We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OOC: Right, I'm pretty much just throwing darts here... Jona will be set up near the fight between Xyleena and Marcus (don't say I never listen to your ideas, FPS) but whoever wants to react to the new person can be the one to draw him towards a given group.

As Xyleena and Marcus duelled, a dark shape flitted from the shadows of the battle damaged buildings and came to rest in the low branches of a tree. Shadowed eyes gleamed beneath a deep cowl as they watched the skirmish, enraptured.

High in the atmosphere, a faint contrail suddenly erupted in a starburst of flame and smoke, the sound almost unheard from such a distance. The object began to corkscrew towards the ground far below, trailing black smoke and pieces of debris burning off from the main body.

Lyra looked the kid over, and her knife disappeared from her hands, ending up in the boys foot.
The fight continued, until Marcus took a minor cut across the arm. He hissed and shrank back, only to find Xyleena's tail curled around his neck, her scythe-tail carressing the arteries.

Grace see's the knife wound, and kneels down, and pulls out the knife, putting one of her tails over the wound, applying pressure to it to prevent blood loss.
She glares at Lyra then to Xyleena, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" she shouts.

"AGHH! PSYCHO BITCH!" The boy cried out, as he tried to remove the knife out of his foot. "the Fuck was that for!" He said, gritting his teeth.

Black when quiet for a moment. "Rex, there are several worlds falling apart across the dimensions of the Hazama" She started out. "Most people would have as much fun as they could before the world disappeared, killing, stealing, controlling....you name it....I'm different....I rather save then destroy..." Black said with a smile. "It makes my soul happy....it makes me happy....it's my only purpose in life" She said ot Rex, still keeping her smile on.

Rex blinked blankly for a moment before sighing and scratching his head. "I see... You're a bit of a weird one, but your goal's something worth dying for. Sorry for questioning it."

Ness smiled a bit from where she was listening. Well... it doesn't sound like she's a murderer. Guess she's not with that group... I'm pretty sure that terminal wasn't called the 'Hazama'...

"Okay... how long before that intelligence decline starts to take noticeable effect, and how far does that decline go?" replied Rita to Nybeth

"I'm sorry, did I speak in tongues? Shut the hell up. Let them finish." she turned to watch the fight finish.
Xyleena tilted her head forward, nearly bumping her cranium into Marcus's forehead. "I hold your life in your hands, as both the Dancing Blade and the Black Warrior did. Now, as Dancing Blade did, I remove my hand, so that you may act. For good or for evil. for it is not the wolves choice in how you act. Only that it brings you low and kills you if you act poorly. Marcus bowed, and responded. "And I swear, as the Dancing Blade was spared during the betrayal, that I shall protect the lineage of the wolves, ensuring its survival theough our trials and tribulations. Do you accept the rank of wolf in the order, Xyleena Patterson?" she nodded, and he cut a small cut into her arm, collecting a small stream of acid from the wound.

His finger burning, Marcus etched three vertical lines into Xyleena's head, marking her as a wolf. Marcus bent down and cleaned his finger, not wincing as skin came off and blood mingled with the acid. Xyleena and Marcus bowed to each other.

Lyra sighed. "okay, trial over. Sorry about that folks."

Black waved her hand dismissively. "No worries Rex" She said with a small smile. "I like being strange....better then being insane..." She added.

The boy took the knife out of his foot and growled in pain. "I'd ought teach you some respect!" He said, but then dropped to his knees in pain. "Agh! not again!" He said, holding his head.

Grace looked at them, "Sorry, but who are you guys?" she asked.
She looks at the boy, her tail still making sure his foot didn't bleed to badly.

The figure in the trees narrowed his eyes and cocked his head to one side curiously as he watched the human, who he remembered had been identified as Marcus, bowed to the alien monster that he had been fighting moments ago. He had thought that the creature was at most a pet before, and more likely a savage monster that the man kept as a guard dog of sorts, but he acted as though it were his equal. Strange.

As the flaming wreckage spiralled to earth, a low rumbling became audible as it tore through the air. Several kilometres up, a smaller object suddenly detached itself from the main body with a blue flash of propulsion, before the first craft was rent apart with a second, much larger explosion that echoed across the landscape with a deep, hollow boom.

Jessica had curled herself up into a ball as she had slept on the bed. Sitting back up, she stretched out her organic arm as she used her synthetic one to scratch and itch on her back. How can anyone prefer to sleep on these giant beds? There's so much space that's wasted. That thing could have been cut in half twice over and I'd still have plenty of room. Getting up and out of bed, the first thing she did was find her coat and put it back on in an almost hurried manner. After sighing in relief, she walked out of the hotel.

