We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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well, that sounds fine for you, but I need a location to attack, and a day to place our vessels in position. You did move them out of strike position.

Envy approached Port Letosh, appearing to be Roy in uniform. He called out to the guards "You there, get Major Richard immediately. And get me some way to contact Lucia!"

As two parts of the boulder flew at Black, she blocked the one that was drifting near her face with her sowrd, letting the other one bump into her leg. She turned around to see some sort of technology-human creature and held her sword out. "I'll ask again, Who Are You?" She said in a calm voice.

"Oh hi Scaredy Kaka, meow." Tao said with a smile as Jess showed up. She then frowned as Ness said what she said. "Okay then. Tao will tell those guys what happened, meow." she said.

OOC: Someone want to make use of Tophat since he's in town?

"No idea... It seems to react to magic, though..." Savranth said as he put it away in his sheath.

"What's this all about?" The soldier said.

"Very well." The voice said. Yukino would see a blinding light and then she'd appear in the mountains at the continent's center.

Very well
Here is the current location of all targets

The computer screens would show the locations of Savranth, Lyra, Marcus, and Xylenna.

OOC: Black:

Envy was still carrying the robot on his back "Lucia sent me to those ruins to the west, this is just some of what was inside. I need to speak to them ASAP!"

"You have any steak? Maybe some potatoes?" Marston asked the waitress.

@Salty: S'okay I don't have any clue as to what to look for in the first place anyway.
@Hatchy: I would think a rock moving a fast as a strong person could throw it would more 'smash' into someone than just 'bump'.

The silhouette continued to hold up its hand, causing the boulder to continue breaking apart and occasionally throw another rock at Black. It's other hand reached up to its back, then seemed to draw a straight sword from a sheath as it pulled its hand back out in front of itself. The silhouette pounced at Black, slashing at her midsection with its sword. As it came into closer view, Black could see that the figure appeared to be a Xiphatian soldier, but with sickly grey skin and numerous bullet wounds in its torso.

As Jessica took in the situation she found herself in, she noticed Taokaka was there. "Oh hey! You found her! Now we can take her in!" Jessica said to Ness. She seemed to be blatantly ignoring what Taokaka said to her, aside from rolling her eyes in annoyance at the incredibly unflattering nickname she had been given.

...you will understand if we deploy a force to kill the wolves at the same time as this Ranth, correct? This is something that must be done quickly, before we lose them again.

Xyleena pulled herself up, groaning. "next time, Marcus gets to be lit on fire. Hurts him less."
Lyra laughed, and nodded. "okay then, lets pass a motion. Yay or nay to Marcus being lit on fire? Yay."
"Fucking Nay, for sure. Trying to get me lit on fire..."
"too bad majority ruled. Someone get me a lighter, time to burn us some Marcus!"
Marcus pulled himself up, his metal body hidden by flesh once more. "how about we check the other place first? Check on the ruin in Rockbyrd, see if its there."
Lyra shrugged. "Sure, but lighting you on fire first. Now, hold still..."
OoC Lyra and group will move to Rockbyrd ruins to explore.

"I have no Idea where or what this "Xiphatia" is? don't suppose you willing to share a little history?" The boy replied.

OoC: @Drak, Rockbump, is like a fistbump! (jokes)
and sorry, I can say it bruised her?

Grace nodded. She pulled out a pocketwatch, and said, "Tedd? Tedd?"
Where the clock would be, there was... Void. Stary void.
"... Crap." she said.

"HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?" Tedd shouted at the Omniscope
"YOU! LOST! HER!" he shouts.

Savranth starts walking down the mountain.

"Coming right up. How do you want it, though? And baked or mashed?" The waitress asked.

"Okay. Okay. I'll go get them." The soldier said, as he left to go get Richard.

OoC: @FPS: But what about getting the key? And how did they just move?

Envy headed past the Port Letosh gates to wait

"Medium rare, and baked, mam." Marston said to the waitress.

Meanwhile, Trilby was setting up his sniper rifle on a small hill, just far enough outside Holadino that he wouldn't be easily spotted, but not so far away that he would be unable to snipe effectively.
Okay, so the golems take two explosive rounds to kill, and the ice mage can make a protective shell. She's probably the one in charge, so she's a priority target. I should probably make sure Ness and the others stay inside...
The Fighter pulled out his phone, and called the mobile he had given to Ness.

OoC @Salty they were at the ruins, letting Xyleena heal up. Was intending to not need to say 'and then they walked to Rockbyrd'. Besides, this way they find the ruin before gathering a group to go in. Saves time poking around for other people. They'll head from Rockbyrd to Lakewest after Rockbyrd's clear.

The rocks that were thrown at Black gave her quite a few bruises, some breaking a bit of her skin. when she saw the figure pounced at her she blocked it with her sword. "Look, I don't know who you are or what you want. But I don't want to fight" She said to figure, looking at him she guessed he was some sort of solider. she tired to push him back with her sword, but not swinging at him.

The man sighed as he got into a more comfortable position. "Just take a sit, prepare to get educated." He said.

He then went over the common knowledge that user Hatchy would know already, but obviously mysterious guy didn't. Although the talk was rather long winded, mysterious guy would have kept his attention as if the history lesson was taught in this fashion.

