We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"I know not. Find the god, perhaps? We are Yatjua, and she twisted us to do her bidding. She shall pay for that." with that, the predator began moving away, cloaking as he walked. "perhaps we'll stay far away from all oomans. This world seems beautiful. Perhaps it will be good to stay on. Make ghost stories."

Black walked over to see the Predators talking with Sarvanth, but instead of interrupting she walked over to Marston instead. "Afternoon..." She said in her usual tone.

The boy watched the predator carefully. Maybe there just friends? or trying to take over the world? or maybe there opening a coffee shop? He thought to himself, trying to think why a human would talk with an alien. He tried to get closer, to see if he could hear the conversation.

Sophia looked at Jessica much in the same way as this face.


The entire conversation had very much completely cleared her head with a great resounding swoosh. It would have been about as much as if someone tried to teach her algebra or what a computer was. For that matter did Jessica mention a Tophat? Why was she happy about seeing a hat? Or for that matter, how could she know her family back that far? Sophia didn't even know her parents let alone anyone farther back.

Hearing the knock at the door, Sophia came back to her senses. "You can come in, it's not locked!" She called out.

Reading through the files, Loki tried to see what the supply routes of the ships bringing in supplies from the mainland were.

"You're a descendant to Four. Wow indeed... I'd half excepted I'd never hear from that family again. Or I suppose the correct term would be bloodline in this case." Erica answered, a bit dumbstruck. "And..." before continuing, Erica bobbed her head as she counted how many times Jessica was said 'great', "Fourteen generations have come after Four? And if I remember correctly, Four lived up to a hundred years, so that means roughly 1400 years have passed since I last visited that dimension... Once more, wow indeed. I'll never for the life of me understand this od time diference between dimensions..." After letting it all sink in, Erica asked, "I have a question if I may. You said you read about me? Who is it that wrote about me?"

OOC: @Drak and @Saltyk Ah, right. Well, its an idea, if she stays alive.

On the topic of ideas, are there any objections to doing the Winterhold scene in the next couple of days? I have the week off, but its RAG week, so my nights will be fairly busy. I'm thinking that Tophat and Erica will just get summoned by mages from the college, as described before.

"Ghost stories? What are you talking about? Ghost stories..." Savranth asked the Predator.

All the supplies information said was that the ship was coming from Port Letosh and heading to another base Further West on the Western Coast.

OoC: Reading back, I'm confused to how Grace went from Envy can change his hands ---> Everwood Monster

Envy went to see Richard, assuming he got past the secretary the same way he always did, with his card, he knocked on his door.

Hearing Sophia, Ness calmly walked inside the training room. She gave a small wave to both Sasha and Jessica as she entered. She gave a curious look toward Erica for a moment before turning back to Sophia. "Hello... Sorry to intrude so suddenly. It's nice to see you again, Sasha." She turned back to Erica and smiled. "Hello to you as well, ma'am."

Yukino eventually found the scene with everyone and tilted her head. ...What's this?

"come now child, you must have heard thumps you couldn't explain in the night. We may be those thumps." the predators voice called, moving away from him.

"Hush your mouth girl" Marston said as he covered Black's mouth and looked around to try and see if any more predators were around or coming for them.

@Dot: Also it's the training room actually.

"Oh Vanessa! It is good to see you. What brings you back to Winterhorn?" She asked kindly.

"As long as those thumps aren't trying to kill me..." Savranth called back to the Predators. What are they talking about? Is this some sort of trick?

"Come in." Richard said from inside his office.

OoC: @Furi: Well Savranth knows of the attack. And it's a very uncommon ability. He's not certain, but is weary of Envy.

Moving back through the forest towards Holadino, Jona stumbled upon Savranth, Marston, Black and the Predator. Catching sight of the alien, his new lightsaber jumped into his hand and he ignited it with an old,familiar snap-hiss.
"Enemies?" He inquired of Savranth, eyeing the Predator.

"Oh, Sorry" Black said quietly. "what is going on here" She asked in the same voice level.

The boy just continued to watch from a distance.

OoC: @Salty, I should bring up that both Grace and Tedd have transformed in front of him

Envy entered the room "Good evening Major, Lucia has the mech safely stored for now, and now that that's taken care of I was wondering if you had any jobs for me, to help the Legaian army."

"Someone causing trouble again. You'll have to ask someone else to get a better sense of things than that." Marston said as he started to calm down slightly.

Noticing the general, Nybeth walked over and greeted him. "What ho, Tiberius? How does the situation fare? Errands have taken me from here for the past few days."

"It's actually only been about 350 years since Four passed away." Jessica said to Erica, more informing her than correcting her. "And it was Four who wrote about you. She wrote an autobiography, so I've read about the time that you two spent around each other." She answered Erica. Reaching into her coat, she pulled out a copy of Four's autobiography and showed it to Erica. This one looked quite a bit different from the one Jessica had given Ness, as Ness' was the most current printing, while Jessica's copy was much older, yet still looked like it was taken care of.
She waved and smiled to Ness as she noticed her walk in.