"It depends upon the condition of the body at the time of reanimation. A body rotted to the point of being a skeleton will have almost no intelligence of its own to speak of." Nybeth replied to Rita, giving her the minimal amount of attention required to carry on a conversation. "However, once a body has been reanimated, there is little to no further decline that is to be expected."

"Alright, is there any danger to us if one of your corpses is at the level of a skeleton? Can they go rogue?"

Rex scratched his head again. "Yeah... I guess being weird's fun. A lot of people I know seem to be like that too." Suddenly, Ness teleported onto the roof top behind Rex and giggled a bit. "You shouldn't count yourself out of that group, Rex." He looked back and shrugged, somehow not that surprised by her showing up. "I wasn't..."

Ness turns toward Black and gives her a small wave as she sits down.

Black gave a small wave to Ness, before drifting off to sleep again.

The boy ran off into the forest as fast as he could, holding his head in pain.

OoC: Sorry, got to go. Night!
hopefully tomorrow I can do more then nothing...

Lyra was about to answer Grace when she heard the explosion. She chewed her cheek, and said "how about we do introductions later, eh? Seems like something more important is going on." she then began running to the fallen object, hitting an impressive speed. Marcus followed her, but Xyleena crawled up the tree Jona was in, saying "you want to come along mister? Something exciting happening!"

Ness blinked as Black fell asleep. "...Wow. You bored her to sleep without even opening your mouth... Nice." She just sighed before hopping off the roof and rolling as she landed, minimizing some of the pain of the landing. She began to wander around, ignoring the explosion for the meantime.

Rex shrugged as he walked off in another direction, toward the forests nearby after picking up on the sound of an explosion.

As the object crashed into the ground, the sound of the explosion echoing over the mountain trail, Loki looked up and left the dragon den to investigate. There had best not happening anything that would impede my plans... Once he was outside, Loki looked around, spotting a plume of black smoke rising up. No further explosions, or any other noise that would indicate a battle. I wonder what it is.

Jona heard the explosion at the same time as Lyra and looked up to see the blast, watching the dark streaks as chunks of metal blazed out of the sky. He didn't hear Xyleena climb the tree until he suddenly noticed her bizarre presence in the forefront of his mind. He glanced back down from the sky and found her gleaming, chitinous head right in front of his face, just as her voice buzzed from the translator collar around her neck. The shock was so great that he screamed out loud and fell backwards out of the tree, sprawling on the ground before immediately rolling and finding his feet again.

The small escape pod screamed to earth and slammed into the ground, bouncing across the surface and kicking up great clods of dirt before slamming into the side of a derelict building, all but demolishing the structure and coming to a halt in the wreckage. Those approaching the pod would find it battered but still fundamentally intact. It appeared to be of an advanced age, with repeated repair and maintenance works carried out, using old, scrapped parts in many places, but a mechanically minded person examining it would recognise masterful engineering work in the job, making the craft as sound as it had been the day it was built.

OOC: Ok, so the pod has come down nearest to the group that includes FPS's characters.

Envy was in the middle of Holadino, awaiting anyone that would join him to the ruins

Noting Envy appearing, Rex eventually met up with him and pointed toward the place where the explosion could be heard. "Yo. Something tells me our little group has something to do with that sound."

"Not at all. Dominating these bodies that have no will of their own is child's play, any necroprentice could manage it. They only way they could possibly 'go rogue' is if I were to die and no longer be able to exert my will over them." Nybeth explained.

Hearing something crash down and slam into a building in Holadino, Jessica instinctively ducked down and covered her head with her hands. Oh dammit! Are the Legaians counter-attacking already?! She thought in a panic. She considered running back down into the basement of the hotel again and waiting out whatever was going on, but realized she had no idea where anyone else was. So she began frantically running around town, looking for anyone she recognized while warily looking out for anyone who looked like a soldier.

Rita nodded "Ok, I think that's all. Oh, is there anything else you'd like to report to Loki?"

Envy shrugged "I don't really care, they'd better get here soon if they want to go to the ruins."

Xylerma crawled down the tree but stopped short of Jona. She let her phermones loose, so that Jona would better understand her. He would smell a sharp scent of rain, and feel vaguely amused at the smell.
Lyra and Marcus arrived at the edge of the crashed pod, and Marcus whistled at the craftmanship. He began wandering into the remains of the building, curious to see who had flown the thing. Lyra sat back at the edge, rifle in hand.

