We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Do you think your general might know the reason for this breaking?"

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Cynane watched the others get moving after the soldiers, then groaned to herself and grabbed her helmet out of the cart, placing it back over her head before climbing into the saddle. She trusted these people even less now after the skirmish, but she had been lost in the canyons for hours, and now sticking with them seemed the only possible course she could take to get out. Slapping the Aptonoth's flank, she spurred it on after the group.

"As I said, they are abominations. Those weapons fire projectiles that can pierce through armor." Savranth explained to Jessica, before continuing. "That's correct. Everyone in our nation uses magic. For everything from everyday life, to entertainment and fighting."

Without looking to the unnamed man, Savranth replied, "Be advised, I maybe strong, but there are people in this world that make me look pathetic. Like the General."

Volarian frown overhearing Savranth's statement regarding the General. "That will be fine." He answers Loki before addressing Vanessa's concern. "We don't torture. General Tiberius wouldn't stand for it."

Answering Dal'Sheen, Savranth replies, "He would have told us if there was something to be expected. We only just noticed a spy thanks to Volarian's Sensory Magic. He was able to spot the man from a distance. We didn't have time to form a proper search party, before the trail would have gone cold."

"You should be able to get something in the Mess Hall." Savranth replied to Tao.

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'So there are quite a few mages here...' She thought as she remembered seeing some of the other group members utilize various forms of magic in the skirmish.

'They look so competent in it too...' She thought as she held one of her arms as she followed.

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"Hmmm... I wonder how this will pan out then if an upset like this was this sudden." He said in response.

Steiner over hearing Savranth went over to him "You should probably contact their king. It's likely a misunderstanding if the treaty was passed so recently" Hearing his comment about mages he looked at him in disbelief "Truly amazing! Mages are very rare thing in my land."

>> Re-establishing connection....
>> .... Done

The armored female figure reemerged from the shrubs or shadows around the area as did the girl named "Beatrice". Looking around, they met up with the group, but kept their silence.

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Whilst following after Volarian, Loki looked over the others who were also doing so, noting how some did what they were told almost imediately, while others were reluctant and doubtfu. All things he would remember. He also listened to Savranth explain a few things, only slightly curious about what he had to say. So the humans of this realm are all capable of using magic, and do so for even the most mundane of tasks? Curious, how a realm can resemble Earth so much, yet not at all.

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As Vanessa drank a small amount of the liquid in the canteen, she'd notice it would taste about as appalling as it smelled. She'd also notice that her wounds began to feel more 'tingly' than painful. After a moment, her wounded flesh would begin to knit itself back together at a greatly accelerated rate, as well as harmlessly pushing out the shrapnel that had been lodged in them.

Hearing what the man in the ruined clothing said, Jessica thought to herself, Looks like that may have been some solid advice.
She frowned at Vanessa mangling her last name and said to her, "Like I said, Jessica is fine. Nice to meet you too Vanessa. I want that canteen back when you're done, by the way."
"Interesting. Could I pick your brain for a bit on that topic?" She asked Savranth, hearing his answer.

"Hurray! Tao will follow you, meow." Tao said as she threw her arms into the air and prepared to follow the soldiers.

Lyra shrugged and joined the others as they moved to follow these people, keeping her opinion to herself about them. She stuck close to Tao, to ensure that she didn't try to grab anyone else.

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Ness nearly wretched the liquid up as the taste finally hit her, but managed to swallow it down and passes the canteen back to Jessica. "Thank you... Jessica... Also, if you don't mind, what is your focus as a doctor...?" She asked as the shrapnel began to pop out of her skin.

She sighs a bit in relief toward Volarian "I see. Your general sounds like a good one."

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"Like to repeat things..." Echo said in an annoyed fashion as she shook her head.

"Beatrice" and the armored figure followed after the female Predator, keeping their distance, carefully watching over the people in the group.

Seeing Echo and Ness, they gave a silent acknowledgement.

Echo saw the others leaving and made to follow them.

"They don't have a King. And communication between us is... uneasy at best." Savranth replied to Steiner.
"I don't know... Dal'Seed was it?" He says to Dal'Sheen.
"Good." he says to Tao.
"Can it wait?" He asks Jessica. "There's a lot to be done. I have duties to attend to when we get back."
"The best." He replies to Vanessa.

Time Skip

The group arrives at the base. A high wall surrounds the base circling it. Inside were several building and soldiers in blue uniforms moving about. The group could also see a few odd creature, Golems moving about, three in total. They each seemed to have a different elemental attribute.

"Now if you will all enter the main building, I'll go find the General to assist you. Savranth lead them inside." Volarian said to the group
"Yes, Vo- I mean, yes, Sir." Savranth said as he led the group to the main building in the center of the complex.

