We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Ness was more focused on the light than anything else so the tree root ended up tripping her. She squealed a bit as she ended up faceplanting on the forest floor. ".......Ow."

Sophia looked at Yukino, remembering her from a couple different times, and then looked to Black. Why is she wearing something like that? "I um... sure." She said, opening the door and holding it open for them.

Nybeth let out a displeased hum upon hearing what Loki had to say. "I can spirit away some of the bodies, but unfortunately not all. So at least our efforts here will not have entirely gone to waste." He replied to Loki. "How much time do you think could possibly be spared? I hope there is at least enough to attempt to collect my reagents. I would hate to have to use bodies viable for reanimation for such a thing."

Jessica stood by and watched Sophia's response to Yukino. What's that fox even want here anyway?


Lyra was wandering the mountains, looking for the dragon she had been told to hunt.

Loki continued taking potshots at the few surviving crewmembers, waiting until he had hit them all until walking back to Nybeth and answering him. "Half an hour, at the absolute most. More likely, there will be some sort of responce in fifteen minutes, however." Having no need to keep himself and his followers concealed, Loki dispelled the shroud, doing this as he thought. "What if we were to move the bodies into the forest, burrying them there until you have the reagents needed to re-animate the lot of them?" he asked.

"Oh my!" Erica exclaimed once Ness tripped. "Are you hurt?" she asked, concerned.

"I see. I wonder what they are doing... Anyway, yes. I recieved the lot of them. All of them have been marked for capture now. Good job there."

All seemd quiet in the mountains as Lyra searched them.

Yukino gave a polite curtsy toward Sophia as she glided in. "Oh... hey catgirl. It's been a while." She said casually as she saw Jessica. Turning back to Sophia, Yukino raised a finger to explain. "Okay so... I remember that whole chocolate magic thing you were able to do. You mind giving my scantily-dressed friend here some of it? I'll recompense you by doing anything you want, if I can, of course."

"Need a hand up?" Valentine asked Ness when she saw her fall over.

scantily-dressed? I don't dress that badly...do I? Black wondered to herself, then zipped her jacket up. Then followed behind Yukino giving a small bow to Sophia and Jessica. "Thank you for letting us in....and my Name Is Black by the way" She said as a small introduction.

Meanwhile, in the world of EGS
"Tedd. Tedd?"
"Come on... Simulation, work already..."

Ness slowly rose to her feet, nursing a small nosebleed that the impact had created. She shook her head toward both Erica and Valentine. "No... I'll be fine... I've been hurt plenty worse than this." She proceeded to turn and continue toward the light. ...Maybe that was a defense mechanism...?

Lyra watched the skys for a moment, before hikong up one of the mountains, looking for caves.

Sophia fell a silent as Yukino stated why she came. She looked around nervously at her room. "You mean here? Is she really that hurt?" She said looking at Black, who had then zipped up her jacket. "N-nice to meet you."

The chocolate smell would have picked up a little more.

OoC: @Nail, I thought Fafnir wasn't a dragon with a crystal heart? Or is @FPS hunting a different one? Please let it be a different one :(

Rita continued to stand around

"Of course, I thought it would be good to send them, especially since that one guy is in a mech suit, it would have been easy for him to sneak in." replied Envy

"I suppose that will work. I shall still need to spirit some of the less stable ones away so that I can take from them what I need." Nybeth replied to Loki. He walked over closer to the corpse piles, which started to include those who were in the building that had died from the toxic gas, as Nybeth's zombies had no reason to need to wait for the gas to filter out of the building completely.

Jessica half-heartedly waved to Yukino as she spoke to her. "Nice to meet you." She said to Black. Upon hearing Yukino's reason for being there, she rolled her eyes. Really? That's what she wants?

OoC @Furi shh, even if it is the same one, (which it isn't) Lyra would just take it to the mountains in the sky, to live free!

"Not really hurt. I meant for her to eat it, unless... that's not possible. Just wanted to introduce her to something new, y'kno?" Yukino replied again as she looked around Sophia's room.

OoC: @FPS, I'm more concerned about the baby one that Rita claimed for a pet :P

Black rolled her eyes slightly. "I don't want to be a bother or anything to anyone so..." She stopped midsentance, rubbing her forehead slightly. "I'm going to get some fresh air..." the chocolate smell is giving me a headache... She thought to herself, giving a quick bow to all 3 in the room then walked out and found a place, on a rooftop to take a breather.....and a nap.

OoC: Night all!

Sophia actually grew a little pale from Yukino's suggestion. "No no no no... I would never do that, well I can solidify it, But that's not the point. Just go to the cafeteria or something!" She stuttered.

When Black left all of a sudden, this didn't leave her with a vote of confidence. "Is she ok?"

OoC @Furioso: Yeah, it's a diferent one. :P

"Then this is the best option open to us. We shall bring them to where Fafnir, that is my dragon, has landed." Loki said to Nybeth as he stepped over to the pile that were the corpses that were to be re-animated. He lifted one corpse over each of his shoulders, displaying more strength then one would expect from a man with his build. "Help us moving the bodies, would you?" he said to Rita as he passed her on his way to the gate.

