying.

Marston sighed a bit at Athena. "Thanks anyway, miss." he said to her.

Yukino looks over at Athena and smirks. "Could you escort me there? I don't exactly know my way around." ...So he's fair game if he's released, hm? Good to know.

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"Very well then." Giving the store owner a nod, Loki left the store and walked over to Fafnir outside, who was eyeing Holadino's livestock again, but looked up at Loki once he arrived.

"Would this be the feline beastkin?" the receptionist asked Ness.

"I suppose. Why do you seek to speak to him?" Athena asked as she motioned for Yukino to follow her to the Main Building.

The Store Owner walked outside to approach the dragon. Several soldiers met him and Loki there.
"Um... Is it okay, if I approach it now?"

Marston decided to follow Yuki and Athena, wondering if they might stumble upon Sav while going where ever.

Yukino shrugged as she followed. "I want to see how your enemy ticks. Trying to talk to him will give me some idea about how they operate... hopefully, and that'll make it easier for me to fight them in the long run." And then I can kill him once I'm done. Win-win.

Ness nodded silently.

"Not one bit..." Black replied. "Luckily I have a means of 'reeling' him back if he tries anything..."

Holly looked at Echo confused. "My head hurts..." She said as she hugged Echo, rubbing her head slightly.

When the store owner and the soldiers arived, Fafnir lifted her head and growled softly, lifting her tail slightly, the tip of which swayed slightly. Despite these minor warning signs, Fafnir remained seated. Loki walked up to Fafnir's head and stroked her nose slightly in an effort to calm her down, which had some effect. "Yes. But do so slowly. Alow her to sniff your scent first." Loki answered the store owner.

Echo patted Holly's head again as she hugged her back.

Data nodded at them, "I see I have confused you. Shall I explain it in simpilar terms?" he asked.

"Good to know. Do you want to try to secure his release or talk to some of the other soldiers that are being held in their barracks?" Savranth asked as they walked into the lobby.

"I see." Was Athena's entire reply to the foxgirl.

The two passed each other in the hall with Savranth and Athena exchanging small salutes as they passed.

"Right..." The Store Owner said as he slowly stepped forward, holding a measuring tape in his hand, holding not to be eaten alive by the dragon.

The soldiers kept their wits about them as they watched the scene. Nervously clutching their rifles.

Steiner was in deep thought "I guess that makes sense. But how come everybody still says monsters if it's outdated"

Marston stopped near Sav and waited for him to be open to talk.

Yukino walks past Sav without so much as a second glance. Noting Athena's response, she said nothing. She doesn't trust me, it seems. Smart move, lady.

Ness simply nodded toward the receptionist. "Is it alright if I visit her?"

"I don't wanna risk it" Black replied. "Lets talk to these other soldiers, see If there know and are willing to tell"

"Yesss Pleassse!" Holly said to Data as she continued to hug Echo.

"Seems like a smart move." Savranth said as he walked on out the building with Black. He started heading to the barracks with her.

Athena walks to the holding cell. "This is Astasis."

Astasis looks up. "Oh, look more visitors. Does the beastkin want a kiss?"

Echo nodded to Data, being a little interested in what he was talking about.

"Hey Sav, you have some time?" Marston asked as he followed him and Black.

"Studying you will provide useful info on how traveling from dimension to dimension works, along with studying how you travel between them." Data said.

Fafnir turned her head towards the store owner when he approached, growling slightly louder and curling her lip so to bare her tooth. Loki did nothing about this, believing any attempt to do so would aggitate Fafnir further. In time, Fafnir stopped growling and assumed a more passive stance, at which point she slowly brought her head towards the store owner and began sniffing him.

"No sudden moves now. Wait until she is finished until you proceed."

"Yes, that's fine. One moment, please." the receptionist answered. Reaching for a necklace, he receptionist rubbed the gem in it with her thumb for two minutes, saying nothing during this time. "Someone to escort you to the cells will arive shortly." she eventually said, looking back up to Ness.

A little time has passed, and a soldier came from a door to the left of the receptionist's desk and walked over to Ness. "This way, ma'am." having said that, the solder escorted Ness to Tao's cell.

Yukino just smiled at Astasis as she walked a little closer. "Sorry buddy, I've got standards, though now matter how much I say that, you won't believe me." She paused a bit before continuing. "So tell me, why is it that 'beastkin' are under everyone else in this world? I don't really understand it."

Ness followed the soldier and looked into the cell, hoping to see Tao not horribly hurt.

Tao would be sleeping, snoring rather loudly and seeming completely unharmed.

Black followed Savranth to the barracks.

"Umm...do we have to ssstudy? becaussse I'm not good at that..." Holly asked.

Saber and Iri return from somewhere seeing Holly, Echo and Data.

"What do you need?" Savranth said looking over his shoulder as they entered the Barracks. Inside they came to a blocked off section with two guards. "Let's us enter."
The guards stepped aside and allowed them to pass.

Inside the Legaian soldiers seemed to look at them with questioning eyes. Not sure of their intents.

"As do I, beast." Astasis replied with a grin.
"Why are inferior creatures inferior? Isn't it obvious?" He says. "You beasts evolved from lesser creatures. Your children have a tendency to be born with magic despite being born to Legaian families and vice versa. You animals can't even have children with we humans. Not often anyway." Which did have some perks...

It's gonna eat me... I know it...

"Oh, no, the scientists will be studying you, and will occasionally request for you to do things every once and then, usually including magic." he said, "You will simply have to do what the scientists request."

He looks at saber, and waves.

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