Savranth appeared at the location where the pod crashed. Electricity cracking through his body.

Several people in the surrounding area ran in a panic after the pod crashed causing a mini uproar.

Several soldiers began to approach the area.

Rex stared blankly. "Eh? We're going today? ...Cool."

Ness noticed Jessica running frantically and shrugged as she ran along side her. "Good morning, Jessica. You seem really worked up, what happened?" Amazingly enough, Ness was oblivious to the sound of the explosion earlier.

Grace charges up the pod, and looks inside it.

Data, having seen it for a while, and triangulating it, located the pod.

Having quickly lost interest in whatever it was that caused the explosion, believing it wouldn't be a hinderance to him, Loki made his way towards Nybeth's cave, the smelling coming from which telling Loki Nybeth was present in the cave. Entering the cave, he found Rita talking to Nybeth.

Jona began to draw his bonesword as Xyleena climbed smoothly down the tree trunk, but hesitated at the scent of the pheromones. The creature's nightmarish appearance and alien presence led him to assume it would attack mercilessly, but the way it stayed back at a respectful distance wasn't the behaviour he expected from a dangerous predator, and the scent of rain was not the fetid stink of the jungle where he had spent much of his life, but the clean, earthy smell of a place he barely remembered, somewhere back in his earliest childhood. His fingers loosed on the sword's hilt.

A well concealed hatch on the front of the pod opened with a hiss of decompression, revealing red warning lights inside. A slender figure was locked in with a crash harness that it disengaged and pushed up, before staggering out over the side of the cockpit. It was clad in a curious, yet appealing mixture of ceramic plate armour, and exotic robes of some unusual fabric. Its face was obscured by the smoky, translucent surface of a full facemask connected to the bodyhuging suit by slender piping. Its shape was almost human, except for the hands and feet which only had two digits, and a thumb on each hand. It's legs curved elegantly backwards below the knee. Barely sparing a glance at the gathering crowd it staggered to a storage compartment in the pod's side and retrieved a white cased, collapsible shotgun which it folded and slung on the small of its back, then turned to face the spectators.

"Uh... sorry about the landing." It said in a lyrical voice with a strange accent. "I think I'm a bit lost...."

Trilby thought for a moment, then answered Richard.
"Other than the notes I wrote up on the battle at Holadino, I know nothing that the Xiphatians wouldn't want you to know, on account of me not having access to any of their confidential files or what have you, because I'm not a Xiphatian." he said.

"The Xiphatians have pushed deeper into Legaian territory and taken control of Holadino. I know not the next move they have planned though." Nybeth reported. Since he was still at work, he didn't seem to take notice of Loki entering the cave.

Jessica calmed down a bit and stopped running about as Ness showed up and spoke to her. She sighed with relief before saying, "I heard a great big crash and thought that the town was under attack but I don't know where anyone is so I'm running around looking for them!" though she still sounded somewhat frantic.

"All right." said Rita as she turned around to see Loki "Oh, master. I assume you heard the last part, he also informed me that he can revive any corpse, no longer how long it has been dead, but the intelligence drops as the body rots."

Envy sighed and started to head towards the crash sight

Marcus broke into a grin, and chuckled. "I'd say so buddy. Looks like you might have missed a turn or two. Welcome to as backwater a place you can find. Names Marcus. You?"

Xyleena crawls to the tree trunk slowly, and settles into the position, slowly changing the scent from rain to cut grass, which would gently drag out feelings of calm.

Savranth ended the effect of his magic. "Who are you? I think you need to explain yourself right now. You can't just crash into a crowded city like this..."

Soldiers began to cordon off the area and disperse the people assuring them that nothing was wrong.

Athena slowly made her way to the scene.

"Then, we have nothing to discuss. Nor do I see any reason to release a person who already claims to be a mage and admits to escaping a battle without any explanation of how he has done so." Richard replies as he turns to walk away.

Grace looked at the new girl, and pokes her helmet.
"Who are you?" she asked.

Data begins to look at the pod, trying to figure out how it worked.

Ness nodded, her expression a bit serious. "I wouldn't think Legaia would be able to mobilize a counter force that quickly... but let's try to find the others... Where did the sound from the explosion come from?"

Rex laced his hands behind his head as he followed Envy.

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