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Saya gave a bit of a puzzled look at Echo but shrugged in response. "Ok then...Human..." She said to Echo, looking up Saya saw the group of soldiers and even more people near by. "More humans!" She said with a small grin, then started to slowly walk closer, she hid behind objects, so she could spy on them in there 'Natural habitat'. She kept her distance before seeing them come to a place with high walls.

He takes a look around at the golems. "By the maker..."

He shook his head fast before speaking again.
"It's Dal'Sheen. After the briefing, is there an inn that we could rest in?"

The armored figure took notice to Saya's antics but didn't say a word. "Beatrice" grumpy sighed.

Spotting the golems, the armored figure took note of them on her wrist communicator. Even more so, the armored woman took note of everybody in the group on her wrist communicator as well.

Tao happily pranced about the base as she barely followed Savranth to where they were suppose to go.

Echo kept watching Saya as she walked with the others.

Cynane stared around in bemusement and suspicion as they entered the compound. Seeing the Golems she instinctively reached over her shoulder to grasp the hilt of her longsword, but the creatures didn't react aggressively to them any more than they did to the soldiers, and she forced herself to relax. Noticing that it was getting hard to see she lifted her visor and looked up at the darkening sky, before turning her attention to the big stone building that the others were heading for. She assumed it was some kind of housing, but had already made up her mind not to go in there. It was huge and blocky, ugly and foreboding, not at all like the little log structures that made up her village. Noticing a triangular patch of raw earth in front of it, bordered by the roads, she decided that she would set up a camp there.

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Saya hid down when she came closer to the walls but did not enter, she poked her head around to have a look at the walls. She was a bit puzzled when she saw the Golems walking around. "Magical...Humans?" She pondered to herself, trying to keep herself out sight of the Golems.

@Furi: The group just finished fighting in a small skirmish with some soldiers with guns and mechs. We're now being taken to a base for the Mage Nation. That's about it, I believe. (See Salt's last post for a map). Also, golems.

"I see. Hopefully we can get this whole 'spy' business cleared then. I'd like not to have 'the best' after me." She says to Sav as she looks back at the armored figure scanning the group. She raises an eyebrow slightly before turning back toward the complex. Looks like I'm not the only one who should be brought in for spying... Although that hardware seems similar to mine...

She looks up at the golems and smiles, feeling a bit more at home remembering Akira's golems. "So, your nation also does alchemy and the sort?" She asked Sav while pointing at the golems lumbering about.

Once approaching the gate of the base, Loki stopped twirling his staff around and held it so that the gem touched his hip once more. Stepping through the gates after Volarian and the other soldiers, Loki curiously looked around, noting the soldiers who were going about their business, their equipment and what it was they were talking about. Seeing the golems, he became slightly more curious. Those beings, whatever they may be, resemble the Destroyer. These people have the ability to rival the Asgardians in some fields, it would seem. Earth, this may not be, but I find myself believing this realm is far more interesting. Taking in as much as he could, Loki continued after Savranth upon hearing he was to lead the group to the man who would answer the various questions.

OoC @Furioso: We came appeared on a mountainside, dawdled for a moment, then followed a young man named Savranth after he informed the group of the place being dangerous. Following his trail, the group found Savranth speaking to several soldiers, this turning ugly quickly. After a small fight, a group of other soldiers on Savranth's side showed up, and the group followed them to their base.

Lyra followed the group, making sure to keep Echo and Tao in her sights as she moved.

OoC: @Furi going into a base belonging to the magic faction of this world, after a fight with the more tech heavy faction. sorry for that delay.

OoC: Hello? Anyone? Little help?

Oh don't worry, we'll just get @Fur ...hmm...Well, we're in a military base now...

Echo continued to watch Saya in mild amusement.

@Furioso: Sorry. Guess I just kind of assumed somebody else was on that.

Jessica accepted the canteen from Ness and placed it back in her coat with her left hand. "Don't mention it. Sorry about your coat, I can't really do anything about that. And my focus is the study of magic." She replied to Ness.
"Oh fine, I suppose it can wait." She replied to Savranth as she followed him, sounding disappointed once again.

Upon reaching the military base, she was almost immediately distracted by the Golems that she saw. I wonder what these things are? They reek of magic. I wonder if they can speak? "Hello!" She waved at the Golems, trying to get their attention. As she did, a bullet rolled out of the sleeve of her right arm. She examined the right sleeve of her coat and found it had a hole in it. "Shoot!" she muttered as she noticed the hole. She held out her left hand to the bullet as it lay on the ground, then a moment later, with a flash of light, it was in the palm of her hand. She stuffed it in her pocket, then went back to the Golems.

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