"Are you sure? You're bleeding." Erica said to Ness, following her again. As she followed, Eric noticed something. "Hey... That glow is to the left of us now."

And sure enough, light was now in a difirent place then it had been before Ness tripped. A feint chuckle could be heard, sounding like it belonged to a child.

"Quite the opposite, in fact. With power armour like that, he would stand out like a sore thumb, since no suit like it exsists." Richard explained.

Lyra wouldn't see any caves nearby. She might, however, spot a multitude of bones littering one paticular area.

Lyra began wandering over to the bones, curious about them.

"Yea yea." said Rita as she started to help carry the bodies. She could only manage one body at a time though.

"Maybe sneak in was the wrong word, I meant that he could have made a good spy. Could have tried to join up with little issue."

Yuki shrugged a bit. "Naw, she's fine. Moody, but fine. Sorry to be a bother."

Ness noted the light changing position and the chuckle. ...Interesting... "I'm fine, Ms. Erica. It's a small nosebleed is all." She began to follow the light again, still listening for the chuckle intently.

Nybeth ordered his zombies to assist Loki in moving the suitably still together bodies. At the same time he approached the pile of mangled bodies and meditated for a few moments to refocus his spell-power to ensure he could spirit away as many as possible.

Jessica sighed as her suspicions about what Yukino wanted were confirmed. Looks like she is that insensitive after all.

Sophia continued to look at Yukino and the door. 'If she... then.' Sophia glanced back to Jessica. She bit her bottom lip a little.

"I-it's ok... I um..." She wasn't sure what to do.

The smell of chocolate increased again.

Yuki's ears twitched as she picked up on the smell increasing. Noting Sophia being slightly nervous, she walked out of the room. "I'll be off then. Thanks again for letting me see your room~."

Loki would help carry the bodies to where Fafnir had landed, the dragon occasionally sniffing at them. Although she never made any attempts to eat them, because she knew from expirience humans tasted gross.

OoC: I'm off. THAT guy will take over the two hunts. And by THAT guy, I mean Zeph. Night all.

The smell of chocolate continuing to thicken in the air was starting to make Jessica feel sick to her stomach, though she did her best to hide that particular fact from showing. She masked her need to breathed deeply as sighing with relief when Yukino left the room. "You alright?" She asked Sophia, noticing that she was seeming pretty uneasy.

Once the intact bodies had been moved, Nybeth's zombies began working on digging a mass grave the bury and hide them for the time being. Nybeth returned to the site once they were all moved, looking somewhat worn out. A good chunk of the mangled bodies would seem to have just disappeared completely, were anyone to go and check.

Rita would help Nybeth with whatever he needed for his experiments

Envy kept watch at his post

OoC: off to bed

Sophia looked at Jessica, a look of panic swiftly crossed her face as she saw her friend seemingly feeling sick all of a sudden. If it wasn't for her hood hiding her face, Jessica could have seen her starting to cry a little. "I-I'm fine... J-just go!" She said with haste. She actually forcefully grabbed Jessica and pushed her out of the room, closing it quickly as she could afterwards. She hopefully hadn't thrown her too hard to knock her off balance, but her priority was just getting Jessica out of her room.

Now in her room alone, she simply slid down her door, glancing at the door handle as she listened to the other side of it. She prayed she hadn't been so blind to make something happen that she would regret.

The bones seemed from larger, and for the most part farm animal species. Most looked like they had been there for a while, yet there were a few that seemed to be more fresh.

As Vanessa followed the chuckling of the light, it seemed to bring her to a open field, there seemed to not be much to this field however, just a sea of green, although if she really looked she would notice that a large percent of the field was flowers that just hadn't bloomed yet.

Lyra sighed, and began heading into the forest, deciding which areas needed traps to catch the dragon.

Ness blinked a bit as the field opened up in front of her. ...No way... I'm definitely being sent into an illusion... She cautiously bent down and noticed the unbloomed flowers.

Yuki headed toward the guest rooms, yawning a bit.

The forest that Lyra entered was a coniferous one, full of pine trees. And one dandelion. The forest seemed to be a bit more quieter than she'd think it should be.

@Vanessa: Silly girl, that's a real field :D

If Vanessa knew anything about flowers, she could tell that these flowers were fully matured and by all means should have been open. The light seemed to be residing near the very center of the field.

"Huh? Hey! What's going--" Jessica was rather taken by surprise by Sophia suddenly manhandling her and tossing her out of the room. She very nearly fell over, and would have if she hadn't had a tail to help balance herself out, but it did take her a moment to regain her balance. Turning back to the door, she knocked on it lightly and asked, "Are you sure you're alright? I'm a little worried..." Though she didn't need to try and talk to Sophia through the door instead of face-to-face, she decided not to be rude and did so anyway. "...Do you not want to keep working?"

Ness was still a bit cautious as she raised an eyebrow at the flowers. ...Shouldn't these have bloomed by now...? Noticing the light, she made her way toward it, adjusting the glove on her right hand.

Yuki dozed off in a room.

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