Yukino sniffed the air slightly before bounding off toward in the general direction of Black and Nybeth. She seemed to move even more fluidly than before.

Ness nodded toward Jessica and Tao before holding Tao's hand/paw and putting her elbow on Jessica's shoulder. She used the arm on Jessica to hold onto the altimeter, as it made a small whirring noise. "Hold on... this is the first time I've tried to teleport multiple people with this device..." Before she could do the teleport, she answered the mobile. "Trilby... what are you doing?"

"Nothin' much. Liberating a town. Anyway, I was just wondering if you're still in Holadino, and, if you are, if there is any way you could... not be there for a while." Trilby explained, as he adjusted his scope.

Ness blinked a bit before taking herself of both Tao and Jess to facepalm herself. "Trilby... I don't care if you can't die, if you're trying to take this town alone, you will fail and fail horribly. Please... don't do this. In fact, don't ever try to do that ever again.."

Yuki kept moving through the mountains toward the fight. She may be visible as a small bouncing speck on the horizon.

The User Hatchy Sits at his desk and watches the Video user Zeph posted.

The boy nodded. "I see, so what side are you on?" he asked the Old Man, curiously.

Sophia looked at the glimmering grey orb with intrigue. When she was bathed in the light, she felt a tingling sensation across most of her body. Her tail specifically felt irritated since it was balled up in the sash it felt almost like it had instantly fell asleep. She sighed when the light stopped, massaging the area where her tail was beneath the sash slightly. "Maybe? How do you get that orb to come? Is there something special in the technique or something?" She asked, not sure how Erica could proper a spell like that so easily.

"I'm a Legaian. Can't use magic... Just a simple farmer really..."

@Hatchy: Yeah that's fine.

The soldier didn't say anything in response to Black as it hopped back from Black pushing on it. It closed its left hand and pulled it back towards itself, prompting a larger rock to break off from the boulder and attempt to strike Black in the head. As it did that, the soldier swung diagonally downwards from right to left, aiming at Black's left shoulder.

Jessica simply smiled at Ness until she overheard her phone call with Trilby. "Eh? What's going on?"

OoC: @Zeph, I miss that show :(

Tao also looked rather confused about what was going on. She simply hugged Ness as she waited for her to do her thing.

"Ness, I have a century more combat experience than anybody in that town, have taken down eldritch abominations and criminal organisations while half-drunk and, most importantly, have the element of surprise. Trust me, I can handle this." Trilby said.
"And who said I'm doing it alone? Ever consider that maybe Silver or Shadow are in Holadino, disguised? Or that maybe I contacted the Legaian military and have been formulating a plan with them since the battle?"
Trilby hung up, and sighed.
"I probably should have done those things..."

"Very well." The waitress says going off to put in Marston's order.

Richard came to meet Envy. "What did you find?"

OoC: Actually, next time Tribly dies is permanent.

Ness sighed as Trilby hung up. "...He's probably dead." Turning to Jessica, she shook her head before taking her hand. "Just an idiot I know rushing into a fight... Hopefully, he'll be alright." As Tao was hugging her, Ness took her free hand and activated the altimeter, teleporting the trio into the lobby of the Lakewest holding cells.

Yukino landed in the vincinity of Black and the soldier's duel. She sighed for a moment before sitting down and observing. ...I'm not going to get myself involved with her duel. ...Though this opponent looks a bit odd admittedly.

Envy set the robot parts on the ground "Call up Lucia, we need to send this thing to her. This mech was inside the ruins, it could use magic. In addition, inside the ruins are some type of forges that imbue magical power into anything that gets put inside. I still have they key, but if you wanted to explore it now you'd need troops. I tricked some Xiphatians into assisting me in there, you know, in case I needed magic for anything, and when I left they were still there. This could be big."

Trilby aimed at Holadino through his scope, looking for any signs that the number of soldiers there had increased.

OoC: @Drak, Sorry about that.
wasn't think straight :3

Black quickly slashed at the rock, causing it break and fly off in small pieces. She tired to quickly block the swipe as well, but her blade only scraped across the soliders, causing it to slash her left solider at a weaker force. she covered her solider with her hand for a second. "If your part of the technological army, then you can go back and tell your friends I'm not here to destroy you...." She said, as the pain slowly set in. "I'll give you a last warning, Back down and I'll walk away. try to strike and I'll fight back" Black was a little to busy to noticed Yukino was near, but did notice someone was near by, just not sure who it was.

"So this "Legaia" lot, what do they do to Magic users?" he asked the farmer, as he walked over to a fence/wall and lent against it for a moment.

OoC: @Hatchy, Xiphatia is the magic nation

Flying west, Loki neared the Wild Lands, the pressence of both himself and Fafnir still hidden from the world. Nearing the shore, Loki steered Fafnir to beging slowly circling around the island while looking for any sign of the military base that was built there with a keen eye.

Where are you hiding yourselves?

"Well, to cast a spell, mages where I come from focus on drawing upon their Magicka, and channeling this. With concentration, the Magicka manifests in a sphere. No matter from what school a spell is, a spell always first manifest into a sphere, as I've demonstrated. Once the sphere is manifested, the spell can be cast. The sphere is the a spell in its 'infactive' state, so to speak." Erica explained. "Did that make any sense to you?"

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