The predators walked into the forest, free from the fangs rule forever. They moved quickly in the jungle, becoming hidden in the forest, only to be seen when they wanted to be, hunting just enough to survive.
OoC and thats it. The traitors, old aversaries, and fools of the venemous fangs are now dead, using Savranth as a mess free way to eliminate their weak. Now whats Lyra and her hunters up to?

"Wait a second..." Sophia looked at Erica. "So when you said dimensional travelers... One of those people was Jessica's great great... great... lots of greats grandmother!?" She sat a gasp.

"No... I don't think they are enemies. At least not yet..." Savranth said looking off after where the Predator had once been.

"Well... Soto is working with his new pets. For the time being, we don't know where the next strike will come from. I suspect that the enemy will either target here or Granite Pass, next, though... Which means..." Richard trailed off as he seemed to think for a minute.

"I'm looking over the city. So far they don't seem to mind me..." Tiberius said to Nybeth. "I trust that these errands went well."

Grace dives down, transforming into her half-squirrel form, landing next to Savranth.
"... Well, at least some remain peaceful..." she said.
She looks at Savranth, "What now?" she said.

"I came here to find the Headmaster. There were two kids that we left in her care that I need to pick up. Do you know where I may be able to find her?" Ness replied to Sophia.

Yukino continued to observe the group from a bit farther back.

Jona stood off to Savranth's side and watched as the Predators lost themselves in the trees, then deactivated the red lightsaber.
"They... kill Sith. Enemy of Jedi." He said hesitantly, searching for the right words, and naming his ancient order for the first time in the presence of the group."Enemy of mine. But not my galaxy. Not from there." Preoccupied as he was, he registered no surprise at Grace's appearance and transformation, though he did glance over at her.

Envy waited for Richard to finish his thought

""I see, sorry to interrupt then" Black replied to Marston, she looked around for a second then shrugged.

I should take a picture of them, I'd be famous! The boy thought as he took his phone out and tired to take a flash shot of the predators, checking the picture only to find he had missed the shot. "oh Goddammit!"

"Head Mistress Anna? I could show you to her room." She said as she looked at Jessica and Erica, then back to Vanessa. "Do you need to go now?"

Frowning, Loki put the file back and closed the drawer. Doubting he would find what he was looking for under "personnel" or "accidents and other", Loki instead walked over to one of the computers and looked the machine over. Now... How does this device function? thinking back on the times he saw Legaians use a computer, Loki had some idea of how to use it. Turning the computer on he would look for an index unless hindered by the need to input a password.

"So it seems. Seems almost surreal, doesn't it?" Erica said to Sophia, then looked at Ness once she entered the room and gave a smile in return. "Good evening. I'm Erica of Solitude." she introduced herself, then looked back to Jessica. "Only 350? But then... Ugh. It's probably for the best I don't think on it too much." she said in regards to how much time had passed, scratching her neck. Looking over the autobiography, Erica smiled brightly. "And what a time it has been... I miss Four quite a bit. I thought of her as family." she stated, then paused. "Say, does your family still have the necklace I gave Four long ago?"

Not seeing any reason to stay in the forest, Marston made to leave. Then he thought going off alone may be a bad idea. "Can I escort you out of these woods, Miss Shooter?" he asked in a polite tone.

Grace waves at him... And rubs her antenni on his head, before speaking to him in Urynom (Which he could Speak... fluently, for some reason. ALIEN MIND-POWERS!).
"<Hey. Where you from?>" she said.

"I guess we can head back. We also said we would meet up with Lyra and her group. And they seemed to have been attacked, too. So, we may want to go there..." Savranth said to Grace. He looked to Jona. "Jedi and Sith? What are you talking about? And what is that weapon?"

"It's nothing. Just a puzzle I was putting together in my head. Anyway, I currently have no specific need for you. You can stay and try to fortify our defenses if you wish." Richard replied.

As the computer booted up, a box would appear asking for a password input. There was a small button that Loki could click for "Forgot Your Password".

Ness picked up on Erica knowing Four and her eyes widened a bit before looking toward Sophia again. "Thank you, Sasha. But... it can wait for a little bit." I want to hear a little more about this as well. She gave a small curtsy toward Erica. "I'm Vanessa Sinclair. Nice to meet you."

Yukino kept her distance as people began to turn back.

"Yes, that would be most kind of you Sir Marston" Black replied to Marston, as she followed behind him.

"You sure? Another head might be able to help with that puzzle of yours, if not, how could I help with the defenses?"

Grace looks at Savranth, then Jona, then to Savranth again, before turning back to Jona...
"Oh... Tedd... Said something about this... <Have you heard of someone called Luke, or maybe Anakin?...>"

OoC: This will be awkward, because Grace had, just recently, watched the entire star-wars series.

"Alright." She nodded, and looked back at Erica. Sophia couldn't help but feel like she was out of the loop on this, even Vanessa seemed to pick up on just who this Erica really was.

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